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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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featuring the donald trump ovulation kit. >> you're loser. your eggs are losers. >> reporter: this baby's a winner. >> show us. >> reporter: after being egged onto give donald trump. cnn. new york city. >> we live in a great country. thank you for joining me today. jeb bush goes to the center of the political universe right now. the same place where he's got work to do. this is rumor service. how gore may consider a run. the frantic search for survivors. a firefighter pulled alive from the rubble as fire still burned after this massive explosion kills dozens and officials search for what caused the blast. we'll take you there. a police officer pistol whipped, knocked out cold with his own gun.
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he hesitated because he didn't want to be the next officer to lose his job. are police holding back? hello. i'm kate bolduan. jeb bush making his pitch to voters in iowa at the center of the political universe for the next several days. the iowa state fair where butter is sculpted, candidates are grilled. bush stepped up to the soap box and rip into the obama administration and hillary clinton on their approach to taking on isis. in the latest c nrnn poll bush dropped from the top five sitting in the middle of the republican pack among gop caucus goers. david, it's great to see you. bush just wrapped up one of those must dos for any candidate visiting the fair making his pitch on the soap box. tell us what more he said.
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>> reporter: jeb was giving a red meat speech here. he was throwing out every line from his stump that gets the crowd excited. going after barack obama's leadership saying i'm tired of this dog ate my ohomework excuses. run away spending with the government and of course the hacking of the office of personnel management records that's happened and the fact he says china has more access to these records than we do. it's an onslaught of taking down the obama administration and on foreign policy he said he will put together a strategy for isis. >> stick around with me. we have a lot more to discuss. let's bring in lanny and cnn
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political commentator and senior super pac. david laid out what bush was saying on the soap box. the good news we should say, maybe the best news is two-thirds of iowa caucus goers are still undecided. he's got time and people to work with it. how important is it for bush to get out there and really connect with the voters right now. >> i think it's critically important. one of the big surprises of this election cycle is how jeb bush has underperformed. i thought he'd win. he has really performed poorly. he was standing next to donald trump who is white hot and jeb was just cold. for his sake, i hope he's right that jeb is giving him some red meat. he's been spooning out tofu to the republican base. he's a pit poodle.
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he's been weak. he's been a bad performer. when he has spoken out he's committed the most important mistakes of the election cycle so far. he attacked women's health. i don't think we need to spend half a billion on that. he said that medicare for future beneficiaries should be changed and cut. he wants to relitigate the iraq war. he said 5% in the iowa caucus. he could be the first bush to lose the iowa caucuses. >> we have a long way until then as much as you would hate to admit it. it's been an ongoing problem and caused a lot of trouble for jeb bush. the iraq question. here is what he just said yesterday. listen to this. >> had we not invaded iraq in first place we wouldn't be
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dealing with this? >> who knows. that's such a complicated hypothetical. i can't answer that. taking out hussein turned out be a pretty good deal. >> you're a policy director. how do you advise jeb bush to handle this question. he offers a different answer which has been confusing to voters. >> it's an extremely challenging issue for governor bush. it's challenging because of the history. it's challenging because of the dynamics of the republican primary almost require candidates to demonstrate their ability to be strong on national security and draw contrast of president obama and disasterous foreign policy we have seen over the last couple of years. this iowa caucus process will play out so many different ways over next couple of months. it's very, very early in this process. it's one thing i completely agree with you on. when you look at the polls, it's
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very, very difficult to determine who will be the winner based on the polls today. if you look back to four years ago or eight years ago, the folks leading the polls now ended up not doing all that well in the caucus. the winners were down at 4% at this time. we really got to take these polls with a grain of salt at this point. i think governor bush will sort the stuff out. it is a tough issue for them. >> it continues to be a tough issue for them. voters and tell me what you're hearing on the ground. he had this red meat speech on the soap box but voters don't seem satisfied because they keep asking about it and how he's handling the iraq question so far. what you hearing from folks the there? >> today he decided to take the iraq question and make it about the future how he would take the fight to isis. i think that's a much smarter approach. every time he's talking about his brother's iraq war, he ends up in place that's just on the
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defensive and not wear the pahe party is. today he kept it forward looking on his plan to take the fight to isis. i will also say the one part of his speech that he made toward the end of the speech which is not what you normally hear as red meat, the one non-read meat cause is he could be a consensus builder. that's not usually what you hear from these candidates who are trying to get the republican crowd up but that is part of jeb bush's approach. he said he wants to campaign -- he wants to govern as he campaigns. >> running against washington is definitely something the voters want to see on the republican side this cycle for sure. paul, i cannot let you go without asking about this. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a commanding lead in
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iowa but the talk this morning is not of that, it's of al gore getting into the race. his team says the rumors are groundless but someone is floating it. why? >> that's what you do if year before -- >> are you running? >> i can rule that out. al gore already won the presidency once. i was in touch with something close to vice president gore who said this is not real. it's fun to speculate about it. i'm big for hillary, obviously. the vice president is still a beloved person in my party. >> now we're going to be talking about a clinton/bush rematch or
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a gore rematch up. there we go. there we go. paul, lanny, david, it's great to see you. thanks so much. coming up for us, a rescue as crews pull a 19-year-old from the rubble of the devastating blast in china. the video is unbelievable. unbelievably there are still survivors nearly two days after those tremendous chemical plant explosions. rescue crews are still searching for the many that are still missing. we have stunning new video from the moment of blast. look at this. >> what the? >> holy [ bleep ]. >> dozens are dead. the blast described as feeling like a nuclear explosion. it was felt miles away. what are you seeing there today?
