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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 29, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's where he touched her inappropriately. the screen er has been fired and faces up to a year in jail. okay. we have so much more straight ahead in the news room, and it starts right now. >> okay. happening right now in the news room a texas sheriff deputy is shot and killed while gassing up the pa trtrol car. his mother actually made the call to the police. who is uma? one of the great sleez bags of our town. >> gop donald trump now suggesting one of hillary clinton's aides shared cls identified information with her husband and florida bracing for florida as remanence of tropical storm area take i am . you're live in if cnn news room.
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happening right now in the news room a texas deputy is shot and killed while kbasing up the patrol car. there has been this in tense manhunt and then a phone call comes in from the mother from the man of a mother that's being questi questioned. >> they're calling him a presence of interest. we are standing by with a press conference just an hour from now and hoping to get more information on the investigation. >> captured at miz mother's house. he has been taken into custody.
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the man's mother called the sheriff's department after learning her son may have been involved in the shooting. police say that it appears to be an unprovoked execution style killing. >> the witness called 911 and told us that a deputy was shot. multiple units arrive. ems arrived on the scene. unforlt -- unfortunately is deputy passed. >> he is identified as 47-year-old darren go forth. he was married with two children. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years and i don't recall another incident this cold bloody and cowardly. >> the uniform deputy was refuelling when this man caught on surveillance camera came up behind him and opened fire. >> the deputy then fell to the ground and then he headed over to him and shot him multiple times as he laid on the ground.
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>> then the suspect fled in a red or that ruin pick up people. >> how weird is this? >> well, it's tough enough being a deputy is and law enforcement in this country, but for the way people now there's no words. >> there's no motive in the case. the deputy had investigated an accident about a half hour before the attack. police are looking into whether there's any connection. >> i think that it's important to ask for the prayers of the community, deadly weapon you, family and our department family. >> you heard the details of the shooting. no way to describe it. the man continued to open fire on the deputy while on the ground. we're learning that the texas
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department of public safety and fbi and u.s. marshall's all involved in this. trying to see what the motive was to the shooting. >> this person being questioned. >> we hope to hear more on the 2:00 p.m. conference and if they will name him as the gunman. trying go resume after two colleagues were shot and killed on live television. they did the first live shot last night with the crew out on the field there at a local football game. it was an emotional moment for the crew there. the coworker alison parker and adam were killed on wednesday morning. they tell us the only survivor is slowly recovering. >> reporter: yeah, vickie gardener continues to recover according to her family.
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they have been posting several updates on a facebook page that's dedicate today the recovery and progress as they know and fully aware that there's plenty of interest in the community. if you look behind me, you can see the proofstudios. just a few moments ago i witnessed people coming out and leaving flowers and balloons and well wishes for the families of adam ward and the whole staff and of course vickty gardener herself. we're told that her condition is improving. she has undergone two surgeries so far. she did lose her right kidney and some of the colon. she is expected to recover. it's the emotional scars that will take some time to heal. now, she won't t be back at work any time soon to the recovery, but her coworkers will. we're told that the smith mountain lake reopened today. that's where the shooting
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happened. visitors expected to see some changes. it's a memorial that's been put up there and then perhaps yet another change here is the replacing of some of the wooding panelly or the wood deck that was at the spot where it happened on wednesday. a hauntding reminder. >> okay. thank you so much polo. a graduate of a new hampshire prep school who is alumni include the likes of secretary state john kerry and mule er is facing up to 11 years behind bars. he was accused of raping another stun student. he broke into sobs and they found him nothing of felony but convicted him of having sex with a girl under age. joining us now with more. >> fred i was in the courtroom
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yesterday and both families were emotional. they did not know what to expect and both parties were over taken with emotion. while the case is over, the school that this took place may now be heading to court itself. >> guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty. >> a prep student accused of raping a then 157-year-old school mat acquitted of the most felony sexual assault charges against him. the 19-year-old broke down in tears. >> you say that the defendant is guilty? >> yes. >> as the jury convicted him on five other charges. three counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. a misdemeanor for endangering a child and luring a minor through an online service. it follows two weeks of in tense
