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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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in a speech that just concluded only moments ago. he ripped into his rivals at a rally in south carolina. even giving a phone number out to senator lindsey graham. once again taking a swing at john mccain's war record. listen to this. >> this is why i'm angry at john mccain for two reasons. number one, john mccain, you have to remember this he's totally about open borders and all of this stuff. and when i went to arizona he called 15,000 unbelievable people unbelievable i know crazies, i know crazies. these were unbelievable american people and john mccain, who i supported for president, i think i raised him over a million dollars. >> trump's controversial comment on saturday saying senator john mccain wasn't necessarily a war hero, that hasn't hurt anymore the polls so far. the national polls. he leads the back in tnn's latest poll of polls which averages results for the five
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most recent publicly released national polls in the republicans' choice for nominee for 2016, trump is leading with 17%. former florida governor jeb bush is second with 14%. wisconsin governor scott walker rounds out the top three with 10% in the most recent "washington post" abc news poll he is way, way ahead of both of those. let's discuss what's going on. joining us in our studio is david chalian, political director and gloria borger political analyst. the speech he just delivered was a very very direct assault on several of his major remember presidential challengers. >> direct personal attacks, wolf. calling lindsey graham an idiot. giving out his personal cell phone number. >> i thought it was after lindsey graham called him a jackass. >> well exactly, exactly. saying that rick perry wears glasses to make him look smart.
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>> he gave out lindsey graham's personal cell phone number. >> right. said that -- has already said that john mccain is a loser. this is not the kind of political debate the republican party was hoping to have. these are ad hominem attacks. more like a high school twitter war than anything else and in long run the question is whether remembers who support him are angry enough to say, okay yeah it's fine to call lindsey graham an idiot, it's fine. >> but donald trump, david, he's very community have about this. if somebody slaps him, he's going to slap harder, he's going to really punch back. that's the way he's been throughout his career and if lindsey graham calls him a "jackass" he's going to come back and hit him hard. >> which is why we're getting foreshadowing for what this debate will look like. this is what the campaigns will figure out because if you take him on in some direct way you
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have to be ready to receive twice as hard of a hit. this supreme confidence has been his brand. he is doing this fearlessly and unafraid and completely divorced from whatever rules we thought we understood about presidential campaigns and politics. it's served him well in business and right now it's serving him well with the electorate. the republican nominating electorate. that poll you cited, that abc news/"washington post" poll he's not just a little ahead. he's got twice as much support. >> 24%. hold on i want to play this clip. here he is going after senator lindsey graham who is also a republican presidential candidate. >> this guy lindsey graham gets out and he's out there and he calls me a jackass. i'm trying to be nice. i'm working hard to be nice but every time i turn on i have -- i have some guy that is hitting me hard. the reason they're hitting me, in all fairness, is when you register zero in the poll, what
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the hell they have nothing to lose right? then i thought to myself about lindsey graham i thought it was a bad statement. you build a fortune, you're a smart guy, i'm giving up millions of dollars. i had macy's terminate a deal because, oh don, you're controversial, talking about illegal immigration. i said it's illegal! >> he also said lindsey graham couldn't get a job in the private sector if he tried. >> so the background to all of this is that lindsey graham is. john mccain's closest friend in the senate has been a huge supporter. john mccain a huge supportier of lindsey graham's candidacy for the presidency. john mccain and trump don't get along too well and lindsey graham was defending john mccain. he had come out before and in this donald trump is right. the folks who are scratching in the poll they have -- there's no reason they shouldn't attack
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donald trump because then they can get a little bit of publicity publicity, get oxygen get in the ring with him a little bit to try and get into that. but from lindsey graham's point of view i would have to say that this was more about defending someone he believes is a true american hero and that's john mccain. >> and he minced no words in going afterformer texas governor rick perry also. rick perry has been going after donald trump in tough words. he basically said that rick perry is what? >> he said he's wearing glasses to make himself look smart he said he was terrible on the border then went on to praise perry's successor, governor greg abbot, abbot. >> i want to go out to the scene, politics reporter mj lee is at the speech in bluffton south carolina. what kind of reception did he
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receive, mj? >> wolf i think people here were extreme lily excited to see donald trump in action. they said their favorite thing about donald trump is the fact he will say whatever is on his mind. people know he was the host of "the apprentice" and were excited to see him in person. i know david and gloria talked about the attacks he unleashed on some of his fellow candidate, including rick perry, lindsey graham, the fact he read off on stage what he said was lindsey graham's cell phone number because he isn't happy with lindsey graham these day ss all of those things gave the audience what they were looking for. >> here is donald trump speaking at this event moments ago.
