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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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immigration, also. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> his plan for a border wall and overturning the law granting citizenship to people born in the united states. >> they have to go. >> as a new poll cements his frontrunner status. plus 1 million acre burning across eight states. >> it's really upsetting. we don't want to see anybody lose their home. >> soaring temperatures not helping and resources stretched thin. and making history a professional baseball player comes out. how brewers minor leaguer david denson told his teammates and their reaction let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the donald trump circus comes back home to jury duty? oh, yes. mr. trump has been summoned to serve on a new york city jury. he assures america he's eager to
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do that. >> i will be doing jury duty on monday morning in new york city. >> in criminal or district court? >> i don't know. it's one of the courts. >> are you looking forward to it? >> yeah. i think it's fun. >> never mind trump has been summoned five times before and he hasn't shown up before for any of the summons. we are outside the courthouse where the donald could appear at any moment. >> that's right, carol. he has a $250 fine for missing the five summons were sent. the fine being voided if he shows up this morning. he should be coming up the stairs in a few minutes. he's said to be here by 9:00 this morning. why didn't he come the other five times? his attorney was on "new day" this morning giving an extrapolation suggeextr explanation suggesting there was confusion. >> it's unfortunate. the whole scenario is whacky. they claim they sent it to him on several different occasions --
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>> he's a jury skipper. >> you have to serve it to the right property. they sent it to some property on central park south. i believe he owns the building but he doesn't reside there. nobody knows what happened to the document. >> bottom line donald trump does have the summons now. he's been summoned to appear at the supreme court here in lower manhattan in the civil division. we're told he will be treated as any other potential juror. the pool this morning about 700 people. they're called today and possibly tomorrow as well. then it's decided whether or not they are assigned to a case. so, carol, if he isn't assigned to a case he could be dismissed as early this morning or likely by sometime tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. we'll check back. alexandria field reporting live this morning. the republicans are languishing in donald trump's shadow. trump holds on to the commanding lead and significantly the top
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three candidates have something in demcommon. all are win ining support with shared message. rally against the political establishment. sara murray joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like the first gop debate did cause something of a shake up in the field. that is good news for the candidates who are running against washington. now we also got a really big dose of retail politics this weekend in iowa. let's take a look. donald trump keeps soaring. landing at the top of a new folk news poll. getting support from one in four republican primary voters. trump isn't the only one climbing. rounding out the top tier of the anti-establishment crowd neuro surgeon ben carson drawing 12% support and texas senator ted cruz with 10%. losing ground jeb bush coming in fourth with 9% support. a 6 point drop from early august. now trump is offering more read
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meat for conservatives. a hard line immigration plan. saying on nbc's "meet the press" he even supports deporting children brought to the u.s. illegally. a step further than some of his gop rivals. >> you're going to split up families? chuck, no. we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but keep them together out? >> they have to go. >> reporter: trump's six-page proposal calls for an end to birthright citizenship. a provision inenshrined in the constitution that grants citizenship to those born in the u.s. it puts stricter limits on legal immigration and pushes penalties on mexico if they refuse to fund a wall along the border. but for most of the weekend, a spotlight wasn't on policy but retail politics at the iowa state fair. >> yeah! >> reporter: jeb bush looking to boost his sagging poll numbers spent four hours there eating
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food and playing games. his super pac is pitching in spending $10 million on ads in the early states. as for trump, it was a cost claustrophobic chaotic spin through the fairgrounds complete with a ride for kids on the chopper. >> reporter: some groups are applauding it and immigration advocates are slamming. the big question is what do voters think? >> we'll talk about that in the next block of newsroom at 9:15 eastern time. in other news homeowners living near the site of the powerful explosions in northern china are demanding answers from their government. some want compensation. others are worried about lingering contamination. officials say the air and water are safe but they don't have a list of the chemicals store at the temporary warehouse that exploded violently.
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in the meantime anger grows so does the death toll from the blast. 114 people now confirmed dead. cnn has more for you. >> reporter: the closer we get to the blast site, the more it becomes clear how devastatingly powerful the explosions were. 20 people were sleeping in the dormitory for migrant workers. everything came tumbling down and everybody inside, we're told, made it out alive. incredibly without being seriously hurt. but we know there are many others who unfortunately are still in the hospital right now. 698 people being treated in hospitals. 114 now confirmed dead, at least. and 70 are still missing. the families of some of the people who live in this area are very angry. they've been protesting. we saw them outside of a government press conference earlier today demanding that the government buy back their homes. they want compensation because they say they lived too close to
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this now destroyed warehouse where a long list of toxic chemicals were being housed and they don't feel safe. >> the chemical stuff is all over. it was like a fire, you know, exploding everywhere. >> reporter: right now more than 2,000 troops are working alongside hundreds of bio chemocam experts. they're testing the air and the ground water and the sea water and the soil for the contamination from the disaster. chemicals are still strewed about everywhere. we discovered them here at the site. we notified the government and they sent in the fire department clean it up. it goes to show the full scale of this disaster and the environmental impact and the exact toxic chemicals are unknown as the chinese government promises a full criminal investigation amid growing public criticism and questions about how this could have happened. >> will ripley reporting this morning. indonesian searchers think
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they spotted the debris of the airliner that crashed yesterday. but bad weather forced hundreds of people to suspend search and rescue operations. the government released pictures where they think the plane went down and will continue searching as soon as they can. the plane was carrying 54 passengers. one million acres up in smoke. western states dealing with one of the worst fire seasons in years. a live report after a break. (woman) you want to eat... want to eat, who wants to eat... (dog) do i want to eat? yes, i want to eat. (woman) do you want to eat? (dog) do i want to eat, yes. that's like nine times you've asked...yes. i mean it's beneful. i can actually see the meaty chunks and carrots right there...look at it. it's beautiful. mmmmmmm, thank you so much... but you know tomorrow night... 'bout we just assume i do want to eat... know speed things up a little. (vo) beneful chopped blends, a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. made with real beef. plus carrots and barley that you can see. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
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i want to take you out to the streets of new york city in the middle of the crowd of reporters is donald trump. you see his hair there? yes. he reported to jury duty, and as you can see, most of the crowd consists of media, but there are some people just taking pictures. you can see the young woman in the striped shirt is very happy she got a picture of donald trump. in a moment, he'll walk to the top of the stairs to the courthouse and he'll turn and
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waive like a true politician. he said on friday that he thought the summons to serve on a jury would be kind of fun. he has missed five someones summons in the past. he was fined $250. but he did show up this time. i'll let you enjoy the pictures for a moment. he's going to turn and wave to the crowd like the true politician he's becoming, and then he'll go to join 700 other people who have been summoned to jury duty. we'll keep you posted. in other news, we're keeping a close eye on a story unfolding in thailand. a cnn crew in central bangkok is reporting that bomb squads are on the scene of an explosion and actively working to diffuse a bomb. according to various media reports at least a dozen people
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are confirmed dead many more are wounded. it's not clear who is behind the blast but it appeared to a target a shrine that is often visited by tourists. cnn is working to nail down the newest details. we'll bring you any new developments as they come to us. fast moving wild fires across a dozen states have blackened more than 1 million acres. it's getting worst by the minute. triple digits heat and severe drought make the fire season one of the worst in years. the situation so dire that 4,000 california prison inmates have been enlisted to fight the flames. even canada, australia, and new zealand are sending firefighters. chad meyers is covering this morning. >> reporter: hi, carol. behind me is the rain expected over the next 120 hours. not a drop where we need it. sure, there will be rain in the plains but not where the fires are. the fires here washington, oregon, idaho, and there's going to be a little bit of wind in wyoming today as next storm
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system rolls on by. this is a serious situation. if you go back all the way to the beginning of the year, there has been 10,000 square miles burned across the united states. that is larger than the state of new jersey. that is larger than the state of vermont or new hampshire all bigger. how much land has burned out there to the west. here is the real problem, the problem it has been drought. there has been drought for so long from seattle to central california. i know, we focus a lot on california and how much drought there is there but it has been dry all across. exceptional drought across the areas here from california through arizona and even into parts of nevada. look at death valley today. it will get to 120 degrees. i know, it's death valley and it's not humid but that's not the heat index. that's the real temperature. 115 in blithe. it was 117 in phoenix on friday. it will be 111 today.
