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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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perceived as a member of the conservative. what i'm saying about hillary is she needs to tell the full story. she needs to get ahead of the curve if she can on this issue. do a sitdown and layout everything we want to know about the e-mail. see you next week. ran a good ten meters to get to the guy and we did not know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. spencer just ran anyway. and if anybody would have gotten shot, it would have been sensor for sure. sfwr hearing there from one of the three americans who helped prevent a possible massacre on a train speeding through europe. they took down the gunman armed with several weapons. this hour the americans are holding a press conference to talk about what happened. and cnn is heading there now. plus --
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>> rpropaganda messages between north and south korea. the two runs, high level meetings happening right now behind closed doors. they're starting their sixth hour of talks. whether they be able to avoid a shooting war? >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> 30,000 people packed a football stadium in alabama. the latest on the gop's frontrunner popularity and reach is growing. cnn newsroom begins now. we hope you're having a good saturday. >> 10:00 here on the east coast, 7:00 out west and we're starting with the breaking news. new details about the possible terror attack thwarted on a paris bound train. french fibl officials say he wa
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heavily armed. and was linked to radical islamic groups. and they're trying to determine whether or not he traveled to syria. >> in the meantime, that attack being stopped is largely credited to the quick actions of three americans who subdued the suspect. here they are. one of them air man spencer stone, you see him there, is recovering from a french hospital this morning after being slashed during that scuffle. these are new pictures we wanted to share with you of american military officers visiting that facility this morning. >> we are just moments away from a press conference being held at the hospital. in fact we're expecting to happen sometime this hour likely. cnn international correspondent nic robertson is rushing there and joining us on the phone. nic, what do we know? >> reporter: well, we know that the u.s. official it that went to visit spencer season in hospital today, we know his thumb was seriously injured in
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the attack when he took down attacker. we understand the u.s. defense colonel visited him in the hospital. he's been in there for several hours this afternoon visiting spencer stone. spencer stone's two friends are expected to speak at this press conference. they have been questioned by police as part of trying to understand better what took place on the train. and it's at the police station that they will be giving this press conference. i believe we can hear from them raps more perhaps more detailed accounts than we heard last night about what they heard in the minutes before the attack took place and then exactly how they were able to overpower attacker. we've heard today small details about the attack from french
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officials. >> what else do we know about this attacker? >> reporter: well, we heard from the french interior minister that he's saying he's 26 years old, that he's a moroccan, that he lived in spain last year, that he was living this belgium this year. the french interior minister cautioned that this is preliminary information and the french need to run that down and check, but they're also telling us that they were told by spanish authorities that this man was coming to france and that he was wanted -- not wanted, but on the radar of
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french officials and spanish officials, and also we're learning belgium saying that they're interested in him, they believe that he's been tied to radical islamists and trying to find out whether or not he'd been to syria. so for the belgium authorities, that still seems to be a possibility and it raises a possibility here did this attacker get on the train when it stopped in brussels en route between amsterdam and paris. >> all right. nic robertson joining us by phone. he's en route to this news conference that we're expecting to to go happen outside the police station there in paris. and be sure to stay with us because we'll bring you that news conference. two of the three americans who took this man down are expected to speak. the third man spencer stone is in the hospital undergoing surgery or, rather, underwent surgery for that injury on his hand. let's go now to nick valencia, he's getting us up-to-date on what we've learned about these men that are being called heros.
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>> that word heros gets thrown around a lot, but these three americans truly were. let's take you back to friday. those americans sitsing on a train they say when all of a sudden they noticed a conduct or running frantically and behind that conductor, a shirtless man with a rifle hanging over his shoulder. and their instincts took over. >> i came to see my friends on my first trip in europe and we stopped a terrorist. kind of crazy. >> reporter: crazy is one word for it. heroic seems to be a bit more fitting. american anthony sadler sitting next to his friend and another witness describe what happened during their trip on a high speed train in france on friday. >> i looked up, i saw a guy carrying an ak-47, or at least i assumed it was shall kind of machine gun. i ducked down in my seat. alex looked at what was happening, spencer looked at what was happening.
