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tv   New Day  CNN  August 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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strongly retaliate with they further provoke them. is this saber rattling or are they on the brink of war and how should the u.s. respond? we have the story the way only cnn can. we have will ripley live in beijing. what do we know at this hour, will? >> reporter: in the last hour, the ambassador wrapped up a strongly worded press conference. he said north korean troops have been mobilized along the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea. if the deadline of 5:00 p.m. local time saturday, if south korea doesn't stop broadcasting propaganda they will be ready launch surprise attacks. i visited back in may. a lieutenant described it as the most intense place where
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violence can break out anytime. three quarters of the troops are close to the heavily armed dmz. it's because of the joint military exercises happening now with the united states and south korea. they began on monday and go until august 28th, next friday. here is a time line of what's been unfolding. august 4th, a land mine exploded, injuring two south korea soldiers. they are denying they placed the land mine. august 10th, south korea was broadcasting propaganda with large loud speakers. saturday, north korea threatened indiscriminate strikes and sent a warning letter on thursday. thursday afternoon, that's when both sides traded fire. north korea launching a rocket. they responded with 36 artillery shells. today, kim jong-un saying he is ready put troops in a wartime state, south korea warning to
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retaliate. it appears now, chris, that the situation is only escalating. we have heard this rhetoric before, this is particularly sensitive and a dangerous time. >> will, thank you for setting the scene for us in terms of the provocations. the question now is will south korea concede to the north's deadline by tomorrow morn sng let's check if with kathy novak near the dmz. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: chris, it seems the short answer is no. south korea is refusing to stop the propaganda broadcast and preparing for further escalation. south korea will strongly retaliate if there is additional provocation from north korea and south korea is expecting there will be. north korea is very, very angry that south korea has restarted the campaign of psychological warfare, using the propaganda
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speakers along the border. north korea, as we know, likes to tightly control the message it gives citizens and with south korea broadcasting its own messages. north korea threatening to blow up the speakers. it's culminated the tensions that seem to be getting worse as the deadline approaches and, of course, as we know, this is happening as the united states and south korea hold joint military exercises, something else that makes them extremely angry. >> thank you so much for that. the u.s., as kathy mentioned is monitoring the conflict between the nations. let's get to barbara starr who has the latest for us in washington. barbara, good morning. >> good morning, michaela. the pentagon is going to continue the exercises with south korea in a number of nations in the region. the exercises designed to send a message north that the u.s. and the south koreans are ready to
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respond if north korea were to stage an attack. behind the rhetoric we are talking about, the u.s. intelligence community looking forward to reality. what is political theater and what is the actual military reality on the ground. u.s. satellites will be scouring for any indications of north korean troops on the move, but also very critically, all the back ups they would need. food, fuel trucks, ammunition, resupply. they have a lot of artillery near the border. they can absolutely stage an attack on almost no notice at anytime they want. if he's talking about putting his troops on the war footing, he has to feed them, provide fuel and he has to provide ammunition resupply. quickly, critically, the north koreans expert add deception. they have been moving to bury much weaponry underground. they can bring it out and use it very quickly, very difficult to
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detect. this is a big challenge for the u.s. intelligence community. alisyn. >> it sure is. thank you for explain thag. let's get more context. we bring in arthur chang. gordon, great to see you this morning. north korean troops mobilizing at the border. what does this mean? >> it means this is the way a war can start. this is what it would look like. it's not to say there would be war. i think north korea could do a number of things to surprise the south koreans and us. we could see detonations of bombs in seoul or something like that. nonetheless there is probably going to be something terrible. the reason is, inside the north korean regime there is turmoil. king jong-un executed two four-star generals this year. there's been a lot of fighting among him and army officers.
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that can't be a good thing in connection with what we have seen the last four or five days. >> it's ominous you believe something terrible will happen. they are known for saber rattling. you think this is beyond that? >> i'm sure it started out as bluster and saber rattling. they created a dynamic of their own. the problem for kim jong-un is he may not be able to back down. i don't think he's irrational. he's unpredictable. he's unpredictable by north korean standards. i'm not sure he knows what he wants to do. because of the severe fighting at the top where we have seen 85 senior officers and officials executed since he took over in december, 2011, because of this infighting, i think there's all sorts of things that could happen and probably will. >> north korea has given south korea a deadline of 4:00 a.m. our time to stop the messages
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they are broadcasting over the loud speakers. is that the answer? can it be de-escalated if the south stops the messages? >> if the south stops the messages, it could de-escalate. on the other hand, it could escalate things because kim jong-un realizing he can push them around may try to get further advances. he wants to bolster his legitimacy and his standing among military officers. nothing is better than that that one success after another. i don't know what the answer is in this particular case. it's going to be consequential one way or the other. >> two south korean soldiers were injured by land mines. they were severely injured by land mines in the dmz. was that an accident or was this the north provoking them to begin with? >> this certainly was not an
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accident. one thing we have to remember is that north korean soldiers have been infecting recently and maybe they planted the mines to prevent their own mines from preventing their own soldiers from going to the south. what we have is two fatalities among south korean soldiers. that sort of limits what seoul can do. there have been deadly incidents in the past in 2010 where south korea did not react. that led to further incidents. i'm referring to the sinking of a ship. south korea did not retaliation. that led to the shelling of a south korean island in november of that year. four people dead, two of them civilians. there is an escalation here. i'm not sure jim jong-un knows how to play it skillfully. his father played it skillfully. his grandfather did.
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i'm not sure kim jong-un know what is he is doing. >> how do they handle it? >> normally, we get on the phone to beijing and say bring in your allies. kim jong-un in 2013 started a process of cutting his ties with china. he killed his uncle who was responsible for relations with beijing. he executed one of the four-star generals i talked about because that general refused to cut ties with beijing. so, basically, what we have is a situation where north korea is on its own. we really don't have any pull with the chinese and the chinese don't have pull with north korea. >> what are the u.s. options? >> the u.s. options are to convince the north koreans we will destroy them if they engage in a full scale mobilization and war across the dmz. it's deterrence at that point. we don't have any other options. >> just couldn't be more dire
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sounding. gor dan, we appreciate what you have give us. >> thank you. let's shift to the 2016 race. forget the, it's too early part. it is not too early for a strategy shift. that's what we see in the gop right now. donald trump and jeb bush are separating from the pack and they are now clearly focusing on each other. the big headline for you this morning is out of florida. trump is now leading the former governor, the florida governor, jeb bush among republicans in bush's home state. cnn's athena jones is live in new hampshire on the campaign trail with the latest. he had his first town hall up there, trump. now he's headed to alabama where they say they were forced to move it to a football stadium because so many people want to come. >> reporter: that's right, chris. it's getting more and more interesting. jeb bush is getting help from his big brother, the former president sent out a fund
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raising e-mail telling supporters jeb has a tough road ahead. if your strength and support, he will succeed. this comes as jeb is facing his biggest hurdle, yet, donald trump, who is drawing huge crowds. >> it's the summer of trump. they are calling it the summer of trump. >> reporter: the donald trump tour is making its way from the northeast -- >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: -- to the south today. hosting friday night pep rally in mobile, alabama, boasting the largest crowd, yet. >> 30,000 to 40,000 people in alabama. >> reporter: he's been known to exaggerate his numbers. >> outside, sadly, we have thousands of people that can't get in. >> we have a lot of people outside, hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside. >> reporter: perhaps this time, the proof is in the tickets. tonight's event has been relocated, twice. it was first set to take place here in the civic center
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theater, occupancy, 1900. then the larger arena, occupancy, 10,000. now, at least 35,000 claimed tickets. it will kick up the turf here at this high school stadium, capacity, 43,000. meanwhile, one of trump's leading rivals getting unwanted questioning after using a phrase many consider offensive in a radio interview this week. anchor babies. >> do you recent using the term anchor babies? >> i don't. i don't regret it? >> you don't? >> no, do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. you give me a better term and i'll use it. serious. don't yell at me behind my ear. >> sorry about that. >> hillary clinton how about babies, children or american citizens? an uncharacteristic befence for bush similar to trump's unapologetic use of thephrase on
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wednesday. >> what else would you like to say? >> undocumented immigrants. >> i'll use the word anchor baby. excuse me, i'll use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: one more point about that term, anchor baby. the center right leadership network, jeb as one of the advisers said in a 2013 memo to avoid the term anchor baby because it's offensive. michaela? >> all right, we are not going to hear the last of that anytime soon, thank you. president obama's approval rating declining in a new cnn/orc poll say 47% say they approve of how he's handling the job down from 49%. 38% approve of how he's handled the u.s. relationship with iran and support calling 56% of people say congress should not approve the agreement. but the president is trying to shore up more support for the iran deal this morning
