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tv   New Day  CNN  July 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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trump is pulling away from the gop field in a new national poll. trump has a double digit lead over his closest rifleval. but the new poll was largely completed before his war hero comment about john mccain. >> let's get the latest from dana bash. she is traveling with the trump campaign in south carolina. you have been busy dana. >> reporter: that's right. there's no question when donald trump finally does lyly does respond
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to this new editorial he's probably going to say it is more evidence that the media, including the republican establishment, the traditional parts of the country that help elect a republican presidential nominee simply don't get how he's really affecting the important part of the electorate, the one that votes. and so far the polls back him up. the des moines register is demanding that trump pull the plug on his bloviating side show. his competitors agree. >> he's becoming a jackass. >> >> i supported him.
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i raised a lot of money for his campaign against president obama. certainly if there was a misunderstanding i would totally take that back. hopefully i said it correctly. >> even for the bombastic trump who appears to crave controversy, the backlash from his comments about mccain was intense. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay. >> reporter: still, a new national poll shows trump isn't just leading the crowded republican presidential field, but leading big at 24% with scott walker and jeb bush trailing by double digit. but that same survey may signal trouble for trump. on sunday after his controversial comments his support dipped. mccain himself is determined to take the high road. but mccain's son jack a fourth
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generation mccain naval officer currently on active duty didn't hold back. >> my father he's a public figure he's a politician he's open to attack. but prisoners of war in general, donald trump has to understand he's running to be the commander in chief of the united states military. if an individual becomes a prisoner of war, then is he going to abandon them simply because he doesn't like people that are captured? >> reporter: now how those comments play here in south carolina will be very key because this state has eight military bases. and in the last election the last primary here about 25% of the electorate was either a veteran or active duty. ohio governor john casic
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will announce he is in. he can offer a lot to a lot of different aspects of the gop. >> that's right. governor kasich is throwing his hat into the ring. here he is on snapchat talking about why he should be president. >> maybe i ought to run. . >>reporter: and so now he's going to be turning that i ought to run into i am running. his resume could be appealing to a lot of voters. he spent nearly two decades in congress congress. he was also on the armed services committee. he served as a fox news
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congressmen tea commenta commenta commenta-tor. he won even a quarter of the black voters and a quarter of democrats. he's someone who should get a good look but he has very low name recognition. he's polling in the low single digits right now. will this announcement give him the bump he needs perhaps to make it onto that stage for the first debate on fox just a few weeks from now? alisyn alisyn. >> here to weigh in is cnn political commentator and jeb bush supporter ana navarro. and former reagan director
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jeffrey lord. let's put up the latest abc news poll that shows donald trump with a big lead. he has 24%, almost twice that of scott walker at 13% and jeb bush at 12%. i want you to also see this next part of the poll which is in a head to head match-up how hillary clinton and jeb bush do against one another as well as once trump is added to that. so here's the equation clinton in a head to head match-up with jeb bush gets 50%. >> just read the numbers. >> 50% versus 44% for jeb bush. when you add trump to that mix, trump gets 20% and takes 14% away from jeb bush. so is he hurting jeb bush ana, in this race? >> i don't think he's hurting him short-term certainly. if anything i think he's been
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an opportunity for jeb to stand in sharp contrast with donald trump and what he stand for. jeb is a person that's not out there spewing venom going after folks. he's a guy that's talking policy issues and offering a vision and optimistic agenda for america. he really does stand as somebody that's head and shoulders, literally and figuratively above donald trump. he is hurting i think the rest of the field. he is sucking up the oxygen. you have seen him take numbers from a lot of that very crowded right wing lane. he's got the capacity to cause long-term harm to the party brand. >> but the trump bump thump is being felt by your boy jeb bush. jeffrey, what is this momentum behind the man? if it's not just about him, what is it that's keeping him up? >> what i think was the most
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important news development yesterday was that rush limbaugh spent a chunk of his show defending donald trump. his point was this is a teachable moment for conservatives about how the media deals with those who are perceived to make a mistake or what have you, that they go after them and after them until they sort of whimper away admit a mistake and leave with their tale between their tail between their legs. donald trump isn't doing that. i thought, you know this is a very important moment. because this is a republican primary situation obviously. we're not talking about the larger democratic -- you know, the entire electorate.
