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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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on the knowledge that we had two years ago. >> nick with cnn atlanta. >> all right. we have so much more straight ahead in the news room, and it all starts right now. hello and thanks for joining us. we're waiting to hear from the heros who helped with the train. that was making the way from amsterdam to paris. what we understand is that according to a british national earli earlier, he explained how he tried to help out and how he had to be the fourth person to help out. >> i am relieved that no one got killed. it could have been a real problem. there's no question about that. >> i am really proud of my friend that he just reacted so
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quickly and bravely. he was really the first one over there after being injured himself. he went to help the other man that was bleeding also. without his help, he would have died. that man was bleeding from his neck. he just went over there and saved his life as he was bleeding himself. >> spencer ran a good ten meters to get to the guy. we did not know that the gun was not working. if anybody would have gotten shot, it would have been spencer for sure. we're lucky that no one got killed especially spencer. >> we called him, and he is doing great. >> he is in good spirits. he is in disbelief that it happened himself. >> okay. so you're listening to two of the americans there and the british national and explain what they experienced on the plane. we have been saying that the americans are going to be stepping outside of that hospital and elaborating further on what took place.
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well now we understand that french police are questioning them and they're making the way to paris and then met by a phone call by the president of the united states. so let's check in with nick that can give us more detail on all that's taking place out there outside of the hospital what is the understanding of the next journey for these americans? >> reporter: yeah, it's a lot of moving sparts. spencer move from the hospital and now in a hand special hospital. he is undergoing surgery and the u.s. defense counsel came to visit him in the afternoon. right now we're here in the police station. this is where his two friends -- his two friends alex and mr.
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sadler have been helping the police with the polices. what the police have been telling us a little bit a while ago is that they were expecting the men to help on what happened on the train and how the gunman or any other useful information to further this french investigation. the french police were telling us that they expected these two friends of spencer to come out and speak now they're saying that the two are going to go to paris. they're going to go to the u.s. embassy and with obama. serns is not sure whether or not he can leave the hospital or go to paris or join his friends or will he have to spend another night in the hospital with his friends. >> okay. so spencer stone and we're
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looking at a photograph of him. he is active duty u.s. air force. injuries to his head, neck and hand. his was the body that was all bloodied up. he did not have a shirt on. he sustained jurs. is it believed that most of the injuries came from the box cut i that is suspect was holding? >>. >> reporter: yeah, that's what we have been hearing and the british guy that helped over power the attack er. of course, you know, spencer stone making the most dangerous and going in and attacking and he also had a box cutter, and that's what injured spencer stone and cut his head and neck. the injury to his thumb was almost serious and almost cutting his thumb off. that's why he is in a special
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hand hospital unit just a few miles from here through the morning and the afternoon. >> oh my goodness. is it your understanding when the other two make the way to paris and they can have that secure telephone conversation and they will make it back to where you are and then the three of them will reunite before they perhaps make the journey state side? >>. >> reporter: this has been a day where events are unfolding. we're expecting them to come out of the police station. the big medal doors will open up and the police station will drive off to the back and go to paris. we're expecting them to stay in paris. that's the most logical thing that's going to happen here. we heard from the french president today and saying that he is expecting to host the people. everyone is now calling the
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heros to host them and french presidential police saying in paris on monday, so i think that's what we can expect. how quickly spencer stone is able to join them and the surgery and how much did he have to have and what do the doctors think of moving him so quickly after the surgery. all of that is coming into play. once the guys do move in here and northern france, they're probably going to stay there or as far as we can tell at this time. >> what an in credible story and hero i can. i don't think that's the proper word. it was even bigger than that, was it. nick robertson, appreciate that. we're getting more detail all of the time of the dramatic take down and we're following it from here as well. what more do you have? >> that word heros gets thrown around a lot, but that's describes what they did.