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testimony from numerous witness witnesses including the accuse er that says that she was raped. >> please read those e-mails and chats and decide is this someone who was unwilling. would you stand and raise your right hand, please. >> he maintained that he did not have sex with accuse er and had a moment of inspiration as the two were together alone in the attic of a building in the campus. >> he had the use tactics to get what he want withed. he he to confuse and manipulate a 15-year-old girl. >> he was grilled by prosecutors claiming that he hatched a plan to sa deuce her months earlier
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and the younger feel mails afemd the victims name was on the list. after the verdict was read, the victims family put out a statement partly blaming the school and writing that this requires him to take ownership for his actions and gives him the opportunity to reflect upon the harm that he has caused. we still feel betrayed that the school allowed and fostered a toxic culture that left our daughter and other students at risk to sexual violence. we trusted the school to protect her, and it failed us. as for lerbre his attorney says that he is devastated. >> owens future is forever changed. a conviction like this is a
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brand or a tattoo on him that will be impossible to remove. he will spend the rest of his life i am sure showing people that this convention should not have occurred. >> the statements leading many to speculate that they may open a civil suit against the st. paul school and. >> thank you so much. we will be right back. when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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after a deadly bombing and 20 people were killed in a blast and poplar shrine two weeks ago and the arrest was not the chief suspect and it's the photo. the man in custody is part of a
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larger hit hole aiding that and the -- he is the calling the british extremely in just. he was hardened and they're waiting to hear if he will follow through. thortds in michigan fear that a sniper maybe targeting drivers since late july. police think that it's along i 94 and test confirm and no ones has been injured and the new england patriot's and nfl commissioner are back in court on monday for the final deflate gate. well after nearly eight months this could be the week that the
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saga comes to an end. andy has the latest. >> well, both sides have no signs of budging when it's over the tom brady suspension. that means that she likely going to have a ruling in this. we do finally get a ruling and it won't be the end of deflate gate. >> and judge berman and brady and the nfl could appeal and brady's possibly missed game is making it to the playoffs. >> the appeals court says that later on this year and/or maybe january at a time of the year and it's meaningful and for tom
10:16 am
brady and he is suspended. >> the good news is for the appea appeals. in 20708 minnesota vickings was filly abuse substance policy and part of it is in the junction and then in 2009 and 2010 in his case was resolved. >> it was ruled by their time frame and the rules of justice moved but slowly and it was possible and potentially likely. if the judge resumes for they could also file an appeal for the second court. time is of the essence. there's a sustained suspension
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and that and the argument would be that we will never get it back if he missing it of the season. the nfl says that if he missing the games if he later on wins because they need to money. >> then the stipulation and it's the process and starting all over again and certainly last into the season. >> well, thank you so much. appreciate that. still to come remembering hurricane katrina and then to the gulf coast. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself.
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today republican candidate addressed conservatives at the assemblies in nashville. after the event he talked about whether he would run as a third party candidate. >> as far as third party is concerned the party has been treating me very fairly. all that i ask is that i am leading in every poll and leading in a state by a lot. certainly that would be the bst
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best path, but we're going make a decision soon, and i think that awe few people are going to be happy. >> reporter: fred, will he or won't he run? that's the question that a lot of people want him to answer. as you hard in the sound he did actually say that he would rule it out and sort of toyed with the idea of running back and it's reputed and it's to run and that it all depends on the treatment that he gets from the others in if field as well as establishment republicans. that's a question that he will have to answer at some point especially with the september 307th deadline in south carolina where one has to vow as a third
10:23 am
party candidate to participate in the primary. >> and he has participated of the event and what are the thoughts about it all. >> reporter: well the reality is that it's all early in the circle and the south polls tend not to predict who is going win the primary. being hosted by the national confederation and it's a group and she challenged hair reid in the senate and whoever wins will get an idea which candidate is a favorite and outsider candidates and others like ben carson and others that i don't think that the straw polls will be a good prediction for what will happen
