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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's a school building buckling under floodwaters. we can see similar scenes across the yibian as the storm moves west. jennifer gray is joining us from the cnn center. jennifer, where is the storm now and where is the -- is it expected to go? >> well, wolf right now it's moving west south of florida to the south side of dominican republic this storm has been very disorganized so still low in confidence on where this is going to head once it crosses over the dominican republic. it's going to contact rough terrain, mountainous terrain and the landmass will shred this storm so between now and the next 24 hours it's going to be a hard -- we're going to have a
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hard time understanding where this will go until it gets on the north side of dominican republic. 50 mile per hour winds. here is the forecast track. don't look at these center icons, look at the cone itself. so if the storm continues on this track the forecast, national hurricane center has, it will most likely run up the spine of florida around the florida keys, miami about a 45 to 50 mile per hour tropical storm. it could strengthen over the waters of the bahamas and become a hurricane. if it interacts with cuba it will be a voir di will have a hard time getting itself back together and could possibly strengthen this the gulf of mexico. so uncertainty but it looks like
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it will cross over the dominican republic, haiti and emerge on the north side and have an interaction with south florida by monday morning. today the models have shifted to the west we still have a flu outliars saying it could take the east or western track it will cause a bit of rain across the dominican republic, two to four inches, we could see areas up to four to six inches of rain and flooding by the time it reaches south florida. >> and if it goes west of florida we don't know where it will go. it could go to the eastern part of florida near miami-dade, ft. lauderdale, up towards west palm beach. if it gets into the gulf of mexico you don't know what will
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happen, right? >> that's why we need to watch it closely in the next 24 hours, see if it can get itself back together again once it crosses over the landmass, the dominican republic and haiti it could strengthen over the atlantic waters. you're looking at impact in tampa as well as the florida panhandle into georgia. if it takes the eastern track, impacts in savannah, charleston. so we have several states in the cone of uncertainty and it's too early to tell where it will go wolf? >> we'll stay on top of it. jennifer, thanks very much. i'll speak live with florida governor rick scott and talk about how his state is preparing for the storm. the state of emergency he's already declared, what worries him the most, recommendations, what folks there need to do right now. stay with us for that. let's get to other news now.
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he posted his crime on social media but a text message may have led the authorities to the gunman who killed two journalists on the air. according to a search warrant, vester flanagan texted a friend he had done something stupid. that text helped authorities identify flanagan as a suspect in the killings of reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward. images from inside flanagan's apartment provide a glimpse inside his trouble life. the furniture is sparse -- a dark leather sofa, chair, desk and computer. the walls are blank, no sheets on the bed. funeral plans are set for one of flanagan's victim. the service for adam ward will be next tuesday at the first baptist church of roanoke, virginia alison parker's program thatly plans to hold a celebration of her life at a later date following a private memorial. colleagues at the station where parker and ward worked are still
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trying to come to grips with what happened. one of the anchors kimberly mcbroom said she didn't realize the sound during the live broadcast was gunfire. >> you have to understand they were doing a feature at beautiful smith mountain lake, it was a beautiful morning, this was not a standoff, this was not a hard news story, this was a morning feature. so when we heard those sounds, when i heard those sounds i do not think gunshots. as time went on, as people in the control room were trying to get in touch with them through texting and the longer it was that we didn't get a response from either of them, the more it was very, very clear that something had happened. that something was very wrong. >> again terry mcauliffe arrived at wdbj late this morning to meet with family members and colleagues. cnn correspondent polo sandoval is joining us from outside that station in roanoke, virginia.