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especially when the gunman had already fired several shots in the train before subdued by the three americans. back to friday as the high speed train the moving to paris, france when the three americans sitsing on the train. they notice a conductor run and then behind him a shirtless man with a rifle, and that's when the three americans say that the instincts kicked in. >> i came to see my friends on my first trip, and we stop aid terrorist. kind of crazy. >> crazy is one word for it and hero i can is another fitting. sadler sitting next to his friend and another witness describe what happened during their trip to france on friday. >> i looked up and i saw a guy carrying an ak47 or a machine gun. i jumped out of my seat and alex
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looked at what was happening and spencer looked at what was happening and alex said go get him. >> french authorities say the suspect fired several gunshots as the french passenger tried to tackle him, and that's when the americans and chris norman say that they sprung into action. the struggle was brief, bloody a chaotic. >> the guy started to gut spencer and cut him behind the neck and nearly cut his thumb off. >> spencer stone was subdue him with the help from his friend sadler and alex. stone a member of the u.s. air force was hospitalized and is recovering. >> we called him, and he is doing great. >> he is in great spirits. >> his friend a national guard's man said few words speaking to reporters, but seemed to say it
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all. >> relief that nobody got killed. it could have been a real carnage. that's no question about that. >> they hail as international heros, but they know that it could have easily ended much differently. >> i am really proud of my friend that he just reacted so quickly and bravely. he was the first one over there even after being injured himself. he went to go and help the other man that was bleeding also. without his help, he would have died. >> most certainly many others on that train would have too. >> that video from in side the train just really shocking and seeing the american bloody and so it seem that is the rest of the passengers on the plaechblt o plane. one of the parents said what does it feel like about your son being an american hero. >> he was doing what he was supposed to do. >> we talked to victor's dad and
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he said you know what no. the three of them have a great bond and friendship going back to middle school. >> just to have it and see that something was happening on the train and to kick into gear. >> without delay. >> yeah. whether it was this gunman or his gun being jammed that gave him the time to subdue him or this moment that the americans were on the train, just in credible that we're not talk about a mass casualty this morning but the three americans. >> exactly. they're in credible. of course we all can't wait to learn more details and hear the account again. they were going to be coming outside of the hospital. they're no longer going to be doing that. the americans are going to be taking the way to the american embassy and they will have a secure phone line to talk to the president of the united states and then from nick robertson, they're staying in the area a little bit longer especially as
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their friend spencer stone continues to get surgery for the cuts that he indured. okay. let's talk about of the threat of terrorism. terrorism analyst paul back with us now. so we know that particularly in france people are hypersensitive to activity and talk to us about what the counter terrorism efforts are like. now we have the three americans all of this came together to get an attack. >> it's a time of unprecedent and the reason of that is the conflicts of syria and the rice of terrorist and the networks operating in iraq and syria and
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up to 6,000 extremists have travelled to iraq and many of them joining isis. hundreds and hundreds have returned to europe. they're really stretching security services thin. my understanding is that he was on the radar screen and the gunman of the security agencies and including the belgium authorities and he spent time there and believed to have conne connected. we have seen more than 300 extremists travel to iraq and more than a hundred back he said that in the last two years there have been more people charged with terror offenses in the country than in the 30 years before that.
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so that gives a sense of unprecedented challenge and the president of france belonged recently saying that they're uncovering the plots nearly every week to attack france. they have been a string of plots and attacks and belgium and in january there was an isis directed plot to launch a major bombing and gun attack in belgium that was escort in a gun battle when they went in belgium in the town and last year in 2014, there was an attack on the jewish museum and every week we're seeing more and more of this. this is becoming the normal now. >> we understand this to be anian national. what puts something on the radar
9:14 am
but not to where they could be apprehended? maybe it was an investigation where they were doing surveillance on a terrorist network. maybe perhaps there was a suspension that he travelled to syria. that does appear to be a possibility that the gunman travelled to syria. they're investigating that right now. they're not able to arrest him and move forward to a prosecution. there's a big problem because you have hundreds of extremists coming back from iraq and many of them are being detained, but some are not able to actually have charges against them because the evidence is not
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strong enough. >> not just a crime to travel. >> yeah, it's not clear what happened when they get to turkey and so forth. it's difficult to build a prosecution. >> thank you so much. appreciate your pexpertise. we will be right back after this. we call ourselves the freedom hikers. hiking brought us together but that's not the only thing that keeps us coming back. here's to friends who reach for better. fewer carbs, fewer calories, superior taste. michelob ultra. the superior light beer.
