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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 30, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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level of confidence that the debris found on reunion island does indeed come from the 777, not just comes from a 777, not just because of the photos that have been analyzed, but because there is a partial number that corresponds to a 777 part. according to -- that's according to a source close to the investigation. despite the confidence in the statement, investigators from the u.s. want to see the part, they want to see if the part is believed to be this flapper on a part on the wing that opens and closes before they make a final determination. in fact, we'll keep you posted. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me today. "berman and bolduan" starts now. it is one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. right now more than a year after flight 370 disappeared, a major lead is washed ashore and at any moment we could get information that this piece of wreckage may belong to the missing 777.
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>> people on this island are being asked to look out for more debris. hear why this debris could tell investigators what happened in a plane's final moments. all of this as the families of 370 wait for answers. this is cnn's special live coverage. this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we are following breaking news at this hour in the search for malaysia airlines flight mh-370. rene marsh is being told by her source that is boeing investigators now have in their words a high level of confidence that the debris found on reunion island comes from a boeing 777 jet, and that's not just because of the photos that they've been analyzing but because of a part number that corresponds to a 777. >> now, they are confident, but they still want to get their hands on it to take a closer look to make the final determines nation. that piece you're looking at right there, it is a flaperon. it's a piece that appears on the
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wing of a boeing 777. again, a high degree of confidence it comes from a 777. why that's important, no other 777 has gone down in the indian ocean. so if it is from a 777, you can reach it's conclusion it is most probably from mh-370. malaysia airlines right now dispatching a team to the site to investigate though they're sending them through paris and depending on seat availability they won't arrive at the island until tomorrow. our robyn kriel is already there on reunion island. cnn has the only tell advievisiw reporting from that island. robyn, why don't you give us the latest. >> reporter: yes. we're hearing that malaysian airlines officials should be arriving tomorrow and investigators will be part of that group. we're also -- we understand that malaysia plans to send a vessel to this area to try to patrol up and down these seas to try to see, john and kate, if there is
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any more debris inside or at least just off the coast of reunion. that piece of wing flap, a flaperon it's called, discovered yesterday by people who were clearing the beach of rubbish or trash. they found that piece of debris. they brought it ashore, they let the authorities know. those authorities then distributed the word that they'd found something that looked to be a part of an aircraft, and ever since then the news has been coming in that, yes, it does look like a boeing 777. the prime minister from malaysia stating it is highly likely to be a boeing 777, the boeing 777, and we have just learned also that images of that aircraft washed up on the island here, reunion island, do match schematic drawings for the right wing flaperon from a boeing 777 aircraft. a photograph of the interior of that part published by a french language reunion island news site here in reunion island
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shows that sen sitenciled compo number that's almost like a vin number for vehicles. >> robyn kriel, thank you so much. a lot to get through. a lot breaking regarding the confirmation% the verification process of figuring out that boeing 777, that this part is likely with high degree of confidence coming from a boeing 777. we're going to take a closer look at what that means, but first let's take a closer look at this part of debris. our tom foreman is taking a look at that. tom, you have been looking at where this part of debris could be coming from and what we're learning more about this. tell us more. >> what we have really is a case of evidence stacking up about this piece of debris ever since it showed up. it's roughly the right size that it ought to be. we have some idea now if we look at this piece of equipment and we compare it to a model of this plane, which is essentially what the engineers are doing because they know it very, very well, they're saying if you rotate it around, it would fit very nicely along the back edge of one of
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these wings like this. it's where it would normally fit. they see other details to tell them it fits there. if we went through a list of criteria here, why is anticipation so high? it is the right type. it appears to be something that belongs on a 777. it is the right color. it is the right condition meaning it's all covered with all sorts of barnacles which would be consistent with floating in water for close to 500 days. we're talking about these numbers right now, they have part numbers that are partial identifiers but every piece on a big airplane ultimately has a serial number on it. this is a seat cushion from another plane. you can see the numbers there. if they can find the serial numbers on this piece that they have found, this new piece of the wing or what seems to be a piece of the wing, if they get that and it matches the 777 that is missing, that's the end of it. all the speculation that the plane landed on island or was hijacked should be over. >> tom foreman, i will take it right here.
