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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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all of the kids are okay. the officer drove them home. thank you so much for being with me today. i'm poppy harlow. carol costello is back in the chair monday morning. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" begins right now. two of their own gunned down on live tv. >> and tropical storm erika packing a major punch in the caribbean. a new forecast is just in. is florida in her path? >> and it has been ten years since this, the levees breaking, parts of new orleans under water. ahead this hour, a closer look at the recovery from hurricane katrina. helhello, i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. happening right now, the governor of virginia, he's
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heading to the tv that's been rocked by the on-air murders of two of their beloved journalists, alison parker and adam ward. parker's family members are also said to be on hand for this meeting with the governor. >> there have been so many difficult moments there but also moments of such strength since parker and ward were shot dead on live tv. really one of the people who has help guide that station and that community through these days wdbj general manager jeff marks joins us now. jeff, thank you so much for being with us. you have the governor on the way set to arrive at any minute. what do you expect to hear from him and i suppose on the flip side what is your message to him? >> well, the governor is eloquent. i expect him to make private remarks to our team about the loss and where we go from here. i can't really predict what he's going to say, but we are appreciative of the fact that he's going to visit. what was the second part of your question? >> what's your message to him at
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this point? >> well, i don't have one worked up, but i would say can we pay some attention to mental health? now, that's not to suggest he hasn't. we had a state senator nearly killed by his son who was having mental health issues, and if that's indeed what was going on here with the gunman, what do we need to do to make sure that mental health services are available to everyone and reach everyone? may not have worked in this case, but if that was the case, let's at least keep the debate going. >> jeff, i see you are wearing the pin that so many from your station are wearing. it's there to represent the m maroon and teal to represent alison and adam. where do you go from here?
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after everything you have been through and quite honestly you're still in the eye of the storm, where do you go from here? >> well, i talked with key people in the newsroom today and said, we are known as a pretty aggressive newsroom. we pursue, and that needs to be what we do from here on to honor alison and adam and to fulfill our commitment to the community. we've been walking around a little bit shell shocked, frankly. we've been getting the shows on the air, we've been reporting the news, we've been covering it, but i think we maybe have lacked a little bit of personality. when i say personality i mean who we are, and we can recharge ourselves today. we're getting a lot of help from our sister stations in south bend and wichita and springfield, and they're giving us a lot of assistance to get us and keep us on track as we go
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forward. people are still very sad, but i am so impressed with their level of professionalism while they are taking time to grieve. they're in their pitching story ideas, shooting great video, and doing what we need to do to get on the air. >> jeff, i got to say from the outside looking in, it doesn't look out here that you've lacked anything. you certainly haven't lacked ko courage over the last few days at that station, so i understand the need to be self critical and look forward but it's been amazing to watch what you have been doing. there is new information -- go ahead. >> i didn't mean to be self critical. what i meant to say is any organization like this, whether it's a magazine in paris or whatever, it hurts, and it hurts a lot, and i just want to make sure we have our vigor and our excitement about what we're covering back, and this is the
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team to do it. >> there's information coming out late yesterday and today about what was in the killer's car that was found on the highway after he shot himself in the head, and among the things in there were wigs, license plates, indications that maybe he had some plan of getting away from all of this. i wonder if you have any thoughts on that. >> if i were a reporter on the story, i would be drawing conclusions for that and from that maybe covering aspects of it and asking people about it. we are so unfocused on that. yes, we have reporters working on that angle, but i am so unfocused on the killer and what he was going to do. i do thank god for the idea that if he had other plans, they weren't executed, but we really are focused on other things right now.
