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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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would like to work with that as well. >> reporter: now just a few years after breaking ground on sauti koo, the foundation is still growing with a new soccer field and new resource center and young people like morris are fighting too. what does auma obama mean for you? >> auma? she's like a mother to me. she has also inspired me. >> there was this saying that used to go around you give people fish and then the saying within the development world, you teach them how to fish. what i say, don't give people fish. don't teach them how to fish. ask them if they eat fish. and that's what we do. we ask the people what do you need to improve your lives, to make your lives liveable to make your lives such that you don't run away from what you have. that you see your potential.
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these young people are able and can do a lot with their lives. they just need the support. >> what a special place. auma obama, thank you so much. and thank you to the 93-year-old grandmother -- and by the way, now that president obama has landed in nairobi, i'm told that they are all sitting down and eating together. check out all three parts of my interview to kenya. it is all online. go to all right. let's continue on hour two here. breaking news on cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. a heads up we're waiting for another news conference. not in lafayette, but in phenix alabama, because that's where the shooter once lived. we'll take it there live when it begins.
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first, the most important part of this story at this hour the victims, mayci breaux the other, 33-year-old jillian johnson, designer and performer. here johnson is playing in a band just six days ago. police in louisiana say this man, 59-year-old john russel houser shot and killed them as he walked inside the grand 14 theater in lafayette right around 7:30 last evening. nine others were wounded in that rampage. as many as 300 others just ran for their lives. police say houser fired at least 13 rounds. i spoke with the state trooper who told me he went outside, reloaded came back in and took his own life. >> we know he had at least one additional magazine which he dropped in the lobby. he reinserted reloaded and
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returned back into the theater at which point we think he fired one additional round and that was to himself. >> want to take you live to that news conference that just began in phenix city alabama, where this man once lived. >> also assisting in this case we've offered our assistance in any way that we can, investigating anything that they need on this end in alabama or anywhere around us here. this is an ongoing case and i hope you understand that it is still early. so we will be focusing today on strictly mr. houser's involvement with my department here the sheriff's office and in the time frame that he lived here in phenix city. as best we can tell mr. houser lived at 1101 32nd street off
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and on from '05 until 2014. he also had a residence in columbus. him and his family are mainly from columbus georgia. he did move over here with his wife and lived at that address off and on. during the time that he was here in 10/23/05 there was a domestic violence complaint against mr. houser. that was never prosecuted for but the complaint was filed with the police department here. in '06, mr. houser applied for a concealed carry permit with my office here. that permit was denied. the reason for the denial was we
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had the report of domestic violence against him and in '89 or '90, he was arrested for an arson case in columbus georgia. so at the time he applied for his permit he had the arson arrest in his history and as well as the domestic violence report. in '07, he reported a stolen vehicle with phenix city police department. about 30 days later, my office recovered that stolen vehicle out in the county and was returned to him through the phenix city police department. from that point, we didn't have any involvement other than some complaints where he was actually the complainant up until 2014. in 2014 our office served an unlawful detainer on him on an
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eviction process. at that point, that was at the address of 1101 32nd street and at that point he left the residence but he went back and actually did some damage some vandalism to that address and a report was made by the owner at that time about the damage. there was no warrant signed again by the victim and so he was not arrested in that charge. he was just listed as the offender. at that point, we don't show any address that he lived here from that point on everything from what we see is when he started kind of moving around and straying from one place to another. that's really all of the involvement that our office has with mr. houser.
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there are other developments in columbus and other things that he did in columbus. i understand that he was active politically over there in the columbus area. i understand that he actually ran for public office a time or two in columbus. none of that occurred here in phenix city. i'll open it up for questions. understand please that this is an early investigation and there is some information that may or may not be able to be released. >> [ inaudible ]? >> it wasn't an arrest. let's make sure we're clear, it was only a report made with the police department. he was never arrested for that domestic violence. so make sure we understand it was a report and the report detailed what occurred but it
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was never arrested. we're looking at it -- the laws today are certainly different than what they were in '05. it looks like in '05 there was never a follow up by the victim to file a warrant. >> [ inaudible ]? >> we did not. the phenix city police department did. >> what was the violence -- what was the damage in 2014 to the property? >> there was several damages. he -- according to the report there was concrete poured down the plumbing pipes. there was a lot of damage to the gas pipes coming into the home. there was a significant amount of damage to the home.
