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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 28, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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bolt, knocking him over. those are the most precious hamstrings and quads and calves on earth. the cameraman got knocked on his head on his way down, bolt was not injured. he joked that gatlin paid the other gay. gatlin joked he wanted a regunned. that is all for us in the lead. jake is back monday. now to wolf blitzer in the situation room. happening now, state of emergency. 20 million americans are now on alert for a deadly tropical storm that's barrelling towards the united states. a new hurricane center forecast coming out right now, stand by for the breaking news. terror takedown. we're learning chilling new details about the u.s. air strikes that targeted and killed a notorious isis recruiter. could the top leader be next? clinton versus trump. hillary clinton goes after donald trump in a fiery speech suggesting the gop has been tarnished by its presidential
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front runner. how far is she willing to go at her swipes at trump and jokes about his hair. restrained as the u.s. takes part in war games near the north korean border. kim jong-un is dismissing top generals which is likely code word for brutal executions. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news this hour, we're just getting in a new forecast far deadly tropical storm that's prompted a state of emergency in florida right now. erika is moving into the dominican republic with heavy rains and gusty winds. as it churns through the caribbean toward the united states, the storm already has killed at least 12 people and flooding and much likes. 20 million florida residents are bracing for the storm to hit by
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monday. national guard troops are being mobilized right now. the national hurricane center is warning that conditions are volatile and erika's strength and path could change at any time. all this coming nearly ten years to the day after a hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast. a natural disaster that devastated the region, and truly shocked the world. we have our correspondents, analysts, and news makers, they're all standing by to cover all the news that's breaking right now. first, let's go to cnn's reporter on the scene in miami where they're bracing for this storm, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, as you mentioned, erika already turning deadly in the caribbean. here in florida, high state of alert. we are waiting to see what she does and also bracing for that potential flooding we could see if she stays on her projected path. with heavy winds, severe rain, and dangerous flooding, tropical storm erika is reeking havoc
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across the caribbean. the violent storm washed out roads and destroyed homes on the island of dominiquea. [ screaming ] now the storm is threatening florida. with a majority of the state's nearly 20 million residents in its projected path. >> we've got concerns all across the state now because it's going to be coming clear across the state. >> reporter: the storm is expected to make land fall as early as monday morning. florida's governor is taking every precaution. declaring a state of emergency, and calling up the national guard. >> the biggest concern now is one, we don't know how much land it's going to go over. we don't know how much water we're going to get. >> reporter: tonight, florida residents are preparing for the storm. stocking up on supplies, taking no chances. >> stop and think about your family, and think about your entire family, make sure every member of your family's ready. >> reporter: now state and local
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officials have already started their preparations, we've seen residents in the area preparing. we've seen them stocking up on essentials like water and non-perishable food items, also filling up gas tanks, and even though tropical disturbances are a part of life near south florida especially, its been a while since we've seen a storm. the last storm to hit this area was nearly ten years ago, back in 2005, when hurricane wilma made land fall, that storm claimed the lives of at least six people in the state, wolf. >> a lot of problems, a lot of destruction at the same time, i remember it well. thanks very much, in miami. let's get more details on the new storm forecast for the national hurricane center. our meteorologist jennifer grey is over in the cnn severe weather center. what's the latest, jennifer? >> wolf, the track changed just a little bit, and it does call for the storm to weaken as it goes over hispaniola and interacts with cuba. let's show you the reason why. i'm going to show you the floor, and we are looking at the storm
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just to the south of the dominican republic and haiti. hispaniola is very mountainous, some of the peaks 8 to 10,000 feet. when the storm goes over that, it is going to shred the storm. the storm is going to weaken, then when it's on the north side of hispaniola, it's really going to have to get its act together again in order to maintain its strength. and in fact, we show you the latest information from the national hurricane center. this is just come down in the last five minutes to cnn. wind at 50 miles per hour, still that hasn't changed, 65 mile per hour gusts moving to the west at 21 miles per hour. here is the new track, and you can see, once it goes over hispaniola, it goes down to a tropical depression. this is saturday afternoon, as it goes over cuba and then possibly restrengthening to a tropical storm just on the southside of the florida straits. then going up the west coast of florida. then becoming a tropical
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depression once again on tuesday. a lot has to happen for this to all ring true because look at all of this land interaction that this storm is going to possibly have to go over. the more land that the storm goes over, the weaker it will be. it will tear the storm up. the more water it goes over, the better it can maintain its organization and so, it has to go over portions of haiti as well as cuba and then come over on the north side of that, and there's not a lot of time between cuba and the florida keys for it to maintain that tropical storm strength. so, still a lot of uncertainty in this, wolf, we are going to watch. over the next 12 to 24 hours, but the next 12 to 18 hours, very critical in determining the life of this storm. wolf. >> florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency. we'll speak with him live later here in the situation room, jennifer, stand by. other breaking news we're following right now, including that grizzly murder in virginia. and a news crew seen on live
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television, state police just released new information about the rounds that were fired by the gunman. our justice correspondent has been following this new information for us. what are you learning? >> disturbing details, wolf, tonight the shooter, vester flanagan fired 17 rounds, fatally striking adam ward and alison parker in the head. the third victim is recovering that the hour. virginia state police says that the attack was well-planned and premeditated and that materials found inside his virginia apartment saying he -- as well as the september 11th, 2001 attacks on the inside of his apartment. there were dirty dishes, we see right here, this video inside from nbc, a stripped mattress as well, and several head shots of himself taped to the fridge. for the first time tonight, we were also hearing from the husband of the sole survivor. he is giving his firsthand account of how close she came, his wife came, to losing her
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life. >> he shot three times at my wife. and she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice. and then she dove to the ground. and curled up in a ball and that's when he shot her in the back. >> he came over to do it. >> pulled the trigger several times. and only fired once. >> reporter: investigators believe he had a specific location in mind of where he was going after the shooting, but there is nothing in any of the documents that they've taken from his home and elsewhere to indicate specifically where that destination was. >> alison parker's father urging greater gun control. >> absolutely, he spoke out today and he says he wants virginia legislatures to look him in the eye and tell him why they're not doing more. >> we've got to do whatever we can to hold these people's feet to the fire and not be afraid of the nra fighting this, fighting any kind of reasonable