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>> that is absolutely understandable, and it really kind of lays bare the difficult position your reporters are in, reporting the story and being absolutely unfortunately part of it. jeff, it's great to have you on again. thank you always for your time and we look forward to hearing what the governor has to say to you guys privately and to the newsroom. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> we did just hear from jeff marks. there is new information on the killer, getting a look now at what was in his apartment and also possibly in his mind as he plotted and carried out these awful murders. >> scene, here is the video. the scene is startling and eerie to say the very least. his refrigerator covered with photographs of only himself. the rest of his apartment barely decorated at all and in his car according to a warrant from the police, packed with disguises. a to-do list, and ammunition. justice reporter evan perez is reporting this angle of the story. evan, what more are investigators learning at this point about this killer? >> reporter: kate, that video is
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really -- it's kind of stark. it shows what kind of narcissist this guy was really. he had himself -- pictures of only himself. there's no family pictures we can see. only himself all over that refrigerator and according to the latest information we've gotten from law enforcement, they do believe that he was planning to get away. as you know, he was stopped or pulled over, attempted to pull over on i-66 as he was driving towards the washington d.c., area. it appears this is where he was planning to go, and then what else we don't know. among the things that you referenced that were found in his car according to the search warrant, we have a list of it, a glock pistol he had bought in july from the gun store in roanoke, white iphone, handwritten letter, 17 stamped letters that apparently he was planning to send, three license plates a to-do list, a wig. all of which indicates this was not going to end unless the police stopped him and that's what they did. >> evan perez, evan is on it for
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us. thank you so much. so much to be learned but as jeff marks said, right now they are very focused on grieving, recovekofecovering and moving f. other big news this morning, a busy day ahead in the race for the white house. very soon hillary clinton will be speaking at the democratic national committee's summer meeting in minneapolis. there's a picture of the room filling up as they prepare. other democratic candidates, they're slated to speak as well, but it is one absent democrat that may be casting a shad over over the entire gathering. >> republicans are calling it the 800-pound biden in the room. that is a lot of biden. the vice president in deep deliberations and discussion s about a potential 2016 bid. cnn's joe johns is live on the ground with new details. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, john. eight democratic candidates expected to speak here in minneapolis today starting with lincoln chafee. they're going in alphabetical order. after that comes hillary clinton
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around noon eastern time. as you said, one person who is not going to be here is the vice president, joe biden. he's not a candidate, though he's thinking about it, but some of his most fervent supporters are making their presence felt. they've been holding briefings in the same hotel where the dnc is going on asking superdelegates and members of the dnc to keep their powder dry, keep an open mind. that it's not yet the time to anoint a front-runner. these are small meetings, 15 to 30 people, but a lot of excite am among the draft biden effort to keep people, you know, holding the line until the time joe biden decides he is going to get into the race or not. john and kate, back to you. >> joe, at the very same time, hillary clinton slated to speak in a very short amount of time and this comes at a time when a lot of democrats are starting to privately and publicly raise a lot of alarm and concern over the issue of her private e-mail
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usage. are you expecting her to address that in these meetings? >> it's interesting. talking around here at the dnc to people, there are a lot of democrats who say that is an overblown issue, as you know, and that it's republicans who have been making hay over it. nonetheless, there is a possibility at least that we'll hear from hillary clinton after her speech, one more opportunity to sit down, throw her a few questions, and see what she's saying. earlier this week in iowa, i was there, in fact, and it was pretty clear that she was taking a more contrite approach to the whole e-mail scandal explaining to people that in her view this is the type of thing that, you know, people have a problem with, and she understands their reasons for that. a markedly different tone from the previously more combative approach hillary clinton has taken, john and kate. >> it will be interesting to see if that's the beginning of something greater or a one off.
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joe johns for us in minneapolis. >> battling politics and traffic behind him. >> all at once. thanks, joe. >> reporter: that's for sure. wow. he calls himself the king of the tax code. up next, donald trump says -- who donald trump says should pay more and who should get relief? also aherd, florida on alert after tropical storm eric kristina abernathy pounds the caribbean. the path of destruction and a brand new forecast just released. that's ahead. explosions, fighter jets, and military show of force. south korea stages a huge drill as teptionsions between the nor and the south are at an all-time high.
