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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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court and order her to do this. we are awaiting that hearing too take place in just about ten seconds or so. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. i'm john berman. the breaking news at this hour, tom brady still perfect. four super bowl rings and now no four-game suspension. a federal judge just overturned the four-game suspension not 30 minutes ago. this is a huge blow to nfl commissioner roger goodell. a huge relief to new england patriots' fans ahead of next week's season opener against the pittsburgh steelers. just to bring you up to speed if you've been living under a rock for the last eight months, tom brady suspended for four games for having a general awareness somebody deflated footballs.
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but a federal judge said that punishment totally and completely out of order. i want to bring in rachel nichols, cnn's sports anchor. also paul callan and with us from new england, dale arnold of the new england sports network. rachel, let me read aloud to you a brief excerpt of this ruling from judge richard berman, no relation i assure you. based on the foregoing and applicable legal authorities the court hereby denies the motion to confirm the award and grants the players association motion to vacate the award. here is the key line, thereby vacating the four-game suspension of tom brady effective immediately. just a crushing blow to roger goodell and the lead. >> here is another key sentence from that ruling. he said that he found several significant legal deficiencies in the nfl's case. remember, this whole section of deflategate, and, of course,
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it's hard to keep track because we are in our eighth month of this, the story keeps changing, has been about process. did the nfl follow the right process in adjudicating this with tom brady or did they railroad him as the nfl pa has said in did they make up evidence and change the goal line and keep moving it several times. the judge basically said, yes, they did. this was not about whether tom brady deflated footballs or not. this ruling today is saying, hey, the nfl way overstepped according to the judge the way they punished tom brady, whether he did it or not. they say that they violated the rules of the shop as we talk about in these cases by going after him for something they didn't warn him he could even be punished for. >> that was exactly it. it wasn't wet whether tom bradyw they were deflating. but the fact he had never been warned of a four-game suspension, it was capricious
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and unfair and he was not allowed the legal right to argue it. let's not get ahead of ourselves. the league is likely to do what here? they are likely to appeal this. >> they are likely to appeal this although the burden is now on them. they came into this section of the case with a huge legal advantage. a federal judge is reluctant to reverse an arbitrator's ruling. now it's the nfl that is going uphill. they can appeal this but tom brady in all likelihood will get to play while this case is going on. and appeal cases usually take a long time. it could be six months to a year before it is actually decided on in the appeals court. s in now tom brady's game. the nfl has to be on the sidelines in this case and watch. >> paul callan, you've had a chance to look through some of the ruling. people have been saying all along that courts like to give a lot of deference to collective bargaining agreements here. part of the collective bargaining agreement with commissioner goodell does have the ability to issue
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punishments. however this ruling sort of says, and i'm no lawyer, but essentially says he can issue punishments as long as they're not bonkers, and this one this finds is essentially bonkers. >> i think a lot of lawyers will be surprised that the judge issued such a strong decision in brady's favor here. because the courts do like to defer to arbitrators. it keeps a lot of disputes out of federal court and we have a whole system of arbitration set up. so when the courts look at an arbitration procedure, it's not like they're looking at a trial record of a judge. they really give a lot of deference to the arbitrator, but here when judge berman looked at the record here, he essentially said this was so bad i'm going to have to set it aside. he said brady got inadequate notice of the severity of the punishment that he was facing. now, that's important because it might affect the way you handle and present evidence at the arbitration. he said brady was denied the
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ability to examine key witnesses presenting evidence against him, and there was also a claim by the judge that he was denied -- brady was denied the right to investigate properly the claims against him. >> it just wasn't handled the right way the judge says. >> it wasn't fair. >> in citing case law the judge said the deference due an arbitrator does not extend so far as to require a district court to countenance much less confirm an award obtained without the requisite of fairness or due process. not enough due process here. dale arnold joining us from new england. dale, my mother texted me about 12 seconds after this ruling came in. the subject of that text was tom brady is free. i imagine there was a sigh of relief and a shout of joy emanating from the states of new england today. >> 5 1/2 states. we figure from new haven to the new york border are jets and giants fans. the other 5 1/2 states are firmly in tom brady's corner. most people thought the two words that ultimately would sing the national football league
