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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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join us monday right here in "the situation room." have a great weekend. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. trump storms alabama. donald trump arriving for a rally in high style. a dramatic flyby of his private jet buzzing a football stadium he had been hoping to fill for a big rally. plus, the dow plunges more than 500 points in a massive sell-off. a source tells cnn that two u.s. marines overpowered a gunman on a passenger train. did those marines prevent a massacre? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jim sciutto in tonight for
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erin burnett. donald trump's grand entrance. arriving for a rally in alabama in what can be called true trump fashion. his private jet roaring over a mobile, alabama, football stadium just moments ago. just hundreds of feet off the ground, circling the stadium several times. the flyby kicking off what trump tweeted out earlier today as a wild time in alabama tonight. just a short time ago, the gop candidate tweeting again saying, can't be late. trump campaign hoping to fill the place for the biggest political event of the year. people started lining up at 6:00 this morning. by late this afternoon, a long line snaking around the stadium. but you are looking at live pictures of the crowd in that stadium. it is nowhere near capacity at this point. many of those seats when you get on a wider shot are empty, as is much of the infield of the stadium. in a few minutes, donald trump
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will be speaking here. the campaign has been hoping for a huge crowd saying they got more than 40,000 rsvps. so far that crowd still filing in is much, much smaller. we will take you there live as soon as trump starts speaking. ryan nobles is "outfront" at that rally. what does the scene look like? not the crowd at least yet that the trump campaign had been talking about. >> reporter: that's right. this is a pretty incredible spectacle, no doubt. keep in mind, for quite a while the trump campaign had been boasting that they had rsvp-ed 40,000 people to attend tonight. even there were 6,000 people waiting to get in before the doors opened, there's less than an hour before this event starts and there's going to have to be a lot more people that show up here before mr. trump comes to the stage to speak and for those crowds that they predicted would be here would show up.
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regardless, this is still a pretty big event in a state that's become pretty important to donald trump and even if he doesn't pull in 40,000 people, this will still be the biggest event of his campaign to this point. >> you are here to see the next president of the united states. >> reporter: it's not football fans tailgating in the parking lot of this alabama stadium. fans of donald trump waiting in long lines for history night pep rally in mobile. >> we need a true leader like mr. trump. >> he is literally talking about the things we here in america are all saying at the kitchen table in our living rooms at work. everybody is talking about this because he is actually going to do something for the common americans. >> reporter: mobile is home to senator jeff sessions who helped advise trump on his immigration plan, calling it exactly the plan america needs. alabama though is not traditionally an early stop for presidential candidates. with the state joining other
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southern states holding early primary contests march 1st of this year, it's gotten more attention. ted cruz campaigned earlier this month and scott walker will tomorrow. this gathering could be trump's largest yet. his campaign is saying that due to an overwhelming response, they have had to change the venue twice. >> it's the summer of trump. >> reporter: first scheduled in the civic center, in a theater with room for a couple of thousand. then moved to the large main arena that could hold 10,000. now moved blocks away to this college football stadium with a capacity of 50,000. the trump campaign saying they have received 42,000 rsvps. >> there will be 30,000 to 40,000 people in alabama. >> reporter: many of his gop rivals struggling with smaller turnouts, including rick santorum who only had two people show up at this iowa diner in june. bernie sanders holds the record for the biggest crowd so far,
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with more than 19,000 people in portland. >> he is getting the biggest crowds and i'm getting the biggest crowds. we're the two getting the crowds. >> reporter: i talked to quite a few people that were lined up early here today to get into this event. they told me they are not here just to gawk or to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. they genuinely want donald trump to be the next president of the united states. jim? >> ryan nobles in the middle of it there. donald trump making quite the entrance tonight. he actually flew by the stadium, even flew around it, a few laps of the stadium. rene marsh is "outfront" with us tonight. looking at this and as the plans were being made, it did strike us as highly unusual. what are the rules with the faa with this kind of flight? >> reporter: you are right, it's very unusual. it's not every day you see a 757 flying a presidential candidate over a stadium with people down