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>> do you know of any history of mental illness that he had? >> i can tell you that we believe that he was being seen in '08 and '09 for mental illness here and we have no idea about that mental illness record the medical records, as you know were sealed and we don't know what he was being treated for. >> so that didn't play any role in denying the permit? >> no the denial of the concealed permit was simply the domestic violence report from '05 about a year prior to him applying for the permit and the arson arrest that he had in early '90. >> one more question. you said he was off and on depressed for 11 years. did he own that home? >> as best we can tell the home was bought by the housers
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probably around 2011. it's still -- was in their name. it was foreclosed on and the owner who bought it out of foreclosure is who had him evicted and then at the point that he got evicted he went back and did the damage. >> [ inaudible ] booby traps? >> certainly i think the gas issue is what they were talking about with the bobbyoby traps. that was dangerous and could have been extremely dangerous. >> [ inaudible ]? >> there was not. actually the case to my understanding, was dismissed at grand jury. any other questions? >> does that mean it was leaking out, that there was actually gas in the house? >> you know my understanding is
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that he had done something to the gas line coming into the fireplace. there was a gas fireplace. >> yeah. >> and that he had tampered with that so that if you were to have turned it on it would have been blowing fire out. so it was certainly maybe being considered a booby trap like you said. >> okay. >> any other questions? >> sir, people are wondering why with such an extensive rap sheet this individual was not either in jail or in some institution getting help. can you explain how he continued to get off? >> well i mean when you say an extensive rap sheet, he's never been arrested in phenix city alabama, or russell county. the things he got arrested for were in columbus and that case
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was dismissed. i just think that oftentimes victims, for whatever reason don't want to follow through with prosecution. if there's misdemeanors there are certain restrictions on police making that case. certainly whoever investigated it didn't find it enough to do follow through with a warrant. i can't speak to that as far as that goes and the mental health side you know there's cuts being made all over about mental health and that's what is so scary for us in law enforcement and should be scary for the community, is you know the states and the cuts that are being made as far as mental health around the state is allowing some of these people that should not be walking around to be out in the community and, you know that's
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a scary scenario that we're dealing with every day and it's a financial decision that people way above my grade are making the closed mental health facilities. >> were there any warrants out for his arrest as of yesterday, at that time? >> to my knowledge, no, sir. i'm not aware of any outstanding warrant for him, period. >> he's never been in your jail right? >> he's never been in the russell county jail at all. >> do you have any idea why he was in lafayette? >> i don't. i'm sure that that's something that may come out later in the investigation with those -- with the pd there but we had no idea at this point. >> has your department been in touch with his family? >> we have not. i understand that they have been
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reached out to and they have been spoke to but not by us. >> are they still in this area? >> i don't think so. >> so as far as russell county he was not on your radar as somebody who was, a, violent or, b, [ inaudible ]? >> no, sir. he actually did most of his activism for nontaxes and things like that in columbus. and he was born in -- i say born. he was raised in columbus. his family's from columbus. he did, however, live over here he did apply for a pistol permit and was denied but his main time that he spent in this area was really in columbus georgia. >> did he have a [ inaudible ]? >> not to my knowledge. any other questions? >> who filed the domestic
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violence? >> his wife. >> [ inaudible ] beyond the mental health issues? >> at this point, i didn't see anything in his record that really would have stopped him. well i say that -- i shouldn't say that. i do see that in 2008 and 2009 he was treated for mental illness. that should have stopped him from buying a weapon. >> why was he denied the pistol permit? >> because of his arrest for arson and report of domestic violence against him in '05. anything else guys, ladies? thank you so much. >> all right. press conference just wrapped
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up. this is where the shooter lived for a period of time and he was going into the detail that he was denied this concealed carry permit which he had asked for, simply because of his record because of the report that the then wife filed a domestic violence and also in the past he had been arrested for some arson case. so just bits and pieces filling in this mosaic of questions. alexandra field has been doing some digging and listening to this conference. what has stood out to you? >> there was no outstanding warrant, nothing to tip law enforcement's hand that he was plotting and planning and somebody who had been on the radar for various infractions. >> for years. >> both in alabama and georgia and that in 2008 and 2009 he was treated for mental illness. you heard the sheriff tick through the don'tmestic violence charge never prosecuted and then
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an eviction because he returned to the property that he did vandalism. at the same time the sheriff talking about events that would have put them on the radar. we know he's probably referring to the protective order filed by houser's family back in 2008. brooke at the time the family stated to the court that he had a history of mental health issues his wife went so far as to remove the guns and the weapons from their home because she said she was worried about his volatile mental state and that's when they had him involuntarily committed to a mentality health facility. the sheriff was not able to answer the most pressing question. why was he in lafayette? what had brought him to that community? we know that he was a drifter, that he didn't seem to have a
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permanent address since that eviction just a year ago but what would have brought him to lawsuit? was there a system that he was guided by a belief system some perverse ideology that he was adhering to? we've been looking through his social media to try to understand some of what he may have thought. police have not identified a motive. what we do know is he was politically active. the sheriff said that. that had he perhaps even run for local office of some sort in columbus georgia, and his online activity does seem to reflect that. we don't see any posts beyond 2013 but prior to that he was active on a political forum posting hundreds of messages on a variety of topics and he does write some things about himself on that forum that are worth looking at right now. he says he has no political affiliation but goes on to say that he believes the u.s. will be mad max in five years.