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legislation to the nail. we're not trying to take people's guns away. all we want to do is keep crazy people from getting guns. and there's got to be a way to do it. >> raw emotion there, wolf, he hasn't heard from the virginia senators yet on this. >> the two u.s. senators. all right, i'm sure they'll be hearing from them, if not already, thanks for that, pamela brown reporting. let's get to a development now in the u.s. war against isis. the pentagon now confirming that a top recruiter for the terror group has been killed in a u.s. air strike. he was linked to a terrorist attack in texas and another on a u.s. military series of computers. our pentagon correspondent barbara star broke this story. she has much more right now. what's the latest information, barbara? >> wolf, he had vowed to attack the u.s., that put him right in the cross hairs of the u.s. military. u.s. spy drones followed and track a hacker for days in the
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middle of heavily populated syria, before finally launching a hell fire missile off a drone to kill him as he stood in the street monday, cnn has learned. the mission to kill hussein, the most sensitive for the u.s. in months. several officials tells cnn. the u.s. had to be sure it was him, and to fire at him when civilians were not nearby. >> this is a huge gap for the united states, hussein was the most prolific english language prop gandist for isis. >> he's accused of being involved in the hacking of the u.s. central command website. and posting a so-called kill-list. including personal information and addresses of u.s. military personnel, which caused the pentagon to scramble to warn those who were named. he was linked to the shooting attack in garland, texas, in may, where constant participants
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were asked to draw the prophet mohamed. investigators believe hussein was messaging one of the gunman to radicalize him and urge him to launch an attack, making it potentially the first isis-directed attack in the u.s. hussein was an isis social media star. >> he used that to sort of talent spot potential terrorists, lone wolves in the west and then take the communications to encrypted apps, impossible for u.s. agencies to read. >> reporter: the u.s. is clearly finding ways to track top isis leadership. just last week, a u.s. drone killed the number two isis leader. the u.s. keeps close watch on several isis officials to see when they meet with others in the leadership, and if there is a top target, that person is then watched around the clock, until a strike is executed. >> this is a career choice with
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a short shelf life. and you need to realize that if you're going to take it on. >> a short shelf life. the next person they hope has a short shelf life is the leader of isis. u.s. has suspected he too is hiding in roccrocca, now that t have been able to successfully strike there, the thinking is, baghdadi may feel a little more vulnerable. thanks very much. let's get more on what's going on, senator james rish, the leading member of the senate intelligence and foreign relations committee. thanks for joining us, how key is this strike against this isis hacker? will it really have an impact on is isis' ability to spread propaganda? >> wolf, this is a big deal. this guy was high up on the list of people who needed to be eliminated because of their war on the united states, and for that matter, because of how
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dangerous and how close they brought this actually to the american people here in the homeland. although he was in rocca as you've reported, and they feel safe in rocca because of course that's the so-call itted capitol of the caliphate over there, although they feel safe there, they can now see that they're not safe. this is the kind of guy that, that we're going to continue to go after because they mean so much to the safety of the american people. you've already given the report about how active he was in attempting to actually create violence against americans, right here on the american homeland. wolf, this was a big deal. >> they were tracking this terrorist for several days. i guess the u.s. must have better capabilities, knowing what's going on inside rocca right now. which raises the question is the u.s. any closer to getting the leader of isis? >> you know wolf, i don't want to the go close to that,
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obviously if these are all operations that are very, very sensitive, and ways and means are best left untalked about in the public sphere at this point. >> we'll leave it on that note, but i think it's fair to say there's heavy, heavy effort under way right now to find the leader of isis and get rid of him, right? >> well, we have not just the leader, but there's a lot of people who arguably are as important. for instance, this fella we just got, as far as importance to the average united states citizen here in america, i would say that the, the strike that just happened, is about as important as getting the head of isis. isis doesn't have the same command control as al qaeda does. they're much more dispersed, they're much less influenced by
2:15 pm
the, by a regimened high yarky. and so individuals like this become very important, and that type of a atmosphere, and particularly, someone who has the expertise that this gentleman had. he was british-born and spoke english, and was very familiar with western culture. >> standby, we have more to talk about, including an arizona man now arrested in connection with helping a new york city man go to syria and link up with isis. there's new information coming in. i want to get your analysis of what's going on on that front. stay with us. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day.
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we're back with senator james ricsh. we're talking about the u.s. battle against isis. as you know, senator, an arizona man has now been arrested for helping a new york city college student actually travel to syria to join isis. how dangerous are these u.s.-based isis recruiters? >> really dangerous. as you know, wolf, there's been over 50 people that have been arrested or indicted or involved in some fashion with exactly this kind of activity since the first of the year. and it's certainly a hot priority for the united states, it's a hot priority for law enforcement agencies, and they've been doing a good job as
2:21 pm
far as keeping a handle on those things. as you know a number of people have left here and gone and fought with isis, for isis in syria, some have even returned here. this makes for a challenging situation because obviously, their primary target, their favorite target is the homeland, is the united states. so when this happens and you get this, this type of ability to move back and forth, it's a problem. but it is a high priority. >> we know that isis has killed a lot of people, beheaded a lot of people, but they are also dealing with these antiquities, they beheaded an expert in syria, and they're set on destroying and looting these ancient sites across syria and iraq for that matter, and as much as everyone, of course, is totally devastated by the loss of life, people are also devastated by the loss of these priceless antiquities, what if
2:22 pm
anything can the u.s. do about this? >> well, i think about the same as we're doing about the loss of life and just the expansion of is isis, and that is to continue to keep the pressure on the way we have and ratcheting it up, particularly at people who are very effective in what they're doing. like the strike that happened earlier this week. i think the, probably the takeaway when you see this video of what they're doing to these antiquities, it shows you the mind of these people. what type of a civilized human being would do that? regardless of where you are, regardless of what your religious beliefs are, civilized people just don't do that with historical things, things that have a tremendous significance to the human race. which, of course, this does, whether or not you agree with the, with the people who built it, whether you agree with the religious beliefs or anything else, it's just a mindset that
2:23 pm
has a total disregard for anything civil. >> and that entire region, east or north africa, so much is on fire right now. and seems to be getting worse almost by the day. thanks very much for joining us. >> wolf, good to be with you. >> senator james ricsh. do hillary clinton and donald trump have something in common? she's opening up about his hair and her hair. but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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hillary clinton directly engaging donald trump, taking on the republican front runner setting the stage for a debate showdown. at least the potential for that dined of debate showdown. let's get more with our cnn political reporter sarah murray. our commentator ryan lizae for the new yorker magazine and contributor, sarah, hillary clinton poked some fun at donald trump today. talking about his hair, her hair, but she also went after him on women's issues. listen to this. >> a lot of people have said a lot of things about my hair over the years. so i do kind of know what donald is going through. and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer, the hair is real, the color isn't. just yesterday, he attacked me once again.