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>> reporter: as we have driven around, you really do, when you think about the fact that from the epicenter of the blast you have cars that were melted. buildings that are uninhabitable. we're inside one of 12 emergency shelters set up in city for thousands offense people who have been displaced. a lot of them are asleep. there's a makeshift tent city over there. we're on the campus of a primary school. classrooms are turned into places where parents are sleeping and spending the night. we're also hearing more about the initial fire response. the question that everybody wants to know, we know there were chemicals in this facility but what could spark this huge series of basexplosions. they interviewed a firefighter who says they used water when they i shally responded to the
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report of the chemical fire at this facility. that's a critical piece of information. we know there were several volatile chemicals known to be stored there in which contact with water would create a violent reaction. of course, officials are down playing this because if this is true and if firefighters were unaware of the presence of these chemicals when they first responded that would indicate a huge regulatory oversight and there could be a lot of potential consequences criminally and politically as well. a lot of outrage about how this could have happened. >> there are a whole lot of unanswered questions and they arie looking for survivors. it would be a game changer in the war against isis. stunning accusations that the terrorists have used chemical weapons. here why the united states says the report is krecredible. here why the officer
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officials say kurdish fighters showed signs of blisters on their skin and suffered breathing problems after the attack. indications a blistering agent like mustard gas was potentially
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used. this is yet confirmed but officials call it credible. this would be extremely serious and a huge development. do you think isis is capable of using chemical weapons? >> absolutely. there's been allegations before this that they have been using colhlorine bombs. the chemical agent that's suggested to be used is mustard gas. the question is where did they get or are they able to manufacture it themselves. it's quite possible they might have retained it from the r remnants of the assad chemical weapons program.
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it pays to recall. a lot of guys in isis, especially at the top, came from the hussein regime. several months ago the coalition killed one of the isis chemical weapons experts who had worked for the chemical weapons program. they have the know how to do this. the question is do they have the raw materials and can they manufacture it themselves. it is very alarming. if they are hitting the kurd is in northern iraq that puts them not far from where american trainers are stationed there. they will use more of this stuff in the future. there's no question. >> if this is confirmed, if these reports bear out, what does this mean then in the ongoing fight against isis. what does this mean for the u.s. in taking on the terrorists and all the regional allies. it could be a game changer. >> well, i mean i think i put it in perspective.
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isis's former incarnation, al qaeda and iraq did use chlorine gas bombs as early as 2006. that was in iraq. an entire country that had american, over 150,000 american troop stations there. with respect to the current coalition effort, you don't have anything as sophisticated or powerful as the 101st airborne or u.s. marine corps in iraq or syria fighting these guys. there's absolutely going to be susceptible to this. the question is does isis have more stocks. if they do, how will they deploy them and against who? so far the only alleged victims have been the kurds. what happen is they start unleashing them. this could draw more foreign powers into this war and some kind of ground defensive.
8:19 am
the u.s. is reluctant to get involved. i don't blame the american electorate for this. this is not a force that can be contained by dropping bombs from the sky. >> to that point, you've got the fight on the ground against isis but the influence abroad. we now have a group that calls itself the islamic state hacking division. it reported online a group of names and contacts for a thousands military government initial personnel. some are questioning the legitimacy of the list but some of these contacts are accurate. how serious is the threat of this? >> well, look, let's assume some of this might have been gleaned through very rudimentary forms of hacking and some through open source material. linkedin and white pages.