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publishing a new op-ed across the nation and writing a letter to congress. jimmer carter revealing that cancer, first discovered in his liver spread to his brain. carter scaling back his work as he begins radiation treatment. we are live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: it was an extraordinary press conference. president carter was warm, open and really seems to be at peace with his future. i was fortunate enough to interview him several times in atlanta and he is the same, straight forward, generous with his time. he's describing it as a new adventure in god's hands. a rare and personal moment, out in front for the world to see. >> they think they have it all. it's in four places in my brain and likely to show up in other places in my body as the scans
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detect in the future. >> reporter: thurs, president jimmy carter received radiation treatment after doctors removed cancer from his liver. his regimen, radiation and drugs to boost his immune system. his family has a history of pancreatic cancer that killed his brother and two sisters. >> i'll be prepared for anything that comes. >> reporter: the 90-year-old georgia peanut farmer, who became the 39th president is reflective about his life. >> the best thing i did was marry. that's the pinnacle of my life and we have had 69 years together. still together. so, that's the best thing that happened to me. >> reporter: carter said his biggest regret was he was unable to free the hostages in iran on
3:16 am
his watch. >> i wish i would have sent in more helicopters to get the hostages. i would have been re-elected. [ laughter ] >> that may have interfered with the foundation of carter center. >> reporter: then, if he had to choose. >> if i had to choose between four more years and the carter center, i would choose the carter center. >> reporter: i asked him about the big picture. what would you like to be remembered for in terms of your legacy? >> we always told the truth. we kept our country at peace. we put peace to other people around the world. we promoted human rights and never deviated from that. those are some of the things i'm proud of. >> the carter center, the former first couple traveled the world for the past three decades doing humanitarian work. he would like to travel to nepal for habitat to humanity, he's going to put his treatment
3:17 am
first. he plans on teaching sunday school this weekend as he does every sunday. chris? >> people are getting exposed to the authenticity you have come to expect from president carter. it is not easy to talk about what he's talking about right now. doesn't matter that he's older or done so much, it takes a lot of strength. thank you for giving perspective on him. a window of what he's about. there's a child poet. he's since left us. one of his dreams was to meet jimmy carter because he's a humble peacemaker. we contacted him. he said send me the poetry. president carter is a poet. he said this is good stuff, i want to meet him. calls him up, goes on "gma" and talks to him about peacemaking. he had no motivation except what's in his head and heart. he is a good man. >> so sweet. so sweet to hear him talk about
3:18 am
his wife. >> lifelong love affair. breaking overnight. underground explosion rocks a high-rise. fire trucks, emergency crews, crowding the boulevard. at least five people suffering minor injuries. the blast likely caused by a generator on the ground floor. the building received structural water damage. more to come. >> this explosion at a high school last night. it was so powerful it felt like an earthquake. crews are working on a gas line on the sixth floor at the time. we are told three construction workers were seriously injured. investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of that explosion. donald trump from outside without a chance to now it seems his rivals can only hope to contain him. the republican front-runner prepping for his biggest rally, yet. it's going to fill a football stadium in alabama. our panel will weigh in on
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summer of trump, did you know that? >> is he calling it that? >> we don't know who they is. donald trump is certainly one of them. he is bringing his campaign to a football stadium. he's pulling ahead of jeb bush in the former governor's home state. let's bring in people to discuss what's going on here. jackie and jason. let's start with you, jackie. needing a football field. it's such a big event, he needs a stadium that holds 43,000, hype or proof of the populous momentum? >> trump -- okay, i think it's both, first of all. it's very trump to move something to a stadium. alabama is a place where the trump voter lives. someone who may be a lot more conservative than the average voter. someone who agrees with the
3:24 am
immigration policy. i can see why there would be a lot of interest, particularly in alabama. >> jason, let's talk about this. the biggest number before this was bernie sanders in portland, oregon, 28,000 people turned out for his campaign. if trump gets 35,000 as he says that's the number of tickets asked for. what does it mean? maybe not a flash in the pan or he's a showman and at some point things will level out? >> i think he's certainly a showman. he has yet to show and sanders has yet to know they can translate the crowds to people that turn out and go to caucuses and primaries. that's going to be a challenge to get people who show up to go and volunteer. you need an organization. he doesn't have that right now. he has drawing power, so does sanders. it's summer, people want something to do.
3:25 am
i think this high school football stadium will probably fill up with people. they want to see the show when the circus is in town. they will check out trump. >> jason, that's one side of it. jackie, let's take the other side of it. of course he's not a flash in the pan. he's at the front of every poll. yes, you need an organization to impress people like us, but not to have populous momentum behind you that carries into primaries. >> tough get people to the polls. look at ron paul the last cycle. go to his rallies, they were giant. at the end of the day, it's not president paul. this time last year, i think we would have had president bachman. you need, there is something to peaking early that's not that great. you need an operation to get people to the polls on primary day. >> let's talk about the dust ups surrounding trump's immigration rhetoric. it's sucked jeb bush in because jeb bush was on a radio show and he used the term anchor babies.
3:26 am
anchor babies refers to the babies had by noncitizens who may ar may not have come here just to have babies and establish citizenship. jeb bush, let me read to you what he said. he's being called out for it. he did try to qualify. he says if there's abuse, if people are bringing, pregnant women are coming in to have babies because they can, there ought to be greater enforcement. that's the side of it so you don't have the anchor babies, as they are described, come sboog the country. he was trying to use the term because that's how they are described. then he was caught up in it at a press event later. here is how he tried to explain himself. listen to this. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies on the radio? >> no i didn't. i don't regret it. >> you don't regret it?
3:27 am
>> do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term, i'll use it. don't yell at me behind my ear though. >> sorry about that. >> geez. give me another word. >> jason, basically, he's saying we are having a semantics. >> getting blasted out. jackie, take that question while he gets his hearing back. a generation ago you know what we called somebody that baby that came here to have a baby? grandma. my grandma came here pregnant and had my uncle here. >> you know, you could just say baby. you don't have to use a term that is offensive to a lot of people, particularly latinos. that's what's so odd about this.
3:28 am
it seemed a deviation from jeb bush's brand. when candidates get into that, using a term from the more right wing party, where does he end up? is that going to hurt him in the long run? >> again, his point, i don't know that we have it to play, you can play the semantics game with me. if you give me a better term i'll use it. i don't love the term. he's trying to talk about policy. it's distracting because of the overheated rhetoric. >> i mean, yeah. that's right. that's why you don't use the term. then you have the distraction. you can't talk policy. it's a circular problem. >> yeah. >> it's also a nonstarter to having a conversation about anything other than exclusion. if you are going to start off calling the baby an anchor baby, it's not seen as compassionate. >> you are saying your position.
3:29 am
>> yes. part of the term. >> jackie, jason, sorry for the audio issue. thank you for being on. >> jason, if you are going to sue, do not include me. >> or me. i want out of that. will he run? should he run? polls suggest vice president biden would do well against the running democrats. we will talk about the draft biden movement. that's ahead. they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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back to our breaking news that we are watching. north and south korea on the brink of war. king jong-un ordered front line troops into wartime state after both sides traded artillery fire over the border. the north is threatening to end speakers. the south is vowing to retaliate
3:34 am
against attacks from the north. political upheaval from greece. the prime minister anoupsing to resign after a year in office and calling for new elections to be held next mon. this is a month after they approved austerity to receive a third bailout from the european creditors. donald trump preparing for the biggest rally of this campaign season thus far. tens of thousands going to pack a football stadium in mobile, alabama. they find trump leading the former florida governor among republicans in his former home state. trump and bush defending their term of anchor baby. both asking if there's a better way to call them. david sweat could get an extra seven years tacked on from the brazen escape in june. sweat was indicted thursday on
3:35 am
the charges. a judge entered a not guilty plea for him. he spent 21 days on the run before he was recaptured. rain soaking much of the east coast. let's get to meteorologist chad myers for a look at the forecast. we have been dealing with so much extreme weather. if you get normal rain, it's better than normal. >> we are not going to say rain, rain go away. rain you are welcome, come on. at least it's not severe. we are seeing showers across the state. that could slow down a plane or two. your producer just talked to see me. she's going to see zac brown. cooler weather coming in for next week and showers for the rest of the country. really, really decent weather. we are out of the 105 degree heat index finally.
3:36 am
it feels good here. new york city 84. that is just perfect. let's get to danny. oh, danny boy. danny is a small hurricane. it looks big here, but when i zoom out, it's smaller than rhode island. it's a hurricane. we will keep watching it. forecast to get slightly smaller before it moves into the gulf of mexico and could get bigger. for now, it's way out there and a tiny little storm. >> smaller than rhode island. that's got to hurt, danny. thanks so much, chad. >> chad referencing one of our senior producers here. she said the weather better be good. she will literally change the weather. >> she will change the map. meanwhile, we have to talk about this. a former all american football player was convicted of sexual assault. the story of how he got on baylor's campus is shocking. hi, andy? >> sam is going to be sentenced
3:37 am
later after being con vicked of rape. the details are disturbing. he was kicked off boise state's football team after multiple off the field incidents. baylor brought him in after that. boise state warned them about his past. he was accused of rape by a baylor soccer player and not indicted until june of 2014. since then, no one spoke about the charges until this week. baylor never said why they did not allow him to play last season. a couple months ago, one coach said they expected him back on the field this season. now baylor released a statement saying in part, maintains a safe community is important. on a lighter note, rg 3 and the redskins.
3:38 am
it was a rough night. he dropped a pass eight times. he was hit hard on six attempts. rg iii had to leave the game with a concussion in the second quarter. michaela, not the start to the season rg iii was looking for. >> far from it. happy friday. >> you, too. >> vice president joe biden considering whether or not to jump into the presidential race. we are going to hear from the committee trying to convince him to run.