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>> we've seen many people stopping by outside the memorials of wdbj 7 and most recently terry mcauliffe spending an hour with station staff, station management. even the family members of those two murdered journalists. a few moment that was he spoke to reporters saying the purpose is his express his condolences and convey. here's what he said after that. >> we lose on average 89 individuals a day to gun violence. there are too many guns in america and clearly too many guns in the wrong hands. so we'll continue to do what we can. >> reporter: what exactly is that, governor, when you say "do
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what we can"? >> i'll introduce legislation, as i did this session and on background checks i'm a gun owner, i hunt, i like to talk my boys hunting. i've gone through the process of background checks. you hand your license over. it takes two or three minutes. >> so there you have it. governor mcauliffe with the family members. alison parker's father said he plans to devote the rest of his life to advocate for tougher gun restrictions. you just heard from the governor a few moments ago saying while recognizing this individual, vester flanagan, did, in fact, pass those background checks and did, in fact, purchase that gun legally that he would later use to murder these two journaliss s
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and then on himself, he wanted to do everything he could to prevent this from happening. so and meanwhile the community and station continues to grieve. >> people have left flower, notes, candles, balloons outside the station. give us a sense of the scene there and how employees are coping. >> by working. that's the main take away after hearing from the station manager. i had an opportunity to speak to him. he tells me his team is on the street. they are gathering their news, pitching these stories and exhibiting a tremendous amount of resilience. they continue to work not only because they see it as their job and duty and responsibility towards viewers here in northwest virginia but also that's exactly as they put it what alison and adam would be doing. >> polo sandoval, polo, thanks
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very much. did the gunman who killed tv journalists in virginia plan to kill himself or did he plot an escape. we have new information coming into cnn about the killer's next planned movements. then later donald trump declaring he's the "king of the tax code." we're looking at his plans to lower taxes and help the middle-class. ♪
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we're getting new information just coming into the cnn about the shooter, vester flanagan, about killing the two journalists in virginia. pamela brown is getting this information. pamela, what are you learning? >> i spoke with the sheriff's office and investigators believe vester flanagan was heading to head to a specific location. we know he was heading toward the d.c. area and what investigators are trying to find out is where he was going and who, if anyone, he was going to meet up with. was it family members? a friend. we know he texted a friend after
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the shootings saying he had done something stupid. in fact, that text message is what helped authorities identify vester flanagan as a person of interest initially. there isn't any point that vester flanagan purchased a plane ticket but one thing investigators are looking at is whether he had a getaway plan because there were several suspicious belongings found in his rental car where he shot himself, including a wig, a shawl, sunglasses and umbrella, three license plates as well. investigators are looking like this and one of the theories, of course, is that he was going to use these belongings to disguise himself and he thought he could evade police but they're looking at whether he used these belongings to disguise himself before the shooting. they haven't reached any conclusions about what exactly this means at this point. it's all speculation.
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but what's interesting here is that flanagan wrote this suicide note he sent to abc news. there are indications he had a specific location he was going to, he had a plan after the shootings and he thought perhaps he would evade police and survive. >> all these letters that were stamped. they found envelopes that were sealed, right? >> and of course one of the big questions we've been asking, who are these letters addressed to? what was in the letters and we don't have answer t answers to that yet. the speak i've been speaking to don't have the answers. and there was a to do list, wolf. and of course a lot of us are asking what was on that to do list? was this a to do list before the shooting? was it after the shooting? something he wrote down what he wanted to do after the shooting? we're all asking these questions today. >> and of course he had that glock pistol six magazines of ammunition as well. let's bring in former fbi
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assistant tom fen touentes. what does this add up to? it sounds like he had a detailed plan in mind. >> sounds like it but it's hard to tell whether he had a plan to confuse everybody and create this attention to was he going to escape but did he have airline ticket, false i.d.s, the disguises to commit armed robberies to support himself financially? did he have credit cards which could be tracked? all of the things here. if he had even a little bit of intelligence as an experienced reporter he would know the police were going to find him quickly one way or the other. his face was on the camera. he would have been able to have identified by so many different means, by people at the station, by other friends, what phone numbers does he have. they can track his cell phone going down the highway, up interstate 81, down interstate 66 by the cell tower even if he's not calling or texting. the mere fact it's on would be connecting to towers so as long as they knew his phone number he
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wasn't going anywhere without them being able to track him down. >> what found interesting is that he put himself out there. he was the one that put the video of the shooting on facebook. he was tweeting so clearly he had to know police were going to be on him very soon. >> i don't think he intended to evade. i think he intended to have a spectacle. >> he had his own car, he dropped off that car, he rented a car a couple days earlier at the airport, dropped his car at the airport, took the rented car he had and began to try to escape, supposedly. >> but all of that he was going to be tracked down and he had to know he's not going to get away very far and when he's driving east on interstate 66 now fauquier county, about an hour and a half from downtown washington, he's driving into the teeth of the washington met to
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po -- metropolitan fugitive task force. so where he thought he was going to go that would be an evasion i don't know. maybe the documents and letter willed up kate that. maybe he thought he'd either have suicide by cop or suicide he committed on his own. >> our hearts go out to those families and friends of those young journalists. coming up, the democratic national committee holding a big meeting today. hillary clinton is there and she just delivered a speech but most of the talk, at least behind the scenes, is about a man who is not there. stay with us. i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear, it's only a half gallon. i'll take that.