12:19 pm
that's a reference to the post apocalyptic film series and says under the category marked "family," "no family safe in u.s. environment." police are not providing any speculation about motive here. >> okay. alex field, thank you. so much of this is a mystery. not even 24 hours. we'll go to another news conference from law enforcement in less than three hours from now. coming up next i'll talk to a reporter who knows two of the survivors of the shootings. she will tell me what they saw and what happened. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. thanks for calling angie's list. how
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people from the lafayette, louisiana, area say they are not at all used to dealing with kind of violence. joining me now, a reporter for the local paper there, "the daily advertiser." thank you for joining me. you know personally two of these survivors. can you tell me how they are doing? >> reporter: yes. as far as we know they are doing fine. i just spoke with the son of bo ramsey he's one of the victims of the shooting. his wife gerry ramsey, was also injured in the shooting. bo ramsey 86 years old, suffered multiple wounds. he was shot in the hand the torso and leg and he's expected to make a full recovery. his wife gerry was shot in the hand and is expected to be fine and they are both recovering plenty. what the son tells me is this is nothing short of a miracle that his dad was able to survive
12:25 pm
this. they were sitting close to the front in the theater, down in the lower rows and the shooter was up very near the top. so how -- they are still mystified and shocked, they don't know how he was able to get into the theater, why he did this but they are tonight and today thanking all of the community for their prayers and thoughts. foremost they would like to extend their condolences to the victims shot and killed in this tragedy. they also want to let the other victims know who are recovering that all of their thoughts and prayers are with them and i think the entire community is feeling that way today. >> you know kris obviously our thoughts with lafayette as well. i have to ask because i keep hearing from all of these different officials all these stories and sadly, in cases like these, you have these stories of heroism, the teacher who jumped in front of the other person and one who pulled a fire
12:26 pm
alarm. can you tell me other stories like that? >> reporter: there are stories that our reporters are working on as we speak. every minute we're getting reports of things just like you described. but what i can tell you about this community, i've been a reporter here and living in this community for more than 30 years and we've never experienced anything like this. most of the disasters and things that happen here are natural disasters. we've dealt with our share of tragedies. we've had hurricanes and people in situations that are dangerous. we've never experienced anything like this. where i'm standing right now, it's considered the safest if not one of the safest areas in town. everybody knows someone who was in that theater last night. everybody is either related to them, friends with them knows them is a neighbor. this is not a big city where you might know these victims. we all know these victims.
12:27 pm
all of our children who go to the theater during the summer it's one of the main things to do and considered the safest area in the town. to say it happened here that's the absolute truth and we live that every day and right now we are rocked to the core. >> our hearts and thoughts and prayers with you all. thank you so much kris for coming on. >> reporter: thank you for having me. coming up next when you think of movies listen we all go to the movies. should something change? should something drastically change when it comes to security at these theaters? we'll talk live with someone who carries his firearm when he goes to the movies. his take, coming up.
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all right. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. more on this breaking story out
12:32 pm
of lafayette, louisiana, where we're learning new details about this 59-year-old man who police say opened fire inside a movie theater last night, killing two people injuring a number of others before ultimately turning the gun on himself. authorities in phenix city alabama, just gave a news conference and the sheriff there said he had never been arrested for any kind of violent act but he did say a number of things. this man was apparently accused of tampering with a gas line damaging a home where he had been evicted and denied a gun permit because of his criminal history and a report of domestic violence filed by his then wife and a previous arson case. more and more we are also witnessing these unprovoked violent attacks on unlikely targets, public places that should typically be presumed safe. why is this happening? let me bring in phil holloway who is with me now.
