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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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him. there's no words that could express how grateful i am to this officer. >> that's so wonderful. police officers surprise us every day. if you watch "new day" we often feature all the good work they do. i love that story. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thanks for that great story. have a great day. i like that. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. the hottest ticket in the country is no longer available. it's a sold out show in cleveland. the star of this show will be donald trump and perhaps nine other republican candidates who will fight trump for attention. this is the line-up. trump, bush walker huckabee carson cruz rubio, pal, christie and kasich. i'm out of breath.
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although i know you want fireworks, though. it might not happen. >> i'm not looking to hurt anybody. i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies i'll bring up deficiencies. certainly i'm not looking to do that. i'd rather go straight down the middle. >> the other seven candidates take the stage earlier for what lindsey graham calls the happy hour debate. he describes it in emojis. let's bring in sarah murray in washington to tell us more about the big happenings on thursday. >> reporter: you hit the nail on the head. i think everyone is wondering how much drama there is going to be in this prime time debate. donald trump doesn't want to go after his rivals on the stage. we've heard from other
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candidates and campaigns that their goal is not to go after donald trump. it's too risky to try to go after him because if you try to hit that bamll and you miss it could be really embarrassing. i also think you should not discount this 5:00 p.m. prime time debate. there are a lot of candidates that want to have a big tv moment to help their poll numbers. we could see fiery exchanges there as well. >> there are some people saying the happy hour debate will kill these candidates' chances all together. >> we are a long way from the first nominating contest and polls can move a lot between now and then. if you're not going to be on the prime time debate you definitely want to be on the stage for one of the upcoming
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debates. these candidates want to have a break out moment to boost their poll numbers. >> let's put that graphic back up. see, we even have it. who's out. that doesn't make it sound good for these candidates. >> no it doesn't. look at these candidates who are on the stage. we are not talking about nobodies here. rick perry is the longest serving governor of texas. bobby jindal the current governor of louisiana. a lot of these candidates poll really low when you're a year out from the election. i think it's too early to say all hope is lost. >> okay. stay right there. i want to talk to you some more. the rnc chairman is praising the line-up for tomorrow. saying our field is the biggest and most diverse of any party.
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consider this. each candidate will get one minute to answer a question. then 30 seconds for rebuttals. if you do the math each candidate will get ten minutes to talk total. so sarah murray is back with me and larry sabado. what will we learn from this debate? >> we're going to learn at least a little bit from each of the candidates. i think your calculation of ten minutes is generous. there are three moderators for the debate and they're going to have some questions. some may be tough and lengthy. it's easy to use up your time quickly if you want to. if you don't want to say anything the people who are front runners and well funded really don't need this debate. it's the candidates without a
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lot of money who may have been forgotten. somebody's going to say something that irritates donald trump or donald trump is going to say something that irritates one or more of the other candidates and this's your headline. >> sarah, i would venture to say this will be the most watched debate in history. just from a human perspective, those candidates have to be nervous. >> i think a lot of them are nervous. that's why basically everyone aside from donald trump says they're spending a lot of time within debate prep. they're making sure they know where they stand on policy. nobody wants to have a rick perry oops moment. it is really embarrassing to make a gaffe like that on the stage. and with so many candidates there's an even smaller margin of error.
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>> larry, if a candidate makes a huge gaffe on that debate stage, is it over for that candidate? >> well i think as sarah noted, it's a long campaign. it's six months until the first voting in iowa. and it's a year and three months until the general election. you don't want to rule anybody out because of one gaffe. let's flip that around. suppose you're a republican activist watching this debate and you're uncommitted. there are 17 candidates. they have to get down to one. they're going to be looking for reasons to eliminate candidates. that's why a mistake can cost you early. >> thanks for your insight as usual. hillary clinton won't be anywhere near this debate. she might be watching and maybe she'll be feeling the heat. clinton's lawyer has confirmed
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to cnn that the fbi is looking into the security of the private e-mail clinton used when she was secretary of state. particularly the server at her home in chappaqua, new york. >> this is used to protect hillary clinton's private e-mail system. look into the private e-mail set up during her time as secretary of state and particularly the security used to protect the information on the server that she used from her home in new york. he says quite predict blithe government isseek ing assurance about the storage of the e-mails. now, as you know clinton's exclusive use of the private e-mail at the state department and the security of the
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sensitive information on this server has been the subject of near constant attention since the set up was reported back in march. it was last month that the intelligence community disclosed that some of hillary clinton's e-mails contained classified information that was not identified correctly because it's not marked classified. it's really unclear whether or not clinton realized she was potentially compromising this classified information. she said i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. last night her traveling press secretary reiterated the point in response to this inquiry insisting she did not send nor receive any e-mails that were marked classified at the time. he said they want to make sure these e-mails get out as quickly
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as possible not delaying the process. this is something that is dogging her throughout the campaign. she'd much rather be talking about other things. it continues to remind some voters of why it is that they don't trust her as her numbers continue to go down. still to come al qaeda taking a page out of isis's play book. scary new threats against the united states. and this hunter helped that american dentist kill cecil the lion. now we're hearing from the professional hunter himself.
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from capitol hill to a college campus the iran nuclear deal goes under the microscope. next month lawmakers look at a key part of that agreement, lifting sanctions on tehran. and president obama ramps up his campaign to sell it. in just a couple of hours the president will speak at american university in washington. let's head there and check in.
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good morning. >> reporter: the white house want this is speech today to be very strong. this is the president really not just speaking to a university, but speaking in a sense to the world, hitting those points again on why the u.s. and congress should go along with this nuclear deal with iran. when you look at what the white house has been up against, i mean some serious lobbying there. we're talking millions of dollars pumped in by advocacy groups the advertising buys trying to meet with every single member of congress. the white house has tried to do the same thing. they too have been holding briefings and meetings between president obama and undecided democrats. we have seen some prominent democrats already say nothing to the deal. four of five congressmen from long island have said no. on the other side other prominent democrats, barbara boxer, tim cane bill nelson they wanted to come out and say they are in support of the deal.