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so imagine donald trump, arms splayed on the front of the ship yelling i'm the king of the tax code! well, you don't have to imagine it anymore. it happened. at least the second part. he's revealing -- >> okay. >> the king of the tax code part. he's revealing new notions about his tax plans including the idea of raising some. >> nobody knows the tax code better than i do, okay. i know it better. i'm the king of the tax code, and i'm going to come out with a plan, a simplification, getting rid of some of the deductions which are ridiculous and complicated and i want to get rid of h & r block, i want to put them out of business and hedge fund guys have to pay up. these hedge fund guys are making a lot of money. i have friends that laugh about how little they pay and it's not fair to the middle class. >> all right. so here is a little bit of the
8:16 am
detail that trump is offering up about what he wants to do with taxes. tax the rich more, tax the middle class less, lower corporate taxes and cut government spending and stop raising the debt ceiling. but like other issues, trump's outspoken positions in the past don't necessarily fit with his outspoken positions of present. but does it really matter when you look at the polls? let's discuss. cnn political commentator margaret hoover is here and ron brownstein. margaret, you're saying part of it is great. >> tax code simplification, check. closing corporate loopholes and incentivizing businesses to bring come back to the united states, check. >> raise taxes on hedge fund managers to end the debt and deficit, fundamentally unserious. everybody knows when you look at the budget, entitlement are driving our debt and deficits. there are not enough rich people in the united states or enough
8:17 am
billionaires in the entire world to tax them enough to make a significant debt in this country's $18 trillion debt as trump days. >> donald trump is also the king of the tax code, so you might not understand it the way -- >> leeri lclearly i do. and my criticisms don't matter at all. this is what we're saying. who doesn't want to put h & r block out of business? part of what he says really resonates. but it isn't serious. the part about how you're really going to fix the debt and deficit isn't serious. you can't tax the rich enough. >> of all the things on earth to criticize donald trump for being unserious about, the idea of raising taxes on the very rich and i think he's talking about carried interest -- we don't know because he didn't get specific. >> that's also the problem. >> people are talking about it, ron. people have discussed changing taxes so you would tax the rich more, tax hedge fund people more. there are people within the
8:18 am
republican party though who say that's donald trump saying he wants to raise taxes and that's an anathema to us. will he take a hit as a republican for saying he wants to raise taxes on some? >> i think it's of a piece of what we're satiseeing from dump. it's a 21st century version of blue collar conservatism. very skeptical to foreign trade, hostile toward immigration, and tough on elites. in that context for trump to talk about raising taxes on wall street and cutting taxes on main street fits -- it's a jeps that he has a unified theory of the case. if you look at the poll that came out yesterday from quinnipiac, it suggests there's an audience that's listening. his vote among noncollege republicans was double his vote among college republicans. he's targeting a group of voters and they seem to be hearing what he's saying. >> also happening and i think it's an important thing to
8:19 am
discuss is donald trump though his campaign says he's only showing up and not soliciting donations, he's attending fund-raisers. fund-raisers for the group that can keep their donor group secret and they can offer up unlimited donations. >> yeah. >> this is a man who his thing was transparency, transparency, transparency. >> and i don't owe anything to anybody because i'm going to fund this myself and so i don't need anybody's money -- >> can he have both? >> look, i don't know if hypocrisy even catches up or matters for this guy. if you're showing up at a fund-raiser that is raising money for your effort, and by the way, this is outside money. these are unlimited contributions, half of them transparent, half of them not, this is hypocrisy. it doesn't seem to matter, but this is hypocrisy. he is going to depend on other people to help get -- it also shows he's serious for the long haul and eahe's not going to spd only his own money.
