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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 23, 2015 11:00pm-1:01am PDT

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everybody in the whole world. -- captions by vitac -- . an awful start to week for global stocks. markets in asia are down across the board and the horizon doesn't look better anywhere else. how a dispute over garbage collection led to this in beirut overnight. and three americans get set to receive france's highest honor. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. we're with you for the next two hours. this is "cnn newsroom." we begin in paris where one hour
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from now, french president francois hollande will present his country's highest honor to three americans and a british citizen. >> u.s. serviceman spencer stone, alek skarlatos and their friend anthony sadler gave their first news conference together saturday saying they had no choice but to confront the heavily armed gunman and talked about all the attention they've received. >> it feels pretty crazy. never thought i would be here in this position. so it's unreal. >> me, personally, i'm still waiting to wake up. this all just seems like a movie scene or something. like he said, the word to describe it is pretty unreal. >> the latest on all of this, let's go to our senior international correspondent nic robertson who joins us live from paris.
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the americans seem humble about the incident but the suspect's lawyer saying ayoub el khazzani is dumbfounded by the terrorism charges but he seemed prepared for a massacre. what do we know? >> reporter: according to his lawyer he is saying he wasn't on the train for terrorism which is what is widely believed here. he was getting on the train to rob people and the weapons, well he found them in a bag with a mobile phone in a park close to the train station in brussels where he got on the train. that is not washing here. the belief is this is connected to terrorism but the french officials are not saying that publicly yet. he had radical connections in spain last year and when he moved to france in 2014, the spanish authorities alerted french authorities. he was radical islamists earlier
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on this year. the fact he had been alerted to the european counterterrorism bodies, the fact that he was alerted to them put him on a list when he flew to turkey saw months ago, he was believed to have associated with french isis group in turkey, the same group that's believed to have been trying to get a young algerian student earlier this year to attack a french church. that plot was thwarted by the french police. what his lawyer is saying is not something that sits particularly comfortably with everything else that the authorities know about this man. >> so that suspect is now being interrogated. officials keen to confirm the potential terror links if they exist. what has the local reaction been to the story? it makes the americans liook lie
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heroes and the european rail security look woefully inadequate. >> reporter: standing here it's bucketing down with rain. but there is an expression that says it's not going to rain on my parade. their parade is going to be so strong here, any minister that is associated with any aspect of what they have been involved in is going to be turning out to give them the highest honor of the country, they will be awarded the legion dehonor. its motto is honor in fatherland it's a very high tribute for these men. the words of napoleon bonepart
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is with such baubles, men are led into war. they are seen as heroes. we have been on the streets here. people were cheering and applauding them there and people have come up to us and said they deserve to get this honor here today. it's from the top, the president all the way down to the people on the streets here in france. they really believe these men averted what could have been an absolutely horrific killing spree by this gunman. >> it truly is incredible. we do expect these so-called heroes to arrive this hour and of course we'll cover the awarding ceremony next hour and nic, we will reconnect with you as all this unfolds. nic robertson live in paris. now to another big story we're watching. it's turned into a brutal day
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for investors in asia. the selloff that began last week over fears of china's slowing economy is still going strong. >> let's take a look at the numbers live as they come into us now. the asx, the nikkei, the hang seng and shanghai composite all suffering heavy losses. the shanghai composite down more than 6 percentage points. >> let's go to andrew stevens who joins us live from hong kong. the numbers are not look good for china. the shanghai composite was down at one point nearly 9%. if you say, losing 6% is a little better. but many analysts are asking why china didn't step in over the weekend and stop the market from falling? why didn't it? any explanation there? and what's china's options once it does take action? >> what we might be seeing right now is the chinese authorities stepping in and taking the edges
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off those massive falls today. as you point out, at one saint, the shanghai composite was down 9%. it's now down under 6%. and that would suggest that the government is very active in buying. i don't think this is people looking for bargains. i think this is government-led. and the government did at the weekend say that it would allow its pension funds, its state-owned pension funds to invest in the local stock market. they can invest up to 30% of all their assets. these are big funds, $330 billion worth of funds. we may be seeing some buying there. why the government didn't do anything at the weekend, that remains a mystery. the government -- you talk to analysts and they say the consensus view is the government is much more interested now and focused on the broader china economy less so the market. they lost the fight with the market, if you like. they tried a lot of things early
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on. this has been a slow burn for the shanghai market. it's down 40% since its peak back in june. and the authorities have been trying to stem the losses. they didn't do anything this morning. you saw this selloff. perhaps they are back pedaling and focusing more on the economy. if that's the case, expect to see some more action like interest rates, like allowing the banks to put more money into the economy by easing the reserve requirement ratio. this is the amount of money they have to have at the central bank. we'll see some of those measures. why they didn't happen immediately over the weekend but certainly expect more intervention on the broader economy. >> what is going on here? are we watching a correction or is this a crash? >> i think it's a crash. i think if you look at the big picture, it's a slow-burn crash.
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this market, i should add, and underline in big, thick, black lines. this is not the market as we know it. these are the china markets which are heavily skewed now. a lot of companies are not trading at all. the government has stepped in to soak up a lot of the buying when people want to sell. it's a very skewed market and remember, it powered ahead in the year leading up to june the 12th when it peaked. it was well up over 150%. from that peak it has absolutely been -- tank down, as i say, 40%. this is a crash coming from a high base. it's a very, very odd market. it's not the stock market -- the stock market in china is not played by institutional players but mostly small investors. they are not sophisticated. and you get this massive
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volatility. it does expose the government, rosemary. they were cheerleading at the side, allowing people to borrow more and more to put in the markets and then they had to step in and try to stem the losses and they haven't been that successful. >> we're watching this uncertainty and seeing the numbers there edging down toward a 7% loss. we will see what happens and our andrew stevens keeping a close eye on that from hong kong. many thanks to you. now to other stories we're following for you. a huge cloud of black smoke is rising from the haneda airport from a steel factory nearby. >> air traffic is not affected. at least 16 fire engines and a helicopter are at the scene as crews work to put out the flames. and this blast tore through
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a u.s. army warehouse 14 kilometers southwest of tokyo. but there were no hazardous materials at the site. >> no one was injured at the explosion. fire crews got the fire under control and there is no danger of it spreading. lebanon's prime minister is threatening to resign warning the country is on the brink of collapse. anti-government protests in beirut turned violent for a second day. protesters threw rocks and fire crackers and injured 31 police officers. >> the army deployed in armored vehicles to patrol the streets. while these demonstrations were sparked by rotting, uncollected garbage, the anger at the government has been simmering for quite a while now. >> reporter: the stench at the heart of lebanon's government had been intolerable for months and it burst out into the heat of the summer streets.