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officials at boeing say they have taken a lock ok at a compot number on this flaperon and with a high degree of certainty they believe it's a 777. that coming from rene marsh. rene joins us right now. what more are you learning? >> reporter: john, this is different than what we had yesterday. yesterday a source close to the investigation saying that based on the photos in appearance, this piece looked like it was a part of a boeing 777, but now we're seeing the bar raised a little bit here today. a source is telling me a couple minutes ago that based on these photos, investigators or engineers at boeing now say that, and i'm quoting from this source, there is a component number that corresponds to a 777 part. so that ratchets it up a little bit here, their confidence level obviously a bit higher because now we're moving from saying this appears or looks like the
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design of a boeing 777, a portion of the wing, and now we're at the point where boeing engineers are now saying they believe they see a component number that may be a match to a boeing 777. so obviously that's a more tangible, that's stronger evidence that perhaps this could belong to a 777. of course, all of that being said, they are simply looking at photos at this point. what they want to do is look at it with their own eyes so that they are 100% sure that the numbers they're seeing in this photo is actually the true numbers indeed. but, again, the headline is it's not just about appearance now. they are looking at specific numbers that leads them to believe that this is indeed a part of a boeing 777. >> rene marsh for us in washington. all signs pointing to this being part of a 777, including now component numbers on the wing. they want to take a closer look. let's bring our aviation attorney justin green and cnn
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safety analyst david souci a former faa accident investigators. justin, you're here with us in studio. it has a number, a component number, they say that corresponds to a boeing 777. if it is a part from a 777, almost has to be from mh-370, yes? >> that's absolutely correct. after i left you this morning, i spent the morning talking to the families who i represent from the crash and what they want to know is 100%accuracy. that's what they're waiting on. >> after all of the raising of hopes and dashing of hopes they've gone through, i think that's absolutely understandable. david, on this breaking news that rene is bringing to us, they're talking about the difference here between a component number, the fact it's not the same as a part number. it's stenciled inside the interior of the part. can you lay this out? when you're investigating a crash, what are you looking for and what does that indicate for you? >> well, the term component
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really indicates that it's part of an assembly. now, the assembly is something that is serialized. each of the component parts, each of the small parts that put together this assembly or make up the assembly have part numbers on them and those part numbers start with 113w. so it's very finite. it's not like there's 15 different numbers and maybe you can't read this or maybe you can. this is going to be a very specific thing they're looking for. they have already confirmed the dimensions or they wouldn't be flying out there. so it's very significant they have come to that conclusion and they're going out there to physically look at it. i think this is just a matter of course, a matter of process at this point. >> justin, you have talked to the families and, of course, the investigators say they want to see it with their own eyes and touch it with their own hands, but are these families beginning to accept the reality that this is a piece of the plane? >> i think that they're facing that they have to. i don't think that they're there yet. for 500 days they have been
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holding out hope for a miracle and i don't think they're going to give up on their hope until the official word and i think it will probably come in a couple days. >> david, when you're looking at this part, not only is it important to get the news from boeing investigators that they think this is part of a boeing 777, i'm sure you're also looking at from your vast experience as a crash investigator looking into what this debris can tell you, the tears, if there's burns or the way it has warn down over time. what do you see in the picture or what would you be looking for if you got your hands on this debris? >> the most significant thing you can see just from the photographs and the fact that the leading edge of this component or this assembly is not significantly damaged. what that tells you is that the front edge of the wing did not have an abrupt stop as it would have if it went in nose first and hit the water quickly and at a high rate of velocity. what would happen is this particular component would be shoved forward into that wing
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and would have caused damage along the front leading edge of the part. so that gives you a lot of information as to how this aircraft may have entered the water. >> all right. david soucie, justin green, stick around with us. our breaking news just into cnn. representatives from boeing say they have taken a look at the component number inside this piece of debris on reunion island and with a high degree of confidence they do say it's a 777. a major development. stay with us. much more coming up next. tion th for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. all hp ink, buy one get one 50% off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. what do a nasca comedian...
