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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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orleans, and like, other, other people were very, very, like, their lives changed forever because they had to move to different places. >> they sure did. forgive me for cutting you you have, i have to send it to john berman, thank you both so much. it's a special city in new orleans, katie and hector, thanks so much. john berman and the lead start now. donald trump says he cannot be bought, but if you really insist, he'll take your money. i'm john berman, and this is the lead. the politics lead, donald trump wants you to know he doesn't need your donations, he says he's willing to spend a billion dollars of his own. so why, then, did he stop by a fundraiser for a superpack supporting him? convicted, facing 11 years in prison, and now branded a sex offender. a former prep school student
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guilty of some charges, but they cleared him of felony rape in a case that involved an alleged sick game. does the victim's family say justice was really served? state of emergency. tropical storm erika kills 12 people already. and now florida's governor warns everyone in his state may need to prepare for the worst. happy friday, welcome to "the lead," jake tapper is off, donald trump is so rich, how rich is he? donald trump is so rich he says he doesn't want, and doesn't need any campaign donations. the republican front runner claims he has hung a giant not-welcome sign for lobbyists and big donors bragging that he refused a $5 million pledge saying, no one is going to buy him. in politics, money, so they say, is the root of all evil today.
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but now, are donald trump's actions putting him back on the dark side of politics? if not the move. joining us now, sarah murray in washington, sarah, donald trump is set to attend an event tonight in massachusetts, come on down, proceeds going directly to his campaign. that sounds like raising money, sort of? >> yeah, donald trump is a guy who says he's no regular politician, but he's starting to sound like one, shifting positions on raising money for this presidential run. >> i'm really rich. i'll show you that. >> reporter: the republican front runner rallying fans with a promise to fund his own campaign. and reject big donors. >> i'll just take a vote. how about if i take all this money and promise, i swear to you, that i won't do anything for these people. what about that? no? nobody's going to buy me. >> reporter: mocking his rivals for their aggressive fundraising. >> the laws are so crazy. you know, jeb puts his best
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friend in charge of his pack. they're not allowed to talk. they don't talk. they play golf together or they get together for dinner, but we never mentioned anything, give me a break. >> reporter: and slamming dark money in politics. >> i think the most important thing is transparency. you have to know who you're dealing with. and right now you don't. you don't. >> reporter: all as trump helps hz allies raise money from secret donors. trump appearing at fundraising events for outside groups supporting him where donors are pressed for thousands of dollars. according to an invitation, the money going not only to a superpack, but also a second group, one that can collect unlimited donations without ever naming its donors. trump's campaign dismissing the notion that the move could open him up to charges of hypocrisy, saying trump himself did not solicit donations from any of the attendees. but it's a sharp turn around for a candidate who once said
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this -- >> i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. >> reporter: to this take in a recent cbs interview. >> i would even take big contributors, as long as they don't expect anything. >> reporter: today, trump spending his evening at a $100 per person event in massachusetts. at the $1.9 million estate of an auto dealership executive. while the host is calling it a fundraiser, candidate dismissing it as no such thing and down playing incoming donations. >> we have a small group where people, i guess it's over here, where people can send in, one woman wrote a beautiful letter and sending in $10 and $20. and i like that kind, it's not a lot of money ultimately. >> reporter: now the campaign says he's still self-funding this effort, between tonight's event and a couple of superpack events, it's hard to say they're not ravrping up efforts. >> interesting to see. sarah, thank you so much.