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were two words judge berman has written in past decisions, those words are fundamental fairness. sorely lacking in this case. the inability to question, the inability to see the notes in the wells report. and where he says the deference due an arbitrator does not extend so far as to require a district court to countenance, much less confirm, an award obtained without the requisites of fairness or due process. that's where roger goodell failed here. that's where the owners of the national football league are going to question him about his leadership. >> all right. dale arnold, rachel nichols, paul callan -- >> we'll see. this is going to be the neck game that's going to be played is whether the owners actually flip on roger goodell. because let's make it clear, what we think in this room, what your mom thinks, what all the people in new england think doesn't matter. >> believe me, what my mom thinks absolutely does matter but i understand what you're saying. >> what matters is what the 32
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owners think. we know robert kraft is in the against column. we can count one vote against. in past weeks as this case has been going on by the way, as judge berman has been ripping in the nfl, several other nfl owners have come out publicly to support roger goodell specifically about this and about the way he handled this. are they going to start reversing now? we'll have to see. look, there's no doubt this was hugely embarrassing. >> and in the next few minutes we could hear from the nfl. we're waiting for that. in the meantime what we know is this, the four-game suspension thrown out and it looks like tom brady will play one week from now. paul callan, rachel nichols and dale arnold thank you so much. we have other big news. coming up for us, a pledge of allegiance at the trump tower. just moments from now the republican front-runner who had something to say about tom brady, i will get to that, he will heat with the head of the republican party. will donald trump sign a pledge to stay a republican? then, she has defied the
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just a short time donald trump will meet with reince priebus about a party loyalty pledge. this is a pledge being sent to all the republican candidates promising to support the nominee, whoever he or she may be in 2016, and not to launch a third-party bid. but it's pretty safe to say even though all candidates are being asked to sign it, it's really just about that one guy right there. all about donald trump. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash at trump tower in new york where at 1:30 today, the rnc comes hat in hand with a pledge saying, donald trump, please sign it. a lot riding on this meeting, dana. >> reporter: a lot is riding on this meeting, john, because sources familiar with this meeting and with donald trump's plans have been telling us since last night that he is planning to sign the pledge. that's the whole reason why reince priebus is leaving washington, taking the shuttle up to new york city, having a
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meeting one-on-one with donald trump. however, you mentioned a meeting. that i am told is really critical because donald trump certainly i guess the best way to say it is known to be unpredictable, and i'm also warned that he also doesn't like to feel like he's backed into a corner. so unless the dynamics of this meeting go as planned and go well from the perspective of donald trump, this won't happen. but presuming that it does go along, the two of them are going to come down, they're going to have a press conversation and talk about it. now, john, you have been covering politics for a long time, so have i. the reason why this seems odd is because it's never happened before. it's never happened that a party chair, the republican party chair, has asked all of the republican candidates for president, which is really aimed at one, donald trump, to sign a pledge. but just like many other things in this election cycle when it comes to donald trump, things
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are not going as we usually expect. this is not a conventional election season whatsoever. you might ask why donald trump would even want to do this. i am told that the calls that are coming in the building behind me are overwhelmingly saying don't do it, don't sign the pledge, keep your options open to be an independent. that's from his supporters. if he wants to expand beyond the supporters and get the party faithful who really want him to be a true republican, this could help. but also on a more practical level, there are states, south carolina is one, that explicitly says that a republican candidate can't be on the ballot for the primary unless he or she takes the pledge. so that's another reason, john. >> dana bash at trump tower. the center of the political universe for the afternoon. priebus headed there at 1:30 to meet with donald trump. dana mentioned the reason this is unusual is because it's never happened before. one other thing unusual about
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it, this whole pledge isn't enforceable. no one can make donald trump not run as a third-party candidate several months in now even if he signs it today, so why the theater? let's talk about this with mike shields. he's the president of the congressional leadership fund, former chief of staff at the rnc. also joining us, cnn political commentator s.e. cupp. mike, you have some experience with the rnc. does it look good for the party chairman to make a pilgrimage to trump tower to get donald trump to sign a document that they cannot force him to comply with? >> well, yeah, first of all, i think it's a great victory for reince and i think reince has gone out of his way -- he takes it very seriously to treat all of these presidential campaigns the same. so this pledge isn't just going to donald trump. i think this pledge will have been given to every single one of the 17 candidates that were on two stages in the last debate, and they will all be asked to sign it. as you know, the first question at the debate was will you run as an independent or as a
