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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in london and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. we begin with big breaking news out of the primary states. two new polls out today have donald trump in the lead of the gop pack even after his recent controversial comments about fox news anchor megyn kelly. an iowa poll from suffolk university puts trump ahead of scott walker in that primary race 17% to 12%. huge numbers here. they're followed by rubio, ben carson, fiorina, cruz in that order. a new hampshire poll also has trump in the lead but those results are still preliminary.
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i'm joined now by cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash. we have chief political analyst gloria borger and senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. dan dana, one of the surprising take aways is trump was behind scott walker. now you see they're in very different positions and maybe not surprisingly scott walker is taking aim at donald trump. >> a little bit saying that donald trump is using the same tired talking points of the democrats. i mean, this is really fascinating. because i mean let's just back up, there's so many things to unpack. scott walker has been not just leading in iowa but leading very comfortably for months. >> he's been the one to target, right? >> he's been the one to target. he's put all his eggs in the iowa basket. although he denies aggressively moving to the right, it's pretty hard to say otherwise when you look at his positions on immigration, on abortion and so forth. he's been emphasizing his
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conservative positions because that really appeals to iowa voters. now even and maybe even especially after this debate last week wheredonald trump caused these issues, he's surpassed scott walker in iowa. >> i think the hope, nia, for some republicans in the establishment was that donald trump would take a hit after this debate performance. is it too soon to draw the conclusion that it's the reverse? >> it was a hope. it was like a prayer, right? this is what they want to see him finally sort of done in by his own bluster. if you look into the numbers -- i know we got some of these -- it looks like he hook something of a hit among people swho saw the debate. it's more close in terms of the margin between he and walker. i think they're tied among people who saw the debate. but, listen, if you're donald trump, he's been frtrumpeting
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these polls. he couldn't believe scott walker was behind him and now i'm sure we'll hear him with a lot of bluster saying he's leaped ahead. >> can i add one quick thing? this surprised me in this poll. he has not taken a hit, it doesn't seem, among women, he still leads among republican caucus goers who are female and the basic favorable unfavorable rating he is actually pretty much the same. women 39% say that they favor him and only 40% say unfavorable. >> and some people agree with him that he was targeted. 41% said they feel like he was unfairly targeted by megyn kelly and the fox gang. >> gloria, as you look at this poll, what is your take away? >> my take away is that the people who like trump -- men or women -- are like him because of his -- precisely because of his bluster and refuses to be politically correct as he uses his terminology. they see him as the insurgent
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right now in this field and insurgent candidates have a certain appeal and even anti-republican party and anti-politician and if you look at these numbers what's stunning to me is that jeb bush in iowa is at 4.6% and that's very, very tough for him and you see trump not only taking away from walker as dana points out but taking away from mike huckabee who one would expect to do well is at 2.4%. carly fiorina up to 7% which means that her debate performance had an impact on these voters. one other thing i would point out is that the undecided number is still very high at 20%. so you see a race that's very much in flux, people had an
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opportunity to look at the whole array of candidates and they are kind of still figuring it out and numbers are shifting and shifting and shifting. but donald trump's appeal hasn't been diminished within the base of the republican party. >> and john kasich is up as well. what do you make of that? >> well, i think we ceci cake up because he had a great debate performance. he's up in new hampshire considerably. his team will be raising some money off of that. i think kasich likes to think of himself as the tortoise in this race, although i know jeb bush calls himself the tortoise but kasich is one of those candidates who had a breakout debate and he's hoping this would lead to a break utility for him particularly in new hampshire in which independent voters can cross over in a republican primary. >> that's right, first of all not only is he going to ask for money, john kasich's chief