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want to know the state of play? of course you do. new polls from key battleground
3:43 am
states show that vice president joe biden could take on the leading republican candidates and possibly beat them. biden is reaching out to see if he should run. our next guest says yes, biden should run. who is he? robert, an informal adviser in the draft biden committee. he is the former chief of staff of vice president biden at the dmc, the democratic national convention. thank you for being here. >> thanks, good to be here. >> do you believe the vp will run? >> i think it's highly likely. i think he's giving it a tremendous amount of thought. he's at a time where as a sitting vice president who is grappling with extraordinary personal issues, the idea that he can add value to this contest and a thoughtful voice to this
3:44 am
contest, 40 years of experience to this race and to this discussion. i think they are all compelling reasons for him to be considering it the way he is. >> assume you don't need to draft him, theoretically dragging him into the race when he doesn't want to be there and he does run, why is he the best choice for the democrats when you already have who you think is the best in hillary and bernie sanders bringing up the passional core of the party. why is biden better than they? >> i think the democratic primari primaries, historically, the kennedys do better in a competitive race. in 2008, barack obama came out a better candidate. walter mondale had a nice walk to the nomination and only one one state against ronald reagan. the vice president brings an
3:45 am
incredible amount of experience and executive experience. there's really two people who know how this government operates and all the nuance. that's the president and vice president. the other part of this is the connectivity. there's an authenticity to joe biden that i think resinates with voters. there's a humility. there's a familial quality to him. those are traits that are going to resinate with voters. >> let's put a couple polls up there. put up the vice president, here he is against the democratic field. he's at 10%, 11%. he's not in the race, but his numbers don't move. clinton, 48, sanders 15 and biden 11. his numbers are ten to low teens areas. some say that suggests a ceiling for him. he'll get a bump, but doesn't
3:46 am
have the growth that supporters like you suggest. your rebuttal? >> i don't agree with that. you are not in the polls until you are in the race. the vice president has run two times before. he knows what's involved. he's got a lot of friends in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. he is a unique voice to speak to the issues, the middle class issues, independent issues in those states. i also think, in these states, in these polls, there's a number of polls out that has biden winning in florida and pennsylvania. early days, polls don't mean a tremendous amount. there's good news for the vice president as well. >> the two main pushbacks would be, i like joe biden, too old, not enough time or money to get the organization together. >> i don't think he's too old. that's not accurate. experience comes with age.
3:47 am
you can't teach experience. the only way to get it is by doing. he brings a tremendous amount of experience. i think those things come. for a sitting vice president, the infrastructure for somebody with 100% name recognition, there are a lot of enthusiastic people out there ready to support the vice president. i get those e-mails on a daily basis into my inbox. if he declares, you will see a structure come about easily and swiftly. >> is there anything to this notion that there is a chance the vice president could say yes, i'm going to run and if you believe my age is an issue, i'm only looking to serve one term. is there truth to that? >> i haven't talked to the vice president about that. i think it's inconceivable to say he would only serve for one term. >> thanks for throwing a freezing bucket on the theory.
3:48 am
let us know if you get word of a decision. what do you think? should the vice president run and do you think he could win? tweet us using #newdaycnn or facebook. alisyn? >> is donald trump's heated rhetoric to blame for a beating that a homeless hispanic man took in boston? the perpetrators say that was their notion. we have a group of panel members next. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon
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3:52 am
they are illegal immigrants. they came over illegally. some are wonderful people and they have been here for a while. they have to go out. >> how do you do it in a practical way? >> you know what? at some point, we are going to try getting them back, the good ones. >> donald trump credits himself with bringing the topic to the front. here on "new day," we have been taking the polls of trump supporters and we want to on
3:53 am
these topics. good morning, tara, great to have you. great to have you gentlemen here in the studio. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this unfortunate situation that has happened in boston this week where two south boston brothers saw a homeless man on the street who they believe was hispanic and they beat him up. they broke his nose, urinated on him and when arrested, they told police and i will quote them, it was okay to assault him because he was hispanic and homeless. donald trump was right, all the illegals need to be deported. what do you make of that? >> it's very unfortunate. i think it's terrible. i'm assured donald trump would think it is terrible as well. i don't think the things he is saying is insindary. it's an honest discussion about immigration. >> you don't think the rhetoric has become overheated?
3:54 am
>> no, i do not. >> jesse, what do you think? >> i agree with pat. it's not something people are feeling right now out in the communities. >> you don't think people are getting more angry about immigrants or illegal immigrants because he's talking about them? >> we are angry at the process that has not been fixed. the anger is not directed towards the immigrants, it's more directed towards the administrations that have not fixed the immigration process and made it so that people can come across legally and make it easier for them to do that. >> donald trump said i hadn't heard about it. it would be a shame if it were true. i will say people who are following me are passionate. they love this country and they want it to be great again. they are passionate.
3:55 am
is that the right response? >> i think passion is one thing, but beating someone just because he's hispanic. everyone is looking for the go-to button. trump said it was okay. he did not say that. it's ludicrous. the immigration policy is one thing. the immigration problem is one thing. but going to that extent of hurting someone and doing that because they are homeless, hispanic, who the hell cares, you don't do that to another human. >> i want to speak to you for a second because you do not whole heartedly support donald trump's plan to deal with illegal immigration. what is your issue with it? >> my issue is rounding up 11 to 20 million people, like cattle, and sending them back to what? what are we sending them back
3:56 am
to? nothingness. drug lords, poverty, dispair. what does that say to all these kids, anchor babies, which i don't -- you know, i'm not going to get into the anchor baby debate, undocumented is what i choose to call them. they are undocumented, yes. i don't think it would be fair and i don't think it would be right and i think we would be shooting ourselves in the foot as a nation if we round them up, send they can back to nothing, then expect them to what? >> he says expedite the process back in. i hear you, tara. i want to pose it to you, gentlemen. she's saying, it's not kind. it's cruel to send them back to the drug lords and poverty they escaped from. pat? >> the people we elect to the off sis, their first priority is american citizens. you have people in ferguson and
3:57 am
baltimore. they need our attention. they need to be lifted out of generational poverty. estimates up to 30 million additional third world low wage workers, they are going to be competing with people that are u.s. citizens that need to be raised out of poverty. >> jesse, it's interesting -- tara, go ahead. >> with that said, the people in ferguson, they are breaking laws against police officers. they are breaking laws -- these people are coming here to this country to get away from poverty, to get away from drug cartels. i understand that, but these are god fearing, hard working people coming here, making money. yes, they send a large majority of money back to mexico to help their families to get out of poverty. i understand that. they are also putting -- do you really, jesse i think is who i'm
3:58 am
speaking to, the people sitting on the welfare system right now, do you think they are going to run out and cut tobacco and work on the farms? absolutely not. >> thank you, tara. jesse, you are of mexican decent. what do you think about the argument they are having? >> the process of getting 11 million people out in an orderly fashion, it's going to be a big job to do. >> is it practical? >> it's not too practical, but there's a lot of things the government does that aren't practical. >> is it cruel? what tara is saying is it's cruel to send them back to the poverty and drug lords from which they escaped. >> we didn't create the poverty. their government created the poverty. they get paid by the drug lords. >> not our responsibility.
3:59 am
>> it's not our responsibility. we are not the world's baby sitters. >> we are $19 trillion in debt. we have poor in this country. we have criminals in this country. we need to get our affairs in order, then we can help other nations. >> tara, hold that thought. we are going to have you back shortly. we are going to take a break. thank you for your thoughts. we will continue the conversation with all the trump supporters in our 8:00 hour. we are more to talk to them about. we have a lot of news this morning and we want to get to it. are they on the brink of war? >> south korea will strongly retaliate. >> the situation is only escalating. >> war of words. >> you win when you campaign like this, not like this. >> gop rivals on one thing. excuse me, i used the word anchor baby.
4:00 am
>> i don't regret it. >> you don't regret it? >> no, do you have a better term. president jimmy carter opening up. >> they think they got it all, but it's in four places of my brain. hope for the best and accept what comes. announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> welcome back to your "new day." we have breaking news on the escalating tensions between north and south korea. liter kim jong-un ordered front line troops to be ready for war after both sides traded artillery fire. >> south korea is vowing to strongly retaliate if there's prop indication from the north. could this push both countries to the brink of war? what does it mean for the u.s.? we have this story covered only the way cnn can. we begin with will ripley live in beijing.
4:01 am
will what do you know? >> reporter: the north korean ambassador here in china issuing strong words saying if this deadline for south korea to stop broadcasting north korean propaganda over the border, if this deadline tomorrow isn't met, he says the peninsula is inching closer to war. quote, if the enemy ignores our final warning, it is inevitable to reply with a strong response. north korea threatened war many times in the past. right now, this is a sensitive time because of what has been unfolding beginning august 4th when two soldiers were injured. they say land mines were planted by the north, a claim they deny. they broadcast the propaganda. saturday, they threatened strikes. thursday, they sent a warning letter to south korea.
