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tv   Weed Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports  CNN  August 21, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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let's assume a low-energy person very low energy. so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. let's say -- >> donald trump not low energy. that does it for us. it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, where donald trump is speaking to a crowd of thousands. i'm don lemon. let's listen. >> called in the head of ford and say mr. president, we want to build it. he'll say we don't want to. the next day or the next hour he's going to get a call from the lobbyists and special interest and his donors and they are going to say, hey, jeb, we gave you $8 million of your 120 million that you had. we gave you $8 million. you can't do that to our people. it is going to get done.
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let's take trump for president. is that better? here's a simple question, who would you rather have negotiating with china, japan, mexico any of them, trump or bush? actuall actually. >> what a group. what a group. it is sort of interesting, thank you. cnn does a big report that came out last week. i was leading in the poll and everyone says why don't i have a pollster. why do i need a pollster. every day i wake up and there is another poll. they pay these guys $100,000 a
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month and they can't function because unless they have a pollster they can't talk. every day i get like 30 pages. why do i need a pollster? cnn did this very expensive well done poll. well done because i was leading a lot. fit wasn't -- i was way ahead of everyone. they had leadership. the thing i will be fwrat at that -- i do very well at it military. i'm the toughest guy. i will rebuild our military. it will be so strong, powerful and great. [ cheers and applause ]
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it will be so powerful and great nobody will mess with us, nobody. nobody is going to mess with us. beautiful. so i look at the various things do with our country. we have to take care of our vets, right? they did a poll on who's the most popular with the vets, i was the most popular person. they like me and i love them. you know why? because for 35 years these senators and these other than jeff of course. these senators, congressman in
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washington, including presidents they have done nothing for the vets and we're going to take care of our vets. so they do this poll n. the poll i score really high marks on almost everything, other than they thought i wasn't a nice person. they said who is the nicest, i was pretty low and i'm a nice person but who cares. a woman came up and said i'm not sure you are nice enough to be president. i said you know what this isn't going to be an election based on a nice person. it's going to be based on a competent person. we're tire of the nice people. so, i won on the economy. i won on jobs. i won on leadership by massive numbers, like massive. i won in all of these categories. i said why do we need an election? we don't need an election. these are such important categories, but i have had an amazing experience because from
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the time i announced, almost, other than the first week with, that was a rough week with, but the press -- which is by the way largely very dishonest, i have to say this. the political media. i actually think i actually think the political media is less popular than congress. can you believe it? and congress is almost -- congress has almost no rating. in all fairness, because look at all cameras. they are all live and trying to shut off the camera right now. but they are all live and so many live cameras. but, look at -- thank you. but i will say this, the media is very dishonest but there's a certain group that are fantastic people and every once in a while i will get an honest story and i love it. i cherish those stories. they are not often but i cherish those stories. we have -- you have to understand and they have started
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treating me much better. don't forget, when i first ran, i said, you know it's amazing itch went to a great school, excellent student, smart guy. my uncle was a professor at m.i.t., smart guy, good family. do we believe in the gene thing? i do right? i do. like they used to say secretariat doesn't produce slow horses. but i made a tremendous fortune and great company. i did "the art of the deal" and many books that were best sellers. it is maybe one of the best sellers. i did "the apprentice." nbc hates me. because they renewed the apprentice and i said, excuse me, i'm not doing it. i'm running for president. i'm going to make the country great again. they actually -- they actually came up to my office and the top people. great people from nbc and they
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said, please, please, run. and they said we already have the show and sold most of advertising and i said i'm going to run and make our country great. we're going to do something. i'm hired. you're hired. so, i look at the landscape of our country, i look at where we are going. i look at where we have been. we have had a horrible number of years, a horrible number of years. general george patton and macarthur are spinning in their graves as they are listening to this. they are spinning in their
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graves. he talks about a hard time. i look at what is going on in the landscape and look at all of the people i have met over the last period of time and it's been amazing. really amazing. i want to finish up with a couple of little points. one is the ford deal. israel, i love israel. oh, by the way. so when i get the call i say, no, no, no, you are going to build in the united states. they are going to say, no we don't want to do this. i will say let me tell you, sir you are going to build in the united states and i will be called by people but i will not have any of their money so i
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don't care. and i will call them in and say, here's the story. you are building $2.5 million in mexico, we are going to charge you a tremendous little 35% tax. 35%. that tax is going to be for every car and every truck that comes in to the united states. here's what is going to happen. as sure as you are standing or sit issing they will come back to me, the following day, the following afternoon, i this is too easy and they are going to come back and say, mr. president -- they are not going to get called by the lobbyist, i will say no interest, no interest. within 24 hours, they will call mr. ppt president, what you are doing to us is terrible. we will build in the united states. we will build a plant in the united states.