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the problem is it's not cooling down at night. temperatures are very, very warm. so even salt lake city at 91, las vegas 111 degrees. you want to go outside? you walk down the strip in las vegas it's going to just -- it will be stifling there. palm springs 114. carol, remember the temperatures you always see are in the shade. if you are standing in the sun or on asphalt, those temperatures will be warmer than that. >> all right. just awful. chad meyers reporting live for us, thank you so much. donald trump gives us new details about the immigration plan. a border wall? deporting 11 million people? that's just the beginning. but your stellar notebook gives hanyou the gumptionlc. to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these office depot brand notebooks just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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we're getting more information out of thailand and
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it's terrible news, to be frank. the pictures are so horrifying out of bangkok we can't show you most of them because the carnage there. a series of blasts have gone on in central bangkok near a hindu shrine. it's 8:15 p.m. in thailand right now, and around that hindu shrine is also major shopping areas, a five-star hotel, some people say it was a car bomb that is to blame for the huge explosion and the carnage, but let's check with the southeast asia bureau chief steve herman. he's on the phone now. what you tell us, steve? >> caller: well, it is a scene of pandemonium here. we were at the gate shortly after the blast. we were able to see six bodies covered with sheets, and the middle of the intersection here one of the busiest intersections in central bangkok, there are body parts strewn in the intersection. there are several charred motorcycles that were hit by the
6:22 am
force of the blast. it came from inside the shrine. we did have one unnamed official here on the scene confirm to us that it was a bomb blast. they have not told us at the scene a total number of casualties. a number of people have been transported from the scene and were injured. we've seen at least six bodies. apparently as many as -- or more. and they are -- they keep pushing the cordoned area back and back. they're worried about a second blast going off. we saw in the intersection an old electronic circuit that police did seize as evidence. there is a bomb disposal unit on the scene in the full protection suit, and they're nervous. there are hundreds of rescue personnel on the scene. notion reporters there are also tourists milling about. there would have been dozens if
6:23 am
not perhaps a hundred tourists inside that shrine when the blast went off. >> let's talk about that shrine. it's not often you hear a hindu shrine targeted. so did it have to do more with it being a tourist area or hinduism itself? >> caller: this shrine is popular with tourists, but right next to the grand hyatt hotel would have also been visiting there. there are usually dance performances going on. people come to make offerings, and we're stepping very carefully. we're being pushed back more. we have to be careful where we step because there are just parts that are covered with little pieces of paper all around the area. >> and just a final question for you, there was a military coup that ousted the civilian government in may of last year.
6:24 am
were there incidents similar to this surrounding that? >> caller: after that occurred, that has been relatively peaceful. there have been minor incidents in the country. before the coup there were a number of small blasts that took place at common concentratidemot this is obviously something different. i don't want to speculate at this point as to who may have cost this. we have to be careful here. we're next to the police hospital and it looks like there's falling blasts right now. it is a very intense and still somewhat dangerous scene here. well over an hour after this occurred. >> steve herman, thank you very much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. to recap in case you missed it. at least six people dead in bangkok, thailand. apparently some sort of bomb blast went off near a hin drew
6:25 am
shri -- hindu shrine there. this is right at the tourist area. we're getting new video of the explosion. can we put it up? there it is. i'm seeing it -- oh, my goodness. you can see it was an intense bomb blast that went on. as you heard steve herman just reporting, there are body parts strewn in the area, and there's no telling how many people have died. but, again, this is in bangkok, thailand. some sort of powerful bomb blast near a hindu shrine. very popular with tourists. there's a five-star hotel nearby, and also, shops like burberry. this is a place where many tourists frequent. when we get more information, of course, we'll pass it along. wow. i'm going to take a break. we'll be back with more in "the news room."
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of bangkok thailand. a terrible explosion at the hindu shrine there. one very popular with tourists it's a hindu shrine. some sort of huge bomb blast going on. we have video of the moment of impact. let's watch. oh, you can see that bright flash of light and cnn has confirmed at least five people died because of the blast. there may be many, many more casualties and many more dead. we had a reporter on the scene tell us there's body parts scattered around the scene. some of the pictures are so gruesome we cannot show them on television. this is a shrine well attended by tourists. a lot of people go-to-look at the shrine and to see it.
6:31 am
it's a peaceful place usually. it's in the middle of a tourist area near a five-star hotel. there's many upscale shops around. also, the shrine, interestingly enough, is attended by many buddists. i don't know if it has anything to do with anything. i want to bring in bobby ghosh. your initial reaction to this. >> caller: well, the numbers from maximum damage and maximum -- this is equivalent of setting off a bomb in new york's times square. everyone close to bangkok goes to erawan. it's a beautiful templtemple. next to it is a renaissance hotel, there's a holiday inn. there are malls and shops nearby. this is a very, very heavily trafficked area. a bomb goes off at 7:00 in the evening, it is timed and placed
6:32 am
for maximum damage. there's been reports police have found another bomb in another part of town. that, too, suggests they were looking to maximize both the visibility of what they're doing as well as the number of victims they could possibly kill. this is really hard to wrap my head around this. thailand is not the place for this kind of violence. there's an insurgency in some of thailand but that's localized. we haven't seen this scale of violence in bangkok or more generally in the country. >> it's hard to wrap your head around it's a hindu shrine. you don't hear many stories about hindu shrines or temples being targeted by terrorists. do you think it was more a targeting of the area not the temple? >> caller: i would have to get a better sense of where the bomb was. i understand it was generally placed in a motorcycle, but, yes, my initial instinct would
6:33 am
be it -- it is a big terrorist -- beg your pardon a big tourist spot. there's a dense population of people around. 7:00 in the evening there would be a lot of people hanging out there enjoying the shops. i mean, thailand is mostly buddhist country. and my foreign tourists -- as a memb -- >> bobby hang on. we have new pictures coming. it. i want to explain what the new pictures are. these are pictures from hospitals around the area, and we do expect the number of casualties to rise, as i said. at least five confirmed dead now, bobby, but we've heard that
6:34 am
body parts are scattered throughout the area and many, many people are injured. it's just truly heartbreaking because these people were visiting a temple, you know, number one and visiting a beautiful country in a beautiful city of bangkok. >> caller: yeah. and one that has very little track record of this kind of activity. southeast asia, in general, is a peaceful part of the world. and bangkok is, you know, celebrates itself being a place where people from around the world can come and enjoy lots of different activities, great food, loving, loving people very friendly to tourists in general. it's like putting a knife through the heart not only of bangkok but thailand or thai people. it is a big, big shock.
