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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> my first drone fish. >> reporter: about his new way of fly-fishing. djhone jeanne moos, skrchlt nn, new york. >> fishie, my goodness. thank you for joining us." "ac 360" now. >> breaking news in politics. making demand of donald trump. a pledge sent to each campaign late today asking the candidates to pledge their support in writing to the party's eventual nominee and to not run for a third party ticket. trump as you know, threatened a third party run before. tonight how he and candidates are responding. we begin north of chicago with what would have to be the hardest words a person can say under the worst circumstances imaginable. with search for her husband's killers widening and fears the trail is going cold.
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she talked about the man who she, they, and the entire community has lost. >> joe was my best friend and my world, my hero. the love of my life. for the last 26 1/2 years. he was my rock as much as i was his rock. every night he came home to me. he was the most wonderful, caring, loving father to our boys. my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. thank you, everybody. >> heartbreaking. as we said the search for who ever murdered lieutenant gliniewic zichltz widening. police are asking the public to help. they're giving people the barest details to go on.
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rosa floor is has more on that, reporting from a community now coming to grips with a profound loss. >> reporter: the challenges start with the vague descriptions of the suspects coming from the last exchange with police dispatch tuesday. at 7:52 a.m. lieutenant joe gliniewicz calls in about three suspicious people according to authorities. >> a male white and male black that fled from scene taking the officer's side arm and pepper spray. >> reporter: the situation escalates and lieutenant gliniewicz calls for backup at 7:55. then radio silence from lieutenant gliniewicz. at 8:01, a.m., backup officers arrive on scene. it takes them 8 minutes to find
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lieutenant gliniewicz, laying shot, 500 yards from his cruiser. his weapon missing authorities say. the suspects gone. hundreds of officers from the region descended to search the area. not an easy task. take a look around. the terrain is a mix of abandoned buildings, sometimes occupied by squatters. march land and a system of connected lakes. >> this is a very area that has a lot of foliage around it. so they're turning over every leaf and blade of grass to see if there is anything else out that they nay have missed. >> hopefully we will find these guys soon. >> residents in the summer home community on edge. many worried the suspects could be hiding in vacant homes or boats. or using the huge interconnected lakes to evade police. >> it would be easy to get in one of the waterways and, and end up stom whesome where else . >> absolutely.
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absolutely. two, three, four, five, towns away. in a very short period of time. traveling by water. >> investigators not discounting that the killers could be out of town, or even out of state. though about 100 state, local, federal agents are looking at surveillance video from near the scene, frame by frame. >> from taw >> rosa flores joins us from the vigil. what its the scene there, rosa? >> it is a very somber moment here, anderson. you played the sound of the wife speaking of lieutenant gliniewicz being the love of her life. so, very, very moving. people here were very, very moved. i spoke to several who tell me she is much stronger than everybody here to come out in front of several thousand people and talk about her husband the i want to show you around here. because what is happening. people are lining the street. they believe -- his wife will be
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walking through. so everyone wants to show support. but if you look closely, you will also see that there is a lot of law enforcement here. that's, part of the -- the law enforcement effort. in this community to try to find the three suspects. now, what's really sad here, anderson. is that these people could not mourn in peace. why? because those three suspects are still on the loose. i can tell you from driving around in the country. you see law enforcement with guns drawn. all over the place. looking for the three suspects. hopefully trying to bring some peace allowing the people here to mourn in peace. >> anderson. >> we are checking in with you throughout the hour. joining us, christopher covelli. commander falenko, what is the latest on the search tonight.
