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tv   Weed 2 Cannabis Madness  CNN  August 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. john berman here sitting in for anderson. right now, there is this. we are waiting for donald trump to speak in his biggest venue yet. a football stadium in mobile, alabama. his arrival, honestly, an event in itself complete with a flyover from his boeing 757.
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>> the campaign says they got upwards of 40,000 rsvps. still, it's a big crowd. but not the 40,000 plus. this was o rijsally slated for a much smaller venue. >> cnn's ryan knobles is there. ryan, we're just a few minutes away from the rally. what's the mood there right now?
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>> this originally was can she think the walled to be in a venue that seets 10,000 before moving it here to this football stadium. >> as we wait fwr the sbeech to begin again, we could go to it any moment. joining me now, white house plit
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cam director in the krin thon adds plin strats e sdrags. so not as much of a supporter there but pretty close. >> is this perhaps the sign of a candidate who doesn't have a traditional, political organization. does not have a traditional advanced team? >> here's the thing. i think most of the candidates would be kpleez e pleased with a crowd of to,20,0 o 0.
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>> also, some say it is a racist slur. others, like jeb bush and donald trump, say they won't stop using the term anchor babies. we will debate. also, president obama making a big promise, rather, to
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fans tailgating in the parking lot of this alabama stadium. fans of donald trump waiting in long lines for history night pep rally in mobile. >> we need a true leader like mr. trump. >> he is literally talking about the things we here in america are all saying at the kitchen table in our living rooms at work. >> enkorszed his sfaur's breaking his tack e tax pledge back in the 19890 ds. jeb bush said he thought he dit the right thing. i am a little amused at that.
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>> so, amanda, i'm going to ask you to referee. >> wait might be it minute. you should also be abused that he loered taxes in florida every single year. >> so, you know, start judging jeb bush by his record mplt he's got his own report. if he didn't have a record, i'd say ouk, go ahead and judge him. gull you know what,let's juk junior college officer jern. >> i think he's being lowered doung as a gov nor.
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a governor should be able to talk about his executive record. what he's been able to do with foreign voters. but what i do think is good for everyone in the republican par tell is the fact that republicans right-hand turn spending them. we 'never faced a more vulnerable nominee. we've had the chance to elect a very strong conservative. >> jeffrey, we're waiting dwenl. we're just minutes away from donald trurp taking the podium right now and addressing this crowd there. i do wampblt to pose this
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question. does this show that donald trump doesn't have the vanszed after david. make he will get, but it's not there right now to plak sure the ooptices are opt much? >> i think all of the outside kacandidates that isle ere new this. emp donald trump who's doing gang buster in the polls and the crowds, certainly supplied the physical sub stanuation of the numbers we see in the cnn polls. it's a tough deal to put together these campaigns. particularly, if you've never run one yourself. so, i mean, i think they'll get the hang of this. and i that he will get on with it and get job done. i think they've den a remarkable job. this has been a fell no, ma'am nonhere. and i'm sure that they've -- they face some challenges in getting this together. but i think they are getting they're act together here. and testimony show. >> all right. >> and, again, frankly, john,i don't think -- i don't think
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that the people, you know, the joan mccapable thing, the me can e began kelly things mplt i thip viewers and voetsers are saying things that are not real e real vabt to me. my job, the e kwonmy, that sort of thing. and that's why they like donald trump. >> as we look at this crowd, jeb bush would die to have a crowd like that anywhere. >> there is absolutely no question that the crowd is very impressive on its own. now, if therm seasoned in politics, what when he would have cone is a small every venue. and the people naking a line and the building. >> that being said, you can't
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deny it. >> all right, amanda, jeffrey, ann arksz. enough on the opt etics. what's important is when donald trump says when he takes the stage. that will happen jud minutes from now. we'll bring it to you just ahead
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only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always . donald trump holding a stadium-sized rally in mobile, alabama. this the venue. we will bring you his remarks the min t they get started. they will begin very, very shortly. back with us now, our panel.
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>> welt e well, i'm smiling becausives a sformer speech writer. i love predicting what i think people are going to say and what they should say.