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strategist john weaver put out a note, an e-mail to fund-raising in a unanimous toe second asking for -- which is the quickest i've ever seen. but a lot of these candidates have put their eggs in one basket. in new hampshire you have chris christie, he's all in in new hampshire. john kasich seems to be the one taking hold there because of his appeal to the live and let live -- i mean, you heard him talk about gay marriage and the fact he just attended a same-sex marriage wedding in iowa that probably won't play well because there are a lot of conservative voters. >> but in new hampshire -- >> in the live and let live place of new hampshire, he does. >> he's blanketing the airwaves in new hampshire and has folks like sununu backing his campaign. he did well in the debate. >> so we know mike huckabee is taking a dip but rick perry out today we learned his campaign is
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having serious problems, that might be an understatement. >> not paying his advisors, that's never a good sign when you can't pay your staff. it looks like someone threw him a lifeline, somebody put in $100,000, a sugar daddy after the reports his campaign was listening but where does he go forward from here? in a state like south carolina you think he would do well. he wasn't able to get the fiorina bump because he didn't do as well in the debate. >> and i think we have to leave it there. gloria borger, dana bash, nia me ma lee -- nia-malika nderson, appreciate it. head over to cnn for more. coming up, a mississippi couple is accused of trying to join isis. they plan to use their honeymoon as their cover story. also ahead, another tense night in ferguson. rocks and bottles thrown at
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. now breaking news out of mississippi where a young couple is accused of attempting to join isis. the unlikely suspects charged and denied bond today. the 19-year-old woman was a high school honor roll student, homecoming princess and the daughter of a police officer, the 22-year-old man is a mississippi state grad, the son of a local imam. authorities say they were heading to syria when they were arrested. our justice correspondent pamela brown joining us now. you've been going through the complaint that the justice department has against this couple. what can you tell us? >> i'll tell you, this is the kind of story that gets parents' attention, brianna. this is what law enforcement said is concerning. this young couple, 20 and 22 years old, 20-year-old jaelyn
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young and 22-year-old mohammed dak hala wanted to travel to syria to join isis. this began in may when they were on social media and at that time young, a recent islam convert and also is the daughter of a police officer in vicksburg, mississippi, had allegedly expressed to the fbi agent that she wanted to pledge allegiance to isis overseas and here's what it says in the complaint, brianna. it says her at the time boyfriend who later became her husband in june, she says that he wanted to help with the media group and really wants to correct the falsehoods heard here. this is what the complaint said. >> heard here in the u.s.? >> heard here in the u.s. the complaint says she also talked about the fact that a lot of muslims are caught on their doubts of isis because of what u.s. media says and he wants to assure them u.s. media is all lies. and also really troubling here, brianna, in the complaint young also allegedly stated she talked about the attack in tennessee.
10:14 am
>> the chattanooga attack. >> she says what makes me feel better after just watching the news is that he carried out attacks in tennessee, the numbers of supporters are growing better. so according to authorities, the 22-year-old in this case who we have a picture of, they were arrested on saturday when they tried to board a flight according accor according to the fbi from mississippi. to turkey and then they were going to allegedly go to syria to fight with isis. and the feds say they admitted to this so this is what is dorng authorities, the fact that these young people could be influenced on line. >> and that she said online she was looking forward to having small children who are part of the islamic state. >> yes. >> it's alarming to any parent. pamela brown, thanks so much,
10:15 am
great report. we know you're poring through these documents as we speak. we have a lot to talk about. i want to bring in counterterrorism analyst phil mudd and we're also joined by our military analyst colonel rick francona. we have details coming in, gentlemen, obviously but i want you both to comment on this case phil, former homecoming princess? mississippi state grad. he's in a senior portrait or something. these look like all-american kids. >> if you con dlast to 9/11, the contrast is striking. back then you had nearly 3, 000 people dead. if you wanted to sign up to al qaeda you had to sign up to a secret organization that had just murdered almost 3,000. you used the word islamic state, you don't have to communicate secretly, you can communicate on mind and you're not
10:16 am
communicating, in your mind, with a terror group. you're communicating with a group is trying to create a state that lives by traditional islamic values this is a threat across america. the islamic state declared a caliphate and is drawing kids in from north america and europe who believe they can have a better life overseas. >> this is a couple, colonel, headed to syria, that was their plan, that's when they were arrest arrested but the top concern is obviously lone wolf attacks. perhaps stage an attack here in the u.s. what more needs to be done? >> well, they need to continue what they're doing. these undercover fbi agents are doing a terrific job. look at the number of arrests we've sin since july 4.