10:24 am
late ner the circle. it will give us an idea of what candidates of the tea party is into and finding appeal. >> okay. mj lee, thank you so much from nashville. florida bracing for heavy rains and floods from what was tropical storm erika. it dumped 12 inches of rain in about an hour. we have the latest. >> well, one thing that we're keeping an eye on even though that the winds have diminished without the last 12 hours, the threat for the flooding is going to be the main concern. here is the loop and notice that it's really falling apart and the southside of the storm. up near cuba we have the in tense areas that's still dropping and significant amounts of rain. here is a look at the rain faufl estimates over the next 34 hours of what we expect. notice along the west coast of florida basically from tampa all the way down to the keys
10:25 am
expecting at least three to five inches but some of those areas could pick up six inches of rain if not slightly more embed in the thunderstorms associated with the system as it continues to slide to the north and west. now once it continues to track above the panhandle and in places like georgia and alabama it's expected to slow down again and dropping the rain into the areas. here is a look of the forecast radar. notice that it does not really look like a tropical storm anymore. it's really lost most of that and however as it gets out in the open water of the gulf of mexico, there's a slight potential for it to reintensity and become a tropical storm erika. it has to be watched over the next 24 hours to see if it intensifies. in the meantime folks in florida be on the guard for the flooding potential for the next 34 hours. >> all right. thank you so much allison.
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we will be right back.
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night trump had some harsh words for clinton's aide he called him a sleez bag and pefsh. >> when she is the receiver and married to a guy that's obviously disturbed, i think that it's a very fair statement that i made. a lot of people have congratulated me. she is receiving this very very important information and giving it to hillary who else? her husband has serious problems and on top of that he now works for a public relations firm. >> hillary said that trump crossed the line. he spent the summer saying things about woman but no time
10:31 am
for -- good to see both of you. so you first is trump picking on woman in general or is he just going at hillary clinton and chipping away at her right hand advis advisor, or is it just typical, political mud sling? >> well, taste little typical. it's also the t strategy right now. do you remember the movie wag the dog. the one that they distract america from the real problems. he finds it everyday and wedgaga war and then no one tells them the plan or details. the rest of america wants to know who is this man. what does he respect and is he a pop list and capitalist and politician or not. they want to know the plan or not. everyday it's a plan for an
10:32 am
attack. >> it seems to be working does it not? >> yeah, unfortunately i agree in that i would lake to hear the specifics. how are you going that? obviously the people right now don't care because if they did, he would not be leading in the polls at almost 30 percent. right now people are frustrated with washington and this country under president obama's lack of leadership and so refreshed by someone that comes across as brash and too brash and engages in attacks, but people are refreshed and he stands up and says what he means. he does not care or influenced. >> can you have it both ways and the refresh is if thing at the same time and at the top of both of you have said that people want to hear more about issues so we're not seeing both at this point. he continues to be able to be less detailed on policy or on
10:33 am
his ideas or agenda, but definitely more detailed on kind of insulting other people or being critical. >> it's pretty simple. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. it's work rg for him. people tune in because of the outra outrageous thing that is he y says. he already know this. people tuned in for his personally, and it's working for him now because like i said we set aside certain standards and i don't think that's a good thing. right now because of the nature of the things that he says and the mud slinging. we have hillary talk about his her and her hair and people's personal stuff. this is below of a presidential dignity. people just being sick and tired
10:34 am
of over produced political u.s. >> so are you seeing that others are being baited and saying that this is working for him and now some of the other candidates are trying on a little bit more size, but it does not fit. if anything, it might be backfiring on the other candidates. >> yeah, i think that you're right. he is a master and working on this for 30 years. a poll situation and smart poll situation know who the audience and know the message. they know that if you're explain you're losing. they're trying to play donald trump, but they're not donald trump. they need to play who they are. they need to know who they are and what kind of message to recruit their voters. the question is whether l he be able to recruit the voters that are polling for him right now into real voters? that's the big question. i don't see him taking any of
10:35 am
the other support from the candidates who might drop out of the race later on. i don't see that happening. if they're not with him now, they're not going to be with him later on. he was talking about the iran and the secretary falling off his bike. just listen to what he had to say and the kind of reactions that came with it. . he is talking of an important deal. he falls and breaks his leg and