8:16 am
republican. donald trump said he's a republican. he's running in the republican primary. he's taking part in the republican debates. it's fitting that all the candidates would sign a pledge saying we're going to be a republican and the pledge will say i will support the republican nominee. and so for someone who has based his campaign on straight talk, this is a pledge to say i'm going to be a republican and i'm going to support the republican nominee and here is my word in writing for it. i think it's a pretty significant thing. >> you know, it strikes me donald trump has changed his view on many positions, many very serious positions, so why wouldn't he change his position on this if it suits his needs? s.e., am i wrong about that? >> well, you're right, it's completely uninforceable and it's almost sort of a pr document. i love reince. he's a fellow packer fan, but i actually think this was a big mistake. you know, the rnc's job is to protect the future of the republican party and donald trump has made it very clear he doesn't really care about the future of the republican party or any other party. his supporters, as dana had mentioned, don't want him to run
8:17 am
as a republican, and so forcing him essentially to sign a marriage document, you know, a marriage contract to the republican party, i think it puts people like jeb bush in a really tough spot. jeb bush has been out on the campaign trail yelling at the top of his lungs that donald trump is not a republican. he's not one of us. he's not like us. he's not conservative. and now essentially we have a document saying that donald trump is going to run as a republican, he's joined the republican party. i think that's a really big gift to democrats who are trying to paint the rest of the field with the donald trump brush. >> not only that, mike, but this morning on "good morning america," jeb bush was essentially forced to say if donald trump gets the nomination he would support donald trump, despite all the bad stuff jeb is saying about him. it is interesting the republican party may be getting too much of what it's asking for. donald trump, its standard bearer. >> i disagree with s.e.
8:18 am
preponderan rance is a strong chairman. >> i love reince. >> i know you love reince and you're not saying anything bad about him. but he's in a position of strength. there are things reince can control and things he can't control. he said that himself. there's part of the process he can control and one of the things he can do is say we're a republican party, we're throwing republican debates, having a republican primary, and we want to make sure all of our candidates have said they're running as republicans and they're going to support the republican nominee. there are a lot of republican activists around the country that will demand that of these candidates. if you can't say that, then you're taking part in a process but you're saying i'm not going to be a part of the process and that's a problem. it's pretty straightforward. >> i understand reince's position. i think the specter of nader and ross perot loom large over this election and i understand what he's trying to prevent, but i think taking the rnc out of
8:19 am
this, it would have been much better for the party and the other candidates had trump gone as long as he could without vowing to be a republican. now you take away everyone else's argument that donald trump isn't conservative. >> i think a part -- >> guys, we're going to have to leave it there and we're going to leave it there reminding you all that in addition to all of this, donald trump gets a news conference presumably with reince priebus this afternoon. cnn will cover it live. just to tie our first two stories together, tom brady and donald trump, let me read you a tweet donald trump sent about tom brady. he said i hope tom brady sues the health oll out of the nfl f incompetence and defamation. they will drop the case against him and he will win. good to have you with us. dozens of officers scram bl after a tip in the search for three suspected cop killers but the tipster was lying, making the whole thing up. hear why. plus, we're learning about the life of the little boy that
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that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. we have breaking news coming from france this morning. the paris prosecutor's office just confirming that the flaperon, the piece of debris that washed up on reunion island, that was off the coast of madagascar, in july, that piece of debris they now confirm is part of mh-370. the paris prosecutor's office
8:24 am
says it is possible to say with certainty that the flaperon discovered corresponds to the one on mh-370. that is the official statement. it's been going under a great deal of analysis now for more than a month. official confirmation, the first time there is officially confirmation that this plane did go down in the indian ocean. joining me now former faa official -- transportation official mary schiavo. we expected this for a while because there was no other boeing 777 that had missing parts or gone down in that part of the ocean, but this confirmation is still significant. >> it's very significant for two reasons, among others. one is it's important for the families that they finally have someone, some official organization, giving them concrete information. that's what they have wanted all along, someone who will commit to information that they can rely upon. and also it's important for the investigation.