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this debris, there's a component number inside that flaperon that coincides with the part from a boeing 777. they believe with a high degree of certainty it is a 777 part. >> they want to see it in person, the verification process continuing, but a major development and a big step forward in trying to get answers for all of the families of mh-370. we're joined once again by aviation attorney and former military pilot justin green as well as cnn's safety analyst david soucie, a former faa accident investigators. justin, as we're looking at this breaking news again, you were saying to us in the commercial break that really everyone is going to rely on boeing investigators on the brains at boeing to confirm if they think this is their part or not. >> and the ntsb would have boeing as a party representative to the investigation, and boeing role is as the expert on this airplane is to help the investigators. so boeing is the people that's going to really decide -- not
8:16 am
decide but determine whether this part is the same -- >> if it is a boeing 777 part, when boeing says yes, how hard is it to make the leap from that to mh-370? >> i think they could try to match the serial number. whether that's possible i don't know, but clearly process of elimination. i think you have one missing part and you got one 777 part that's found. i think it's pretty clear it would have to be mh-370. >> now we have this piece of debris. authorities on reunion island are putting up helicopters in order to comb the coast to look for more debris. does this surprise you at this point that just a single piece of debris has been found, that other pieces of debris aren't nearby? does that tell you anything? >> you know, it's counterintuitive to think there wouldn't be parts everywhere right there in that location but if you really look at the distances traveled in doing the studies we've done years and years ago back with the air france investigation even when
8:17 am
parts surface, they disburse really quickly. it's not surprising to me individual parts would show up miles and even tens, hundreds of miles away from each other rather than grouping together. that's just not the way things float in the ocean. >> so, david, this part, it could tell us definitively the plane wept down in the indian ocean. it could tell you some things about how the plane tore apart, but there are still some things it does not tell you. >> there's a significant gap between what this part tells us and what it doesn't. there are so many questions that will still be out there. at best this just gives us that conclusion that the aircraft did go down in the indian ocean, that there was some break apart. what it does tell you though is that the break apart, the impact into the water we would know a little bit more about whether it was a significant impact, in other words a straight in or if it had some sort of a ditching
8:18 am
approach to the water, but people are already drawing conclusions about that but that's not even definitive. there's no reason to know, for example, that if it was a ditching, whether it was under control of human hand or not. that's just not possible to determine, especially when we just have this one part. >> absolutely. but as many experts, as you have been pointing out, justin, this piece, if it is a flaperon, it seems largely intact, and from your perspective as a pilot, walk us through what a flaperon does, which is what you think it could lead us to understand about what was happening at the time it went into the water. >> a flaperon, everyone is familiar with the flaps that go down when an airplane is landing. people may or may not be familiar with a device called an air lawn which helps the airplane turn. a flaperon is kind of both of those devices. it does features of the flaps when it's landing but it also helps control the airplane in yaw and stabilize the airplane
8:19 am
during flight. >> now that they have this, is there any reverse engineering that can go on? how helpful is it that it's 2300 miles away from where they're looking? >> the reverse engineering as far as the drift patterns, i don't think there could be anything conclusively derived from where it's located. there were two major, major storms in this period of time that went through this area and could have disrupted even what you would think of as the currents and because it's floating as well, even the wind currents can change the direction of the drift, which we may or may not have real specific idea of where those winds were during this time. i put a very low probability on whether this would help us in determining where that aircraft actually is resting on the bottom of the ocean. >> that's fascinating. thank you so much. stick with us. we'll have much more on our breaking news in a moment. boeing investigators now have a high level of confidence that debris found on reunion island because of a component number
8:20 am
inside of it they believe it does come from a boeing 777. much more of our special coverage after this.