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the united states. right now the democratic leaders are gathered in minnesota there for the democratic national committee summer meeting. the top four declared presidential candidates are all speaking today, including hillary clinton. here's what she said only moments ago about her republican rivals and donald trump's hair. >> a lot of people have said a lot of things about my hair over the years. [ laughter ] so i do kind of know what donald is going through. and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. you hear mr. trump say hateful things about immigrants, even about their babies. but how many others disagree with him? or support a real path to citizenship? or draw the line at repealing the 14th amendment. today the party of lincoln has become the party of trump.
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>> bernie sanders will be speaking at the same meeting later today. we're talking about the vice president joe biden, he won't be speaking. joe johns is joining us now here's there at the dnc meeting. what is the talk about a possible joe biden candidacy, joe? >> dnc leadership is being even handed. we've talked to a number of them. they're not choosing sides officially but we know behind the scenes, wolf, the draft biden effort continues to meet quietly, telling delegates, superdelegates to keep an open mind while joe biden will continue to get in the race. hillary clinton essentially was preaching to the choir a real red meat speech. sounding in some ways more like
10:25 am
a general election candidate, like a candidate who ear pursuing -- not like a candidate who's pursuing the nomination. her toughest attack lines reserved for the republican field especially donald trump one line that got tremendous applause was about a theoretical debate between she and donald trump in the general election. another big burst when she cited the accusations she's playing the gender card on women's health. she said her response was to say if she's playing the gender card deal me in. so still kvrgs about whether biden will get into the race. >> biden had a conversation call with the leadership yesterday on the iran nuclear deal. hillary clinton has come under fire for her comments making a comparison between some of her republican critics on the issue
10:26 am
of abortion right for women making that comparison to terrorists. listen to this. >> extreme views about women? we expect that from some terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> donald trump called that remark disgusting. a lot of the other republican presidential candidates say that remark was totally uncalled for, shouldn't make comparison between republicans and terrorists. did she address that specific point in her speech today? >> no, it was very interesting, wolf, she said it caused a big stir yesterday but today here at the dnc meeting in minneapolis she did not repeat that line. interesting to see whether
10:27 am
she'll make a rerchls to it at what we hope will be a media availability to talk to reporters in just a little whil while. >> we'll go there live and hopefully the press will ask her about it. donald trump took a break from attacking fellow politicians and journalists focusing instead on hedge fund managers. here's a little of that with his phone call from msnbc. >> i'm the king of the tax code. i'll come out with a plan. a simplification, getting rid of deductions which are ridiculous and complicated. we are going to simplify the tax code, take away some of the deductions and hedge fund guys have to pay up. now i'll lower taxes but these hedge fund guys are making money. i have friends that laugh about how little they pay and it's not fair to the middle-class and the middle income people and middle-class, we're destroying
10:28 am
that. that's what built this country. so i will have a plan, the hedge fund guys won't be happy. but everybody sells going to love it. joining us is our senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. when it comes to republicans they're supposededly supposed to make pledges no new taxes. but you heard donald trump say when it comes to hedge fund guys, guess what? if he has his way he will raise their taxes. >> it's atypical to hear that, however, donald trump is an atypical republican presidential candidate. the pledge you referenced is usually talking about grover norquist, an anti-tax activist and they pledge through him not to raise tax rates at all so long as taxes stay the same in general. i spoke to grover norquist yesterday and he said donald
10:29 am
trump probably shouldn't say he's going to raise tax on other people because some taxes are higher and others are lower. he should lower people's taxes so they are equal that way. but he said he could go through this w this hedge fund project so long as in general taxes remain the same. that there's revenue neutral. >> so he's giving him a pass, grover norquist? right now he says 14% tax. trump presumably wants to raise it to the maximum 40%, 39.whatever percent. >> he still wants to make donald trump take that pledge in writing. his staff, grover norquist, told me has only said so verbally. >> we'll see what happens. nia, in his comments yesterday trump talked about his standing among minorities, especially african-americans, hispanic. we did checking in this quinnipiac university poll, favorability of donald trump among african-americans 12%.