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below. this is a pretty big plane. if it was outfitted to fit passengers, we're talking about 228 passengers on board. the span of this -- the length of this aircraft, about 155 feet long. this is not a small aircraft here that's doing this flyby. as far as the rules go, there are very strict rules on the books as far as the faa goes. you have to be within a certain altitude above a stadium or any congested area. you have to be above 1,000 feet of the highest point. we know that. we also know that it has to be about 2,000 feet away from this congested area. it's hard to tell from that video there where this aircraft is in relation to this stadium. did it fly over it? did it fly around it? it's also hard to tell what altitude the aircraft is at this point. again, jim, to be very clear, the faa does have very strict rules about how high it would
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have to be if it is flying over a congested area. i just got off the phone with the faa. they tell me that trump's people simply told air traffic controllers what they planned on doing. the faa telling me just a few moments ago, they did not grant any special permission for this flyover. >> up 1,000 feet, that's around as tall as the empire state building, which doesn't seem particularly high to me. are there safety issues with flying a large plane like this over a heavily populated area? >> reporter: you know, because -- there are. that's why they don't want aircraft flying over any area where you have lots of people congregated -- con gagregating one area. we don't know if any rules were violated. that we don't know at this point. it is safe to say because there's a potential safety issue of a huge plane flying over a congested area, the faa does have rules on the books that
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people have to follow. again, just want to highlight, we don't know if that's in violation. >> rene marsh, keeping it close. thanks very much. moments ago i spoke to adam strange, the vice chair of the mobile county republican party. i began by asking him why he thinks that the trump campaign sh chose mobile for tonight's rally. >> there's a lot of good reasons why they chose mobile. mobile is a beautiful historic city. it's centrally located on the gulf coast. they have pensacola to the east and you have biloxi to the west, new orleans and so forth, bi birmingham. so it's centrally located. >> as you are watching and you are among the crowd there today, are the people you are talking to, the people you know, are they coming out to show their support for trump for president or are some people coming for
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entertainment? >> i think it's all of the above. i think you have people that are curious about trump or come out here to support him. i think he is a celebrity as well. so people are coming to hear what he has to say. >> i wonder, hear what he has to say. what do you think people want to hear from him tonight? we have been watching some of the earlier events. he is very entertaining. are they going to be looking for detailed policy plans tonight or more just a general kind of rallying of the crowd, rallying of his supporters? >> well, i think a lot of people i had talked to, i think the general consensus is they want to hear what trump to say, what his particular plans are and what he intends to do as president. >> you have been in the republican party down there for some time. have you seen excitement about a
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candidate like the excitement you are seeing now for donald trump? >> no, not in some time. of course, we don't get a lot of presidential candidates too much. we had a few in 2012 election when we had newt gingrich and some others. there was a lot of excitement with those. there's a lot of excitement here today. >> adam strange, mobile county republican party chairman, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. "outfront" now, ben ferguson. ben, you look at that stadium right now. we got about 50 minutes to go before the scheduled start. but that is not nearly full at this point. it may get more full, but it doesn't look like it's going to fill up. that's the risk when you pick a venue this big that you might not fill it. is that a problem? >> i think you want to control the narrative. if tyou are a politician, you would rather have people waiting
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outside than a bunch of empty seats. i don't understand why they thought they needed to go this big this early on, because it's setting yourself up for failure. reminds of the democratic convention when they realized that barak obama probably wasn't going to fill a massive stadium for the second time. due to weather, they pulled it back into the convention center where they were having the dnc convention, because you never want to have an empty seat on tv. when donald trump talks as big of a game's ta as he talks, you better fill it up. i don't know why they took this risk. it wasn't a big enough payoff. >> it is a big crowd. i wonder as -- >> sure. but imagine -- >> what does this mean for the republican party? do you think his narrative now is a good one for republican's chances of winning back the white house? >> many are saying it's not a good narrative.