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8:24 am
from where the search teams were looking. the plane took off on march 8th, 2014, went off radar an hour into the flight. at this point the search stuck right around malaysia. satellite company enmarsat communicated the plane communicated with the systems for hours after that and they predicted the plane might have gone down here in this arc so they moved the search closer to australia. >> crews were making a detailed map of the ocean floor but nothing but false alarms have turned up until today. in order it get to reunion island, the degree had to travel from australia or malaysia on the indian ocean gyre, currents that spin counterclockwise. we're clearly on the experts. tim taylor is a sea operations specialist joining us to explain how this works. tim, in trer ri i can understand it but still we are talking about a huge distance it's going to have traveled. do you think it could have
8:25 am
made -- covered this distance in 500-plus days. >> easily it could have. in the news locally here in the states it's been children that were lost off of florida, they're looking for them off of georgia and it's five days. so currents move things. this piece of debris is -- has buoyancy so it floats, but 99% of it is like an iceberg, under water, so the currents are the major pushing factor. if it is moving one knot an hour, that's 24 knots a day. 24 nautical miles away. 500 days away it's 12,000 miles. >> easy to get it here. >> it probably could go around the gyre once or twice. it's a potential it could make a loop. and as storms come in and move it around, you don't know exactly how it got pushed through there, but it's a big vortex going around. >> they've been flying helicopters over this island for the last several hours to see if there might be more debris associated. what is the likelihood this is the only piece they find?
8:26 am
do you think there's more? >> i would think there's more. there's a lot of things that float besides big wings. >> on this island. >> right. potentially on this island. if they take -- how long has this been on the island? that's the big question. it may not have got here yesterday. it may have got here six months ago. those are things you might be able to find from the biological evidence, the shellfish -- >> the barnacles. >> that's one thing they thought was so fascinating. you can see it on the picture, you can see them growing off of it. . everyone saying you might be able to use the barnacles to try to understand where this piece has traveled. is that true? >> you can find out how long it was in the water and how long it has traveled. if this hit land -- obviously we don't have close up look at this ourselves but the professionals will look at it. the shell is dead, how long have they been dead? is it alive? did it just come ashore? it just came ashore 500 days later and it's been moving around. i guarantee it didn't make a direct course there, so it's been moving around in a gyre and
8:27 am
eventually spreading out and blowing out and landing on the island. yes, there's more debris and it could potentially be on a lot of different islands but this will give us a starting point. >> we talked to david soucie about reverse engineering. if it is from mh-370 is there any way to track back to see if you're searching in the right area for the fuselage? >> you would think we could mathematically model that but it's been so long and so many factors involved we can't put into a database, the weather, everything that happened in a giant indian ocean. i would find that problematic. you can get some generalizations if you find more data but tracking it down to help the search site is just not possible. >> david soucie said there have been two major storms that have blown through since. what is the impact if you're trying to calculate where this thing traveled, what is the impact of a storm on this current flow? >> storm will last a few days. current lasts every day.
8:28 am
it will have an impact. it will move it one way or the other but it's not going to be the major impact. it's a temporary thing. even a hurricane is a temporary event where the gyre is permanent, ongoing, every day thing. >> you're a search expert. you still think they're looking for the fuselage in the right place? >> i would think -- everything points to this area. this being where it is, across the ocean is not uncommon. it's 500 days later. things wash up from japan and the tsunami. there's a lot more debris from shall th -- than a asmall plane from th japanese tsunami. but now you have an area you can focus. you know where you found one piece. it will be a little easier -- >> you also have a french air base on that island so searching will be a heck of a lot easier than it was from australia. >> and it's hours and hours just to get to that search area. >> i don't think they will search the ocean. i think they will be scouring the beaches because that's where it's going to be.