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>> we do have that moment. get your take on rush limbaugh. >> trump can survive this. trump is surviving this. the american people haven't seen something hikelike this in a long time. i'm serious. they have not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down and tell everybody to go to hell. >> is that the secret sauce, that he's not backing down? >> it's his persona, right? it's part of his persona and it's frankly something that i think we have helped make as part of the american public by watching shows like the apprentice where the premise is this is a rich guy who can act like a jerk and scream at people and fire people and treat them like that and we're all watching. rush is a guy that goes beyond
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the current. he is a guy that takes on these causes. the bottom line is with trump you have a guy who even for an unfiltered guy he's got no filter. i'm accused of having no filter. well i've got a huge filter in comparison to him. he is shooting off the hip. this is a guy that can say anything at any moment. here's the thing, though. i think we're all coming to the rescue of a -- rush is coming to the rescue of a guy who is a fraud. he is not a conservative. if you look at his views on abortion in the same forum in iowa he said he had never asked god for forgiveness. he's attacking p.o.w.s. why are we supporting this guy? >> let me ask you something.
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weigh in on two aspects of what ana just said. the first is the p.o.w. stuff is getting all the action. however, what he said before this group of evangelicals about religion. forget about what he said about the eucharist a cracker and a little bit of wine. where he said i'm not so much about god's forgiveness, what do you think that means for him long-term? >> certainly the third leg, if you will of the reagan coalition is social conservatives and what so many people like to call the christian right et cetera. it will be very interesting to see how they react to this thing. as time goes on we will see. he gets points for honesty. i think this is his strength here that people like him because he says what he believes. we will see. i honestly can't tell you at this point. there are a lot of people that
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feel that's very important and vote accordingly. >> you think that honestly even with iowa voters trump's -- >> yes. >> trump saying i don't bring god into the picture when talking about forgiveness. >> the problem is for his opposition he's playing against a background where so many people view politicians, republicans included as not honest. that they skim and they shape and they move and they do this to appease one group or the other. and here comes somebody who says flat out exactly what he thinks. that under this circumstance is very very appealing. >> go ahead, ana. >> i think there's something ironic about talking about trump as being honest when he's a guy who rails against illegal immigrants and we find out he's employing them at his work sites. saying you've never asked god
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for forgiveness, i don't find that as honest. i find that as arrogance and narcissism. i have to ask god for forgiveness a lot lately for what i think of donald trump. >> i'm a christian. judgment is mine sayeth the lord and they they don't mean me. they mean the lord. >> that's why you're supporting a guy who judges everybody as losers pathetic as not worthy. i can see a consistency in your words. >> i'm not endorsing anybody for president here but i will defend him because i think he has been unfairly attacked and i think a lot of americans feel the same way. it's the same old same old. >> poor victim donald trump. he's so unfairly attacked because he's not attacking anybody. >> well, you know if jeb bush were doing a little bit better
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in the polls you might have a different view. so i understand why you feel this way. what can i tell you? you're trailing here. >> if doing better in the polls means going out there spewing vin venom and not -- i'm happy with where jeb bush is. >> last word jeffrey. >> donald trump has given millions of dollars to various causes to veterans over the years. what has governor bush done? i'm asking just generally. i don't know. >> maybe you should look it up instead of listening to three hours of rush limbaugh every day and reading anne colter's book maybe you should have some original thought. as you know florida is a big place for veterans. it's something that he focused on their health. and he always had somebody in
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his office that was specially designated to work with veterans. i can tell you i'm very proud of where he stands. it's a little bit more than giving millions to causes. >> we've got to hold it there. >> okay. >> you've racedised some interesting topics. >> it was a holy war in a way there. that's what he's brought us to. other news we need to get to here. this morning we are learning new details about that brazen prison escape in upstate new york the captured inmate telling all to investigators about how they planned and successfully executed the escape. there's a lot of details. >> this is really an elaborate escape plot requiring the prisoners to cut through walls and pipes and find a tunnel. now the "new york times" is saying the physical work on all of that actually started back in
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january and the prisoners got a pretty big break just a few weeks before that escape. it was a plan at least six months in the making. several people briefed on the investigation tell the "new york times" that prison escapee david sweat has portrayed himself as the master mind behind the june 6th break out. according to the times sweat says he has long planned to escape. but it wasn't until he was moved into a cell in january near richard matt that he moved forward with his plan. the 35-year-old says he used a hacksaw blade to cut a hole in his cell and then the back of matt's. he says another inmate heard the commotion. but matt a painter, said he used his artwork as an excuse. by february sweat says they gained access to the catwalks
5:17 am