10:30 am
among hispanics, 22%. jeb bush favorability among african-americans 16%, hispanics 30%. hillary clinton, african-americans 83% favorability, hispanics 58%. i guess we shouldn't be stopped by those numbers. >> it's donald trump's way that he exaggerates his standings on many things. he was saying he's winning the african-american vote. he hasn't been a candidate who has tried this outreach. it's interesting jeb bush's numbers aren't better when it comes to the hispanic vote and these numbers came before he used the phrase "anchor baby" and democrats are trying to weigh him down with that phrase and tie him to donald trump and dampen his numbers among latinos. we know that in a general election those obama coalition voters will be so important.
10:31 am
>> they played a key role in getting barack obama elected twice. >> that's right. and that's why they are very much out there, at least jeb bush is, trying to relate to hispanics specifically, talking about his mexican-born wife, speaking spanish on the stump even if he's in new hampshire before an all white crowd talking about immigration. >> remember after the loss in 2012 reince priebus the chairman of the rnc they did an autopsy and said republicans have to do better with minorities, with offers, you have to do better with hispanics and women, have to do better with young people. how's that working out so far? >> well, since then they have poured lots of resources into that project. they've been putting gop operatives around the country, reaching out to minority voters and koch brothers network are putting thousands of dollars into this effort, possibly even more than that. and then donald trump came along and made that message a lot more
10:32 am
muddled. made it much more difficult. as joe johns reported, democrats are gleeful about the possibility of donald trump being the general election candidate. you notice hillary clinton talked about him. it makes it easy for her to associate donald trump with the other republicans. that puts other republicans on the defensive in that case and they have to answer for everything donald trump says because he's the front-runner that that makes that autopsy project more difficult to execute. >> stand by because we're awaiting hillary clinton. she's going to presumably answer reporters questions in minneapolis at the dnc meeting. i want to get back to our top story right now, tropical storm erika heading west through the caribbean right now, devastating parts of the region already. florida's governor declared a state of emergency. joining us from miami is the florida governor rick scott governor, thanks for joining us. so what's the latest you're hearing? a lot of us have relatives and
10:33 am
friends down there. what are you hearing about floridians and what they might be in for? >> wolf, the track, the latest information on the storm track, it's moved west which means we'll get more rain through the middle of our state. part of our state are saturated so i'm concerned about that. we're going to watch as it comes off hispaniola, maybe it will go through cuba which will slow it down i'm trying to do everything i can to get our state ready. our national guard is ready. we've pre-positioned some members of our national guard. we have another 8,000 members ready to be mobilized. utilities are getting ready. emergency management teams around the state are getting ready so now i hope every citizen is ready. every visitor, everybody in our state we hope everybody says i'm going to get three days of water, three days of food. listen to the news, listen to cnn, y'all do a great job
10:34 am
telling people what's going on. so a lot of people are doing other things rather than getting informed. >> it's been a while since florida had a tropical storm or hurricane, right? >> think of how many people have moved to our state and never experienced one. we had a money million visits in our state. we have so many visits here. they've never experienced a hurricane or a big tropical storm so we're trying to get everyone to get prepared. we have a whole plan. our national guard is ready, we're ready, our utilities are getting ready. i declared a state of emergency to make sure we could pre-position things in our state but i need every citizen to really do their job. >> what about fema and the federal assistance that you might be needing? have you been in touch with washington? >> we do calls everyday with
10:35 am
