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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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with the u-connect system. it's connected to the sprint cell phone network. go to a dealer and request the upgrade. it's a flaw in the -- and these guys pointed it out. now they're fixing it. but it reminds you, we have no privacy and we are surrounded by computers that can be accessed and hacked at any moment. >> christine romans, thank you so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we are following breaking news this morning. we're waiting right now for a news conference to begin in ferguson, missouri where the city will announce a new interim police chief. his name is andre anderson. he's a former commander with the glendale, arizona, police department. he's the second interim chief. the town's been without a permanent police chief since the shooting of michael brown and the protests that followed.
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i want to bring in sara sidner now. she's following this for us this morning. why is second interim chief? >> reporter: they've been looking for quite some time. i spoke to the city this morning. they say we're still in the process of trying to find someone who is going to be the permanent replacement for former chief jackson. this is a city that's gone through a lot of turmoil. the whole world knows it. i suspect it's been a difficult search. this is a place where whoever comes in is going to have a lot to deal with not only with the community trying to gain their trust but also with the city council trying to gain its trust. so it's going to be a very difficult position to be in. we do know that there's an announcement that's coming up very quickly. we hope to hear more details about this new interim chief. i asked specifically is this going to be the permanent person and the answer back to me was no. so we're going to have to wait
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and see. we don't know how long this interim chief will be in place. maybe he will go for the permanent job. we just don't know that at this time. we also know that he replaces someone who is from the rank-and-file in ferguson. the deputy chief became the interim chief for quite some time. almost six months now. and so we're just kind of waiting to see what happens. but that was deputy chief ikoff. he's going back to his regular position. and we'll hear from him soon. >> he's not taken his place behind the podium. we'll take you back to ferguson when that happens. sara sidner thank you so much. i will light you up the threat made by a texas state trooper to sandra bland. bland was found dead in her jail cell three days later. the newly released police dash camera video shows the rising tensions between both bland and the officer before the trooper ultimately draws his taser and
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physically removes bland from her car. ed lavandera is live there to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. from the very beginning of the video and the interaction between sandra bland and the dps trooper. sandra bland says she is irritated for being pulled over for failing to signal. the trooper says he's about to issue her a warning. asked her to put out her cigarette and from there, everything escalates. >> step out or i will remove you. i'm giving you a lawful order. get out of the car now or i'm going to remove you. >> i'm calling my -- >> i'm going to yank you out of here. >> you're going to yank me out of my car? all right. >> don't touch me. >> get out of the car. >> don't touch me. i'm not under arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> i'm under arrest for what? for what?
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get . >> get out of the car. get out of the car now. >> why am i being apprehended. >> i said get out of the car. >> why am i being apprehended? you're opening my car door -- >> i'm dragging you out of here. get out of the car. i will light you up. get out. >> reporter: carol, that goes on for nearly ten minutes, that intensity between sandra bland and that dps trooper. also there have been a great number of questions swirling around this video which is nearly a little over 50 minutes long over various video glitches on that recording that it appeared to be edited or some sort of glitch. we've reached out to texas dps officials for an explanation. if you've seen that video, various portions of it seem to repeat and a white car comes in
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and out of the shot rather odd the way it appears. texas dps officials insist this tape was not edited in any way. they say it was a technical malfunction that they are working to correct and will repost that video shortly. >> ed lavandera, thanks so much. i want to go back to ferguson, missouri the mayor is speaking about the new interim police chief in the city. let's listen. . >> the city of ferguson has made several sweeping changes over the past several months. we were the first in the region to implement broad reforms for our municipal court system. many of the actions taken will be modeled by municipal court around the region. we have improved our outreach to our community through the adoption of a community policing strategy that will seek to engage every segment of our
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community and build trust between our police and our citizens. as of september 2014 allour officers are equipped with body cameras to provide more transparency in police and citizen interactions. these are a couple of of the reforms being made by our city. and we are committed to making more reforms in the future. to institute these reform policies established by the council, we have brought in mr. ed beasley. mr. beasley's vision and commitment to the city of ferguson has been evident since joining the city. he has continued the charge from the city council to move our community forward and to live up to our city motto which is to be a community of choice. i'd like to now welcome mr. ed beasley to the podium. >> thank you, mayor. good morning.