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the two most powerful democrats in the senate chuck schumer and harry reid still undecided. when you look at israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, listen to this web cast he put out directed at jewish groups here. >> the nuclear deal with iran doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it actually paves iran's path to the bomb. worse, it gives iran two paths to the bomb. iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or iran can get to the bomb by voi lateiolating the deal. >> reporter: senior administration officials say president obama is going to frame this as the most consequence foreign policy deal.
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he's >> thank you so much. this just in to cnn about the search for the malaysia airlines flight 370. a former b.e.a. director the french investigative agency tells cnn there is no doubt that the flaperon is indeed a part of flight 370. experts from gathered at the lab near toulouse france where they have begun the work of trying to positively identify that flaperon that washed up on shore last week. boeing confirms it does belong to a 777. french and malaysian officials could put out a statement as soon as this week. we'll keep you posted.
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al qaeda taking a page from isis's play book and encouraging lone wolf attacks on the united states. in a letter purported problem al qaeda's top bomb maker the terror group asks its followers to strike america in its home and beyond. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of this message but it has drawn the attention of top groups. >> this group tries to reassert itself against isis. a chilling piece of writing that you mentioned, this article linked on twitter apparently from the master bomb maker of al qaeda. now in this article this writer believed to be al asiri tells the al qaeda affiliates we urge you to strike america in its own home and beyond. cnn cannot independently verify
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the authenticity of this writing. this is striking because al asiri almost never makes statements in public. he's got a $5 million u.s. bounty on his head and has been targeted by drone strikes in yemen. he was behind the 2009 christmas underwear bomb plot. both plots targeted the united states and both failed. but they came very close to succeeding. al asiri was with his brother in 2009. he once even placed a bomb inside the body of his own brother in an attempt to kill the counter terrorism chief. it killed his brother but it failed to kill the minister. it is extraordinary because of the risk to his own security he would be taking. also another message from aqap this morning. a man who has emerged as a top
6:19 am
leader in al qaeda praises the dhar charlie hebdo attacks in paris. take a listen. >> translator: he penetrated the base killing and injuring american marines in a blessed jihadi operation. we ask allah to accept him and raise his status among martyrs. >> a u.s. intelligence official told me the tape is legitimate. but tarfi has become a top spokesman. still to come in the "newsroom," one of the hunters accused of killing a blov ing aing a beloved lion in court. do you think he's sorry? >> what do you feel about the charges laid against you and the
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your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . good morning. i'm carol costello. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is getting caught up in the debate over cutting federal funding to planned parenthood. he said he misspoke and it's reignited this supposed war on women. >> gop presidential hopeful jeb bush walking back a seemingly offhanded jab over women's health funding. jeb said in a statement soon after he misspoke at the southern baptist convention in tennessee tuesday. he says he meant to say the $500
6:25 am
million that goes to federal funding that goes to planned parenthood should be directed to other women's health organizations. >> i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. hillary tweeting you are absolutely unequivocally wrong. bush tweeting back what's absolutely unequivocally wrong is giving taxpayer money to an organization whose practices show no regard to lives of the unborn. >> i'm really tired of the double speak. i'm tired of women being shamed and blamed and dismissed. >> coming to his aid wayisconsin governor tweeting clinton ought to be ashamed. republican evident tofforts to defund the organization failed to get
6:26 am
enough votes. >> when you attack planned parenthood you attack women's health. and when you attack women's health, you attack america's health. >> joe johns reporting from washington. thank you so much. joining me now former communications director for republican congressman. peter, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. we're having some technical snafus this morning. i apologize. but i'm glad you're both there. what do you make of this controversy? >> i think this was a controversy that republicans wanted to avoid. they gave a wide open door to resurrect the war on women meme that we thought we had gotten past. if you look at 2014 the democrats tried to do this ad nauseam in the senate race. it backfired.
6:27 am
the democrat candidate they named uterus candidate. he lost. jeb bush should have known better. this is messaging that the republican party has got to work on. we lost women almost by double digits in 2012. we cannot afford to lose the female vote again this time around on things like this where i don't believe that jeb bush doesn't believe in investing in women's health. it was clearly a misstatement that he made there. but you can't afford to do this when you're supposed to be the adult in the room. >> and his campaign came back with the correct message but it wasn't the correct message. they issued another statement. >> at least they didn't wait five days to come back and change it like they did with the iraq thing. what he should have said was i don't think it's appropriate for half a billion taxpayer dollars to go to an organization who's engageing in the harvesting of fetal body parts.
6:28 am
anyone who respects life would agree with me. that's what he should have said. >> peter, i think jeb bush handed hillary clinton what she desperately needs right now. oddly enough she is losing support quickly among women, older women especially, ten points in a month. >> right. this was a god send for hillary clinton. he allows her to shore up her base amongst women. and it revives an issue that has been tremendously problematic for republicans and raises a difficult question for republicans, which is how good a candidate is jeb bush? this is not the first time this has happened. he hurt himself badly with that unforced error on iraq. right now because trump is getting all of the attention,
6:29 am
it's really cemented jubeb as the alternative to trump. >> so on that debate stage on thursday night, jeb bush is going to have to hit a home run somehow, right, and over shadow donald trump? >> he has to step it up. people say that he hasn't run for office in a couple years. he's a little rusty. and it's showing that. i think it's going to be tough because you have ten candidates on stage with an average of ten minutes each to stand out. and with the donald trump factor we don't know what's going to happen. someone said it's like a stock car race where 16 of the drivers are sober and one's drunk. we don't know what's going to happen on thursday. i think he has to do a better job. not only jeb bush but the republicans have got to do a better job on messaging.