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investors are reeling from an extreme week on wall street. racking up the worst week since 2011. analysts are you now wondering if the bad news will continue with a new week of trading begins tomorrow. cnn chief analyst joining me now. so christine, yeah there were a lot of nervous people. a lot of them don't know what's going to happen tomorrow since nigh that is impacting the way that the dow numbers have looked. >> you're absolutely right. a lot is going depend on what is going forward in china and the
9:19 am
growth. china has had really great growth for years and years now, and now that growth is not quit so robust factory, output and actually shrinking in some cases and that's has a ripple account and all of the other countries that feed the factors and the miracle of the past in the last 20 years and then the multinational companies here that rely on the china for business and profits. it matters what happens to china, and that's why we're watching it so closely. >> so now what? people are going to be worry of the 401 ks and then the everyday folks while they're celebrating the promise of low gas prices it koms with a hefty price. >> yeah, oil prices plung to $40
9:20 am
a barrel. that's remarkable how much it comes down. that means that anybody with a 401 k with exposure to the oil industry with the stocks, that's a double edge swords. for investors, not great but consumers good. don't forget that we're going to have the fedding raising the interest rate. that's going to affect everyone. that's going to affect -- >> how far off? >> probably this fall. it looks like there's a decision on when to do it, but it's going come. that's going to be the last sign that the u.s. economy is normal and healthy again when the feds can raise the interest rate. if you want to refi the interest, do it now. that's going to have implications for car loans. that's another thing that's out there. can i just show you the stocks and the wall street that dropped hard last week.
9:21 am
i want to show you the names and some people may think that it does not matter to me and i have apple. apple had a really bad week. apple shares are down 20 percent from their most resent high. that means that apple is in the market. look at disney, facebook. these are the stocks that have gone up up up and had a big drop this week. if you have bought any of these name in the last six months, you're losing money. if you bought them two years ago, you're looking great. it's about perspective. >> yeah, but you hold on a little bit until there's an inching up. >> i am a buy and hold person personally. >> okay. i like it. >> thank you soch much. appreciate it. returning artillery fire but today talking peace. sort of. that's next. staying in rhythm...
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welcome back. concerns over the war of north and south korea maybe easing. now both sides are holding talks, but north korean dictator still has the front line troops in a wartime state. earlier in the week there was an
9:26 am
ex change of artillery fire over the area separating the two. we're near and what is happening with the talks? does it offer some hope? >> reporter: hope is a very big word. what we can tell you is that these talks are ongoing. they have been going on for more than six hours. the top military advisers from both countries and the top security advisers and the ones that you see as well as south korea's president side have met in a very special place. it's a city known as a peace city. it's where the unification people talk. it's where the only hope of any sort of lasting piece between the two countries. if if there's, it will begin at the meetings. these are the most significant talks that have taken place in the north and south since 2007.
9:27 am
that's two presidency is's ago for south korea. we can not underscore how important these particular negotiations are. how did all of this happen? nine hours before that -- about eight or eight nine before the dead line was set and about to expire, the president's office here in south korea said that in north korea sent a message in south korea requesting the talks. has it changed anything on either side? no. this area where i am standing you can see the bash wire behind me is evacuated to the puck lick. people in one border town near the dmz those people are in underground bunk ers. so the military posture is still not lessoned, but the talks are still taking place. >> wow, six hours and counting on the talks. still wait and see. okay. thanks so much.
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kyung lah thank you so much. we will have more in the news room right after this. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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>> > a hero well, his father is on the phone with us right now to talk about his son. this is an in credible story. have you heard from aleck yet? >> i just heard from him from the first time when he called from the police station after the incident. >> what did he say to you? >> he said dad we just shot down
9:32 am
a terrorist and i am at the police station. i said what happened? he told me that he heard a gunshot, one gunshot and glass breaking. he did not think too much of it at first, and then all of a sudden this guy with a ak47 comes from one car to his car. his first two friends were snoozing and taking a sleep break and sat up immediately. he hears the sound of a magazine being jammed or changing out on the assault rifle. then they decided to make a quick call and aleck says let's rush him, and they did. spencer went first. he is about 6 foot 4 or 6 foot 5 and tackled the guy and put a
9:33 am
choke hold on him. aleck took the pistol and clip away. censer at that point the guy pulled out a box cutter and started to slash at spencers head and neck. that's how he got injured. he is in the hospital. then at that point aleck took the butt end of the gun and bashed the guy in the head and put him unconscious and then they hog tied him, and at that point aleck went down the aisles to make sure no one else was involved and i think that i told me that he put a compress on a victims neck. there was another victim that had injured also. that's about what he told me.