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alex said to spencer go get him. are. >> reporter: french authorities say the suspect had fired several gunshots as a french passenger tried to tackle him. the americans sprung into action. the struggle was brief, bloody and chaotic. >> the guy pulled out a cutter and started cutting spencer. he cut spencer behind the neck, nearly cut his thumb off. >> reporter: american spencer stone seen here in the middle would eventually subdue the suspected islamic with help from his friends. stone, a member of the u.s. air force, was hospitalized and is recovering. >> we called him, he's doing great. >> he's in good spirits. >> reporter: his friend alex, a national guards man, said few words speaking to reporter, but seemed to say it all. >> relief. relief that nobody got killed. it could have been a real carnage. no question about that. >> reporter: the three americans
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hailed as international heros. but they know it easily could have ended much differently. >> really proud of my friend that he just reacted to quickly and so bravely. he was really the first one over there. even after being injured himself, he went to go help the other man who was bleeding also. without his help, he would have died. >> reporter: and most certainly many others on that train would have too. >> when asked how it felt to know that their son was an international hero, the parents of one of americans said he just knew what he had do. >> nick valencia, thank you so much. an ultimate hey iteum, dead threat of war. the latest on the high level meetings between north and south korea. and we'll talk with one sxerpts about what must be done to pull north and south korea back from the brink of a shooting water.
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want to get you other breaking news we've been watching. new pictures to share with you of the north korean military seemingly standing by. see it there. ready to attack south korea if given the word. top officials from both sides
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are meeting behind closed doors right now, they're in their sixth hour of conversations there. to prevent the situation from turning in to an all-out are war. after north korea told the south to stop blasting pop began today over loud speakers oig. two sides exchanged fire earlier this week and kathy novak is live from the demilitarized zone near where they are having these conversations. what are you hearing about that meeting so far? >> reporter: well, it's getting closer to mid night here. so these talks have been going on for several hours as you say. quite remarkable that they're happening at al after the kind of tensions that we have been seeing building. so a hopeful sign that these people are coming together at this truce village to try to handler out some sort of way to deescalate the situation. but as you say, both sides still on the ready at a very high state of alert. we know that the sticking point are these propaganda speakers that the south is refusing to
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stop blasting into the north and everyone as these talks are going on, we're being told by the defense ministry that south korea won't stop the broadcasts. so whether or not they can reach an agreement still remains to be seen. if they can't, what happens next. >> kathy novak, thank you so much for the update. joining us now, a senior fellow at the university of southern california's u.s. china institute. mike, good to have you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> so you visited north korea more than two dozen times. and as i understand it, you believe that this skirmish is more dangerous than previous standoffs. why? >> well, what we've had if this this situation are a couple of factor has we haven't really had in previous bouts of high tension between north and south korea. this is really the biggest crisis between the north and south since kim untojong-un too
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power. with his father and uncle, it was generally thought that their leaders knew where to stop. but kim jong-un is young, impetuous, been purmging a lot of key officials in his regime. so nobody really knew how far he would be prepared to take it. and at the same time south koreans have made it clear they are prepared to respond more forcibly than in the past. so the danger was that you would get a cycle of escalation. but at the last minute, the north suggested talks and this is also something we've seen in previous episodes of tension now after tension gets to a very high level, the two sides suddenly talk and things get diffused for the time being although we don't know where these talks will lead yet. >> so we're in hour six now of these talks.
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and it seems that this would fall in the fashion of the two previous generations of leaders there in north korea, making the threat but then pulling back at the last hospital. what could -- or what do you think would north korea be willing to give up or to relinquish in order to end this? i mean they also have to win something. what's on the table? >> well, the north koreans want these propaganda broadcasts ended. they're extremely sensitive about anything that disparages their leader kim jong-un which is the central feature of these south akorean broadcasts. and at the same time the south co koreans want the north koreans to apologize for planting land mine which is maimed a couple soldiers. and it was in response to that incident that the south koreans cranked up the rpropaganda broadcasts. the question is can they find a
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formula that will allow each to save face, claim they got something. but i think one takeaway from this is that like his father and grandfather, kim jong-un is not irrational and does seem willing to step back and it may well be also that south korea having fired artillery rounds into north korea on thursday may have also been a kind of wake-up call for north korea. so the fact diplomacy at a high level is going to, but we're not on you offed t out of the woods yet. >> all right. mike, that can thank you so much. donald trump's presidential campaign seems to be gaining more momentum. donald trump' campaign seems to be gaining more momentum. >> he i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that.e i am goi greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that.i am goingt jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that. >> we'll take you live to mobile, alabama where massive crowds packed a football stadium to hear what the republican frontrunner had to say.
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also, raging wildfires are prompting an emergency declaration. we're going live to the fire zone. and we are waiting for a news conference to begin with two of the americans who stopped a possible massacre on a high speed train. we understand that should begin in about 12 minutes. we'll bring that to you.