behind their cells. he told investigators for months he would explore the tunnels beneath the prisons for hours on end, from 11:30 at night until 5:30 in the morning. all made possible because the guards were asleep. >> the complacency of the guards is unbelievable to me. >> sweat slowly began chipping away at the prison's outer wall. but the prison turned off the heating system giving the prisoners a chance to cut through a cooling steam pipe with a hacksaw. the convicted killers relished the possible legend of their plan even joking about it. bragging while it took shaw shank redemption years to break out, it would take them only ten. >> they had plans to get to mexico instead they were found
5:18 am
near the canadian border. david sweat is in solitary con confinement today. it has resulted in 12 employees being put on leave. again, according to the "new york times" an official briefed on this investigation, says authorities have reason to believe that david sweat's account is credible. and frankly he's the only one that's able to talk. >> good point. >> the question is what is the rest of the story. a tough moment to show you, a 19-year-old woman stares down the man accused of killing her parents, her little brother and housekeeper. investigators revealing they found new dna evidence linking the suspect to the crime scene. they also found a partial dna sample from an unidentified
5:19 am
person. dramatic video out of kansas. you can see a woman frantically trying to break a window. a couple had left their two-year-old niece locked in there. there was a sweltering day. they left her there while they shopped. the child was sweating and crying when she was rescued. but she is okay. that couple was ticketed for child endangerment. >> there's been a movement on social media to highlight the danger to kids and pets. yet i don't understand why it's happening. >> thank goodness that other people come to the rescue. they're call the authorities or try to get the child out. >> you leave your kid in the car, you've got a problem. in a situation like that their criminal responsibility for the vandalism of the car is not going to be a legal aspect because there's someone's life at risk under reasonable
5:20 am
circumstances. it's interesting. they were watching -- i hope they're also helping that woman and they couldn't get any closer. unless you forget there's no defense to leaving your kid in a car under those circumstances. investigators have uncovered writings about the government and suicide penned by that chattanooga gunman. is it enough to prove motive? may rogers sj mike rogers will weigh in coming up. it's a golden opportunity to discover the leading-edge connectivity of the lexus es. ♪ with available technology to help you find just what you're looking for. ♪ come in to the lexus golden opportunity sales event where you'll find some of the best offers of the year on our most luxurious models. for a limited time. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. is shooter thought isis was a stupid group. that's his quote about isis. and studies are valing writers from the shootinger showing he was displeased about terror. there is a notion that the motive should be clear, this was some type of distracted deranged jihadist who hated america. what else do we need to know? your take. >> i think that's right. remember radicalization is a process. he had some mental issues. he had rampant drug use that was apparently affecting his interaction with his social
5:25 am
group. his parents sent him to jordan for some time hopefully to get him off alcohol and drugs. something clearly happened there. even though he said he didn't like isis he used martyrdom. he talked about committing violence and losing my own liver is a purification. all of those messages all of that narrative out there on social media and other things from isis and al qaeda and others about martyrdom and jihad, all of those things resonated. remember he didn't go down and randomly find store clerks. he stargttargeted unarmed military personnel. >> he was not a fan of isis. but i get on the personal side of this collective experience multifactorial including mental health aspects that aren't
5:26 am
getting as much attention because of the intensity in jihadism right now. but people in your community offer something else up. they say i'm not so fascinated about the personal narrative. i care about motive, because motive includes who was giving him this information, where he was getting it and if there are any loose or strong affiliations here or in jordan. that's what motive is to us. help me understand that. >> it's critical. the problem that we're having with isis's success in the united states or al qaeda when you're recruiting these young folks into the notion that you're going to show up in syria and fight jihad is that narrative. it is a process. you have to find somebody who is lacking identity in their community. well, he fits that profile. it's a process. you need to talk to somebody who can work you into the position that martyrdom is consistent
5:27 am
with your religion. and then you have to have the right circumstances. well he had all of those things fit this profile. so i think motive is important in the sense that you need to understand hey, was isis directly targeting him. was there an al qaeda somebody who helped him along. those individuals in jordan might be talking to people in america. i think investigators have to run that down and they have to make that determination. but at the same time you can't discount this is a self-radicalized. and he did that based on his personal circumstances. when you look at old law enforcement models and you look at how street gangs are successful in taking good kids and getting them into gangs there's a process and a spectrum and this fits this criteria almost perfectly. >> why is it that narrative that end up being to relevant and not
5:28 am
the drug addiction and mental health issues? >> those are factors of what he based his decision on. they've got to rule out -- i would not rule out yet that there was some outside influence. somebody walked him through the process of martyrdom. we need to know who that person is. it could be today it's this person who was muslim who felt disaffected, who felt he was not living up to what he needed to live up to in both his zandsstandards in his family and community. they's why i think that component of it is so important. what we've got to do generally is go back and say we've got a youth drug problem. if you look at the shootings in south carolina he had mental illness and drugs that affected eded
5:29 am
his -- when you compound that with mental illness we have a huge problem. in his case it was radical islam and martyrdom. >> our culture doesn't yet see intense drug addiction as a form of mental illness. this story has gotten so much attention. imagine being attacked by a shark like this prosurfer was this weekend. how did he survive? and what should you do if you happen to come face to face with a shark?