4:02 am
thursday afternoon, that's when both sides traded fire. north korea launching a rocket towards the south korean propaganda speakers and missing. south korea firing back 36 artillery rounds. kim jong-un saying his army will mobilize and be in a wartime state and today, south korea warning to strike back if there's provocation from the north. i visited the dmz in may. they have more than a million troops in their standing army. three quarters of them stationed near the border. they are along the demilitarized zone and ready for attack. back to you. >> thanks for that. south korea vowing to retaliate against provocations from the north. will the south concede to the north's deadline? kathy novak is live near the demilitarized zone in south korea. what do we know at this hour,
4:03 am
kathy? >> south korea is refusinging to stop the propaganda broadcast and preparing for a further escalation when the deadline hits. that is what the defense ministry is saying, south korea will strongly retaliate if there's provocation from north korea. south korea not backing down. the propaganda speakers are in retaliation for the land mine attacks. two soldiers badly injured. one lost part of both his legs, te other lost a foot. if it seems strange to respond to land mines with speakers, remember, this is north korea. this is a regime that tells its citizens what to believe. this is a place where saying anything bad about the leader is treason and pyongyang considers this an act of war. pyongyang is angry about this. the other thing pyongyang is angry about is the joint military drills going on between
4:04 am
the united states and south korea. michaela? >> thank you for that. obviously, the u.s. is monitoring closely all this tension that's happening between the koreas. let's bring in barbara starr with that part of the story. >> good morning. the challenge at this hour for u.s. military intelligence is to figure out what is happening on the ground. the u.s. does not fly planes over north korea. u.s. satellites can monitor all of this. they are going to look for signs of north korean troops shifting around, moving closer. most importantly, any signs, any intelligence that north korean troops are moving into combat ready position are the artillery pieces pointed south? are there all the logistics in place, food, fuel, ammunition supplies and all the thing that is would keep them able to pose a credible threat to the south? now, north korea keeps artillery
4:05 am
pieces close to south korea. they can launch an attack anytime. they are masters at deception and mobility. these are the things the u.s. is looking at trying to parse out what is political war theate by the north and what is the military reality on the ground? back to you guys. >> barbara, thanks so much. the friday night lights set to shine on donald trump tonight in alabama. what's expected to be the biggest campaign rally of the race, so far, has been moved to a football stadium. this comes as new numbers show trump gaining ground over jeb bush, especially in bush's home state of florida. athena jones with more. what's expected tonight? >> reporter: well, a huge crowd. bush is getting help from his big brother. he sent a fund raising e-mail telling supporters jeb has a
4:06 am
tough road ahead. with his strength and your support, he will succeed. a hugely popular donald trump drawing massive crowds. >> the summer of trump. you know, they are calling it is tumer of trump. >> reporter: the trump touring making its way from the northeast. -- thank you, thank you. >> reporter: -- to the south. holding a pep rally in mobile, alabama with the largest crowd yet. >> there will be 30,000 to 40,000 people in alabama. >> reporter: he's been known to exaggerate his numbers. >> outside we have thousands of people that can't get in. >> we have hundreds and hundreds of people outside. >> reporter: perhaps this time the proof is in the tickets. tonight's event has been relocated twice. it was scheduled to take place here, in this civic center
4:07 am
theater. then the largest arena. occupancy, 10,000. the campaign says 35,000 claimed tickets. they will tick up the turf here at this football stadium. capacity, 43,000. meanwhile, one of trump's leading rivals getting unwanted questioning after using a phrase many consider offensive in a radio interview this week, anchor babies. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies? >> no, i don't regret it. >> you don't regret it? >> do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> don't yell at me behind my ear, geez. >> democratic front-runner, hillary clinton suggesting, how about babies, children or american citizens. uncharacteristic by bush. >> what else would you like to say? >> the undocumented immigrants.
4:08 am
>> you want me to say that? i'll use anchor baby. excuse me, i'll use anchor baby. >> reporter: one more point about that term, anchor baby. the center right hispanic leadership network that lists jeb as an adviser said in a 2013 memo to avoid that phrase because it's offensive. >> thank you very much. a good example of how trump is shaping the race on his part and what other candidates have to do as well. let's go to the stories we have going on this morning, starting with north and south korea, on the brink of war. we have great perspective on that. bill richardson, former governor of new mexico and ambassador to the united nations. gov, good to have you with us. thank you. very important this morning, is what we are hearing to your ear hype and inflammatory talk or do you think there is a chance of
4:09 am
war? >> well, this is a very dangerous, worrisome situation. both sides are trying to out macho each other. in the last five years, this is the biggest escalation i have seen. in the past, these escalations have involved small arms. this time, it's rockets. it's artillery shells. the biggest question, chris, is what is kim jong-un, the new leader facing his first border crisis going to do? we know very little about him. his father, we can almost predict. you escalate and in the end you tamp things down. the worrisome part is that this is a very strong escalation, at a time when the united states and south korea are having their joint military exercises, which we should continue. we should stand with south korea. some kind of mediation, some kind of cooling things off needs to happen. >> let's look at that from the
4:10 am
u.s. perspective. what is the chance the u.s. gets involved with north korea? >> well, if there's a major escalation, we have to get involved under the treaty. we have 28,000 troops there. a joint treaty with south korea. we want to avad that. we want to avoid a tinder block scenario. the best is for the north and the south, through secret negotiations that happened in the past, tamp things down. the second opportunity is china, which talks a big game about escalation. they have leverage and they can play a role in tamping down north korea. the question we get is kim jong-un. we don't know much about him. he is unpredictable. he's worried about his sat us of north korea. we don't want him provoking
4:11 am
something. on the good side, the rocket launchers could have hit some of the loud speakers, but they didn't. it was a warning shot. it's a delicate, worry sometimes thing. we have to watch it closely. >> the chinese not as up flew enshl as they have been in the past. as we get more information, we'll come back to you. other topics, gov, anchor babies. you dealt with the problem on the ground in realtime in your state as governor and your work as ambassador. do you think that term, anchor baby, is a lens into perspective on the issue? >> yeah. it's offensive. it's offensive. the 14th amendment guarantees the citizenship of those born in the united states. i like what hillary clinton said, these are babies. these are american citizens. we should not bring this
4:12 am
campaign in a cruel fashion. that's what donald trump is doing. he's trying to get his campaign into a mode that he is insesively covered. it's like a fix. that is wrong. i hope republican candidates repudiate that. >> hillary clinton. i almost mispronounced her name to include e-mail. in my hand, i have a report from a federal judge who says she violated federal policy. she violated government policy by storing official messages on a private server and we wouldn't be here today if this employee followed government policy. do you take this judge at his word we are dealing with a situation where hillary clinton did not do something wrong, but she did do something wrong? >> i'm not going to question the judge. the fact is, previous secretary of states have used the private
4:13 am
e-mail accounts. at the time, 2009, she was following government policy. it was tightened later. i'm not casting judgment. i'm saying, she's come up with a lot of good things. not drilling in the arctic, immigration. let's talk about the issues. you just said it. e-mail is synonymous with hillary. with trump, it's the same thing. all this bombastic stuff. let's get down to the issues. >> one of the reasons you were successful in politics is people thought they could trust you on what you said and how you conduct yourself. she's taking beating and people believe it is a reflect of the issue. how you handle tough questions is part of how you will be a fair leader. suspect that the basis of criticism in. >> yeah. look, this whole issue should have been handled better.
4:14 am
my point is she is claiming, she was the secretary of state. there was no classified information in the e-mails. she should know, she's the one sending and receiving them. i trust that. there has to be some element of trust in your leaders. i know that's not very popular right now. at the same time, chris, if i'm secretary of state and i'm worried about wikileaks and leakers, i probably, too, if i had the option would turn to a private server. i think that's what she thought. i'm not getting into her head. i don't know that's what her decision was. you don't want your secrets out in public the way wikileaks did. >> joe biden, do you think he gets in the race and could he be successful against hillary? >> i don't think he'll get into the race because of the personal situation. i know he's evaluating that. he's a wonderful politician,
4:15 am
wonderful vice president. if he gets in the race, it will be a race. he has credibility. he's run twice for president. he has labor support. he has progressive support. yeah, he would be a major player. he would be a strong contestant. i think hillary clinton, in the end, because of her strength with minorities, with women, progressive elements, outside of iowa and new hampshire, in the long run, her name id, she will prevail. we got lucky. thank you for being with us, governor, always a pleasure. >> thank you, chris. >> all right. michaela. president obama's approval rating is taking a hit according to a just released cnn/orc poll, americans aren't happy with president obama on key issues. we are live at the white house taking a look at it. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. this is a negative shift in
4:16 am
feelings about how president obama is doing his job. the cnn/orc poll shows 51% of americans disapprove of the president, an increase from last month. if you look at the issues he's handling now, big discontent on issue by issue basis. he received the lowest marks for handling isis. 62% of people disapprove. the issue the white house is focused on right now and has been for the past year is selling this nuclear deal with iran, getting it through congress. this poll shows 60% say the president is mishandling this. this is certainly not good news for the obama administration. they have invested a significant amount of capital in getting this deal through congress. they are out with a new letter targeting the skeptical democrats, chris, who have not signed on to the deal. >> thank you.