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it's my pleasure as the interim city manager of ferguson to introduce mr. andre anderson, commander, as our interim police chief. commander anderson has 24 years of experience in law enforcement. he's exceptionally known, nationally for his ability to not only lead but also his innovation. he also is known as an excellent person in areas that i think are particularly important to our community, in community policing community outreach and community interaction and exchange. he's also supervised special agents for the fbi, the d.e.a. and also for u.s. marshals. i would like to also say that he's an excellent, exceptional person individually and as part of our team will help us to not only face challenges in the future but also be able to do the training and also assist our officers and our staff to reach
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the next level of expertise. i'd like to introduce mr. anderson. >> good morning. well first of all, let me start by saying that i want to acknowledge my wife who's here who's very important in my life. so wife thank you for coming. my parents are here from philadelphia both joe and rosetta birch, thank you for being here as well. so let's get down to business. mayor and members of the city council, i want to thank you for this honor and this opportunity to serve. with respect i am truly humbled and honored that our city manager, mr. ed beasley, selected me for this position. and as you've already been told
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i have over 24 years of experience as a police officer. 16 of those years at the leadership level. and i believe that i am here to help serve the city of ferguson and the community. my experience includes leading the glendale police department's 80 detectives within the criminal investigations division. i have led the activities of patrol officers to the tune of over 125 patrol officers that covered an area of 25 square miles and over 110,000 people. i believe that i am the right person for this particular job. so let's talk about my first plan of action. and that is simply to build trust, to develop community policing in this area with exception exception. in ferguson the president's task force on 21st century policing and recommended
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practices will be my first call of duty. that in conjunction with recommendations from the department of justice will serve as a template that i will use to cultivate relationships that we know and hope will reshape our direction here in the city of ferguson. now, to do this i am going to need your help. i am going to ask members of the community to assist me because we cannot do this without you. i believe that together we can forge better relationships and we can incorporate procedural and constitutional justice training as well as deescalation training and bias awareness training and many other policing community training concepts that will help us be better as an organization. my second priority is simple.
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we want to place an emphasis on attracting hiring qualified applicants that can exemplify character, respect, cultural awareness and the professionalism this community deserves. i want it to be our goal to be sure we reflect the demographics of the community as we serve this great emphasis on placing police officers in place with ethics good decision-making skills and character. lastly i am asking the city of ferguson community members, mainly the community members, and leaders if we can set a course in the history books that clearly proves that peace prevails. the resurgence of peace, inclusion and resolve is a national trend.
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and it can reshape our image. so i want to thank you. there's a lot of work to be done. i'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work and i appreciate this opportunity. thank you. >> we're not sure why he's intirm interim. but he's ready to take on the challenges of ferguson. we'll keep you posted. let's go back to hempstead, texas, and that terrible story involving a woman named sandra bland. she was pulled over by a state trooper for a routine traffic stop. and then everything suddenly escalated when the trooper asked her to put out her cigarette. let's watch and listen. >> get out. you mind putting out your cigarette, please. if you don't mind. >> i'm in my car. why do i have to put out my cigarette? >> you can step out now.
