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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 25, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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together, we're building a better california. breaking news, donald trump in iowa tonight. we have all the highlights tonight. fireworks tonight as univision anchor is removed from donald trump's press conference. listen. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision.
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go ahead. go ahead. go ahead. sit down, please. you weren't called. go. >> yes, go ahead. >> minutes later, jorge ramos is allowed back in and that's when the real fireworks begin. >> full of empty promises. >> okay. >> you cannot deny citizenship to the children of this country. >> why do you say that? >> you cannot do that. >> well, no, no. a lot of people think that
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that's not right that an act of congress can do it. now, it's possibly going to be tested in courts. but a lot of people think that if you come and you're on the other -- i'm not talking about mexico. somebody on the other side of the border, a woman is getting ready to have a baby, crosses the border and all of the sudden, for the next 80 years, hopefully longer, but for the next 80 years, we have to take care of the people. excuse me. some of the great legal scholars agree that that's not true. that if you come across -- excuse me. just one second. no, no, i am answering. if you come across for one day and you have a baby, now the baby is going to be an american citizen. there are great -- excuse me. there are great legal scholars, the top, that say that's absolutely wrong. it's going to be tested. okay. >> the question is, how are you going to build a 1900 mile wall.
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>> very easy. i'm a builder. what's more complicated is building a building that's 95 stories tall. okay? >> you think so? really? i don't think so. a lot of people don't think so. >> i don't believe that. okay. you're right. i don't believe it. and the drugs come, i see them -- they have pictures, they have everything crawling over the fences which are, by the way, this high. you have fences that are not as tall as i am. they're coming by many different ways. but the primary way is bing, right through. right passed our border patrols, who, by the way, are tremendous people. who can do the job but are told not to. here's what we're going to do. okay. ready? let me tell you. we're going to do it in a very humane fashion. believe me. i have a bigger heart than you do. we're going to do it in a very
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humane fashion. >> is there one question you want to ask? we've got to move on. >> the one thing we're going to start with immediately are the gangs and the real bad ones. and you do agree there are some bad ones. do you agree with that or do you think everyone is just perfect? no, no, i asked you a question. do you agree with that? we have tremendous crime. we have tremendous problems. this -- i can't deal with this. listen, we feel tremendous crime. we have tremendously -- we have some very bad ones. and i think you would agree with that, right? >> just a little. >> okay. there are bad ones. real bad ones. they looked at some of the gangs in baltimore. they looked at some of the gangs in chicago. they looked even in ferguson. they've got some rough illegal immigrants. they're getting out. do you mind if i send them out? now, if they come from mexico, do you mind if i send them back to mexico. those people are out. they're going to be out so fast your head will spin. the rest, we're going to do --
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remember, you used the word. illegal immigrant. you should use it that. 's what the definition is. well, when they cross the border from a legal stand point, they're illegal when they don't have their papers. and i want to make it possible -- and i think you'll like this -- i want these people, the good people, i want them to come back. and i want them to get documentation and get -- so they become legal. it's going to be -- you know what it's called? management. see you're not used to good management. you're always talking about government. government, let me just tell you, wait, wait, wait. government is incompetent. guys like bush and some others that i won't name, they're incompetent people. they don't have it. i'll agree. they can't do it. but i'm a great manager. i know how to manage things. when i look at the vets, when i look at the va, we spend billions of dollars and that will work great.