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and i will say the same thing to nabisco. it doesn't help us. it doesn't help us. when you look at what is going on -- when you lock at what's going on where nabisco and so many places are closing. when you look at the kind of money these countries are making and i'm naming a few, i mean so many countries. we don't have anything left. we are running on fumes. there's nothing here. when you look at what happened there's so much sharper, they are so much smarter. we're not going to have a country left. we need to make great deals. the man in the back that just shouted israel. how would you like to be israel right now they relied on us. they are a voice of sanity.
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we have a deal so incompetent, so bad. think of the deal. we make a deal, the chief negotiator goes in to a bicycle race at 73 years old and he falls and breaks his leg. that's the good part of the deal. only thing that happened. think of it. i told people last week, i swear to you i will never, ever ride a bicycle at least in a race but i won't ride one any way. but i we have a new thing that came up yesterday in the deal. we know about the 24-day period. the 24-day period, that doesn't start, the clock doesn't start ticking for a long time. that could be forever. they are doing something believe me by the time we get there. here's the all time great. first of all, why aren't they giving us back our prisoners and second, can you believe this? can you believe it? and second of all, the other date was determined that iran in
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a very important section maybe the most important, iran is going to do their own policing. they are going to police and tell us we swear we're not building anything. it's so sad. obamacare we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. we are go ing to come up with a plan and there are so many different ways. you don't know this because you don't think of obama this way. you know who the biggest beneficiaries of obamacare are, the insurance companies.
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the insurance companies love it. we can have such great plans if we get rid of the artificial lines. i have a huge -- i have a huge company. when i negotiate, i'd like to get one group, they don't seem to negotiate. some of the people that own businesses know what i'm talking about. she insurance companies are so protected. they are making a fortune. they are going to end that. we're going to make it so competitive and get rid of the artificial barriers. you are going to get such great plans.
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this is impossible they are so high. trade, we're going to fix it. health care, we're going to fix it. women's health care, we're going to fix it. my wife came up to me the other day she said it is really sad because people don't understand how you can cherish women. i will protect women. it is so important to me. so important. i heard some of the other candidates, jeb and some of the others the other day saying we're not going to fund various women's health issues. can you believe this? i said that's the end of his election. women i don't think like that too much, do we agree. he said we're not going to fund women's health issues. a few hours later, he came back and said he misspoke, okay, he misspoke. but women's health issues so important. we're going to end up taking our
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country, we're going to make it so strong, so powerful, so loved by people again. so loved. you know, one of the problems that we have and you don't see it tonight, but you see it is a tremendous lack of spirit. i actually thought that president obama, the one thing, he was inexperienced never produced a job, a lot of things, but i actually thought that he would be a great, a great cheerleader for the country when he was elected. i thought he would. and he has turned out to be a great divider. really has. and you look at baltimore. you look at ferguson. you look at st. louis last night
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over the last week. you look at all of the things that are happening. we're sitting on powder kegs. there's no spirit. there's no jobs. there's no anything. we are going to take this country. i'm going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that. i will tell you. you are going to be so proud. you know, i often times say the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger and stronger and more powerful than ever. that's what's going to happen. i am going to make this country bigger and stronger and better and you are going to love it and you are going to love your president and we're going to
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turn this place around. and you are going to be so proud and you know our whole theme is make america great again. we are going to make america better than it has ever been and we're go ing to love and have fun doing it and i want to thank everybody because this has been really, really special. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. ♪ >> that's a pep rally for you. this is cnn. donald trump rallies a cheering droud in mobile, alabama. let's discuss this as he is shaking hands.
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>> i want to bring in spokesperson for the tea party leadership fund and maggie, presidential campaign for the "new york times" and with us republican strategist, a supporter of jeb bush and adviser to other gop candidates. as we keep this up we will let it play out but i want to get to ryan nobles who's out in the crowd now. we will get to ryan in a bit. may. what do you make of this? >> you are going to start with me with that question. that was amazing, as always, special as he said. pure trump. i think the question for voters out there as they watch events like this live, as he pointed out on i believe if not all of the networks is in the person they want as their president? do they want him as their negotiator. and are they -- the points he's making and the way in which he
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makes them, is that what they want to see in a president? that was a great show. the crowd is on their feet. as he said he wants to be a cheerleader for america. but for a lot of people, the final day it comes down to do you want this person to be your president? do you trust this person to make the decisions for you in the oval office? i think it's going to be an interesting to see how voters deal with wit. >> anna, he is a showman. he did a flyover in his jet. he did mention, he talked about jobs, the economy, immigration, the iran deal, talked about obamacare, going to repeal and replace it. he talked about trade, women's health issues and even brought up ferguson and st. louis. >> yeah. but, you know, don, he brought them up with another a millimeters of depth.