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with republican strategy sherry and peter meyer, thank you both so much for joining us. sherry, so now it seems that donald trump is raising money. or at least attending fundraisers, however you want to say it, but look, he's changed positions on abortion, he seems to have changed parties or at least his affiliation with parties in the past, and people haven't seemed to care. so is this change going to influence voters? >> i think eventually it'll affect some of them, because guess what? as it turns out, donald trump is a politician. he's raising money. even if it's not directly for his own campaign, it's for the outside groups supporting him. which is the grassroots supporters don't like. i don't know if they'll call him on the hypocrisy at this point you'll see a lot of people, no matter what he does or says, no matter how liberal he is, no matter how much of a hypocrite he is, they support him. this means that he does have a ceiling, and at some point, when the other candidates get
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coverage, when the field narrows, i think his support is going to fall. >> in talking to people close to donald trump, the big question might be, not how much is he going to raise, but how much is he really willing to spend of his own money? and people close to him don't know. >> exactly. i think that's one reason, if he does sign a pledge saying that he will not run as a third party candidate, i think it'll be for that reason. because he wants to have the resources of the republican party, he wants to stand on a republican debate stage, he wants to be on a republican ballot, he wants all the benefits that come with being a true republican, but he doesn't seem to want to really be one. he's kind of at that point where he's got to fish or cut bait. i would say the fact that he's raising money, not directly, but still for him, shows that he's decided that he's going to be a real politician. >> he's going to fish and cut bait. peter, i want to talk about the other guys for a second here. and one in particular you've been writing about quite a lot. jeb bush. i want to listen to what jeb bush said today about donald
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trump, listen. >> the only way a republican wins is by campaigning with your arms wide open, with an uplifting message rather than one where you're dictating and sternly telling them to eat their broccoli. >> this is the new attacking jeb bush. saying, the worst thing he can think of about donald trump is donald trump is telling north korea eat their broccoli. peter, you just wrote a biding piece where you said the big problem isn't that he's responding to donald trump finally, but he looks kind of weak in how he's responding to donald trump. >> right. i think donald trump is testing jeb bush. he said a couple months ago that he thought jeb bush was not a warrior, didn't have energy. and he went and attacked the people that jeb bush cares about the most. jeb bush cares a tremendous amount about immigrants, he's married to one. he said he's immersed in the immigrant experience. and when trump attacked the people who he really cares about, he didn't come back from the gut. he said oh, trump's plan sun
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workable, it's too expensive, i think he was being tested, and he failed that test. >> and peter, there was a remarkable piece in the new york times, the bush people say the one thing that really gets under bush's skin is when trump calls him low energy. who would say that to a newspaper that someone was so sensitive he doesn't like being called low energy, but it shows you that it's bugging him. >> you you notice bush is saying high energy. nshlg is not something you profess, it's something you have to show. trump has a brilliant instinct for people's weaknesses. he sees this about jeb bush, and it's true. and if you can't display fire in the belly when you are attacked on the thing that matters to you most, i think that's damming. >> i want to talk about someone that donald trump wants to be friends with right now, and that's ted cruz. he announced yesterday he's going to be doing this event in washington with ted cruz, speaking out against the iran nuclear deal in the united states is trying to push through or president obama season trying to push through. afterwards, ted cruz says i
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invited donald trump, but the point is, how long can these two guys be friends, and is donald trump ted cruz's friend or ted cruz donald trump's friend? >> i think you pointed out a very good, very good nugget at the start of this that they're kind of vying for whose event this is. donald trump obviously wants and thinks he's going to get the cruz supporters when cruz drops out. ted cruz is waiting for donald trump can implode so he can get the trump supporters. it's interesting to watch the dynamic, it's similar to hillary and biden. people who are frenemies. and trying to act like they're allies. >> trying to thrive from shadow go trump goes away. if it never goes away, you're doomed. >> it tells you that ted cruz thinks that donald trump is going to go too far and implode, i think he thinks it's going happen soon. >> peter, on foreign policy, we're seeing the other candidates now, i don't know if it's more aggressive or trump yan language, marco rubio was
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talking about china. and also russia. he called vladimir putin a gangster, and also losers. which is what trump would call them. do you think he's sort of change the the tone in the campaign? >> absolutely. it's remarkable. trump is leading on every issue and the other candidates follow. they followed him through immigration, and now he's been bashing china, especially with the swings in the market, they are starting to bash china. not nearly as aggressively as before. yes, he talks about iran, but he talks about mexico and china more than the other candidates are following him in that direction. >> i did not ask you about democrats. we'll focus on them later, quite extensively in the show, thank you for being here. peter, sherry, been great having you here. we have a programming note, you can watch the next republican presidential debate right here on cnn. it is wednesday, september 16th, at the reagan library. moderated by the host of the lead, jake tapper. split verdict in the rape
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trial of a former student at an elite prep school found guilty on several charges, but not all. what will message was the jury trying to send? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're back with breaking news in the national league, mixed verdict just reached in the prep school rape trial after a second day of deliberations, the jury finding 19-year-old owen labrie guilty on five counts and a sexual assault on an underaged girl. not guilty on the most serious charges. the case emerging from the elite st. paul's prep school. prosecution painted a disturbing picture of campus culture, a senior salute, a tradition where young men competing to have sex with younger classmates. we are joined now from new hampshire, what's the reaction now from both sides from what happened in that courtroom? >> reporter: john, very emotional reaction in court. the victim in this case was
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anxiously shaking before she even walked in the courtroom. she sat next to her mother and sister and had to be consoled several times as the verdicts were read allowed. as that first verdict came up, there wasn't a noticeable response. this is the verdict regarding the defendant using a computer to lure a minor. he cried when the guilty verdict was called out, but the more visceral emotional reaction was seen immediately after when the verdicts regarding aggravated sexual assault were called out. the victim in the case, visibly overwhelmed with emotion. her mom and sister kind of put their arms over her shoulders, she started crying profusely. and then, tables kind of turned again as they read out the misdemeanor sexual assault verdicts, owen labrie himself became overwhelmed with emotion, he hunched over and was consoled by his attorney, jay carney. once all were read, owen labrie turned to his father and shared a moment with his mother.