8:25 am
it also gives them new incentive to go looking for other parts and other pieces that may be in the reunion island area or other areas so they can help narrow down and maybe perhaps aid the search for additional wreckage and those all important black boxes. >> that's an important point. they can keep on looking around there. keep on with the undersea search in the general search area they have suspected now for more than a year. mary, it took a long time for them to reach this conclusion, to get the official confirmation. a lot of people thought it would come much more quickly given it was a fairly charge chunk of the aircraft. they thought there may be a number to directly correspond tom h-370. i get the sense there was some anxiety starting to bubble up. >> absolutely. i have worked other crashes with the french bea was the investigative authority and they take a longer time than the united states national transportation safety board, for example, but the french tell us
8:26 am
it's because they have a different standard because they treat air crashes as criminal investigations, and, of course, we and pretty much the rest of the world treat them as civil investigations and the french say they have to meet the criminal investigation standard, which is a little bit different. but i think when boeing confirmed that they believed that's what it was, that was pretty good and good enough for most of the world, but this is important. >> all right. again, the paris prosecutor's office now saying it is official, that piece of plane debris, the flaperon, did come with certainty they say from mh-370. mary schiavo, thank you so much. dozens of officers scramble after a tip in the hunt for three suspected cop killers. as it turns out, that tip was a fake. hear why it was made up, next. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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that's right for you. happening now, a manhunt expanding for three suspected cop killers on the loose near chicago. a false lead sent some 100 officers scrambling in the wrong direction. a woman who called in the hoax is behind bars awaiting a bond hearing. police say kristin kiefer admitted she lied about seeing two men running in a cornfield. why? they say it was because she wanted attention. law enforcement officers acknowledge they have very little information to go on right now. the suspects might have already left the area. still, officials insist they will not stop searching until they find the men who shot and
8:31 am
killed police lieutenant joe gliniewicz, a man affectionately known in the area as gi joe. we now have what we believe to be his last audio transmission with police dispatch. listen. >> i'm out near the old concrete plant checking out two male white, a male black. >> do you need a separate unit? >> negative, disattach. >> do you need a second unit? >> go ahead and start somebody. >> that is why people were saying two white men and a black man being searched for right now. dispatch asking if he wanted backup. the last thing we hear from lieutenant gliniewicz is go ahead ant send somebody. he was a 30-plus-year police veteran weeks away from retirement. lenny depaul is a former commander. lenny, they could be anywhere at this point is the message we are getting from law enforcement in
8:32 am
that area. how hard at this point will it be to locate them and what will turn the tide for law enforcement there? >> well, good afternoon, john. and you're right, it's very frustrating for law enforcement right now. they're scratching their heads. they're chasing a ghost is what it is and they're on a fishing expedition. more importantly, no one has identified, john. they don't have any names to put into any databases, ncic, national crime information center, a national database. borders aren't covered. they can't put any names in interpol or red notices. if these suspects did escape and did get into a car and onto an airplane, we don't know who they are. they could have been stopped five times on the highway and nobody has identified them. so law enforcement at this point is relying heavily on the public. i know social media is fired up, tweet these things, instagram them, facebook the story out to all your friends and that one tip, that one lead that comes in
8:33 am
that's being vetted and investigated is the game-changer that law enforcement needs right now, john. >> and the key, you pointed out, they don't foe who they're looking for or if they do, we don't know that. we just went through this manhunt in new york state with these two prisoners on the loose. well, they knew who they were. they had faces. they had posters. they had pictures that everyone could be looking for. here they don't have that. so at this point law enforcement has, what? they have the body of this slain police lieutenant, this heroic police lieutenant, looking for fingerprints, perhaps matching fingerprints, maybe having some ballistics matches, is that it? surveillance footage if there is any in the wider area around that? >> absolutely. the autopsy has been completed. not sure what had come from that. possible dna hits is a possibility. video coverage from commercial buildings, even homes along the routes and whatnot maybe picked up on a couple things. i know they're looking at video
8:34 am
as we speak and they need that little break. they need that one deal. but more importantly, too, john, these three suspects, their worst enemy are themselves. one person possibhas possibly sd killed this officer, the other two may be scratching their heads, do i lawyer up, do i turn somebody in? that person needs to step up and call law enforcement. they don't need to be in the middle of an investigation involving a murdered police officer. so i would ask the public if they did receive a call, a text message, an e-mail, anything, from one ever these suspects to make that phone call. don't put yourself in the middle of this investigation. >> lenny depaul, good advice. thank you so much. under god's authority. a kentucky clerk refusing to hand out marriage licenses to gay couples. at this hour she is in court. we have some brand new information about the security surrounding this hearing and also the judge involved in this case. everything i was dreaming of
8:35 am
is gone. the father of the little boy speaking out about the devastating loss of his son. that is the little boy right there found on the beach. that picture breaking so many hearts around the world today.