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any new lead. any information as to where the suspects might be? >> new lead are coming in every several minutes. from a variety of sources. social media. phone calls. individuals from the community walking into the police station lobby. we have got approximately. 125 to 130 local, state, federal officers. out in the community. following up on the lead. we feel like we are making some progress. unfortunately, we haven't apprehended anyone. >> commander, do you have more to go on as far as who the suspects are. what they look like. no, the only description we laugh to go off of is what we -- have to go off of is what we were given from the officer in his final moments when he
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encountered the three suspects. we don't have any other details. >> are you going on the belief that they are still in, in that area? we heard rosa's report, they could have crossed state lines at this point. there is always a possibility of that. based on a couple of theorys we have. we believe they may have been familiar with the area where the officer. eventually encountered them. there is a tendency, however hard it is to believe that even in a heinous crime like this that people do hide in place. so there is -- a theory on our end that they may still well be in the area. but of course there is that possibility they may have fled the state. and a lack of a clear identity on the suspects. the area itself, it seems like -- there is a great
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variety. there is marshland. foliage. industrial area. and a residential area. >> there is. yesterday, we had -- an unbelievable amount of resources to put between federal, state, local, county agencies. throughout the day we had over 400 law enforcement officers on the ground actively searching. swat teams on the ground actively searching. we had over 45 canine units in the area actively searching. six aircraft in the air, actively searching. the search of two square mile perimeter lasted in excess of 14 hours. every nook and cranny was gone through. we have beefed up police presence. fox state police. illinois police. saturating the fox lake area. in an effort to apprehend the individuals to. let the community know here. we are keeping them safe. we are here to make sure they're safe. and also follow up on any leads and turn those over to mate your
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crime task force. >> commander, there have been conflicting reports. i want to see if you can confirm if you can't i could understand. there were reports that lieutenant gliniewicz's gun was not taken from the crime scene as was reported earlier. do you know for sure? yeah, unfortunately that's a fact that i can't confirm. this is an ongoing investigation. i pointed out earlier those are facts that we have to keep hold tight. >> sure, understand that. there were also reports, surveillance video. have, have, i mean, can you say whether there is video obviously. that is something you would be very interested in seeing. the possible cameras that may be around there. >> yeah, we have begun collecting video as early as, as, yesterday evening. once the areas around the crime scene were secure. we still continue to do that. videos are coming from a number
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of places. businesses. factories. gas stations. we acquired a individually today from a -- from a truck driver. who had his own video system in a truck. driving through the area right around that time. we are collecting that video. we have one of the federal agencies. homeland security that brought sophisticated video enhancement equipment with them so. we are consolidating all that. reviewing it as we speak. >> detective covelli, what is your message to everybody liflg liflg -- everybody living in the community. if anybody has seen anything you want them to contact police as quickly as possible? >> absolutely. first, foremost, we want the community to know law enforcement is here for them. we are here. we are actively protecting them out in full force. should the community see anything that is suspicious, out of the ordinary whatsoever. we of course want them to call. like we say there is no tip too small. all tips are vetted through the
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major crime task force. and community members are best at knowing what is out of the ordinary within their community. if they see something that just doesn't fit. they really need to call it in. >> detective covelli, commander falenko, appreciate all your efforts. and our condolences on the loss of this incredible officer. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next -- what the search zone looks like from above. ryan young went airborne today. what she saw. later, a day after meeting with latino meters. donald trump gives jeb bush a tongue lashing about his bilingual campaign. telling him to make it english only. details ahead. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner, brighter future.
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we have been talking since the manhunt began about the mix of terrain and around fox lake, illinois. some may be helping the bad guys. the searchers have the means of surmounting challenges. one is to rise above them. helicopters have been featured heavily in the manhunt and obviously just want to remind you. showing taped images not live pictures, because we dent want to give anybody who may be watching, possibly may be one of these, suspects, an idea of where police are. ryan young got a chance to get air bern today. he joins us now. explain this bird's eye view. the terrain sound incredibleably
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challenging with variety of terrain. >> honestly. and want to make sure that stayed out of the two-mile radius. officers have around the zone. they were looking in just yesterday. and i can tell you when we got up above the air, we were 500 feet above the ground. what you can see here is the chain of lakes. sort of connects this community. and the idea there is heavy tree brush. you know, some neighborhoods they clear cut a neighborhood. here what we saw was -- dense woods. surrounding homes. there were some neighborhood where it was hard to make out the roofs of homes. we hovered over the backyard. to see what we could find. you can tell there were some homes. vacant. battered down. there were boats back there. pools that were covered. you can imagine the officers going through the backyard. from neighborhood to neighborhood. maybe from house to house. and not having someone to knock on the door to ask them a question. then the thick brush.
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and the marchland that was connected. we saw a chain of inlets that connected to the lake. i can understand how hard it was yesterday in the dead heat from the officers who got there with the canine units. with the helicopters. working their way through the muck. and honestly you can't really understand. when you are on the four-lane highway. you think this is going to be, tightly wound. you go to another neighborhood. it is all water. you can imagine what some of the officers are going through yesterday. >> we spoke yesterday about the anxiety, and the community. understandable. an active manhunt going on. in terms of people you are hearing from today. is there still that, that sense of fear? >> anderson. you can understand why. 1,100 people stayed up for a candlelight vigil. when you talk to people. nothing like this has happened, close to the community with some one they knew and loved. someone who served for 30 years. and the manhunt that was on going. people felt okay with the idea that they were closed off in a two-mile radius.