fema, with every emergency management team around our state to find out if there's any unmet needs. we have -- as you know living in florida you have to build a very good relationship with fema. the individual running fema used to run our statewide emergency management team so craig fugate knows the issue. your parents, siblings, children and grandchildren, think about what are their needs. do they need a shelter? have an evacuation plan. hope for the best and prepare for the worst. so is it more likely the severe part of the storm will hit miami, ft. lauderdale, the east part of ft. lauderdale or move to the western part, tampa,
10:36 am
orlando? >> so, wolf right now the track is moving west. the tampa area is saturated with water. we've had a hurricane dump a lot of water in our state and it causes a lot of flading. that's what my concern is. flooding. >> governor rick scott of florida has his hands full but good luck to all the folks in florida right now. obviously the storm has caused a lot of death and destruction in the caribbean. good luck to all of our friends over there as well. thank you very much, governor. >> thanks, wolf. thanks for what you all do. >> thank you. take a look at this. these are live pictures from the
10:37 am
democratic national committee meeting in minneapolis. hillary clinton is expected to come out and do q&a with reporters. they have a lot of questions for the democratic presidential front-runner. we'll bring it to you live coming up.
10:38 am
i want to go to hillary clinton at the dnc meetings. she'll answer reporters' questions. i'll listen in.
10:39 am
>> oh, as i've said before, i have the greatest respect and admiration for the vice president. we've worked for many years as colleagues in the senate and as colleagues in president obama's cabinet. i am not going to comment on differences or similarities. this is a difficult decision for him to make. and as i said before, i want him to have the space and time to do it. there are opportunities to talk about what i did in president obama's cabinet and what i did in the senate but now is not the time. >> reporter: you have made the point that you have never sent or received any e-mails marked classified. some have said ultimately tsaid
10:40 am
that falls on you to know what might be considered classified. do you bear responsibility for information that may have been transmitted? >> well, all i can tell you is what i've been telling you for month which is has the benefit of being true and factual and that is that i never sent any classified material nor received any marked classified and you're seeing these questions raised now because questions about classification are always going to raise issues. the state department is going through its process to determine how to or whether to make e-mails public. other agencies are given the opportunity to weigh in. that would be true if you're asking for someone's e-mails to be made public because of a foia request or any other reason and
10:41 am
it was on the unclassified account that an official used for work-related, mails. so, look, i have said repeatedly that i do not send nor receive classified material and i'm very confident that when this entire process plays out that will be understood by everyone. it will prove what i have been saying and it's not possible for people to look back now some years in the past and draw different conclusions than the ones that were at work at the time. you can make different decisions because circumstances have changed but it doesn't change the fact that i do not send or receive material marked
10:42 am
classified. >> reporter: hi, secretary clinton. [ inaudible question ] you were speaking yesterday to a number total committed to you. >> we are working really hard to lock in as many supporters as possible and that would include superdelegates. that's part of our strategy to win the nomination. we're going to continue to do that and i am heartened by the positive response i'm getting. >> reporter: madam secretary, that was quite a response you got in there and in the hall afterward. can you talk both about your own interaction with the members here and the degree to witch your operation has sort of been a mus scholar presence here? is any part of that an attempt to send a signal to your challengers, your potential
10:43 am