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>> i was coming up and i see your senator, what a stiff. what a stiff. lindsey graham. [ laughter and applause ] by the way he's registered zero in the polls. zero he's on television all the time. so this morning they told me mr. trump -- because bush said my tone is not nice. my tone. i said tone? we need tone we need enthusiasm we need tone. it's true. and hillary clinton said "i don't like his tone. we have people vg their heads cut off, christians in the middle east. >> donald trump mincing no words. joining us is michael cohn vice president for the trump organization and special counsel to donald trump. michael, thanks for joining us. does donald trump is regret the
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initial comments he made about senator john mccain having served as a p.o.w. during the vietnam is war? >> the answer to that and i discussed this at length on many cnn siege then segment, donald trump did not say anything that should have been taken the way that it was taken by this liberal media what me said specifically four times is that john mccain is a war hero and that john mccain should be acknowledged as a war hero. this is one of the reasons why he's disappointed and angry with the likes of the marco rubio or the rick perrys. he's angry because they're looking to grab a soundbite, a distorted soundbite and looking to jump over it in order to give themselves name recognition and tv time. >> last night when he was being interviewed by bill o'reilly on fox he seemed to back off and
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maybe acknowledge he should have phrased it better. i assume you saw that interview. >> i did see it and he did. he wanted to clarify the statement he made. now unlike many of the other politicians, donald trump does not read off a teleprompter he does not come in with prepared speeches. i watched on your cnn the president just prior to mr. trump's speech and it's beautiful rhetoric by the president. unfortunately, what it is is it's a scripted speech and he's a great orator. he's not a doer. it's all talk no action. that's something upsetting to mr. trump. >> is he going to reconsider some of his style? the speech we just heard in south carolina that was very very tough. >> well it may be tough but it
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was received very well by the audience. i heard many standing ovations and there was a lot of applause and laughter. mr. trump delivered as you recently stated a great performance and it should be acknowledged. one of the things that's driving mr. trump to continue speaking negatively about these individuals is that they want to come after him and it only makes sense, he's the front-runner. >> he certainly is the front-runner right now if you believe this latest abc news/"washington post" poll. by double digits. although you notice and a lot of poller the sisters have pointed out, michael, that the final day of the polls, numbers in the aftermath of his comments involving senator john mccain being a p.o.w. and vietnam in the final days his approval numbers significantly went down you noticed that right? >> see, now you're not being accurate either wolf. the bottom line is i spoke to the individuals and it's
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ballpark about 1%. so instead of being 24%, he would have 25%. i'm going to tell you, one thing about mr. trump, he's unscripted he's genuine and he speaks from the heard and that's exactly what people see and that's why he's resonating so highly in the polls. mr. trump see this is country as the land of opportunity and what he tells people -- and if he's elected he will bring that opportunity to their doorsteps. >> so he's moving full speed ahead. what are the chances, final question that if the other republicans, including the republican national committee we saw that statement put out by the rnc criticizing him, that all the republicans sort of gang up on him. do you think he might run as a thirty party ross perot type presidential candidate? >> look, if he does that then there's certainly zero chance for a republican to hold the office of the presidency in this
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upcoming election. i don't believe that that's going to happen. i believe mr. trump will become the republican nominee, i believe that he will continue with his open dialogue and he -- look wolf let me just digress for one split second. mr. trump has basically brought out the only two topics right now that anyone are talking about. he talked about the v.a. which is now what the president spent quite a bit of time talking about. and he budget up the issue of illegal immigration. now, people want to attack him for a word for a clarification, that's what they're going to do. but it's not helping them and that's demonstrated by yet another poll where donald trump is leading. and as you said by double digits. >> here's one final question for you, michael cohn. it's raising a lot of questions
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right now. in his public speech after going after senator lindsey graham who earlier criticized him because of his meants about john mccain, at one point donald trump released the personal private phone number cell phone number of senator lindsey graham and basically told the audience out there -- there were a lot of cameras -- you got a problem with graham call him. and then he read out his phone number publicly like that. was that really appropriate? >> you know i didn't see him do that that. i was trying to watch it live stream on cnn unfortunately they broke away. that's a question you have to ask mr. trump, it's certainly his number and maybe the whole world has that number already. he is certainly their representative and they have every right to reach out to him. but i will tell you what it's inappropriate. what's inappropriate is lindsey graham's comment of donald trump. what he did, again, like that