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people love trump because he is big, he is bold. he is not backing down. if he says anchor babies and you tell him he shouldn't say it, he says i'm going to say it and i'm not going ing ting to politicat because you are telling me. that's why they like him. when you are running this type of campaign, why not fill up 10,000 people or 8,000 in a smaller stadium enclosed and make it look massive? >> ben ferguson from memphis, we appreciate you joining us tonight as we continue to watch this event. we are standing by for the trump rally. trump about to speak at this alabama football stadium. the crowd still filing in. we are going to take you there live. in other news, a gunman opens fire on a passenger train wounding three people. a source tells cnn that two u.s. marines took him down, preventing a possible massacre. we have a special report. the market in freefa fall d. we will tell you why and what to
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look at the size of his head. welcome back. we are following multiple breaking news stories tonight. we're waiting for donald trump to take the stage before a crowd of thousands at a football stadium in mobile, alabama. we will take you there live as soon as he starts speaking. moments ago, we saw this, trump flying his private jet past the stadium. in fact, around the stadium a few times where his fans are now gathering. first to our other top story tonight, an amazing two stories. two u.s. marines credited with preventing a massacre on a train. the gunman tackled as he was loading his ak-47. one of the marines wounded. paul crookshank is "outfront." what have you been hearing? >> reporter: truly incredible. a massacre was prevented, more
4:17 pm
than 500 people traveling on this train. two u.s. marines surprising this gunman as he was in the toilet. >> they heard him loading the weapon? >> reporter: preparing for the attack. >> only marines might recognize that. we are hearing that president obama thanked the marines for what they did there. curious to me, he was on the radar screen, was he not, of european authorities? was this a miss that he was allowed to get this close to carrying out an attack? >> reporter: we will find out the details first. he was clearly on the radar screen. any time someone on the screen carries out an attempted attack like this, there are a lot of questions. european security agencies, they're overwhelmed right now. there are too many radicals, too many are going off to syria and iraq, too many are coming back. they can't do surveillance of all of them at the same time. they can't do that kind of 24/7
4:18 pm
surveillance. it requires too much manpower. in the words of one official, this is the new normal. >> and it's a nervous one. paul crookshank, thanks very much. now the massive sell-off on wall street today. that's the closing bell there. the dow plunged 531 points, its biggest loss of the year, in several years. apple and microsoft, biggest two losers. this capping off what has been a terrible week for stocks. the dow suffering its worst weekly loss in four years. tonight's money and power. why is the market coming down so hard right now? >> it's a witch's brew of factors. we have concerns over china, a plunging oil prices and question marks over what the fed is going to do. on china, there's been question marks about china for some time
4:19 pm
now. the growth prospects for the country, a big economic driver of global growth. the problem is that the -- it's not growing at the pace that investors would like it to grow. >> we came to expect this 7 to 8, 9, 10% growth. >> we had manufacturing data that disappointed. that did not help things this morning. when i walked into the stock exchange this morning, it was just doom and gloom. then you have the fact that if you have slower economic growth on a global scale, there's not going to be as much demand for oil. oil takes a beating. then investors are questioning whether or not the fed is going to do a rate hike. potentially getting nervous about a rate hike in the middle of a global sell-off. this just isn't in the u.s. this is worldwide. it's just come to our shores in the past couple of days. but asia has been selling off. the u.k. is in correction mode. we have had this going on.
4:20 pm
this is against a backdrop of many people saying we have been living in a fantasy land for a couple of years because we haven't had a correction since 2011. >> that's a big drop. something people will notice. thanks very much for joining us. next, we're awaiting donald trump's appearance in mobile, alabama. he will speak to a crowd at a football stadium there. we are standing by for that. plus, the phrase anchor babies, it has been defended by some, vilified by others. our report on the campaign's latest war over words. if you qualify for a sittingham's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify.
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fedid you know it may be coming? from being on your feet all day? dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts are uniquely designed to provide immediate all day relief from lower back pain. right now, thousands gathering at a football stadium in mobile, alabama, waiting for
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donald trump. just moments ago, we saw this, trump flying his private jet past the stadium, around the stadium a few laps where the fans are gathering. the gop frontrunner expected on stage a few moments from now. a big crowd, but not the crowd he talked about. we will take you there as soon as he starts speaking. one topic sure to be on his agenda tonight, that's immigration. a major war of words on the issue heating up between trump and his gop opponents. jeff zeleny is "outfront" tonight. >> i will use the word anchor baby. i will use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: that phrase from donald trump that many consider offensive is setting the agenda for the field. ted cruz, who hopes to siphon some of his momentum, said it was political correctness gone wild. >> the focus on language and p.c. and bickering back and forth, most people don't give a flip.