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what we're doing here will work great. and we want to get good people back in. and, also, let me just tell you, i've given you specifics. great management and they're going to hopefully come back in very soon. >> so that is the moment that everyone is talking about tonight. so, joining me now is ronald kessler and author of the first family detail. also, republican strategist brett o'donnell who is an advisor to senator lindsay graham. so i just want to get this moment in the exchange in here. just your reaction to that and then we'll move on. first, ronald? >> well, above all, donald comes across as likable. and he talks in the vernacular, the words that people understand. but i like to go behind if scenes. and what i've found, knowing him since 1988, going down to his
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club and home in palm beach with my wife pam on his plane, spending a wreak espend ing a weekend with him is behind the scenes, he's very different. his top aide tell me there are tw two donald trumps. one is the outrageous one who makes provocative comments to gain attention and the other is the real donald who is a very savvy businessman. >> we can talk more about him, but just what do you make of this moment? >> i think it's a plus for domd. he comes across as commanding, the way ronald reagan did in the press conference that you saw earlier. >> all right, kaylee? >> donald trump prevailed in that exchange. ramos fails to understand a very basic point, that donald trump forced him to acknowledge. we have illegal imgrants in this country. it's the minority, but we have some dangerous illegal immigrants in this country that
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have to leave. that when they are deported, they have to stay abroad. >> brett? >> well, i think for a republican primary voter, especially the ones that donald trump is trying to appeal to, this is a big win for him tonight. it shows him being strong, fighting the liberal media and coming out on top. the exchange really went donald trump's way. now, whether or not that's good for the general election, i think, is another question given his staassistance on immigratio and hispanics. he continues to do himself damage there. >> connie? >> so i think most people would look at that and say oh, this is a press guy going after someone. and so they kind of like that mix-up when a politician or spn running for office gives it back to him. the problem is, with donald trump, is you have to look at it in the -- you know, with if proper backdrop. >> but just that moment, as an observer. >> no, no, no.
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you can't look at it just as a moment. >> i understand that. bud if you're watching that moment on television, i'm just asking you what you think of the moment and then we can go on and discuss more nuance. >> then i think donald trump looked like he won that exchange. but he did have control of the mic. >> okay. so, connie, let's mooufd on now. you said that trump would be done after the first gop debate after he wouldn't rule out a third party candidacy. he's not only still in this race, but he's at the top of every poll. so how are you thinking he did? >> i still think he's done. you know the term jumping the shark. i think he's jumped at the shark. i think he's done. i think he's fired. whatever provocative language people want to use. unfortunately, there's a lot of -- there's a lot of pent up anger out there. and people might say they're going to support donald trump, they're not going to vote for
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donald trump. they're not going to vote for a bully. they're not going to vote for someone who's going to go to the wli white house and scream and yell and call people names. this is not what the president of the united states is about. they're not going to support a guy like that. >> okay. so, then -- go ahead. >> i think it's just the opposite. he comes across as someone who would instill fear in other countries because he is so commanding and strong. and, also, someone who would reassure businesses that they're not going to be overregulated, so they could expand. >> that is not true. that is not what he says to other businesses is if you don't like it, i'll sue you. this is not a blank forum. >> no, he didn't make $10 billion by being an idiot, you know. >> but he has filed for
7:11 pm
bankruptcy what? four times? just because he has a lot of money knows how he got it. >> i didn't have enough time with dillen because i had to get to the top of the show. i have to hit certain marks at times. but, also, donald trump has said repeatedly that filing for bankruptcy was a tool in business that he used and it should not be looked upon as something that is negative. listen, i'm not a business person, but go on and discuss. >> that works for donald. but it doesn't work for everybody else. you can't make up the rules as you go. >> i think in talking act his bankruptcies he's entirely missing the point. donald trump is hitting into the passion of the everyday american who is sitting at home and they're sick of the deviciveness around the country. when donald trump ended his speech today and said the american dream is failing and i want to bring it back, he is reaching into the heart of what everyone cares about.
7:12 pm
it's not his bankruptcies. it's the passion he brings to the state. >> i want to talk about the fact that same clovis, who just stepped down, introduced donald trump. joined his campaign wlach. what do you read into that? >> donald trump is spending lots of money to get the kind of staff that he needs to run a traditional, credible campaign in the early states. but, you know what, donald trump is going to keep going until -- you know, i don't think that he is finished. i always think he'll have a certain amount of support. bumd what will finish him is when a credible candidate, in the republican field, stands up and takes him on and calls him out on some of these issues. >> so who is that? that's not jeb bush? jeb bush is not a credible candidate? >> well, i think he is. and i think he had started to do the right thing this week, which is to call donald trump out on his plans.