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this was really a great spectacle. it was political theater at its best and it was a me-sen trick, trump sen trick speech by donald trump. i wrote "the art of the deal." i own hotels, i have a friend called karl ie san khan. i love nabiscos but i'm not going to eat them again. it was about me, me, me, but little policy and little meat. very little of anything. at the same time it was incredibly entertaining. it is 80-plus degrees hot in mobile, alabama right now. 80% humidity. and those people sat there for hours. that's an impressive show. >> maggie, you know you stick to the television as well to watch him. as maeve said it was interesting. >> it is interesting while it was stream of consciousness, i think that is part of the
9:21 pm
theatrical interest in this. we have heard him give an southwesting speech. it is very similar. you can see it moving. he had the line about his wife telling him that people don't understand that he cherishes women. the other day i think he said it was his daughter who said this. this time his wife. he threw in alabama references about steel and local references. remember, alabama is one of the sec primary states on march 1st so it is more important than it used to be. he is behaving more and more like a politician. i wonder if he starts to act like a politician will that impact how people view him and as maeve said i think when people ask is this who you want in your president, i think at the end of the day that may not be where they are but i think right now people want to see the show and will come back. >> it was a favorable crowd. they came to see him. yelling usa, trump, trump, trump. >> not to mention the largest
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crowd of the political season. i love how everyone is saying, oh, this isn't political theater. guess what in, in 2008 barack obama was king of the political theater. today this translation is winning. if you are in business you know that 60% of your sale is your visual aid and trump is dominating nationwide. >> stay with me. when we come back more highlight of the pep rally and plus face off, two with people fired by trump, one supports him and the other doesn't. tonight they fight it out. we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage.
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with discreet edge notifications. back with breaking news, donald trump wrapping up a pep rally in mobile, alabama. waiting for him to take questions from reporters. we'll carry that live. our breaking news tonight. cheering crowds there in mobile, alabama. at the stadium. they were excited. they got to listen to donald trump and his favorite subject hoar, -- here, let's talk about the term "anchor babies." >> illegal immigration what is going on, we have got to stop it. we are going to build a wall. an it is going to be -- you know it is amazing -- the politicians ten years ago, 15 years ago they all wanted a wall. but it never went.
9:27 pm
it never happened. because some body didn't want it. probably a lobbyist. you know all these guys like bush and like hillary clinton, they're all taking care of, i don't know if you know -- true. no, but when hillary has $60 million, and jeb bush, when jeb bush, who's totally in favor of common core, weak on immigration, very weak on immigration wants to let people come in, although now he is using "anchor baby." he put out a memo, you can not use anchor baby. now because i used it, he's using it. >> a lot of people are offended by the term anchor baby, or anchor babies. others say it is political correctness. what to you think? >> i say so what. this is america. freedom of speech. they are an car babies we, have
9:28 pm
babyboomers, we have generation x. we have a country economy is on fumes. we have christians being beheaded. nobody cares what somebody is going to cry about if they're being called a name. it's anchor baby, so what, don. >> ana navarro, you want to weigh in on that? >> look, i think this is -- this is an unfortunate discussion that well are having. i think there are better ways of describing it that are less offensive. but the truth of the matter is the term exists. it's out there. i think whether it is offensive or not is irrelevant to donald trump. we have heard him say other offensive things over and over again since he started this campaign. and it's not done a thing to him. he is teflon don when it comes to whether he is offending mexicans, pows. >> jeb bush used it. he said, hey listen i will to the term. not upset i used it. if you find a better term i will
9:29 pm
use it, if it is not going to hurt donald trump is it going to hurt jeb bush? >> i don't think so. i will tell you why. first of all, let's put it in context. he used it as a term of reference. i remember don when you were on the air one time with the were, the "n" word with, and people got very offended. some people, you got a lot of strong reaction from that. that's not your language. i know you you are my friend. jeb bush is my friend. that's not his language. you were using it as a term of reference that is used by others. that's the way jeb bush used it. he has a lifelong record. look where he is on the policy. he is repeatedly come out against amending the 14th amendment and ending birth right citizenship. how can you attack the guy who is actually on the right side of the issue? >> let's talk about continue this discussion it has to do with immigration, anchor babies,
9:30 pm