6:30 am
women in this country largely agree with issues of lower taxes, better choice for their families school choice for their children. if they don't message it properly women are going to go they don't relate to us and we're going to lose the female vote again. >> the women's vote is interesting, right? let's go back to hillary clinton. because you mentioned this bernie sanders is catching up to her. that's according to a new wmru poll out of new hampshire. that they're separated by six points hillary clinton and bernie sanders. who would have ever thought that? >> there's clearly an appetite in the democratic party for a candidate who is blunter than hillary clinton. i think his support in new hampshire over estimated how strong a threat he is over all. new hampshire is a neighboring
6:31 am
state to vermont where he's from. it's also an overwhelmingly white state. bernie sanders is doing well amongst white liberals. as you move beyond iowa and new hampshire to nevada where there are a lot of latino voters and south carolina where there are a lot of african american voters that's where i think bernie sanders is going to have trouble. still to come in the "newsroom" hot and dry conditions continue to fuel the fires in northern california. we'll take you there next.
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for the first time we're hearing from the man who helped
6:36 am
minnesota dentist walter palmer hunt and kill cecil the lion. he appeared in court in zimbabwe earlier today. his trial on poaching charges has now been postponed until next month. in the meantime someone broke into palmer's home in florida and vandalized it spraying lion killer on the garage. >> reporter: it's interesting. it was a brief encounter in the court with this hunter. in fact he's going to have his trial postponed until later next month. he said he feels that the attention and the trial and the charges which he faces which is poaching which could be quite serious charges are unfair. let's have a listen to what he had to say. what do you feel about the charges laid against you and the landowner? >> i think it's frivolous and
6:37 am
wrong. >> reporter: and you think you'll come through this? >> i've got a good legal team and i hope so. >> reporter: what is your feeling about hunting in zimbabwe? >> it's an integral part of our country and it's got to continue. and if we don't use wildlife sustain blithere will be no wildlife. >> reporter: what do you think about the way you've been prosecutor prosecuted like this? >> crazy. >> reporter: it's interesting that the zimbabwe parks authority which has banned hunting on the edges of the parks now, a senior member of that authority told us they want this to all die down so legal hunting can resume to get money for conservation. but conservationists say all this focus is good because it really puts a spotlight on the
6:38 am
issue of trophy hunting. >> what do you make of the trial being postponed? >> reporter: i think it's just time for the defense team to get their act together to prepare for this case. what we're learning is this really isn't about the in fact that they lured this lion overut of the park and killed it because this is pretty common practice it seems in zimbabwe. it's about the fact of whether they had the right paperwork or not. the huge focus has been quite amazing to see on this lion and the intense anger at dr. walt um palmer. some saying they need this money to help impoverished communities. others saying there must be other ways than killing big cats and iconic animals to prosecute
6:39 am
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. thousands of californians forces to flee due to wildfires. hot and dry conditions today fuelling the flames. the images are stunning. can you imagine being in your car and seeing this? across the street crews are battling 21 different fires. the most drukestructive by far is the rocky fire. >> reporter: good morning.
6:44 am
it is a good morning for firefighters right now because we do have a situation here where you've got the humidity is up just a little bit. and then you also have much lower temperatures. as you pointed out, the big fear here is that the temperature will rise dramatically in the afternoon and you could have some light winds. if you look behind me this area deliberately burned out. they're going to go into the back country again today and start dousing hot spots. there are not any raging walls of flame right now on this fire. we still have evacuations. although a rumor is swirling that some of these i may be able to go back home. a lot of them were clustered at the moose lodge. these people many of them with a very independent spirit were happy to have their own makeshift shelter there. hopefully some of them will be
6:45 am
able to go home today. >> i hope so. now let's head to atlanta to check in with chad myers. >> it's hot and it's dry, but the winds haven't been terrible. so this really hasn't been an extreme condition for these fires. it's just a big fire. and it's a very dry state. when you have 46% of the state exceptionally dry, a 100% in severe drought of some type all of a sudden you're blowing a spark to the next tree. now, when you get winds of over 20 that's when you worry about you can get a spark the next mile. that's when these things really grow very quickly. we are not going to see that today. our maximum wind gust is going to be about nine miles per hour. today is a great firefighting
6:46 am
kind of day. the firefighters know what to expect, know where and which direction that fire is going. if you start to switch those winds around or get them swirling then all of a sudden it becomes a problem. there's clearlake tonight. about 92 degrees for the afternoon high. still going to be dryish but we're not going to be talking about the tinderbox that we see when wildfires are really going crazy. coming up in the newsroom how does one year of paid maternity leave sound? sounds like a dream, right? you can celebrate your new baby and not go broke? it's not a dream. we'll tell you about it next. lp you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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most people only get a few
6:51 am
weeks off from work after bringing home a new baby. but how does having an entire year off with pay sound? sounds great, right? that's exactly what netflix is offering. this is terrific. >> it's a game changer here especially for tech companies who have already been more generous than the rest of the country. in the united states we have terrible laws and rules for protecting people when they have a baby to keep their job or to have paid time off. netflix giving moms or dads a full year paid. you can have a baby go back to work after two months work for a while and take another two months off maybe. you have all this flexibility there. and the reason they're doing it for moms and dads is because they need to keep their top workers happy. when you're off having babies, where are you in your career arc? you are firing an all cylinders. they don't want you to leave.
6:52 am
i just showed you that screen. google now has 18 weeks of paid leave for their workers. 18 weeks. they raised that from 12 weeks. they said it cut the number of women who weren't coming back after having a baby in half. it's a great retention policy. apple, if you're a father or a partner of a woman that has a baby you get paid time off as well. the united states is the only major industrialized nation that doesn't have real rules on this. the president this year said people who work for the government have to have paid time off. there's the family medical leave act, that offers you 12 weeks unpaid to take care of a baby which doesn't really help you. and if you work for a tiny company, there's not even a protection there. tech is leading the way. and what i think they're finding is some other big companies are doing this as well. they need to keep their best workers. and it turns out that the age when people are having babies turns out that's the age when
6:53 am
they're really really valuable in the workforce. >> there's another school of thought. if you leave your job for a year you won't come back in the same position because you'll have lost your seniority, someone will have taken your place. >> i think the flexibility that netflix is offering so interesting. you can work halftime in if you want to. you can work on the big project but scale back on the other things you were doing. there's a way to look at it too. it doesn't have to be an off-ramp when you have a child. you're still driving down the highways just changing your priorities. having a baby is a life-changing deal. to expect somebody to come back after six weeks and be 100% exactly the person they were before they left is unrealistic. sometimes parents -- you're managing things different -- it just changes you as a woke. and i think companies are realizing they have to keep that talent. >> and workers have to be happy. a happy worker is a productive
6:54 am
worker. let's talk about disney. it's tanking in the markets. why? >> a lot going on at disney. it's down 9% right now. disney revenue is up 5% $13 billion. but wall street analysts had been expecting a little bit more. "avengers" did really well the studios did really well because of the film. that did very well for disney. but overall, wall street and it matters what wall street was expecting. they were expecting a little more. the stock getting hammered, down 9%. this is a widely held stock. also apple is another one to watch, too. it's down 15% from its recent peak in april. a lot of people thought apple could never go down. now it's really in a correction. if you bought apple shares in the last year, you're now under water. apple has a china problem and it's also got a problem with saturation.