10:36 am
gone. >> what is going on and what is this? >> yeah, he is a good one man show. it was funny. it would be funny if it were not so sad because of the deal that they have talked about with the united states of iran. look this is what donald trump does. that was a line. >> this is a serious job. this is a serious job being the president of the united states, and i guess the tone that comes with that and trying to make fun of or being ka medic. we all appreciate mu more but when you look at the big picture and see what is happening, it seems different right t now. i personally think that its goes back to the 90s when clinton went on and asked him boxers or
10:37 am
briefs. we thought that was great. that's where you started to see it go like this. i think that's a serious problem, and that's what is concerns to me of trumps populari popularity. i app hoping that some of the other candidates are going to be able to capture the more can did relaxed kind of approach and not being so -- >> will anybody else be able to get the attention for that? >> think that you will if this keeps ongoing on, this would be hard. >> if he is the nominee, i can bet that they're going to play the opposite. they're going to have a good demeanor and be the real politici politician. >> we shall see ladies. >> thank you so much ladies and gentlemen. appreciate it. all right. don't forget the contenders will debate on cnn next month wednesday september 16th, and we will be right back. you know than is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health
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we have been talking about the journalists and the murders were shocking because they were committed on live morning television and recorded by the gunman himself who then posted the video on hiss facebook account. it spread like wild fire and media outlets had to decide if
10:42 am
the images were news worthy or disturbing to show. i mean the images of the gunman that he was wearing a personal video camera. we at cnn decided to air part of the video only once an hour that showed the shooting and that was the portion that went on live television in the market. then as cnn here we discontinued the images throughout the hour. we did not show the gunman's own video take taken from the personal camera. the new york daily news was widely condemned for the front page and showing the graphic slayings. the paper responded and said that the news that they used were in wide circulation and remain in wide circulation. the paper wrote in a note to read ers on friday saying again they are -- we we believe, part
10:43 am
of the store -- a definitive part of the story, however disturbing. joining me to discuss this is rick. in st. petersburg florida catty and here in atlanta with me license psychologist eric fisher. rick, let me bebin with ygin wi. what were the discussions like on what images to show. >> well, they start today come into the news room really really quick. i mean social media today and our news room filled up with that video really moments after we first got word, and it was not too long after the actual event happened. i have a news room full of
10:44 am
people and these are friends. these are people that are there that work with these individuals, and what we decided right on was that this is not going go anywhere. we have it. we know it's there. but this is our community. this is a travesty for the sisters and brothers here. it's a community thing. we're not going to be going down the road. it was an easy decision to make that they were not going to air that video. >> you said that it was an easy decision. why was that was an easy decision? i know that our news rooms and many across the country there will be very difficult on the sensitivities of the story and the realities of the story. sharing as much of the truth of the story that's possible without being offensive. so kind of take me in the news
10:45 am
room as to how the competitive station in the market at the same time these are the colleagues your friends and out all of the time because in that way you're colleagues. talk to me about what that dialogue was because this happened on morning tell skprigs live and then quickly you all had to assemble in addition o the own grief of the life of your colleagues you had to assemble the dialogue of how do we cover what just happen and what images do we show? >> you know we had discussions when my general manager got him. we both looked at it and had a discussion. there's no value in seeing people shot to death on television. yes, it did happen live on tev and there's the social media out there, but we have a
10:46 am
responsibility to our viewers here in southwest virginia. i have been in this market for a year, and i don't see any value in putting that information on. people get what happened. if they're anxious to see if video, they know where to get it. this is our home, and you know the networks can get away with probably doing that and the new york daily news can do that. these are the people and neighbors and families and we felt there was no news value in showing that. two people were died and victims of gunshots, and people get how that happen zbld a. >> and then katie -- >> i must. >> go ahead rick. >> we did use video of the scene that morning when alison was doing the interview and that was prior to establish that they were out there doing that
10:47 am