1:17 pm
they didn't expect this. they did not expect him to be convicted. as for the victim, spokesperson has said that she can now walk out of here with her head held high. a spokesperson held al press briefing right after the decisions were made, and the following quote, this conviction requires him to take ownership for his actions and gives him opportunity to reflect upon the harm he has caused. we still feel betrayed by the st. paul school allowed and fost aerotoxic culture that left our daughter and other students at-risk to sexual violence. we trusted the school to protect her, and it failed us, end quote. there's ban lot of strong testimony against the st. paul school. john, you may expect a civil suit to follow this criminal case. >> language seems to candidate we almost definitely will. what is next for owen labrie? >> reporter: well, his sentencing is set for october 29th, he is out on $15,000 bail. he has a curfew between 5:00
1:18 pm
p.m. and 8:00 a.m. that he has to follow. he has to check in with law enforcement officers routinely. another note, he will have to register as a sex offender. that title will follow him for life. he can appeal it after 15 years, but again, that appeal process is difficult. his attorney also said this is something that will follow him forever. he had plans to go to harvard after high school and obviously his plans may have to change after this, john. >> all right, boras sanchez, thank you so much. i want to bring in cnn legal anl sonny hostin, she specialized in sex crimes. sonny, i should give you credit, this is exactly what you said would happen right here. and the jury's findings here, they seem to come down in a specific way. they seem to say, they believe labrie's story that, that, well they didn't buy the story that they never had sex. they essentially said yes, there was sex, but at the same time they didn't buy the accusers
1:19 pm
story 100% either. >> that's right. and this all came down as it frequently does to the credibility of the victim. whether or not the jury believes the victim. this victim said that she did not consent to have sexual intercourse in any with a with owen labrie. and that really was was an issue. in new hampshire, forcible rape, the requirement to have force is not at issue, it's only consent. so the jury clearly did not believe that she did not consent, and that's why we have the felonies that got tossed out. and let's be clear, those were the most important charges nor prosecution. now when it comes to the misdemeanor charges, what the jury found was yes, they had sex -- >> which is different than what he said. >> yes they had sex, but it's statutory rape charge because of her age, the fact that they had sex means that he is guilty of misdemeanor sex assault. so while not a lot of exposure in terms of time for that, i think what is very important here is that he will have to
1:20 pm
register as a sex offender. and that's what was important to me when i was a prosecutor. i did try cases sort of like this with the rome owe juliette law where you had misdemeanor sex assault, and what was most important for a prosecutor was to have the sex offender registry. >> let's talk about consent. what made the jury think having listening to the case, why did they say that apparently there was consent? >> well, you know, i think when i listened, at least, to the victim on the witness stand. she made it very clear that she did not believe -- rather sort of made it clear that owen may not have known that she did not want to consent. she said, no to everything below the belt, but okay for things above the belt. and then she says, she froze. and so that freezing meant that she wasn't necessarily saying no, and he got the impression that this was consensual. and that was always going to be
1:21 pm
problematic. what's also problematic is she told the school nurse that it was consensual. i can't imagine that the jury just immediately disregarded that. and that's a problem with these sex cases. i think we have to look at t a little bit differently because, no does mean no, and no is not necessary lay word, no can be an action. i think our sex laws really need to evolve, it makes it very difficult for prosecutors across this country to try these kinds of cases. so i wouldn't say this is a win for anyone, but i certainly think it's a win in terms of the fact that we're talking about this rape culture that does exist on campuses. >> two points, 11 years, max numb in prison. most is for the felony computer charge, do you think he'll serve 11 years? >> no, no way. the computer charge, that's seven years, each misdemeanor, there are four of them, one year apiece. in a case like this, we're usually talking about is a limited amount of jail time, if any, if any, probation,
1:22 pm