8:20 am
ro >> i have talked to people covering the campaign who say the big unknown isn't what he's going to raise it's what he's willing to spend. how much is he willing to spend? i don't think people inside the campaign know that right now because if he's as rich as he says he is and if he wants to spend any portion of that money, that could make a huge difference. >> and we don't know. we don't know what his liquid assets are like and we don't know how much money he can easily reach to spend. we know that jeb bush has $100 million in the bank in his super pack. t the other candidates are hoping they will annihilate each other and someone else will step forward through the wreckage. it's not clear exactly how that's going to unfold, and, you know, you have a situation where right now from the bush point of view, trump is going after them. on the other hand, they would probably prefer that donald trump win iowa than ted cruz or scott walker and emerge as the conservative alternative. so it's a very complex kind of
8:21 am
juggling game for all of the candidates, especially in a field this big to decide who goes after who when. >> seems they're might be at least some kind of strategy change from the bush perspective on how they're going to attack him. again i like to end each of these segments saying we'll see because it changes every day. donald trump is speaking again tonight. margaret, ron, great to see you. thank you. state of emergency, the governor of florida putting that state on high alert after tropical storm erika slams the caribbean. there's a new forecast, new models of the path of this tropical storm. we're going to bring it to you ahead. >> those just out. also a vigil for the two journalists killed on live tv and along with it a plea from alison parker's fiance. he says let's have respectful dialogue when it comes to gun control. let's have it now. listen up team, i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active.
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not the other way around. tropical storm erika is headed towards florida after wreaking havoc on dominique ka, the island well east of the dominican republic. take a look at some of the videos that are coming in from there. a rushing river of mud through the city streets. just look at that as people are trying to find shelter wherever they can. >> a house collapsed, unable to withstand the force of the rain and the floods. just look at that. at least 12 people are dead on that island and more than 20 missing. that looks just awful and i imagine there could be more information still to come from there. cnn meteorologist chad myers is at the "weather center."
8:26 am
chad, tell us about this storm and where it's going. >> well, it's going over the south coast right now of the dominican republic. that country was dominica. that was a couple days ago. almost a foot of rain in 12 hours. a very mountainous country, big hot springs up the mountain, gorgeous, a beautiful, beautiful place. it was ravaged by all of that rainfall. so where does it go from here? eventually we know it's going over the dr and over haiti. that's a given. but after that even the hurricane center will tell you, we're not sure. we're not even sure if it will be 50 or 20 or maybe bigger because there's so much land involved here. if that gulps in a bunch of dry air off the mountains of haiti or off the higher elevations of cuba, it could kill itself. if it gets a little farther off into land, it could be a more dangerous storm. right now though the forecast is not for it to ever become a hurricane because of the land that's in the way. here is what the latest model tells us, somewhere here across parts of florida, now even up
8:27 am
here maybe in parts of the jacksonville. that said, that's the middle. we have to go all the way out here or all the way out here. it could be in the bahamas, it could be all the way out here to the dry tortugas. that's how wide the spread is right now for what the storm is doing. even yesterday, yesterday it didn't hit the u.s. at all on the models. today it is. that's how things are changes. what we do know, here is haiti. here is the dominican republic and here is cuba right through there. there's going to be a lot of rainfall. there's going to be more flooding rainfall here again just like we saw there in dominica. ready for that and probably not the best day to get out there on your first cruise ship . if you do make sure you put the patches behind your ears because the ocean will be rocking for the next couple days. there it is. there's erica as it makes its approach to south florida. could be the keys, could be bahamas, could be all the way out west of key west. what the good news is with this, if this storm can stay at 50 and be nor more than that, florida
8:28 am
needs the rain. maybe not tampa, but a lot of florida needs heavy rainfall and they will get it from this. don't need the flooding or the wind but we can certainly use the rain. >> this storm a mercurial tropical storm. so keep your eye on the forecast. thank you so much. we are waiting for word, a statement from the governor of florida, rick scott. he's expected to speak any second on this situation. quite a dit state of emergency morning. they are concerned this storm is headed to the coast bringing possible flooding. we'll bring you the statement when it happens. meanwhile, swallowed by a sinkhole. we have incredible video of passengers waiting for their bus when a hole just opens in the ground. look at that. >> but first, we also have this, calls from the loved ones of the murdered journalist alison parker. they're calling for a real dialogue now over who should and should not have access to guns. up next, a mother who knows their pain.
8:29 am
she lost her son at the hands of a disturbed gunman. she's joining us next.