8:16 pm
i think you expected him to talk about illegal immigration. he's talking about china and how both of those countries find the american worker and potentially aaeling. squl and, also, i would ask him to discuss the tumbling double market. ip love it when candidates sees ont kwurnt events to show why they would be a good commander dm e in cheefr. >> as.
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>> is ittism dwrags that has no, ma'am namded the sde bait? >> i think dichblt voters want to listen to disdirnt thinks. this's another tremendous diversity of thought. there's a whole if she can trum of rotors. you're going to hear him tell us he's rich. you're goimpk to hear him say he wrote the art kal deal. you're going to hear them say the tashings vm. >> i think one of the things that miekt e might happen to him
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is he might suffer from over-exposure. mabisco just moved its factory to mexico. let's bye kout viking. he's going to look at the deal with china. he's going to get it done. >> so, le e listen, she doesn't iz it sdeefr in's there fropt of the fold yum. >> i'm not sure i could do the hair, you know. >> hang on one second,guys. i would say the hair would be a problem. >> i want to go wacback to ryan kmobles. he is at the statement.stadium where we're waying on sdubd trurp to take the stage. it has filled in so much. we've seen the enthusiasm in the wrouz. >> yeah, well, john, a pret tid interesting moment not too long agoi. that's when a state rep zen tich in alabama who represents his
8:19 pm
distriblgt at the month dwoj row. his name is ed henry. so there's been a few people that have come up to speak that, have you new york city, have put their support behind donald trumpbl. >> they sanction if blej of allegiance and sang the national achb them. >> this is as big as the crowd will get. it will gnaw short. it is still a pretty impressive and energized krout at this point. >> listen to 5:00 smith's treem
8:20 pm
on. in the krout, they have at the stam e stadium. adonald trump just got endo dofrsment of a state rep lead h the polls after akrods the nation in the key primary states, is this something that you think we will see more of? up unstill? point, you isn't seen the tra in additional endorsements roll outs that you see. >> i thrill it's roughly a pop ewe lax of 200,000. to see a crowd like this on a friday night would beism bresz i. str r st r are are st .
8:21 pm
>> for the first time, the people feel like they have a voice. >> if i remember four years ago, that primary did end up mattering in the race. jeffrey, whabt you? on the one hand, you wampbts as much you will port as you can get. on the other hand, you want to say i'm not going to hit anything there. sdwl iny what's interesting about this is the endors chl urk ole? o are are snow oo sdwool soo sko. >> is bolt tochl up. >> everybody want today know where he stood on donald trump. he was truly amazed.
8:22 pm
124 was a mb isle kbr. hechz strudly amazed. >> arc nrk nrk arc spg nrk arc vrk arc rrk ork rk if e stoep with egg rk ole wafrl to go bash to what wo sea rk that before o bb flofr are sfwleefr r gloefr r global over the stadium a w450i8d ago. >> le's running the superpac with a hundred million. >> about how to deal with donald trump. that it is an issue of great
8:23 pm
concern. >> r squl i'm not sure if it's a don digs of great concern. >> anna, hang on one second, smielg in my picture. moving his eyes out vshlgts r. ♪ >> sweet home alabama right now,
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donald trump at the podium right now. unbelievable. thank you. and then we went to the convention centerment we're all set and excited and the next day they say e said too many people. we can't put them in. so we came here. we came here.
8:25 pm
>> you know, today, if you noted, we've bchb doujs the stoub you have politicians that don't have a clue. you have politicians that are disgraceful. you know, when i announced that i was running for president. i brought up the shubt of illegal imbrags. >> i took a lot of heat. and two weeks later, everybody was apologizing to me. they saw that i was right
8:26 pm
between what happened in san francisco to inkrulz shld and jamile had been so many was willed, vain sodomizez tortured and killed. >> i'll take off my hat and prove once and for all that it's mine, okay?