6:35 am
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otezla. show more of you. finally republican frontrunner donald trump reveals how he fights immigration if e electabilitied president. one of the top priorities to end birthright citizenship which allows children born in the united states to be granted citizenship even if their parents came here illegally. to do so would require a change in the u.s. constitution. here is how trump responded when he was pressed on the issue by nbc's chuck todd. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards and when people come in -- >> you're going split up families? you're going to deport children? >> no. we're going to keep the families together. >> you're going to keep them together out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. they have to go. we have a country or we don't have a country. >> among some of the other
6:38 am
highlights make mexico pay for the border wall, deport criminal aliens, suspend new green card issue chances, and triple immigration agents along the border. mr. trump didn't say how he would pay for them. critics warn trump's plan is dangerous and would result in a police state. let's talk about that. welcome, tara. and rick wilson is with us, too. a republican strategies. so, tara, i want to start with you. trump's plan is it music to your ears? >> i definitely agree with the plan. of course, i do, of course as an american citizens, i have some questions about how -- of course, how are we going to fund it? but i also have faith that, you know, his policies everyone said he doesn't have any policies. we have no policies in place. so now he's rolling out his policies and especially on immigration. i do believe we have a huge
6:39 am
problem with the border. we've got to get a border. up. we have to get a wall. if the mexican government is pushed to make it happen, we have a lot of illegal immigrants that come in the country they make american money and send back to mexico to support their families. that money is going back to mexico. so the money is there to make that happen. >> terra, are you for changing the constitution? >> i think we get into a slippery slope when we start changing the constitution. i do. birthright citizenship i'm not, you know, i don't necessarily think that -- i don't necessarily know i agree whole heartedly with changing the constitution. i don't. i'm still up in the air. it's definitely one of the things that it is definitely a slippery slope. >> at lot of people would agree with you. rick wilson, you have worked on behalf of conservative
6:40 am
republican candidates dick cheney among them. what do you think about donald trump's plan? >> i think this plan represents a really strong dichotomy between limited government and status nationalism. i think there are a lot of details here that are going to be very, very popular among both the trump base and other people. no one is dismissing that immigration is an enormous problem. no one is dismissing we have a problem with sanctuary cities. there are a whole range of things wrong with the immigration system. i think trump promised things that will be difficult to deliver. the birthright citizens question is a large and meaningful redefinition of what it is to be an american. the second thing i think is problematic he's talking about deporting between 11 and 20 million people. in order to do that, you're going to have to build an a
6:41 am
apparatus so intrusive into american life there are a lot of unintended consequences. >> explain that. i want you to get into that. you said trump's plan would create a police state. what do you mean by that? >> if you're going to deport up to 20 million people, he's talking about deporting them. they are being rounded up and shipped over the boarder. okay. no witness agrees if you're a criminal illegal you ought to be shipped back. that's in most every republican's plans. very few people are as direct about this as trump has been. i was saying he's going deport 20 million people. the people happiest are trump's most fanatical supporters and hillary clinton. because this is a sweeping and enormous expansion of police power at the federal level. he's talking about preempting local law enforcement, taking state and local law enforcement out of the picture and using it some sort of nonexistent federal force right now.
6:42 am
talk about tripling the i.c.e. budget. you're going talk about deporting 20 million people, i mean, whether it's a great idea or not, if it's -- let's say all 20 million were illegal criminals, horrible people. trying to deport that many people is an enormous logistical question that we are not -- we have never grappled with something of that scope and scale. it's an expansion of government power i think like the tsa and obamacare and the department of homeland security it will grow and metastasize and become something people don't like at the end of the day. >> terra, what do you think? >> i really do -- i agree whole heartily with rick. i think a huge amount of infrastructure has to be put in place to make something of this -- i mean, it's huge. it's a huge plan. how do we make it happen? i think his heart, i think his mind is in the right place. i think a lot of people -- my
6:43 am
question is how does this affect our economy? yes, a lot of illegal immigrants are in this country making money, but from america they send it back -- but they also do spend a lot of their money here in the united states. so economically how will it affect the united states of america? i really do -- i love the plan. i love the idea that, hey, let's get some of these illegal immigrants out of the country get them out of here. so maybe more whites who have not been able to acquire jobs, maybe they can get into jobs. some of the blacks -- >> so terra, just an added question for you. i get what you're saying, right. why didn't trump say every company that hires an illegal alien -- that's a terrible term. an illegal immigrant will be fined. we're going to come down hard on corporations who do that? why didn't he say that? >> you know, that's a very good
6:44 am
question. i mean, i even ask myself that. the only thing i can think of he's a businessman. a big thinker. he's a company guy. instead of coming down on big companies, let's come down on, hey, let's put up a plan in place we can wrangle them up. and we do we do deport. this country has deported. i had a good friend of mine he was here illegally, unfortunately, but he got deported back to his country. he went back to south america. i think that's one of the big things. we're so focussed on the border between mexico and the united states, but we have a lot of illegal immigrants coming from south america making that trek. my friend, he did he went back to his home country and we do, we facebook each other and talk to each other. but right now he's on a ten-year waiting list. he has to pay fines and the fees. >> i have to stop you there. your satellite window is about to run out. you're going to disappear and i don't want that to seem like we did that on purpose.