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everyone is kind of asking questions. are they from the community. are they from some where else. what were the circumstances. then the idea that maybe there is surveillance video. maybe there is images. most people are asking us. hey, as soon as you get the image are you going to put it out there. as soon as you understand, anderson, got the image. put it out. you want to help officers be able to catch who ever is involved in this. more than 100 phone calls have come in since this happened. >> ryan, appreciate the reporting. two people with long experience tracking and catching fugitives. lenny depaul, commander u.s. marshal regional task force. and chris swecker assistant director of the fbi, oversaw the manhunt for eric rudolph. chris, this manhunt, seems as if law enforcement have very little to go on at this point? >> they have almost nothing to go on. very cryptic radio communication from the lieutenant. before he went on this foot chase. they have a very generic
5:19 pm
description of three people. they don't know if they were able to get in a car. had a car. there was no license tag called in. urban, semiurban environment. compared to the two manhunts we have seen over the past couple of months. this one is far more complex. >> lenny, heard you say it is look chasing a ghost here. >> absolutely. anderson. it's frustrating for the lead investigators. they are chasing ghosts. on aexpedition. they have nothing. no one is identified. can't enter names into the national crime center. databases. border crossings can't be covered. and, if they were able to gout and get away from the scene. did they get in a vehicle? on the airplane. out of the country it? is very frustrating. again, it's -- it's, you know, they are scratching their head. hoping tips and lead will come in that are being vetted and investigated. and somebody will say something. they need to i didn't tie the folks, suspects.
5:20 pm
any identification. they will get a since of past addresses of these, of these guys. you know, people that they have hung out with previously. people they have served time with. there would be a lot of different avenues to pursue. they need the game changer. and their own worst enemies now. the suspects. are themselves. you know -- who knows who, who shot this police officer. i better turn myself in. lawyer up. that's the break they need at this point. the public needs to remain vigilant. keep the tips coming in. vet them. investigate them. something will pop here. >> the lieutenant's last word that were recorded were, were that the suspects were heading towards the swamp. at this point, i mean as you said. it's not clear if they were on foot. if they had a vehicle close by.
5:21 pm
if they had a vehicle they could be hiding in another state. >> could have committed a carjacking, home invasion. they're hiding in place as commander said was one of the possibilities. i agree. i think this is going to take some luck. and active participation by the public. a good gumshoe investigation. by those doing the investigation. what we have -- is three social networks here. each one of these people has a social network. they're going to talk to somebody. somebody is going to call in a tip. >> to that idea is it almost better there is three. it is exponentially, more social networks. call a loved one. somebody wants to turn them in. could be dissension between them. does it help there is three of them? >> no, absolutely. if that hasn't happened already. i would encourage anybody that has received the phone call to come for tth. i moon you don't want to be part of this investigation. there is a police officer.
5:22 pm
that has been killed. and if anyone has any contact with the three suspects. they certainly should call law enforcement. >> lenny depaul, chris swecker. thank you for joining us. >> more breaking news tonight. donald trump turning up the heat. slamming jeb bush for speaking spanish on the campaign trail. at the same time, republican national committee is getting tough with trump demanding he and candidates sign a lil' toya pledge. kate steinle's family joins me for an interview after kate was killed by an undocumented immigrant in a so-called sank wear ssank -- sanctuary city. they want to hold san francisco and the government accountable tonight. next.