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why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, innovators with great ideas will continue to drive the world forward. as log as they have someone to believe in them. for more than two centuries we've helped progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. the loved ones of the journalists who were killed on live tv say it's not enough to just honor their memory. they want action. action on gun control. alison parker's boyfriend told us there needs to be a substantive conversation on the issue. >> we need to keep the conversation going. we don't want to keep it going
8:33 am
because it's tiresome and then we just wait for another one to happen and then we say, oh, my god, this is a huge issue, and then we forget about it until another one happens. why do we need to forget about it? because if we don't forget, i think the incidents will lessen. i believe that. >> alison parker's father, he goes even further saying that he will now be a crusader for gun control laws. listen here to him. >> i'm not -- you know, i'm not saying let's take away guns. i'm just saying let's make it harder for people with mental issues or people that -- like this guy that killed alison and adam. to make it difficult for them to purchase guns. there's got to be a mechanism that gets put in place for that and i don't think that's unreasonable to do, but steps -- how many newtowns are we going to have? how many sandy hooks? how many people -- how many alisons are going to -- is this
8:34 am
going to happen to before we stop it? >> and you heard andy parker mention newtown and sandy hook. nicole hockley's son was killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. 26 young students and teachers, they were killed. 20 of those killed were children. nicole is here with us now. she's also the managing director of the sandy hook promise. nicole, thank you so much for joining us. i'm sure it really hurts hearing this father, hearing this fiance, this boyfriend say similar things that you have said after the massacre at sandy hook. on a very personal level, he says -- they say they want to fight. they want to be crusaders. on a very personal level you have been fighting this for years now. what does the road ahead look like for them? >> the road ahead is really hard. this is one of the hardest fights going on in america right now, what is reasonable gun legislation and how are we going to deal with mental health and wellness issues. this does not get easier, and
8:35 am
once the shock wears off, which they're currently in right now and that pain hits them, this fight gets even harder. >> it's been more than two years now since what happened in connecticut. have you achieved what you thought you would achieve when you set out on this mission? >> that's a really difficult question. there's a lot that is being achieved. the conversation continues. i think sandy hook was a catalyst to start a conversation and start change, but we still have a long way to go. there's many more voices in this movement now, and sadly many more victims and families and loved ones of victims, but it's the sad fact still that, you know, and alison's fiance got it right, until you are touched by this violence, until you become personally involved, it's far too easy to just look away, let the conversation go away, and get on with your own daily life, and once it happens to you, it's
8:36 am
too late. so people need to engage in this issue now rather than just hoping their community is not the next one hit. >> and when reality sets in and reality has set in for you and you started your fight, is reality also setting in -- are you giving up hope? i ask that because what we heard after these latest murders was that if change wasn't brought after sandy hook, and it strikes me, i was looking back, your son would be a fourth grader now. if change wouldn't come after sandy hook, it's not going to come ever. what do you say to folks who say that? >> i totally disagree with that. change is coming. change is slow. that's all. but change is absolutely coming, and i have not lost hope. this is my lifelong commitment to save the lives of others through proper intervention and responsible access. mr. parker joins me in that mission as do so many others. it's a growing movement, but
8:37 am
change and progress take time, and you just have to keep your commitment and stamina and keep looking for solutions that can move things forward, and there are a lot of things that we can do it keep this moving forward. >> there's no one thing that can fix everything, right? because by all accounts this killer in virginia, i don't think there's a gun law that's been proposed anywhere that necessarily would have kept him from getting a gun. i don't think there's any record of actual diagnosed mental illness. so how do you go beyond just laws here? >> i mean, there's a lot that laws can do to ensure that appropriate access is given or not given, but a lot of this has to do with mental wellness, not just mental i willnellness. this shooter may not have had a diagnosed mental illness and the vast majority of gun violence is not committed by someone with a diagnosed mental illness. it's an incredible small percentage. what is it is more likely coming from is a lack of mental wellness, social skills, anger
8:38 am
management, conflict resolution. these are issues and wellness behaviors that people give signs for. there are signals, and according to the details that are still coming out on this shooter, there were signs and signals of his unhappiness with his situation, of the way he wanted to act out. there was a time that intervention could have been made, and the more that we are aware of what those signs and signals are and are trained in them, not only do we reduce stigma, but we can help get people the help they need before tragic consequences. >> and that's almost the hardest part because it takes commitment, and that's difficult on the parts of families, on the parts of communities, but it does take that commitment to allow for that wellness and for those flags, those red flags, those alarms to be raised and recognized. nicole, it's great to have your voice in this. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> of course.