10:17 am
they're doing an effective job but it underscores how effective this outreach campaign by isis is. they're reaching all the way into mississippi to get very -- two very young people to convert to their way of thinking. they're going to go to syria, they want to be medics. so it underscores how effective isis is. >> what do you think, phil, when you look at this? these two heading over there, their impressions as you just heard the colonel say, their impressions about what was going to happen versus what might actually happen once they're over me syria and how does this affect, perhaps, other young people like them who might be considering this? >> i think there's a couple things you have to think about when you look at this case. when you talk about their considerations of joining. i think a lot of these folks -- and we're not isolated in north america, you see this in european cases, i've talked to
10:18 am
my friends in middle eastern security services. their view is they're joining an organization to build a better life. but as colonel francona suggested, there's an option that when they go there somebody will take their passport or cell phone, put them on the front line. the transition for from al qaeda to isis means that you're not recruiting hard core terrorists. you're recruiting a 19 or 20-year-old who thinks idealistically that they're going to have a better life and being able to live a pure slais if they live by the ideals that are talked about by the islamic state. it's a real transition in the terror fight and it makes the fight harder because as a family in a place like mississippi or the federal government, you're not trying simply to persuade somebody not to join a terror group. what you're trying to persuade them is that the simple message that you can lead a better islamic life outside the culture of america is false. that's a very difficult message
10:19 am
to avoid if you're trying to find against the message of isis. >> sure is. phil mudd, colonel francona, thanks to both of you. appreciate. >> it thank you. let's talk about this race for the white house. coming up, cnn's dramatic interview with donald trump that includes this admission. >> i am a whiner and i'm a winer and i keep whining and whining until i win. >> we'll hear how he says with women and why trump says it's too early to release concrete policy plans. the one on your right is made out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear. so pick a cage and get in it. well i'm glad i picked this cage.
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to presidential politics now, donald trump defends his record on women's issues, new polls show him leading in iowa. an iowa poll from suffolk university puts trump ahead of
10:24 am
scott walker in that primary state 17% to 12%. they are followed by rubio, carson, fiorina and ted cruz. trump leads among wum followed by rubio and walker in an in-depth interview of chris cuomo on "new day" trump got pressed on tax reform, abortion, to the iran deal and the war against isis. he says he supports the concept of equal pay but doesn't have a plan. and his comments about blood with megyn kelly was misconstrued. >> there was a misinterpretation on what i said. unless you're a deviant, you don't put those words in. a couple people tried to make a big issue out of it, that's not it. >> the reason people were inclined to see it that way is because of the other things you've said about women. >> hey, look i went to the hardest school to get into, the best school in the world, the wharton school of finance, super genius stuff, i came out, built a tremendous company, i had
10:25 am
tremendous success. the art of the adeal, the apprentice, i've been good to women and nobody will be better because i'll talk about health issues, i'll take care of women like nobody else can. i have tremendous numbers of women executive. i have a major company, big company, i built a great company. it's got some of the great assets. some of the most iconic assets in the world. i have many women executives sd i've always had. when i was back in the construction days, the big construction days, i had women in charge of big develop. >> do you pay them what you pay the men. >> so i was very, very pro woman many years ago and i've found they're incredible executives. >> do you pay them the same as men. >> they're incredible executives a and, so i get the picture better than anybody. >> do you pay them t women at the top of your organization the same way you pay the men? >> yes, i do. absolutely. >> let's bring our n our panel for an in-depth look at trump's
10:26 am
take on tissues and his republican rivals. cnn chief political analyst gloria borger and david chalian in studio here with me in washington. this is donald trump refusing to rule out a third party candidacy. >> we're leading all over the place and i want to run as a republican. i want to be the republican candidate, i think that's the best chance for winning the way it's going right now. i want to be treated fairly and if i am that's the way it will be but i want to keep that door open. i have to keep that door open because if something happens where i'm not treated fairly i may very well use that door. >> i don't know, david. that sounds like a threat to me. >> there's no doubt. he called it leverage in the debate. that's what it is and there's no indication that he's setting up an independent run, right? he's just holding out the possibility, refusing to take that pledge and obviously that would be pretty much a disaster for the republican party if he
10:27 am
ran as an independent. every general election poll shows he would be handing the white house to the democrats. >> he only has to get a small piece of the pie. >> and most of that piece would come from the republican nominee if it's not donald trump. >> we see, gloria, that donald trump is sort of -- he's having this issue when it comes to women, how he treated megyn kelly who was asking him a tough question about women is and it seems like his strategy is to say, hey, look at jeb bush over there. listen to this. >> well, i think jeb bush owes women an apology. he made a terrible statement about women's health issues and it was a foolish statement and perhaps a stupid statement. it should never have come up and been made and i was shocked he made it. that will prove to be his 47%. when romney did his famous 47%, a lot of people said his election was over. i think when jeb bush made the
10:28 am
statement on women's health issues, that he wouldn't fund them, he wouldn't need the kind of money, they were talking about $500 billion, he wouldn't need that kind of money. when that actually relatively speaking is peanuts compared to the kind of money spent on lots of other things, i think that was a terrible mistake and i think he's the one that should apologize to women. >> how hurtful is it for jeb bush to be taking it from donald trump and hillary clinton? >> i think trump says jeb bush owes women an apology? jeb bush came out immediately and said he misspoke so he did apologi apologize. donald trump has not apologized for any of his language towards women, i might add. and i think that what donald trump is trying to do is what lots of politicians do which is
10:29 am
when they're attacked you try and deflect and what he's doing is saying don't look at me i'm not the one who said you shouldn't spend $500 million on women. it's jeb bush. but jeb did say he misspoke but i think what trump is trying to say is that, you know, don't look at those words that megyn kelly spoke about, look at my deeds. i've employed women in high numbers, i pay them equally and so i will be a great woman's president but he didn't specifically say how. >> but gloria, i would also note it's not just deflecting, it's also attacking. he has jeb bush in his sites and this's showing what a different kind of politician donald trump is in this race normally if you're the front-runner you don't normally punch down. there he is deflecting and yet keeping jeb bush in his sights. >> can we say protocol is gone?