4:26 pm
they're interested in solving real problems. >> reporter: cruz is holdin a rally in iowa as he tries to tap into the trump phenomenon. >> you seem to be running with trump. >> i am a big fan. i think it is a mistake for other republicans to try to take a stick to donald trump and whack him. >> are we prepared to do what it takes? >> reporter: for marco rubio, a candidate who the gop hopes can repair its image with latinos, the anchor baby fight is a chance to take a stand. >> these are 13 million -- those are human beings. ultimately, they're people. they're not just statistics. >> reporter: for jeb bush, the term became a problem of his own making after he used the phrase himself in an interview. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies yesterday? >> i didn't. i don't regret it. no. do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i will use it. i'm serious.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: trump was quick to seize on what he called a bush flip-flop. that tweet not exactly true. this is the memo. it does say to not use the phrase anchor baby. but it's not signed by bush. simply issued by a group he was co-chair of. bush fired back with his own swipe at trump. >> i will not engage in the personal attacks. >> reporter: cruz has differences with trump but now is not the time. he is waiting and watching, making sure no bridge is burned. >> do i want donald trump supporters to support me? absolutely. >> reporter: the republican primary has now essentially become the trump primary. all republican candidates are trying to decide if they should mix it up, sit on the sidelines and watch or get in the middle
4:28 pm
of it. tonight that big rally in alabama, all republican eyes are on that to see what donald trump does next. >> the trump primary, jeff zeleny following it tonight. next, we are standing by for donald trump. he will appear just moments away. the stadium holds 43,000. will he fill all those empty seats? when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day.
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breaking news, donald trump about to address his largest crowd to date. you are looking at live pictures of a packed football stadium in mobile, alabama. the campaign had been claiming 42,000 people were going to show up. as you can see there, there's still a lot of empty seats with minutes to go before trump is due to start speaking. the gop leader had his private 757 jet do a flyover of the stadium, a fly around the stadium several times so he could see the crowd for himself and show off for the crowd as well. we will bring you trump's remarks live as soon as they
4:33 pm
begin. first ryan nobles is "outfront" live in the middle of the stadium. awe bei the crowd looks light. when we spoke to you last time -- are there still lines? are the seats getting filled? >> reporter: jim, this probably isn't as big a crowd as we expected for this stage of the event. as you can take a look, we're going to show you how big this football stadium is. there's going to be a lot of empty seats. keep in mind that this is about a 50,000 seat stadium. if they were going to deliver the 40,000 people that they claimed they were going to deliver, all of these seats that you are seeing here on the back end of the stadium would have to be filled. we're not anywhere near that yet. but i should point out that there is still a pretty long line outside of the venue. they are only allowing people to come in through one gate. that's probably another reason that it's taking so long for people to trickle in. i still think it's going to be a really tall order for them to get 40,000 people into this
4:34 pm
venue by the time trump speaks. regardless, this is still going to be an impressive showing. we probably are talking somewhere 15,000 to 20,000 people that are going to show up, which is going to make it one of the biggest campaign rallies so far. the idea that a presidential campaign can draw this large of a crowd is impressive. but trump playing the expectations game here today. probably could have filled a 10,000 seat arena which they were going to be in. now moving to this big stadium, the crowd doesn't look as impressive. regardless, it's a big crowd here tonight. >> a few minutes to go now before donald trump is scheduled to speak. ryan nobles, he will be there in the middle of it. among those at the stadium tonight, former marine and trump supporter keith quackenbush. he got to the stadium at 6:00 this morning. i spoke to him and asked him why he is so excited about trump's campaign. >> for the first time in my lifetime, i actually am hearing somebody who is running for
4:35 pm