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piles of trash growing daily, the task the government couldn't organize. they have not been able to decide on a president for 15 months, collapsing water and electricity systems, corruption. but this was something lebanese couldn't pretend wasn't happening. so the protests began building until saturday night when hundreds were in running street battles with police and army who in a response that the government accepted was excessive, fired live ammunition into the air to disperse them, tear gas, water cannon, 99 people injured. and 35 police. so sunday night, 6:00 p.m., they returned, thousands of them. peaceful at first but then a small minority at the front clashed with the police. who knows who started it. but police used water cannon to push them back, then anarchy
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began. some protesters tried to breach the barricades and threw rocks at the police. a motorcycle was set alight. police retreated partially. then later, the tear gas began. a thick cloud of it. endless, it seemed. protesters forced to flee as night moved in, the clashes still continued. black smoke over the center of what remains of state power in lebanon. and the bad smell of the rot in the state mixed now with tear gas and thick smoke as lebanese ask what will put the fires out? nick paton walsh, cnn, beirut. a 2,000-year-old temple in palmyra is in ruins after being blown up by isis militants. the inner part of the temple was destroyed and the columns arounded collapsed.
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the entire city is a unesco world heritage site. >> this latest attack on syria's ancient artifacts comes days after the militants beheaded the man who was in charge of the antiquities department for more than 50 years. still to come, a war of wards shifts between seoul and pyongyang. we'll have more on the demands from south korea as the negotiations continue in the dmz. a dead lie typhoon continues its trek up the east china sea. where the storm that won't stop is headed next. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house.
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typhoon goni hammered the philippines over the weekend leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. it delivered heavy blows, unleashing floods, landslides and even tornados. more than a dozen were killed and thousands were forced to evacuate. >> our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us to give us the latest on this. it has taken a few lives and
11:19 pm
carries the potential to take more. >> this storm never made landfall in the philippines. it shows you the heavy rainfall and the flooding that took place. the wind was not the main concern with that storm system. but indirect impacts are significant as well. the damages you talked about, the tornados, this is coming out of ishigaki island in japan. we are getting this video in the last couple minutes. several tornados in this region as well. as we often see land spawning cyclones and trees being ripped apart in this region. we know power outage is also significant in this region. the wind speeds were in excess of 250 kilometers an hour. the seventh highest wind gust ever recorded in japan occurred there in the last 24 hours. the rainfall in the philippines, 700 millimeters came down in
11:20 pm
baguio. that amount of rainfall in 36 hours is more than what you expect in 12 months in london. 30 inches in 36 hours is a big deal for a lot of people. here we go with the rainfall that came down, the wind speeds, 250 kph, 160 miles an hour. the concern is this storm system weakens gradually. a strong category 2 equivalent when it makes landfall in kagoshima in the next 24 hours. but look at this. autumn in the air across parts of the united states. a dramatic cooldown in parts of the u.s. as well. we have had reports in southern canada of flurries in calgary. but temperatures, low, in international falls, 47 degrees. you take a look at this in october is when you should be
11:21 pm
that cool. october 4th for rapid city what is the norm and the high temperatures moving to the south, chicago about 74 degrees in the afternoon hours and believe it or not, the cool air by wednesday makes it into the southern u.s. in atlanta, georgia, the temperatures could be in the upper 50s in the morning hours in two and a half to three days time. the cooler weather going to arrive for a lot of people where it has been a long, hot, dreary summer. it doesn't mean it's going to last. >> there's the catch. cool that it is coming but -- >> it will be brief but it starts like this and sticks around in a month and a half or so. >> i'll take in the meantime. thanks, see you again soon. tough words from south korea's president who is demanding an apology from north korea for landmine explosions that wounded two soldiers recently. south korea responded by blaring propaganda broadcasts across the
11:22 pm
border and says it went stop until pyongyang apologizes. north korea denies responsibility for the explosions. delegates from north and south korea have been high-level talks in the dmz for many hours. anna coren is following those negotiations from hong kong and joins us live to talk about them. and the fact that these talks are being held itself is encouraging but any word yet on what is being achieved or if the meeting has everyone ended? >> we have called to the blue house in seoul and panmunjom village. it's a marathon effort by both sides. it perhaps shows there is no breakthrough at this stage which is anticipated. these things normally take days
11:23 pm
to reach some sort of a resolution. but we're getting mixed messages. the south korean defense ministry is saying that pyongyang has moved 70% of their submarines off bases and doubled artillery along the dmz. as far as they are concerned that is an antagonistic stance and see this as the north korean trying to buy some leverage for these negotiations. the south koreans are holding military exercises with the americans. it's something they do every year. there are 80,000 troops involved. they are high-tech weaponry and resources and troops at their disposal. but park geun-hye came out demanding an apology from the north koreae north koreans for what she calls armed provocation. not just what happened last week when north korea fired at the loud speakers that were blaring
11:24 pm
pro-democracy propaganda messages at the north to which the south retaliated but to the landmine explosions that park geun-hye is saying unless they receive an apology for those explosions that those loud speakers will continue to blare this message, which infuriates the north koreans. they are petrified that their soldiers will be brainwashes and somehow defect to the other side. obviously this is all part of the negotiations that are taking place to really try and decrease this military standoff, errol. >> it's so interesting that the two nations in a technical state of war, the skirmishes happening over the past few years but these talks are underway. we'll keep connecting with you in the hours ahead.