7:13 pm
to say look, what you're proposing isn't skredble. we all share the same frustration. bernie sanders is doing that. that's why hillary clinton is not doing as well as expected. people are very sfrus rated. if people stand up and say look, i get it, i get that we're frustrate where had the immigration system. but this guy is a phony. >> everyone stay with me. when we come right back, donald trump feuding with everybody. but is he telling voters exactly what they want to hear? and is it working? in the nation, we know how it feels when
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his last name? why? because he's ashamed of him. why? if i were marco, but, in particular, if i was jeb, i wouldn't say marco was a good friend of mine. marco did something he wruasn't supposed to do. i've never said this before. and i've watched these two guys and they're hugging and kissing and they're holding each other. sort of like what chris christie did with the president. i'm only kidding. no, but they're hugging and they're kissing.
7:18 pm
they're hugging and they're kissing and they're proclaiming their great, deep love for each other. and i'm saying politicians, all talk, no action, it's all bull. we need people that are going to take us to the promise land. >> so back with me now, connie, you're a supporter of donald trump. he's talking about jeb bush. jeb bush is not even -- you're a supporter of jeb bush, excuse me. so the question is jeb bush is not even close to donald trump in the polls. why is donald trump punching down? >> because he probably knows that he's on the wrong side of this, as well. if he's smart, he knows it. you know, i just -- i think he just flailing at anything and anything that gets hinl attention, he'll do it. and if he gets to call out jeb, that gets him attention and he's willing to do it. he's not a serious candidate. it's all about the show. he's a promoter.
7:19 pm
he doesn't have any real ideas and the ideas he has now weren't the real ideas that he had even five years ago. this is a guy that doesn't know where he stands, doesn't nope what he believes in. he can't win in a general election. >> but then answer -- >> he's not going to win the primary. it is august before this whole election. >> connie, i've got to ask you this. many people -- most people would not even be discussing jeb bush if donald trump, quite honestly, was not attacking him. so my question, again, is why is he focused on jeb bush? >> because he knows that jeb bush is a threat. he knows that jeb bush has the brain and has the ideas that people are going to be attracted to. and the only way a bully can win in those fights is to try to keep you down. >> okay. >> and so he wants to -- >> so he's not -- >> he's not exclusively focused on -- >> you know, i really got into
7:20 pm
what donald is all about. not words or campaign speeches, but what, you know, how did he build his business. how does he treat his employees. what is he all about. and what i found was that he is a very savvy businessman. i sat in on his meetings with architects, lawyers, he would actually take a felt pen and draw where he wants a particular outcove to be. i went out to his golf course he was building, he would choose the color of rock -- >> what's your point, though? >> i'm saying that he is someone who is very competent who could be president and do a good job. and that's why he's been so successful. >> because he can draw on plans and pick a color? >> hillary clinton is so nasty to her secret service agents on her detail that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment. that's in my book, "the first
7:21 pm
family detail." and visited him in the hospital, insisted that he stayed to recooperate, that is and, also, makes a point that he accepts jews and blacks at his club whereas some palm beach clubs, to this day, do not accept blacks. >> onto cay lee now, i want you to watch. listen. >> i think jeb is a nice person. he's very low-energy. i'm not used to that kind of a person. i'm just not used to it. i'm used to, you know, dealing with killers. i mean, you know, negotiating with japan. ne gauche yating with china. when these people walk in the room, they don't say hello, how's the weather outside? isn't it beautiful? how are the yankees doing?
7:22 pm
it's wonderful. great. they say we want deal. he'd jump out of the seat. but i watched. by the way, before i say this, who would you rather have negotiating against china? against iran? what a deal that is. you talk about incompetent people. against anybody. jeb bush, hillary clinton or trump? i think so. >> who does it help? >> it doesn't help trump. you know, if anything, it brings bush's name into the discussion. and i think you posed an comment question when you asked why is donald trump punching down. donald trump needs to realize he's hit into the passion of the everyday american. but he doesn't serve himself well by attacking gop candidates. it's a clear violation. it's not guilty helpful. we saw him viciously attack megan kelly.