political office and he is not a politician. his lips are moving and he is saying something. he is saying what the average american wants to hear, because you know we're sitting around the kitchen table, the dining room table -- i work in a retail outlet. all the customers are talking about this. he is saying things that nobody else is saying. point-blank and he will get things done. >> he said he would put 25,000 troops back on the ground in iraq to fight isis. you are aware of the enormous price that many u.s. servicemen and women paid. do you want to see the next president send more americans off to war in iraq? >> the first thing is the things i heard from mr. trump say was that he wants to have the strongest military in the world and hopefully we will never have to use the military. when you bargain from a position of strength, there's a huge difference. our navy in particular -- my son
4:36 pm
is in the united states navy. we are the smallest we have been since before world war ii. frankly, that scares the heck out of me. i do not believe he is hell bent on getting marines on the soil. i don't believe they are getting boots on the ground. i believe he is the one person who was against going into iraq in the first place. right now, we have a mess. i truly believe he is the one man that can clear it up. >> you are right to note that, he was opposed to the iraq war. he has been on the record saying he would deploy u.s. ground troops to iraq, which is something that other candidates have said they would not. you have a son who is currently in the military. is that something you want to hear from the next president? >> well, what i want to hear from the next president is that if we're going to go in and do something and if we're going to use our military, that we use it effectively, we use it efficiently. let's face it, we defend the world now. do i want to see troops on the
4:37 pm
ground? of course not. if you have been in combat, you don't want to be in combat. the reality is that you have to be able to have the ability to do it or nobody is going to take you seriously. right now, the united states of america is a joke on the world stage without a doubt we're a joke. mr. trump is going to change that. >> keith, thank you for taking the time tonight. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. now, cnn political commentator ben ferguson, jeffrey lord, a former political dre director and douglas brinkley. doug, i want to begin with you. if you look at this early crowd here -- granted there are a few minutes to go. it does not look like he will fill the stadium. was this a mistake to aim so high for a venue like this tonight? >> yes. donald trump made a big mistake saying over 40,000 people. at this juncture, i think he will hope to say 20,000. at least he could get a bernie
4:38 pm
sanders like number. otherwise, it will seem like another rally. it will make people question whether donald trump exaggerates or lies about things. here we are on cnn treating his arrival almost like the pope with the plane flying around and all that. it's a lot of hat and no cattle. >> jeffrey lord, i have to ask you if you agree it was a mistake to choose a stadium like this and he will pay for it to some degree in the public perception. >> i don't think so. i'm not familiar with mobile. i'm wondering from the descriptions i have been listening to whether or not they had no choice but to move it to a larger place and this was the only larger place available other than the ones they were going to fill. i disagree with professor brinkley on this. this is the largest audience i have to believe of any republican presidential candidate thus far this year. that's what's really going to go
4:39 pm
on here. you know, it's not like if he exaggerates -- president obama said he was going to lower the seas when he gave speeches. i imagine the public takes some of this with a grain of salt. >> this was no accident that this venue was chosen. donald trump spoke about lou they had to ratchet up the size of the stadium because of the people responding saying they were going to come. >> right. i mean, my question is, was there another venue other than the one that they obviously couldn't use because there was so many people. >> there was. >> was there another venue between that one and that one. i don't know the answer. >> there were. this is -- there were plenty of venues. this is politics 101. you always want to say, look at how many people are here and there are still people waiting outside and we're so sorry you couldn't get in tonight. >> ben -- >> to be honest, tonight say really big night for donald
4:40 pm
trump. it's amazing that he has 20,000 people in mobile. when you say you are going to have more than 40,000, it's no longer amazing. it's a bad political mistake. it's a rookie mistake. you always fill the room and you go a little smaller. yeah it is. name another person that did something like this. >> jeb bush was supposed to have this nomination wrapped up because he had raised so much money. what's happened to that? >> he never said that. he never came out and said i will have it wrapped up by august. >> he was the odds on guy because he raised all this money. all of his supporters were saying it. they say it over and over and over again. >> jeffrey, there's a difference between -- >> doug, i want to ask you, because there's disagreement here, jeb bush's name mentioned. i want to show you how jeb bush tried to match, maybe poke a little fun at donald trump's tru trump's arrival tonight. jeb bush -- this was treated by a supporter, a little small