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unbelievable! unbelievable! thank you. >> donald trump, look at the crowd there. 30,000 during a rally in mobile, alabama. one city official called it the greatest event mobile has ever put on. besides mardi gras. trump bragged about his poll numbers, talked about the big swing states there. and he shared the stage if a moment with alabama senator jeff sessions. ryan nobles was at the event and has the latest for us this morning. i wonder, and i'm sure you spoke with people who were there in the crowd, his opponents say people are attracted to trump because he is a celebrity. were they there for the show or
7:23 am
for the content, for the candidate? >> reporter: there is no doubt people are interested in donald trump because he is a celebrity, and there were people in line as early as 6:00 yesterday morning but almost everyone i talked to said they believe in him as a candidate, they think he would be the best option that they have in this upcoming election. so the support there last night was legitimate. and that has translated in the polls that we're seeing that are continually coming out about this election. not only is trump leading the republican field nationally, he's leading in many of the key swing states including iowa and new hampshire which are the early primary states. and in florida where both jeb bush and marco rubio are from and are two of his chief rivals. in fact trump is so emboldened by what he's seen in the polls that he told the crowd he'd like to have the election already. >> we're leading big in florida. and you know it's really
7:24 am
amazing. i said florida, i love florida. it's a great place. right? but florida, we have a governor and we have a sitting senator, and i'm killing hem. explain that. obviously they're not doing a very good job. nationally we're just absolutely way ahead of everybody else. in fact, you know, if this were another country, we could maybe call for an expedited election. right? i would love that. can we do that? can we do that? i'd like to have the election tomorrow. i don't want to wait. >> reporter: maybe calling for the election at least a republican primary early might help trump, but of course he still trails almost every democratic opponent in the national polls although that gap does appear to be closing. and for the most part the support for trump last night was strong and passionate. this is of course an area that truly believes in many of the issues that he is focusing in on
7:25 am
including immigration and repealing obamacare. so this was fertile country for donald trump and an area that will vote early in in primary season this march. >> interesting that in other countries you can call for the election early. those really aren't stable democracies, though. ryan nobles, thank you so much. >> touche. we want to get thoughts from jeremy diamond and also ron brownstein. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us. ron, want to focus on alabama and so early. what do you think is the strategy there? >> i think two answers. one is that this is becoming a national campaign. the amount of media that is covering the campaign far more than in earlier cycles. voters everywhere are seeing the same stories about the same candidates. so no matter where you go, you're campaigning in iowa and new hampshire. but the larger reason, if donald trump makes to the finals of this race, which is not clear
7:26 am
yet, but if he does, he will make it as the candidate of the conservative wing of the party against the more establishment like a jeb bush or john kasich. and candidate from that conservative lane will have to rely mostly on red states in the general election. like alabama, the south, the heartland states, kansas, oklahoma, et cetera, while the more establishment candidate will proel rebably rely on blue states. that's the division we saw this 2008 with john mccain and mike huckabee, the same division in 2012 with mitt romney and rick santorum. and if donald trump does get into the finals of this race, he will be relying heavily on the more conservative states if in the general election. >> and he had support there, too, from of course senator jeff sessions who came out, jeremy, and supported trump's stance on immigration. didn't come out and say i support him as a whole. did not endorse him per se. what do you make of the fact
7:27 am
that he was on stage and how does that affect the rest of the gop field? >> well, senator sessions was really one of the top advisers in helping trump craft this immigration plan. and while senator sessions hasn't endorsed trump all together, just his presence there, he put on the make america great hat, that bolsters trump. rand paul, we've seen the same thing from other candidates, as well. so as trump looks to forge his path and i agree with ron that he will play it up as the conservative candidate going into the -- towards the nomination, he's certainly going to face attacks from his flip-flops on various single pa and abortions. so he needs support from some
7:28 am
conservatives that will bolster those credentials and show voters even one of the most conservative members of congress is support difference of his candidacy or at least certain as pegts pekts of it. >> appreciate your insight, gntlemen. thank you. wildfires out west are burning out of control. hundreds of thousands of acres have bush burned. and soldiers are being sent to the front lines. and we're waiting for a news conference to begin with two of the americans who stopped a possible has kerr on massacre on a high speed train.