10:30 am
there is no more protocol or this is what normally happens in a race because you've now got every other candidate attacking trump because he's taking away from their numbers and then you've got trump as you put it, quite rightly, punching down trying to keep time back in the pack. so there's no 11th commandment as ronald reagan used to say, do not speak ill of another republican. everything is topsy-turvy. >> i want to look at what trump said drawing his distinction on his views on abortion and another one of his rivals. let's listen. >> marco rubio, someone running against you saying he doesn't believe in any carveouts for rape or insist, no abortion on any level. do you agree? >> i disagree. i am for the exceptions, you have to three exceptions. and the health of the mother and the life of the mother, i absolutely am for the exceptions and so was ronald reagan for the exceptions, by the way. there's nothing wrong with that,
10:31 am
you have to do it, in my opinion. now marco took a very strong stand, i respect him for that, he believes that. it's just a different thing. i am for the exceptions, yes. >> so there's this issue and then there's the issue of also defunding planned parenthood. he says he would partially defend planned parenthood and yet you have a lot of republicans who say you can't just take away the money for women's health and separate it from abortion. they say this money is fungible so they would completely defund planned parenthood. how do these issues play to this republican primary audience, gloria? >> well, i think what you're going to see now -- and you see it with rand paul -- is that you're going to see republicans attacking donald trump from the right. saying this is a conservative base in this party and they're saying when you take a look at donald trump and he doesn't want to defund planned parenthood and his position on abortion, for
10:32 am
example, scott walker might say that, you have to look and understand that he's flip-flopped on all these issues, that he's not a true conservative. you like him because he's not a politician but if you start dissecting his views you'll discover that maybe he's more of a democrat than you think. >> it's a great point. do you think that's what's going to happen? will it work is the question. >> he was just talking about abortion and the exceptions, we should remind everyone mitt romney was for those exceptions, john mccain was for those exceptions even though the party platform is where marco rubio is. they have had recent nominees that don't support that. and when dana bash asked donald trump what he would do, he said he'd talk to the party to see if he could change the platform so if he gets that far we'll see if he follows through. >> david chalian, gohr ya borger, we'll leave it there. what would trump do on issues like income tax reform? isis? the iran nuclear deal? we'll look at trump's policy
10:33 am
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. donald trump's presidential campaign has come under fire for being long on rhetoric but short on specifics. trump was pressed during his interview this morning on cnn's "new day" with chris cuomo. i want to bring back chief political analyst gloria borger and political director david chalian. listen to what trump said when chris pressed him for specifics on income tax reform. >> from the vats to the fair tax, every single form of tax our tax code is is too complicated and we can simplify it so easily. >> how? >> how?