7:23 pm
donald trump needs to step back and control himself. he has this pre-disposition of attacking anyone who attacks him. he needs to step back and realize where he's at and dial f in that part of his personality. >> they're getting a free pass. tonight, you've spent hours talking about donald trump and jorge ramos when, instead, we could have been talking about hillary clinton and her e-mails and that scandal. but, instead, a four-minute exchange because it's great television. those are the people who are celebrating. >> listen, i'm not going to say that you're at all wrong. but if you really want to watch, if you're really paying attention to what's going on, ramos, who is hispanic goes to a press conference. he asks a question, donald trump says i did not call on you.
7:24 pm
it's really sort of microcosm of what's happening with the entire immigration debate. i want you to wait your turn. no, i have the right to ask this question. no, i want you to get out. but as donald trump says, i'll allow the good people to come back in. think about it. think about the analogy that's happening here. it's exactly what the immigration debate is how donald trump is portraying the immigration debate in this country. it's not just good television. >> i agree with that. but it's not -- i don't think it rises to the level of covering everything else. every other issue. i mean, there are other issues to be talking about. and, quite frankly, donald trump needs to be talking about those issues. he needs to be focused on the democrats and how he's going to take them on. rather than taking on the republicans. this is free advice to donald trump. at a certain point, primary
7:25 pm
voters are going we're looking for the captain of our team. not the person that kills all the players. so i think donald trump would serve himself well by focusing his attention on hillary clinton. >> well thrks is what we're going to see. thank you, guys. i appreciate you joining us on cnn tonight. i'm going to ask the "new york times" frank rooney. that's next. en zeitlin is man kind? are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are.
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sit doin. sit down. go ahead. no you don't, you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. go ahead. >> sit down, please. you weren't called. >> yes, go ahead. .
7:30 pm
. >> here to weigh in now is a columnist from the "new york times." >> what do you make of that? >> i found that whole exchange sunny. the go back to univision. you could have substituted mexico. go back to mexico. every aspect worked on the level of allegory. it was like he was talking to an immigrant who hadn't been invited to the country. wait your turn. i haven't called on you. get in your place. the other thing i kept thinking watching it is he is such a damn bully. when people talk about him being candid, you can be candid and strong without being crude, rude and a bully. that's the mystery to me. >> so, as someone who has covered these type of press conferences before, should one
7:31 pm
wait one's turn? >> we've seen this a million times. it's not the best thing in the world, but it's happened a mill i don't know times. you can handle it with decidedly more grace. so i think tonight's exchange is going to work out really well for him. >> it all depends on tonight's perspective. if you read what people are saying about it, he should have waited his turn. he's out of line. but his panic voters might have seen it differently. >> we've seen a lot of aggressive voters who don't wait their turn. i go back to the fact that there are various ways donald trump could have handled that. i'll be happy to answer your question later, but please don't interrupt anybody else.
7:32 pm
>> okay, let's talk about your new column. it says, let me get this straight. i should marry three times, do a queasy making amount of sexual boasting, verbally degrade women, talk trash about pretty much everyone else while i'm at it, encourage gamblers to hemorrhage their savings in casinos, bury my name and crow incessantly about how much i've amassed. seemed to work for donald trump. he is, according to polls, not just the preferred candidate. he is the preferred candidate of evangelical christians. that makes no sense. i've just described donald trump's life for you. that's just a microcosm of the craziness of this whole campaign. >> but what makes evangelical
7:33 pm
stand behind him? >> i think part of the answer is if you go back to 2012, and go back to liberty university. the religious right does not like barack obama. anyone who stepped forward is the grand slayer. that's a big part of it. >> you've got a former evangelical pastor. you've got ted cruz, scott walker. what in the world is going on? >> that's going to be the tag line of this whole campaign. donald trump projects utter certainty. he projects utter candor at a time when people are even more fed up than we realize. he's teaching us a lot about the american mood and the electorate. but what's scary is he's not an answer to any of our problems.
7:34 pm
maybe he'll fall back. i don't think he gets the nomination. but people who are treating him with any dedwlee of seriousness as a solution to the country's problems are deluding themselves. >> let's get to one of my last guests who said we could have been talking about hillary: ton. let's talk about joe biden now. giving his blessing for the 2016 bid. how important is this? >> i would not be surprised if joe biden doesn't end up running. i also think he probably always had this idea in the back of his pocket. i'm sorry, i don't think this is a late blooming idea.