11:25 pm
a south korean south korean defense official says that north korea is showing two faces in the negotiations. >> reporter: this is north korea's public face, a stab at peace with south korea, send two envoys to cool the latest crisis on the pence louisiana -- peninsula. but here's north korea's other face, an about-face from peace. let us destroy the warmongering puppet military announces the anchor on television broadcast at the same time as the second round of negotiations between the two koreas begin. that's followed by news clips of military youth holding a side that reads death to u.s. imperialists followed by them signing a pledge to destroy america. this is typical on nae's only
11:26 pm
television channel. but usually there is some variety in its overzealous programming. not today. music videos show kim jong-un being mobbed by his military, this soldier weeping, overwhelmed to be so close to the supreme commander. no children are civilians playing today. the big movie? a brave north korean commander faces off with the shifty u.s. commander at the dmz, the americans encroaching on north korean land. using snipers to ambush and kill north korean troops. the message, the americans and south koreans cannot be trusted. fiction playing out in reality at the dmz. north korea doubled its military forces on the front line. 70% of the dprk submarines left
11:27 pm
their bases apparently activated as the north requested the peace talks from the south. it's why this is being said. >> i don't see any reason that this is any different or the beginning of a breakthrough. i see this as yet another of the small skirmishes that we see between north and south korea. >> reporter: what kim jong-un says versus what he does is so confusing and so hard to read and many here in seoul view it as behavior as usual and something that is unlikely to change any time soon. kyung lah, seoul. officials are trying to determine what caused a vintage jet to crash into a busy road. how witnesses to the tragedy are learning to cope. >> they were in shock.
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a warm welcome back to you all. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. let's check the headlines this hour. three americans and a british citizen who stopped a potential massacre are scheduled to meet the french president an hour from now.
11:32 pm
the lebanese army is patrolling the streets of beirut after protests over uncollected garbage turned violent for a second day. an army spokesman says 31 policemen were hurt. the police shot water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowd. stocks in asia have continued their steep slide that began last week. trading has ended for the day in sydney and tokyo. look at where the numbers ended. the asx, the nikkei, the hang seng down 4%. the shanghai composite down 7.5%. ken doe is is fund manager at bering asset management. thank you for speaking with us. china's market lost nearly 9% at one point.
11:33 pm
it is at 8 now. what is happening right now across asia markets? how bad is this likely to get? and when we saw the loss move to 6% at one point, there, was that an indication that china had stepped in? >> we think that there is a crisis of confidence around the world and that crisis of confidence regrettably for us living in asia is centered around china. and that started with the downward adjustment of the chinese currency last week. and that has sparked some fear there could be a massive depreciation and that will cause some deflation around the world. but we think that the market is excessively bearish about that scenario. and we certainly don't think that that will happen. but currently there is some
11:34 pm
crisis of confidence happening right now. >> i do want to ask you, why didn't china take some sort of action over the weekend and offer concrete steps, perhaps, to try to avert these continued losses? and when china does eventually step in? and i did want to ask have a we seen the intervention of china when you look at the losses in the market, what measures are china likely to put into place? >> what we believe would be very useful for the china economy, which obviously has been slowing down quite a lot, and also for the chinese stock market and the global stock market is for the central bank of china to reduce interest rates and to reduce the reserve requirement ratio which is the excess reserve in the commercial banking system in china is being held in the -- for safe keep big the central
11:35 pm
bank of china at the moment. so what the market would like to see is for china to continue to ease interest rates and also to cut the reserve requirement ratio. and that will increase liquidity in the economy and also it will increase liquidity to the stock market as well. so that is what we're waiting for. but we don't see that and that's the reason for the lack of confidence in the equity market in the past 24 hours. >> what is your advice here? what should investors do in the midst of this global selloff? >> well, it depends on the investors' horizon. investment horizon. if you -- if they are short-term oriented it's best to wait until things stabilize and then buy. but if i may just share with you, the fact that a number of
11:36 pm
our experienced fund managers at baring and myself have started to buy into our funds. our funds has a lot of good-quality growth stocks which have fallen in the past few weeks and we think that there is great value from a long-term viewpoint in our funds as well as in the stock market. it depends on the time frame. long-term investors it's a great time to buy. short-term, wait for things to stabilize first. >> but basically ride this out? >> for the long-term investors. whether you are looking at value stocks or growth stocks some offer good valuation at these levels. it's not a bad time to pick up those. >> khiem do, thanks for your perspective on this. >> a silver lining there. wanted around the world and
11:37 pm
particularly in china, american women as surrogate mothers. we'll hear from a woman who became part of a growing trend. who are the future parents of this child? >> a chinese gay couple and they are the most wonderful people that i know. i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest. and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin' everyone loves the picture i posted of you.
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authorities in england say it is highly likely that at least 11 people died after a plane crashed at an air show on saturday. >> the true scale of the tragedy is still unknown and authorities are warning the death toll could rise further as they remove debris from the site and investigate why the plane went down on a busy highway. cnn's ian lee reports. >> reporter: words are hard to
11:41 pm
come by for this community reeling after a deadly plane crash on saturday. a hawker hunter jet was performing a loop but failed to pull up, crashing into a nearby highway. >> he was obviously too low. and that was it. he hit the ground and there was a lot of flame and a lot of nasty -- >> reporter: at least 11 people, officials say, were killed. the pilot survived the crash after being pulled from the wreckage. a day of fun turned to tragedy for hundreds of spectators, including children. >> everyone stay in your places, please. >> they were in shock, just -- i just said the plane's had an accident. and they were asking questions, is he dead? it's really hard to explain,
11:42 pm
really, to a child. >> reporter: an education too soon for 2-year-old daniel and 6-year-old matthew. emergency personnel continued to scour the scene for clues as well as bodies. as a rule stunts are not allowed to be performed over spectators or neighborhoods anywhere where a crash could kill someone on the ground. and with the airport there and empty space authorities are going to try to figure out why this plane crashed on a busy highway. unsuspecting motorists were the victims. the scale of the tragedy is unknown. >> this is an enormously traumatic incident. as we have already indicated it is quite possible that we will discover more fatalities. >> reporter: as more families learn the fate of their loved ones, the more words will be translated into flowers. ian lee, cnn, england.