supervised, and then sex offender registry. >> quickly, the family made that the case is st. paul sponsored a toxic culture that exposed their daughter to sexual violence. this is the first step in a costly civil lawsuit. >> there's no question about it. and again, i really think that campuses have to have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior. it was very clear that everyone knew, john, about this senior salute. they knew about the culture, and sort of looked the other way. college campuses, boarding schools, high schools, they cannot look the other way. we have to teach our teens about the responsibility of sexual behavior and certainly about the responsibility of consent. >> we all have to teach that. sonny hostin, great to have you here, thank you so much. coming up, inside the apartment of the man who killed a photographer and reporter on live tv. what it says about his life in the months leading up to the shooting. plus, a state of emergency
1:23 pm
declared in florida as people there brace for a tropical storm, tropical storm erika, look at it there. when is it expected to hit? and how bad will it be? if i want to go up... hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through september 13th save hundreds on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. change to tempur-pedic. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion.
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welcome back to the lead. the national lead, an emotional day in roanoke, virginia. employees there are coping with the deaths still of two coworkers. today the governor met with the staff from the tv station and with the family of reporter alison parker. we learned today that both she and photographer adam ward, they were shot at least once in the head. the gunman ambushed them early wednesday on live tv. they were interviewing vickie gardner. her husband is sharing news about what she endured since the horrific morning. police are tracking the killer's every move, lifestyle, aggressive and combative background. the inside of his apartment, in
1:28 pm
roanoke, virginia, pamela brown, digging into all of this joins us now, pamela. >> reporter: well john, today we're learning police believe vester flanagan was heading towards a pre-planned investigation and with a car pool of supplies including weapons. investigators can only guess what he planned to do next. as we learn new details about the horrific murders through the husband of the lone survivor. tonight, we are hearing for the first time the account of vicky gardner, the lone survivor in wednesday's deadly attack. her husband, tim, told abc news vicky never saw the gunman, vester flanagan before he opened fire. >> she shot three times at my wife. and she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice, and then she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball and that's when he shot her in the back. pulled the trigger several times and only fired once. >> reporter: but that one bullet nearly took her life. >> she got up and walked to the ambulance after being shot, but
1:29 pm
she didn't know the extent of her injuries at that point. but the surgeon told me that a couple sint meters and she wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: new video offers a glimpse inside vester flanagan's bare virginia apartment. and the video obtained by nbc news, his bed is stripped, dirty dishes filled the sink, and there are head shots of himself taped to the fridge. >> it sounds like he was almost in a free fall. had he had support, had he had maybe some mental health intervention, had he had that, that could have prevented him from continuing on that downward spiral where revenge was really the answer for him. >> reporter: despite boasting on social media following the shooting, court records show flanagan texted a friend after the attack. eluding to having done something stupid. investigators tell cnn, they believe flanagan was heading toward a specific location when they confronted him heading north on a virginia highway. evidence indicates the former reporter had been planning his
1:30 pm
attack for some time. and the car he rented days before the murders, police found a possible disguise, including a wig, shawl, and sunglasses. they also found three license plates as well as a gun and ammunition. today, virginia governor terry mccaul visited the station where the reporters worked. outside parker's father called on politicians to look hard at gun control laws after yet another senseless attack. >> i want to go to the virginia legislature, and i want them, i want them to look me until the eye and tell me, why can't we have a reasonable proposal, any reasonable background check, you know, the things that common sense dictates? >> reporter: speaking with raw emotion there. he also says that he is disappointed that virginia senators have not called him after the death of his daughter, john. >> all right, pamela brown, thank you so much. politics lead, day after a voter verified donald trump is
1:31 pm
the real deal, hillary clinton gets the all-important hair debate. >> and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. >> and that's not the only swipe hillary clinton took at donald trump, that's next.