8:36 am
bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go
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happening now, a showdown in
8:39 am
the kentucky court. a county clerk is there for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. kim davis says it is against her religious beliefs. a supreme court order, protest, nothing seems to have changed her mind. this is an exchange between her and a same-sex couple that came in for a marriage license. >> we are not doing marriage licenses today. >> why? >> why? >> we're pending an appeal. >> under what authority? >> god's authority. >> god's authority, i knew you would say that. >> davis is now being held in con tempt of court and attorneys from the american civil liberties wants her to be fined heavily. i want to bring in laura coats. this court hearing is overflowing, 300-plus people in there. no one else can go in. the second thing we learned is the federal judge received
8:40 am
special protection, special armed protection to travel from home to the courtroom because there is such high interest in this. despite the high level of interest, the legal complications -- well, it's not very complicated, is it, laura? >> not at all. in fact, she has no legal legs to stand on. this is a woman who appeared to have very steadfast religious convictions. however, she does not have any legal authority to not perform her functions in her official capacity. there is no argument that she can make that is founded in the law or on the constitution or under her official duties that actually supports her claim. >> one question that some people are asking is, if she's not doing her job, why can't she be fired? >> well, you know, the easy thing would be to fire her, correct? but the problem is she's an elected official, which means in order it get rid of her in that position, you have to impeach her and have a trial in state
8:41 am
legislature and that's not a very easy thing to do, particularly because recently it was filed an amicus brief by the senate in kentucky saying they wanted the judge to go easy on her because we need to take time to have the law in our state catch up to the supreme court ruling, and, in fact, we know that's very dangerous territory because the all deliberate speed or as its convenient already haunts the brown v. board of education legacy and we can't allow states to simply take their time to comply with the supreme court's authority. she's under a very big misimpression, that the judiciary does not have the right to force the hand of the social conscience. in fact, it does, and it did. >> so where does this end up? does this end up with fines that keep on growing every day? does it end up with possible jail time, federal prison time for this woman? >> initially, the attorneys who are trying to seek prosecution in relief against her do not want her to have jail time. and the reason is they do not
8:42 am
want to create a martyr. in fact, the most likely outcome is going to be fines, but the thing about the fines is that they should come from her personal revenue, not from the taxpayers' dollars. because if you fine her in her official capacity and ask the taxpayers to pay that, you're essentially fining the community at large that she is elected to represent, and, in fact, there's no indication that the entire community agrees with her stance or agrees with her stance not to comply with the court's order. i think what's going to happen is there are going to be increasing fines that will be increasingly onerous from her personal funds. >> all right. laura coates, thank you very much. we'll bring you the latest when we hear it. appreciate it. i don't want anything else from this world. those words came from the father of the little boy, his name is aylan, who washed ashore during his escape to try to survive the heart-breaking words as we learn more about aylan kurdi.