challengers that your [ inaudible question ] >> and i think it's more of a result of the lessons i learned the last time. how important it is to be as well organized and focused from the very beginning on delegate, those who who are superdelegates, those who are going to be elected or named as delegates and i'm very encouraged by the kind of response i'm getting. i have had the chance to meet with quite a few of the superdelegates who are here and other dnc officials and members and they have had a lot of interaction with my team and we have answered a lot of calls about how to become involved and there have been a lot of public endorsements, more will follow. but this is really about how you
10:44 am
put the numbers together to secure the nomination. as some of you might recall in 2008 i got a lot of votes but i didn't get enough delegates and so i think it's understandable that my focus is going to be on delegates as well as votes this time. >> reporter: secretary clinton. i'm curious, it sounds like you have frustration with the process in this country right now. are you frustrated with the idea of the house being operated do you think that needs to be reformed and the classification system? [ inaudible question ] what do you hope to achieve? am -- i'm not frustrated. i'm just i trying to explain for people who have never had to follow this before that it is
10:45 am
complicated and that there is nothing unique about the process that is being conducted about my e-mails. this is what happens any time something is foiaed. any time there is another reason why it -- information should be made public. and there is is a process that has been followed. as part of that process people weigh in. it's confusing and i understand why if for the press and public to make sense of this. like something wasn't classified in 2009 and 2010 but maybe now it should but if you've been around the process you know that that's not uncommon. maybe when we get this behind us people should say, hey, let's take a deep breath and try to figure out if that's the best process. right now it doesn't frustrate
10:46 am
me. it's just the reality. i'm trying to do a better job of explaining to people what's going on so that there's not all of this concern and some sense made out of the confusion and to answer people's questions. with respect to the appearance before the committee, i think this will be by my count the eighth committee in the congress that has looked into the tragic events in benghazi. i have been been saying for nearly a year i am ready to go up and testify i offered dates in the spring and summer and when they came back with alternative dates i immediately said i'll be there and i will be there. i hope this will be the last effort by some in the congress
10:47 am
to politicize the tragic events of benghazi and that we do what all the other investigations, both the congressional ones and the independent one and press and others who have examined this, we do what we can to make sure it doesn't happen again. that's always been my focus. >> how would you plan on dealing with 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s.? >> well, i'm glad you asked me that. because i know that there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11, 12 million people who are working here. i find it the height of irony that a party which espouses small government would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort including, perhaps, national guard and
10:48 am
others, to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up, put them -- i don't know, in buses? boxcars? in order to take them across our border. i find that not only absurd but appalling and that's why i support comprehensive immigration reform. i have for years. i supported it when i was in the senate. i support it strongly now and it was a deep disappointment to me that when there was a bipartisan agreement voted on by the senate to do just what we needed -- a comprehensive immigration reform that included an earned path to citizenship that the house would not even give it a vote. i i will oppose in every way i can what i consider to be nothing but a political stunt
10:49 am
and will also raise questions as i'm doing today about what the realities of that kind of claim actually are. >> reporter: boxcars? >> thank you, thank you secretary clinton. >> reporter: back to the delegate counting. are you concerned that the buzz around a potential vice president joe biden and ccandids leading democrats to hold off support? >> i haven't seen any evidence of that. we have picked up additional supporters yesterday and even today. i can only run my campaign. i can't speak for other current candidates but i can only tell you based on what is happening around me that i see no evidence of >> reporter: i wonder if i could ask you a couple of questions.