interview. >> okay. and then katie i wonder as you talk to media outlet itself on the decisions that they have made, was there or was the decision making different in the case because we're talking of colleagues and what's happened to a colleague and that happened on live television opposed to news rooms covering, handing things that there seems to be a great er separation in the events and those that were news gathering. >> i think that the biggest decision that they needed to make was between what footage to show so there are two videos here. there was the live shot that the cameraman who is killed that he shot the interview and then there was also the video from the shooters perspective and that first person video that was so chilling. a lot of people said that it looked like a video game and news outlets first needed to
10:48 am
decide whether they were going to show any footage and then which video to show. i think a lot of places you including cnn decided to show from the live video package from wdbj and not from the shooters perspective. it's a really tough decision, and like he said when this footage is spreading so quickly on social media, you have to make the decisions quickly. it's very very tough to do. >> yeah and eric this gunman bryce williams clearly knows the business. he also had clear in tent on how the actions could be distributed by wearing the body camera and the decisions that the news rooms had to make on what images to show. your perspective as a psychologist, what do you learn about the gunman and in tent to
10:49 am
wanting to make sure that everyone saw it from his point of view but at the same time, you know, text and call a friend later to say that i have done something terrible. >> there was an admission there but at the same time there's a thing and action if wants to make sure that everybody saw it. >> well, we have multiple parts and pieces to ourself. it was put to the side and the part of him that wanted the attention and power back, he felt that he failed in his career. he has been bullied and everybody took his power away in his mind. the cameraman reported and he felt that he took the job from him. there it seemed like those were the first two of others that they may have attended. he had the disguise and rental car, so this maybe the first of st. t other because he felt like
10:50 am
he needed to take it. he was not thinking clearly. the issue is that we have a choice to make in what we choose to look at and choose to watch. >> what do you mean? >> well, we don't have to watch the news -- the news does not have to report the name. my concern is that we're going to have potentially copycat crimes from this. because they see what the outcome is. they know they can get attention. what i'd like to challenge america to do is on my twitter handle, i put a tweet out there that says for the world to change, we all as individuals and a culture have to have the courage to change change, #couragetochange. i'd ask viewers if they want to see the world change, retweet it or see a story that you see on the air or you see in the news and put #thecouragetochange. >> erik fisher, thank you so
10:51 am
much. thanks so much to all of you. appreciate it. and we'll be right back right after this. when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace. you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death.
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enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ten years ago today, hurricane katrina devastated new orleans. cnn's martin savidge was there, first reporting from the superdome, and then from the convention center, and as he reflects on what he saw, there was one phone call that stands out to him. >> i was in the superdome when katrina struck. a couple of days later, i was here at the convention center. this place was far worse. there were thousands and thousands of people without any help. they were desperate. >> we can't take it. we've been out here for three days. >> they begged us to take them
10:56 am
with us. they assumed that we were leaving every day. >> we want help! >> we weren't. we never left the city. and so when we told that to them, they then said, well, you've got to have some way of talking to people. they said well, we had satellite phones. and that's when people began tearing up pieces of paper or writing down telephone numbers. they were certain if someone knew, that they would come and be rescued. they gave me the numbers and begged that i call. and every evening when i got done with work and when there were a few free moments, i'd start making my way down the list. the first thing i realized is that nobody answers their phone anymore. it's always voicemail after voicemail and the message i would always leave was the same, you don't know me, i'm a reporter, i'm in new orleans, i saw your uncle today in the convention center or i saw your aunt or i saw your sister. they're okay. one of the people actually wrote
10:57 am
specifically what i was supposed to say in the phone call. it goes, please call my daughter amethyst, and tell her her daddy "ain't dead yet." i hung on to that note all these years because it was a reminder of how desperate people were. >> and that was our perspective from our martin savidge, and tonight, anderson cooper's perspective. he returns to the gulf coast for a cnn special report, katrina, the storm that never stopped. you can see it right here on cnn at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we've got so much more straight ahead in the newsroom in just a moment.
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thankshow may i help you?s list. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price.
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you heard right, just tell us what you need done and we'll find a top rated provider to take care of it. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or have a guy refinish my floors? absolutely! or send someone out to groom my pookie? pookie's what you call your? my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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