2:29 pm
and said i didn't have a clue about women's health issues, really? i mean you can't make this stuff up, folks. trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would. now, that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun. >> all right. so you were just with donald trump in south carolina, you were covering him. he actually thinks he does have an advantage on women's issues over hillary clinton. why does he believe that? >> he does think that, it's not entirely clear why he believes that. i actually pressed him in a news conference yesterday about why he would be better for women. he always says he would cherish women. he sort of dodged the question. just saying he would be great, take great care of women. the latest polls show he's not doing well. the university poll we saw earlier this week had 62% of women saying they didn't think he cared about their problems or
2:30 pm
needs. if i were donald trump, i'd be worried about that. >> interesting, as either shint not talking about a clinton-trump debate, she would look forward to it. that's a new element in this campaign. >> yeah, in fictitious land, i think she's doing this for two reasons. one is she's trying to paint the hole of the republican, you know, bench with the trump brush. and so she says, look, people, trump might be the eventual nominee, it casts that same shadow on the other contenders. the other thing is i think she knows dollar couple of g.o.p. contenders beating her in head to head match-ups with trump is not one of them. it's kind of as if she is channelling to the rest of the country, look at this potential general election in which i would beat him if you like me to be your nominee, keep, you know, trump on the rise. >> it's interesting that hillary clinton the other democratic presidential candidates, they were all in minneapolis at the dnc, meetings have been going on. joe booid deny not go out --
2:31 pm
biden did not go out to minnesota. but the president did speak out about a possible joe biden decision. i want you to listen to this. >> both are joe and hillary, are wonderful people, great friends, joe's been as good a vice president as i think we've seen in american history. and been at my side in every tough decision i've made. hillary clinton was one of our best secretaries of state. and helped work on a whole range of really important issues. the great thing about american democracy, is it's not up to me, i'm just one voter. it's up to the american people. >> how much is all this discussion of joe biden entering the race impacting hillary clinton's campaign? >> well first of all, i want to point out, barack obama does not seem that enthusiastic about choosing between biden or hillary and talk about it. i think it's impacting the clinton campaign a little bit. there's reports that bill clinton is agitated by this. remember, the clintons and the bidens have been very close. in 2008, when there was a lot of tension between obama world and
2:32 pm
clinton world, the bidens and the clintons were very, very close. so i think there's a little bit of a thought that's that some democrats are pushing biden into this. they're overly worried about clinton's poll numbers and the e-mail scandal and that the clinton world that's not warranted, but look, if you look at the numbers and the party support that hillary clinton has, i don't really think she has a whole lot to be worried about of a joe biden seat. very hard to see what groups that he could take away from her, whether it's labor, african americans, women, young voters, you look at the base constituencies of the democratic party and hillary clinton is extremely, extremely popular right now. >> you reported yesterday, i think you broke the news that donald trump, even though he's very, very rich and doesn't need anyone's money, he's willing to put up a billion dollars of his own money, he has been at least in the last couple of days going out there and attending some various fundraising events, right? >> you've heard that he's very rich. yeah, so donald trump, despite
2:33 pm
saying he would not take money, the superpacks have commed up and raising money, there's another organization that functions like nonprofit, but doesn't have to disclose its donors. that's been raising money for him. the interesting thing is donald trump is appearing at these events where they're soliciting donations from him. his campaign is a is saying he's not asking, but tonight you see there, this is a sign in front of a fundracer for his campaign asking for cash or checks for donald trump for president. so the idea that he's not soliciting any donations directly, you know, his campaign says all the money from this event is going to cover cost and beverages. we'll see about that. it looks from all of these events like donald trump and his allies ramping up efforts. >> this is a great opportunities for the other gop contenders, people whose personal story has like humble beginnings to say, well i'm fundraising because i don't have $9 billion, and if i did, i wouldn't take your additional money. and to me, i spend all my time fighting a bloated federal government that takes other
2:34 pm
people's money when it doesn't need it. it's a great chance to sort of make a point about trump as a fairly safe swipe. >> more on this political story. i thought he had 10 billion -- >> it's confusing. >> the trump name is worth a lot. >> billion here, billion there. thanks very much. coming up, george, jeb, and hurricane katrina. why the storm's tenth anniversary is proving a bit awkward now for the bush brothers.
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president bush and his brother hopes to be the next president, let's go tour senior white house correspondent, jim, how are george w. and jeb bush marking this katrina tenth anniversary? >> one day after president obama marked the ten-year anniversary of hurricane katrina, with the commander and chief in charge when the storm hit george w. bush returned as jeb bush is trying to change the perception of how a bush responds to a major storm. >> reporter: new orleans was never the big easy for george w. bush, but the former president came back ten years after hurricane katrina to hail the city's resurgence. >> darkness from a decade ago has lifted, the crestened city as risen again, and best days lie ahead. >> reporter: it's called a once in a lifetime storm. after the storm hit a decade ago, the bungled response to katrina was a low point for the bush administration.
2:40 pm
more than 1800 dead. residents stranded on rooftops. and massive delays and relief shipments to the gulf coast. bush, infamously flew over the renal, then praised his fema director michael brown days later. >> and brown, you're doing a heck of a job. >> reporter: this week jeb bush took his brother's legacy head on. >> the net result is i've learned about leadership through trial and error. >> we have the best emergency response team on the ground in the country. >> reporter: bush released a new campaign ad highlighting his response record as florida's governor. but the spot also featured bush standing with that same michael brown. a reminder of the hazards of the bush name. a vulnerability exploited by donald trump every chance he gets. >> we had a lot of problems with that last name. we had a lot of problems. >> we can talk about levies that couldn't hold, about a fema that seemed not just incompetent, but payrollized and powerless.
2:41 pm
>> reporter: as a candidate, barack obama rode that wave of bush fatigue right into the white house. why the president still considers bush's katrina a failure -- >> failure of government to look out for its own citizens. >> reporter: he found time this week to talk up craig, the man the president tapped to run fema just so happens to be jeb bush's former emergency management director. >> i love me some craig. >> reporter: in a rare moment of bipartnership, the white house agreed jeb bush got something right. >> when it comes to the basic safety and security of the american people, partisan politics shouldn't matter. and that's certainly been the president's ploeapproach, i sus that may be one of the things that governor bush may agree with. >> reporter: now the white house and allies went out of their way to praise president bush's commitment to new orleans in the years that followed that initial botched response. bill clinton by the way will become the third president this week to mark the tenth
2:42 pm
anniversary of hurricane katrina. when he speaks in new orleans tomorrow, a bipartisan show of support for a city that's really made a big comeback, wolf. >> it has, very, very impressive. thanks very much for that, jim iowa costa. historic hospital was one of the many casualties and the scene of a life and death drama that played out over a week. our correspondent sanjay gupta is joining us tonight, you were there in the immediate aftermath of katrina, tell our viewers what you saw. >> well, preface by saying i've seen disaster zones all over the world. you see the conditions in hospitals, and this was as bad as i had seen, and in part, in retrospect, wolf, it was because far long time, the hospital had been forgotten. the people thought to be evacuated, but they not, and all of that led to this. >> reporter: they were deplorable conditions i'll never forget. >> here we were in mourning.
2:43 pm
>> reporter: doctors, nurses, patients, making the most of an unfolding disaster inside the hospital, called charity. >> we don't have electricity. we don't have water. you know, we can't run labs, can't take x-raies, we're basically back to premtive medicines. >> no showers or toilets at all. >> reporter: for days after hurricane katrina first hit, the staff and patients at charity waited. hoped and prayed. ♪ i love you, i need you to survive ♪ i didn't realize how intimately connected to our patients we would be. prior to that, i assumed i had a wonderful relationship with my patients, but honestly, most of them, i couldn't tell you what their names were prior to katrina. >> reporter: communication with the outside world was near impossible. many news organizations had reported charity was safely evacuated. but then a doctor called into the situation room from inside the hospital to tell the world,
2:44 pm
we are stranded. please help. >> initially we lost power, and different parts of the hospital had trouble getting backup generators to work. >> reporter: but still, nothing. so determined to take matters into their own hands, the team at charity paddled ill patients down the street to a nearby parking deck. the roof served as a makeshift heliopad. time had run out. >> we are their only hope. and we are trying as hard as we can to get them some help. what's going to happen to some of the patient kps. >> two of them are already died here on this ramp waiting to get out. in this very spot. >> reporter: it was nearly a week after katrina first made land fall that the last patient was finally evacuated. but the hospital that had never shut its doors for nearly 300 years didn't survive.