8:29 am
they're not going to go out looking for small pieces of debris on the ocean. >> fascinating after all that time, all those countries, all those flights, all that money, they may have found it from it washing ashore. that's how it happens in the past, too. >> tim taylor, great to have you with us. >> great to see you. we'll have much more on the breaking news of the debris they have found off the shore of reunion island. boeing investigators telling our rene marsh the component number found inside that piece corresponds to a boeing 777. much more of the breaking news coming up 37 . your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, just a few minutes ago a major lead in one of history's biggest aviation mysteries. boeing investigators believe with a high degree of confidence that a piece of debris found on an island comes from a boeing 777. >> australian officials had said this morning that we could know within the next 24 to 48 hours if this debris actually belongs to mh-370. on reunion island, police there are urging locals to scour the shorelines for more debris. obviously everyone looking at this moment. rene marsh is in washington
8:34 am
talking to your sources who brought this information about this component number. what does this mean, this high level of confidence? >> reporter: well, kate and john, you definitely get the sense that investigators' confidence is rising. i want to just kind of set the full picture here. yesterday a source close to the investigation told me that based on the photos that boeing engineers had been looking at, based on the appearance and their knowledge of the eunique elements and design of a boeing 777's wing and components of the wing, their initial assess am was this appeared to be a part of a boeing 777 wing. fast forward today and the language is stronger. a source close to the investigation telling me, quote, that boeing engineers are now saying a component number corresponds to a 777 part. so that's much stronger language than we heard yesterday, but, of course, they want to be able to
8:35 am
get up close and personal to this piece to see it with their own eyes. of course, at this point they're just relying on photos. now, separately a parts broker who is familiar with 777 aircraft tells our cnn producer aaron cooper that markings on the debris in these photos appears to match markings for the right wing flaperon of a boeing 777. so layman's terms, a flaperon essentially is a portion of the wing that helps the pilot control the aircraft, slow it down or speed it up. we do know based on this source speaking to our cnn producer aaron cooper that boeing often stencils component numbers on this particular piece of the wing. so we have two separate sources pretty much jiving together here saying that that critical find today, this number that's appeared on this portion of the more tangible evidence that n -
8:36 am
perhaps, perhaps this is, indeed, a piece of that boeing 777. >> rene marsh for us is passing the eye test. it has a number which corresponds to a component number on a boeing 777 and also markings showing it could be a flaperon from one of the aircraft, the same aircraft that mh-370 used. there's no other boeing 777 that went down in the indian ocean so connect the dots there. our continuing coverage of this breaking news coming up. we will speak to a pilot who has flown a 777, can tell us about a flaperon and tell us about this component number. this breaking news, boeing officials very confident that piece of debris you're looking at comes from a 777.
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following breaking news at
8:40 am
this hour. just learned that boeing officials are confident the plane debris found off of reunion island is from a boeing 777. that is according to a source close to the investigation. they made this discovery by looking at a component number on the debris. >> let's talk to cnn aviation analyst and boeing 777 captain les abend. thanks so much for being with us. explain to us exactly what a component number is, what it's for, and how they can be sure just by looking at that number that this is from a boeing 777. >> well, my understanding of what acomponent number, it corresponds to that particular part of the airplane. every part down to seat cushions to the visor in my cockpit has a part number. boeing if they have assembled that particular part will associate that with the assembly folks and they will say, yes, that's good to go and this comes from a boeing source, and they
8:41 am
will say, all right, that part is going to go assemble it as such and such. this very part seems to have be a indication that it is not only a part that was assembled but a part that's part of a boeing wing and in this particular kiss it's a flaperon. >> talk to us about that. >> we're all backing experts on a flaperon. the word itself is kind of funny. what does it do? take us there. what does it do and what could it mean here that it kind -- it look as if it appears largely intact in how it was found. >> sure. without getting too far into the weeds, it's a combination of two things. we've talked about that a little bit. flaps is one part of the component which we use during the approach faphase and landin phase, part of slowing the aircraft down. alerons bank the airplane which gives us the opportunity to turn
8:42 am