8:39 am
going to continue to follow that story, of course. we're also following this. new this morning, former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush are in new orleans getting a first-hand look at the city's recovery. ten years now since hurricane katrina. we're going to bring you live pictures, a live report on the anniversa anniversary. and 71 people die before making it to safety in europe, and there are so many more making the same treacherous trek. arwa damon going to be bringing that to us. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking...
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at this very moment george w. bush and former first lady laura bush are in new orleans to mark ten years since hurricane katrina devastated that city. >> they're touring warren easton charter high school to show the progress the city has made since katrina hit the gulf coast and honor the people whose resilience made it possible. listen. >> all of us who are old enough to remember will never forget the images of our fellow americans amid a sea of misery and ruin. we'll always remember the lives lost across the gulf coast. their memories are in our hearts and i hope you pray for their families. hurricane katrina is a story of
8:44 am
loss beyond measure. it's also a story of commitment and compassion. i hope you remember what i remember, and that is 30,000 people were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm by u.s. military personnel, by louisiana law enforcement, and by citizens who volunteered. i hope you remember what i remember, and that was the thousands who came here on a volunteer basis to provide food for the hungry and to help find shelter for those who had no home to live in. >> it is simply fascinating to hear from george w. bush ten years later. >> absolutely. >> i want to bring in suzanne malveaux. suzanne, there's a lot going on down there in new orleans for this anniversary. >> reporter: there really is, and you talk to people here, and they're quite surprised when they learn it is president george w. bush who is down here commemorating the tenth anniversary. many people having bad memories
8:45 am
and associating him with really the government's lack of ability to respond quickly and the tragedy that happened here not only on a federal level but also a local and a state level as well. but yesterday you had president obama who made it very clear that he believes it is going to take decades before you have some of those people, the older residents, the people who weren't age to come back, to come back to the community, but he says now is the time the city is ready for those who didn't have the resources to come back before. president bush clearly painting a very optimistic portrait saying that -- pointing to the school systems in particular saying the charter school system is working, that it's an improvement from what they had seen in the past and the 30,000 people who had immediately been rescued in the immediate aftermath, not talking about the slow, painful response and just the experience that the country went through seeing those bodies floating in the city, in the water, and recognizing that it
8:46 am
was something that happened and that the federal government, quite frankly, failed to respond in a quick way. and then tomorrow we're going to see president clinton. he's going to be more in a celebratory mood, and he's going to be talking about more of the successes, the big businesses that have been booming, the french quarter obviously and the tourism, but i have to tell you both, the ninth ward, there are places still that look like a war zone. there are still people, more than 50% of the plaque childrbl in this city live in poverty. more than 52% of black men are unemployed. a long, long way to go, but they say that there are some shining beacons of hope, some light, if you will go, in this city some ten years later. >> it's so important to note there is a rebirth, a regrowth in some areas, suzanne, but it is not universal in new orleans. suzanne malveaux down there for us. thank you so much. a spectacular show of force. fighter jets, bombs, commandos. south korea stages a huge drill
8:47 am
during a time of intense tension with the north. and a giant sinkhole swallows five people as they wait for their bus. more of the story behind this unbelievable video ahead.