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>> i don't have to step out of my car. >> step out of the car. >> no you don't have the right. >> step out of the car. >> you do not have the right to do that. >> i do have the right. >> step out or i arewill remove you. >> shortly after that he threatens to tase her and she refuses to get out of the car. i want to bring in tom herny along with mark lamont hill. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> as you both well know three days later, sandra bland was placed under arrest, put into a jail cell. three days later, she was found hanging in her cell. some in the department are alleging suicide but her death is being investigated as a murder right now. let's go back to that initial exchange when the police officer asked her to put out her
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cigarette and she refused because in her mind it wasn't illegal to smoke in her car, what do you make of that? >> well as was reported earlier, this was not your textbook traffic stop. she was also not the textbook motorist either. there's enough blame to go around here in this initial part of this exchange. ironically i just went to a training for a company called blue courage. they actually do trainings now with police officers across the united states. and a lot of the training revolves around something exactly like this where the need to escalate this didn't necessarily need to happen. as we've discussed in a lot of other incidents like this though if someone is pulled over for a violation, they are already at a disadvantage. they've already violated the law in some way. so now the officer -- we hope they would act professionally. that's our expectation when we are pulled over by the police. in a case where you have an officer who's agitated for one
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reason or another, once she's acknowledged that he's agitated she further agitates him by not complying. that's why i advocate to people regardless of why you believe you shouldn't have been pulled over or not, and once the police officer has pulled you over you should supply with his orders ideally. >> and you have to legally, i believe, according to paul callan you should obey everything a police officer asks you to do. but this got out of control, to the point, as i said, he threatens to tase her. she gets out of the car. he puts her in handcuffs. she's on the ground. then he takes her to jail and something terrible happens. i just want to get your general impressions of this whole incident mark. >> i think the most tragic thing about all this is that it was entirely avoidable and preventable. he walks up to the woman and
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says, what's wrong? you seem to have an attitude. people be have an attitude when they're pulled over by the police. he was egging her on and asking her questions that prompted her to give the responses that she gave. to me, she was following instructions. because she asks why she was pulled her and she asked about 14 times by my count why she was pulled over, he never responded. this was preventable. he could have told her why she was being pulled over. she said she didn't want to put the cigarette out because it was in her car. it was at the moment she said she didn't want to put the cigarette out that he tells her to get out of the car. she has a right to smoke in her car. do you have a responsibility to do what a police officer says? yes, within reason. within the boundaries of the law. but she was asserting her rights and her dignity. did she have a chip on her shoulder? perhaps. but many of us just call that
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dignity. >> let's talk about that chip on her shoulder. we're trying to figure out whether she committed suicide later in that jail cell or something more nefarious happened. this is what sandra bland posted on her facebook page a short time ago. i want you to watch it. >> white people yes, black people know that all lives matter. but what i need you guys to understand is that being a black person in america is very, very hard. although you all love to say, oh nobody should see race people are the reason that racism is still alive. well what kind of people are the reason? black races have no power whereas white races do. they have power because they are in positions of control or they're in positions where they can influence the control over black people. yes, that is very true. >> so ms. blunt already had that
7:18 am
in her head tom, and here's this police officer and you can sort of understand why this thing escalated the way it did perhaps. >> yeah again, i couldn't begin to imagine how it is to be a person of color. i'm not a person of color. i am however, a former detective with 22 years in the nypd. and white and most of my interactions were with people of color for 22 years. and i was able to do that professionally and do it safely. no one died in my custody. i didn't have to take anyone's life or take that level of force and action. so i understand how people -- there's perceptions about the police and what police do there's realities about what police do. and somewhere in the middle there is the reality -- >> but i would say mark that investigators are taking that video into account when they investigate whether ms. bland possibly committed suicide in that jail cell.
7:19 am
your thoughts? >> i don't see the connection. if every black person who had a critique of white supremacy in state power killed themselves there wouldn't be any black people left. you saw an articulation in that video of a certain understanding of american politics and american racial life that many black people share. she didn't show up to that car stop with any extravagant chip on her shoulder just as a black woman in america who understands how law enforcement and how white supremacy works and the fact that she put it on facebook shouldn't be used as something expup exculpatory with regards to the officer. i think we need to investigate this officer and figure out what happened at that crime scene, make sure we get the full unedited videotape, glitches or whatever we want to call it find out what happened in that jail cell and see if there's a connection between the two. there may not be. there may be. but we need a full investigation
7:20 am
instead of trying to get into this woman's head to decide that she deserved what she got or explain away what happened to her. >> a full investigation is under way. thank you both for your insight. still to come in the "newsroom," the family of a "washington post" reporter held in iran for a year speaking out and calling for him to be released. it's time to bid farewell... to this booking incredible island resort. and it's incredible island staff. (father:) i can't imagine life without them. this is not goodbye. ♪ yes, it is. ♪ (father:) no, it isn't... ♪ ok, i guess it's not. ♪ you got it booking right.
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authorities in chattanooga are working right now to release more information about the shooting spree that killed five service members. the fbi actively looking for anyone who may have had contact with the shooter, mohammod youssuf abdulazeez leading up to the massacre. he internet searched martyrdom is day before the rampage. cnn just obtained text messages between friends of the shooter.