9:34 am
that's what i know and the after math is the media. >> when you're getting the phone call from your son and he is telling these thing action, they have to be surreal. >> spencer is the member of the air force. >> yes, right. >> my son is national guard. >> your son we had a screen up. this is is spencer stone and he is active duty and then your son is with the national guard, right? >> army national guard here in oregon, yes. >> and then anthony sadler is the third friend in all of this. talk to me how much did you know of these three friends and it goes back. >> it goes way back to the childhood. neighbors where alek came to live me me when he was 13. >> they were really brothers.
9:35 am
>> yeah, it's really great that all three of them were together. alek comes back from afghanistan and then they go on vacation on a train and that's when the real action happens. >> oh my goodness. it's crazy. it really is. >> and that the instincts would just kick in. as military men, they have the training and instincts, but it's another thing to be sleeping on the train and then alek would awaken them and that they all jump into action. they're being called heros. >> i said what made you react like that? >> he said that he we want into survival mode. he knew that passengers would be shot, but they were passengers too. >> chris that was a british national. he is the man in the far right. i will describe him for you. he is a british national and the
9:36 am
fourth person who joined these three american men. >> yeah, i read that part and then he said that a necktie was used to hog tie the suspect. he said at first his instinct was to duck and then he said i am probably going to die any way, so i am going to die doing something and jumped in. it sounds like instincts across the board kicked in for everybody. now they're being hailed heros. >> yeah. i am so proud of everybody and grateful that no one was killed. >> what's next do you understand? we were told that your son along with anthony are making the way to paris and going to the american embassy and have a phone call with the president of the united states and stay in paris for a while while the investigation continues. spencer stone is still hospitalized because he
9:37 am
sustained injuries in large part because of the box cutter. what more do you know about what their next few days are going to be like in france? >> i have no idea. i have not been in contact with him other than messenger. that's the only way that he can communicate with me. i did not know that spencer had been in that bad of shape. he is still going to be in the hospital for a while. >> yeah, he is going to be in the hospital from nick robertson that he did sustain a pretty serious hand injury, and so a hand specialist is part of the surgery for spencer and he did have some other cuts and other injuries to his head and neck, but what's remarkable throughout all of this is that all three of these young men survived this. they saved the lives of up to 500 people were on the train. 550 people on the train as a whole. they are bigger than heros.
9:38 am
they have been life saving times many here. >> yes, i understand that the guy had a seven or maybe eight -- i think about seven he told me magazines that held 30 rounds in each magazine. that would be equivalent to 240 bullets or so or 210. over 200. he could have done a lot of damage. it's a blessing. it really is that no one got killed. people are injured, and that's bad enough, but no one was killed. >> well, i want to talk to you some more if you could stick with us. we're going take a short break, and we will be right back. hopefully emanuel can stick with us and talk about his son and spencer stone and anthony. three great friends from the middle school days. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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all right. welcome back. by now you have heard of the three americans along with the br british nationals that took down a terrorist on a high speed train, and you're looking at the images of the three out of three americans and one of the americans is being hospitalized right now because he sustained quit a few cuts and this is the british national that you're
9:43 am
seeing and then right now i am talking to alek's dad that was kind enough to stick around and talk to us more. what is remarkable, and there are a lot of things in the encounter and how the young men took down the suspected terrorist. talk to me of the relationship of the three men that dates back to middle school and embarking on this trip for anthony. this was his first trip to europe, and then they take down a terrorist. talk to me about the relationship as brotherhood that dates back to their early preteen years. >> well you know growing up as three guys in the same neighborhood and spencer joining the air force and never being out of the states going to europe and then anthony, i am not sure if it was his first trip or not. alek has been there a lot.