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7:32 am
hospital. they took down a suspected terrorist on a train headed to paris. we have on the phone with us, tony sadler. anthony sadler is his son. mr. sadler, can you hear us? >> yes, we can hear you fine. >> okay. good. you had a conversation with your son yesterday. i first want to know can you tell us about that conversation and your general reaction to what happened on this train? >> well, the initial conversation, he called me very early on either from the site, the train site or from the police station, and the initial response was surprise and shock. and after that, disbelief and gratitude that y our son was ok, that he wasn't killed or hurt. >> in terms of the conversation that you had with him last night, is he doing okay?
7:33 am
what did he tell you about the incident itself and how he's feeling now? >> it was still settling in with him as far as the reality. he shared it didn't seem real. it was totally unexpected. it wasn't on any of their radar. they were just sougout touring europe and having a great time together for the past week and a half. the armed gunman came out of the bathroom to the rear of the car that he and his friends were in, and garnishing the automatic weapon. and as the one i believe conductor engaged him, he was not able to subdue him and that's when spencer first went into action and charged the assailant. and alex and anthony came behind him. and between the three of them, they were able to disarm him, get him to the ground and with
7:34 am
the help of a fourth man get him tied up. the assailant was yielding similar to a box cutter the whole time. that made it a little difficult for the three young men to get control of him. and spencer did wind up getting cut a few times by this man, but thank god they were able to get control over him before he was able to seriously hurt anyone else. >> indeed. you see the video here, the man who is bound there on the floor of the train. all be able to see the rifle there in the seat. let me ask you, mr. sadler, are you surprised by the actions taken by your son? is this something based on -- would you have expected him to do this? >> not surprised only in the sense that he was engaged in such an effort and such an incident. but, no, it's well within his
7:35 am
character. he's a quick thinker. quick decision maker. his friends were involved. and these friends he's known since middle school. he would certainly not let them engage in anything dangerous and sit by and watch. so in that sense, no, not surprised. >> you touched on it but it was something i wanted to ask you about, the relationship he has with these two men and their friendship. you said they have been friends since middle school. help us understand the friendship between these three men. >> well, they went to a small private school. so their entire high school student body was probably somewhere around 50 young children. so between middle school and high school, such a small school, they had a strong bond. they were together both on
7:36 am
campus and off campus and the friendship lasted in to college and their military career, so much so that they put their heads together and decided to have this trip while the two of them were still stationed in europe and enjoy europe together the three of them. >> do you know when he will be back in california, when you will see him again, or do you plan on traveling to see him? >> no, the hope is at this time, at this point, that he will be back in america and back in sacramento just as soon as possible where the next step is for him to answer all of the necessary questions that the french government has concerning the assailant. and as soon as that is completed, we'll begin to make arrangements to get him back home. >> well, anthony sadler, the
7:37 am
father of anthony sadler one of the three men who took down will suspected terrorist on the train bound for paris, we have so grateful that your son is okay, that you were able to really give us a good sense of who he and these two other gentlemen are. an wishing you the very best to you and your family and that reunion. hopefully it comes soon between you and your son. thank you for taking time for us, mr. sadler. >> thank you. >> absolutely. and do stay with us, because we are expecting a press conference to hear from at least two of those three men who we just learned about coming from france in just minutes really. we were told it should start any moment you now. >> hopefully it will happen by the top of the hour. but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate
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we're waiting to hear from two of the three men who have been dubbed heros and rightly so. they are probably responsible for taking down a suspected terrorist on a train that was on its way to paris. nic robertson is there on the phone. he's on his way it to the press conference. but, nic, what are you hearing about first of all the condition of spencer stone who is the one american injured in this and what we may hear from them at this press conference? >> reporter: there's a possibility we may get an update, although also it's
7:42 am
possible that the friends alex skarlatos and anthony sadler may not though because they haugh k have been in the place station. and spencer undergoing surgery. the colonel in the hospital for a couple hours to visit spencer. but we haven't really had an update on spencer's condition. we did understand that he had cuts to his hand and neck and also very serious cut on his them and of course the clinic he is in today specializes in hand injuries. so again the best only care here the french can give him. but at the moment we're waiting to see if anthony sadler and alex skarlatos will come out and speak after they have been debriefed, talking with the
7:43 am
poli police. waiting to see just when they will come out of the police station and what details they will be able to add to what they told us yesterday. a few brief details yesterday of how spencer was the first one to go in and tackle down this attack to bring him to the ground. spencer putting himself in very severe danger. they said they didn't know if there was a possibility that he would be shot the or what would happen. of course all three incapacit e incapacitating the attack ir and handing help over to the police. so we may get more details on that. and they are now being widely applauded as heros in this situation. >> well, certainly because we know that suspect was loaded with ammunition, with an assault rifle, with a blade. what more have we learned or have yyou learned about the