11:43 pm
it has been called a new chapter in relations. britain and iran formally restored diplomatic ties sunday by reopening their embassies. >> philip hammond was there to watch the union jack being raised at the embassy that was taken over four years ago by protesters. >> iran is and will remain a very important country in a strategically important and volatile region. maintaining dialogue even under the most difficult conditions is crucially important. >> mr. hammond went on to say that britain and iran can work together on many common issues include terrorism, regional stability, and migration. thousands of migrants are resuming their journey into
11:44 pm
serbia. >> macedonia tried to halt the flow of migrants last week but is now allowing them to pass through. >> reporter: macedonia on thursday declared a state of emergency and shut down its border with greece. now not only has opened it but is doing everything that it can to usher the refugees and migrants through. right now they are in the process of building a makeshift entrance to the trains that will be carrying the migrants all the way to the borders with serbia. from there they will continue their journey on foot. none of this was seen here in the last few days. the migrants because of the closure of the border, were trapped on the greek side in what can only be described as disastrous and heart-breaking conditions. it was raining and they were
11:45 pm
left with little to no shelter and no humanitarian aid to speak of. now authorities are rallying on both sides to try to facilitate the journey for these refugees and migrants. they are being processed here as well. but the processing means that they are then given a piece of paper that gives them 72 hours to either leave macedonia or apply for asylum here. the vast majority are continuing their journey on to western europe. that is where they want to eventually end up. but the flood of migrants across europe is truly unprecedented, not only are aid organizations struggling to deep with it but various european nations are as well. and this is just one of the many potential breaking points because europe cannot handle the influx of the migrants
11:46 pm
especially since as of now there is no long-term solution to resettle them. arwa damon, cnn on the macedonia/greece border. >> we'll have more "cnn newsroom" after the break. intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd,
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welcome back, everyone. international surrogacy is a booming business. couples from around the world are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have american women give birth to their children and chinese couples are doing this. >> we have the story of an american woman who may have given birth over the weekend for a gay couple in china. ivan watson reports. >> reporter: eight months pregnant. >> she likes it when he kicks. >> reporter: weeks away from giving birth. you saw that one. but this is not your typical pregnancy. >> i know it's not my baby. >> reporter: the child will be going to parents in china. >> who are the future parents of this child you are carrying right now?
11:51 pm
>> a chinese gay couple and they are the most wonderful people that i know. they are loving and caring. . and if i didn't think that i wouldn't have given them two wonderful children. >> reporter: the surrogate pregnancy is not unusual. a growing number of women in the u.s. are becoming surrogates for wealthy chinese couples who can't have a child of their own for biological or legal reasons. agencies are seeing a large influx of customers from overseas. in fact 40% of their clients are from china. >> they can choose, we have basic and v.i.p. plans. >> it costs around $150,000 u.s. to have a child this way. the company's founder says that chinese clients started knocking on her door around four years ago. >> they feel that it's safe here. the laws are completely
11:52 pm
supportive of their having children here. >> reporter: surrogacy is banned in china. parents can still face fines for having a second child and beijing does not recognize gay marriage. all reasons that attract would-be parents to surrogacy in the u.s. and there is an added bonus. >> coming to the u.s., for one, their child will be a u.s. citizen. i'm sure that has some draw to it. >> reporter: there are other american companies trying to get in on this growing surrogacy industry. unlike international adoption there are few rules governing international surrogacy. some are calling for more regulations. >> we have seen agencies who are unethical and have been caught doing unethical behavior and there is a always that fear that
11:53 pm
they are not following the standards and guidelines. >> reporter: here in a small do desert child, she is considering carrying a third child. >> is being paid a contributing factor for this? >> not really. i know we used part of our compensation to go visit the other family in china. >> reporter: anderson, her husband and daughter visited china for the first time in 2014 to see her surrogate child's biological family. the chinese family has asked to remain anonymous. >> i got to see the family that i made. and the twinkle in his eye looking at his little girl, there is nothing better than that.
11:54 pm
>> reporter: for generations, wealthy americans adopted unwanted babies from china now a growing number of wealthy chinese are hiring american women to give birth to their children. ivan watson, cnn, california. mel gibson is accused of abusing an australian photographer. the woman claims that he spat at her and was verbally abusive as she photographed him and his girlfriend outside a movie theater on sunday. >> gibson's spokesman says that he was been harassed by the photographer and there was no physical contact. police are now investigating. the zombie apocalypse hit los angeles sunday night when "fear the walking dead" made its debut. it's a prequel to "the walk dead" and fans have been
11:55 pm
anticipating the new show for months. now this time, the zombies are running wild on the west coast. >> for those who haven't seen the show you want to know that this will be a spoiler alert. but this won't be the surprise. it began and ended with the zombie attack apparently in the middle there was a part without zombies, but that's the highlight. >> still don't get the zombie thing. >> some people are really into it. and finally, boy band fans brace yourself, the group one direction has decided to go in multiple and separate directions for now. >> the pop group will disband in march to work on solo projects and not tour to promote the fifth album but it's just a hiatus, they say, a one direction source says there is no bad blood between the members and they are all 100% behind the decision. >> the fans will be upset, i think at this point. >> they will.
11:56 pm
>> but new kids on the block got back together years later. there is hope. >> you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. we want to show you live pictures from paris where three americans and a british citizen are due to arrive and the french president, francois hollande where they will receive the legion of honor medal. rosemary and i will follow this and bring it to you live after this short break. stay with us. it's a gold♪n opportunity to elevate each moment. hit every mark. ♪ thread every needle. ♪ turn every ride into a thrill ride. ♪ come in to the lexus golden opportunity sales event, where you'll find some of the best offers of the year on our most exhilarating models. lease the 2015 rc 350 for $449 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer.
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-- captions by vitac -- the french president will thank three americans and a briton for stopping an attack on a paris-bound plane. the china stock market ends with dramatic losses. a crackdown in lebanon, the anti-government demonstrations turn violent. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom."
12:01 am
let's begin this hour in paris where three americans and a british citizen are due to arrive at the palace, home of french president francois hollande, the men are being honored by french leaders for taking down a gunman and preventing a potential massacre on a paris-bound train on friday. >> now at this moment these are live pictures coming to us from outside the ceremony. we're waiting to see everyone arrive. u.s. serviceman spencer stone, al al alec starlatos. >> saw that he was squirting blood out of the side of his neck. i was going to use my shirt at first but that wouldn't have worked. two of my fingers in the hole found what i thought to be the
12:02 am
artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. i held that position until the paramedics got there. >> extraordinary details there. and for more let's go to cnn correspondent nic robertson. we are waiting for the arrival of the three americans and british citizen. four will be honored today. two others were involved that will be honored on another day. but talk about what these three american men did. if they hadn't intervened when they did this would be a very different day today. >> reporter: it would have been and that's what everyone in france recognizes. the three men were driven along when we were there when they came out of the police station on saturday after the debriefing and people were standing at the side of the road cheering. there is an understanding here that what they did prevented a possible massacre on that train.
12:03 am
this gunman had an automatic weapon, a kalashnikov with nine rounds of magazines. that is 270 rounds of bullets. this train was packed full of passengers around 500 people on the train. it would have been difficult had he not been tackled by the four men, the one briton and three americans and the frenchman who tried but failed to bring him down. if they had not tried to bring the attacker down, the potential for serious bloodshed and drama on the train was very high. the president is waiting for the americans to arrive. the honor guard is behind me. they will be given the legion d'honneur. this is something that honors the honor and fatherland. it was created by napoleon bonaparte in 1802.