8:20 am
what makes it threatening if isis has this, they want to kill or they want to kidnap american servicemen. they want to kill agents of the u.s. government because to them these guys are fair game. recall when they beheaded james foley. the brother of a u.s. air force pilot who is dropping bombs on muslims and islamic lands. this would be the ultimate high value target for them to blow up marine recruitment centers and something like this. a lot of these guys are savvy when it comes to cyber warfare. they're not asking for peasants. they're asking for engineers and doctors and people savvy with
8:21 am
this. >> great to see you. thanks. >> sure. coming up for us, a police officer pistol whipped, knocked out cold. the union said he hesitated because he didn't want to be the next officer to lose his job. are police now holding back across the country? one of the year's most anticipated movies opening today and security at theaters is being ramped up for the movie. hear why. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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walking on egg shells. that's according to the police union after a police detective is pistol whipped unconscious with his own gun following a traffic stop. the officer hesitated to use his weapon because of the national attention that's been brought on police shootings. cnn has spoken to the officer high pressu. he said he suffered a con conscious and needed more than a dozen staples. the man was arrested and charged with attempt murder. several bystanders took pictures of the officer on the ground instead of helping him. even some of the online reaction appeared to show delight in seeing the officer injured. joining me now to discuss is former nypd detective tom verny. what do you make of what the union president said, that the officer hesitated because of the national attention on police
8:26 am
shootings. he said he hesitated because he didn't want to be in the media like he is right now. >> that was my biggest fear. we had done a whole piece about these incidents that have occurred since ferguson and the apprehension that officers have about taking police action. i said it in the piece. i said my biggest fear is an officer would be afraid to take action and that inaction would lead to his or her injury or possibly death. this is a classic example of that. it's tragic what happened down there. >> there has to be something in between pulling out your weapon and shooting someone and being pistol whipped unconscious, isn't there? what is that? >> i don't know what the bigger
8:27 am
tragedy is. the fact the officer felt inhibited or impeded in his wanting to take action out of fear of possibly being maligned by the press, media or the community or the barbarians that watched him get pistol whipped and took video and took delight in this. the average citizen would not stand for something like this. the average citizen, which is a majority of citizens in the united states of would take action. they would have jumped in and helped this officer. these people that stood there, didn't help him and or took delight in this are barbarians. there's no word to describe that type of behavior. you should watch a police officer get beaten to the ground. i can't believe something like that would happen. >> absolutely. i don't know how to say it. it's a sad statement of humanity and where we are right now. i do want to get your opinion.
8:28 am
there are a lot of details that aren't known about what happened in the altercation. there isn't video that we know of right now. from the details that you have heard, do you think the officer would have been in the right to fire his weapon at this man? >> well, you know what, he would have been in the right to take half force was necessary to overcome the circumstances which he was being presented with. if he would have lost consciousness, all the tools that this officer has on his utility belt including his firearm, mase, possible a taser becomes property of the barbarian attacking him. that's a problem. it could be used against another police officer. it can be used against another citizen. this officer was fearing for his life and his safety and he could
8:29 am
have used whatever tool available to him. if that happened to be his firearm then so be it. if that would have been me where i'm by myself and being attacked then i would not have had a problem using my firearm. there's an old saying i would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six. that applies perfectly in this instance here. do your job the way you were trained to do as long as you're doing it lawfully and doing it along the rules and regulations of whatever guides that your department is using then you'll be exonerated in what you're doing. >> that's the important part. do your job right and everything will be okay. i think that's the big part of this national conversation that's happening right now. tom, thank you very much for coming in. i appreciate it. coming up for us, a historic moment in cuba. for the first time in more than 50 years the american flag is flying once again at the u.s. embassy there.