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others he took a soundbite, a three-second soundbite which mr. trump retracted virtually immediately, almost immediately and four times acknowledged that john mccain is a war hero. four times. but that wasn't good enough for lindsey graham because, as i said the other day on chris's show he's where? where somewhere less than zero in the polls? so he needs to get tough. he needs to show he won't allow donald trump to be donald trump and he goes out there and tries to grandstand off of his friend's war record. off of john mccain being a p.o.w. what donald trump was saying -- and there's no question about this -- he's saying that he has ultimate respect for anyone that puts on fatigue, anyone that's willing to fight for this country is a hero. no different than every police officer or firefighter. they are all heroes. including anyone that puts on their pants in the morning and decides to go to work on behalf
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of their family. they're heroes as well. there's no reason in the world why one person should be singled out and he should be what's identified as a hero. anyone that fighters in country a hero in mr. trump's eyes. >> we'll have to leave it at that. michael cohen is the executive vice president of the trump organization and special counsel to donald trump. we'll continue obviously, to cover this story. donald trump once again is leading in the national polls. he's doing well in the state polls in iowa, new hampshire, elsewhere as well. thanks very much michael, for joining us. >> any time wolf. coming up much more on donald trump but we're following other news here including british police. they now say they have foiled an isis-inspired terror attack on u.s. military personnel. we have details. and authorities now say the evidence increasingly indicates the chattanooga gunman's motive was, in fact terror. the city's mayor standing by to join us live. no artificial flavors, colors
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we're following new developments in the chattanooga shooting rampage that left four u.s. marines and a u.s. sailor dead. authorities now say the evidence increasingly indicates the gunman's motive was, in fact anti-american terror. writings examined by the fbi and other evidence show that the shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez had political and terrorist motives and that he had done recent internet searches on martyrdom. let's bring in justice reporter evan perez looking at the latest investigation we're getting about this. it's a very deep investigation. what are you learning. >> well, there's a lot of work for the fbi left to do but what's emerging so far is signs of radicalization going back at least 2013. in twirtd they found writings of abdulazeez in which he makes reference to anwar al awlaki, one of the leaders of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in
10:21 am
yemen and he says he supports certain parts of what al awlaki is talking about. some of his teachings. more recently on wednesday the day before the shooting he made searches on his phone in which he's looking up martyrdom. so these are things that are playing into the fbi's conclusion really. they haven't arrived at a full conclusion but they're increasingly certain that this is definitely a terrorist attack something that was politically motivated based on this suspect's radicalization. >> so he may have been inspired or motivated by anti-american terror groups like anwar al awlaki al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that's not isis, aqap, but there's no evidence that it was specifically directed by one individual from that organization or any other terrorist organization. >> exactly. there's no signs so far that they've found of any direct communications or any kind of direction from any terrorist groups. he spent time in jordan as
10:22 am
something that the fbi is looking at and they want to interview more people they want to certainly talk to people who saw him in the last 72 hours. because they want to know a little bit more about his state of mind but he seems to be more of a cafeteria radical is what you might call him. he's taking pieces of radical islamist thoughts from different places and cobbling it together along with the fact that he's struggling with mental health issues drug and alcohol issues and issues with his family. >> and we don't know what he was doing all those months last year when he was in jordan, with whom he met, stuff like that. evan thanks very much. let's get to more on these late-breaking developments. andy burke is the mayor of chattanooga. he's joining us now. mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about these late-breaking revelations that mohammad youssuf abdulazeez, who was a resident of your beautiful community, actually was motivated by jihad if you will, that he may have been inspired by these terrorist groups. >> well i can't go into much about specifics of the
10:23 am
investigation, what i can tell you is that we have a lot of federal personnel who are here they are looking at every possible angle. when i talk to them and here what they're doing i feel confident that wherever the trail leads, they'll find the end of the trail and i think that should give everybody in our community a lot of comfort. >> are you being briefed by federal, state, local law enforcement about the course of the investigation? >> our people work hand in hand with the fbi and the atf. the chattanooga police department is devoting all of the resources necessary to assist them and then they keep me in the loop as to what's going on. >> so this notion that he was maybe inspired by anwar al awlaki he was the american born al qaeda in the arabian peninsula operative killed in a u.s. drone strike, as you know has that been confirmed to you personally? >> well i'm not going to go into the details.