the term he used. let's talk about the 14th amendment now. here's donald trump. >> i just got these numbers today. i said what are they? 7 1/2% of all of the births in this country are illegal immigrants. okay. we can't afford it. and they're suppose to stay. i turned out to be right. the 14th amendment. i had these guys, you can't change the 14th amendment. it will take so long. for that i agree. and you know what an act of congress -- the 14th amendment i was right on it. you can do something with it. and you can do something fast. you can do something fast. so we have 300,000 babies a year. 300,000 that you have to take care of. we all have to take care of. and you know, in the case of other countries, including
9:31 pm
mexico, they don't do that. it doesn't work that way. you don't walk over the border for one day and all of a sudden we have another american citizen. it doesn't work that way. mexico doesn't do it. other places don't do it. very few places do it. we are the only place, just about that is stupid enough to do it. >> so maeve, donald trump says he is not sure the 14th amendment guarantees citizenship for anyone born here. will that talk drive latinos over to the democratic side? >> well i think, you know, obviously the polls right now show that latinos generally are leaning towards democrats any way. and this is, let's go back to south deportation in the 2012 race. other terms, tom tinkrito, the immigration debate has been unhelpful to republicans who need to win over latinos in a lot of the states.
9:32 pm
out here out west for example. colorado and nevada. and you know i think what this its doing though, him talking about debates like this and there is a huge debate around what he said tonight. is that he is forcing a conversation that actually does show you that there is a broad range of opinion even within the republican party on some of these issues. i don't know whether that will be helpful or not to the republican party. but the rhetoric right now has not been helpful to them. it created an image around the party they have been trying to get rid of for sometime. >> standby, everyone. up next, two former contestants from trump's show "the apprentice" go head-to-head. one supports him. one does not. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast.
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or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. welcome back, everyone. our breaking news tonight, donald trump fires up supporters at a pep rally in mobile, alabama. joining me two people both fired by him, they competed against each other as contestants in season one of "the apprentice." kwame, you weren't planning on running out voting for donald trump. guess what, he is now a mainstream candidate. has your opinion changed now? >> my opinion hasn't changed. i talked about the show, the toxic ego system that donald trump was creating with rhetoric. lo and behold, we had the boston incident, hispanic homeless gentleman assaulted by two individuals based on trump's
9:37 pm
rhetoric. not that there is a direct line there but it is creating a toxic ecosystem. my opinion hasn't changed because of two reasons. we need an inclusive leader in america, someone who understands the changing demographics, hispanics becoming majority population in california, need some one who understands two women became the first women to finish the ranger program. women are on the rise and leading in. we need a leader who realizes hispanic americans will be the next great voting block. i think donald trump is not that person. not the person creating inclusion. not celebrating diversity. not just a matter of being politically correct, or, or, or divisive, it is a matter of frankly being rude and not understanding. >> kwame, you say that. yet he is gaining on hillary clinton in the polls. he brought thousand and thousand of people showing up to his rallies. his poll numbers are getting higher. hillary clinton's poll numbers are getting lower. so are you sure that you know the words that you are saying just because you don't like donald trump?
9:38 pm
>> i don't have anything against him. i'm speaking as a concerned american voting citizen. a broke clock can be right twice a day. great that he is doing well. great there is a cap on his support whether among the working class, blue-collar voters, folks with high school education. i always say one leonard skynard concert and one wrestle mania cage match doesn't win you an election. god bless the people in mobile. that represents a limited slice of the future demographic of america. >> so listen, katrina, there's no question that donald trump is a legitimate, serious candidate. i want you to take a listen to what some of the people were saying. >> the next president of the united states! >> thumbs up to donald trump. >> we need a true leader like mr. trump. >> he is literally talking about the things we here in america are all saying at the kitchen table, in our living rooms, at work. everybody is talking about this. because he is actually going to
9:39 pm
do something for the common americans. >> so, katrina, there you go. they said he is a straight talker. where does his campaign go from here? >> i have said this before. i will say it again. i think he is striking a chord with american people. the numbers reflect that. he is the one candidate that is completely independent from lobbyists and small interest groups and has the best and greatest chance of fixing the political corruption in this, in this country. and that's why americans are showing up for him. he addressed it tonight at the rally. he talked about health care. let's face it, our health care system in this country is a disaster. part of the reason it is a disaster is because insurance groups are some of the biggest contributors to campaign fund to politicians. and they're the ones that are winning. the american people are losing. as somebody that has worked with him. >> go ahead. finish your thought. >> go ahead.