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more breaking news, donald trump not mincing word, slamming jeb bush for speaking spanish on the campaign trail this time after bush attacked trump's conservative credentials in spanish. here's what mr. trump told the news, i like jeb, he is a nice man. he should set the example by speaking english while in the united states. this fight from mr. frtrump com on the heels of a "washington post" abc news poll that 15% of
5:27 pm
hispanics view trump favorly compared with 43% who view bush. mr. trump says he will win the hispanic vote. those numbers suggest his work is cut out for him. this new development, republican national committee is privately reaching out to the presidential candidates asking if they will pledge not to run as an independent candidate if they fail to didn't party's nomination. trump will meet tomorrow with the rnc chairman. joining us now, jeffrey lord, anna navaro, paul begala. excuse me. anna navaro joining us. a republican strategist. supporter of jeb bush and adv e adviser to republican candidates. paul begala, democratic adviser to president clinton the you all have too long resumes for me tonight. when you hear donald trump say
5:28 pm
stuff like this, not speaking spanish in america, i can't, my first thought was how giddy you must be? >> that they exactly the word. i actually don't know the word in spanish for giddy. that's what i am. you just cited it. the poll, mr. trump negatives among hispanics is 82%. i think he is shooting for 100. i would point out that the holy father, pope francis announced when he comes to washington, capital of america, he will say mass in espanol. maybe mr. trump will want to deport the holy father when she shows up. this is going to put the republican party so deep in the bush. george w. bush got 42% and won. mccain, 31%. romney dropped to 27%. trump is shooting for zero. >> jeff? trump supporter. is this a wise idea? >> well, he is running for the republican nomination and trying to get republican votes. and to be candid once upon a
5:29 pm
time this kind of thing was an asset. but in the current climate here with the whole illegal immigration, this really touches a nerve here. i also speak sort of very bad french. great that people know more than one language. i am all for it. but america as such is an english speaking country. and if, why spanish? why not arabic? why doesn't he, will jeb bush go to michigan and campaign in arabic, or polishtown, and speak polish. we could go on and on here. donald trump is the son of german immigrants. i don't know that he speaks german. never heard him speak german. the point is you come here you, learn the english language. >> you really deon't believe a candidate for president should if talking to spanish speaking audience, speak spanish? >> as i say, in another climate that might be fine. but this takes on another significance here with the
5:30 pm
illegal immigration issue that, you know, jorge ramos are trying to remake all of america in, in a spanish image. and you know, they dent on't dos in mexico. in mexico they have 60 some odd official languages from indigenous peoples. why not one language over another? they do. that language is spanish. so, you know it happens to be english here. i suspect this is a sense nif n -- sensitive nerve with some voters. >> the fact that 82% of latino voters have unfavorable view? >> that number seems a little low to me. >> a candidate. republican or democrat could win the white house with the kind of numbers? >> no. i don't think that you can win a general election with those kind of numbers. frankly, i don't think mr. trump is doing anything to help himself with the numbers. the reason jeb bush is speaking spanish, it is the one other language he nose.
5:31 pm
we actually live in a country where people think knowing more than one language is an asset. the ironic part of this is that, donald trump is criticizing jeb for speaking spanish when he is suing univision, a spanish speaking network, for $500 million. as he has told us ad nauseam, that by the way is latin. because they won't carry his pageant in spanish. so, if you don't find that ironic. let me, you know -- yeah, you know. that's also, realize that we are, you know, what does donald trump do. he does this every few dates. he recrat he creates controversy, creates media which in turn keeps him in the headlines and keeps him getting all sorts of attention. when he is not picking a fight with meg cyn kelly, caroline
5:32 pm
kennedy, oreos, next week we will boycott tacos. >> we are hearing, that trump will hold a meeting with rnc chairman tomorrow, should trump sign it given the fact he is running as a republican? >> well you, know what i think he should do is ask why other republicans don't dupe to the s thing. senator from alaska, lost the republican nomination, ran as a third party candidate. won. now is back there enjoying all benefits of being a republican u.s. senator. they went after christine o'donnell. on, on, on. these kind of lists. not necessarily third party candidates. if this raises party loyal team. that is a field i would think establishment folks don't want to get into. they have a terrible record. dating all the way back to nelson rockefeller for heaven sakes. >> paul, the first time the rnc has ever asked for this kind of a pledge? >> i think it is what jeffrey
5:33 pm
said. maybe thinking about impending visit of the holy father. two kind of churches, two political parties. those who seek converts. those hue hunt down heratics. >> who got them too. >> they're doing the opposite now. they want a smaller, purer party. driving out independents. trump, could run as an independent. >> by the way, how foolish? i don't know mr. trump. nothing against him. the guy has been married three times. gone bankrupt four times. think he is not very solid on long term pledges anyway. >> of course you got nothing against him. he is mana from heaven, paul begala. the word for giddy is -- [ speaking spanish ] >> go ahead, jeff. >> the last time they thought they had mana from heaven,
5:34 pm
ronald reagan, that didn't work out so well. lindsay graham said if donald trump was nominated he would hold his nose and vote for trump. if they're going to do this loyalty pledge. they would have to go to lindsay graham. >> donald trump is interested now in, winning caucuses, winning primaries. can somebody get elected president with 82% unfavorable rating among hispanic vos panic. that assumes it will stay that way. anna would disagree with this. we saw a turnaround favorability rating where he went from 27% to 62%. >> he can make a dent in that? >> sure, sure, sure. this tends to preisnsent a caricature. the meeting with the hispanic chamber of commerce. the guy came out and said he wasn't the kind of person he expected to meet at all. he sat there quietly. listened, was thoughtful. they disagreed on issues.