12:04 am
he said with such baubles that people are led. what he means is that people who get this award are leaders and that's how people here are thinking of these three young americans that they did what other people wouldn't have done and didn't do. they stood up and saw danger and didn't think of themselves and threw themselves at this man sustaining injury as it happened. spencer stone was cut on his thumb and had a serious injury to his thumb. and i'm looking at my shoulder here. a diplomatic car is arriving. and we're seeing if i just look over my shoulder and check here. the president is getting ready to arrive and to ready to greet the arrivals as they get out of the car here. i just stepped back so we can see who is coming out of this vehicle and we can talk about it a little more. yes, a lot of diplomats and french ministers are expected here as well, today. we know that the french prime
12:05 am
minister is going to be here. we saw him earlier, the interior minister, the transport minister are going to be here. the people on the streets have been shoulding and cheering in support of these men. people have been approaching us and telling us they believe these three young americans should get this award, the legion d'honneur because they did such an incredible job of saving people. and the french here, monday morning, first thing monday morning, taking the opportunity to make a big thank you. these young men have been treated treated essentially like rock stars. >> errol here with rosemary. we just saw -- we have another camera vantage point. we saw the belgian prime minister step out of the vehicle there. and indeed, the belgians have stepped up security at rail networks throughout that country
12:06 am
with things like additional patrols. if it were not for these so-called heroes, we would be having a different conversation about security on euro railways and ways to beef it up. does that discussion still need to be had in the wake of all this? >> reporter: i think it needs to be had and certainly that's the feeling that we're getting here that people feel it needs to be had. it is certainly that is being addressed and authorities are very aware of and concerned about. the prime minister of belgium arriving, as you say. the belgians have begun their own investigation into what they call a terrorism incident even though the man accused said he was on the train for robbery and found the weapons in a park in brussels. he got on the train in brussels. the station in brussels a lot of attention being paid to security there. but all across europe. it's not like getting on a plane
12:07 am
where you go through multiple layers of security. trains are easier to get on and obviously after an incident like this, that will be examined. but we have seen in capitals like paris we saw the french after the "charlie hebdo" step up security. there is increased security and surveillance and stations. there are increased security patrols at stations and places where there are large numbers of the public present. but what security forces tell us across europe at the moment, they are stretched in terms of dealing with the number of potential threats. >> nic robertson is live in paris for us outside the palace. and we will stand by as we wait for those arrivals and reconnect with you as soon as this ceremony gets underway. it is sure to be the highlight of these men's lives for sure.
12:08 am
we'll see you again soon. but we want to turn to another big story. trading has just ended for the day on the shanghai stock market. and not a moment too soon. >> indices closed way lower. the continuation of a selloff that began last week. look at those numbers. you can see there, the shanghai composite in china down more than 8%. it got down close to 9% at one point, there. and then you can see, hong kong's hang seng down more than 5%. and in australia and japan, a loss of more than 4%. >> truly deep losses everywhere. but joined now by andrew stevens in hong kong and isa soares, the london stock exchange opened a few moments ago. looking at the asian markets and everyone pulled down by what is
12:09 am
happening in china. the same was happening in london at the end of last week. how do things look so far today? >> bleak, absolutely brutal. if we can bring up the european markets. they have been open for eight minutes or so. a sea of red. traders are getting up to go to work, don't bother. stay at home. the ftse down 3%. the cac down 3%. this is a brutal opening for europe and the numbers we have been opening, the ftse erased a lot of the gains for the year. the xetra dax has seen all of its gains disappear. this has been going on over weeks now. we saw the numbers last week from china, shanghai, they were down. but this is getting worse and worse and investors here really trying to take some cover from
12:10 am
what is happening. but it seems like there is no end in sight. because those numbers are coming out of china, concerns about china slowing down still pretty much causing ripple effects in europe. many people concerned. is this a correction or are we going to see more of this? i was asking people in the business view last week what is your biggest concern here? you know there are so many elements, oil, china, the fed, where do you stand on this? everyone said china, china and oil. this is the biggest worry right you. they don't know what direction to take and this is the biggest concern. >> i want to go to andrew stevens now in hong kong. it's interesting when we look at the numbers there, i mean, we were talking earlier and the stock market there in china had slipped nearly 9%.
12:11 am
then we talked about it moved to about 6%. and your interpretation of that was that china had intervened. talk to us about what you think happened there. >> well, i think that they did come into the market and they -- i suspect they may have been met with met with a lot of selling and they decided they had to let this go. this has been a story throughout the summer, the slow-motion crash of the shanghai composite down 40% from its peak. and the government started off, rosemary, by really intervening hard, making a lot of new and not very popular -- certainly not in terms of open markets, taking measures to try and stop this fall. and they were successful. they put a platform under the initial fall and the market came
12:12 am
back a few percent and there is a feeling that the government is becoming more hands off in this market. they realize they have bigger issues to confront. and the big issue obviously is the chinese economy. they have to worry about how they get the chinese economy moving again. the numbers last week suggested that the economy is growing more slowly than most people think. there is a realization globally that the economy is slowing down and policymakers looking at how to help the china economy rather than specifically the stock market. the thing about the china stock market is that it's quite a small part of the overall economy. it's dominated by small players, not many people, relatively speak, actually play the market at all. the government is much more concerned now about dealing with the broader -- the real economy, if you like. >> andrew stevens in hong kong. isa soares in london.