7:35 pm
and i don't think it's a done deal. i think he never let dwro of this possibility. >> do you think that a speculation about a biden bid, does that make hillary run harder? rather than just watching her opponents go at each other? >> i think she's losing a little sleep. this is a scary thing. this changes the nature of the campaign. one big potential upside for her is she would have won something real. it was a real fight. she will, in some ways, look like the stronger nominee. between this point and that point is a lot of delicate work. how do you run against a former member of the administration. >> we love having you here. thank you for showing up. coming up, donald trump blasts
7:36 pm
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donald trump is mowing down his rivals. but what about the democrats? who is the best bet to take on the $10 billion candidate? hillary clinton? joe biden? who is it? joining me now, democratic strategist, white house special council, during bill clinton's administration. good evening, gentlemen. a source tells cnn that president obama has given joe biden his blessing to run for the white house. you say that you would welcome joe biden into this race. why? >> absolutely. and, first of all, the president givering a blessing. is not an endorsement. i know hie'll be neutral. he gave his blessing and i believe encouragement to secretary clinton. joe biden is a great man,
7:41 pm
qualified to be president. i believe that he will enter the race, and i'm guessing that will happen. and that hillary clinton will be our nominee and she will be a more formidable nominee because joe biden and bernie sanders will run a great campaign and there will be a formidable and important debate. >> but it wroent be the first time -- you're saying that you believe he will run. but it wouldened be the first time. and he did fail. so why did he fail the last time? >> well, i don't remember joe biden being a particularly powerful candidate in 2008. of course, my preferred candidate lost to barack obama. and it was a great campaign. joe biden has been vice president for eight years. i don't believe he has an issue to run on that is a lot different than either bernie sabders or hillary clinton. so the absence of a rational why we have the chance to elect the
7:42 pm
first female president will be a great campaign if he enters. >> so is he a viable candidate? could it be too hard for him to catch up at this point? >> this is a little bit late. is he a viable candidate? absolutely. he's with the senate. people know him. but people also really, really like joe biden. i've been running these sort of in focus rival groups. and people just have a fondness for joe biden. they just like him. there isn't really an issue december party. the question is really about style and where they come from. and i think joe biden presents people with this opportunity to kind of be with this guy that they like. he's with the president. he's not trying to distance himself. he's going to run on the record. >> but jamal, let ice put this up there. here's what it shows. 53% of americans have an
7:43 pm
unfavorable view of hillary clinton wild 44% have an unfavorable view of joe biden. so that doesn't surprise you, does it? >> no. i think that there's a -- joe biden hasn't really been in the political fray the same way secretary lipton has for most of the last year. we know that the clinton else get beaten up all of the time. she -- i'll tell you this. joe biden needs to run for the number one reason it will make democrats more animated. the only story you talked about tonight other than this one is about trump. and now we're going to have a story about democrats. i think that's a good thing for democrats. it will help us get organized. get people energized and out there. i do not want to wait until april of next year or march of next year to find out whether or not democrats are really excited about hillary clinton. i want them to get excited about her now.
7:44 pm
>> here's what the iowa poll shows. it says iowa university poll taken on august 20th. it shows hillary clinton, leading by a lot, 54%, bernie sanders, 20%, joe biden, 11 if he would decide to get in this race. could a biden clinton face off? and i think you said it, as well. i think energize the party. >> yes, but look at those numbers. joe biden is a hundred percent known. he's running behind bernie sanders with eight years as vice president. and if you have not seen, as i have out in iowa and elsewhere around the country, the fervor, the enthusiasm for hillary clinton, 18 million votes later after she lost to barack obama, she's built a following that is more than women who want the first woman president to make history. she has enthusiasm.