8:30 am
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raising the u.s. flag in cuba for the first time in 50 years restoring the embassy in havana and telling the world the u.s. and cuba are no longer enemies or rivals but neighbors who wish each other well. she was at the ceremony watching this all play out. she's in havana for us right now. secretary kerry spoke at the ceremony. what was his big message? >> reporter: a couple of things. he talked a lot about the fact that in the end this policy, this restoring of relations between u.s. and cuba is not just about governments but it's about people. he mentioned the people, the americans that were here when the u.s. closed its embassy in '61, you have three u.s. marines who lowered the flag, coming back to raise the flag talked about the cuban people who were standing outside the embassy walls watching this all play out. his message was after 50 years
8:35 am
of acrimony and mistrust the u.s. and cuban people will get to know each other. he spoke about the u.s. embargo and the u.s. has taken steps to easy and travel restrictions and in tend it's a two-way street. he used that opportunity to call upon the cuban government to expand opportunities for its people just as the u.s. will continue to find ways to have opportunities to help the cubans themselves. >> this, of course, i think you're kind of eluding to it there, this move, this decision, this moment didn't come without a lot of criticism in normalizing relations. cuba hasn't made enough progress with regards to their human rights record and political freedoms. did the secretary touch on that? >> reporter: he was just saying
8:36 am
that there's differences still remain and clearly that's the big major difference that the u.s. has with cuba is the way it treats its people. just week the cubans rounded up 90 disdents and you notice they were not here today. look, these are going to be small steps but what the u.s. is hoping and what secretary kerry is hoping by this increased engagement with the u.s. government, the u.s. will be able to talk about this. for 50 years they wouldn't be able to raise it. look, the u.s. just raising it now isn't going to make a huge difference but they hope that as there's more dialogue, as there's more trust and as the u.s. is able, diplomats be travel. they'll see what the cuban needs are and the small steps to
8:37 am
liberalize trade and tourism and business are very small. the u.s. will continue to look for expanded opportunities to help the cubans in their daily lives. >> no matter where you land on it, history being made today with that flag going back up over the u.s. embassy. thank you so much. it's one of year's most anticipated movies and after recent attacks inside theaters, security has been beefed up across america as straight out of compton opens. most tourists do not expect to save man's life while on vacation. that's what happened. the incredible rescue, next.
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a recent report found that hollywood has a diversity problem especially when you look behind the camera. it found that white film directors out number minorities two to one and when it comes to screen writers the ratio is three to one. this week's cnn hero is working to change that. >> in the film industry there are very few people of color. i think people feel shut out. as an editor for over 40 years picks up the pace. makes it more exciting.
8:42 am
i thought i'm going to help the people who need the help the most. >> growing up, i loved film and television but my childhood was mostly taking care of my dad. he was pretty ill. i really didn't have like the opportunities to pursue my dreams. >> you always say yes in improv. yes to everything. >> we bring in industry professionals who teach low income and minority youths how to make film. the training we provide is hands on. >> once the camera is set, you'll want to shoot everything you can from that angle. >> screen writing, directing, camera, editing, producing, casting. it's necessary that they learn all these skills. >> we're trying to make emotionally impacting films here. >> the students find jobs with
8:43 am
contacts through personnel. >> i can't imagine where i would be without the program. words can't say much about how much appreciation i have. when my dad passed away, he's given me good advice. >> we're looking for more diverse future for our students in hollywood. they're achieving that. >> it is the last month to nominate a cnn hero for 2015. if you'd like nominate someone go to coming up for us, an explosive crash and a truck driver who was on fire. the incredible rescue as three tourists rush to help. we'll talk to those tourists, next. former president bush welcomes a grand daughter, a new granddaughter. this special meaning behind her name, ahead.