10:38 am
using intelligence! by having common sense. >> but i mean what do you simplify? do you make the top rate go from 30 something to 20 something? >> i want to put h&r block out of business. i want to put them out of business. people can't figure it out. they have to pay money for companies that do your tax return for you. >> how does he, david, go on without putting out specifics on taxes? >> first and foremost because it's working for him. the entire issue was trump doubling down on trumpism and this way of campaigning for him where he's not polling or doing what traditional candidates do or putting out policy white papers or putting agenda on his web site. chris was asking the right questions. donald trump and his campaign keep saying that will come but i don't get any indication from him today in that interview that that's coming any time soon. >> this is trump delving into foreign policy including the war
10:39 am
against isis. this is his strategy. >> troops on the ground? >> i would go in and take the oil and put troops to protect the oil. i would go in and take the money source away and believe me they would start to wither and they would collapse. >> does that fly with voters, that simplification, gloria? >> well, we don't know yet, the question is whether it would fly with the generals. if you parse what he said "i would go in and i'd take the oil." well, how would you do that? "i'd put troops to protect the oil." so are you calling for troops on the ground? how would you do that? as david points out with all of this, sort far it's like punching jell-o. you just don't know what the policies are. people are getting to know trump, there's a lot of people in the republican base who admire him, who like him, who like his plain talk but at a certain point campaigns change
10:40 am
and the other candidates will start to challenge him on his specifics themselves if the press cannot pin him down. i guarantee you the other candidates will continue to campaign and say this is what i would do, what would donald trump do? because now they have a dog in this fight. he's taking away from their numbers and their support. so they have a great stake to pin him down as well. >> let's listen to what trump said about the nuclear deal with iran. this was pretty harsh criticism. >> i think that may go down and may ultimately horribly go down as one of the dumbest deals in world history. >> so what would you do? >> with what would i have done? first of all i would have doubled the sanctions then i would have said before we start i want our prisoners back then after that i would have made a good deal and there wouldn't have been 24 days -- >> your allies aren't with you on the sanction. >> that's part of leadership.
10:41 am
you have to get the allies with you. >> so he's saying i would have gotten a better deal but is that going to convince voters? he seems to be, david, running on this idea of i'm a good negotiator but just saying victim gotten a better deal? >> well, he sounds like almost every other republican presidential candidate. this may be where simplification works. that's pure red meat for the conservative base to say it does require a stronger leader who can bring the allies to the place you need them to. that's one you have to say the proof is in the pudding when he's in the job. it's hard to make that into a policy of how we would get the allies to do that. >> and he seems to have americans on his side, gloria. when you look at the polls and how people approve of this iran deal. >> that's right. and there is no doubt that as republicans look at the field they want somebody who's a tough negotiator because they believe that barack obama has not been tough enough and that's one of the reasons they don't like this
10:42 am
president. i think the question raised by the debate during megyn kelly which was overshadowed by other things is the question of presidential temperament. who has the temperament to cut a deal? will donald trump's temperament be effective when you're dealing with european allies or enemies? ? or is it more important that his temperament connects with how so voters feel? gloria borger, david chalian, thanks, guy, so much. democratic senator chuck schumer says his decision to go against president obama on a proposed nuclear deal with iran was one of the most difficult choices that he's had to make. schumer has vowed to vote no on the deal. at a press conference he talked about the upcoming vote in congress. >> there are some who say i can force my colleagues to vote with me and certainly i'm going to
10:43 am
try to persuade my colleagues that my view point is right. but anyone who thinks you can force somebody to vote with you in the senate doesn't understand the senate and i won't be able to force anybody to vote my way. i can argue my point of view and see if they accept it. everyone believes this is a vote of conscience, they respect my vote of conscience and i'll respect theres which ever way they come out. >> schumer is concerned the deal leaves iran with the potential to build a nuclear bomb after ten years. white house press secretary josh earnest says the president's difference of opinion goes back more than a decade. still ahead, rocks and frozen water bottles hurled at police last night in ferguson, missouri. we'll take you there live to find out what's being done to calm the tensions.
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10:48 am
today in ferguson, missouri the city is under a state of emergency after another night of unrest in almost two dozen arrests. angry protesters filling the street, even shutting down traffic at one point earlier in the day. >> look at what they're doing to us. look what they're doing to us. >> reporter: according to police, some protesters hurled frozen water bottles and rocks, that led authorities to push crowds back with riot gearment cnn's ryan young is in ferguson. give us a sense of what's happening today, ryan. >> we're learning a big difference from what happened to today nobody with signs, no one saying anything.