4:41 pm
there in the picture. what that banner says behind that plane is, trump is for higher taxes, jeb bush for president. doug, was that a little way to maybe steal some of donald trump's thunder tonight and make your own point? >> absolutely. every republican that's running right now is seeing that trump has made a misstep here by claiming 40,000 people and not delivering an audience near that. that doesn't mean he can't deliver a good speech. it doesn't mean that he may say something that trumps that lead. right now, the story is not a lot of people showed up compared to what trump said they were going to show up. >> 20,000 people, that's a lot of people. >> if it hits 20,000. >> when you say -- gentlemen, when you say -- >> i'm not trying to be argumentative with you. >> we're going to have a lot of time to look at this. it's a few moments before trump was scheduled to speak. doesn't mean he will be on time. i want you to stay with us. we will have you back when we return. donald trump about to speak to
4:42 pm
at least a good-sized audience in an alabama football stadium. we have been keeping an eye on the crowd. can he fill all those seats? we will be back after this break. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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welcome back. i'm jim sciutto in new york. breaking news. we are standing by for donald trump to take the stage at what he says will be his biggest campaign event to date. moments ago, we saw this, trump flying his private jet, a 757, past and around the stadium a few times as crowds are still filing in. according to campaign, 42,000 people are expected to hear trump speak. the crowd doesn't quite look that big yet. but more people are coming in. back with me now, ben and jeff. we just heard from the trump campaign that they will delay his speech a little bit. they say to allow all the people in line to get inside the stadium. ben, do you see an effort there to pump up those numbers in there? >> it's a smart move.
4:47 pm
if there are anybody outside that you can get in there, maybe people are watching the local news covering this or watching cnn right now, you are hoping they will jump in the car and run down there so that your 20,000 can become 23,000 or 25,000 or whatever. because the story ultimately will be half full, donald trump overpromises and under delivers and he didn't have to do that. they could have standing room only and people outside of a 10,000 or 12,000 seat arena and he would have looked like a rock star. no one would be having this conversation. when you do things like this and you don't deliver, it puts your campaign at risk for negative news cycles of, are you really what you say you are? can you really deliver what you say you will deliver? do you overstate things? if you overstate things like this, are you going to overstate policy decisions and ideas? that's coming up because of this when they didn't have to overreach. >> jeffrey, how do you fight
4:48 pm
that narrative? >> well, you know, number one i would say that donald trump has already been through several experiences here where everybody in the media or lots of people in the media and people in political circles said you can't do that, it's over, he is toast. and it never happened. i would suggest this is what happens, this is the latest incident here. he has more people here than any other republican candidate has had. i understand -- i take ben's point. this rule of thumb was invented by jerry bruno, who was an advance man for john f. kennedy. if you have ten people showing up, rent a room for three people. i understand the concept here and there might be a negative story. but frankly, i don't think trump supporters are going to go anywhere. i don't think that's the story they see here. >> doug, i want to ask you, get away from the numbers for a moment, to one of the issues
4:49 pm
that has dominated the campaign, continues to dominate it this week, that is donald trump's immigration proposal. you had senator lindsey graham, also a candidate for the presidency, telling reporters that trump's immigration proposal is "going to kill the republican party." we know after 2012 that romney's poor showing among latinos was a problem that the gop wanted to correct. now you have really kind of competing language, the candidates competing to be tougher on immigration. is this a crisis point for the republican party in terms of their chances to win, to actually win in 2016? >> obviously, people in the republican party are worried about this. but trump's coming to alabama because senator jeff sessions embraced his idea of the wall, embraced trump's policy of dealing with immigration. i think it's one of the reasons you are seeing donald trump there in alabama tonight.