2:45 pm
charity never reopened. and the long-term impact of that remains to be seen. i would dare say that in the next ten years, our cancer rates will be higher, our cardiovascular death rates will be higher, so stroke, heart attack, will all be higher. >> reporter: ten years to the month, lsu did finally open its brand new billion dollar megahospital. it's certainly not too little. but the people of new orleans are hoping it's just not too late. now, i'll tell you, wolf, it's hard to overestimate the impact of charitity hospital in this area. 70% of the doctors in l.a. had been trained there. it was such a loss i think for this community. i tell you the group of patients probably hardest hit were the mentally ill. they often turned to charity. 140 beds there for patients with mental illness, it went down to 10% of that for the entire area around here. sop that's the impact.
2:46 pm
got this new hospital, wolf, as you just saw, but the loss of charity still being felt. >> people are going to be allowed into this new hospital, right? >> reporter: yeah. i think so. they're creating more acceptance i think of all sorts of different insurance plans obviously with the affordable care act, people are likely to be ensured and have access. but for ten years, this hospital, charity for the poor, just wasn't open. they had never shut their doors for 300 years, but then never opened again after hurricane katrina. >> what a heart breaking story indeed, thanks for that report. sanjay gupta in new orleans ten years after katrina. decade later, recovery efforts are continuing as you see in new orleans to find out how you could help, go to, and you will be able to impact your world. coming up, signs that north korea's kim junk unis purging the ranks of his massive multi. why are some top generals being punished?
2:47 pm
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2:52 pm
all this in the wake of a showdown that brought the countries close to the brink of war. brian todd is here with details. what's happening on the peninsula right now? >> there are massive new military bears that have put on a spectacular show. south korean citizens have been invited on to watch but the exercises are drawing new warnings that they may provoke kim jong-un to again become very aggressive. targets on a mountainside lit up in precise, spectacular fashion. an e-737 surveillance plane flies overhead. it can detect north korean troop movements from across the byrder. south korean f-16 fighter jets fired ordnance and more targets are destroyed. helicopters fire flares to evade surface to air missiles and rope drop commandos to the ground. these joint u.s./south korean exercises are taking place just 18 miles from the demilitarized
2:53 pm
zone. they're designed to reassure south koreans. but shears swagger on display as well. south korean forces showing confidence after they responded to the enforce's recent provocation with disproportion nat fire power and forced kim jong-un's regime to the bargaining table. >> showing these sorts of spectacular military exercise i think ultimately is not helping the situation. it could drive the north koreans to react again, and this could lead to another dangerous situation as we've seen. >> reporter: across the border kim's claiming victory in the standoff but also exacting punishment, "dismissed members of his central military commission." >> what could dismissed mean? >> these individuals could have been executed, they could have been september to the countryside, they could have been demoted. >> reporter: analysts say those dismissed are likely senior generals taking the fall. >> given the timing it is almost certainly related i would say to their performance over the most
2:54 pm
recent crisis. clearly kim jong-un is not happy with what they've done. >> reporter: analysts say kim could have been monitoring his generals' performances in the crisis almost in realtime. top generals in north korea, they say, are more heavily surveilled than any other officials there. they're wiretapped, always watched. if you're a senior general in north korea, who's got eyes on you? >> the people around you, are they reporting on you, are they telling others who are reporting to kim jong-un that you're not paying attention, that you're not in sync with his vision? >> that may have been the case with kim's last defense minister, reportedly executed with an anti-aircraft gun apparently for pushing back on kim easily orders and for nodding off at meetings. >> kim's gone through a few defense chiefs already, right? >> that's right. chol is at least the fourth defense minister kim's gone through. he's been in power three and a half years. kim's campaign of purges and
2:55 pm
executions remains a top concern among u.s. officials. one official telling us executions are kim's way of solidifying his position. this official called them a crude mechanism for internal control. no end in sight to these purges. it shows a more aggressive side to this young leader. >> thanks very much. coming up next, breaking news. a state of emergency. millions of americans in the path of erica, a dangerous storm that's already killed dozens. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker? dad: yeah, 20 something years now. thinking about what you want to do with your money? daughter: looking at options. what do you guys pay in fees? dad: i don't know exactly. daughter: if you're not happy do they have to pay you back? dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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happening now. bracing for impact. a state of emergency in florida.
3:00 pm
20 million people may soon face a killer storm that's already brought death and destruction to the caribbean. all speak live this hour with governor rick scott. attack mode. hillary clinton opens up on donald trump amid new criticism that the gop front-runner is being hypocritical by letting his allies raise money from secret donors. planned escape. new information from the killer of two tv journalists was headed for a specific location. as we see disturbing images of the apartment he left behind. and remembering katrina. when the massive hurricane battered the gulf coast and nearly destroyed new orleans, anderson cooper was right in the middle of the devastation. now he's back with a look at the reborn city. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking
3:01 pm
news. florida's under a state of emergency right now. 20 million people are bracing for what's so far been a very deadly storm. as it churns across the caribbean, tropical storm erika has already killed at least 12 people on the island of dominica, more than 20 others are missing. it slammed puerto rico with heavy rains and strong winds. florida residents are being warned to take this storm very seriously. >> hillary clinton goes after donald trump and his hair. she says hers is real except for the color. she wonders if the same is true for trump. the gop front-runner posts about his wealth and calls for transparency when it comes to money and politics but he may be opening himself up to a little bit of a new wave of criticism by allowing his allies to raise funds from secret donors. i'll speak with the florida governor, rick scott. our correspondents, analysts and guests are standing by with full coverage of the day's top stories. we'll have much more on that
3:02 pm
threat posed to florida by tropical storm erika. let's begin with donald trump's apparent turnaround on fund-raising. our political reporter sarah murray, what else are you learning? >> so much remains so rich he doesn't need anyone's money. it looks like donald trump and his friends are changing their tune, getting help from outside donors. >> i'm really rich. >> reporter: the republican front-runner rallying fans with a promise to fund his own campaign and reject big donors. >> i'll just take a vote. how about if i take all this money and promise, i swear to you, that i won't do anything for these people? what about that? no? nobody's going to buy it. >> reporter: mocking his rivals for their aggressive fund-raising. >> everybody that puts money up for jeb bush, it's like he's a puppet. he's totally controlled by these people. >> reporter: and slamming dark money in politics. >> i think the most important thing is transparency. you have to know who you're dealing with. and right now you don't.