4:17 am
a lot of work to be done for the president. folks in central washington forced to evacuate as another wildfire is going. firefighter are having a hard time containing the flames. why? gusty winds. for the first time, officials in washington are asking for volunteers to fight the fires. two shark attacks on children in two days. one in south carolina, the other in florida. in the south carolina incident, a 15-year-old boy was bitten on the leg and hand in chest-deep water near myrtle beach. injuries not life threatening. in jacksonville, a young girl was bitten in two feet of water. she suffered several large lacerations on her leg. looking into the ashley madison website. the list released by hackers includes government addresses
4:18 am
for at least two assistant u.s. attorneys and employees in the white house, justice department and homeland security. in the meantime, josh duggar admitted he had an account, the former star of "19 kids and counting" calls himsel the biggest hypocrite ever. donald trump looking for support in the south. how might his brand go over in alabama? judging by how many people want to see him, well. we are going to talk to the republican chairman, next. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
donald trump heading to mobile, alabama tonight for a rally predicted to draw tens of thousands of supporters. what is trump's allure in the deep south? let's bring in chairman of the alabama republican party. she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. thank you for having me. >> i know you like to go by chairman, so i'll call you that. we can't help but notice the beautiful elephant broach on your collar. you are proudly wearing your party symbol. >> i am. always an elephant at heart and very proud to show that to everybody. >> let's talk about what is
4:23 am
going to happen in your hometown of mobile tonight. what do you think this is going to look like? >> well, we welcome mr. trump into mobile and also to tell you the truth, we have four presidential candidates rolling into the state of alabama next week, too. i am not in mobile but i understand there's a lot of excitement. they have had to move the venue, i think this is the third trip around. that sends a message. sounds like my mobile friends are going to show up in a football stadium and welcome mr. trump. >> he predicts he will get upwards of 40,000 people to show up at the football stadium. what do you think it is about donald trump your state finds so appealing? >> i think mr. trump has a very unfiltered way of salespeoppeak
4:24 am
people. if you look, america is looking at all 17 candidates. he seems to be resinating with them. there's no question about that. ultimately, the candidates have to make their pitch to the people. he seems to have the nation's ear right now. >> you have been on the alabama republican committee for 20 years, been very active in organizational and fund raising. what do you think of donald trump's campaign? >> well mr. trump is welcome to be a candidate in the republican party. that's an important point, too. we have so many. our bench is very, very deep. we are glad he is bringing up some of the issues he has. but all the other candidates are as well. it's their opportunity and it's their responsibility to share what they think with the voters in the state of alabama. we are ready and willing to listen to them all. >> it sounds like you have not made a decision in terms of who you support, yet. >> well, as the party chairman
4:25 am
in the state of alabama, it's very important for me to help get the tools, the voters need in our state so they can make the decisions on election day. for me, no, i will not be doing that at all. i will allow the voters in the state of alabama to be the ultimate decision makers. >> as you know, your governor in alabama, is not a donald trump supporter, he is a john kasich supporter. he endorsed him. what he says is he was impressed with kasich's record as governor in ohio and that speaks most to him. do you think that is important for a candidate to have a record in government or do you like the outside approach of donald trump? >> well, i personally think it could go either way. i think business people bring a very new and fresh look to politics. i also think, if you have been in the system for a while, at times that can be a very add
4:26 am
venn teenageous point for you as well. you have been there, you understand the roads. maybe america is looking for someone that maybe has a balance of each one right now. >> we understand that the alabama republican committee was not involved, at all, in any part of the planning of donald trump's event tonight. shouldn't you have been? >> no. that is not the position of the party to do that. the primary is for each candidate and each campaign to make their story to the voters. that's what mr. trump is doing and the state of alabama is doing. that way t voters can sit back, watch how they react, how they come to us and say we want to earn your vote, earn your trust. we will come to you and make that offer. that's what they are doing. >> will you be there to watch him tonight? >> i will not be there personally. i have a big event, actually in tall day ga tomorrow, so i will be with the alabama state party.
4:27 am
i will be watching. >> we will be watching as well from here. terry, thanks so much for coming on "new day." >> thank you, enjoyed it. >> what is your take on what's going to happen tonight? tweet us #newdaycnn or on facebook. you can find me on twitter. michaela? >> former president, jimmy carter announced his cancer spread to his brain. we are going to talk to dr. gupta about the prognosis. stay with us. discover card hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce! the only person i know that says that is... lisa? julie? we've already given more than 175 million free fico credit scores to our cardmembers. apply today at
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4:31 am
very serious situation going on. north and south korea on the brink of war. north korea state run media reporting kim jong-un ordered troops into a wartime state after trading artillery fire. the north threatening to destroy loud speakers blaring anti-north korea broadcasts. the south vowing to strongly retaliate against the north. tens of thousands expected to pack a football stadium for a donald trump ralry.
4:32 am
if you seen the new poll numbers? trump is leading bush in his own state of florida. meanwhile, trump and bush defending their use of the term anchor babies, which many consider a term. >> here is another story getting attention. a leading voice in the black lives matter movement blasting claims he is white and posing as a black man. shawn king wrote i have been told the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father. he said the lies do not discredit his cause. he told don lemon, he considers himself biracial. >> she won't be charged with a felony, but caitlin jenner could get a misdemeanor for a crash back in february. jenner was driving at an unsafe speed when she rear ended a car.
4:33 am
that's where the driver was killed. the l.a. county d.a. will decide if jenner gets charges. an outpouring of support for jimmy carter following the annoyancement from him at a news conference that his cancer moved from his liver and spread to his brain. >> they think they got it all. it is showing up now in four places in my brain. it is likely to show up other places in my body as the scans detected in the future. >> dr. sanjay gupta was at the press conference. he joins us now. sanjay, it is great to talk to you. we want to talk about the treatments, et cetera. we have to start with how remarkable this was. the former president discussing his own mortality. >> it felt historic for that regard. i was thinking about it, for many of us, you know, you remember reagan and the letter
4:34 am
he wrote about his alzheimers disease. president clinton had heart surgery at a former president. it was for an urgent matter. he didn't have a chance to address people like jimmy carter did, president carter did. it was emotional in the room. he was so candid, came out wearing blue jeans, made a couple jokes. he looked good. he said he wants to build houses in nepal later this fall. he wants to do that. remarkable. >> it says something. you talked to us before about what a powerful force that is. let's talk about the reality with his diagnosis. he talked a little bit about how he's going to be treated. the treat me she faces. >> he has melanoma that is met static. that means it spread throughout his body. it is in his liver and he revealed also in his brain. the treatment, when he first got the diagnosis, he thought he only have a couple weeks to
4:35 am
live. he's heard about his options. he's going to get radiation to his brain, which he received yesterday and he's going to get a new medication, a type of chemotherapy. it serves to boost your immune system. you are held in place to get the treatments. held very still. it boosts your immune system. our bodies are constantly fighting cancer. our immune system can beat the cancer. if the cancer takes over, the immune system needs help. that's what this drug is going to do for him. >> it's confusing to some. when we hear melanoma, we think skin cancer, lesions or marks on our skin. how could it affect his brain? that's confounding to some. >> a lot of people don't realize, melanoma, like any cancer can spread throughout the body. that leads to someone's demise. often, it starts on the skin.
4:36 am
in president carter's case, it may have started on the skin, they just can't find where. in rare cases, it can start from somewhere inside the body, in the mouth, the eye. he may not have been diagnosed at the time. now they find it is already spread. >> so he is 90 years young. we know how hearty he has been and how quick his mind is. talk about age when it comes to a prognosis like this. is it going to be a factor for the president? >> yeah. i think chronological age is something people consider. what's more important is what we call physiological age. what is their body really like. you have 90-year-olds with a body more like 60-year-olds and vice versa as well. it's more of that. clearly, as we have been talking, this is a guy who is high energy guy.
4:37 am
cogniti cognitively, he gave a speech without notes. that weighs in. it's going to be hard on him. he was complaining of side effects from the chemotherapy. it's something he is planning on getting through. >> i didn't give you a heads up on this, but i want to switch gears. some women may be getting unnecessary treatment for a type of breast cancer. this is going to be a shock to some. help us cut through the noise and make sense of that. >> it's an important study. there's something known as duck tile incarcinoma. it's thought of as a precancerous thing that women develop with breast cancer. they find it. they biopsy it. it could turn into cancer. that's been the general monotra. what the study has shown is if you look at the women with the diagnosis and they have had operations, there's no increase in survival because of those
4:38 am
operations. they are saying the treatment doesn't seem to make an effect if you look across the board. we are talking tens of thousands of women every year that are diagnosed like this. does the treatment make a difference? this study suggests no. what they are saying is this dcis isn't so much a precursor to cancer like you think of a colon polyp as a precursor. this is a risk factor. if that woman is young when she gets diagnosed. african-american women have a higher risk. you add these things together to figure out if they should get an operation. a lot of women have been getting the operations that may not need them. >> more research for sure. thank you for giving us an understanding of that. always a pleasure to have you with us. we are seeing something interesting in this race. political outsiders in both parties, trump, bernie sanders making waves in this race.
4:39 am
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4:43 am
donald trump, bernie sanders drawing huge crowds shaping up the 2016 race. we have never seen anything like it, is that true? it is up to voters to make it impassionate about things, angry about things. never seen anything like it. is that true? how unusual is it? let's get history on it. once again, professor, i lean on you to understand what we are experienci experiencing now and how it was in the past. how does it size up for you? is this an anomaly? are they an outlier?
4:44 am
>> i don't think it's an anom y anomaly. people running campaigns, i'm an outsider, i have nothing to do with washington. there's always rumbles of somebody that could be a third party leader like a ross perot that could come in and win 19% of the vote. what's weird is the donald trump factor. he's using media in new and creative ways. he's able to get his message out without spending a lot of money at this point because he has a private plane, a billion dollars and learned how to maneuver around new york media culture. he is unusual. that's why we are all talking about him. >> what about the commodity of anger and his role in success and what we see on the bernie sanders side? is it different? >> anger is always there. there's always going to be an angry electorate. we have a civil war in this
4:45 am
country after abraham lincoln was elected. look in the 1960s, protest candidates like george wallace going on and winning much of the south when he ran for president as a third party leader. what's different here, right now, it seems to be the summer of anger. the punditry is shocked that sanders and trump reached such platitudes. the fact sanders can draw 20,000 to 25,000. tonight trump might get 30,000 to 35,000 people. it tells how dysfunctional washington is. congress has an 8% approval rating. they are telling you, congress really has an 8% approval rating, meaning nobody likes what's going on in washington so, you are going to get people like trump and sanders emerging, at least for a while to the top of the heat.