12:33 pm
before we get into -- listen guns and movie theaters just from your legal perspective, you listened to the news conference in russell county, alabama, they denied him the concealed carry permit. what are your thoughts on that? >> the sheriff is right. that was an absolute reason to deny him being granted a permit to have a concealed weapon. it would not have been enough to prevent him from purchasing if he wanted to a gun from a federally licensed federal firearm forum. they ask if you have been adjudicated as mentally defective, not if you've had any treatment for a mental disorder or are you currently under a restraining order of some type. >> we know he had been treated for some mental illness in '08 and '09. that had been sealed. as far as firearms in movie
12:34 pm
theaters you are there in georgia and so you do -- i don't know if it's all the time or on occasion you go to the movie with your firearm. >> sometimes i do. >> why do you do that? >> well, to me it's a matter of personal security, personal safety. i believe my personal safety is my own personal responsibility. if i have a right to live i have a right to protect my life. i've been in and around the criminal justice system. i was a deputy sheriff when i was 18 years old, started shooting guns when i was 9 or 10 years old. to me they are comfortable. it's a tool an option in the event of a threat posed like this guy that went into the movie theater last night. it's not for everybody and i'm not suggesting that everybody should go out and buy a gun and take it to the movies with them every time because active shooter situations are very very dangerous. if you have 15 20 people in a movie theater carrying a
12:35 pm
concealed weapon and don't know where the gunfire is coming from who know what is could happen. that could be a disaster. the police officers are trained that just because somebody has a gun and they are in plain cloths they may not be the bad guy. >> do you think, final question when we talk about soft targets, sporting events theaters should we be walking through metal detectors? should things change sadly? >> of course there's no really good answer to that question because security can be as simple as a police officer posted at the front door off duty maybe beingworking a second job. at some point there's a cost/benefit analysis. we are sitting in secure buildings. we have armed guards here. but, you know when you're out in public who knows what is around. just because there's a sign on the door that says no guns allowed, that's not going to
12:36 pm
stop somebody from walking in and opening fire. criminals, as you know brooke do not follow the law. >> well a metal detector may not either. phil holloway, thank you. >> james holmes snuck it in the back door. >> yes, he did. we're learning more about the troubled history of this gunman who shot and killed those two young woman in that theater last night in lafayette. next more importantly, we're learning about these remarkable two women who were killed. more on their stories. that's where we want to focus, next.
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yci breaux. >> now to those two women who died as a result of the
12:41 pm
shootings in the movie theater last night in lafayette, louisiana. police say 21-year-old mayci breaux died in the theater, she was with her boyfriend who was wounded. the other, jillian johnson 32 died at the hospital. boris sanchez can tell me more about these two young women. >> so sad to see these lives cut short. 21-year-old mayci breaux was a student at lsu and set to begin radiology classes at lafayette general health in the coming days. she was in the theater with her boyfriend. they sat in front of the shooter. matthew, her boyfriend is still in the hospital right now. coincidentally at lafayette general health where she was supposed to start studying in a few days. meantime jillian johnson's friends and family are coming
12:42 pm
forward saying she was an artist played in a band was very active in the community. she ran a boutique with her husband and brother in lafayette as well. we're hearing about some glimpses of heroism from two teachers alley martin and jenna mo. alley apparently dove in front of her friend to get her out of the shooter's range. she wounded her leg and despite the wounded leg pulled the fire alarm potentially saving lives. one of her friends, camille, spoke with cnn today saying she's not surprised that her friend ali did this. ♪ >> do we have it guys? sorry, we don't have it. >> we don't have that sound bite. but camille was saying as teachers they are trained to protect their students and each other and this was part of her
12:43 pm
training. if it hadn't been for law enforcement arriving so early, it could have been much worse. >> they took it upon themselves to take one of the wounded to the hospital. all of these stories coming out on the wake of something so tragic. boris, thank you so much. coming up here more controversy and confusion over the handling of hillary clinton's state department e-mails. both "the new york times" and justice department issuing corrections today. we'll talk to karen finney senior spokeswoman for the clinton campaign, next. ♪ ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school.
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are los angeles neighborhoods and owners struggle to keep them. that is when this week's cnn hero steps in. laurie weiss provides free food
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to people providing their animals safe and their families most importantly, together. >> i really believe most people want what is best for their pet. now, do they have the resources? no. >> i just don't want to lose her. i got so attached. >> so many times, people just feel they have to surrender their animal when in reality, if they understood all the resources, they are happy to keep their animal. >> i'm going to make phone calls to see if there's anybody who would be willing to foster. >> i started a program that offers resources to low-income families so they can keep their pets. the areas where we tend to have the higher crime rates, densely populated and there's lots of animals. there is a lot of people that are either not employed they are underemployed but that does not mean that people don't love
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12:53 pm
intelligence community telling members of congress some material clinton e-mailed from her private server contained classified information, but here's the catch. the inspector noting that the material was not identified as classified so really it's unclear if hillary clinton realized she could be compromising classified information. just a short time ago during the public appearance she criticized what she called a lot of inaccuracies. here she was. >> first, i want to say a word about what's in the news today, and it's because there have been a lot of inaccuracies as congressman cummings made clear this morning. maybe the heat is getting to everybody. we all have a responsibility to get this right. i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails.