9:40 pm
>> here's what i want to know. >> he is now. >> go ahead. >> sorry about the delay. >> it's okay. >> what he said, he said he doesn't represent women. he doesn't represent minorities. he doesn't represent all of the people. he is not looking out. he doesn't represent the diversity of america. yet still doing well in the polls. people like him. what do you make of that? >> i am an hispanic woman. i like what he is saying. i tell you why. he is speaking truth. there is no filter. whereas all these politicians they have an agenda. they're being swayed by special interest groups and lobbyists. we as americans are suffering. immigration, let's talk about that for instance. to become a legal immigrant in this country is extremely expensive. i know because my husband is going through it right now. if you are wealthy, sure you can afford to pay for that. but most americans don't have those funds. there is more incentive to come to the country illegally. who suffers, the americans. because we end up paying for
9:41 pm
those illegal immigrants that come into the country and cannot afford to be here. i come from, from parents that are legal immigrants that came here years and years ago. they did it the right way. i'm speaking as an american. i work with donald trump and believe in what he is saying. as an american. i believe he has the best chance to fix the political corruption. i as an american, am fed up with all these politicians feeding us what we want to hear. then getting into office and not doing anything about it. we as americans are the ones that are suffering. that's why i believe he has such a great chance. that's why people are showing up. >> katrina, kwame. stand by. thank you very much. appreciate it. donald trump changing the way politicians run for office. and his fans are loving it. should rivals take a page out of the donald trump playbook? that's next. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere.
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let's assume that somebody else becomes president. wouldn't that be horrible? wouldn't that be horrible? let's assume somebody else becomes president. let's assume a very low energy person, very, very low energy, so low energy that every time you watch him you fall asleep. let's say, he said, hillary. yeah, hillary too. so let's say jeb becomes president.
9:46 pm
not good. not good. breaking news tonight here on cnn. thousands turn out tonight in mow peel, alabama, at a pep rally for donald trump. joining me is a senior strategist for rick santorum, rick wilson, republican strategist, and a presidential historian. good evening to you, gentlemen. i said earlier, i never thought i would be glued to my television on a friday night watching donald trump and here we are. so, john, you know what, you are a campaign guy. you are advising rick santorum who was on cnn earlier today. you know how challenging is it, for santorum, and anyone, if, if they're running against a donald trump? >> it's challenging for all of them. because if nothing else donald trump is, is entertaining. we like watching him. he makes us laugh. the question is should he be president? if you, i'm a republican consultant.
9:47 pm
if i was running the democrats and you gave me ellen degeres, i could get her the democrat nomination over hillary because she idea logically fits who they are, funny to watch and so forth. not the same as saying he should be president. the other problem he is difficult to attack. we saw that when rand paul, rick perry, lindsey graham tried it. it backfired. this is very challenging for candidates. >> he didn't talk more about hillary clinton. he talked more about president obama. >> tonight was a lot of, the usual stuff he does. but i think he believes as a lot of people do that we're in a phase now where hillary clinton may be a declining stock in the market and looking at something else. he is trying to frame up against an opponent, particularly if he knew the audience tonight would be very responsive to because barack obama's numbers throughout the south are, are about as low as they can get mathematically at this point.
9:48 pm
>> rick, real quickly. i want to ask you this. he talked about doing interviews regularly. he mentioned cnn. he mentioned fox. he mentioned msnbc with jeers from the crowd. should other candidates do the same thing if they want to be relevant? >> absolutely. >> we have had this discussion a couple of times. i encouraged two other campaigns to get more engaged in terms of if you are going to be in a spectacle, contest where people are playing this by ear and running calling audibles on every play. you have got to be in the game too. be more accessible. start to fill up some of the vacuum trump tends to fill with being on the phone with folks all the time. you have got to also play by the same rules. you have got to let, let marco rubio or rand paul or ted cruz call in not have them only be in the studio or package piece. >> well if they want to call in. they're welcome to call into this show. i want to ask you, douglas. put this in historical context
9:49 pm
for me. let's listen to the sound bite. -- byte. he is talking about jeb bush, jeb bush talking about anchor babies. the first time he really took on trump. listen to this. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies yesterday on the radio? >> no, i didn't. i don't. i don't regrit. >> you don't regret it? >> do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term. i will use it. i'm serious. don't yell at me behind my ear though. jeez. >> sorry about that. >> language anchor baby is -- -- is that not bombastic? >> no, it isn't. >> i think the last time any term that really set people off, i think it was welfare queens. probably more. what do you make of this whole incident in the historical context? >> or donald trump playing the birthright card on barack obama. there is a 19th century party.