6:55 am
a lot of people already have smartphones. if you bought apple recently you're hurting on that one. >> christine romans, thank you. we appreciate it. from the sidelines to the headlines, tom brady and ray rice are no strangers to controversy and this morning, we hear from both. tom brady is under oath talking deflategate, as the former baltimore raven sets his sights on a career comeback. andy scholes has it all. he's in atlanta this morning. >> good morning. let's start with ray rice. he says he's a changed man, he's been rehabilitated and he hopes an nfl team will give him a second chance. rice was cut last season after video surfaced of him striking his henthen-fiancee in a casino elevator. he called it the worst decision of his life but he said it's helped to shed light on the issue of domestic violence.
6:56 am
>> survivors of domestic violence i understand how real it is and i don't want to ever take that for granted because it's a real issue in your society. my video put the light out there. if you have never seen what domestic violence looks like and you look at my video, i can understand why some people would never forgive me. >> rice has moved from maryland back to connecticut where he played college ball. he's been working with youth football players in the state. his former college coach has been making calls on rice's behalf to try to get him into an nfl training camp. but no takers yet. some teams out there like the cowboys and the texans need a running back right now. and with training camp under way, time seems to be running out for rice to get on the football field anytime soon. as for tom brady, a federal judge ordered the 457-page transcript from brady's appeal
6:57 am
hearing be submitted unsealed. we all got to see it. i didn't read all of it. but i read a lot of it. brady denied under oath to roger goodell that he tampered with footballs before the afc title game. brady also said he's never instructed any patriots employee to ever tamper with any footballs and also during the hearing, ted wells who did the whole investigative report on deflategate said he never warned brady that he would be punished for not turning over his cell phone. that cell phone has become such a big deal. but it's not going to be a big deal if this case gets all the way to federal court. the only issue is whether or not goodell had the right to suspend brady under the collective bargaining act. the judge urged the two sides to come to a settlement before they get to court. brady and goodell are scheduled to meet next week in new york to hash things out. >> andy, thanks so much. on to one of the biggest sporting events in the world,
6:58 am
the 2016 summer olympics and rio de janeiro, that city is far from ready to host the games. one of the biggest obstacles is the capital's reputation for violent crime even at the hands of police. a new report from amnesty international blames brazil's security forces for thousands of deaths over the past decade. rio officials say the claim is reckless and unfair and that crime has gone down. and rio has terrible water pollution. some places where sailing and rowing events will take place are literal cesspools. >> reporter: this same beach was declared unfit for swimming by the city government. olympic sailors and rowers facing much worse. a recurring event, dead fish on
6:59 am
the surface of this lake the site of next year's rowing and canoeing events. you're rowing and you start to feel sick nauseous, you have to stop training and go rest, he says. the dead fish block the oars and get in the way. then there's the garbage bobbing in the bay, host of the olympic sailing events. also in the lagoons that back up against the olympic village and park. the worst by far isn't what you find floating on the surface but what's underneath. this behind me is raw sewage pouring into the bay every day and it stinks. in fact a new investigation commissioned by the "associated press" found olympic water venues so contaminated with human feces says athletes could become sick. if i fell into this water right now, he says i could contract
7:00 am
anything from a intestinal disorder to hepatitis "a." only 49% of rio's home are connected to sewage lines. the city and state governments admitted they won't meet clean-up targets. but officials insist newer water samples show no health risk for athletes. >> it's not an issue for the games, it's not an issue for sailors that will come to rio. that's a lie when people say that. the area where sailing competitions will be held is a good and safe area. >> reporter: and it certainly hasn't slowed down these rowers warming up for yet another olympic rowing event. shasta darlington, cnn, rio de janeiro. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the stage is set. ten republicans will take the primetime stage and they are trump, bush walker huckabee
7:01 am
carson cruz rubio, christie and kasich. donald trump said this on "good morning america" -- >> jeb bush calms you the front-runner. does that mean you're the target tomorrow night and what are you going to do about it? >> i probably am the target. and i was honored to see that two men that attacked me very viciously, they went down very substantially. lindsey graham went down to zero. so the voters were fantastic as far as i'm concerned. >> there you have it. one of trump's top aides, michael cohen, also paved the way for his candidate saying donald trump is simply the best in the world. >> he's not a politician. he's an uber successful billionaire and businessman. and he's a problem-solver. that's why he's leading the polls. he's an amazing negotiator maybe the best ever in the history of this world.