10:24 am
i think that's for the fbi to release. what i can say again is that for us we want to know every answer. this has been something that's torn at the very fabric of our community and we're interested in making sure that anybody involved is brought to justice. >> have you been briefed on what he was going those six or seven months when he was in jordan? >> again, i'm not going to go into the specifics of the information. i don't believe that is my place, what we try to do is make sure that neigh the fbi needs we supply to them and obviously the investigation goes far beyond the borders of the city limits. >> i assume you've strengthened security at those military facilities in chattanooga where the recruiting centers and naval facilities. >> we have. as a matter of fact i was at the army recruiting center this morning. we were talking to the individuals who work there and their families. these are people who connect us
10:25 am
to our army and certainly whether they were there at the minute of the attack or not, all of them are feeling the effects of it but they're coming in continuing to do their job and, you know we have people there constantly to make sure they're safe. >> mr. mayor, thanks very much for joining us. good luck to the folks of chattanooga. >> thank you. there's another development. the american flag on top of the white house as well as on top of the u.s. capitol now at half-staff. president obama ordered the flags lowered there at the white house and at public buildings across the country to honor the five service members killed in the chattanooga shootings, four u.s. marines, one sailor died in the attack. earlier, the president addressed veterans of foreign wars at the annual convention in pittsburgh and he praised those u.s. military personnel for their sacrifice. >> we honor our five service members killed so senselessly in
10:26 am
shooing. we are grateful to the courageous police who stopped the rampage and saved lives. and we draw strength from yet another american community that has come together with an unmistakable message to those who would try to do us harm. we won't give into fear you cannot divide americans, you can never change our way of life or the values of freedom and diversity that make us americans. >> let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta joining us from the white house. the president had been under criticism these past couple days for not immediately ordering that flags fly at half-staff. the house speaker john boehner earlier announced the flag atop the u.s. capitol would be lowered, would fly at half-staff and now at the speech the president just gave, the veterans of foreign wars he made a similar announcement of the flag flying at half-staff at the white house and other federal buildings. there was pressure building on the white house to do so i take it? >> absolutely wolf it was a
10:27 am
straight sight this morning. you had the flag at full staff at the white house but at the u.s. capitol, house speaker john boehner and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced hours ago they were lowering the flags at the u.s. capitol. wolf you know from covering washington for a long time it's an odd site to see the u.s. capitol and the white house out of sync with each other. we know that our capitol hill producer diedre walsh, he says that boehner's office told the white house of their plans to lower the flag at the capitol and the white house was aware of that and they basically instructed us to talk to the white house about what was going on. over the last couple of days, this has been a question submitted to the white house press secretary josh earnest. my sense of it wolf, is that they were planning to do this all along but were perhaps a little slow to getting to this point because they weren't definitively saying "we're not lowering the flags to half-staff. but this steps on the white house message. the president went to pittsburgh to talk to the veterans of
10:28 am
foreign wars. he was there to talk about how the obama administration was making strides in fixing the v.a. announcing this new program to help veterans deal with predatory lenders and there's a flag controversy. not only was the capitol -- the speaker and the senate majority leader putting pressure on the white house, you had people like ted cruz even donald trump put out a statement saying he was lowering the flags at his corporate facilities. so finally we saw the white house issue this order. the president issuing the order at about an hour ago saying the flags should be lowered to half-staff. no question about it it was strange for a few hours this morning to see the capitol and the white house not in sync with one another on such a very sensitive issue. >> i don't remember the last time that happened. maybe it has happened in the past i don't remember that. thanks very much jim acosta. just moments ago as our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world know, donald trump, the republican presidential front-runner right now, he gave
10:29 am