8:27 pm
>> what people? the beam that bimt this coup tri. that's what we have here. the people that build the country. great people. vrjts e're going to build a wall. and it's goechk to be amaidsing. the poll tigsz, 10 years ago, 50 years aglo, day all waddered the wall. it never happened. probably a lobby igs. all oaf news gries like bush and, like, hillary clinton, that he're all taken care of.
8:28 pm
but whej hillary has 6 0 million tlars. although now he is using anchor baby. nods because i use it,he's using it. in hillary's kaegs she's kwolgts vid. what do you think. >> i'm not sure that she's making it to the gate: i just
8:29 pm
got these numbers today. what are they? 17 1 halve pend of all of the wrirts of this droup tri are ill lowism stlirlgd now, i turned out to be right. but you know what, an act of congress. the 14th amendmented, i was right oon it. you can do something with it. and you can do something fast. so wech 300,000 became byes a your.
8:30 pm
>> we're the only place, just about, that's stupid nufr to do it. >> so i decided to run. i've got an an amazing resemgs:
8:31 pm
he's been so spot on. has anybody ever heard of senator can she have e jeff segszs. gem r jeff, squem um. wr's juk: gemt oaf hire. hoe another's, like, to years olds. unbelieverble, guy. ; the mesh people, these people, want somebody in the president bewho stashd up for them.
8:32 pm
>> the fabs and their interests, obama the lies of this this plan shows a lot of people are agreeing with that. gratulations. welcome and god bless. >> he was so great: such a help. so i go around and i see so many sdooenl. we're leaving in just about every scale. inclouding al we're leadings in florida. and we're leezing whether i will go fl plr m. it's really amazing.
8:33 pm
i said i lop florida it's a fwlas fwrae, event. o shrill, they're not doing a pd very good job. but we're winning in florida, pennsylvania, iowa, new arm shir, north carolina. north carolina. >> and then, fashlly, we're just absalute ri way ahead of everybody educational. >> if this was another country. i can e bite it.
8:34 pm
. . i've been on the other side. i was totally establishment. >> all right, we just lostz the signal of donald trump there speaking in mobile, alabama, to a raucous crowd of big supporters there in that soit ern state. we just saw a lot.
8:35 pm
>>. just take it. so what happens is these guys come up. my wife ax which youly said -- and she knows me pretty well. and she also sees the reaction and, officer a junior college skbloimt-are-rial rk
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loosh vm the ool om doom vm ole lo that boork vm i said the other day, and it sort of played pretty well: >> all right. donald trurp right now getting a copy of his book, the art of the deal right there. nig could be happening at in poichblt. nerks,we'll focus more on that. education specially how the oebd e oend gand dats are using his hot but ton use. withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view
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all right, donald trump holding a rally tonight in a stadium at mobile, alabama. let's listen back in. >> we defend japan. if somebody attacks japan, we have to two to their rescue. but if we get attacked,japan doesn't have to lep us. >> aes neb rve heard of. >> i kale president obama the fiver hfr for-bun fwth. by the way, pep entlooez that we know of, sux people were kilg ds. they wbtsd afterhim. they wanted to get it back. so they get fiver people that they've desperately wanted for years right now back on the
8:41 pm
battle sfeeld. >> you know, every time i go on television, it's live. >> it's live on cnn. who likes cnn? and it's live on msnbc, right?
8:42 pm
bru, but, look, the reason i have this really incredible enthusiasm, but the reason i have it is because i do know what i'm doing. you people are looking for spb who knows what he's doing. whatever it is. jowl know. thank you, darling. hi second favorite book of all time. what's my first favorite book? the bible. the bible.
8:43 pm
and as much as i love the art of the deal,it's not guilty even close. we take the bible all the way. so i was e was saying i'm never going to run. >> i have to sue uniivision. some are girls, but beautiful women. and i get dropped. think of it, you have these mag nif soent wam who work all of their life. abds two weeks before e before the con test, nay thought my
8:44 pm
tone was a little bit strong. and it turned out i was right. so here's the good nuance. i sued them both. >> actually put it only the other day. but who would do that? all because they want to be so politically correct. they actually called and they said oh, well' eel gret it back oon soon. we'll get it back only soon. you know, in the case of a couple, dha said truch lose hz that e nascar. so all over one day, it was nascar. trump loses nascar.