the airplane. combine those two together, you have the flaperon. it functions both as a flap and an aleron. we don't have any control over a flaperon. when we put down the flap, we set it to deploy at a certain angle. the flaperon will also deploy corresponding to the rest of the other flaps on the airplane to that particular angle. the flaperon is also used exclusively as an arelon in flight. if we want to bank the airplane, especially at high speed, that's the only component that banks the airplane. there is another aleron on the airplane which is longer than the flaperon that also banks the airplane but it's locked out at high speed because it's much too sensitive. >> if a plane, 777, had a kat str catastrophic impact with the ocean, would you see this piece
8:43 am
intact or does this indicate to you some kind of more controlled descent? by that i mean perhaps a loss of fuel people have been speculating where it sort of glides down like that? >> we're preliminary, we're speculative at this point, but the fact that we have this large chunk would indicate to me that it did not fall apart in flight, okay? there was not an explosion -- >> do you think this needed to be deployed for it to be -- >> no, it's a vulnerable part of the wing. it's a good question but it's a vulnerable part of the wing. it's twaattached by various rod and so on and so forth. it's exposed more than the rest of the wing itself. what it might have indicated, you know, and dave soucie has given some indication on it. if the airplane impacted on its own, it's possible that it impacted while it was in a turn process. so in this particular case it was on the right wing. if that was down, impacted and
8:44 am
fell off, that would mean the airplane may have been banking to the left because that provides the lift. >> this is information that we'll try to piece together once they confirm for sure it's from a 777 and for sure it's from mh-370. sources tell us boeing investigators are confident it's from a 77. thank you for being with us. we'll have more, including reactions from families of the people on board that flight. it is a very emotional time for these who have been holding onto hope. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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continuing our breaking news coverage on the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. source close to the investigation tells rene marsh that boeing investigators have a high level of confidence that the debris, the piece found off the shore of reunion island, is from a boeing 777. that's because of a component number found on that piece of a plane. obviously means a lot. this is very emotional day then for the families of malaysia flight 370. our will ripley is in beijing. will, you have for a long time been speaking to the families and following kind of their journey for 16 months now. what do they say in light of this news? >> reporter: well, kate, i remember when you and i were together in kuala lumpur and the emotional outbursts we saw at the press briefings because families felt they weren't getting enough information. they were desperate for information.
8:49 am
as we followed those families from kuala lumpur here to beijing where more than 150 passengers were on the plane, they continue to feel that desperation to this day, and in some ways, kate, today is even harder for them. we're hearing this new news that the likelihood that the part is from boeing 777 but people are hearing it on the ground here from the news, from the media. they're not getting any official information from the government. they're not getting any official information from malaysian airlines. their support center that had been set up here has long been shut down. the hotline is no longer functional. everything they're learning, they're learning essentially from us, the media, and they simply feel that's not acceptable and they're having to deal with this without the support, without the psychologists on stand by. so that desperation and that pain is just as raw as it was when we were in kuala lumpur, kate. >> tragically consistent from what we >> tragically consistent from what we have seen. the family wills stand by. i want to bring in former ntsb
8:50 am
inspector general. mary, we have a component part now. sources tell cnn boeing officials believe a component part on the piece of debris absolutely does core respond to a boeing 777. >> it is. sadly, i have worked where the first thing you find is a piece that washes up. the significance of the part number, it's almost imposz zable to overstate it. it's part of the regulatory steam. the way we regulate what goes on with aircraft is the parts numbers. it's against the law for someone without boeing approval or company approval, this company was a division of triumph. you can't use the part number unless you have approval, its inspected.
8:51 am
in fact, it would be criminal. this is highly significant they have the part number and have identified it. there just aren't 777 flaperons on the black market. not on this part. i checked the parts index to see if there is anything for sale out there, there is not. boeing can confidently say it is their part. >> mary, thank you so much. will ripley, thank you so much for coming to us from beijing. the renewed search now for flight mh370. we'll be right back. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ take advantage of our summer offers.