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welcome back to the lead, i'm john berman, jake tapper is off. it's what democrats fear, wherever she goes, whatever she does, the first question hillary clinton will face will be about her e-mails. today in minneapolis, that actually wasn't the first question, the first question was about joe biden. the man who might run against her, many think, because of the opening provided by the e-mail questions. then, people asked about the e-mails. joe johns is at the democratic national committee meeting in minneapolis where she spoke, and joe, the secretary's speech playing well today. there were chants of hillary,
1:36 pm
hillary, how did clinton do in front of reporters? >> reporter: well john, there were more questions in the media to hillary clinton, specifically, about the ethics of the vetting process for speeches made by president bill clinton when hillary clinton was secretary of state. but for the crowd here, this was an opportunity for the democratic candidates to, if you will, preach to the choir. >> i'm just getting warmed up. >> reporter: hillary clinton staying on offense against republicans as she addressed members of the democratic national committee today. >> today the party of lyincoln has become the party of trump. >> reporter: her top target, donald trump. >> trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would. now that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: clinton clearly has been keeping an eye on the outspoken republican front
1:37 pm
runner, including his insistence yesterday that the famous cloth is his own hair. >> if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer, the hair is real, the color isn't. and come to think of it, i wonder if that's true for donald true. >> reporter: behind the scenes that the democratic huddle, lingering questions about clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> well, all i can tell you is what i've been telling you for months which has the benefit of being true and factual, and that is that i never sent any classified material, nor received any marked classified. >> reporter: clinton's rivals meanwhile made their pitches to the power's party groper, sanders. >> we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is hot of that
1:38 pm
establishment. >> reporter: notably absent, vice president biden who is expected to announce this fall whether he'll join the democratic field. president obama said if biden decides to run, it'll be up to the voters to decide. >> what i would say is that both are, joe and hillary, are wonderful people, great friends, joe's been as good a vice president as i think we've seen in american history. hillary clinton was one of our best secretaries of state. the truth is, though the great thing about american democracy, is it's not up to me, i'm just one voter. it's up to the american people. >> reporter: you just wrapped up an interview be martin o'malley, you asked about issues, and you pressed him on the party's front runner, hillary clinton. what did he have to say about it? >> reporter: that's right, john, former governor martin o'malley of maryland was the first speaker here this afternoon, and he has been struggling in the polls lately.
1:39 pm
i sat down with him, and we did talk just a little bit about some of those tough remarks he's been aiming in the direction of hillary clinton. you've been tough on hillary clinton lately. you kind of teed off on her saying essentially the party should not been be anointing a front runner at the stage and also talked a little bit about the e-mail, but rather non-committal. do you think she's not the right person? >> i think the most important thing is that as a democratic party, we have full and open debates and will let the people decide. it's not for any one person or any one group of people to decide. we need to the ideas that face our country and what i've said is that talking about e-mails is not the same as having a debate about the issues that people care most about around their kitchen table. how are they going to afford to send their kids to college, how are they going to pay bills? how to get wages to move up and not down, so yes, i am hard on the party, i think we should
1:40 pm
have debates. i think this is not a time to limit debates. right now we're letting the republicans fill up the airaways with their versions of our country's future. we have a better way. >> that question debate seems to be processy to some people. it works within the democratic party, but do you think it's resinating with the american public? you push it very hard. >> i believe it does. i mean, i have now been in 30 of the 99 counties of iowa. i have been in all ten counties in new hampshire, and people in iowa and new hampshire take their responsibility very, very seriously. and they are offended that the democratic national committee would try to limit their states to just one debate before the people of new hampshire decide. one debate before iowa decides. this has never happened before. hey, it's fine, all of us should be able to go out, assemble the strongest campaign we can, but it when it comes to exchanging ideas openly and freely, this is what we do. this is how we make our case to the people.