7:02 am
what he'll do is he'll deal with trade, he'll deal with issues. we don't really know what all the facts are. clearly nobody in this country believes that the information that we're receiving is probably accurate anyway. so what do they do? they go ahead and look to a guy who's proven to be successful, proven to be a doer and get things done. that's why trump is leading. >> with me now to talk about this senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny and michael warren with "the weekly standard." welcome to both of you. we hear that line from donald trump, i'm the absolute best negotiator in the entire world. >> and terrific and fabulous. carol, we're going to have to keep track of the superlatives i think, that are used in the debate tomorrow night. i would think that donald trump now -- we're seeing a couple of different things. we saw michael cohen there to try to build him up saying he's the best. but donald trump has been trying to manage expectations and say, i don't debate a lot. these guys debate every day. i'm just going to go out there
7:03 am
and be me. i think we're going to see donald trump, boardroom, ceo donald trump, the more serious side of him. the question is, is that going to be attractive to the people who have liked what they heard by him taking on lindsey graham and jeb bush? so that's the conundrum here for donald trump and his fans which side of him are they going to like and which side are we going to see? >> it's interesting. i hope donald trump talks about actual issues, michael right? but if you look at the websites of these candidates and politico did, issues aren't first and foremost on their websites. in fact the top tier candidate don't even explain how they feel on things like foreign policy and the economy. why is that? >> well, they haven't had any reason to. this is still early. this is the first debate of the whole process. so we'll start hearing some of those details and answers to
7:04 am
those questions. it actually kind of tells you maybe we should have had debates earlier in the season here so we could have more information about where jeb bush and scott walker and rand paul and marco rubio stand on a lot of these issues. i think you're going to hear a lot of the top tier candidates not engage with donald trump if they can help it. try not to get involved with him so then they can talk about what they want to talk about. but if they get pulled into a sort of back-and-forth with trump, it's dangerous territory. they have to be thinking how do we deal with this if he starts engaging some folks like scott walker i expect he will stay even keel. that's the way they've been talking about it with me off the record. we'll see how they react. >> let's talk about the happy hour debate. as lindsey graham terms it where the lower tier candidates will be on the debate stage at 5:00 p.m. eastern on thursday.
7:05 am
is that a huge negative for them or will somebody say something and really stand out? there's lindsey graham's emojis describing the happy hour debate. >> it sounds pretty good to me. i'll see you there. >> i'm going to be drinking a cold one during the debates, i know that. >> exactly. the fact that this is going to be on fox news which is a good audience for republican primary voters anyway i think it is definitely possible that we are going to look back six months from now, there will be several debates before then. we don't know these same ten in the primetime debate are going to be the same ten going forward. so there's definitely an opportunity for someone to jump out of that undercard debate if uhl, and make their points. in terms of policy and getting your ideas across that may actually be a better forum for voters who are really paying attention and trying to learn more about rick santorum or
7:06 am
george pataki and others. there will be fewer roadblocks in that debate. it's a decent audience for these voters in iowa new hampshire south carolina who are going to start this process off. >> michael, i'm going to put you on the spot. who will be the breakout candidate of either debate? >> i think in the main debate john kasich has the best opportunity to be a breakout. he's really hit everything at about the right time here announcing just before the debates and getting in enough boost in these last few polls to actually get into the debate. i'm interested to see what he has to say and what kind of impression he makes. a lot of people still don't know much about him compared to some of the other candidates. i think it's a make-or-break moment for him. >> michael warren jeff zeleny thank you both. as for how the primetime debate will actually work, here goes. each candidate will get one minute to answer a question.
7:07 am
then 30 seconds for rebuttals. if you do the math each candidate will get just about ten minutes total to talk. maybe nine. but we think ten. who knows? but a man who does know is with me now. david burtzell co-author of "presidential debates." do you think we'll actually be informing the electorate on thursday night? >> we'll learn something. the question is what will we learn? will it be about candidate personality or more about strategy or stage craft? we'll see a little bit of all of that on thursday night. >> can you put this debate in historical perspective? >> this is an extraordinarily large field of contestants for a single debate stage. we have the largest field of people contesting for the nomination than we've seen in modern times. primary debates are a relatively recent feature, as are primaries. they tend to involve more innovation, more give and play.
7:08 am
it isn't as locked down as general election debate which feature vast amounts of negotiation over exactly how high the podiums are -- >> there will be none of that? who decides what order the candidates are placed in? who's in the middle? >> fox made the decision to put the top poll winner in the center. >> so it will be donald trump? >> right. he's number one. you have bush next to him at number two. then you go out to ten on the number one side, nine on the number two side. it's like a tennis lineup in this case. but it's going to be hard for the people out on the wings to get the same kind of attention. and the hosts have not committed to giving equal time to all of the candidates. so they might get less speaking time. >> so there are three people who are going to be asking questions. and will there be questions from facebook or audience members? >> that hasn't been announced if that's the case. my case is probably with this many people involved the answer would be no.
7:09 am
it would take too much time logistically to identify tee up and get people prepared to answer those questions. ten minutes is optimistic in this case because it doesn't account for all the give-and-take of answering questions, of audience responses, of applause lines. that's the maximum amount of time -- >> i'm beginning to feel for these people on stage. that debate is going to garner a huge audience. i would be nervous about that. one major gaffe, it will be replayed over and over and over on the news. and just in answering your what nine minutes -- how long will each candidate get to speak then? one minute one and a half minutes? >> everybody will undoubtedly get at least one 60-second spot somewhere in the course of the debate. but this isn't all one uninterrupted uninterrupted speech. the ten minutes is an addition throughout the course of the two hours. but it's much easier the way we cover and comment on debates to
7:10 am
commit a gaffe, that's much more likely to wind up in the news than a spectacular performance. good performances are hard to synopsize. it's hard to show a picture and say, that's a good performance. >> it should be interesting. i know you'll be watching. i will be, too. david, thank you so much for being with me. from capitol hill to a college campus the iran nuclear deal goes under a microscope. right now, skeptical lawmakers look at a key part of that agreement, lifting sanctions on iran. in the next hour president obama ramps up his campaign to sell the deal. he'll be talking at american university in washington. michelle kosinski live at the white house to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: we just found out the president will be speaking for 45 minutes. so a pretty long speech and obviously the white house wants this to be a strong one. it's almost worked out as for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, throughout all of the debates
7:11 am
surrounding this. %-pthewhite house hahad to operate in the face of intense, intense lobbying from the other side. we're talking millions of dollars flowing from advocacy groups buying ads, trying to meet with every single congressman. the white house has tried to do something similar. even today, there's another classified briefing with members of the senate. and the president has tried to have one-on-ones with undecided democrats. on this deal even the vatican has weighed in in support, in fact, of the iran deal. but now we're seeing dueling speeches today. we'll hear from the president and then we'll hear from mitch mcconnell who will rip apart the president's speech. we just heard from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who's been extremely vocal in opposition. listen to this webcast he did aiming to speak to jewish groups here in america. >> the deal does make it harder for iran to produce one or two nuclear weapons in the short term but it does so at a