5:30 am
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. to walk away from you know a shark attack with not a
5:34 am
scratch on you, it's like -- it's a miracle, really. >> that was pro surfer mick fanning reacting to his terrifying close encounter with a charactershark on sunday. he punched the shark in the back and emerged from the water unharmed. what would you do? this is the director of the florida program for shark research. what was your reaction when you saw what mick fanning went through? what was your thought? >> well of course it was just as interesting or terrifying for me as it was for everybody else. of course, the area where this attack occurs in south africa is a well known white shark area. in fact surfers there are cognizant of that when they enter the water. >> and i think all surfers are
5:35 am
sort of shark aware at the very least. do you think mick fanning was lucky? or do you think he did something right? >> he did something right. he survived obviously and wasn't cut. yeah that shark came up looked like an investaigat ory situation. it was a happy ending. >> bottom line if i remember from what you told us before sharks aren't that interested in us humans are they? >> that's true. in this case if this was a full blown attack it would have come barreling out of the water and grabbed him. the shark kind of sidled up to him and checked him out. i think it was mostly interested in the board.
5:36 am
>> so you talk about this. they're curious creatures, are they not? you talked about with us before this idea of sort of a hit-and-run. they kind of nudge to explore what's going on? >> yeah. white sharks are very well known for their exploratory behavior. a good way to attack sharks for photography purposes is just throw a piece of styrofoam in the water and they'll come up and grab it. >> so let's talk at the real deal. i mean it seems crazy to talk about it but it seems like we're talking about shark attacks more and more these days. what do i do if i'm nose to nose or in the water on a boogie board or a surf board or even standing in waist deep water and a shark comes up? how do i defend myself? >> if you can pop it on the nose that's a good thing to do.
5:37 am
it will startle the animal and more times than not it will veer off, allowing you precious second to get out of the water. air carefully, just south of the nose is the mouth. >> good point. >> you don't want to miss. of course if you're actually in the mouth of the shark, the eyes and the gill openings the five slits behind the eyes are very sensitive. and if you can gouge those with your fingers, if you have the wherewithal, that might get them to let go. >> it sort of acts as a distraction by doing that. it's not necessarily going to render them helpless but it will serve as a bit of distraction, enough time to maybe get you out of the jaws? >> yeah. same thing if somebody's attacking you on land. you stick your fingers in his eyes and he might stop attacking you. >> i better try that on chris sometime. in terms of the research your program does you guys have been
5:38 am
tracking shark attacks and shark bites. are you noticing a marked rise? are you noticing a trend to the increase? >> in general, there's a very slow increase in the number of attacks. and that's gone on since 1900. and that's totally related to the fact that there's more humans on earth every year than in the previous year. so we get an increase no matter what. is this year a particularly high year? no. >> it isn't? >> i think one of the things we're seeing -- well of course in north carolina which got all the headlines, we had a high number in one place for a short while. but the reality is we're not. and i think it's a perception problem. everybody out at the beach is a reporter now. everybody's got a cell phone taking pictures and it gets to you guys at the mainstream media very rapidly. >> yeah. all right. well george we appreciate you
5:39 am
coming on and talking sense to us about this. it is concerning but we're really glad to know mick fanning is a-okay and survived it. alisyn we know to go for the eyes next time chris attacks us. >> i was going to punch a shark in the nose, but there was -- >> land shark. what i loved was george's nonchalnonabout going for the eyes when you're in the mouth of a shark. >> it's remarkable to look at that video when you see that fin go by mick fanning. but he came out unscathed. >> there's a shark behind you. don't panic. >> i'm followed on twitter by a shark, by the way.