1:41 pm
>> is the democrat party being undemocratic. those are strong words. >> i believe to limit debate is undemocratic. i believe that to try to punish kaentds by excludeing them from debates if they participate in more than the one sanctioned debate in new hampshire or the one sanctioned debate in iowa, i think it's undemocratic. we've never had this before. i mean, look, i know that every challenger wants to have millions of debates, but somewhere between a million and just one, i think is a happier medium. and we need to have open debates. we need to talk about the ideas that will actually lift our party up in the eyes of people in the fall, it's the party that can give our kids a better future. not to do that is frankly political malpractice, and it is undemocratic. >> a little bit more about hillary clinton. yesterday, she likened the republican party to terrorist on women's issues, these have been seen as strong words. what's your view of that? would you go far? >> there's strong words coming out of the republican party?
1:42 pm
>> would you say that? >> i have learned, i have learned that, you know, infusing any sort of analogies with the word terrorism is something that we should all be very cautious and restrained in ever doing. i learned that the hard way. but i will say is this though, all of us have a responsibility. candidates in both parties, to push back against this sort of hate-speech, the racism that the current leader of the republican pack puts forward against people of whole ethnic group of americans. if we don't, shame on us. we need to push back against this. the scapegoating of new american immigrants is appalling, it is dangerous, and it creates an atmosphere where worse things can happen. >> bernie sanders, you're in a competition with him, and one of the questions that arises is the disconnect or the difference between you and sanders on the issue of gun control.
1:43 pm
he comes from vermont, which is a state that has a lot of guns between both democrats and republicans. what's the difference between you and bernie sanders on that? >> there's a big difference. both of our states have hunting traditions and value our open space and conservation lands, but in our state, i actually led the fight to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation that require background checks, outlawed the sale of assault combat weapons. i feel very firmly that this is a reasonable step for us to take to save more lives. and i don't believe that that is the position of mr. sanders. >> sanders is looking pretty strong in iowa, and a recent poll suggested that about 75% of the democratic voters there didn't know who you are. aren't sure about governor o'malley because they're not familiar with him. why is that you're not breaking through? >> well, i think that will come. i smile because that means the 25% of people now know who i am.
1:44 pm
and 70 days ago, only 1% of people knew who i was. >> reporter: back to the stump for martin o'malley, he has an immigration forum with bernie sanders scheduled in the near future in iowa, for hillary clinton, one more fundraiser here in the state of minnesota then a couple more days off. john, back to you. >> the glass is 25% full candidate, joe johns in minneapolis, thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up, tropical storm erika barrels through the caribbean, on the track to hit florida in the coming days. brand new forecast from the hurricane center expected in just a few minutes.
1:45 pm
the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind.
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welcome back to the lead, i'm john berman in for jake tapper. making headlines today, florida's governor declaring a state of emergency as people there brace for tropical storm erika. powerful system could make land fall on the southern tip of florida as early as monday morning. right now, erika is wreaking havoc in the caribbeans.
1:49 pm
witnesses sleeked in horror after a pool was ripped off his foundation. 12 people dead, more than 20 others missing. still getting word of how bad things are on that island. jennifer grey live in the severe weather center. this has been very difficult to follow over the last several days, where is it going now? >> oh, you're exactly right. the model had a very hard time getting a handle on exactly where the center of the storm is and where it's going. and in fact, the next 12-18 hours will be critical in determining the life of this storm. i want to tell you why, let's go to the floor and you can see where the storm is right now. it's just to the south of hispaniola, what's going to happen over the dominican republic in haiti, mountainous terrain there. some of the peaks as high as 8 to 10,000 feet. that is going to shred this storm. once it gets on the north side, it's going to have to get itself back together again, then we'll be able to have a better understanding of how strong it's going to be when it approaches
1:50 pm
the u.s. and exactly where it's going to go. let's go to the monitor here. we'll show you, we are going to get the next advisory any second now, but this is based on the 2:00 p.m. advisory with winds of 50 miles per hour, gusts of 65. it's moving west at 18 miles per hour. on this current track, it is going to cross over hispaniola by tomorrow morning, be on the north side, could have a brush with cuba. keep in mind, the more land the storm goes over, the more it is going to tear apart, the more disorganized it's going to be, the more it stays over open water, that's going to allow it to strengthen. waters around here are very, very warm, and in the current track has it pushing up on the south side of south florida at 60 miles per hour on monday morning. that's a current forecast track, just as you said, a lot of these models haven't been agreeing much at all. they are clumping together right now, but they've been moving back and forth as a group over the last couple of days.