12:13 am
thanks to you both. a 2,000-year-old temple in palmyra is in ruins after being blown up by isis militants. the head of syria's antiquities program says the inner part of the temple was destroyed and the columns around it collapsed. the entire city is a unesco world heritage site that isis took control of back in may. >> the latest attack comes days after the militants beheaded the man who had been in charge of palmyra's antiquities department for more than 50 years. lebanon's prime minister is threatening to resign, warning the country is on the brink of collapse. beirut is cleaning up after anti-government protests turned violent for a second day. an army spokesman says that protesters through rocks and fire crackers and injured 31
12:14 am
policemen. >> nick paton walsh reports that public anger at the government goes much deeper. >> reporter: the stench at the heart of lebanon's dysfunctional government had been intolerable for months but it burst out into the heat of summer streets. the government could not organize garbage collection. they had other sins like not being able to decide on a president for 15 months, corruption, collapsing electricity and water systems but this is something that the lebanese couldn't pretend wasn't happening. so the protests began, building until saturday night when hundreds were in running street battles with police and army when in a response, fired live ammunition into the air to disperse them. tear gas, water cannon. 99 people injured. the lebanese red cross said, and
12:15 am
35 police, officials add. they returned sunday night, peaceful at first but a small minority at the front clashed with the police. police used water cannon to push them back. then anarchy began. some protesters tried to breach the barricades, threw rocks at the police, even a road sign. a motorcycle was set alight. police retreated partially. then, later, the tear gas began. a thick cloud of it. endless, it seemed. protesters forced to flee as night moved in, the clashes still continued. black smoke over the center of what remains of state's power in lebanon. and the bad smell of the rot in the state mixed now with tear gas and thick smoke as lebanese ask what will put the fires out?
12:16 am
nick paton walsh, cnn, beirut. still to come here on "cnn newsroom," tough words from south korea and marathon negotiations with north korea go on for many hours in the dmz. plus details on the disturbing way sex traffickers in the u.s. are marking their victims. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look?
12:17 am
neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. demilitarized zo . we want to get you live to paris where there is about to be some excitement. three americans are arriving at the home of french president francois hollande. the men are being hailed as heroes for taking down a gunman and preventing a potential massacre on a paris-bound train on friday. they will be presented for the legion of honor medal for their acts of bravery. nic robertson is there as you see the three americans walk up. tell us what you are seeing and hearing. >> reporter: well we're hearing
12:18 am
the shouting of the honor guard and shouting of questions for the three men. but what we are seeing, spencer stone, his arm still in a sling, leading the three of them up in the green shirt, alec sclal toes and it looks like they have been joined by family members there. about to go in here and meet the french president and the belgian prime minister we saw go in earlier. but this the french nation through the offices of the president as well as the prime minister, foreign minister, interior minister and the transport minister, here to pay their highest honor to these three young americans and the british chris norman who helped them tackle this attacker on the
12:19 am
train. they are going inside now. no doubt the french president will have words for them in private. he also called president obama and thanked the american nation for the action of these men. the belief and the understanding here in france is that without their swift action, without their unflinching decision to get up and tackle this gunman, the death toll on the train could have been far, far worse, errol. >> nic, rosemary church here. as we watch these live pictures of the three american heroes, there's also a british businessman, chris norman who will join them. but talk about the stark contrast between how these three americans responded and what people are saying there in france about how the train employees reacted. >> reporter: well, there has been criticism of the train employees. an actor on board the train who
12:20 am
in the carriage just behind where the gunman began his attack knew something was wrong and saw a number of train employees rush to the very back of the train and lock themselves in a compartment there. he realized there was a danger on the loose. he was there with his wife and children and he broke the glass surrounding the communications cord to rip it and try to stop the train. he cut his hand very deeply doing that. but despite banging on the door to try to save his family, the workers on the train didn't open the door. we have heard other accounts too. the three young americans and the british man as well when they pinned the attacker on the ground, the guard grabbed one of the moroccan's arms to pin him down. and the train company says that their staff has acted well in this situation and they helped and stayed on board afterwards
12:21 am
and helped passengers. so there is a sense that perhaps some of the train staff could have acted better, certainly no one is questioning the actions, the swift actions of these young americans. they bought first-class tickets and boarded the train and were in a carriage. the wi-fi wasn't good and they decided to move into the appropriate carriage they booked on and they just sort of dropped off to sleep. spencer stone had dropped off to sleeps. his friend alerts him to let's go and without think they rush forward to grab this man and their friend, anthony sadler comes with them. they are trying to pin him down and get the clkalashnikov away
12:22 am
from them. and spencer stone went to a hospital and tendons and nerves were repaired to save his hand and arm. what these men have done, and people on the streets believe these men should be honored by the nation. the highest honor they can give, the legion d'honneur. this is the nation's highest honor it can give for honor in fatherland something instituted by napoleon bonaparte in 1802. at the time he was criticized for this award but he said and he put it roughly in these words, it is with such baubles men are led. men are led into war. no one, he said, goes into
12:23 am
battle by themselves. this is an award for people who lead and who should be followed. and that is very much how people think of these three young men here at the moment. they did something. they led when no one else was moving forward. and there are a lot of people in this country today who feel proud for what they did and hope that they could act in the same way. what napoleon bonaparte talked about in baubles, and awards, this legion d'honneur is what people would follow. people would like to believe they would follow in these mean's footsteps. >> we are listening to nic robertson at the palace. you are seeing live pictures from inside where three americans and one british national are set to receive the legion d'honneur in the next few minutes. you were speak about napoleon creating this award saying no one goes into battle alone. we are looking at anthony sadler
12:24 am
right now. but spencer stone visibly injured with a damaged eye and injured hand as well. while we watch these men rightly receive the honor they deserve, where is the suspect behind all this, the man they took down? >> reporter: well, he's not so far away, actually. he is being questioned by the french external security here. no coincidence as well we saw the belgian prime minister go in earlier. the belgians have launched a terrorism investigation. the french investigation underway. the gunman got on the train in brussels. he had spent time in france and -- >> we're going to interrupt for a moment as the french president shakes hands with the americans and the british national before delivering a statement. you could imagine, rosemary, this is one awesome day for all of them. >> is it amazing. they got on that train as
12:25 am
travellers and now they are heroes across the globe. let's listen to what the president has to say. >> translator: dear prime minister of belgium charles michele i thank you for your presence. it confirms the solidarity between our two countries in fighting against terrorism. i want to also say thank you to the prime minister of france and also the lady -- the ambassador of the united states, jane hartley, and also the representatives of the united kingdom and also of the leaders and prefects of -- who had to face this difficult situation and also the emergency services who had to deal with this issue, both at the state level and at
12:26 am
the regional level. also, the emergency and health services who acted quickly to help a french-american passenger who is currently in hospital. and we are supporting him as he goes through this. i also want to thank the ceo of the sncf and also to thank all of those people who worked on the railways in france and belgium. today we are here to render homage, to celebrate four people. four men, who by their courage, saved lives. who showed and gave us an example of what it is possible to do in these kinds of dramatic situations. christopher norman, anthony
12:27 am
sadler, alec school la toes and spencer stone. last friday you were in the train between amsterdam and paris. you were three friends discovering europe heading by train to paris. you, christopher, you were going home. after a business trip. three americans and one englishman. that you were -- by chance, you were all in the same coach. but friday -- last friday night, an individual decided to create havoc in a -- and to attempt murder in a coach. he had enough weapons to create ultimate carnage and this is what he would have done had you not overpowered him, taking extraordinary risks, including
12:28 am
risking your own lives. first of all i want to think of the french passenger who was the first to cross the path of the terrorist as he was living the toilets, having already decided he would shoot people, our french compatriot launched himself against this man and then let -- and let the others know. it's not possible to give his name today, but i want to say thank you. then ayoub el khazzani started to shoot and harmed the man i was talking about who is in the hospital, a franco-american who is still having to find courage to overcome his injury because
12:29 am
he, too, got in the way. at this moment, mr. spencer, you decided to intervene. you threw yourself against this gunman who was trying to load his gun. it was you, spencer, you were the first, if i can say, to jump on this man. you pushed him over and you, alexander, you helped expenser to take his weapon, to take his kalashnikov. you disarmed him this first time. you -- he then got out a pistol and then a -- which you got off him. and then a box cutter, which he hurt spencer and you managed to get this off him. and you -- all of you together, to help him. christopher, you tied him up with another passenger of the train. going home, as well.