8:45 pm
>> ampbt rk bethe way,akept they're tell poz sit and rened it to smbd oemgs. >> the next day -- i didn't everyone know i had to deal with them. the next day, espn. i had friends that call me from paris. oh that's too bad. do you know what it was? a golf outing at one of my courses in lopgs e los angeles. >> i was very disapointed where macys. >> lsht, you're listening to donald trump.
8:46 pm
he's talked about knowing what he's doing, although he says he's not bragging. he did begin this speak, though, talking about immigration in the first minute. he has used the words anchor babies and those words have been causing, i would say so injexz with the republican party. day're fouz focusing on thinds e thing that is many praem do not want to talk about. so the issue is this. embrace the words, risk of fending latinos in the general election. or denounce in the meantime and lose a chunk of the republican base for kwaifing: this is dponld truch weighing in on that i shall shoe earlier. along with jeb bush.
8:47 pm
glld duch a better term? >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. >> there's nothing the press likes more than a side show than some plitically correct debay. who cares? what people care about, solve the probable. governor bush we should mention, whether or not he's embraced it.
8:48 pm
>> first of all, it's inaccurate. the first is if undocumented people come here this country vmt and they have a child. that this family can be anchored here. it doesn'twork that way. second of all, it's also based on mit not sub stan shated by any data. >> that's the myth.
8:49 pm
if reason why it is offense oif, it's tagging people. the leading horse on the right has denounszed. ma wrrks co rubio says this sho be kaugds mud e melding. >> rrt, anna, you've sde fen e fended judge guz noefr the less, he did use it. but i want to know, in a vacuum, do you find the phrase anchor baby to be o foechx i, ann. >> i'll shel dwlou the techl.
8:50 pm
i lv in meechl e miami. the bottom line is we are the majority here. we are the establish mjtss here. i sdoempbt hear that word aw,oh,,. bray by. i understand it's another nensz ef. i dpebt like the sterm. >> if i thought general was using that in his own words, i would soo an issue of it. he wasn't. >> let's put it in context. he wunt embracing the word. he said the word are anchor
8:51 pm
babies and they refer to. i wish we wblt having this kvrgs. >> he has wruzed it repeetingly. >> donald trump is not alone. senate store cruz has vrjt >> this is a slide show.
8:52 pm
and this is about plit cl e kal correctness. if we're going to be running through american sold and say you can't same this. you kbt stay this. this is exactly one of the things that's just reached the border here with a large part of the public. >> you've not supposed to say something else. governor ox miley. i hoen, m the plit equal skrektness is that was the proosh. >> i think we ought to get over it and move on. it is a slide show. >> number one, is it over shrill plidy correct? and two, he wasn't using the term kpept in ref repsz to its use. >> first of all, no. it's not being overly politically correct.
8:53 pm
just yesterday, we saw an alleged hate crime up in boston. >> soo we see the konds. and bla has happen to jb used it. it it's. >> given in.
8:54 pm
>> connell back to. >> or at least said that donlds trurp was right. now, u. quill rk jtsz when he was first asked about it, my supporters were very fash ral chlts they washlt vrj. oh, i don't even think that's close to the truth. >> we all know that we had a shooding in charles ton, drng
8:55 pm
tnk. ja i mean, the people who do these things are responsible for their actions. >> not dontd trump. et cetera.
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all right, you know what, we're going to stop just now for a second. we'll be right back. watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home
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9:00 pm
let's assume a low-energy person very low energy. so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. let's say -- >> donald trump not low energy. that does it for us. it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, where donald trump is speaking to a crowd of thousands. i'm don lemon. let's listen. >> called in the head of ford and say mr. president, we want to build it. he'll say we don't want to. the next day or the next hour he's going to get a call from the lobbyists and special interest and his donors and they are going to say, hey, jeb, we gave you $8 million of your 120 million that you had. we gave you $8 million. you can't do that to our people. it is going to get done.


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