7:44 am
suspect and where this investigation is headed? >> reporter: well, it's a very troubling picture at the moment that is emerge. this suspect was known to officials across europe, in france, belgium and spain. the suspect has been taken to paris, they believe that he's a 26-year-old moroccan, they believe he was living in spain last year, belgium this year. those details do have to be checked. and what we've heard from belgium authorities, they are investigating his links to a radical islamic group and investigating whether or are not this suspect had actually been to syria. they say they don't know the answer to that at the moment. but of course the picture a serious one, getting on the train with an automatic weapon, nine magazines of ammunition,
7:45 am
each can take 30 bullets. so the math is very simple. several hundred bullets he had in that weapon plus the automatic pistol, the amounts of damage that he could have caused and trauma that he could have caused is horrific. this was a busy train, as many as 500 people on the train. very little way of stopping him apart from the actions, you know, of stone and his friends. >> you mentioned how many people were on the train. as understand, these two americans anthony sadler and alex skarlatos are speaking with paris authorities or french authority,i authorities, i should say. do we know about any other witnesses? >> reporter: there is a british witness who is also in the police station, chris norman. he was with anthony sadler and alex skarlatos and anthony stone
7:46 am
helping inca pass pay tpacitati attacker. and he's helping the police. he's expected to come out of the police station and speak in a few minutes. he is slightly older than the three americans who are young men. the british gentleman chris norman in his early 50s we believe. >> we're looking at a live picture of outside the police station where we he believe they are going to be coming out and they will hold this press conference here. it's really interesting, nic, as we look at these authorities standing outside, it looks as though they're wearing but let proof vests. am i right about this and what is the security there? >> reporter: you're correct. i'm standing just off to the side and i can see the officers, they have bulletproof vests on, they have holstered weapons.
7:47 am
and we've seen today on the periphery here as well either plain clothes police officers with weapons, as well. the fact that they're standing outside the police station waiting for the witnesses to come out and talk to us all here, security remains a concern. there was a huge breach of security on the train yesterday. authorities are scrambling to make sure that there isn't another imminent threat and of course these men themselves now being, you know, put into position of saving so many peop people, that there is no attempt to harm them. >> one of the thin he things a people might be wondering, how was the suspect able to get on the train with all of that am you munition. can you help a lot of people who may have never traveled would i train in europe before understand the security herbs there?
7:48 am
measures there? >> reporter: sure. and the train station that we traveled on today is an exception. the line we took, from britain to france, it's the only train that has metal detectors and screening, baggage screening, to get on to the platform and on the train. but the rest of europe like so many other places in the world there, is very limited security in terms of boarding trains when you compare to what there is at airports at the moment. certainly there are closed circuit security monitoring cameras. certainly you'll see in many cities at the moment, you'll watching how who we believe is chris norman potentially speaking here outside the police station. so security at the police station this is it europe -- security at train stations is not like we see at airports.
7:49 am
it's relatively easy to get on and off with a rather large amount of baggage. >> and what you're looking at again, live picks outside the police station in france as we wait to hear from some of the witnesses and into of the americans here. i believe this is chris norman fr from -- a british witness. >> what i would like to do first of all is to say thank you to alexander scar l alexander skarlatos and spencer stone. i'll explain briefly my role and what i saw happen. i was sitting in the coach. i saw -- sorry, i heard a shot. i heard some glass breaking. and then i saw somebody running down the aisle to the front of the train. i was facing towards the back.
7:50 am
i then stood up to see what was happening. i saw a man with what i think was an a ak-47. anyway, it was some kind of a machine gun or be sub machine gun. my first reaction was to sit down and hide. then i third one guy, an american, say go get him. and i heard another american say don't you do that buddy. or i think that was it. so then i decided that perhaps it was really the only time or only chance was to act as a team and try to take over the terrorist, i suppose he's a terrorist. so what i then did, i jumped up and i was actually the fourth person to begin working on the terrorist. the other person who was there before me was anthony sadler,
7:51 am
who is the student. i clarified alexander scar lat toes is from the national guard in the united states and spencer stone is from the u.s. air fo e from the national guar the united states and spencer stone is from the u.s. air force. [ inaudible question ] >> no, no, no, not at all. >> you saw people running the other way. what made you decide to take on the gunman? >> i think it was actually very rapid reasoning. because he had a magazine full. i don't know how many magazines he had. my thought was, okay, i'm probably going to die anyway. so let's go. i'd rather be active than simply sit in the corner and be shot.