5:40 am
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. human trafficking, you've
5:44 am
heard about it. it happens in like eastern europe right? wrong. teens, even kids are sold right here. in a ground breaking cnn special, jada pinket smith -- >> when my daughter was 11 she came to me and she said mommy, did you know that there were girls that were being sold for sex that are my age in this country? i was like i think there's a mistake. that doesn't happen here. after that i remember i was stuck to the computer for days. story after story after story. and i couldn't believe that i didn't know. she's dekalb county's district
5:45 am
attorney. would say there's a difference between prostitution and trafficking? >> trafficking is a the manufacturing of children for the sex trade. they're just getting sold and passed on from one exploiter to the other. and a lot of times it's because they don't know any life after this. >> children for sale the fight to ends human trafficking, tonight 9:00 eastern of course here on cnn. and if you care about this issue and want to impact your world, you can. you can find ways to make a different for this cause and others. go to meanwhile, donald trump is still surging in the polls. but some in the media are calling for him to drop out of the race. donald trump versus the media, coming up.
5:46 am
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. can you imagine being tortured for five and a half years in a vietnamese prison camp and a man who the closest he ever got to battle was a fight with rosie o'donnell? >> others in the media are calling for trump to end his campaign which is maybe only helping his campaign. let's bring in mark lamont hill and bill carter. great to see you, mark. let's talk about your other place of employ. the huffington post has decided to relegate donald trump and coverage of him to their entertainment pages. he is leading the other
5:51 am
republicans in polls here. how can they justify that? >> the justification is this is not a serious campaign. and as a result it makes more sense to be on the entertainment page. i believe that if he's leading -- even if he's not leading the pollingsspolls, he's in an election he belongs in the political page. i think it does the opposite of what we're supposed to be doing in media. we've had this debate at huff post live. it's not a secret. i said what if he wins? at this point we look silly by not putting it in politics because he's a politician. let him run out. >> bill what do you think? >> i can't agree more. you can't step back and say we don't consider this guy serious when he's leading the polls and driving the narrative in the republican party. by the way, if you turn kronon cnn
5:52 am
he's on all day. he's leading the news. he's not entertainment. >> how much of it is the media? and is it right what the media is doing? >> well the media is doing something that is legitimate in the sense that the guy is making news. he's clearly out there making statements that are making the other candidates react and therefore they're covering all that. if everything he was doing was silly and pointless and a side show i don't think he'd be 24% in the latest abc poll. he's obviously making impact. you can't deny it. you can disparage it and say it's not something we like but it seems to be true. it seems to be happening. >> we told people fred thompson matters. we've been asking if they were ready for hillary for two years
5:53 am
and ignored bernie sanders for two years. >> do you think it's about trump the man or about the mood he's tapped into? >> i think it's both. he's a celebrity and people like celebrities. rose roseanne barr was a celebrity. unfortunately there's a sector of the american people who are looking for that. not all racists either. >> the media is not all powerful. if it weren't resonating the media wouldn't be covering it . and the media can't even force respondents of a poll to say who they like best. this is a chicken and egg argument. isn't it true that he is actually resonating and that's why the media is covering him so much consequential. >> yes. and . >> he seems to be tapping into some sort of anger in the
5:54 am
republican base and he's outrageous and bombastic as he can be. it's scoring points. it's making these republicans respond. >> he's having it both ways which i think is interesting. it's not a criticism.'re covering him a lot because he's a distraction. as the des moines register says the distraction with traction. he keeps doing these interviews and yelling about how he's taken out of context and how we're all out to get him. and it's working for him. >> i've always believed that voter are smart. we sometimes like to pick winners or losers for voters because they don't know what's in their best interest. the truth is he's popular but when it comes time to walk into
5:55 am
that voter booth it's going to be a very didn't game. >> the des moines register has come out with a scathing editorial saying he should get out of the race. does that help or hurt him? >> i think it probably helps him. he's going to say look at these people trying to drive me out of the race and deny you the chance to vote for me. right now you can't make that call if you're in the media. you have to look at all the things that you normally look at which is who's the front runner. he's the front runner right now. you can't deny it. that's what the polls are telling you. he'll be in the middle of these debates and driving the narrative. >> great conversation. coming up the good stuff and it's about trump. no, it's not. no fifth grader's ever sat at the cool table. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax.
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6:00 am
hundreds of lawn guys tree guys planters landscapers, men and women donate their talents just tofor arlington. >> to give back on these hallowed grounds caring for trees and turf. >> again this year many more volunteers men and women volunteered. >> let's get to "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," bloviating side show. >> he's not a war hero. he is a war hero because he was captured. >> g.i. joke. >> what he said about john i think was offensive. he's becoming a jackass. >> a lot


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