4:46 am
>> do you see sanders and trump as analogs? >> i do not see -- not really. sanders reminds me a little bit of eugene mccarthy in 1968 because you had lyndon johnson who was the democratic nominee. then you had the ted offensive and mccarthy almost won new hampshire. lbj drops out and mccarthy, the protest senator got all the left of the democratic party. bobby kennedy enters, then he was killed and hubert humphrey. on the republican side, donald trump's got the party in a wedge because if he does not get the nomination, he very well might run a third party and get 15% of the american voters and destroy
4:47 am
today's republican party. trump is not going away. >> is trump ross perot of 2016? >> there's a lot of perot but perot was folksy. trump is a walking casino, flashiflash ing lights wherever he goes. what is similar is the ability to say, i'm not a puppet. i have my own money. i'm not a beggar. i don't have to go asking. i don't owe anybody anything. i think ross perot did not run a sophisticated campaign. if you recall, chris, he entered the race, pulled out, got back in. thus far, trump isn't making lot of mistakes. i thought, personally, he made a lot of mistakes out of the gate with kelly and john mccain. i was proven wrong. he's riding tidal wave of sentiment right now. >> from the impact of negativity to a true need for perspective
4:48 am
on a positive, president carter, he is fighting a fight that is as dire as was first expected. the way he is presented himself seems so strong and a window into what this man is really about. >> this is quintessential jimmy carter. he wants to be a teacher, help us. when it comes to medicine, carter is on top of it all. the carter center has been weighing in on public health issues, trying to eradicate disease and river blindness. it's a passion for carter. i have spent a lot of time at the carter center with president carter. there are always doctors around, leading physicians. it's like physicians without borders in many ways. the fact that carter would talk so candidly about cancer.
4:49 am
it's not just affecting him, it touches all our lives. i'm so proud of the way he handled himself at the press conference yesterday. i would expect nothing less of a man of that kind of integrity. >> it would be very difficult to meet the standard he's putting up now. thank you so much for your perspective on these things. i tell you, it doesn't matter how old or wise you are, it is tough to deal with the questions the president is facing at this stage in his life. he's doing it with grace. >> with grace. it's remarkable. thank you for that. well, investors, you might want to check your 401(k). it probably took a hit after stocks fell to a new low for the year. will this trend continue? we'll explore that ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
. time for cnn money now. yesterday the dow fell below 17,000 for the first time since october. christine romans is in our money
4:54 am
center. what happened? >> it is not pretty at all. it's the perfect storm for a stock market melt down. the slide yesterday the worst point drop in more than four years. oil at a six-year low. global slowdown fears mounting. energy prices, energy stocks also plunged. so did media stocks. twitter dropping to a record low as user growth stalls. when you look at the stock market dive yesterday, it was all the darlings. it was netflix, apple, disney. all these stocks did poorly yesterday. >> we need a pick me up after that. >> it's friday. >> donald trump apparently the late night gift that keeps on giving, once again the butt of many jokes in late night.
4:55 am
>> have you seen the new time magazine with future president donald trump on the cover. this is the cover of time. it says, deal with it. for most people that would be the face of an unsedated colonoscopy. >> the latest cover of time magazine features donald trump with the phrase "deal with it." and i can only assume from the look on trump's face that the it is a kidney stone. >> he just announced his immigration policy. it's come out that implementing would cost taxpayers $166 billion. today trump said so what? you spend the money, you declare bankruptcy then you start a new country. boom. >> we have donald trump versus bernie sanders. they are in a feud over who leaves a birthday party with more balloons clinging to their
4:56 am
head. north and south korea, now on the brink of war. we take a look at what sparked this current standoff. we have a live report at the top of the hour. well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, innovators with great ideas will continue to drive the world forward. as log as they have someone to believe in them. for more than two centuries we've helped progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
escalating tensions between north and south korea. >> they can absolutely stage an attack on almost no notice. >> north korea is a very dangerous country. >> the most tense place on the planet. >> are they on the brink of war? >> you know, they're calling it the summer of trump. >> trump is now leading among republicans in bush's home state. >> i don't see how he's electable. >> it's not about how great you are. that's not leadership. >> an activist for racial justice now accused of lying about his own race. >> are you legally black? are you legally white? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> it's friday, august 21st, 8:00 in the east. we have breaking news.
5:01 am
north korea's military poised for war with south korea. kim jong un has ordered front line troops to be on war footing after both sides traded artillery fire over heavily fortified borders. >> south korea will retaliate. north korea has issued threats before. is this latest rhetoric empty or will it follow through this time? we begin our team coverage with will ripley live in beijing. what do we know at this hour, will? >> reporter: just within the last few hours north korea's ambassador to china held an emergency press conference here in beijing saying that troops are now mobilized along the entire length of the dmz and they have been authorized to conduct surprised attacks if south korea does not meet the deadline tomorrow to stop blasting propaganda on huge loud speaks across the border,
5:02 am
something the south says it does not intend to stop. the joint military exercises that started on monday and go until next friday, 30,000 u.s. troops working with 50,000 south korean troops. they do this twice a year, and twice a year north korea gets very angry. but something changed on august 4th when the south says north korea placed land mines on the dmz almost killing two south korean soldiers. then south korea began blasting propaganda on those huge loudspeakers, something they haven't done in a decade. on thursday afternoon, the worst exchange of fire that these two countries have seen in some five years. and today kim jong un, the leader, saying that his troops are ready in a wartime state. we've heard rhetoric before, but it appears this situation is getting more tense and dangerous by the hour. >> so the question is will south korea concede to the north's
5:03 am
deadline to stop propaganda broadcasts by tomorrow morning? kathy novak is live near the dmz. what are the chances? can you hear me or no? >> we will get back to her as soon as we can. >> meanwhile we know that the u.s. is closely monitoring the conflict between two koreas. the tension comes as they are holding these annual military exercises. barbara starr is live in washington. >> reporter: the u.s. definitely concerned about the level of rhetoric coming out of north korea, very vitriolic, very
5:04 am
personal. north korea maintains a large contingent there, hundreds of artillery pieces. they have the capability, they have the mobility, the ability to launch an attack against south korea on virtually no notice or very short notice. so what the u.s. needs to find out right now is, is there a fundamental change in those north korean troops. are they amassing? do they have their artillery weapons pointed at the south? do they have food, fuel, ammunition, all of that the key things that north korea would need to carry all of this out. make no mistake, the rhetoric is concerning. north korea has the ability to launch an attack. but what the u.s. is looking for is what part of this is theater from north korea and what is the military reality on the ground. >> those are good questions. let's get a little perspective
5:05 am
on that. let's go back to kathy novak live inside the dmz in south korea. what is the chance that south korea concedes to the wishes of the north and stops this broadcast? >> reporter: as far as the minister is concerned, none. he is determined to continue broadcasting these propaganda messages. and because of that, there is a high prosecute that north korea will strike these propaganda speakers tomorrow when that deadline hits. south korea is prepared for this. the defense minute city says, south korea will strongly retaliate if there's additional provocation from north korea. as will was saying, it hasn't done this in more than ten years. in fact, these speakers have been set up along the border since 2010 when the tensions were last at a high level. because north korea was
5:06 am
threatening at the time to shoot down the speakers, south korea decided not to go ahead and use them. but this time around it is using that psychological warfare, because it says it is in retaliation for land mine attacks that badly injuries its soldiers. north korea denies that. it is demanding that the psychological warfare stop. it has given a deadline. and all eyes are on tomorrow when that deadline hits. >> so are the north and the south on the brink of war? let's bring in bobby. how do you see what's going on in the border there? >> the rhetoric on both sides has always been quite hostile. this is the worst it has been in five years. five years ago there was an exchange of artillery shells the four south koreans died. they ratchet up the rhetoric on
5:07 am
their side and it falls to the south and to chinese intervention to find some kind of a face-saving exit. >> and what is that normally? >> in the past it is varied. it could be something as simple as south korea saying we're going to turn off the loud speakers. the loudspeakers don't do very much. it's not like you can reach pyongyang with loudspeakers. it's an act of aggression from both side. what's different this time is that the south koreans are not shaping up for any kind of conciliatory gesture. they're saying we've had enough of this. we're not going to switch off the loudspeakers. the deadline is 5:00 p.m. local time. 4:00 a.m. our time. we'll see if the south backs down. >> they're not acquiescing to the north because it hasn't served them well in the past. they haven't gotten anything in the past when they've done this,
5:08 am
the south. >> yes and no. if given a face-saving opportunity, the north will usually back down. they have always backed down in the past,which is why things haven't gotten a lot worse. they are now nuclear armed. if they carry out that threat, things could get very, very bad. there's another important deadline this time. you have a young leader, 32 years old, kim jong un, who needs to show his military prowess to his population. the thing that i worry about is that the report that there are trucks going around pyongyang, the capital of north korea with loud speakers there warning the population that we are in a state of semi -- semi war like state. he can't simply walk away from that. he's warned his people that we are ready to go to war. he need that face saving gesture so he say to his people, we won,
5:09 am
in some way. >> kim jong un is spoiling for a fight. this all began because these two south korean soldiers were severely injured, almost killed, by landmines planted in the dmz. was that a provocation or an accident? >> the north denies it but very likely they placed new mines. mines don't just suddenly turn up by accident. it's very likely that the north koreans put those mines there. also, if you sort of go further up to 30,000 feet to take the bigger picture, this is the time of year when the united states and south korea do their military drills. and that is something that always gets north korea very hot and bothered. they are looking for some ways to show we're not going to take this quietly, putting a couple of land mines in is one way of showing that. >> when the tensions get
5:10 am
ratcheted up, how does the u.s. typically respond? >> we always are on the side of the south koreans, because that is the side of sanity really. it's how china is going to react, because the chinese are the only people who have any kind of control over north korea. north korea depends on china for everything. it's an isolated country. china is really the only country with which it has regular trade, regular military relationships. if anybody has any kind of control over the north koreans, it's the chinese. >> does beijing still have control over kim jong un? >> that's a good question. he's a new player in the scene. he's not as well established as his father or garandfather. but he can't ignore china. if he gets a phone call from beijing, he has to answer that call. i'm going to guess that there are phone calls between washington and beijing saying, what's going on here?