7:25 am
it reads, he ever talk about jihad any? dude, he just had a new job and everything. another quote says may allah forgive him and us all. and then bro, there is no forgiveness for taking innocent lives. alina machado is there for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. these text messages show that mohammod abdulazeez's friends are just as surprised. we've learned the fbi has examined writings that date back to 2013. the writings indicate anti-u.s. sentiments and also make references to anwar awlaki the yemeni american cleric who has been linked to several terrorist attacks and plots. investigators are also looking at those internet searches you
7:26 am
mentioned in which abdulazeez is believed to have searched whether someone could use becoming a martyr to cleanse from sins. he was also heavily abusing drugs. the investigation into what happened here nearly a week later is still very much active very much ongoing and the fbi is looking to talk to anyone who may have had contact with the shooter leading up to the rampage. >> alina machado, thank you. checking other top stories for you, citibank is paying a price for deceptive marketing techniques. between 2003 and 2012 citi enrolled customers and credit monitoring services and other programs promising to defer payments in the event of hardship. the government says citi overstated the benefits and misrepresented fees. the bank says it is cooperating and has closed down all programs associated with overcharging.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me.
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for the family of journalist jason razian, they're calling for his release. early this morning, his family called for his immediate release. >> during this time he's been subjected to mojt of interrogation, isolation and threats. he's been deprived of basic medical attention, exacerbating minor medical issues. he's frequently threatened with indefinite detention unless he confesses to crimes which he did not commit. >> rezaian isn't alone. two other americans, including a former marine, also detained in iran. bob levinson disappeared back in 2007. critics slammed the u.s. for not
7:33 am
doing enough to bring these people home. joining me now, sarah short she was held captive in iran herself for more than a year and recently wrote an article called "negotiating with iran for hostaging in a nuclear deal is it nonsense, trust me, i was one." thank you for being with me this morning. >> yes, thanks for having me. . >> what do you suppose those american hostages in iran are going through? . >> welli think that amir and jason and saeed are probably feeling very conflicted about the deal. when you're in that kind of suspension for so long and you have no certainty about your future, you're isolated from the outside world, they're probably extremely uncertain. >> do you think they are hopeful? do you think they know about the deal with iran?
7:34 am
>> word travels invest inside prison. yeah, i think word has gotten to them. but i also think -- even in isolation, there are whispers down the hallway. guards will give you information from the outside. so i'm hopeful they know and they know their future is tied up in this deal. >> even though president obama says that there was no negotiation for these hostages in return for a deal. >> well it's not common diplomatic practice directly between the u.s. and iran to directly tie political hostages to the nuclear issue. but there's no doubt that they are tied. our case was indirectly tied and that came out years later through the government of oman. they know that their situation is carefully calibrated with the temperature of u.s./iran reason relations. they just don't know if this means they're going to get out
7:35 am
tomorrow or if there's something else that's going to block that. but this deal is a really good deal and it's going to ease tension on both sides. the most important part of it is that personally for me is that it increases the incentive of the iranian government to use the tactic of holding americans hostage in the future. >> what if lawmakers refuse to endorse the deal? >> that would be devastating for the americans being held there. and these men have done nothing wrong. maybe that doesn't need to be stated. but just to reinforce it jason was over there trying to be a bridge between cultures. he was doing really constructive journalism. the iranian government -- it's shameful for them to continue to hold them. i hope our government is doing everything it can. but i would also call upon our government to do more. both sides hold a degree of
7:36 am
responsibility because this hostility has been going on between our governments for decades. and so many people have suffered in the balance. jason and amir and the other hostages are in the deep end of that. but iranians have been suffering for decades under sanctions, iranian americans can't see their loved ones. i know people who have had a grandmother or an aunt on their death bed and they can't say good-bye. so this deal is really important for the future of so many people. >> sarah shourd, thank you for sharing your insight. i appreciate it. new developments involving lasers and passenger planes. last week we told you about scary moments in the sky. it's happened again. 4re9s bring in cnn's aviation correspondent rene marsh. she's in washington. >> reporter: the faa says this happened last night between 9:25 and 12:10 a.m. we're talking about, according
7:37 am