1:51 pm
and right now, most of them are agreeing that it's possibly going to run up the spine of florida. this is going to cause a lot of rain. south florida needs the rain, john, drought in portions of central and north florida do not. tampa has seen more than enough rain and the risk of flooding will come along with the storm. >> as of now, or as of the last update from the weather center, doesn't look like it'll florida as a hurricane, but are there scenarios where it stays out over the water for a long enough period of time to strengthen and regain? >> that's a good point. this is expected to stay a tropical storm as it comes on the north side of hispaniola, cause a lot of rain as you're seeing there, but if it takes more of an easterly track, here we go, takes more of an easterly track and pushes over the warm waters of bahamas, that is going to cause it to possibly strengthen, then you would have most of the rain would be offshore. then you would have more impact than south carolina, if it goes
1:52 pm
measure of a westerly route, it could strengthen over mexico then more rain on the west side of florida. the spine of florida, the west side of florida more the likely scenarios at this point, but we're going to watch it over the next couple of days. >> and the important thing, more than any other, this has been changing so much over the last few day us. so please, pay attention to the forecast and heed the warnings, jennifer grey, thank you so much. coming up, he had no problem winning the race, but the fastest man in the world, he was no match for a camera man on a runaway segway. just what he was expecting to deal with that day, that's next.
1:53 pm
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welcome back to the lead. in other national news, former president george w. burn returned to new orleans today to mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. the historic and horrific storm took the lives of a lot of people and caused $100 billion of damages. the response was criticized and has long been considered by some a low point of his presidency. let's get to national correspondent susan malvo live in new orleans, you traveled to new orleans with president bush not long after that storm hit. what type of reception did he receive today? >> reporter: well, i have to tell you, john, there were so many people who were kind of surprised that george w. bush was down here to celebrate the anniversary of katrina here and at the resilience of the city because many associate him really with the failure, the initial failure, not only the federal government but state and
1:58 pm
local officials to respond quickly to the tragedy. we saw the president, the first lady with the mayor at a charter school, and it was a very friendly audience. and he really tried to emphasize the positives, the progress that was made. he emphasized and talked about the charter schools and really a grand experience here in new orleans more than 90% of the public schools now operated by these independent charters. and he also talked about initially some of the successes of the federal government right after the storm hit. take a listen. >> all of us were old enough to remember, will never forget the images of our fellow americans amid a sea of misery and ruin. we'll always remember the lives lost across the gulf coast. their memories in our hearts, and i hope you pray for their families. hurricane katrina is a story of loss beyond measure, it's also a story of commitment and compassion. >> and john, when he talked about the commitment, he
1:59 pm
mentioned the 30,000 people who had been plucked out of the water who had been rescued initially in those days afterwards, not those that lost their lives, and many of the bodies we had seen in the days that followed immediately. you talked about the $120 billion spent on the recovery efforts. really trying to emphasize the positive here. one thing that is going to happen, john, is later tonight, there's going to be a big concert, a sbags if you will because these are my people and they know how to party, harry khannic jr. and other performers. new orleans natives and tomorrow, we're going to see president clinton as well. john. >> have a great time tonight if they're there. a lot of weekend plans down there in new orleans. >>ly. >> thanks so much. on a lighter note, seems like the fastest man on earth met his match. a machine. he was taking a victory lap after wink the 200 meter title from his arch rival when a cameraman on a segue goes rogue.
2:00 pm
look at that. he lost control, crashed into bolt, knocking him over. those are the most precious hamstrings and quads and calves on earth. the cameraman got knocked on his head on his way down, bolt was not injured. he joked that gatlin paid the other gay. gatlin joked he wanted a regunned. that is all for us in the lead. jake is back monday. now to wolf blitzer in the situation room. happening now, state of emergency. 20 million americans are now on alert for a deadly tropical storm that's barrelling towards the united states. a new hurricane center forecast coming out right now, stand by for the breaking news. terror takedown. we're learning chilling new details about the u.s. air strikes that targeted and killed a notorious isis recruiter. could the top leader be next? clinton versus trump. hillary clinton goes after donald trump in a