7:12 am
terrible price because the deal makes it far easier for iran to build dozens even hundreds of nuclear weapons in a little over a decade. >> reporter: so what the president will say today is he feels this shouldn't be a close debate. that this is a historic opportunity that shouldn't be missed that the deal does cut every pathway to a bomb as we've heard the white house repeat over and over again. but we think is going deeper and more philosophically saying this is the most consequential foreign policy issue since the decision to go to war with iraq. and he's going to be saying the same people who voted for war back then are the people now opposing this deal, carol. >> michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house, thanks so much. coming up in the "newsroom," a new terror threat aimed at america for one of the most
7:13 am
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a startling new threat from al qaeda in yemen. the terror group taking a page from isis's playbook and encouraging lone wolf attacks on the united states. in a letter purported to be from al qaeda's top bomb-maker the terror group asks its followers to quote, strike america in its home and beyond. cnn cannot verify the authenticity of this message but it has drawn the attention of some top intelligence groups. cnn's brian todd is following the story and has more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this message from ibrahim al asiri if it's really from him is
7:18 am
indeed extraordinary. although we cannot verify the authenticity most indications are that he did write this. it's extraordinary because of the risk to his own security that al asiri would be taking by issuing a public message. he's been targeted by u.s. drone strikes in yemen and for a short time last year it was believed he was killed. but in speaking to u.s. intelligence officials on this i have strong indications he is still alive. this is a man considered possibly the most dangerous terrorist to the united states. he's got a buoyantounty on his head of up to $5 million. he was behind the 2010 plot to place bombs in printer cartridges bound to the u.s. on planes. analysts are telling us this morning that al asiri has learned from his mistakes and is working on explosives that may slip past u.s. security protocols. just how cold-blooded is this guy? in 2009 he placed a bomb inside
7:19 am
the body of his own brother, abdullah in an attempt to kill saudi arabia's counterterrorism chief. that bomb killed his brother but the saudi official survived. and there's another man out with a new video praising the "charlie hebdo" attacks and the chattanooga shooter. take a listen. >> translator: he penetrated the base killing and injuring american marines in a blessed jihadi operations. we ask a lot to accept him and raise his status among barmartyrs. >> reporter: and he calls for more lone wolf attacks against america. he's become a top spokesman for that al qaeda branch in yemen. carol? >> brian todd reporting live from washington, thanks so much. checking some other top stories for you, we now know the identities of two airmen killed in a free fall training exercise.
7:20 am
they were both based in florida and they served together a combined 31 years. the air force is investigating this accident. for the first time, we're hearing from the man who allegedly helped minnesota dentist walter palmer help hunt and kill cecil the lion. his trial on poaching charges has been postponed. big game hunting is said to be an integral part of zimbabwe. >> what do you feel about the charges laid against you -- >> i think it's frivolous and wrong. >> you think you'll come through this? >> i have a good legal team and i hope so. here in the united states someone has vandalized the vacation home of walter palmer. zimbabwe wants palmer
7:21 am
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forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. a kentucky sheriff's deputy is now facing a federal lawsuit for handcuffing two schoolchildren. kevin sumner is accused of putting an 8-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl in handcuffs. at one point, the boy began crying, ow, that hurts. the girl was handcuffed twice. both of the children are said to have adhd. the aclu says they were
7:26 am
essentially punished for behavior related to their disabilities. cnn's martin savidge has more on this. >> reporter: just about everybody has an opinion about this video. the sheriff who's the boss of that deputy there has come out in full support of that officer and says that he not only did the right thing, he did what he was compelled to do under law. but not everybody sees it that way. the aclu is saying they're not sure if this officer was trying to protect, say, that student or protect other students from that child acting out or punishing him instead for what was something the child couldn't help, which was a medical condition. the attorney spoke with cnn. this is the attorney for the mother of the 8-year-old and says regardless what that deputy did was wrong because he used handcuffs. listen. >> kentucky law is very clear that school personnel, including school resource officers cannot use mechanical restraints like handcuffs.
7:27 am
it's clear. what's really disturbing about what's come out in the last 24 hours is that the sheriff has not denied this activity has not apologized for this activity but has actually endorsed it and said that this is how these officers are being trained. >> reporter: and, of course this is sort of at the crux of the matter here. what is the training? and is it proper i should tell you the school is set to resume august 19th. and it's still expected that deputy will be interacting with those same students. >> the i think the disturbing underlying issue here is the inability of school systems to deal with kids with special needs or learning disabilities. >> reporter: right. that seems to be the effort here in part of this lawsuit. of course there is monetary damages being fought for the families of the girl and the boy. but also change. they want to see change. and change not only in the way the rules are written as to how to handle special needs kids but
7:28 am
also the training that's given to law enforcement to handle children like this. so that they don't end up in handcuffs when there's a problem. carol? >> martin savidge reporting live for us, thanks so much. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. for hillary clinton, a fight looms in the critical state of new hampshire. that's according to the latest wmur granite state poll. it shows clinton leading bernie sanders by just six points. when you factor in the margin of error, the pollster says the democratic rivals are in a statistical tie. clinton's lead is down from double digits in the spring. on the republican side the wait is almost over. after weeks of polls, ten candidates led by front-runner donald trump will hit the stage for the party's first debate. it's all taking place in cleveland at quicken loans arena. joining me now from cleveland is
7:29 am
the chairman of the ohio republican party. good morning, thank you so much for being here. >> hi, carol, good morning. >> good morning. tell me about the excitement level in cleveland. >> oh, it's off the charts. there is so much excitement and enthusiasm around here around around this debate. we can't wait for it to get started and the preparations are well under way. they've been going on for a long time, as you can imagine. we're really looking forward to getting this going tomorrow night. >> and i know there were a couple hundred tickets available for people to go watch the debate. i'm sure you managed to dispense with them quickly. >> we certainly were. we've got about 5,000 folks who will be there tomorrow night. it's going to be a wonderful event, just an historic event here in cleveland. i can't remember a primary debate that has garnered this
7:30 am
much attention and excitement. but we did make some tickets available to the public. and in the first two days that we had that e-mail address open to the public we got over 7,000 requests. so we shut it down right away so we didn't end up with tens of thousands of unhappy people who requested but couldn't get in. but it was an indication to us of how much excitement and enthusiasm there was out there and it was really great to see. we'll get as many folks as we can -- a lucky few hundred did get to take advantage of those public tickets and they're going to be part of the experience tomorrow night. >> scalpers might be out there. you might be having to put -- that's crazy. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> i don't either. i'm just kidding. you say republicans have in your words an opportunity to show the community a different side of the republican party. what do you mean by that?