to the faa, four commercial airliners -- american express jet, shuttle america, as well as spirit. but now the port authority is telling cnn they received reports of two more laser strikes, that would include a united airlines flight as well as a united express. so that's a total of six in the new york/new jersey area alone just last night. of course this comes on the heels of just last week we were talking about 35 aircrafts struck with these lasers. they are still looking for the person or persons behind those incidents. but what we have seen over the last decade is really a spike in the number of these laser strikes that pilots are dealing with. you look at that video there. that's what it looks like inside of a cockpit. imagine being thousands of feet up in the air and you're temporarily blinded by this light. i do know that based on my conversations with the faa, at the pace that we're going now, they tell me that 2015 is set to
7:38 am
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now to the 2016 presidential race. donald trump weighs into the illegal immigration debate head-on. tomorrow he will go to laredo texas. but today, he's into yet another firestorm. jeff zeleny hit us. >> reporter: usually donald trump does it through an interview. but today he's doing it through his device. he's hitting back on rick perry who's been very vocal about the divisiveness that he says donald trump has added into the race. he tweeted, governor perry was in my cycle playing nice and begging for my support and money. hypocrite! so now he's pointing out that rick perry rick perry was once seeking
7:43 am
donald trump's report and now is speaking out against him. this is just coming out a few moments ago. this is just another example of the back and forth, the name calling. it's devolved into something of a sophomoric fight. but that's what is happening in this race here. i think rick perry would say, that's before donald trump made any of those comments about mexican immigrants coming to the u.s. but just imagine what's going to happen tomorrow when donald trump actually visited the border. we may have a whole new round of comments to discuss. >> i know. he's going to rick perry's territory. so what do you suppose rick perry will do? >> reporter: we'll see. i don't know if -- he's not the governor of texas anymore. he's the former governor of texas. but he lives in austin, not that far away. i assume immigration will be front and center in this debate and rick perry will probably fire back. but i can tell you democrats are laughing smiling, all the way
7:44 am
to the bank, perhaps. the internal republican firing squad is at it before like i've never seen before. >> let's talk about something else. somebody else in the race besides donald trump. let's talk about hillary clinton. there's a new quinnipiac poll that came out. it shows something hillary clinton might not find so pleasing. # >> reporter: that's right. in key battleground states of iowa virginia and colorado three states critical in any general election they are showing that her unfavorable ratings are very high and she is actually losing head-to-head -- hypothetical head-to-head match-ups with marco rubio, with jeb bush. so the question really here is what is going on with hillary clinton? why are democrats and even independents not sort of attaching themselves or excited by her candidacy? he's a question being asked inside the clinton headquarters as well.
7:45 am
there are still serious questions about her trust, her credibility and her likability frankly, that the campaign knows it needs to work on. all this donald trump stuff has been a respite. but the reality is for the clinton campaign they are still working on trying to make her a little bit more likable to voters. and these polls are a fresh reminder that the general election race next year if she happens to win the nomination is almost certain to be a very very tight race in a very divide country. >> jeff zeleny, thanks for your insight. appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," president obama making his first trip to kenya as president. the big question will he visit his father's village?
7:46 am
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control temperatures precisely in one or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. . # . # in just a few days president obama will head to kenya for his first trip as president to his father's homeland. news of the visit sparking excitement throughout the country all the way to the highest levels of government where one air force official accidentally published the arrival and departure times for air force one. oops. and while the president is expected to take part in a business summit and meet with political leaders, it isn't yet
7:49 am
known if he will meet with members of his extended families. but some of those family members are speaking out to cnn ahead of the president's visit. they sat down with brooke baldwin who's here now. >> this was such an exciting visit. i just got back from kenya. it's significant because this is the first time that the president has gone as commander in chief to kenya in his presidency. the last time he was in their an ses ancestorial village was when he was then senator obama. to be there and to be walking down the same path that i know barack obama has walked down to be able to talk to his grandmother, they call her grandmother grandmother. to see lots of kids there named barack obama.
7:50 am
schools are named barack obama. you walk around and they find out you're covering obama, no problem. but at this family homestead, these are pictures of his 93-year-old grandmother and this was the grave of barack hussein obama sr., his father. i stood over that grave a few days ago with his sister. you got some years with him. your brother didn't. when your brother reached out to you with that letter in the early '80s and you visited with him in chicago and then he visited kenya, warp some of the questions he wanted to know about his ancestral family? >> it was easy talking to my brother. we hit it off. all the questions he asked, i anticipated. he wanted to know everything everything about us everything about my father, everything about our family. i took him to so many relatives. my brother just wanted to know everything.