6:45 am
we haven't. terra, thank you very much. rick, button this up for us. you heard terra, she likes trump's plan but she's not totally sold on it. what does that mean for the presidential race? >> well, i think what you've got here is like a lot of other things about donald trump. there's a lot of anger and anxiety in the culture now. he's tapping into that. he doesn't feel the need to have a plan that is thought through or robust. it's a very emotional, very visceral reaction to the kind of things he says by people who believe they have been betrayed by the eefl establishment or what have you. they're looking for a sort of release, a sort of venting function with trump, and they're getting it in a plan like this that we -- when you lack at it and peel back the details economically and politically and in terms of the policy itself, you know, the details are a little shaky and the things are
6:46 am
more complicated and more consequential than the send them all back and build the wall rhetoric that is popular. like i said the plan will be enormously popular with his base and hillary clinton. she'll love this. this is the policy that launched a thousand ads in the fall of next year. >> all right. rick weilson, thank you. still to come in the newsroom in the wake of the deadly explosions in china, safety conditions in the country are under scrutiny. guess what. it ain't pretty. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. 2,000 chinese soldiers are
6:49 am
searching around the site of the enormous blasts. they're looking for anymore dangerous chemicals. we've been wondering about the intense explosions in china and the dangers they present. we still don't know what kind of chemicals are involved or what kind of chemicals could cause such violent blasts. also, what is the next step? is the air too toxic to breathe in northern china? let's bring in a chemical risk expert david liggham. do you have any idea what the chemicals are? >> actually, no, we don't. we have a full -- and two of those sodium cyanide are problematic. the other two are strong oxid e
6:50 am
oxidizers but not directly -- >> before you go on, sir, >> before you go on, what is sodium -- what did you say? sodium cyanide. >> the sodium cyanide and calcium car bide. >> what are they? what are they used for? >> okay. sodium cyanide is used industrially most often as an electroplating chemical, used in electroplating business to plate gold over zinc, things like that. it is extremely toxic, about a quarter of a teaspoon if you ingest it will kill you in about two minutes. carbon carbide is used to make plastics, some certain plastics, and it's water reactive, and when it reacts with water, you get a very flammable and very explosive gas. >> wow. okay. so the christian science monitor described the force of the blast best. it said the force of the initial blast equalled that of three
6:51 am
tons of tnt. the second explosion was seven times stronger, the equivalent of 21 tons of explosives. the explosions were so large they were seen by satellites in space. so when chinese firefighters first arrived on the scene, they used water to try to put out the fire. did that make the explosions worse? >> it is entirely a plausible scenario, and obviously we need to be careful at this point, but it's a very plausible scenario to say, yes, they were not aware that it was present in the fire and, therefore, putting water on the fire with calcium carbide present would make it a bad situation. i should say we don't yet know what other chemicals were in that warehouse that also would become explosive under strong heating such as in a fire. >> do you think the air is safe to breathe in northern china?
6:52 am
>> i don't know. i have never been there, but from what i read, you know, you don't want to be there for too long. let's put it that way. >> david leggett, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. really scary. north korea is threatening an attack on u.s. soil. this is because of military drills in south korea. threatening military action over the war games is nothing new but some say this year's rhetoric seems particularly amped up. the state run korean central news agency warns, quote, if the united states want their mainland to be safe than the ulchi freedom guardian exercises should stop immediately. brian todd has been following all things north korean. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: this morning a state department official has told us they were aware of this threat. this official stressed these exercises between the u.s. and south korea are defensive in nature, they are transparent and designed to increase the
6:53 am
readiness of south korean forces in that region. threats are not new, as you mentioned, from kim jong-un when these exercises take place. the exercises take place every year. the u.s. and south korea are very transparent about them, but as far as -- there are a couple things we have to say this morning about this threat. number one, as far as north korea's threat to strike at the u.s. mainland is concerned, u.s. officials and all the weapons experts we talk to are pretty much on the same page about this. north korea does not have the capability right now to strike at the u.s. mainland with nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles or anything else. they're working on it but right now they don't have that capability. another thing that is concerning, carol, is that in these exercises there are 50,000 south korean troops participating. there are 30,000 american troops participating. if kim jong-un decides to provoke something, those troops could be at risk right there in the region right there where those exercises are taking place, and one very important thing to think about this morning, carol, very recently kim jong-un for the first time since he took power actually
6:54 am
launched an attack outside of his own borders. north korean troops according to south korean officials crossed the demarcation line recently and planted land mines which badly injured two south korean soldiers. they almost were killed. both of them had to have parts of their legs amp paw tate utaa. south korea says they crossed the demilitarized zone and planted the land mines. that could be a sign that he's becoming a little more aggressive. those are things to watch out for this morning. >> all right. brian todd, many thanks to you, and brian will be on "the situation room" with wolf blitzer with the latest on north korea's threats. catch it tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern. a historic moment in professional sports. first ever active baseball player says he's gay.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
checking some top stories for you. tragedy in the family of actor morgan freeman. police found his step granddaughter stabbed outside her new york city apartment. her boyfriend has been charged. a witness described what he saw. >> i go to the window, and i see him on top of a woman, and i couldn't really see what was going on, but then the police came, like two police cars came and arrested the guy. >> e'dena hines who was 33 years old recently moved to new york to pursue acting. morgan freeman said in a statement her star continues to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. may she rest in peace. in south africa former olympian oscar pistorius could soon be released from prison. he's only served ten months of a five-year sentence for fatally shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. it released he will spend the rest of his sentence under house
6:58 am
arrest. steenkamp's family opposes the move says ten months behind bars for taking a life is not enough. for the first time ever, an active baseball player affiliated with a major league team has come out as gay. cnn's andy scholes joins us with more on milwaukee brewers prospect david denson. good morning, andy. >> good morning. david denson is a member of the brewers organization. he plays for a minor league team in helena, montana, and over the weekend he reached out to the milwaukee journal sentinel to announce he is, in fact, gay. in the past two years we have seen this in pretty much every major word. robbie rogers in major league soccer, jason collins in the nba, michael sam in the nfl and denson is the first active professional baseball player playing for a team affiliated with a major league club. now the way denson actually came out to his teammates is pretty unique. according to the sentinel, one of his teammates jokingly referred to him using a derogatory term for a gay male and denson responded with a smile saying, well, be careful
6:59 am
what you say, you never know. denson then went on to make the announcement to everyone on the team, and denson said the outcome was amazing and that everyone was very supportive of him, and brewers superstar ryan braun recently talked about this. he applauded the move and added that a gay player would be accepted at the major league level. >> it's a courageous move on his part. it's never easy to be the first one, first active player to come out in a situation like that. it's definitely a big step for baseball, i think a big step for sports, and hopefully people judge him based on his ability and not his race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality. >> throughout this process denson has had some help. he's been consulting with billy beane, who is a former major leaguer who came out as gay after his playing career, and last year bean was named major league baseball's first ambassador for inclusion. it's been a pretty tough protest for denson. at one point he said he was depressed about keeping this inside and it was really
7:00 am
affecting his performance on the field. since revealing he is gay, he said it's a huge relief and now he can just go out and concentrate on playing baseball. >> a couple years ago i interviewed justin verlander and max scherzer on whether they would accept a gay player on their teams and both said they would be perfectly fine with it so that's great. >> it seems locker rooms these days are very accepting of this. >> i hope so. andy scholes reporting live. thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this hour with breaking news out of bangkok, thailand. watch your screen. here it is. that's a blast ripping through central bangkok. this is a very popular tourist area. at least five people are dead. many more are injured. bomb crews are now scouring the area saying there may still be a bomb that has not yet detonated. with me on the phone is steve herman, the southeast asia bureau chief for the voice of
7:01 am