5:35 pm
you know there is a long time to go here. as donald trump gets further into this. becomes more "presidential" people will have a different view. >> gracias, appreciate it, everybody. thank y'all. >> gracias, adios. >> adios. 360 exclusive, the family of kate steinle, their first interview, the lawsuits and claims they're fooliiling to ge justice for the daughter and sister they lost. ♪
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tonight, 360 exclusive, the family, of kate steinle giving their first interview together. yesterday took the first step to filing lawsuits against the san francisco, sheriff, his department and two federal agency whose combined negligence led to kate's killing in july. she was shot as you know by an undocumented immigrant on a san francisco pier with her dad. the mexican man charged is convicted felon deported five times. the gun he says he fired by accident, was stolen from the car of a federal agent with bureau of land management, his
5:40 pm
claim the gun was fired by accident. the agent allegedly left it unsecured in a backpack. the suspect says he found the gun under a bench. then this, months before the shooting immigration officials turned the suspect over to san francisco authorities on an outstanding drug warrant. and asked that he be kept in custody. instead he was released from san francisco's jail in april. san francisco is a so-called sanctuary city where local officials instruct police not to cooperate with immigration authorities. the steinle's are trying to change that. brad steinle, father, jim, mom, liz sullivan, and the family attorney, frank petrie. litz, it liz, just two months since kate's death, in the time line, it can be like the blink of an eye. how are you doing? >> there is so much going on. we moved. i think it has been a distraction. and i don't think i have really
5:41 pm
settled down -- taken it all in. it's still not really to me. >> jim, with the claims filed yesterday against the sheriff's department of san francisco, the bureau of land management. tell me why you decided to take legal action? >> well, as i explaned yined yesterday. we are not a litigious family. the silence is deafening. we have not heard of any steps of any kind being taken by any of these offices, federal, state, and local. to try to correct what happened. so another human being doesn't -- end up like our family and kate. this is all about kate. this is kate's legacy. this is what we are trying to move forward. is to -- so no one else has has
5:42 pm
to go through the grief and tragedy that has befallen our family. >> brad, so much finger pointing, sheriff blaming ice, ice, blaming the sheriff. have you gotten any answers from anybody. a anybody taking responsibility? >> up to this point nobody has taken responsibility. nobody is being held accountable. the federal agencies along with city of san francisco and the sheriff have all pointed fingers at one another. blaming the other person, or the other agency on kate's death. you have i.c.e. blaming the sheriff. sheriff blaming i.c.e. you have the mayor blaming the sheriff. and, the fact of the matter is -- the sheriff directed his deputies to -- break federal law and not cooperate in any way, shape, form. ties their hands and -- because
5:43 pm
of that, the seven-time convicted felon is allowed out on the streets. and skilled my sister. >> you believe this could happen again. nothing has changed institutionally in terms of law. this could happen to another family. >> the sheriff has, stood behind this policy that he decided to write himself. in march of this year. that directly said that under no circumstance or any of his deputies -- able to communicate with federal authorities. that being i.c.e. if this same person came to san francisco, had a warrant in san francisco, they would be let go just as -- just as this individual was. and they could be on the street. and itch you are in san francisco, you have got these aggravated felons, criminals, drug dealers, they're there.
5:44 pm
in san francisco. will continue to roll the red carpet out for these individuals. because of the sheriff's direct order to his deputies. >> jim, in terms of kate's law which would increase penalties on immigrants who unlawfully re-enter the united states after being removed. stalled in congress right now. supposed to be taken up after a return from summer recess for. you for the family. why is it so important that this law is passed. what's your message to those who have control over this. >> kate's law is just the beginning. it was again with the litigation that we are in the middle of right now. it's all a part of -- a tribute to kate. so it doesn't happen again. we are pretty, pretty sure some part of that law is going to be enacted. we just don't know how watered down or what other things might be added to it.
5:45 pm
hopefully no one has to endure. the never-ending grief, pain, loss. you can't even describe. >> i understand kate's purse was found, i think just yesterday. that was something that was very important for-up to get back. >> yes, because it was within of the last things i know she touched. it really meant a lot to me. it was sort of a runaround. then they finally did find it. and -- that was somewhat soothing to me. >> what do you want people to, to know about kate. i just think it is so important, that people remember who she is. and the person she is. how she lived her life. not just how her life ended. what do you hope people know? >> oh, she was, you know, she was just coming into her own. she loved her job. she loved helping people.