7:31 am
>> yeah i think we certainly are seeing in cleveland with the convention coming here next year with our governor john kasich who will be on the stage in cleveland tomorrow night as one of our candidates for president who carried cuyahoga county a county that our candidates for president have lost very badly in recent previous presidential elections. it's a different side of our party. we've got to take advantage of this opportunity to show this is a community we care about, this is a community that john kasich and other republicans have reached out to and really made inroads to. i think at some point in time maybe our party kind of stopped trying. i'm glad our party has recognized that and know that this is an area that we can really make some important inroads in and do better. and we're going to have to do
7:32 am
that if we will carry ohio in 2016. no republican has ever gained the white house without carrying ohio. so we're going to have to do that in 2016 and we're going to make this part of that formula to make sure that we do that. hopefully the next president of the united states will be standing on that stage tomorrow night. >> john kasich is very popular in the state of ohio at the moment. but he squeaked into the top tier. donald trump is going to suck all the oxygen out of the room john kasich stuck on the end, donald trump in the middle. what advice would you give john kasich so he can stand out from the crowd? >> well i certainly don't know that anyone's going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. and i don't know that -- >> even donald trump? >> not even him. but i don't know that our governor needs to do anything to stand out from the crowd, certainly not here in ohio not here in cleveland given all he's
7:33 am
done to help the cleveland schools, to be part of a solution -- >> but he's got to convince the rest of the nation. he doesn't have to convince ohioans. he's got to convince the nation. what can he say? >> you're absolutely right. and we're already seeing his numbers start to move up in places like new hampshire. but it's going to be incumbent upon all these candidates to press their message, including john kasich tomorrow night. and this is the opportunity to do that. all of the speculation and all of the preparation finally comes to an end and those cameras go live those lights go on and we'll all be real happy when that event finally comes. >> will the word "idiot" be used do you think? >> i certainly hope not. >> me, too. matt, thanks so much. chairman of the ohio republican party. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome.
7:34 am
coming up in the "newsroom," investigators from around the world have unsealed the debris found on reunion island. tell you what the next steps are coming up. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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it has happened again. more shots fired near camp shelby in hattiesburg, mississippi. as you know shots were fired there yesterday around 11:45 a.m. eastern time. this time shots were fired at 8:00 eastern in morning. and it came from the supposedly same suspect. i'm reading from the press release right now. the shooter is described as a white male in a red pick-up truck, make and model unknown.
7:39 am
and police go on to say this is the same description of the man described to authorities during yesterday's incident. the best news i can report is no one is hurt. more shots fired near that training center. much more on this in the hours to come on cnn. in other news this morning, we may be closer than ever to finding answers in the search for missing flight 370. a former director of france's investigative agency tells a cnn affiliate that there is quote, almost no doubt that the flaperon found last week belongs to the missing airliner. this latest news coming as expert teams from france malaysia and australia have begun work at a specialized lab near toulouse, france. here's more for us. >> reporter: carol, hi, those crucial examinations are taking place right now inside that lab. you'll remember that everyone had to be present before they
7:40 am
could even open the seal to the box to that flaperon. we know it's from a 777 but we needed confirmation that it's from mh-370 or at least for the passengers and crew members' families and loved ones and hopefully, carol, at some point today we'll have some kind of information from what went on inside this lab. we have been told -- cnn has been told by the french prosecutor's office that they will release a statement tonight about what's happened today. and if that's a big if if they do find something and can make a decision they will let us know tonight. and that will be a huge relief of course, for everyone who's waiting. what's going on inside? well, the united states ntsb boeing malaysian authorities, chinese officials and an australian official joining french authorities there today to be a part of this investigation. they're likely to run tests like
7:41 am
sonograms and x-rays. rene marsh did a story just yesterday looking at what investigators do and told us that they're likely to use some kind of 3-d imagery to take a very detailed backlook at this piece. once they've done that, they'll then examine the exterior. are there scratches? is there some kind of sign of an explosion. not likely to be any kind of residue at this stage it's been at in the sea for so long. there are barnacles and marine life all over it. those barnacles are interesting in terms of their position. one analyst telling cnn that the plane will normally have been coated in a special paint and that means that marine life wouldn't be able to grow on a flaperon like this. but the fact that they have shows that the paint has been stripped away. is this where the flaperon was pulled away from the main body? does it tell us that it came off in the air or when it hit the sea? so hopefully at some point we'll
7:42 am
know whether this is from mh-370 and how that plane went down in the indian ocean. carol? >> all right. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," maybe disney isn't the happiest place on earth after all. we'll tell you why next.