10:50 am
were you aware -- thank you. were you aware that your husband wanted to [ inaudible ] in north korea? do you have any comment on the conflict of interest and, finally, i wonder -- you said there's nothing unique about this situation. you've said this before. can you name one other cabinet secretary who had a private server? >> well, let me answer one of your questions because i think that's what you're entitled to. and the first question that you asked, about the process that was set up in my years as secretary of state, was for any requests that my husband received to be sent to the state department to be vetted. so it didn't matter where it was coming from. it was going to go to the state department. and there was some unusual requests but they all went through the process to try to
10:51 am
make sure that the state department conducted its independent review. he did neither of those speeches. but ed, i will say this. you might not recall, but president obama sent my husband to north korea to rescue the two journalists who had been captured. this was after a painstaking negotiation to try to convince the north korean leader to release these two young women. and every offer we made, every diplomatic overture we made was rebuffed. and then finally -- and we offered many people to go. we said, what about this person, what about that person? and finally the north koreans said, if bill clinton comes, we will give him the two journalists. we thought about it, obviously the president and i and others analyzed it. we wanted those young women home and we said "okay." i tell you that, because that
10:52 am
was a successful mission that accomplished its purpose. now, i think it's beyond unlikely that the state department -- not involving me but that the state department would say, you know, we think it's a good idea for you to go back and see what more you can find out, see what you can pick up. now, in the end, that was not something my husband wanted to do and not something that the state department wanted him to do. it never happened. but i'm just telling you, we had a process so that all of these requests would be vetted. it would be highly unlikely that it would be a positive response. yes, we want you to go but not totally beyond the realm of possibilities. so that's the way we did it. we tried to really be as careful and thoughtful in that process and this is another example of how it worked. thank you all very much.
10:53 am
thank you. >> there you have the former secretary of state, the democratic presidential front-runner answering a series of questions, seven or eight or nine questions from reporter who is have gathered there. several sensitive questions on the e-mail controversy and then the final question on the former president clinton's paid speeches. there were two requests for one speech from the congo, one speech from north korea, both of which were rejected from the state department. she made a point that any speech he had to give -- paid speech while she was secretary of state had to be approved by the state department. nia-malika henderson and chris moody is here. she sounded pretty subdued there in her q & a with the press. >> i thought this was more of her sure-footed sort of moment in terms of talking about joe biden, in terms of talking about the e-mail. she repeated again that she never sent or received e-mails
10:54 am
that were marked classified and that "marked" part is the thing she's going to hang her hat on that people will be talking about as the e-mails go about. i think she definitely was a little less lawyerly in terms of her explanations and instead of being a complainer about things, i think she's trying to explain, as she said, because it's obviously all very complicated and she certainly disregarded that flip approach that we've seen in previous pressers when questions came up. >> no jokes about snapchat or anything like that. she sounded very serious. >> yeah. >> also sounded serious on this potential threat about joe biden maybe throwing his hat in the ring. she said she's working really hard to get all of the superdelegates in her corner so she won't have the problem that she had in 2008 when she lost to then senator barack obama. >> similar in 2008, she was looking very confident with the
10:55 am
superdelegates earlier on and a lot of them went to barack obama and he ended up being president. she does not want that to play out the same way this time around. i think she and her campaign are keeping a close eye on what joe biden is doing. what a difference in tone from when the e-mail story broke and she joked about it and now she's handling it much differently, answering questions. she will say that it was marked. she never said anything was marked "classified" and that's important because there was classified material going back and forth and that keeps her out of trouble. she talks about donald trump's immigration plan. she made -- >> she didn't mention his name but -- >> the one candidate talking about deporting 11-plus million people is donald trump. others are not saying that. as we mentioned earlier in the show today, she wants to make
10:56 am
the republican party synonymous with donald trump. but it does make it very easy for her to paint the entire republican party as the trump party. >> she was very forceful saying comprehensive immigration reform. you can't simply put 11 million people on boxcars, to use that phrase, and cross the borders. >> the reason she's not holding up jeb bush or marco rubio's plans instead of donald trump. >> you're right. i thought the imagery, rounding people up and putting people in boxcars, obviously she's intending to show what it would mean to physically and in terms of these people's families logistically but also in terms of cost. the estimates are something like $100 billion to half a trillion dollars. >> we'll continue to watch what is happening, especially with joe biden to see whether or not he decides to challenge hillary clinton and the other democrats. we'll stay on top of this, guys.
10:57 am
thanks very, very much. that's it for me at this hour. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." the news will continue right after a very quick break. premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at
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