7:51 am
i can't answer that question any other way. and i think it's normal because it was part of finding out about his own identity. >> reporter: when you got the letter it was your father's handwriting? >> it was my father's handwriting. >> reporter: what's the one thing your father would say to his son? >> he'd be extremely proud and say well done. and then he'd add, but obviously you're an obama. he is very proud. >> and they would be technically half brother and half sister. but they don't do the half thing. it's brother and sister. as far as the president arriving in nairobi in a couple of days he's meeting with a couple of global leaders. the question is, will he go back
7:52 am
to western kenya? there's an anticipation and a sense of hope -- >> do they regularly talk at all? >> oh, definitely. they are definitely in touch. he is to have her open us with us has been pretty special. through the rest of the week and today on my show at 2:00 she really opens up about moments she's had with her brother, how proud she is and especially talking to their 93-year-old grandmother in her living room knowing that pictures of the first family are on the walls and how she remembers as if it were yesterday the first time when barack obama came to kenya and when they first locked eyes. she tells me that story. we'll have that at 2:00. >> can't wait to see more. brooke baldwin, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," you've probably been there, a crying child ruining your dinner. wait till you see this story.
7:53 am
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checking some of the top stories for you. 55 minutes past. bill cosby calling for court sanctions against one of the women accusing him of rape. he says she breached their confidentiality agreement by leaking the deposition from a ten-year-old case. constand says cosby tricked her into taking drugs before sexually assaulting her. cosby's lawyer is speaking out for the first time. >> all of these women are liars? >> i'm not making conclusions and you know that i can't about whether someone is lying or not. what i am saying is that mr. cosby has denied the accusations that have been lodged thus far. the sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true. >> cosby and his legal team
7:57 am
maintain the sex and drugs detailed in the deposition were consensual. california's interstate 10 will reopen on friday after severe storms washed parts of it away. the interstate connects l.a. to phoenix and usually sees about 55,000 drivers per day. beginning to feel a lot like halloween. walgreens has already started selling halloween candy. a blogger with super couponing found these goodies on store shelves in illinois. we've all been there, trying to to have a quiet meal in a restaurant when somebody's kid will not stop crying. what one diner owner did in that situation seemed to silence the toddler but the internet erupted, not to mention the child's parents. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: there's nothing appetizing about a crybaby in a restaurant. here at marcy's diner in
7:58 am
portland maine, a crying 21-month-old has provoked on outcry all because owner darla did this. >> i said this has got to stop. >> reporter: tara carson said the owner was -- >> screaming "shut the hell up." i was in pure shock because i've never seen behavior like this before. >> reporter: the two stories diverged in other ways. >> after 40 minutes of screaming, i'd had enough. >> reporter: but the mother says the toddler was crying not screaming, for a little over ten minutes, not 40. the owner had asked the parents to take the child outside at least once before but the mom says it was raining. the parents vented their anger on the marcy's diner facebook page.
7:59 am
the owner is an absolute lunatic, may karma bite you in the [ bleep ]. in her f-bomb laced responsible, the owner called the toddler that monster and the beast. the back and forth prompted a deluge of comments pro and con, though way more seemed to side with the owner. the morning shows chewed over the topic. >> her parents said, are you screaming at a child? yes, i am. and she shut up. >> reporter: so far, the egg seems firmly on the grill rather than on the owner's face. jm jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> wow. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman & bolduan" starts now. how did sandra bland die? anger boiling over after a video
8:00 am
surfaces of the traffic stop that sent her to jail. you'll see the tense confrontation. plus we take you inside the jail cell where she died. and on the border with donald trump, the lightning rod candidate announcing a big trip as new polls surface that show hillary clinton has swing state problems. and forget your bank password. hackers now able to breach a jeep on the highway, from the dashboard to the brakes the man who is behind the wheel is joining us. hello, everyone. i'm campbell brown. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off. dramatic new video of a tense confrontation with an officer raising more questions than there are answers right now. independent autopsy results could come at any time. sandra bland was found dead


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