12:30 am
also stood up to the moment and helped. and then there was also the guard, who raised the alarm and ensured that you could -- that helped ensure that the police and -- could get to the situation as possible. you, spencer, although you were injured, you made sure that you looked after the man and you know doubt saved his life of this franco-american citizen. once the alarm had been raised, the train was diverted to arras, the train station there. the terrorist was arrested. all the more easily because he had been tied up. the injured could easily be taken care of, with -- by our hospitals, with great
12:31 am
efficiency, which we should be proud of. so we have four men. so they stood up to the situation with others. not save their own lives but also to save everybody else, to save other lives. because in that train, in that tally there were more than 500 passengers. and you have to remember that ayoub el khazzani had up to 300 rounds of bullets arsenal of cartridges. he could have created a terrible massacre, devastation. i want to thank you for what you have done. and it was on friday that the whole world was able to admire your courage, your calm, your sangfroid. your sense of responsibility. this solidarity which allowed
12:32 am
you, without weapons, unarmed, to overpower this individual who was armed to the teeth and you were ready to do anything. your heroism should be an example for all and a source of inspiration because faced, confronted with the evil which is here, which is called terrorism, there is one thing that is good. it is the humanity of us all and which you demonstrated that day, anthony sadler, you said what can -- you were asked what can you remember, what was the lesson of friday? and you said in a moment of crisis i would like that people understand that you have to do something. yes. you have to do something. there is always something to be done. when confronted with aggression. even when it seems that it is so
12:33 am
much more than you, that it is barberous, unthinkable. there is something to do. and it comes down to the public power of the people and public power -- to take the responsibilities necessary, particularly in the case of the railways. there are going to be meetings with the interior minister, with the heads of public transport and we will take the measures that are necessary. but over and above the necessary measures that need to be reinforced, there is always that one -- there is always the responsibility about that lies at the feet of the individual. what a man or a woman can do in these kinds of circumstances. you have shown that confronted with terror, you showed the power of resistance and you -- and in that way you have showed us a lesson in courage, in
12:34 am
goodwill and in hope. spencer, all three of you, you are soldiers, but on friday you were just simple civilians. you certainly behaved as soldiers but you also behaved as responsible men. you risked your lives to defend an idea of liberty and freedom. today i think of all the soldiers who are fighting against terrorism here in france and all around the world. and today, they are -- and they are united against terrorism. and today, i want to say you also honored those soldiers. and all of the other passengers who got up, who stood up against them, who didn't have your training and experience of danger, who had never seen a kalashnikov before in their
12:35 am
life, but they, too, stood up and faced this man. and in their own way, they fought back. and when you are confronted, terrorism, you don't give up. you don't give in to fear. you work together. when we are confronted with terrorism our societies are not feeble and they are not -- and they will never be feeble or weak when they are reunited together. and will never be feeble if there are men and women prepared to do what you did. on friday night, these men of different nationalities, english, french, american, and they created a human community, that of the best to overcome the worst. today, alexander, spencer and
12:36 am
christopher, the french republic wants to thank you today and it will do the same for those others who showed exemplary behavior. i'm thinking and i've said it several times, the wounded passenger in lille because unites us as well. he is french and american and he is an english professor. i know also wondering about the distinctions. so i thought in order to show the gratitude of the french republic, i felt it was important to give you the highest honor, the legion d'honneur, to say -- to show how grateful we are. i did not want three of you, the americans, to go back to your country without receiving this honor. it is the legion d'honneur which
12:37 am
rewards your courage but also, the extraordinary act of humanity that you undertook that day around 6:30 on the train, amsterdam-paris in france to save the lives and to save humanity itself. [ applause ] [ speaking in french ]
12:38 am
[ applause ] [ speaking in french ] [ applause ] [ speaking in french ] [ applause ] >> translator: thank you. so here they are.
12:39 am
please come forward. [ applause ] >> rewarding courage. the words of francois hollande, the president of france saying the french public want to thank you today, referring there to the three american men and the british businessman you see there in frame and by doing that, giving them the highest award in the land. le le legion d'honneur. and the president saying an example of to us all on a day that could have seen a terrible massacre given the amount of weapons that this suspect had on that train.
12:40 am
but he was overcome by these americans and british businessman and two others involved. he mentioned there the franco-american who is currently in hospital. he was wounded in that incident. and then the first frenchman who has remained anonymous in this. he was the first one to cross paths with the suspect at the very start of this incredible, incredible crisis that ended so well. nic robertson is standing by. nic, what a day for france. just extraordinary. and we can see, they are so thankful in france because, as we have discussed, this could have ended so differently. >> reporter: more than 500 people on the train and more than 300 bullets for the gun. that puts it in a stark and dark perspective. he said that they were an example for all, a source of inspiration and he really has tried to draw there.