7:43 am
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. disney might be the happiest place in the world but not on wall street. stocks are taking a tumble following a bad earnings report. brian stelter and christine romans join me now to break it all down. >> stocks down big. >> it's an evil laugh. >> it's kind of relative. they had a great movie, the theme parks are doing fine. the movies are doing well
7:47 am
though not necessarily overseas. but the real problem seems to be the tv part of the business. and you have the stock down big-time this morning. this is a dow 30 stock. so that's a pretty big move. it had been the best-performing dow stock of the year. >> it was the darling of the dow. disney is still up 20% for the year. but there is clear and real fear on wall street about espn. espn is by far the most profitable part of disney. it will continue to do that. but it's showing some weakness. you can see the drop there. >> they've lost high-profile talent this year. >> at least 1 million or 2 million people have dropped espn and chosen a smaller cable package in the last year or so. espn still has the vast majority -- 90 million-plus homes. but because there's been a little bit of a drop investors are concerned about what that
7:48 am
means for espn going forward. >> espn is paying how much per month per subscriber? >> $6 a month. >> the cost to espn they're paying for sporting events on their network. >> right. games cost hundreds of millions of dollars to televise. >> so what's the answer? >> the answer right now is a selloff in the stock. investors are saying there's a problem, the stock was priced too high for that. bob iger on the call with investors and analysts basically talked about all these challenges but he pointed out, espn is strong. there's a strong demand for espn. there are just changing behaviors and changing ways we're consuming our media. >> there's pressure. but it's not as if it's all going to crack -- right now, there may be pressure coming out of the stock. investors taking a moment to breathe. >> seems really really bad. >> so sad about the stock --
7:49 am
they could use some superheroes this morning. >> we have to talk about interest rates. >> looks like interest rates are rising in september. here's why. another fed official someone who makes these decisions in "the wall street journal" saying it's time. unless there's a big deterioration in the american economy, next month rates will rise. that means it will cost you more thr for a car loan a mortgage, credit card. it should be no surprise to people that higher interest rates are coming. please lock in your refi. higher interest rates are coming. >> or buy that new house now if you can afford it. but this actually means good things about the economy. >> it means the economy is strong enough to weather. and remember rates have been low for nine years. you could have a baby that's a second-grader since the last time rates have risen. >> christine romans brian stelter, thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. we have new video of the
7:50 am
chaos inside that new hampshire tent just moments before it collapsed on monday killing a father and his 8-year-old daughter. these new images released as officials try to figure out how the structure could have gone up without paperwork from the local fire department. chad myers has more for you. >> reporter: new video this morning showing the heart-pounding moments from inside the circus tent that collapsed on monday killing two spectators and injuring dozens more. less than 20 minutes into a performance in lancaster, new hampshire -- >> watch your children. >> reporter: panic and chaos, spectators desperately scrambling to get out of the way of flying pipes and uprooted stakes under the collapsed structure. >> people part of the circus just yelled, run. >> reporter: open flaps on the side of the tent flailing wildly in the high winds. the tragedy claiming the lives
7:51 am
of a father and his young daughter. 41-year-old robert young and his 8-year-old daughter annabell fatally struck by a flying pole. >> i saw things i'll never want to see again. >> reporter: 23 minutes before the collapse the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning. officials saying it's likely a microburst packing winds of up to 90 miles per hour hit the area at the time of the collapse. investigators are now trying to determine whether circus organizers are criminally culpable for the incident. >> it's really the responsibility of the show to monitor the conditions and we don't know why they were going on at that time or what they knew. >> reporter: when thunder roars, go indoors. a tent is not indoors. clearly, a tragedy there in lancaster. and we'll have severe weather here even today, again for tomorrow. if you are outside, you just
7:52 am
need to go inside. it's that simple. even in a car is better than being outside because of all that lightning. >> good advice, chad, thanks so much. checking other top stories for you this morning, after a two-day manhunt, an ex-convict accused of gunning down a memphis police officer will appear in court. he's scheduled to be arraigned on first-degree murder charges. his appearance happening on the same day a memorial service is planned for officer sean bolten. he shot and killed bolten when he interrupted a drug deal. ohio prison staff r onare on alert after a drone dropped a package into a prison yard. inside that package, tobacco, marijuana and heroin. 75 prisoners joined in the all-out fight for the package. guards had to use pepper spray to regain control. if you've been called this name by donald trump, you are not alone.
7:53 am
>> they're losers. just losers. we have losers, we have losers. >> take a look at who made the donald's loser list next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta!
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7:57 am
loser. that's the word said by donald trump almost as much as "you're fired." jeanne moos takes a look at the candidate's favorite insult. >> reporter: it's a word donald trump isn't usually at a loss for. >> we have losers. we have losers. >> reporter: sometimes the loser is generic, but usually the loser has a name. >> rosie's a loser. >> reporter: trump is always tweeting the "l" word. his targets range from website, "the huffington post" is such a loser, to pundits. >> when i watch a george will or
7:58 am
a charles krauthhammer they're losers. >> reporter: and he called a beauty contestant a loser. she did lose the lawsuit he later filed. in donald trump's world, there seem to be varying degrees of loser-dom. he called karl rove a proven loser and total loser. russell brand was a major loser to which brand responded, are you drunk when you write these tweets? as for cher he shot her down. >> cher is a loser, she's lonely unhappy. >> reporter: when he's feeling happy, he tweets to everyone including all haters and losers happy new year. when asked about his name calling -- >> using terms like dumbny loser, total losers is that something you would continue doing if you were president? >> when people attack me i let them have it back.
7:59 am
>> reporter: trump quoted his own book show me someone without an ego and i'll show you a loser. but compared to ace ventura -- >> let's go, ace. >> loser. >> reporter: trump's delivery is low key. jon stewart wondered what trump would say about our founding fathers. >> john hancock, he's a loser. what kind of a loser needs to put his name in giant letters on everything? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> rosie is a loser. >> reporter: new york. >> that thursday night debate is going to be something. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman & bolduan" starts now. jeb bush digs out of a new campaign trail gaffe. hillary clinton digs in as the fbi investigates her e-mail. and donald trump digs himself. and announces a new debate
8:00 am
strategy call it the art of all of a sudden friendly. and pressure is mounting on president obama over his iran deal. american jewish leaders confronting him and now some democrats coming out against him. moments from now, the president delivering a major speech to try to win over those still undecided. attack america first, attack america now. that from al qaeda's most notorious bomb-maker. a man called the most dangerous terrorist facing the u.s. right now. his warnings don't stop there. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. the breaking news just in to cnn, shots have been fired at camp shelby in mississippi. this is the second day that soldiers reported gunfire near their training center there. let's go straight to pentagon correspondent barbara starr for the very latest on this. barbara, what can you tell us?


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