5:11 am
what can you do to help? >> let's hope something gets resolved by 4:00 a.m. thanks for all of the insight. donald trump, we have a new poll out that shows a real change in his race with jeb bush. here's the hint. it will hit close to home. a better hint is what's on your screen right now. trump is beating jeb bush, the former florida governor, in florida. trump is now prepared for what's expected to be his biggest campaign rally yet today, in alabama. they keep moving the event to get more and more space. true or true? >> reporter: it's true, chris. good morning. in the face of these polls, in the face of these big crowd, jeb bush is now getting a little help from his big brother. the former president send out a fund-raising e-mail, telling supporters jeb has a tough road ahead.
5:12 am
telling them, with his strength and your support, he will succeed. he's facing his biggest hurdle yet. a massively popular donald trump drawing huge crowds. >> it's the summer of trump. you know they're calling it the summer of trump. >> reporter: the tour is making its way from the northeast to the south today. the trump campaign hosting a friday night pep rally in mobile, alabama, possibly boasting its largest crowd yet. >> there are going to be 30 to 40,000 people in alabama. >> reporter: the bombastic billionaire has been known to exaggerate his numbers. >> we have a lot of people outside. hundreds and hundreds standing outside. >> reporter: but this time the proof is in the tickets. the event has been relocated, twice. it was first scheduled to take place here in this civic center theater. occupancy 1900.
5:13 am
then this arena, occupancy 10,000. now after the campaign says at least 35,000 have claimed tickets the pep rally will kick up the tur ever here at this football stadium, capacity 43,000. meanwhile, one of trump's leading rivals getting some unwanted questioning after using a phrase many consider offensive in a radio interview this week. anchor babies. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies on the radio? >> no. >> you don't regret it? >> do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. don't yell at me behind my ear though. geez. >> reporter: how about babies? children? or american citizens? strikingly similar to trump's unapologetic use of the phrase on wednesday.
5:14 am
>> you want me to say that? i'll use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: and one more point about that anchor baby term, the center hispanic leadership network which lists jeb as one of its advisors said in a 2013 memo to avoid anchor baby because it's offensive. a development here for you. the missouri man shot by police this week and sparking major protests, he day eddied from a gunshot wound to the back. two officers fired at him after he pointed a handgun at them. a witness told police he dropped the weapon before shots were fired. in the meantime, though, other witnesses have come forward saying the 18-year-old was not armed at all. breaking overnight, a downtown los angeles high-rise
5:15 am
hit by an underground blast. fire trucks and emergency crews at the scene. five people suffered minor injuries. investigators believe an generator on the ground floor caused that explosion. it caused the power to go out during a near by concert. we're happy to report it only took a few minutes to get the sound back up and running. ever feel like cooling off in the summer by jumping into a neighbor's pool? that's exactly what six bears did in new jersey. a mother bear, and five cubs dedecide ed decided to beat the heat by jumping in the pool. they stayed for an hour. they also enjoyed some quality time with toys around the yard. don't worry, the kids who live inside were inside and out of the harm's way. >> i lived in the foothills and
5:16 am
sometimes bears and hundred tra mountain lions would come down. one was hanging out in somebody's hot tub. >> that's great video. >> they brought nothing to the house, no cookies, nothing. >> they were empty handed. >> there's a new poll out showing more republicans backing donald trump over jeb bush. but here's the interesting wrinkle. this is in bush's home state of florida. what does ana navarro say about this? straight ahead. i just put in the of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. htake care of what makes you,e. you. right down to your skin. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day.
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5:20 am
acutally, it's the samsung galaxy s6 edge, with discreet edge notifications. . they are calling it the summer of trump. >> they. >> who is that? >> who is they? good question. one of them is certainly donald trump himself. he is bringing his campaign to a football stadium in the deep south. why? because he needs for capacity he says. trump pulling ahead of jeb bush in the former florida governor's home state. relevance? definitely. conte context? needed. ana navarro is here and jeffrey lord. good to see you both. ana, they obviously didn't pick up and get you on the phone when
5:21 am
they were doing this poll. how do you explain what is going on in florida? >> oh god, chris. it's august. you know how hot it is? we all have heat stroke. that's the only explanation i can come up with. listen, if you look at the poll, first i think donald trump stands alone when it comes to the mad as hell caucus, the mad as hell voters. we are not going to take it anymore. we're fed up with politics as usual. we're fed one the washington dysfunction. remember, there's a bunch of other guys running who are from florida. and they are splitting up the florida vote. i think there's a lot of people who are like me, who say i love marco rubio. i love jeb bush. for me, i've just loved jeb longer. there's a lot of people in my position, who are like, okay, do i vote for jeb or do i vote for marco? you put the two of them
5:22 am
together, 11% and 17% and they beat trump. rubio and jeb bush do much better against hillary clinton than does donald trump. >> that's interesting. jeffrey, what do youlogic? look at the favorability dispair si. jeb bush has an 81% favorable rating in florida over trump's 55%. >> the news is that donald trump is leading at all. under normal circumstances you'd think he would be down around 3 or 4%. and there he is riding high at 21. what's happening in florida is why the stadium is going to be filled in alabama. i think whether it's florida, new hampshire or alabama, we're
5:23 am
seeing the same animal, just different parts in different states. >> ronald reagan -- i just like to say his name because it makes jeffrey stop. ronald reagan was known for bringing a positiveness. he won the election in large part because he brought a positive narrative to being american. donald trump, many say, is using a negative narrative to build momentum. do you believe that anchor baby is now a metaphor for what trump is stirring up with voters, a pejorative message about what's going on with immigration? >> no, i don't. two things, chris. number one, one of the minor controversies in washington, d.c. these days is the kind of memorial we're going to have for presidenti president ize eisenhower. the formal name of the program
5:24 am
was operation wetback. they rounded up according to the ins figured of the day almost a million illegals and brought them back to the middle of central mexico. this has been done before. >> but the program is probably not the reason for the monument, though, right? >> probably not. nobody has said a word about this. this is exactly what donald trump is proposing essentially. i'd like to know this debate over the 14th amendment, mark e levin has challenged jeb bush to a debate over this. i'd like to know if jeb bush is going to accept. >> ana, do you know if he's going to take this on? >> i don't know. i think mark levin isn't running for president. and i'm not in charge of jeb bush's schedule.
5:25 am
are you in charge of donald trump's? >> the anchor baby term, he used it in a radio show. let me play you what he said. and then we'll play you the response after that. >> there's abuse that people -- pregnant women are coming in to have babies simply because they can do it. then there ought to be greater enforcement. that's the legitimate side of this. better enforcement so that you don't have these, you know, anchor babies as they're described coming into the country. >> he couched it there. he used the term that is considered pejorative that is sort of shorthand -- >> he said as they're described. >> so he couched it with that disclaimer. but on the campaign trail reporters asked him if he meant to use that term. let me play you that exchange. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies yesterday on the
5:26 am
radio? >> no, i don't regret it. >> you don't? >> do you have a better term? >> no. i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. don't yell at me behind my ear, though. give me another word. >> he seems testier than we've seen him before. what do you think of those exchanges? >> good. i like testy, feisty jeb. good for him. let's put things in perspective here. was he using it as his own language? no. was he using as descriptive as a term that other people use? yes. is he in favor of the ending birthright citizenship? no. was he using the term as a slur? no. he's right on the policy. his heart is in the right place.
5:27 am
he's got a lifelong record on these issues. and because he used the term that is not his own language but is being used out there as a descriptive term, people are going to get outraged? folks, come on. we've got bigger issues to deal with than being the semantics and word parts police. >> ana wins today because she asked and answered five questions in a row herself. >> and i agree with her on that last one. >> we'll end on that note of agreement. thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> was that a good segment? yes. are we happy we did it? do you wa yes. be sure to watch the cnn special report tonight the donald trump interview. we sit down with him and go after his positions and test them and see how he explains why he believes what he thinks you should believe too, tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only here.
5:28 am
this is quite a story ahead. there are accusations swirling about the ethnicity of one of the black lives matter activists. his name is shawn king. he is now addressing reports that claim he actually isn't black. what is going on here? you'll hear what he has to say up ahead. milk! milk! milk! mi! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ this isn't lactose. it's milk. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals.
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here's your friday edition of the five things you need to know. at number one, very concerning north and south korea on the brink of war. north korea's state run media reporting kim jong un has ordered troops into a wartime state after both sides exchanged fire. a quinnipiac poll showing dr donald trump leading jeb bush in bush's home state. a new cnn o.r.c. poll shows president obama's approval rating taking a hit. 47% now approve of how the president is handling his job, down from 49% last month. in los angeles a high-rise
5:33 am
hit by an underground blast. at least five people were injured. a generator on the ground floor may have been to blame. an historic graduation day for two army women, captain kristen griest and shaye haver will be the first soldiers to graduate from the elite ranger cool school in fort benning. ladies, we salute you. a senior citizen takes on inmates at one of the world's most notorious state prisons. you know it as san quentin. if you know something that you think is deserving like the woman you are about to meet, go to cnn and tell us about them. first watch colette's story. >> what i do doesn't give a lot of people the warm fuzzies. the reality is any life is helping. today we're going to be doing relationships.