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donald trump has now hired the former political adviser for subpoena to be his national political director. michael is going to try to help
8:54 am
his new boss build his lead in the current polls. take a look at the latest coming out, it shows that trump has 20% support among republican voters. that's the biggest percentage for a gop candidate in any poll so far. >> trump is leading scott walker, jeb bush. a similar look in cnns poll comes in at 19%, bush and walker really battling it out for second. in a hypothetical match up with some democrats trump trails hillary clinton by a dozen, bernie sanders ahead of donald trump as well. there's this issue for donald trump. he leads in negatives as well. 30% of republicans say there is no way held support donald trump. despite this, trump will easily make the cut for the first debate. >> for the top ten vote getters will face-off a week from today
8:55 am
in cleveland. right now, this looks like the lineup, if it's based off this. ohio governor, john kasich could qualify even though he didn't announce until last week. how should the candidates be prepa preparing? imagine a nascar driver mentally preparing for the race, knowing that one of the drivers will be drunk. that's what preparing for this will be like. i wonder who he is talking about. brett o'donnell is a veteran debate coach who's worked with several presidential candidates. right now, he is working with senator lindsey graham. you are the man qualified to talk about this. what is the strategy going in when you have a ten-person debate? is it to win or just not to lose? >> i think it's a little bit of both. the strategy, overall, is to
8:56 am
make sure that your message cuts through and also to make sure that you have a moment in the debate where you capture the presses imagination so your message gets written about in a favorable way and at the top of the articles. you don't want to lose the election in the debate, that's for sure, but make sure your message does cut through. >> the sound of music, they like to say, how do you solve a problem like maria. if you are a candidate how do you solve a problem like donald trump? do you proactively go after him? >> i don't think so. that's one of the interesting things about the actual two debate that is will take place next week. i think the forum that takes place before may be the more substantive of the debates because you won't have trump in that debate, so there can be a focus on issues. candidates in that other debate need to make sure they don't spend time talking about donald
8:57 am
trump, but their message. the real people getting a pass in all of this are hillary clinton and barack obama. candidates are, some of them, are forgetting who the main competition is. voters are looking for their champion. they want to know who is best suited to take on hillary clinton, should she be the nominee. >> you may not want to take on trump directly, you want the message to get out. do they need a trump zinger or strong trump one liner to ensure that if trump makes the headlines, you are part of it the next day? >> i don't think you want to -- trump is probably the king of zingers. i don't think you want to play on that ground. i think you would to be an effective counter puncher with him. you want to make sure people see you as a serious candidate for president. you are competent for the job. that's one of the reasons why people vote for a nominee or for their president. so, you know, i think it's important that you have
8:58 am
affective counter punches, but dmen strait that you are prepared to be the president of the united states. >> what about donald trump? what strategy should he take? in an interview with dana bash, he said i'm not really preparing. listen to this. >> i'm sure you are brushing up on policy. >> i am, but i brush up all the time. i watch your show and others. i'm constantly brushing up. >> no formal debate prep? >> well, i watched mitt romney where he locked himself into a cap net for a week and the third debate, he couldn't speak. something happened. it wasn't a good picture. >> a, brett, do you believe him that he's not doing formal debate prep and b, do you think he should be? >> he's got a big ego, so that could be the case. these aren't contestants on the apprentice. he doesn't get to fire them off a stage if he disagrees with
8:59 am
them. he's got to be prepared to handle them as an equal rather than a superior where he feels like he's in power over them. >> he's in scotland right now. speaking to the media, he said i have no idea how i'm going to do. maybe i'll do terribly, maybe i'll do great. is that a predebate strategy in itself, trying to lower expectations? >> some candidates do try to lower expectations. for him, he's raised all the expectations come sboog the debate. he's made himself the center of attention. i think his attempts to say i'm not going to be very good are going to fall on deaf ears. >> he said he's really smart, really rich and really likable. now he has to prove it on the stage. brett o'donnell, great to have your expertise here. you know this stuff really, really well. thank you, sir. >> thanks, brett. thank you all for joining us at this hour. a very busy day.
9:00 am
>> again, breaking news on mh370, boeing sources say officials believe the component number on the debris matches a 777. randi kaye pick that is up now. announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm randi kaye in for ashleigh banfield. we are waiting formal confirmation that the piece of airplane that washed up on the beach is the first real piece from the airliner that disappeared last year. right now, in the past few minutes, a source close to the investigation telling cnn there's a high level of confidence the debris came from the boeing 777. a number corresponds with a 777 part, a flaperon, which is part of the wing. that's important because only five boeing 777 airline


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