5:46 pm
she loved being involved in the challenged athletes foundation which she participated in. and she was such a fun, fun, fun, girl. and i mean, we are getting ready to go on a camping trip. we are going to miss i hesitated because, it was just so wonderful. the fun that we all had as a family. we have always done so many family things. you know, she will be deeply missed. >> well, you are all representing her incredibly well. i proosh yappreciate it. >> new video could answer the question, did deputies use fatal force when they shot a man. look like this. feel like this.
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breaking news in the fatal shooting of a man in texas. authority are looking at two different videos of the incident. including one that some believe changes the picture entirely. our correspondent reports. >> reporter: the video called disturbing and troubling. gilbert flores seen moving around the front yard of a san antonio house for roughly 15
5:51 pm
minutes two. sheriffs deputies engaged. then you see the 41-year-old man put up his arms and deputies shoot. flores collapses to the ground. >> there is no doubt that's what's shown in the video is of great concern to all of us. but we also want to get this right. as is our purpose in every investigative case. >> investigators say there is a second video much clearer and closer. capturing the altercation last friday. the video hasn't been released. but a source with knowledge of the investigation says the video shot by a neighbor shows the suspect acting wildly aggressive and at one point charging at a deputy with a knife. according to the bexar county sheriff, the video is being analyzed to determine if flores was holding a knife. >> it appears he has something in his hand. again that's why we have asked the texas dps crime lab to -- to
5:52 pm
review it with an aim to try to enlarge and to -- to slow down the sequence. so we have a better idea of that. >> authorities would not say if a knife however was recovered at the scene. but police radio traffic references a knife. dispatchers warn the deputies about the suspect. >> investigators say within of the deputies tried to use his taser to subdue flores but the probes did not hit the target. >> michael thomas is a delivery driver who took this video of the shooting. >> they kind of put his hand back. talking back and forth. and then, he put his hand out
5:53 pm
again. he stepped back. put his hand up. they shot him twice after that. >> prominent san antonio congressman. calling on the sheriff's department to, release the second video immediately. >> the sheriff's deputy. da. fbi have their investigation to do. it has been several days since the incident. there have been leaks about the second video. and the sheriff commented on the evidence in the second video. and i think it should be released. >> ed joins us now. the second video, police are examining, not releasing to the public. what else have you learned about it? >> well that source close to the investigation who has seen the video also says that, in that video it shows, flores agitati g agitating. agitated. yelling loudly. difficult to make out what he is saying. there is also a voice on the tape. not clear it is a voice belonging to one of the police officers. almost seemed as if some one nearby, that flores was acting in a way trying to get himself killed. this video has not been reap leased publicly. not clear when and if that will
5:54 pm
happen soon. >> coming up next. randi kaye and ape pr preview o special report. an unnamed woman on cape cod left for dead in her own home.
5:55 pm
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. in just a few minutes. randi kaye, a special report on one of the notorious unsolved murders. brutal killing of a woman left for dead in her home on cape cod, massachusetts. here is a preview of the "cnn special report, murder on cape cot, who shot cheryl shirley reine? >> reporter: the evening of may 9th was so exception.
5:59 pm
after work, shirley drove down the street to loretta's house. >> every night at 6:00. she would by there for dinner she couldn't be late. >> reporter: that night, shirley was late. arrived unsettled. disturbed her stepson todd had been visiting his ex-girlfriend any house. just two doors down. >> just felt very uneasy that he was still there. >> i didn't think anything of it. had dinner. after dinner the two sisters watched some tv. and then shirley drove home right on schedule. >> she left between 8:30, 8:45 like she always did. >> she pulled into her garage. as she was getting out of the car. she was ambushed. she was shot twice. and left there for dead. 9 mill shot to her head, one to the chest.
6:00 pm
>> the way she was killed, they knew what her routine was. they knew when she was going to arrive home. they knew how she was going to arrive home. >> well, see you again at 11:00 p.m. for another edition of "360." the special report, murder on cape cod, who shot shirley reine? starts now. >> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. >> reporter: a beautiful backdrop for a brutal crime. >> i think somebody shot shirley. >> i said shirley is dead. >> reporter: a woman executed in her own home. >> the reaction was this doesn't happen on cape cod. >> reporter: her husband a notorious arsonist. >> a psychopath the a very dangerous person. >> reporter: her stepsons in a