3:03 pm
you don't. >> reporter: all as trump helps his allies raise money from secret donors. trump appearing at fund-raising events for outside groups supporting him where donors of pressed for thousands of dollars. one of them held at the home of ivanka trump's in-laws. according to an invitation, the money going not only to a super pac but also a second group, one that can collect unlimited donations without ever naming its donors. trump's campaign dismissing the notion that the move could open him up to charges of hypocrisy, saying trump himself did not solicit donations from any of the attendees. but it's a sharp turnaround for a candidate who once said this -- >> i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. >> reporter: to this take in a recent cbs interview. >> i would even take big contributors as long as they don't expect anything. >> reporter: today trump's spending his evening at a $100 per person event in
3:04 pm
massachusetts. at the $1.9 million estate of an auto dealership cut benefit. while the host is calling ate fund-raiser, the candidate dismissing it as no such thing. >> i've done meet and greets. >> reporter: down playing incoming donations we have a small group where people, i guess it's over here, where people can send in -- one woman sent in seven dollars and 30-odd cents, wrote a beautiful letter. people are sending in $10, $20. i like that kind. it's not a lot of money ultimately. >> reporter: even though donald trump's campaign is insisting the event is not a fund-raiser, the big sign outside calling for cash or checks upon entry is sending a different message. >> big checks payable to donald j. trump f president or get some cash ready for entry. thanks very much for that. don't go too far away. hillary clinton is stepping up her attacks on donald trump and his hair as the democratic national committee is meeting in minneapolis. a lot of attention is on someone who's not there. we're talking about the vice president, joe biden. our senior washington
3:05 pm
correspondent joe johns is on the scene for us. what is the latest that's going on over there? >> reporter: it was a frenzied day here in minneapolis. behind the scenes campaign aides and volunteers for hillary clinton doing all they can to gin up support for her in advance of the first voting which is months away. out in front of the cameras, what was essentially going on is this was a chance for the democratic candidates to preach to the choir. >> i'm just getting warmed up. >> reporter: hillary clinton staying on offense against republicans as she addressed members of the democratic national committee today. >> today the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. >> reporter: her top target, donald trump. >> trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would. now that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun.
3:06 pm
>> i do use hairspray. >> reporter: clinton clearly keeping an eye on the outspoken republican front-runner including his insistence yesterday that famous coiffe is his own hair. >> if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. and come to think of it, i wonder if that's true for donald too. >> reporter: behind the scenes at this democratic huddle, lingering questions about clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> well, all i can tell you is what i've been telling you for months, which has the benefit of being true and factual and that is that i never sent any classified material nor received any marked classified. >> reporter: clinton's rivals made their pitches to the party's power brokers. >> we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one
3:07 pm
which is part of that establishment. >> reporter: notably absent from the meeting, vice president biden who was expected to announce this fall whether he'll join the democratic field. president obama said if biden decides to run, it will be up to the voters to decide. >> what i would say is that both are -- joe and hillary are wonderful people, great friends. joe's been as good a vice president as i think we've seen in american history. hillary clinton was one of our best secretaries of state. the truth is, though, the great thing about american democracy is it's not up to me. i'm just one voter. it's going to be up to the american people. >> reporter: while the wait continues for vice president biden to make up his mind, the return to the stump for some of these candidates is almost immediate. lincoln chafee and martin o'mally going to iowa tomorrow for an immigration forum. >> joe johns, thanks very much.
3:08 pm
sarah marie, mia malik ka henderson, washington correspondent for "new yorker" magazine, and "time" magazine reporter zeke miller. hillary clinton's willingness to attack donald trump, we saw that, does she now see in a general election donald trump as her real competition? >> no, i mean, i think democrats are sort of hoping and praying that they get donald trump. but i don't think she really thinks that's going to happen. she is having fun, i think, attacking donald trump in those speeches. she called him the flamboyant front-runner. obviously able to make the hair jokes about donald trump in a way she's not able to make them about marco rubio, i guess. so that helps her, i think, to sort of get into the conversation and she's obviously clearly having fun with it. i think the ultimate takeaway is that sentence where she says, it used to be the party of lincoln and now it's the party of trump. they basically want to tar the entire republican brand, which is trying to rebrand itself,
3:09 pm
with the trump brand. >> what's your analysis? >> i think you're exactly right about this. the democrats believe that donald trump is toxic for the republican party and i think you talk to a lot of republicans in washington, they believe that. he is setting back all of the strategic goals of the republican party in this election, which was to reach out to new constituencies, to reach out to younger voters, women, nonwhite voters. he's not doing that. his strategy is very different than what most republican strategists argued at the beginning of this campaign. i think hillary clinton looks at polls and general election matchups where trump gets clbered by her. i think it's great strategy for her to define the republican party with trumpism. most republicans acally that's a big problem. >> i want to get back to your reporting on donald trump's evolution, shall we say, on going out there and raising money for his campaign. you reported he was going to spend his own money ul are up to $1 billion. now he's actually going to some of these fund-raisers, including fund-raisers where there's secret donors, if you will. what's going on here?
3:10 pm
>> look, i think there is a realization in his campaign, they would not admit to this, they say he's still self-funding. if he's in this longer than he thought he would be -- i think he thought he would get in and have his big moment -- now he's at the top of the polls and he wants to stay in longer and that is costly. i think we're testing the limits of how much of his own money he wants to put in. the reality is there are secret pacs that have sprung up to support him. this is the only one he's appearing at events for. that's a tacit endorsement, whether his campaign would like to admit that or not. i think it's a realization of how expensive presidential politics are. >> is this the super pac that's being run by his daughter's in-laws? >> they had an event at his daughter's in-laws' house. it's not being run by them. it's being run by some consultants out of colorado at the moment. it's a little sketchy. >> who are by the way, a side note to this, those consultants in colorado, what are they? lobbyists. so it's not just that he's got a super pac that's raising big money. the colorado consultants are registered lobbyists in the state of colorado.
3:11 pm
>> the best lobbyists for donald trump. >> you're suggesting lobbies actually want something? is that what you're saying? >> perish the thought. >> what's your analysis? >> part of the problem for donald trump right now, raising money, raising money from lobbyists, is he's at the position where he's been positioned in his campaign, he gets his best applause lines when he says, i can't be bought. i work the system better than anybody else, i know all the tricks, i know all the lobbyists, i hired the best ones and i don't need them, i can self-fund this thing. if he's not self-funding anymore, if he's raising money from donors, fund-raising, he's going to open himself up to the same attacks he's using against jeb bush when he attacked bush and robe i don't for going to the koch summit a couple of weeks ago. >> it starts looking like a regular politician that he says he's not. >> they can't really attack trump for doing what they're doing, right? they can't really come out and say, you're using a super pac, because they're using a super pac too. >> you can't take pool ticks out of politics.
3:12 pm
we've seen this with other celebrities or businessmen who enter the arena, bashing washington, bashing politics, eventually they realize they have to play by some of the same rules and they start to look like hypocrites. this is sort of the first moment trump's having to deal with that. >> it's really expensive to fly that 757 around the country too. it's part of his show of force, if you will. that costs him a lot of money, it adds up fast. at a certain level, he budgeted a certain amount for this campaign, he's gotten farther along the process he was betting on, now he has to make that up shortfall. >> you don't think trump could afford to self-fund? >> he's not that liquid. we know that from his finances. he's not the most liquid person of his net worth. so he'd have to divest some of his holdings and he doesn't seem to be willing to do that. >> he says he's worth $10 billion and he brings in $400 million a year, he says this is not necessarily all that much money, as far as he's concerned. >> yes, when you're dealing with these sums -- one of my favorite stats is what sheldon adelson spent on the entire campaign,
3:13 pm
$150,000. his net worth fluctuates by that on a daily basis. donald trump, $5 million, $10 million he's looking to spend through the end of the year, that's not a lot of money for him. but it does -- if it goes up to $20 million, $30 million, he's going to have to make tough decisions. >> stand by. we'll take a quick break. more with our analysts and reporters after this. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. devhighest quality,the clinically proven nutrition isn't easy, so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪ celebrating 80 years of quality life and quality products.