america, and, steve, this is very much bangkok's times squ e square, right? >> reporter: that would be a fairly apt description accept in the heart of this times square is a religious shrine, a hindu shrine actually in this very buddhist country. nonetheless it's very popular with locals making offerings daily, and thousands and thousands of tourist, and it would obviously have been very crowded when this blast occurred, and there's no doubt from what i saw on the scene that this was an explosion and an official on the scene said it was a bomb blast, and now officials are more widely confirming at least one bomb blast at the erawan shrine. we saw six bodies covered with sheets inside of the shrine, one outside of the shrine. also an iron gate had bulged
7:02 am
outward indicating that the blast had occurred within the shrine, and then right in front of where that bulge was in the date, there were three motorcycles in the road on the ground turned over, two of them charred. now, that i think was from the original blast, the blast spreading out. we have heard reports that there were other bombs, some reports of other bombs being defused. we have not had anyone on the scene tell us that. we do know they were very concerned about additional explosions because after we arrived, there -- when we arrived there was no perimeter set up. then they pushed us back, set up the tape and moved back seven or eight times while we were there and now no one is allowed to get within about 70 meters of the shrine, carol. >> all right. stay safe, stephen herman from the voice of america joining us live. thank you so much. back here in the states, the
7:03 am
donald trump spectacle, same media circus, different stage. today he steps off the campaign trail and into the jury duty. he's soummoned to be on a new york city jury and he says he's eager to serve. >> i will be doing jury duty on monday morning in new york city. >> criminal court or district court? >> i don't know. it's one of the courts. >> are you looking forward to it? >> yeah, i'm looking forward to it. i think it's fine. >> jury duty is fun, isn't it? never mind trump has been summoned five times before and he hasn't shown up but he did this time alexandra field. >> reporter: he did, and he showed up in donald trump style. i think he was the only potential juror this morning who rolled up to the supreme court in lower manhattan in a black stretch limousine. it's now parked outside the court. it's the only real sign of special dispensation you could call it for the presidential candidate. otherwise court officers and officials tell us there will be no special treatment for donald trump. in fact, carol, we know that he was summoned to serve jury duty
7:04 am
five times. he missed all five of those summonses. his attorney tried to explain it by saying in fact, donald trump had never received the summonses. >> it's unfortunate. that whole scenario is just wacky. they claim they had sent it to him on several different occasions -- >> he's a jury skipper. shirking his civic duty. >> you have to serve it to the right property. they sent it to some property on central park south. i believe he owns the building but he doesn't reside there and nobody knows what happened to the document. >> nevertheless, because of those five appearances that donald trump failed to show up for there, there is a $250 fine which will be waived because he did turn up here today, carol. he's one of 700 jurors who were called to appear for jury duty today. if he isn't assigned to a case today he could be called back tomorrow. at that point if he isn't assigned it's likely he will be released having completed his civic duties. >> we'll be anxiously awaiting
7:05 am
to see whether he serves. alexandra field, thanks so much. reporting live this morning. donald trump may be stepping off the campaign trail, but his fellow republicans are still languishing in his shadow. the first national poll since the gop debate, trump holds onto his commanding lead, and significantly the top three candidates all have something in common. all of them are winning support with a shared message, railing against the political establishment. but will that kind of support last now that trump has unveiled details about his immigration plan? cnn political reporter sara murray joins us from washington with a closer look at that and more. good morning, sara. >> good morning, carol. yeah, when you take a look at this six-page immigration plan, it's areal a combination of some traditional republican ideas and a lot of things that are designed to appeal to far right conservatives. chief among them would be trump's plan to end birth right citizenship. that's something that's enshrined in the constitution and says if you are born in the u.s., you get to be an american citizen. he is looking to undo that.
7:06 am
also in the plan, make mexico pay for the border wall, we've heard this before. he lays out the penalties of how he wants to make them do it. he wants to deport all the undocumented although his plan is really specific in saying he wants to deport criminal aliens and defund sanctuary cities. donald trump isn't just looking to kurp i wicurb illegal immigr he's also looking to restrict legal immigration. he wants to suspend issuing new green cards. now, that's a big deal because while the plan makes it seem like it's temporary, it does not say for how long you'd want to suspend that, and that's the main pipeline for legal immigration. he also wants to change admission standards for refugees. now, when you dig into this plan, there are a lot of things here that would be very difficult to accomplish, chief among them of course is birth right citizenship thing. republicans in congress have tried to do it before and they have gotten nowhere, but the other thing to point out is this
7:07 am
could be a very expensive plan. when you're talking about building a border along -- or building a wall along the southern border with mexico, when you're talking about e verify for all workers, when you're talking about more customs and immigration enforcement agents and talking about rounding up and deporting all of the undocumented immigrants in the u.s., this is not a small price tag and it's definitely going to make it difficult if it were ever to come to congress, carol. >> all right, sara murray reporting live for us this morning. thank you. brace yourself for record heat again. i'm talking to you, boston, new york, philadelphia, d.c., and pittsburgh. soaring temperatures are also fueling wildfires out west and don't look for a break anytime soon. according to nasa global temperatures from january to may were the warmest five months ever. chad myers is here to tell us more. good morning, chad. >> good morning, carol. and very dry out west. hot and dry, those are the ingredients you need for a fire season. so far this year more than
7:08 am
10,000 square miles of land have burned. now, that's last year and this year together, but the season from 2015, from early to now, 10,000 square miles. that's the size of new jersey. >> reporter: out of control flames spreading, already burning over 1 million acres across eight states. a growing wildfire crisis fueled by erratic winds, lightning, and soaring temperatures. >> we are not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: over 100 large wildfires are burning uncontained. >> it's just awful. this is the worst in all my life. >> reporter: officials invoking the nation's highest fire alert level. >> it's really upsetting. you don't want to see anybody lose their homes. >> reporter: resources are stretched thin as thousands of firefighters are working overtime. some battling conditions exacerbated by california's historic drought. >> every resource that you can
7:09 am
think of is on short demand in this country right now. >> reporter: over a thousand residents warned to flee the infernos. >> it's pretty unimaginable. there's no preparing for this. >> reporter: some barely escaping the flames. >> this whole ridge was on fire. that whole hillside there. this whole hillside was on fire last night. i was literally outrunning flames at 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: hundreds of homes and structures from california to washington left smoldering, reduced to ashes. >> it was pretty scary. i have never seen a storm, a firestorm like this travel this fast. >> reporter: in washington about 9,000 homes were without power as wildfires out chelan burned down utility poles. >> everything that can be done now is being done out there, and our first priority is protecting people and homes. >> carol, look at this. the temperatures here across the southwest today, vegas it's going to get to 111. in phoenix on friday it was 117. today a cool 111. farther up to the northwest where things are just as hot, we
7:10 am
are going to be in the 80s and 90s all across the pacific northwest. one other thing that just happened, i want to just draw your attention to it, earthquake hit san francisco or at least near the east bay area. it was a 4.2 shaking here for about a minute. so if you are awake and don't know why, someone was shaking your bed. yes, that was the earth shaking underneath the bay area this morning about 18, 20 minutes ago. >> so 4.2, is that just like an ah in san franciscoian's mind? >> it will stop mass transit in some spots but that's a hey, get out of bed, it's monday, get going. >> i'd prefer a different kind alarm myself. chad myers, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," bad weather hamp hampering efforts to reach a crashed indonesian plane. the one on your right is made out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear into the room
7:11 am
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crews have spotted small
7:15 am
pieces of debris in a remote area of indonesia believed to be from a crashed plane. the bad weather forced them to call off their search efforts until tomorrow. the tri ghana air flight lost contact with air-traffic control on sunday. villages report seeing the plane hit a mountain. 54 people were on board including 5 children. cnn's kathy novak is following the story from seoul. she joins me live. >> reporter: hi, carol. yes, the search effort has been called off for tonight. it's dark and the weather is too bad. ground crews had been hiking through this very rugged terrain. it is mountainous, very steep, and thick, heavy jungle, and now they are spending the night on the mountain because fog rolled in and it got dark and they just cannot do anything anything else until the morning and only if the weather clears up. what that means for the families of the 54 people on board is they are spending a second night now without any answers.