9:50 pm
>> you think about george wallace with segregation now and segregation forever. plays well with a certain audience. is that the brand the gop wants to have respected? trump did well tonight. >> you think it's on that level though? on the same level as segregation now? >> i do. i think it is basically mexicans go home. the code language what is going on with the wall. that's what anchor babies is all about. it is deeply offensive to mexican americans and going to kill the republicans with the latino vote. it doesn't mean it is not entertaining. demagogues are often entertaining but there's too much china and japan bashing, saudi arabia bashing, going after our allies. basically nativism on steroids. it is attracting right now and will be awful hard for jeb bush to go after trump.
9:51 pm
i'm not sure how he does it effectively because trump is a master at media manipulation. >> donald trump talking more about immigration after this. >> when i announced i was running for president, i brought up the subject of illegal immigration. and i took a lot of heat. that i can tell you. rush limbaugh actually said he got more incoming than anyone i have ever seen. two weeks later, everyone was apologizing to me. they saw that i was right. between what happened in san francisco to incredible kate and her family. such an incredible family and yamil and so many people that have been so badly hurt. the other day in california, last week with, a woman 66 years old, a veteran, was killed, raped, sodomized, tortured and
9:52 pm
killed by an illegal immigrant. we have to do it. we have to do something. we have to do something. >> when he brings up immigration he often will bring up crime as he did there. douglas said it is nativism. do you think it is a scare tactic for voters? this is for john. >> first of all, i found it more entertaining that trump took credit. at some point they will have to do random drug testing because they think they were the first on a topic we have been discussing a long time. it is not about donald trump. it is about large number of people enthused about somebody because they think he is authentic and they have been greatly disenfranchised. that's why he is doing so well. his 15 minutes of fame were supposed to be up after the debate.
9:53 pm
now he is 16, 17, 18 minutes. people like bush decide to ratchet it up and go after trump. as far as i'm concerned the race is now beginning. >> douglas, okay, if you look at history will show and correct me if i am wrong, we have had eight years of a liberal administration. the pendulum is swinging with the other way. isn't it the people who are upset and more angry and who feel they have something to fielt for, don't they often go out and vote more so than the people involved? >> well, it's true. donald trump is like lightning. no question about it right now. in a lot of ways, remember when ross perot talked about issues and he got 19% of the vote in '92 against bush and clinton. there's a real third party feeling in the country. he gives a great speech but it is a problem for the republican party if he is the nominee
9:54 pm
because he alienates so many people that are not part of the hard right. i think after mccain and romney the conservative wing, if you like the nativist wing of the republican party demanding they have a player in the game and it is trump or ted cruz. . it's been interesting that trump and cruz have kept a bit of an alliance. they are standing up to the gop establishment. >> i have to go, rick. i will give you the last word. 15 minutes of fame, can that turn in to four years? >> i think 15 minutes of fame, he's still on the clock but i think this will be a contest between a republican party that believes in limited government conservativism or republican party that believes in a native estatism. >> thank you gentlemen. have a great weekend. >> thanks, don. coming up next, two of donald trump's biggest fans, stump for trump girls are as fired up as ever. they are next. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
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our breaking news tonight, thousands of supporters turn out for donald trump in alabama. taking the campaign by storm. my next guests are trump fans taking you tube by storm. here they are. what i can't understand is when people -- >> [ inaudible ]
10:00 pm
cleaning house. we are looking for you to clean house. >> i can't help it. they make me smile. joining me is lynnette hardaway and michelle richardson. they are the stump for trump girls. how are you doing tonight? welcome back to the show? >> wonderful. >> did you watch tonight? and what did you think of the rally? >> look, we did watch the rally tonight. we thought it was phenomenal. we like his stance on immigration. we can no longer have illegal immigrants coming over here ripping at the fabric of our country and leaving the american people holding on to the threads and have people free loading off our country and the american people picking up the tab. we love everything he spoke about on immigration and also about making the country rich and great again. >> oh, yeah. >> imagine if it was rich, don, those boys in baltimore and ferguson, they would have jobs today.


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