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ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ more now with donald trump. the republican presidential front-runner according to the latest polls. he targeted his arrivals at a speech in south carolina just this past hour. he took a direct swipe at republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. he's a republican presidential candidate calling him, and i'm quoting "a stiff." even giving out his personal cell phone number. let's bring in our chief congressional correspondent dana bash covering the campaign in
10:34 am
bluffton south carolina. the decision by donald trump to release his personal cell phone number lindsey graham i know lindsey graham called donald trump a jackass for his comments about john mccain's being a p.o.w. during the vietnam war. now donald trump basically called lindsey graham an idiot, gave out his personal cell phone number. what's going on over there, dana? >> it's just getting ugly and it's getting surreal. i was standing in this hall listening to him. as soon as he started to utter the numbers i thought, oh my goodness that's actually lindsey graham's cell phone number he's giving it out. i tried to call it the minute trump said the numbers outloud and it was already going right to voice mail meaning it was either bombarded or off already. let me quickly read you a statement from lindsey graham's campaign manager. he said "donald trump continues to show hourly that he is ill-prepared to be commander-in-chief. the two people most excited about candidacy
10:35 am
are hillary clinton and barack obama. we aren't talking about obama's horrible deal with iran or hillary clinton's plans to continue obama's failed national security agenda." as you mentioned, the backdrop of this is that graham has been aggressive about going after trump. he made it personal as well calling him a jackass on cnn last night. but trump did this in lindsey graham's home state of south carolina and it's gotten incredibly incredibly personal as you mentioned. the reason that it got even more so is because graham is close with john mccain. the two describe one another as almost like brothers. and the comments trump made about john mccain over the week end which are still reverberating is something that still was doing so in this hall i talked to a lot of people coming in this vent and there was a line snaked outside, there were about 1,100 people here. it was a packed crowd. an overflow room.
10:36 am
i talked to veterans and non-veterans and most vedterans said they were offended. one said he would be on probation. listen to this. as a veteran, did his comments about john mccain offend you? >> at my age, he just disappointed me. i wasn't offended i was disappointed? >> but it's not a deal breaker? >> no not yet. >> reporter: why is that? >> too far to go. the man has tremendous background. obviously he has a great ability to dell gate he can make a decision on the spot but it gets him in trouble. >> another veteran i spoke to said he thought trump was right and that he -- this man i talked to -- had served in vietnam himself. he said he killed people. he doesn't consider himself a hero, the word hero is thrown around too much. but i should say that obviously wolf this was a self-selecting crowd. people that angry at donald trump because of his comments
10:37 am
wouldn't wait on line in 100 degree heat to see him. >> i take it dana it was a packed auditorium there. how many people there are? >> as i mentioned, about 1,100 is the latest number we just got. this is the main auditorium where he spoke. i think the maximum is over 600. there were people standing as well. after trump was done what you didn't see live was he walked across to another building in this complex where there was an entire auditorium an overflow room. he went in saw the crowd, turned to people like me and said "i hope you're going to report this accurately that all these people are here." and it was an impressive crowd for somebody who is going to come and talk to peep even though he's never run for office before. a lot of people i talked to coming in say he's a celebrity and they want hear what he has to say and many of them said as trump himself says over and over again, they like the fact he tells it like it is and he's not
10:38 am
necessarily politically correct. that was obvious here today. wolf? >> all those negative comments he was making about the south carolina senator there, lindsey graham in south carolina where there syrias? was there criticism? was there anybody complaining about it or were they applauding it? >> i didn't hear yearsjeers and i was listening. i did hear a few "atta boys." graham has been a divisive figure in the republican party because he has been very much against most of the republican base especially on the issue that has helped trump skyrocket, which is illegal immigration. he was a part of creating the bipartisan immigration deal that includes a path to citizenship and he has not backed down from that. that makes him not very popular in a lot of corners of the republican party. >> he's got himself reelected several times in south carolina.