7:16 am
we're being told this is still a search and rescue mission, but the head of the operations is telling cnn there is very little chance that anyone would have survived this kind of crash, but they are going to try to get out into that area again in the morning if the weather allows them. all of this is raising questions once again about the safety record of indonesian airlines. in the past year or even less, we saw this would be the third crash. in december the air asia flight that was carrying 162 people on board crashed killing everyone and then more recently in june 130 or more people died when a military plane crashed, and now we're being told very little hope for the 54 people, including 5 children, on board this flight. carol? >> kathy novak reporting live for us this morning. thank you. checking some other top stories for you at 16 minutes past. in san diego five people are dead after two small planes collided in midair as both aircraft were approaching an
7:17 am
airport. the crash was described as very violent and then it sparked several brush fires. the faa and ntsb are investigating. an army skydiver who served five tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan has died after being injured in an air show. sergeant first class corey hood was performing at the chicago air and water show when he struck another diver in midair. he then hit a building and fell 30 stories. witnesses say they thought the accident was part of the show until they realized what happened. the other skydiver involved was treated for a broken leg. the u.s. says its pulling its patriot missile defense system out of turkey. the two countries released a joint statement saying the units were in need of critical upgrades and could be back in turkey within a week if needed. the missiles had been set up on the syrian/turkish border. will he or won't he? that is the big question when it
7:18 am
comes to vice president joe biden and whether biden plans to jump into the presidential race. for days it's believed biden has been mulling over a decision which sources say could come by the end of the summer. democratic front-runner hillary clinton met with the president over the weekend on martha's vineyard where the commander in chief is vacationing. let's get right to cnn's jim acosta. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right. while president obama is enjoying his vacation on martha's vineyard, vice president joe biden was spending some of his time off last week determining whether he should make a run for the white house. sources close to the vice president say he's not really near a decision right now, which is expected to come at the end of the summer, perhaps as late as october, but biden spent his vacation in south carolina, an early primary state and home to one of his biggest loyalists, the former chairman of that state's democratic party but his advisers are gaming out the challenge he would face should he choose to take on hillary clinton. she has the organization and much of the party behind her.
7:19 am
if you look at the latest polls, biden would have to play some major catch-up against vermont senator bernie sanders who is gaining on clinton in the polls. here is what sanders had to say about the possibility of a biden candidacy. >> i have known joe for many, many years, and everybody who knows joe likes him and respects him. the decision as to whether or not he runs is his. if he does run, i promise him an issue-oriented campaign. we'll debate the major issues facing the american people. >> reporter: now, as for hillary clinton, she and her husband, former president bill clinton, were here on martha's vineyard over the weekend. white house official tells us the former secretary of state did chat briefly with president obama on saturday night. that was after mr. obama and bill clinton were hitting the golf course together on saturday, and that may be the biggest challenge to biden, carol. it is this optic, this image of the obamas and the clintons, both camps have really healed those wounds that existed way back in 2008 and in many ways hillary clinton is sort of
7:20 am
carrying the mantel of the obama legacy heading into this next presidential election. that's the view of many people not only inside the white house but inside the democratic party as well. i'm told hillary clinton is already seen by top democratic strat i strategists who will protect and expand on president obama's legacy. white house officials have been talking of the vice president saying president obama believes tapping biden as his vp was the best political decision he has made. it sets up an interesting dilemma for president obama, having to choose between hillary clinton and joe biden. that was his team of rivals. nobody ever thought they would run against each other for president, carol. >> interesting. jim acosta reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," two months after the supreme court made same-sex marriage legal, many couples are still finding it difficult to get married.
7:21 am
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most states have been abiding by the u.s. supreme court's gay marriage ruling. but there are still a few holdouts. brian nobles joins me now with details. >> the biggest showdown right now is in kentucky, and that's where the clerk kim davis is denying marriage licenses to anyone, gay or straight. as a result the aclu is suing on behalf of four couples, two of them straight, two of them gay to get her to start issuing those licenses. now, a judge ordered an immediate preliminary injunction for her to do so while the case is pending, but her lawyers immediately pushed back and asked for a stay in this case. the case is still pending. i talked to the clerk's office this morning in this case, and they told me they're not issuing marriage licenses to anyone, gay
7:26 am
or straight. now, in alabama, this is another front in this battle, and in alabama there are actually 11 counties in that state that are also not issuing licenses to anyone gay or straight, and there's also a state senator who has proposed a law that would essentially take the state out of the marriage license business. instead, couples would enter into a private contract that they would then file with the state, so, carol, it's basically an effort to take the public officials out of this game completely, but the aclu points out in alabama there are no pending cases, there's no one who has made a complaint they haven't been able to obtain a license -- >> so nobody is getting married in alabama or kentucky? >> in these 11 counties and it's only one county in kentucky. the aclu points out in the vast majority of the country there's been a pretty orderly experience here where everyone for the most part has been able to get these licenses without much of a problem, and they're actually surprised it went as well as it did given all the passion behind the same-sex marriage issue.
7:27 am
>> what are the states of kentucky and alabama doing about these clerks? >> well, in kentucky in particular the governor himself actually gave a direct order to this clerk, that she needed to respond and issue these licenses, but essentially this is going to be adjudicated in the courts and that's one of the things that the aclu is concerned about because even though it is in these small pockets of resistance, if it gets down a certain judicial track and a conservative judge for instance says, yes, this clerk has the ability to shower her religious beliefs over her entire office it could have broader implications across the country. >> brian, thank you so much. i appreciate it. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me today. ohio governor john kasich a getting a big boost from a fellow republican. the alabama governor, robert bentley, endorsed john kasich. the pair appear together at the
7:28 am
state sports hall of fame. kasich has been on a roll following the first gop debate. just last week he picked up a key new hampshire endorsement but this one is particularly important because it comes from a southern state and it certainly is just one example of john kasich's broader appeal. today's presidential front-runner, however, donald trump, is taking a break from the campaign trail to report for jury duty. last hour he arrived out the new york state supreme court building, this as the real estate mogul continues to edge out his republican challengers. a new fox news poll shows trump in the lead with 25% among republican voters. second place the anti-establishment candidates ben carson and ted cruz. jeb bush, he's not even in double digits but try to wrap your head around this. trump leads the pack, yes, but more than 50% of republican voters say trump isn't even qualified for the oval office. say what? that's what i said. with me now to talk about this,
7:29 am
cnn politics senienior reporter steven collins and nia-malika henderson. what do you make of that? >> well, i think these folks are thinking about not necessarily electability right now. they are thinking about who is saying what they want to hear and who is sort of the portrait of strong leadership, and that is certainly something that donald trump has tried to convey over the last many weeks he's been riding high in the polls. he's very much set the agenda, set the tone for the conversation and i think it will be up to the other candidates to figure out if they're going to chase behind donald trump, if they're going to try to punch him in the nose in the way rand paul has or what they're going to try to do because he's taking up so much of the oxygen, but yet and still, there are all of those other people, you say 52% thinks he's not qualified to be president. well, that means, you know, 48% or so do think he's qualified to be president. so, you know -- >> okay.