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stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin.
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3:18 pm
we're talking politics with sarah murray, nia malik ka henders henderson, zeke miller. lots to talk about. this is hillary clinton making some fun of donald trump's hair. but also getting into a serious issue of his assertion that he's better on women's issues than she is. >> a lot of people have said a lot of things about my hair over the years. so i do kind of know what donald is going through. and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real, the color isn't. just yesterday he attacked me once again and said i didn't have a clue about women's health issues. really? i mean, you can't make this stuff up, folks. trump actually says he would do a much better job for women than i would.
3:19 pm
now, that's a general election debate that's going to be a lot of fun. >> she's basically saying, bring it on. >> bring it on. the quinnipiac poll shows she does well among women. 67% think she would be good on these issues. i think it's the reverse for donald trump, 67% say he wouldn't be good on women's issues. she wants this debate. i think she -- even when she said earlier this week, when she compare e ed republican positioo terrorists, that was a way to smoke them out as well because all of them piled on her and she likes this sort of matchup. 16 men piling on her on women's issues. you see her having fun there and sort of hitting her stride. so this is very much a fight she wants to have. >> all the democratic candidates, here in minneapolis at this dnc event. hovering over the event is someone who's not there, joe biden, vice president of the united states. the president seems to have a little difficulty deciding which one of these two candidates,
3:20 pm
hillary clinton or joe biden, he would support. but are you getting any sense he's getting closer and closer to a final decision one way or the other? >> if you look at what he said this week, what was reported that he said, the comments he made about his heart and his soul sort of being pretty banged up because of the death of his son, he seemed to be pouring a little bit of cold water. it must sting a little bit for joe biden. this guy's 72 years old. every democratic vice president that he grew up watching eventually secured his party's nomination. muskee, lbj, mondale, al gore. why not me? why am i the only democratic vice president that has not inherited my party's support? it's sort of been stolen out from under him by hillary clinton. i hi he's right to take a look at this race. i still think in the end he realizes it's too difficult to unseat her and he positions himself as the alternative, the insurance policy in case hillary clinton in the unlikely event she collapses.
3:21 pm
>> what are you hearing? >> much the same. that he's looking at the next month time frame. but look at that time frame, that's the same time when the pope is coming to town in 37 or four weeks and right after that you have the fight of the government funding, will there be a government shutdown or not? that's where the president needs joe biden to be there in the room with mitch mcconnell to get something done, to keep the government open. all these things point to him maybe not going in the direction of him running. it don't sound like he has his heart in it. at the same time he's one of the most popular fig united airlines in american national politics right now. he jumps in, a lot of that goes away. by not being in electoral politics he's in a stronger position and that's a great way for him. >> on the issue of honesty and trustworthiness, he does a lot better in these national polls than hillary clinton. >> he does. but he gets in this thing and all that good will and the good poll numbers, as we've seen with hillary clinton -- >> remember her numbers as secretary of state? >> when you're secretary of state your numbers are usually pretty good. when you get in the political
3:22 pm
arena, obviously they go down. >> that's when they start taking aim. i think that is also part of the concern for someone like joe biden. if your heart's not fully in it, if you're thinking about your legacy, watching what hillary clinton is going through right now, maybe it seems less worth it to jump into the arena. but i still think if i'm hillary clinton, you're keep an eye on what joe biden is doing, trying to smoke out his intentions. when polls are coming out and the number one word people associate with her is "liar," you've got to focus on your voters and making sure they feel comfortable with you and waiting out joe biden. >> she was subdued today, the q q&a, asked about the e-mail controversy that's still hovering over her. >> she was less lawyerly. certainly not flip in the way we've seen her before, making jokes about snapchat, talking about wiping the server with a gloss. i thought she was pretty sure-footed and very calm. they realize they've got to turn a corner in terms of how she's been talking about this e-mail issue and i think she's done that this week.
3:23 pm
>> that's not going to go away necessarily any time soon? >> no, there's an investigation at the justice department over this, right? the state department will continue to release e-mails. it will continue to be a story. then it will also be a congressional investigation in the fall. no, this is not going away. i think well into next year we'll be talking about this. >> one of the reasons joe biden is looking at the possibility, wondering if there's anything there. maybe they'll need him at some point. >> he's got to be careful not to confuse the general electorate's argument that maybe clinton isn't trust wordy and republicans' attacks over the e-mails with democratic voters. her numbers among democrats are very, very strong. >> thanks. don't go too far. the republican presidential candidates now only a few weeks away from their second debate. it will air here on cnn on september 16th live from the reagan library in california. cnn will also host the first democratic presidential debate, october 13th, in nevada. 20 million people are under a state of emergency right now
3:24 pm
in florida, bracing for a killer storm that's brought death and destruction to the caribbean. i'll speak live with the florida governor scott walker -- rick walker. rick scott, excuse me. new information that the gunman who killed two young journalists planned his escape with a specific destination in mind. even as we see disturbing pictures of the apartment he left behind. ♪ irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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breaking news. florida now under a state of emergency as it braces for what so far has been a very deadly storm. tropical storm erika now churning across the caribbean, edging closer and closer to the united states. it's already brought death and destruction to the island of dominica and heavy rains to puerto rico. elaina machado is in miami tonight. what's being done there to prepare? >> reporter: people are already taking precautions, bracing for the potential flooding we could see if tropical storm erika reaches florida. people are on high alert, waiting to see what erika decides to do. with heavy winds, severe rain, and dangerous flooding, tropical storm erika is wreaking havoc across the caribbean. the violent storm washed out roads and destroyed homes on the
3:30 pm
island of dominica. now the storm is threatening florida with a majority of the state's nearly 20 million residents in its projected path. >> we've got concerns across the state now because of this storm coming clear across the state. >> reporter: the storm is expected to make landfall as early as monday morning. florida's governor is taking every precaution, declaring a state of emergency and calling up the national guard. >> the biggest concern now is one, we don't know how much land it's going to go over. we don't know how much water we're going to get. >> reporter: tonight, florida residents are preparing for the storm, stocking up on supplies, taking no chances. >> you stop and think about your family for a second, think about your entire family. make sure every member of your family's ready. >> reporter: and being ready is really what it's all about. we've already seen residents being cautious, going out there, filling up their gas tanks,
3:31 pm
stocking up on essential items like water and nonperishable food items. remember it's been about ten years since south florida has been impacted by a storm. the last time we saw a storm here was back in 2005 with hurricane wilma. that storm claimed the lives of at least six people, wolf. >> alina machado, thank you. i want to get the latest forecast from our meteorologist jennifer grey at the cnn weather center. what is the latest forecast, jennifer? >> wolf, we just got the updated track during the last hour in your show. and there is a little bit of a weakening that's going to take place with this storm and also the track has shifted a little bit farther to the west. i want to show you why the storm is most likely going to weaken over the next 12 to 24 hours. let's go to the floor. we can show you where the storm is now. just to the south of the dominican republic in haiti. there are very high mountain peaks on the dominican republic in haiti.