10:39 am
dana thanks very much. for the latest political news check out our politics page at up next terror arrest in britain today. how one suspect is being linked to an alleged plot to attack u.s. service members. new information, stay with us.
10:40 am
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at 1-888-865-2166. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ british prosecutors have charged a man they say was
10:42 am
planning to attack u.s. military personnel in the united kingdom. the man was arrested along with his uncle. both were attempting to join isis in syria. let's go to our senior international correspondent fred pleitgen joining us from london. what do we know about these charges, fred? >> it isn't much but we know some interesting and scary details, if you will, they appeared in front of the westminster court earlier today and the man in question is 24-year-old junead kahn. it's alleged he was platting attacks on u.s. military members in britain. there were some details. apparently he was planning what they call a hit-and-run or car accident style attack, that means hitting a u.s. service member with a car and killing the u.s. service member with a knife. apparently there was also talk about possibly using a suicide vest as well and also some talk by him saying possibly he could kill a british service member but he preferred to kill
10:43 am
americans. now, these two were arrested on july 14, so a week ago. there was a third man arrested with him as well. he was in his 30s. he's been released without charges. these two will remain in custody until their trial starts but it's that one man, he's named junead kahn chowho has been charged with plotting to kill american service members. >> fred pleitgen thanks very much. let's get analysis. joining us now, required general mark hertling, a seen men military analyst, former commanding general in the u.s. army. general hertling what do you make of this? i remember just before july 4, one base where there are u.s. military personnel in the uk basically they said no july 4 celebrations because of terrorist fears. this looks like a serious development. >> and i think we talked about it back then wolf. these kind of things. this is the kind of stuff that base commanders have to be aware of.
10:44 am
they're constantly evaluating threat streams. i'm sure the base commander said that he had indicators or was going to be a terrorist attack. at least there was increase chatter. it's the kind of things the garrison and base commanders get paid to do. they have to assess this. this isn't the first time this has happened that kind of operation that was being planned. a possible hit-and-run or a suicide vest has happened before and they've been thwarted by european forces against u.s. military forces throughout europe. not just in the uk. >> it shouldn't be surprising because isis on social media publicly said to their sympathizers their supporters if you can't come over to syria or iraq and fight there, do some fighting where you are, go out there and attack u.s. military personnel or law enforcement for that matter as well right? >> exactly right. and remember just recently bases in the united states have gone to threat con bravo.
10:45 am
threat condition bravo. it's always like that in europe and sometimes that up that to charlie just to exercise the system but there's a continuous stream of intelligence that says jihadis or disenfranchised with the u.s. government will go after members stationed throughout europe. >> let's talk about that suicide attack that we all saw yesterday in turkey. a horrendous attack killing a lot of people it's raised new questions about the ability of the west to keep isis in check. as you know, the "new york times" has been reporting that the radical group is essentially decentralizing power so it can stay intact even if a senior member any of the leaders abu bakr al baghdadi were to be killed. what's going on? >> in the turkish incident what you're going to see, wolf, is the continual pressure by the turkish government to close the ports going into syria. that's number one.