9:44 am
after the trip to afghanistan, they want today take and get away with it all and met up with spencer and they thought that it would be fun to travel together and met up. alek was in germany by himself in frank ford and spent seven days with friends and then met spencer and anthony and they stayed there for three days and then they were thinking of spending another day or two or whatever because having a good time in amsterdam, and then just decided to board the train and go to paris. >> wow. >> it was fortunate and unfortunate, but i think for everyone concern it was a fortunate thing that they were ton train. >> what a combination. thank you so much. we're so glad that alek, anthony and spencer all had the
9:45 am
instincts and like you said unfortunate but fortunate that they were there. their instincts kicked in and they helped to save a lot of lives. we look forward to hearing more from the young men has they embark on a journey to paris to talk to the president of the united states from the american embassy. we will have more straight ahead of this. dso at gnc, why do we do it?st quality nutrition isn't easy, why do we work to deliver clinically studied products to fill the world's nutrition gaps? why do we insist on the most stringent quality checks, period? well, here's why. celebrating 80 years of quality life and quality products. now save big on some of the world's best nutritional products,
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♪ first on cnn we're learning that joe is traveling to washington today for a private meeting at the navel observatory. he was accepted to be in delaware. let's bring in larry the director of university of senator for politics, so is there anything to read from this
9:50 am
political meetings. what could that mean? >> well it's focused on this presidential campaign. there's no doubt about it. he is getting mixed advice. some are saying that the odds are against you joe, do not go out this way. others are saying that we need you in the race to have a fall back in sthis e-mail scandal is of control, and she is not available to be the democratic nominee. i am sure that he is listening and try to go decide if he is going win the nomination. he has lost it twice before, he does not want to lose it a third time. >> does he have a particular capital this go around as the vice president that he did not have in prior runs? >> sure. there's no question that he can do what vice presidents always do when they run at a two term administration.
9:51 am
they take credit for the good things that happen, and the bad things were the responsibility of the president. >> and it cannot be the urging of the signals. it was just last week that there was a paper and it said run joe run. there has to be more that the advisers is. what can it be? >> he has almost no money sai saichsaicved up for the race. he also does not have an organization and those are the two most important things in wing a nomination. >> okay. we're going to have to leave it there. larry sabato thank you for being with us. >> thank you. fist republican primary debate and the first democratic debate is live right here on cnn tuesday on october 13th. don't miss either way. we will be right back.
9:52 am
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the ex subway spokesperson will soon learn his fate after pledding guilty to child porn. a witness and reporter that nigh
9:56 am
him spoke to anderson cooper and what she revealed was disturbing. >> the remarks that he made to me were just off the cuff. he told me that he thought that middle schoolgirls were so hot. >> and this just came out of -- >> all right. so let's bring in the legal guys more on this. a civil law attorney and professor and now joining us from vegas and good to see you. >> hi. >> good to see you. >> you first. this is really a uncomfortable conversation to have when we're talking of this person that pled guilty, but the ple deal calls for five and a half years to under 13 years in prison. how might what we just heard from the reporter that recalls the comments, how could that impact the judges decision on the sentencing?
9:57 am
>> well, it can impact cig any can'tly. there's another individual that's about to be charged also once he gets the presentence report and once they get clearance from the prisons is pa factor all of this in. as far as i am concerned, this is the upper level of the guidelines. this is 12 or 13 years. he should not be out until well in his 50s. >> i wonder because it was his attorneys that said it won't be less. we're not going to ask for less than five years. how much can they weigh in or influence a judge's decision any way? >> well, fred first of all it just not child porn n, he is
9:58 am
admitting to underage affairs with children. it's a subhuman animal right now. his deal, and you have to hand it to his criminal defense attorney. to structure it with guidelines of a minimum of five years and maximum of 12 and a half. >> is that because of the offering of a million dollars. >> 100,000 per victim and sex offender registry for life and all kind of restrictions, but fred the judge in this case could reject the deal. the judge has to accept it or reject it. i think that i agree with avery. in this case.
9:59 am
>> the money is a critical part of this. there's no dull. >> this guy is a pass. >> you have to render even with the ple deal and amount of money being offered, does it mean that the investigation is over because prosecutors said that while they knew that some of his encounters took place when he was on business travel, they were not sure if it was business travel for the foundation or even for subway. you have to wonder if there's more to the potential in ve investigati investigation. >> this deal is going to cover everything. there's no other investigation. >> not for the guy that he colluded with.
10:00 am
>> that's the guy that gave him up. he is the rat. >> he is not a rat. he did the right thing. >> always good to see you. thank you. more ahead in the news room, and it all starts right now. two of three american heros that prevented a massacre in a train are now headed to paris to take a private phone call from the president of the united states. president barack obama. they were scheduled to leave the french capital and leave for the french capital i should say a short time ago. they will be received at the presidential pallace in paris tomorrow as well. spencer stone remains hospitalized after receiving injuries. these three young men along with a british national sub


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