3:32 pm
hispaniola has mountain peaks as high as 8,000 to 10,000 feet. what happens when you have a storm interact with that land mass is it's going to shear that storm apart. it's really going to tear it apart. it's going to cause this storm to become very disorganized and weaken. that's what's expected to happen and that's why we've seen changes to that track in the last hour and a half. so here's the latest on the storm. 50-mile-per-hour winds. basically the same as what we saw earlier today. moving at about 21 miles per hour. so the latest forecast, the track has moved farther to the west. it has it weakening to a tropical depression once it approaches cuba saturday afternoon. all this interaction with land over cuba is really going to disorganize this storm. once it gets north of cuba, by sunday afternoon, could possibly restrengthen over the warm water south of the florida straits. but it's not going to have a lot of time. but the latest forecast track has it possibly re-strengthening
3:33 pm
to a tropical storm and then heading towards the west coast of florida. it is going to dump a lot of rain, regardless of how strong this storm is, it is going to dump a lot of rain across portions of south florida and they need the rain. south florida, especially the miami area, they are in a drought. tampa does not. by the time this storm gets to tampa, they're already so saturated. we could see quite a bit of flooding in tampa. then this storm is going to continue its track northward. here's the computer models. they've been shifting east and west the past couple of days. most of them agreeing on this track. but wolf, this is something to monitor, especially with that intensity quite unknown at this moment. >> if it avoids florida and just one of those tracks shows it going into the gulf of mexico where the water is very warm, that storm could really pick up, right? >> absolutely. any time the storm enters warmer water, if it can get its act back together again once it crosses over cuba, we could see restrengthening and that's when you'd really want to watch it,
3:34 pm
especially if it goes into the gulf of mexico. >> jennifer, thanks very much. this state of emergency right now covers every county in florida. governor rick scott says the danger is very real. governor scott is joining us right now. thank you for joining us. i know you're incredibly busy. what's the latest information you're get wg this tropical storm erika? >> well, what jennifer said is right. our biggest concern right now is the water. how much rain we're going to get. the southern part of the state can take some water but it looks like it's going to come -- the track is going to come right back into tampa. tampa is saturated. the hills borrow, all those points have been saturated. they've gotten so much water. we still have some flooding that's -- from a few weeks ago. so -- but being on the west side of the storm track means looks like we'll get a lot of rain. and so i've brought -- i'm mobilized part of the national guard. we have another 8,000 members we can mobilize. our county emergency management teams are working well.
3:35 pm
we're going to make sure all our citizens are prepared. what you do every day by letting them know what's going on is important. i've said to all our citizens, follow the news. cnn does a great job. let people know where this is and get prepared. >> so you've declared a state of emergency. walk us through, practically speaking, what that means as far as getting ready for whatever happens. >> so what we do is it helps our emergency management teams all across the state, because they can get positioned. it helps our utilities get positioned. our utilities across the state are prepositioning. we believe mobilize our national guard, which we've mobilized some of our national guard. it's faster to mobilize the national guard. it's basically position everybody for what's going to happen. we're going to continue to follow it. we're doing constant calls with our county emergency management teams, with our utilities, with the red cross, keeping everybody informed. we're making sure all our citizens stop and think about their families.
3:36 pm
three days of water, three days of food, radio, make sure you know what your evacuation route would be. wolf, as you know, a lot of people moved to the state since our last hurricane. we always have a lot of visitors. we have about 100 million visit areas year now in our state. we've got to keep all of them informed to get ready for whatever happens. we're going to pray for the best but prepare for the worst. >> yeah, because i've lived through some of these storms, hurricanes, in florida over the years and elsewhere as well. you lose power very quickly as well. you've got a lot of senior citizens who are living in high rise buildings. what do you do about that once the power goes out at hospitals and nursing homes, places like that? >> the first thing we're doing, we're already calling through people that we think might need emergency shelter. people that might need it for health care reasons. we have worked with our hospitals to make sure they have the backup power they need. we are prepositioning utility workers and utility assets to
3:37 pm
try to prevent problems or if there's a problem it quickly comes back online. we have worked -- let all our national guard members we might mobilize know we might mobilize them. it's basically saying, okay, if this happens we're ready to make a decision and react right, right now. again, all our citizens have got to do their part. be prepared yourself. don't completely rely on our first responders, who i know are going to do a great job. >> you know, it's interesting. and i'm not suggesting that what you're bracing fare right now is anything along the lines of katrina but this is the 10th anniversary of katrina. we all know the devastation and the death that caused. looking back, what lessons have you learned from katrina, some of these other storms, that should be applied right now? >> well, you look at katrina, but we jums had the anniversary of andrew which hit south florida, 1992. so most of it is our citizens, one, need to be prepared.
3:38 pm
because you don't know what's going to happen, if you're going to lose power, so you need to make sure you're ready. on top of that, preposition your assets. know where your vulnerabilities are. we've improved our building codes, all sorts of things to help prevent the problems after andrew in particular. so we've done a lot of the right things in our state. we're already making sure at the southern part of the state we're pushing water out of our canals and things like that. so we're positioning ourselves to be ready for whatever happens. but wolf, you have to understand, remember three years ago right after the republican convention we had a hurricane right at that point that missed us. ultimately went to louisiana. but we had 20 inches of snow -- or 20 inches of water in palm beach county, which no one anticipated. we had a lot of flooding there. so we had -- we just have to be prepared and follow it. because arnott sure what's going to happen. >> at a minimum you can have high winds and have a lot of rain right now. let's hope it doesn't get worse than that. let's hope it doesn't even get to that point.
3:39 pm
governor, thanks so much for joining us. good luck to you, good luck to everyone in florida. >> thanks, wolf. >> rick scott is the governor of florida. tropical storm erika by the way is hitting just as this country marks the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. all along the gulf coast there's still a lot more rebuilding that needs to be done. to find out what you can do to help, visit and you will be able to impact your world. just ahead, a disturbing look into the apartment of that virginia gunman as we're now getting new information about the deadly rounds he fired at a tv news crew. we're also getting the first account of the murders from the lone survivor husband now revealing what she saw as the attack unfolded. ♪
3:40 pm
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new information showing how ferocious the gunman was in killing two tv journalists and wounding their interview subject. he unleashed a hail of bullets at his targets. now we have new details suggesting he was methodical ask cold-blooded as he carried out his plan and his escape. let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown, what are you learning? >> tonight we're learning the gunman, vester flanagan, fired off 17 rounds fatally striking adam ward and alison parker in the head. and what police call a well-planned and premeditated attack. the lone survivor is still
3:45 pm
recovering in the hospital and her husband is now sharing new details about the horrific murders. tonight we're getting a new account of what happened inside wednesday's deadly attack from lone survivor vicki gardner. her husband tim telling abc news vicki never saw the gunman, vester flanagan, before he opened fire. >> he shot three times at my wife. and she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice. and then she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball and that's when he shot her in the back. pulled the trigger several times. only fired once. >> reporter: but he says that one bullet nearly took her life. >> she got up and walked to the ambulance after being shot. but she didn't know the extent of her injuries at that point. but the surgeon told me that a couple of centimeters and she wouldn't be walking and she wouldn't be alive. >> reporter: new video offers a glimpse inside vester flanagan's bare virginia apartment. in the video obtained by nbc news, his bed is stripped. dirty dishes fill the sink.