7:30 am
so glass half full, nia. i like that. some other strange results of this poll, most voters, most republican voters think trump did the worst in the debate. 21% say they don't even like trump. is this the weirdest candidate ever, steven? >> yeah, i think so. he's certainly sustained his challenge a lot more than -- for a lot longer time than many people thought, but i think what's going on with these polls showing anti-establishment, unconventional politicians doing really well is that if you spend any time talking to conservative activists, there's deep disappointment that the likes of john boehner and mitch mcconnell have not been able to enact a more comprehensive conservative agenda in washington. that's why i think people at this early stage of the election are turning towards candidates who are anti-establishment and they're not real politicians. they're saying i could fix this and you don't need to go through the normal establishment political channels in washington. you know, the question is how long that's going to be
7:31 am
sustained. those numbers about likability and whether mr. trump is qualified to be president are going to be right at the forefront of voters' minds in six months when they actually cast their vote rather than talk to pollsters. >> so donald trump is trying to patch things up with the women of america, right, because he was on "new day" -- or actually mr. cohen, one of his campaign people, was on "new day" this morning. donald trump says the campaign will reveal how much trump pays women in his organization and they want other candidates to do the same. this is what mr. cohen said this morning. >> unlike the others, like hillary and her iowa fair said that she's the only one who can really understand women's rights and so on. donald trump's been living this for more than 30 years. he's not a gender-based payer. he's a performance based payer meaning if you do the job, he doesn't care if your name is mary or it's joe. he wants the job done. he wants it done right. >> you're saying it's not just about what you say, it's about
7:32 am
what you do, and you're saying you're coming out with these numbers because you want to issue a challenges to the field. what's the challenge? >> i would like to see the other candidates, gop as well as democrat as well as hillary, i would be curious to see how many males versus females she has in her organization. >> so, nia, i'd be up for that. >> yeah, i think people want to see that. again, you have donald trump's campaign sort of setting the terms of the debate. who knows if hillary clinton is going to meet that challenge and release those numbers. they've also been challenging jeb bush calling his remark that you don't need half a billion dollars for women's health, talking about planned parenthood, they have said that was a 47% remark likening it to mitt romney's gaffe back in 2012. they're issuing all sorts of challenges. we'll see whether or not people actually follow through. ironic here though because just ten days ago or so we were talking about donald trump and how he was going to damage the gop's chances among women, damage his own chances among
7:33 am
women voters in a gop primary but here he is framing himself or michael cohen framing donald trump as sort of on the vanguard in terms of women's right and feminism, sort of ironic. >> yes. i think it's very ironic. i don't mean to laugh about it, but it's just such -- it's been such a strange political season so far. especially donald trump shows up for jury duty, right, stephen. he hasn't five times before but this time he shows up because he thinks it's going to be kind of fun. we think he's going to be dismissed, but he played it like a politician. the media surrounded him on the steps of the courthouse. he walked up the steps and at the top he turned and waved to people. they took pictures. >> yeah. i think that's a sign of the political evolution of donald trump in many ways. people didn't think he could be a very effective politician, but by putting out immigration plans, talking about women voters, putting on this show as he goes to jury duty, he's showing that he's actually quite
7:34 am
an astute politician. he understands people. he understands audiences, and that's something that's going to be very interesting to watch. does he become more of a traditional politician? he came into this race with nothing to lose. now he's leading in the polls. he does have something to lose and it will be interesting to see how he safeguards that position. >> yes, it will, stephen collinson and nia ma-malika henderson. i appreciate it. demanding answers. hundreds of chinese residents forced from their homes want to know where they're going to live.
7:35 am
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2,000 chinese soldiers are searching around the site of this blast in northern china. they're looking for any dangerous chemicals. in the meantime people living in the area are demanding answers from the government. many worried about lingering contamination from the explosions. as anger grows, so does the death toll. there are now 114 confirmed deaths, 70 others still missing. here is more from cnn's will ripley. >> reporter: carol, the closer we get to the blast site, the more it becomes clear just how devastatingly powerful these explosions were. look at this, 20 people were sleeping in this dormitory for migrant workers. you can see their beds. everything came tumbling down, and everybody inside we're told made it out alive incredibly without being seriously hurt. but we know that there are many others who, unfortunately, are still in the hospital right now. 698 people being treated at hospitals. 114 now confirmed dead at least, and 70 are still missing.
7:40 am
and the families of some of the people who live in this area are very angry. they've been protesting. we saw them outside of a government press conference earlier today demanding that the government buy back their homes. they want compensation because they say they lived too close to this now destroyed warehouse where a long list of toxic chemicals were being housed and they don't feel safe. >> the chemical stuff is all over. i saw -- it was like a fireworks exploding, flying to everywhere. some parts might fall to our yard, to our home. >> reporter: right now more than 2,000 troops are working alongside hundreds of biochemical experts. they're testing the air, they're testing the groundwater and the seawater and the soil for contamination from this disaster, but chemicals are still strewn about everywhere. we discovered them right here at this site, and we notified the government and they sent in the fire department to clean it up. it goes to show the full scale of this disaster and the environmental impact and the
7:41 am
exact toxic chemicals involved are still unknown as the chinese government promises a full criminal investigation amid growing public criticism and questions about how this could have happened. carol? >> will ripley reporting from northern china. where are the high paying jobs in the united states? for a while now unemployed americans have been desperately searching for those jobs. it turns out they may have been here and available all along. christine romans is cnn's chief business correspondent. really? >> now we have entered a new phase of the recovery. this new report from georgetown, from the expert on this, it's called good jobs are back, college graduates are first in line. they analyzed all the new jobs since 2010 and found about half of them were high-paying jobs. what am i talking about? jobs that are $53,000 a year or more. jobs that tend to have health insurance. jobs that tend to have a retirement plan, so there are good jobs out there and when they break it down, 2.9 million of them high-paying jobs.
7:42 am
these are all the jobs out of the recovery. you can see that old narrative that so many of the jobs were low-income jobs just not holding true. that was true in the first part of the recovery, but recently we've been adding better jobs. science, technology, engineering, math, managerial roles, health care. these are the kinds of jobs we're seeing really picking up steam right now. >> that's awesome. >> it's good, and when you look at those jobs, carol, who are these jobs going to? about 80% of them are going to college graduates. so this report saying these millennials, new college graduates kind of weighing in on is college worth it debate? it is worth it. we're finding it is worth it. the recovery has been too slow and that's what this report also finds from georgetown, the recovery has been too slow. it's been kind of an abysmal post really depression recovery, but now we're at this stage where the kinds of jobs we're seeing come back are these high-paying jobs. >> it's interesting to see how it will affect the presidential election, right? >> yes, absolutely.