4:50 pm
i do feel the speech tonight is going to be significant. i'm curious what donald trump will talk about. will he hit that immigration bell again or will he talk more about wounded warriors, the military is very popular. it's an opportunity for him to perhaps bring foreign policy it is an opportunity for him to perhaps bring foreign policy into his speech. it is an opportunity to go after jeb bush. but he, there is a possibility that the republicans might be able to tried to find some way to get a little bit of that back. it is too early to tell. it doesn't look good for republicans with latino voters. >> reminder to our viewers, we are waiting for donald trump in mobile, alabama.
4:51 pm
trump campaign are delaying the start a bit because they say there are still lines outside the stadium. they want to give everybody a chance to come in and perhaps fill some of the empty seats you saw there when we had the live picture of the stadium up. ben, i want to give you a chance to pipe in on the question i asked doug about. is the nature of the debate about immigration, not just alien eight, but antagonizing latino voters in the united states who we know that, that a presidential candidate needs to win to win the white house. >> well i think ultimately, mitt rm kn romney was not that inspiring candidate against barack obama. his biggest liability. it was not immigration. if- you have a candidate that comes out. comes through this. let's look at marco rubio. will he connect with latino voters? i think the answer would definitely be yes. i think in many ways, jeb bush could connect especially because of his wife, background. i think right now it isn't
4:52 pm
helping if the election, the general was tomorrow. but i think depending on who gets this. they will have plenty of time to overcome this. and more than likely the last thing any will talk about if they do beat donald trump, is anything that he ever said or talked about they're going to move forward and past it >> jeffrey, let me ask you the question. mitt romney had 27% of the latino vote. george w. bush had 40% when he won. how does the gop candidate get closer to that number based on the kind of, not just proposals coming out of donald trump, but the, the words, the language he uses to describe immigrants et cetera. >> i think i am correct, the largest group that might affect the presidential election is not latinos, it is senior citizens. i would also add in the 1950s dwight eisenhower did exactly what donald trump is add ve
4:53 pm
kating. he used planes, buses, trains and deported just as donald trump is suggesting to, troops to, illegal immigrants out of the country. and he won re-election in a landslide. >> that was a few years ago. fair point. jeffrey lord. thank you for staying with us. out front next. we are standing by for donald trump. he will be speaking to a big crowd. we are live in alabama. i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways.
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4:58 pm
alabama. the gop candidate expected on stage any minute now. his largest crowd to date according to the campaign. while we wait for trump here is jeanne moos on huh ow to put on good trump face. >> reporter: everybody is doing donald. not that donald. the donald. >> i was fantastic. the ratings were huge. >> reporter: we are not just talking professional comedians like kyle dunnigan. >> ghandi? loser. mother teresa? idiot. jesus christ? hippy loser. >> comedians can't resist doing trump. >> rosie is a loser. >> reporter: even rand paul made a lame effort at imitation. >> i must be smart. i'm rich. >> reporter: while actor brian cranston. barely bothered with the voice. >> i actually like his candor. you're an idiot. i'm a winner you're a loser.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: one of the impressions helped fuel the rez rosie/donald feud. >> impersonators have posted how to videos. >> you always see those bottom teeth. the bottom front teeth. he's always. >> reporter: some limit themselves off to the donald's face. >> max, make your donald trump face. >> reporter: the donald doesn't seem to mind being imitated. he has even mentioned a couple impersonators he find funny. for instance, daryl hammond. >> i will tell you who would be a loser on any team, the sass squatch, rosie o'donnell. >> i am so excited i think my hair moved. >> reporter: john d. dominico, doing the voiceover on the donald trump ovulation kit.
5:00 pm
>> you call that ovulating? you're a loser. >> reporter: this baby is a winner after being egged on to give donald trump lip. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> sincerest form of flattery. thank you for joining us. and "ac 360" starts now. good evening. john berman here sitting in for anderson. a lot happening now from markets plunging on wall street to a pair of u.s. service members stepping into the line of fire and stopping a terrorist gunman from committing mass murder aboard a speeding train in france. the latest on that, and more, just ahead right now though. there is this. we are waiting for donald trump to speak in his biggest venue yet. a football stayed yul in mobile, alabama. his arrival honestly, an event in itself. complete with a flyover from his private boeing 757. you can see it right there. one