7:45 pm
and those numbers, everyone needs to remember, that gallop favors among democrats. eight out of ten, close to eight of ten democrats who nominate the next nominee have favorable impression. >> but does biden animate or energize a different part of a democratic electorate than does hillary clinton? >> possibly he certainly energizes me as a great man and as a nice man. but what does he energize? i don't know the answer to that. >> maybe this is just anecdotal. but i have not found a lot of people under the age of 40 who are that enthusiastic. and that's what makes me nervous. >> absolutely. >> have you talked to young college women on campuses. >> absolutely. i have. i have. and i've got to tell you, i haven't seen it yet. let me just stel you this.
7:46 pm
what barack obama did today, when he said that the president of the united states is -- basically that joe biden was a great decision, that is going to open the door for african american voters to take a look at joe biden and to take a look at hillary clinton. and i think we may see some tick up in african american voters coming around to joe biden because he's been standing with the president for the past few years. >> i've got to run here, but where does the money go if biden does get in. >> hillary has money. and he's got backers and so does hillary. but african americans are overwhelmingly right now and the issues she's been speaking to -- >> bill clinton and hillary clinton aren't the same person. >> we'll see how it goes to the polls. >> we'll be right back. i've got to go. sorry, guys. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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so millions of people exposed, but some of them may be paying a much higher price than anybody thought. joining me now, the host of the new dr. drew on hln. it's always a pleasure to have you. you have some important information for us.
7:51 pm
so let's talk about this ashley madison thing. people all over the country, wlafs so appealing about this web site? >> well, people who wanted to cheat could go there and cheat. what's really appealing is not so much the web site. but what is so appealing to those who feel moralistically satisfied than those people who are really crapping on their vows, let's face it, are coming to justice in some sort of way. the problem is they were not doing anything illegal. the web site was not illegal. these hackers have done something pat ently illegal. and we shouldn't gloat over that. >> and it's their business, as we've said. we've already seen some high profile names. it's possibly going to be revealed. it's said that he admitted that he signed up for the web site and that no laws have been broken. josh dugger issued a statement
7:52 pm
saying he's the biggest hypocrite ever. what does that say about our society? >> well, i mean, what does it say about the state and health of marriage, really. i said when he was back touching with his sisters and we where are dealing with a kid that was something wrong. something really needed a medical evaluation or a medical treatment. here it is. it's continued on and it will continue until it's treated. he allowed the victims to stand up on his own behalf. >> you did. and you said that on this program. so i have to give you credit for that. this was not a vick testimoniless crime. one allegedly killed himself. this is pretty extreme, though. >> that's right. and i talked to one of our attorneys tonight. i asked him, can we hold the hackers accountable for these deaths.
7:53 pm
people's lives being destroyed and somebody dying. there will, however, be action taken against the site and the site owner's for not keeping the material confidential that they had promised to do so. >> i want to change subjects because i think you're doing something that's very important. you have a two-night special facing the transgender community. >> just because caitlin genner isn't your hero, she's someone's. >> the reason i did not transition in india is because that would mean that they would have me killed. >> you were in the military, right? >> i was in the military. >> you were in the navy. >> yes, that's when -- slowly started my transition. >> studio audience is entirely
7:54 pm
notable advocates. it was all transgender advocates. we did the show because we had been covering a topic of conversation. we were having transgender and help us understand and tack m. mostly whether caitlin had done the appropriate thing. but, after a while, we thought we really need to get deeper into this topic. there's so much i don't understand about it. and i want to be an ally. so where he dedicated two nights to the stories of people where this phenomenon, where this struggling with these issues. and i've got to tell you. any human phenomenon, when there are special conditions, it exposes just the human element. >> and a lot of pain. >> and i guarantee you'll be touched.
7:55 pm
>> caitlin jenner has caused a fire storm. she's taken it head on. but do you think it's fair that she's representative of the entire transgender community. that's a lot on where you know person. >> that is absolutely a great point. and the fact is she may have real serious trouble once the excitement of what's going on with her starts to wear off. >> you sigh in terms of dealing with her family, the point is, though, she's got us talking. we have a great special because of it. >> i've got to go. dr. drew, thank you. we will be watching on hln. that's tomorrow and thursday night. thank you, dr. drew. we'll be back.
7:56 pm
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that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. see you tompl night. "ac 360" starts right now. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. anderson is off tonight. donald trump, though, is not. he's in iowa. let's listen in.


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