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a horrific accident and explosion caught on tape. two tractor trailers burst into flames. the driver jumps from his cab. you can see his leg is on fire. australian tourists took video
8:48 am
of the whole thing as they also ran to help the man. that driver is still in the hospital being treated for his burns. those good samaritans, jackie and anthony wilson and simon burn are joining me now. unbelievable to see all this. thank you. it's great to meet you all. simon, when you see this video, it's hard to believe that anyone survived. you were right there. walk us through what you saw. >> as soon as the trucks collided and blew up, we slammed on the brakes. i ran out toward the cab and was not expecting anybody to come out. the flames were 30, 40 feet high already. all of a sudden he jumped through the flames and landed on the ground and started running towards me. my sister started running down when she saw him come out as well. then it was trying to get the
8:49 am
planes out. >> jackie, we can see you in the video running towards him. at the moment the truck driver jumped out, his leg on fire, ha did you think? >> my first priority was the get the flames out and run down and help him. he had a belt on and his jeans and shoes and socks. we thought if we don't get the jeans off it's going to engulf him. get his jeans off and just try to hold his hands and he was saying i had had nowhere to go. we were trying to get the flames out. >> anthony, what was the driver saying throughout all of this? when you guys all got to him? >> he was telling jackie he had nowhere to go. he was on the left hand side of the barrier. sort of in shock. we're all in shock when it happened. sort of jumped in and ran. >> absolutely. when you see this part of the
8:50 am
video, i don't think you can see this but you came upon a very dangerous situation. you can see other cars passing by throughout all of this. why did you all decide to stop? >> i mean it happened right in front of us. we were the first car. you see a massive accident like that and check to see in you can do anything. you got to try to help him. the other guy just wanted to get out of there. it's a very dangerous situation. the truck kept on exploding. they kept going up every ten >> i'm shuk you never expected to be heroes and come to their saferty, right simon? >> i've been here 20 years and my sister and brother-in-law i just brought them back from d.c. so we were coming back from d.c., they haven't seen each other in six years so we had a
8:51 am
great couple of days in d.c. and then we're 20 minutes from home and this happened. so it was an experience. >> after all of this and when you see this video once again, what do you make of it? >> well, we weren't thinking at the time that we're pretty lucky it didn't explode when we were standing next to it. we were one lane away from the truck. >> the main concern for all of us is that the truck driver is okay and i have heard he's speaking from hospital saying he has got burns on 25% of his b y body. so he's someone's father, someone's husband, he's got family. so i would i like to think somebody would do the same thing, a family member of mine, if they were in trouble. >> it's amazing and so thankful. i'm sure that man is so thankful
8:52 am
today that you were all there. you all stopped and helped him out. it's a pleasure to meet all of you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. we also have some very big and very good news coming for the bush family. jenna bush hager, the daughter of former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush, you see them right there. jenna bush hager gave birth to her second child yesterday. to poppy louise hager named after her grandfather. george h.w. bush's nickname when he was a child is poppy. congratulations to the bush family on that little aligs. absolutely adorable. coming up for us, the iowa state fair is a political rite of passage bringing together the best of fried foods and butter sculptures and white house hopefuls. the big question there -- speaking of bushes -- can jeb bush regain his momentum there? . no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls.
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this may seem like the political summer of donald trump as the presidential candidate, yes, he has had his share of headline-grabbing moments. but don't forget, the other candidates have had their moments of infamy as well.
8:57 am
here is the 13 jaw-dropping moments are from the 2016 campaign so far. >> i could have sworn i saw hillary's scooby do van outside. >> literally calling it the scooby do van. >> she called it the mystery machine. the scooby do van. >> you think being gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> because a lot of people who go into prison straight and when they come out, they're gay. >> here's a bold embrace of internationalism. let's join the rest of the world and go metric. >> hey, let me -- hey, shh, shh. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> calm down a bit here, kelly. >> i would have, and so would have hillary clinton, just to remind everybody and so would have almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> black lives matter. white lives matter. [ boos ] all lives matter. >> another thing i wanted to talk about the issue of black lives -- of the fact that the
8:58 am
american people are tired of seeing unarmed african-americans shot and killed. >> and i'm still waiting for one fact, one fact from you about me being anti-gun. give me one. one fact. got one? >> i wrote the number down. i don't know if it's the right number. let's try it. 202- [ laughter ] >> he hit me -- >> he's not a here hero. he's a war hero because he was captured? i like people that weren't captured, i hate to tell you. >> we now know that when the majority leader looks us in the eyes and makes an explicit commitment that he is willing to say things he knows are also. >> this president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he's so naive he would trust the iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven.
8:59 am
>> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses. >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever. who would make a statement like that? only a sick person would even think about it. and they are just getting started. that's either the worst or best part about it, i guess, oh, what a -- what can we expect when cnn hosts the next debate coming up in september? thank you so much for joining us "at this hour." have a great weekend, "legal view" with ashleigh ban field starts right now.
9:00 am
happy friday, everyone, hello, i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." he has been up, he has been down and today jeb bush is at the iowa state fair declaring the polls irrelevant. and promising a "slow and steady campaign to the finish line." we assume our cnn poll of likely iowa caucus goers is among those that governor bush isn't so thrilled about since he's nowhere in the top tier of the gop nomination seekers. but rather in a three-way tie for seventh place. tied with everybody else on the screen given the poll's four-point margin of error. while i'm throwing numbers at you, the iowa caucuses are six months away but jeb bush notes correctly that's a lifetime in politics.


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