10:49 am
protesters are upset stherp saying they were protesting when police decided to randomly arrest people and they were saying the ones slowest were the ones caught by police. so they're trying to figure out how to push the bounds because that was a peaceful protest and they thought they could march through the streets. 22 people were arrested overnight. 63 people were arrested yesterday afternoon because they decided to block traffic on the highway and we do know some drivers tried to drive through the traffic and then they started kicking at cars. but those police officers stepped in and were able to arrest those 63 people as well. so there's a lot of conversation about how healing should happen. >> there certainly is. and i think you have some sound of that ryan, let's take a listen. >> those things which would structurally change the conversation and be advancements in policies that would cause
10:50 am
people who have frustration that are targeted to places like the building behind me to feel more trust because there's action happening and people are listening to the cries hat are coming out from young people on these streets. >> they . >> they really feel like more progress needs to be made, ryan. what are we expecting this afternoon and this evening? >> >> there's been a bigger conversation, and the violence on monday, they believe the violence that happened on sunday when the young man was shot is connected to someone trying to sell a looted television. when that went wrong, there were shots fired. not protesters. there's been conversations about people infiltrating and looking alongside of them and looking for an opportunity to stand out or to settle beefs within the crowd. if there are more protests, they hope that they remain peaceful. >> ryan young, thanks for your
10:51 am
report. we'll continue the discussion on the future of ferguson, missouri, with cornell william brooks. that's next. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey.
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. what began as the day of civil disobedience in ferguson, missouri, resulted in almost two dozen arrests. this week marking the one-year anniversary of the death of michael brown at the hands of a white police officer. joining me from atlanta to talk about all of this is cornell william brooks, president of the naacp and ceo. he's also leading america's journey for justice. it's a march from selma, alabama, to washington, d.c., to demand a fair criminal justice system. cornell, as you go through this march, i know a lot of what is
10:56 am
going on in ferguson must be top of mind for you. what's the reaction to protests and the police response there? >> sure. what's happening in ferguson is really weighing heavily on our hearts. both me as an individual and, more importantly, us as a country. it only underscores the raw reality of the reash initiaciald the importance of us as a nation to do something. the fact under which michael brown is killed is still on the books which allows you to use lethal force against someone suspected of a nonviolent felony. the fact that congress has passed a law to count the number of victims of police misconduct but not actually done anything to address the problem. so we're marching from selma to washington to put boots on the ground that we might put laws on the books. and as one rabbi put it, we're praying with our feet.
10:57 am
because i think it's important for us as a nation to grapple with the reality of racism by doing something constructive, affirmative. we've shed a lot of tears and grieved as a country. but it's important to bring about reform because to have violence occur on the anniversary of michael brown's death, both desecrates his memory and detracts us from a mission lifted up in his memory. that is to say, bring about an end to police misconduct. we as a country can do something about this. that's what this is all about. when i think about sandy bland, michael brown, i have to believe that this stream of tragedies need not go on and on. we can do something about this. we don't have to capitulate to this stream of tragedies. >> your march is all about criminal justice reform.
10:58 am
we've seen, from what happened in ferguson, there are issues of racism, of segregation, of communities feeling protected, respected by police and vice versa. >> that's right. >> when you use ferguson as an example here in why you're marching, there have been some changes but what more needs to be done and how long does this take, do you think? >> well, much more needs to be done. so the fact is, that in the state of missouri, some progress has been made in terms of, say, municipal finds but, again, in terms of fundamentally changing the law, changing our policing in the state and in the country. much more needs to be done. we have to pass the end racial profiling act, which has been langua languishing in cross. we've got to be clear here. we can either stand on a racial
10:59 am
divide staring at one another or embrace one another and actually do something and bring about reform in our country. i'd like to believe that we, as a nation, can do the latter. >> how do you translate the grassroots -- and i have about 45 seconds left here, cornell, i'll warn you -- how do you translate grassroots to votes, to laws? >> the way you do that, by showing up in congress. and that we intend on doing on september 15th by the thousands, showing up and calling on congress to do something and calling upon ourselves as a nation to do something. >> and what will your message be when you come in to washington, d.c., in mid-september? >> that our lives matter and our life as a country matters and they matter so much that we have to act. >> all right. cornell william brooks with the naacp, thank you so much. >> thanks, ma'am. >> we appreciate you being with us. >> that is it for us. i'll be in "the situation room" for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and those in
11:00 am
the north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. all right. here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thanks for being with me on this tuesday. we're getting the first sign as to how voters responded to the fireworks last thursday night and the man thus far at the center of this race, at the center of the debate and its aftermath is still in a strong position. let's start with iowa. this is iowa, home to the first in the nation presidential caucuses. you have this new suffolk university poll. and trump has pulled out ahead of scott walker. you can see there, 17% to his 12%. that is a switch from two previous polls that showed walker leading trump. marco rubio has 10% followed by ben carson at 9% and cruz and carly fiorina at 7%.