12:54 pm
i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. and i will do my part. all right. so first up let me bring in global affairs correspondent elise labott who has been all over this today. continue to set this up for me. explain this. >> it was such a roller coaster. last night as we were going to bed "new york times" printed a story there was a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's use of her e-mails, these inspectors general at the state department and the inspector general sent that to the department of justice. by the time we talked to our sources, it appeared that wasn't necessarily the case. backtracked and said it was the criminal investigation of the use of classified information, but didn't necessarily finger if -- what's really going on here is the inspector general of
12:55 pm
the intelligence community is concerned that some classified material is in secretary clinton's e-mail server. there was some material that was sent around but that wasn't properly marked by the state department. it looks likes there's a tug of war between the state department and the intelligence community over how to classify information, and basically this is all a result of the use of the private server. the intelligence community is concerned that this was all on a private server. they don't have access to the server and that further e-mails could be compromised as the state department is going through trying to release it to the public. >> okay. with that as the backdrop and stay with me if you want to pipe up in this conversation. karen finney is the senior spokeswoman for the clinton campaign. thank you so much for coming by. >> great to be here. >> so let me just begin with.
12:56 pm
we're cnn, i want to keep this focused, if we can. hillary clinton is saying she does not know those e-mails were classified they weren't marked that way. my first question is someone did designate them classified who would that be? >> let me take a step back. >> the reason we are here and the "new york times" was fed a story, we believe from congressional republicans, they went with it and today piece by piece, as information has come out, it's been corrected. you have the dni, congressman elijah cummings the ranking member on the committee, as well as the justice department saying the "new york times" story was wrong. >> let's move on. >> no no it's important. in terms of classification this is essentially, the state department where we're at where
12:57 pm
the decision is made they were going through a process of reviewing and making them public. in that process, another department can weigh in and say we now want to classify this information. so you have one intelligence agency saying hey, that information should have been classified and the state department as they just said a couple hours ago saying we don't consider that to be classified information. at the time she sent it it wasn't classified and people have been clarifying that and yesterday another agency is saying they think it is. >> so who dropped the ball in not classifying it. >> it's a disagree between two agencies what should or should not be. but within that disagree i think the congressional republicans have exploited that to attack hitry again. >> she had a private server karen. >> that's not the reason -- that's not what happened.
12:58 pm
>> explain it for me. >> so if she had sent the -- remember there's two parts of -- two ways you can sent e-mails at the state department. there's a classified system and a nonclassified system. again, remember from the state department's perspective at the time the e-mail was sent it was not classified. even if she would have sent it on a non-is it classified system. >> who screwed up? >> i don't know the answer to that because there's so many pieces of information we don't really know. the "new york times" went with stuff without actually seeing the documents they were talking about. so again i think this is why we have to let the facts play out and not get ahead of the facts as hillary was just saying. >> elise, let me pivot and turn to you. you've been in this all day. you have a question for karen? >> i think it's a legitimate argument that it's necessarily about the state department's
12:59 pm
classification if this would have taken place if it was operating on a state department network, but clearly this was sensitive information that was being passed around on a private server. whether it was considered classify or not, the question is should this have been done on a classified server? i think that's what the classified community is saying here. classified information cob compromised on the -- >> the her i saw that was released by congressman cummings' office was talking about the process of releasing information. >> it's both. >> or declassifying the information, not what server the e-mail was on. they're disagreeing about pieces of information, should it be classified or not? again, thanks to the republicans on the hill and the very motivated attacks on hillary,
1:00 pm
here we are yet again correcting a story. >> elf we have to leave it ladies karen finney thank for you coming be. elite, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. have a wonderful weekend. but don't move. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. \s. two killed nine wounded in yesterday another mass shooting here in the united states. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." people inside the theater said they thought it was all part of the movie initially, but horror it was tragically real. a gun marsh killing two young women before cleaning himself. police described him as a drifter. we'll talk to a man who knew him for years. the heartbreak in louisiana overflowing, but witnesses say even more people could have lost their lives, had it not been for one teacher's