10:46 am
number two, the kurdish forces in that particular the ypk in that particular region between the border of syria and turkey have been extremely effective. they've retaken kobani, they so they're closing down ports where isis gets their flow of foreign jihadists from turkey into syria. so this is important. i think this was certainly to send a message to the turkish government hey, we can conduct terrorist operations inside your country, too, if you continue to pressure those border outposts and continue to stop our flow of foreign fighters coming through your borders. >> one final question general hertling before i let you go. these new revelations about the killer in chattanooga killed four marines, one sailor. we're learning today that he had, actually according to his social media contacts searching out religious teachings on martyrdom, on jihad. it looks increasingly like at a minimum he was inspired by a terror group, maybe not necessarily isis maybe aqap al
10:47 am
qaeda in the arabian peninsula. what do you make of this? >> well this was certainly a troubled young man, wolf, all of the skolpsychologists and psychiatrists have talked about things that may have affected him over the last several years, from his own depression all the way to family issues to perhaps contact with others who were talking about jihad. but in this case, the thing that troubles me the most was the recent finding that there had been videotapes or postings from anwar al awlaki on hiss web. this goes back several years and it continues to show some of the effects of these kinds of jihadists on citizens in the united states on what they might be asking others to do even though al awlaki is long dead he's still having an effect on some people who want to take up the cause. that's troubling. >> anwar al awlaki, the american-born al qaeda in the arabian peninsula operative who was very active on social media, killed in a u.s. drone strike
10:48 am
as you know in yemen. general hertling thanks very much for joining us. >> you're welcome, wolf. we've seen drones capture amazing views, but this video posted online of a drone with a gun has a lot of police alarmed right now. authorities are scrambling. who's behind it. rene marsh is here. she has new information. stay with us. not surprising... ...with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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. as more and more people are getting drones we've seen pretty amazing fly-over videos but we've also seen drones use in pretty precarious ways drones flying near airplanes and near the white house and now this. this youtube video shows an unmanned drone equipped with a gunfiring shot after shot.
10:53 am
let's get more from cnn's aviation correspondent rene marsh. what is going on here? >> police say an 18-year-old engineering student was the mastermind behind this flying gun. a drone was on top of the gun. police say he fired the shots on his private property in clinton connecticut, and then posted the video on youtube and it's gotten the attention of the government. it's raising questions about public safety. online one person saying strange and scary for someone to have a drone carrying a firing gun. the faa now says they are investigating to see if they violated any of their rules. however, the clinton police department which is the department in this area they say, quote, it would seem to the average person there should be
10:54 am
something prohibiting a person from attaching a weapon to a drone, but at this point, we can't find anything that's been violated. so at least, wolf on the state and local level, they are not finding that this video that you're being looking at is a violation of the law in any way. >> so this whole world of new technology i assume they have to start looking at the laws because you see a drone like that flying around. it's one thing for the u.s. military to have drones and hell fire missiles attached to it. but this is pretty scary stuff. >> it is. and as of right now, you know we said the faa is looking to see if any rules were violated but no entity has come forward and said that this person has violated a rule. so i think this is a perfect example of which the technology has moved a lot faster than the laws on the books and that's kind of why we are at a standstill as it relates to this. >> those are real bullets, a real gun and all of that? >> according to the clinton
10:55 am
police. here's the thing. when they looked at their law on the local level, they said that it is okay for an individual to fire a firearm on their private property if it doesn't endanger an individual and they don't have any evidence that this, as alarl alarming as it may be to some because it was on the private property. >> rene marsh, thank you very much. a very touching tribute to ted turner taking shape in downtown atlanta. he changed the way we cover and watch the news. he really did change the world by creating cnn back in 1980. much more right after this.
10:56 am
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it's been a very special day in atlanta for our friend the cnn founder ted turner. city leaders approved renaming a section of a road downtown
11:00 am
atlanta near the cnn center as ted turner drive. take a look. the sign went up today. he's an amazing philanthropist who has done so much for the city of atlanta, so much for the world. congratulations, ted turner. the news continues next on cnn. all right, wolf. thank you so much. great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. in 24 hours, donald trump has been called a jackass, a side show a distraction retraction and, as we know by now, donald trump is not exactly the guy to let things go. no. especially not against his rivals. so moments ago, the millionaire got personal including giving out the cell phone number of a sitting united states senator and rival. >>