7:52 am
[ inaudible question ] >> once you start moving, you're not thinking anymore. >> what what point can did you realize he was a possible terrorist? >> the moment i saw a guy with an ak-47. [ speaking foreign language ] you're watching chris norman, a witness to what happened on the train and actually stepped in with the three americans anthony sadler, spencer stone and alex skarlatos. in fact where he walked out, you could hear him say if it weren't for alex skarlatos, i would not be standing here today. and he answered a reporter when they said what made you when other people were running the other way stand up and do this, and he said my thought was i'm
7:53 am
probably going to die anyway, i'd rather die trying to take this person down than just sitting in the seat. >> so let's go. first reaction, he said that he thought that maybe he would sit in a seat and hide. but then he heard someone who we now know according to anthony sadler as alex skarlatos yell get him. and he ran in the direction of this man who is reportedly being investigated as having ties to islamic extremists. this happening on a train headed to paris. again, we're waiting for anthony sadler and alex skarlatos to come out in front of this police station and they can speak, as well. let's go back to -- all of his . i intervened to hold his right arm. there was a frenchman who i think was the train controller who came and took his left arm.
7:54 am
and in this way, we managed to overpower him and then after that we were able to put him on the ground, immobilize him on the ground. and then alexander went to see elsewhere in the train if anybody else was -- if there were any other terrorists. and we saw at that moment somebody was injured. blood was coming out of his side of his neck. then spencer stone who was already badly wounded himself, he had nearly lost his thumb and he was cut two or three times at the nape of the neck with the box cutter. and it was him that came and intervened and said that he was a medic. and it was he -- it was him that he was able to stop the blood
7:55 am
flowing. train staff were not in the wagon with us. they ran up the aisle. but i really must salute the courage of the french train driver who was actually setting in the row just next to me. [ inaudible question ] >> now, yes. when we -- i don't know. i mean it's very difficult to really understand i think. >> when did it sink in? >> when i tried to close my eyes last night. [ speaking foreign language ]
7:56 am
>> what my family said to me? they're proud of me. >> are you married? >> i'm married. in fact my wife is currently looking after our two grandchildren. i'd like on get back to her to be able to look after them and help her. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't really know, haven't really spoken very much to them. i've just been able to -- i want to deal with that privately. [ inaudible question ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: i think it is true but i did not see him because apparently he was in coach number 13. i was in coach number 12. and from what it've heard after the event, there was a french
7:57 am
person who being a costaccosted i think he tried to stop him. the aggressor had apparently -- the -- the person along the train thought as they were fighting together this french man and ag fwrgressor and aggre took out his arressenal and wen from coach 13 to coach 12. why you say he was determined. to be honest, i do not know why he didn't manage to shoot.
7:58 am
but i think it is because his weapon did not shoot, it backfired. >> what else is there to do. either you sit down and you die or you get up and a you die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of theseou die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of theseu die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of these die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of these die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of thesey die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of theseou die. it was really nothing more than that. i mean, if you will -- we've seen enough of these kinds of attacks to understand that they will kill everybody once they get started. my point of view was two guys have already started working doing -- have already started attacking him. maybe they needed some help. and my -- purely survival. i said to myself okay, maybe i have a chance if i get up and i help, as well. [ inaudible question ] >> he put up quite a bit of a fight, but spencer stone is a very strong guy. he held him very well. and alexander and anthony had a pretty good go at hitting him.
7:59 am
if fact what i did is i helped hold his arm so he couldn't get hold of him gun. [ inaudible question ] >> translator: he was a man who appeared to be north african. quite small in build. slim. i think honestly since i was holding him, i didn't have any problems overcoming him. he was not necessarily very stro strong. i do not know if he had been trained let's just say the way the two americans had a go at him, he could not do much more. >> i just want to go home. >> translator: all i want to do is go home now.
8:00 am
in fact frankly what do i want to do is go home and spend some time with my family. >> i didn't hear him asking for his weapon back. i was just -- what a i did hear was alexander telling him to stop fighting. and until we got him to quiet down, we got him on the floor and i tied him up while al leksz and alexander went to look for other terrorists. i tied him up with a tie. [ inaudible question ] >> translator: no, but apparently he will contact us and i've not spoken to the french prime minister. i think that he will come out this evening. he was operated on his hand.


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