3:46 pm
and there are head shots of himself taped to the fridge. >> it sounds like he was almost in a free fall. had he had support, had he had maybe some mental health intervention, had he had that, that could have prevented him from continuing on that downward spiral where revenge was really the answer for him. >> reporter: despite boasting on social media following the shooting, court records show flanagan texted a friend after the attack alluding to having done something stupid. investigators tell cnn they believe flanagan was heading toward a specific location when they confronted him heading north on a virginia highway. evidence also indicates the former wdbj reporter had been planning his attack for some time. and the car he rented days before the murders, police found a possible disguise, including a wig, shawl, and sunglasses. they also found three license plates, as well as a gun and ammunition. today, virginia governor terry mcauliffe visited the local
3:47 pm
station where alison parker and adam ward worked. outside, parker's father called on politicians to look hard at gun laws after yet another senseless attack. >> i want to go to the virginia legislature and i want them -- i want them to look me in the eye and tell me why can't we have a reasonable proposal, any reasonable background check, the things that common sense dictates. >> reporter: the father also says he is disappointed he hasn't heard from either virginia senator. of course we're talking about senator warner and senator kane. >> thanks very much for that report. let's get more on what's going on. our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes, a former fbi assistant director. our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. tom, he was heading supposedly to a specific location, he had this sort of planned out, he had supplies in his rented vehicle, a wig, three license plates in his car. based on all of that, what was
3:48 pm
he, in your analysis, what was he planning to do? >> i'm not sure, wolf. even analyzing this. because he's still using his cell phone, which he'd have to know that can be tracked by the authorities. even when you're not making a call, you're in communication with a cell phone tower. so they can tell pretty closely on the map where he's at, that he was headed eastbound on interstate 66 towards washington. even if he went to a specific location, the cell phone would give up that location to the authority. >> he did manage to get, what, about 200 miles away from the scene of the crime, right? >> well, he did. he had the other car. but he had to know that this is not going to last. he's not going to stay on the loose for very long. but they're going to be able to track him down. >> jeffrey, we also learned today that based on his writings, evidence taken from his apartment, he identified with individuals who had committed mass murder, including at virginia tech university, 32 people were killed then. about ten years or so ago. as well as the september 11th attacks on the u.s. might he have even been planning
3:49 pm
some sort of larger attack? what's your sense? >> you know, i don't know what he was planning. you know, i think when we look at situations like this, we have to have a lot of humility. remember, the legal system has a difficult enough time figuring out what happened in the past, much less predicting what people are going to do in the future. you look at that apartment. it's a bare apartment. but there's nothing there that says that, you know, an evil, evil act is coming. it's simply very, very hard to look at someone who's had mental problems or employment problems and say, this person is going to do something terrible. it's just something that the legal system, the medical community, is just not capable of doing. >> what do you think of the bare apartment? >> we know how narcissistic he
3:50 pm
was. it has been all about him for many years. i want to agree with what jeffrey just said is it's very difficult to predict what they're going to do. what we're trying to do as rational thinking human beings is try to get into his head when he was not a rational thinking human being. so the fact that it looked like he might have intended this or he had a place to go, we don't know. >> we have to learn lessons, and maybe there had been people close to this killer, whether friends or family or someone, who might have detected that there's a real serious problem here, right? >> yes. and certainly anyone who knows that someone is having a really serious mental problem should try to get that person help. but the issue of guns never goes away in this country. i mean, the fact that you had someone like this who had access to powerful weapons, which he used, i mean that's something
3:51 pm
that's sort of fallen off the political map. president obama made a full court press and he didn't get it through a democratic senate. gun control is an issue that has been around in american life for a long time, but it really is a complete non-starter at this point for better or for worse. >> thanks very much. ten years after hurricane katrina, anderson cooper has returned to new orleans. he is standing by to join us live when we come back.
3:52 pm
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so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are. ten years ago tonight, hurricane katrina was baring down on the u.s. gulf coast. it devastated the city of new orleans. anderson cooper was on the scene for us. he is back in new orleans tonight. anderson, you were there. you witnessed what was going on. give us a sense of what you are seeing today. >> reporter: well, i think everybody i have talked to today, they start off saying the same thing which is can you believe it has been ten years. for people here on the ground, it doesn't seem like that long ago. in many ways, this city has come back. but it's a different city than
3:57 pm
it was. much of what was great remains. but there's 100,000 fewer african-american citizens in this city. there's parts of this city in the lower ninth ward that have not had the kind of rebirth that many other parts of the city has. it's a tale of rebuilding. but all the officials here acknowledge that and say there's a lot of work do and they are thankful. you hear that today from people, very thankful that the world paid attention, that the federal government paid attention and people came by the thousands over the last ten years to help this city rebuild. >> a lot of us remember the interview you conducted ten years ago with then-senator mary lander of louisiana. let me play that exchange you had with her. >> i want to thank the senators for their extraordinary efforts tonight. i don't know if you heard. maybe you have announced it. congress is going to an unprecedented session to pass a
3:58 pm
$10 billion supplemental bill to keep fema up and operating. >> excuse me. i haven't heard that. for the last four days, i've been seeing dead bodies in the streets here in mississippi. to listen to politicians thanking each other and complimenting each other, you know, i got to tell you there are people here who are very upset and angry. when they hear politicians thanking one another, it just -- it kind of cuts them the wrong way right now. literally, there was a body on the streets of this town yesterday being eaten by rats because this woman had been in the street for 48 hours. there's not enough facilities to take her up. do you get the anger that is out here? >> passion, anger that you showed, anderson. a lot of us remember looking back on that moment. what goes through your mind now? >> reporter: you know, it's hard to hear that because it brings back a lot of the memories for
3:59 pm
all of us who were on the ground about what we saw. the conditions that people were living in, people's possessions were gone. it was just destroyed. in many places there was nothing left standing. i think part of that frustration was hearing politicians giving one account of how things were going but then seeing on the ground -- not seeing national guard troops and not seeing the response that we were being told was happening. it may have been happening other places but where i was and where many other people were stationed, we didn't see that. >> anderson, thanks very much. thanks for being back there today. thanks for all your reporting ten years ago as well.anderson tonight on the katrina anniversary, that starts s at 0 p.m. eastern here on cnn.
4:00 pm
follow us on twitter. tweet the show. be sure to join us again right here in "the situation room" on monday. have a nice weekend. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. breaking news. we are standing by for donald trump taking questions from reporters in this hour. the candidate who says he is self-funding his campaign speaks at a fund-raiser. my guest tonight, republican candidate scott walker taking on donald trump, even suggesting that his rival is lying. for jeb bush and trump, their bitter war of words is more than politics. it's personal, part of a long battle between two of america's most powerful families. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jimut


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