7:43 am
>> christine romans, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," should kids get trophies just for showing up? one super bowl-winning lineback er says no way. linebacker says . i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's...
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this week, these office depot brand notebooks just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. tim tebow is back. the now philadelphia eagles quarterback took to the field in the eagles' preseason opener against the colts on sunday. former florida star through for 69 yards and ran for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. the team won 36-10. who knows, tebow may be back for good.
7:48 am
we'll keep you posted. nfl linebacker james harrison is sick and tired of america's trophy culture. you know how kids and young athletes get participation trophies, participation trophies for just showing up, and he's apparently decided to strip his kids of some awards that they just received because he, quote, wants them to earn a real trophy. you know, actually do something to like earn the trophy. i think he's going to be father of the year. cnn's kelly wallace joins me now. >> a lot of people are with you there. >> but then i don't have children and i don't know what it's like so i'll just be totally transparent. >> yeah, yeah. well, it has set off a national conversation because parents are saying what is the deal, right? the everyone has to get a trophy in order to succeed kind of syndrome, and he said in his statement on instagram, he said i'm sorry i'm not sorry for believing everything in life should be earned and i'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe they are entitled to something just because they tried their best
7:49 am
because sometimes your best is not enough and you have to go ahead and do better. i mean, i applaud him setting off this national conversation. i don't know if i would have done the same thing to my kids. they're 8 and 6 and those boys now have to send those trophies back. >> well, i was just talking to christine romans because she has little boys. i said what do you think about this james harrison thing and christine said i'm conflicted because i want my kids to participate and maybe they won't if they don't win a trophy. and i asked her, i said, christine, has not getting a trophy ever prevented you from participating in anything? >> see, i think the headline here is kids are much smarter than adults. we knew that already. they know what this is, right? they know it's just a trophy for showing up. they're much more excited if they win the championship or they get most improved -- >> are they still? >> i know. but i think the larger point here is what we've talked about before on your show, is this sort of doing everything we can to make our kids happy, not
7:50 am
letting them fail. kids need to learn how to fail, they need to learn how to lose. they need to learn johnny and tim and kelly and all these other people were better than them and it might encourage them to do better next time. >> my husband is a college professor. he says it's a terrible problem with college-aged kids because they expect to be successful at everything, and nobody is. and you're putting all of these high expectations on these kids to constantly succeed and win and it's hurting their psyches. >> we talk about depression and anxiety. it also probably discourages them from taking risks. i know another woman who is a professor at a college as well. she said her students are afraid to take chances in class. they know what to do to get the "a," but they're afraid to go off course and maybe get a "c." what's the worst thing that could happen. it is a bigger issue. i still might let my kids get the medal though. come on, james harrison! >> it's probably good i don't have children because i would make them give those trophies back. kelly wallace, thanks so much. >> thank you. still to come in the
7:51 am
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"the new york times" has published a blistering portrait of what it's like to work at the giant online retailer amazon. based on the article or cnn money team sums up amazon's corporate culture as five big nos. no middle ground, no mercy, no holding back, no stopping, and no balance. here to explain what that means is christine. i read this article, and i wouldn't want to work at amazon. >> yes. now, here is the thing, and in technology amazon is known as a pretty intense place to work, but what "the new york times" did was present some pretty
7:56 am
damning details specifically about people crying in the office, not being able to disconnect from their devices, penalized for taking vacation. what's called purposeful darwinism to weed out the weak lings and worst of all people getting edged out because they took time off for medical reasons like miscarriages. that's probably the worst of it. here is the issue for bezos. the company has been very public about it's ability to drive people to be the best, right? so what does that mean? and they're also very public about their principles. one of which is frugality, right? it's not surprising for a company that very rarely generates a profit for them to be frugal. the question is does that frugality and that intenseness translate to really mistreating employees? and the proof is in whether or not people continue to work at amazon, right? what's their retention like? and that's going to be really the proof. >> do we know what their
7:57 am
retention rate is? >> we don't know exactly what their retention rate is, and the company probably won't release any kind of details -- >> most of the employees in the article said they only worked there a year or so because they couldn't take it and they had to get out and that brought in new blood. >> exactly. but bezos responded saying this is not the company i know. this is certainly not -- these practices are certainly not ones i encourage. please come forward either to me or to the human resources department and report any of these practices. the problem is -- >> oh, come on! >> exactly, exactly. you know how that game goes, right? >> yeah. >> but, you know, "the new york times" did a pretty thorough job here. it says that it interviewed over 100 current and former employees. these are not isolated incidents. this is a pattern that "the new york times" was trying to establish, but, again, if you look at silicon valley and how competitive it is, good programmers, good talent is really hard to come by.
7:58 am
every tech executive that i speak to from a startup to the really established companies say talent is our biggest problem. we have talent wars. we have people willing to pay extreme amounts of money because there's a scarcity there, right? so amazon can't be a successful company if they continue to treat their employees -- if it's true, continue to treat their employees poorly, and they've been a successful company, so the question is how do you get that level of success by bashing your employees who could go work at google and facebook who have yoga in the middle of the day? we're talking about those perks compared to frugality at amazon? i don't know. something doesn't add up. >> yeah. well, it's an interesting article. you should read it. go to "the new york times" website and it's there. thanks very much. i appreciate it. checking some other top stories at 58 minutes past. in georgia the parents of kendrick johnson are saying officials played a role in covering up their son's death. saying an amendment to a $100
7:59 am
million lawsuit which was filed back in january. johnson's parents say the sheriff and the school superintendent allowed a person into the school gym to place their son's body inside of a rolled up gym mat for, quote, manufacturing alleged evidence of an accidental death. an attorney representing the sheriff's office claims this is false, outrageous, scurrilous, and scandalous. an iranian court is expected to announce a verdict in the trial of a jailed "washington post" reporter by the end of this week. this as a spokesperson for the iranian judiciary says jason rezaian's arrest has nothing to do with his work as a journalist. iran accuses rezaian of espionage and hostile acts. the u.s. state department calls those allegations absurd. the pentagon plans to step up its overseas drone program. according to "the wall street journal," it wants to increase flights by 50%. the defense department says the added flights would broaden surveillance and intelligence collection in areas including ukraine, iraq, syria, the south
8:00 am
china sea, and north africa. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. breaking news. a bomb explodes in thailand's equivalent of times square. the target appears to be a huge tourist attraction next to a five-star hotel. we will tell you what they just discovered at the scene. a passenger plane disappears carrying 54 people. one neighborhood may have the answer to what happened after a major discovery. and donald trump is, a, a billionaire, b, winning, c, bat man, d, all of the above? the new poll and the new policy that has everyone talking. this is cnn breaking news. i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. we have breaking news out of


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