5:34 am
i run a pre and post release program at san quentin state prison where the men in our program learn to understand what they did, why they did it, where they need to go and how to stay the course. so we're going to start with healthy relationships, right? it is a minimum of 24 months of hard work. >> people that want to change the way we've chosen to change. >> supportive people, yes? they start to care about themselves. they start to care about the people they hurt. and then we move forward with life skills and setting them up to succeed. >> driving away from san quentin. that's amazing. okay. hi. >> welcome home! >> when they get out, we follow them with support and assistance in reentering society. the hard work paid off, my friend. if they come out successful, society is safer. if they stay in touch with us, we've actually had nobody go
5:35 am
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5:38 am
listen to this next story. shawn king, a leading voice in the black lives matter movement is speaking out for the first time regarding allegations that he lied about his race. >> he wrote a very thoughtful and comprehensive online post.
5:39 am
shawn king who identifies as biracial. my mother was a young woman in a bad relationship and i have no judgment. we want to bring in michaela angela davis, a cultural critic and writer. there has been so much noise about this. and people of color are having a visceral reaction that he has to defend his ethnicity. he continues on, for my entire life i've held the card of my complicated family history close do my choice. what are your thoughts? >> it's heartbreaking. i cried when i read his statement. and i look at him and i see my brother, i see my cousin, i see my uncle, i see my family. and it is -- race in america,
5:40 am
it's complicated. and there's a lot of pain. and there's a lot of -- he had to tell his family secrets. i mean, consider the source that bullied him into this story. >> let's talk about that. so there were some conservative websites that said that he was white and he was passing as black. >> not just deceiving people and had lied his way into receiving a scholarship from moorehouse and from oprah. >> it's to discredit him and the movement. there's a tradition of that. they did it in the civil rights moment. i think that this is in the tradition to discredit people in the movement. however, what is so moving about this is how personal it is and how he had to share his story
5:41 am
because of this sort of bullying and to help the movement. he could have held onto it, right? there was a documentary called little white lies about this girl that grew up and no one talked about it. this was even more complicated than that. however, we were talking off camera that it's complicated to others. i know this story. >> so do i. >> my father doesn't know who his father is. and it is -- it just happened to be that his mother was light skinned black. so he didn't have to do the same thing that shawn did. however, they have been brutalized. they have been marginalized. >> i accept that people's families are complicated. help the rest of us understand it. particularly in light of what happened to rachel dolezal.
5:42 am
she was by most accounts a white woman who was passing as black to be the head of the spokane naacp. here again this is what people thought was happening, they saw his mom who is a white woman, they thought oh, here is a white guy who is trying to pass and be head of the black lives matter. they wanted to know more. they went digging and they found a white man's name on his birth certificate. they were like, aha, the smoking gun. he's white. >> consider the source. who they are. how they need to understand. all of this shape shifting that we have to do is to make these white conservatives understanding an identity they have no interest in knowing who we are. they just want to discredit him. they don't have a racial
5:43 am
intellect. this has nothing to do with rachel dolezal. let's be very, very clear. i understand how they make the connection. we are not making that connection. >> you never thought that he was a rachel dolezal posing as something else? >> absolutely not. when he said he deeply resents it, i mean, i deeply resented having to define what blackness is because of one crazy lady. and i say rachel was crazy because her story was full of lots of weird pieces. there's nothing weird or made up in his story. >> he's had to actually defend so much of this. and his wife has written a letter corroborating everything. he's having to put out facts police officers and neighbors have come to sort of defend this. here's the bottom line, why is
5:44 am
this even happening? >> this is the first generation that is really getting at the core of what this structural -- this thing that we call white supremacy is. we're getting at how we don't know about our history. we all knew he was black. but people on the outside, again, let's be clear. this is to damage black lives matter. >> always a pleasure to have you here. great conversations. you can get in on the conversation at social meet dia. donald trump is the strongest on several issues, including foreign policy. but why? you totalled your brand new car.
5:45 am
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i think that i will be a great on the military because people wouldn't think it would be my strength. but it is one of my strengths. i want to build up our military.
5:49 am
i want to have such an incredible military that nobody's going to play games with us. and hopefully we don't have to use our military. i would build up our military so strong, so powerful, that nobody will mess with us. >> donald trump continues to out distance his rivals in polls. let's bring back our panel of trump supporters. we have tara grant, jessie lopez and pax hart. we're trying to see what resonates and why. and we very much thank you for doing that. i want to play you another piece of sound now from the interview with mr. trump. it involves the pope. take a listen. here's the moment. you meet the pope. he says mr. trump this is very nice. then he says i want to tell him something. the pope believes that capitalism can be a real avenue to greed. it can be toxic and corrupt.
5:50 am
and he's shaking his finger at you when he says it. what do you say? >> i'd say isis wants to get you. do you know isis wants to go in and take over the vatican? you have heard that. that's a dream of theirs. >> you scare the pope. >> i'm going to have to scare the pope. >> donald trump scares pope. should that be the headline there, jessie? how do you feel about that? >> no. i think he's probably correct. isis is out to get everybody that's a christian. >> what's the point he's making about capitalism? >> when anybody starts the rhetoric of bashing the free market they neglect to point out that most of the advances, most of the life saving advances in medicine, technology, energy were propelled by profit. >> tara, let me ask you something. is there anything that could come out of the donald trump's mouth that you would find offensive? >> i don't necessarily find it
5:51 am
offensive. >> i know. that's what i'm saying. is there anything he could say that a trump supporter would find offensive? >> we live in 2015 where everyone is offended by everything. and i'm not offended. i'm not easily offended. i'm sure there are people out there that you say this and they go here. and you say this -- you know, i mean, anyone can make an issue out of anything, of course. but i just -- yeah, i'm sure there are things that i would disagree with donald trump on. but could he offend me? no. >> do you believe, jessie, that you people who like donald trump give him a pass when it comes to the words that he used, how he deals with his rivals, how he explains himself, simply because you believe that he just represents a good alternative? >> i believe that the past that we give h -- pass that we give him is because of the way he comes across in a realistic manner, representing the people's
5:52 am
feelings, representing how we feel about what has not been done, representing the military strength. >> is that position enough for you that he says i'm going to build the military so much that nobody will mess with us? >> there's military people that are getting fired in the middle of their careers when they signed a contract and now they're being fired. there's people that were fired while they were fighting in afghan taista afghanistan. >> and you believe he'll change that? >> yes, he will. he will be there for the military, make our military great again and support our veterans. some of them are living in the street. >> he says i'm going to take the oil. that's the way to get isis. he says i'm going to use money that we get from the oil and i'm going to give it to the wounded warriors because they don't get enough. but he says i'm going to have to use troops to get the oil, in essence creating more wounded
5:53 am
warriors. do you see that as an inconsistency? >> he's build a business empire. the way you do that successful is you surround yourself with the best of the best people. and i have absolutely no doubt he's going to do that with the military. >> you sound like him right now. i just asked you a question and you are completely ignoring it. do you believe that putting people in harm's way -- it has to cost blood to surround that oil. you're making a decision to create more wounded warriors. do you see that as an inconsistency? >> i see it more of a danger to not take our position as a superpower and to let what's going on in the middle east completely unravel. >> not too long ago people of your background and military veterans and the rest of america did not want us going anywhere near that place with boots on the ground. >> donald didn't either. >> but now he does.
5:54 am
>> yeah. now he does. >> hold on a second. tara you're making a good point. you're saying instead of going over there taking that oil, you're saying find your own oil here. >> absolutely. why can't we depend on our oil. let's get away from foreign depe dependancy on oil. >> trump is saying we're going to take the oil and the monetary gains that s s thas that isis i middle east. there's beenenerals,admirals from the air force, army, marine corps all over fired because they don't agree because the administration wants to do. >> let's build our military, absolutely. let's get the respect back as america. and let's do so through the military. i love the military. donald trump loves the military. he loves being a patriot. he is a patriot of the united states.
5:55 am
but that does not mean we have to take our men and women in the service and put them on the ground to take a bunch of oil when we can utilize the oil that we have right here in the united states. >> the reason that he proposed taking oil -- and who knows if that will work -- it's to cut off their funding. that was his goal. and he made that pretty clear. >> and in the most recent poll he is leading as a republican who inspires confidence that he can handle isis. thank you for your perspective. guess what's coming up on a friday? the good stuff. stick around for it. s moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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5:59 am
there's dog hair. pollen. more work. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue. can't do that with the other broom. wow, i love it. the tobin stance! that is totally what it is! talk about an upgrade today. >> time for the good stuff. this is my 12-year-old and this is her good friend. they were just at a concert at another morning show. here's the good stuff. five-year-old born with a rare disorder that didn't allow all oh t of the fingers on her left hand to develop. she had a dream.
6:00 am
her parents contacted the university. engineering students made her a hand. >> haley through out the first pitch at the orioles game with her new hand. good stuff. impressed? say nothing. >> time for "newsroom" with carol costello on friday. it's friday. >> whoohoo, my favorite day of the week. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," full battle ready. kim jong un puts north korea in a semiwar state an exchange of fire at the border. is war on the horizon? also -- >> you know they're calling it the summer of trump. >> trump expects a stadium sized crowd in alabama today. two word are the talk of the campaign trail. >> i'll use the


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