12:41 am
he said we are not weak as a society faced with terrorism we are strong when we stand together. he talked about the french, british, and americans working together on the train and the strength that that brings. he said that the security services will get together with the transport services in france and will address this issue. but he also said, and i think he is really trying to draw on the courage and the inspiration that everyone here is seeing from these young men, that we all have a responsibility, if faced by these -- by something like this we have a responsibility to do something. we drew on the words of anthony sadler who at the press conference was asked what is your message from this and he said his message and the french president quoted him and that is if something happens you have to respond. you have to do something. and one of the underlying messages from the french
12:42 am
president not just this huge gratitude but to point to these men and say this is something that we can all aspire to and be inspired by, these dangers are real. and they are potentially very bad. that as a government and as a country we will try to address those dangers but all of us have a responsibility to do something about it. so the french president here said that he didn't want these men to go back home without receiving the honor. it really has rejigged his schedule to make room for them in a busy week and the belgian prime minister is here as well and speaks to the international cooperation and nature of the threat of the moment. but these three young americans, the british, chris norman as well, being honored here in the highest possible way, rosemary. >> nic robertson reporting there live from the palace as we see
12:43 am
there in the frame next to nic, the four heroes being hailed heroes. this would have been a very different day. they are there with the french president, francois hollande. and of course, for those four gentlemen and the other two who were involved their lives will change forever from here on. and of course, they have made quite a mark on the 500 or so people who were on that train because this could have ended, as we heard from the president there, as a terrible massacre. >> we want to continue to look into all the aspects of this now. and kind of analyze some of the lessons from the incident and the security implications. we are joined by the international security director of the asia security agency and hopefully you heard the ceremony there. the french president saying this is an incredible story.
12:44 am
these men who were not armed stopped a potential mass killer. witnesses say it looked as if ayoub el khazzani was well arm bud not well trained in how to use his ak-47. what do you make of the man they all took down? >> this is a very important incident that's taken place. because it shows the design and the intent of terrorism now, that we're witnessing. and this is the third effort where weapons have been brought in from belgium to try and carry out an attack. the first was involved the attack on the kosher supermarket in paris and an incident two days later in belgium where authorities discovered a cache of weapons to be used for attacks linked to isis. and there is a pattern emerging and potential constant stream of plots where weapons are going to
12:45 am
be use listed from belgium. >> what are we to make of the security response? we saw the belgium prime minister at the event. but how should european nations be rethinking train security in the wake of all of this? the americans and the british guy who helped out they all seem like heroes while there are reports that train staff were hiding and wouldn't let anybody in. that's quite embarrassing. >> it's embarrassing and extremely worrying that you have a situation like this. it's not going to be always the case where you have these gentlemen who risk their lives to save the others on a train or another form of transportation. this is something that will require urgent reviewing. this was not a domestic train. this is a transnational train traveling across the netherlands, belgium and france
12:46 am
himself. how was el khazzani able to take so many weapons on board the train without more security. this is something that needs to be looked at urgently. this is the change of tactics. they are targeting other forms of transportation notably the train infrastructure in europe which is an important artery for europe itself. >> i mean, this is a massive wake up call. you hope in the wake of this some important changes will be made because, you know, american servicemen on holiday won't be on all the trains in europe. but certainly a good day for everyone involved. thanks for joining us from london. we'll be back with more of the day's biggest stories after this. stay with us.
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i'm going to say it. pure pandemonium on news of the
12:51 am
birth of rare twin pandas. >> we have more on the newborn cubs. >> even though the giant panda cubs weren't on display at the national zoo there was no shortage of excitement as bao bao celebrated her second birth. many came to be a part of it all. >> i hope they will be healthy and grow up to be wonderful pandas and create more and hopefully we'll get more out in the wild and save the habitat. >> this is the video of the first cub during the first exam. they believe the cub they retrieved last night was the second one born just after 10:00 at night. the cub retrieved this morning was borned a 5:35 p.m. >> we gave her time to see if she would pick both up.
12:52 am
>> the panda team has been swapping the cubs to give them one-on-one time with their mom while the other is kept warm in an incubator. but the frequency hinges on whether she allows it. >> they need to nurse and get the nutrients they need to grow. >> reporter: and lou sanchez was so happy she convinced her parents to book a flight from new york to be here the next day. >> i was really excited and teared up a little bit. >> look at this. take a look at this. live pictures coming in to cnn. the giant panda licking her baby. you can't get enough, just log on to the smith sewnian national zoo website. >> she is being so careful and
12:53 am
gentle there, isn't she? the movie "straight outta compton" is putting dr. dre back into the spotlight. let's get the details from the senior editor of "in touch weekly." >> "straight outta compton" was a number one at the weekend box office and terminator: genisys took top spot internationally. >> "straight outta compton" number one again. making $26.8 million. this is great news for a film that didn't cost that much to make. it's already made about $111 million so far. so it's doing really well. there is oscar buzz around it. there are reports floating that they are talking about a sequel already.
12:54 am
this has struck a chord with a lot of people. if you checked out social media you have seen people doing the hashtags straight outta and the posters with memes out there. people with their dogs saying straight outta treats. and terminator: genisys opened in china. fantastic news, number one for terminator: genisys internationally. >> and want to move to dr. dre who is in damage control right now responding to allegations he physically abused women and now he is apologizing to women he hurt. will that be enough, though, to stop the damage? >> it's interesting, "straight outta compton" is number one. some of these reports talking about he was physically abusive to women.
12:55 am
the claims did not hurt the movie at all but it's he did put out a statement saying that 25 years ago he was a young man drinking too much and in over my head but it is not excuse for what i did and i have been married for 19 years and every day i'm working to be a better man for my family. apple put out a statement. he has a deal with beats with them saying they believe he is sincere. i don't think this has really caused a lot of damage but people were questioning why some of this is glossed over in the movie. >> we'll see how people respond to that message. and what is behind one direction's decision to take a break? >> a lot of sad fans out there. one direction reportedly is taking an extend hideed hiatus.
12:56 am
they will not be doing a tour for the album. they basically want to focus on their own solo projects. that's what they are saying. there seems to be no bad blood between them. and the idea is they will get back together. but the hiatus will be for about a year. we won't get to see them altogether for a year. but maybe this means solo albums produced by all of them. maybe you will get even more albums. >> still the fans will be upset, i think. they like to see hem all together. many thanks as always. >> great, thanks so much. >> thanks for watching, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. go check out the panda cam. "early start" is next in the united states and everyone else, stay tuned for another edition of "cnn newsroom." have a great day.
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three americans and a britain honored in france for preventing a terror attack on a moving train on friday. we are live in paris with what these men have to say about the events. another day of talks for north and south korea. latest starting to emerge. can war be prevented between these two neighbors? and joe biden had a big meeting as he mulls a run for president of the united states. who he sat down wit


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