8:48 am
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we want to take you down to florida right now. florida governor rick scott is briefing the media, briefing the public on an update on what he's hearing about tropical storm erika and preparations that need to be taken immediately. let's listen in. >> well, we just had the 11:15 briefing from the national weather service and our state emergency management team talked to the emergency management teams all across the state with the whole goal to make sure everybody -- the whole goal of this is to make sure everybody's prepared. as you've watched, the storm track is moving a little bit further west and the biggest concern now is, one, we don't know how much land it's going to go over. we don't know how much water we're going to get, but clearly the storm track is continuing to move west. historically, as you know, in storms and hurricanes we get more water in the state the more the storm track goes west so we've got to continue to be
8:52 am
prepared. i declared a state of emergency this morning which allows us to make sure is everybody resource including the national guard, emergency management team, make sure ever is getting prepared. we have 30 members of the national guard that are prepositioned. the adjutant general has 8,000 individuals he's in a position to mobilize. we've got concerns across the state because the storm will be coming clear across his state. we know that the tampa pinellas areas have been saturated because of the storms we had a couple weeks ago so we have to continue to focus on that. the biggest thing i'd say to every family, just stop and think about your entire family. are there any special needs you have. if you need a shelter, no where your shelters are we have great
8:53 am
first responders all across the state. we're going to get ready. hopefully we can prepare for the worst and hope for best and hopefully that's what will happen here but right now we've got to continue to be prepared. we had a lot of people that moved to florida but make sure you're taking the impact on this. don't drive into standing water. make sure you have three days of water, three days of food, make sure you have your medicines but get ready and take your time to be prepared. i want to thank all of our emergency management teams around the state, all of our first responders, all of our elected officials. >> you've been listening to florida governor rick scott briefing the press and public about tropical storm erika which looks to be headed to or near florida over the next several days. there are concerns about flooding and concerns the storm is incredibly unpredictable so
8:54 am
the governor -- >> it's changed a lot already. >> a whole lot. the governor saying be careful, be alert, start preparing right now. we'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready,
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8:57 am
what i needed was a place to change at. just got out of jail? >> yes, had no shoes, no food, no nothing, nowhere to go. >> you're strong and you're ready and you're willing because you would haven't came here if you wasn't. we help homeless women and children to reclaim their lives. >> i've been homeless almost six months. >> we meet women where they are. we'll pick them up, put them into an environment where they can heal. when a woman transitions from our shelter program into our permanent supportive housing, they stay connected with us. >> it's beautiful. >> a lot of women come in very traumatized. we have licensed counselors that work with women on some of those deep issues. >> it's okay to be angry. >> i left with nothing. i got my two girls and left. i worked so hard to not lose them and then i lost them.
8:58 am
>> any mother that comes to us who doesn't have her children, we help get her children back. >> it's been a long journey fighting for them, trying to get them back thank you, miss carter, thank you. >> homeless women, children, i call them invisible people because we pretend that we don't see them. but i see them. and i know there's something that we can do. >> nominations close this tuesday, september 1. so if you know someone like kim, someone going the extra mile to help others, go to cnn, tell us all about them, get those nominations in. take a look at that. f-16 fighter jets, helicopter, state-of-the-art e 737 peace eye surveillance aircraft. that's some of what sk was showing, pulling out all the
8:59 am
stops, you will, to put on a spectacular show of power and force during a live fire exercise with the united states. cnn was given rare access to this exercise, to this event. the joint exercises went ahead despite the recent tensions between north korea and south korea. >> they also apparently included some music after the end. after you do a military show, you celebrate with miekz. >> i was hoping you didn't bring that one up. an and a series of meetings over the week end to calm things down and prevent a war, john? >> nothing more menacing than a clarinet. dramatic video there china. people were waiting at a bus stop when suddenly, check out what happens. >> oh, my god. >> a sinkhole opens up on the platform. amazingly no one was hurt. bystanders rushed to help the people. officials think that a lot of rain may have softened the ground underneath that area allowing the sinkhole to form.
9:00 am
>> how was no one injured in that? amazing. >> terrifying. >> thankfully no one was hurt there and thankfully we have made it to the weekend. thank you for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal view." we want to start this hour with a state of emergency in florida where tropical storm erika has the potential to cause very damaging flooding. right now it's making its way through the caribbean ravaging the tiny island of dominica. have a listen to what we're seeing. [ screaming ] >> that building that you're seeing collapsing is a school. dominica's prime minister says at least 12 people at thi


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