8:43 am
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8:47 am
in turkey outraged people around the world. he and his family were fleeing syria when the boat that they were traveling in capsized killing 12 people on board. the little boy has a name, it is aylan kurdi. his brother and his mother were all killed. his grief-stricken father says they were trying to get to canada where they have relatives. they are among the thousands and thousands of refugees streaming out of war-torn regions, many of them headed toward europe every day getting out of conflict zones. cnn's hala gorani is live for us in berlin. germany is the site, hala, where so many people are trying to get. >> reporter: absolutely. and many of them are currently in hungary on overpacked trains hoping to make it across the border though no such luck right now. back to aylan kurdi, it is truly the one image that has spread like wildfire on social media. it is on the front pages of nearly every single newspaper in europe. we've had reaction from all over
8:48 am
the region, including the french president who is saying this is something that europe needs to deal with because it's a matter of the conscience of the continent. the question, of course, is going to be whether that will translate into concrete action and more settlement spots will be open to syrian refugees and refugees from other war-torn nations. we are hearing from the father of little aylan kurdi, the 3-year-old who was photographed dead on that turkish beach, and he is saying essentially that he's recounting the horror of that wednesday morning when he along with 11 others were crowded onto a rubber dinghy. his two children, 3-year-old aylan, a 4-year-old as well as his wife, that he even told the people smuggler according to the conversation he had with our produc producer, is this boat not overpacked, do you think we should get off the boat? the human trafficker told him,
8:49 am
no, no, no, stay on. it's fine. we're going to make it. as we know, his two young boys and his wife perished. he now says he wants nothing from any country, canada or any other country. he wants to go back to syria and bury his kids and wife there and essentially wait to die. that's what he told our producer. >> these are the horrifying risks, the horrifying risks, hala, families are willing to take because there's no hope. staying at home, there is no hope, no chance for a normal life if you stay in syria and they want to go somewhere, anywhere, that will take them in. hala, i should tell you this morning we spoke to arwa damon. she was on a train that had left budapest filled with migrants and refugees hoping to get to germany. let me play you a short clip of our chat with arwa. >> reporter: as we're stopped at a station, it's about maybe 20, 30 miles outside of budapest. these are families around us right now that have all fled the wars in syria making this
8:50 am
horrific journey with their children. they're not entirely, 100% sure where this train is going to end up. some people have told them it's a town that's on the hungarian/austrian border. others told them they might others told them they may be going to a will hecation where the camps are in. they got on the train uncertain of where they were going but they want to cling to the small little hope it would get them all the way to germany. >> hala, do we have any information about where that train did end up among the thousands of people hoping to get somewhere? >> reporter: yes. it is stopped outside of budapest and my dwrants and refugees onboard are terrified that it will be stormed by riot police. they are concerned because hungarian government officials are being quite clear about this. they're saying we will not allow you to cross the border into austria and germany. you do not have the paperwork to prove you are refugees. i personally spoke several times over the last 24 hours with the
8:51 am
government spokesperson, zoltan kovacs. they are illegal migrants and must register with police and go to relocation camps inside of hungary. we are not allowing them into germany. the train is stopped. it is packed. it is hot. people are running out of food and water. and what happens next right now is unclear because at some point this is not a tenable situation. at some point they're going to have to get off that train. but where do they go if they're unwilling to go to these camps and resist police? so we're going to keep our eye on that story in hick in hungary. it is a kchaotic situation. >> let's hope these people get help from someone somewhere. hala gorani, thank you so much. it is a pledge of allegiance that no one can enforce.
8:52 am
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it was the early 1980s, a meeting with consequences that we wear every day when hip-hop met fashion and it changed the world of pop culture. that is the story behind the newest cnn film premiering tonight called "fresh dressed." in it some of the biggest names of pop culture reflect on the explosion of style born in the streets and those who ran with its success. >> i didn't just want to make it a fashion brand. i wanted to make it a lifestyle. i wanted to make sure we were able to go from the block to the boardroom, and if you had a job interview, you were able to represent yourself the right way. if you were going to church, you were able to represent yourself the right way. fresh from head to toe. we didn't take no prisoners. if ralph was doing it, gucci was doing it, we wanted to do it just as good as them or even
8:57 am
better. >> by ralph i think he means ralph lauren. he's on a first name basis. for more on how hip-hop revolutionized fashion, i'm joined by cnn analyst, entertainment editor for really interesting to hear sean coombs talk about it. i'm asking for a friend here, who is the number one fashion icon right now if we're talking about hip-hop fashion? >> i mean, i think kanye west. kanye west is the man to watch right now. he has this line of sneakers. they're sold out everywhere. so hard to come by. i think he's the man to watch, he's the one people are talking about. whatever he says goes rirl. what diddy is talking about is people like jay-z and kanye. they went from the block to the boardroom. it's so rich and compelling and a story i think transcends hip-hop and culture. it is like a fairy tale story, if you will, of business and e-commerce and hip-hop. >> and you can see the awareness
8:58 am
in fashion sprout up over the last few decades. i did a piece once on amar'e stoudamire, a basketball player for the new york knicks, and he's designing clothes. he's playing basketball and designing clothes. all of a sudden it's something that's not just sought after but it's cool. just incredibly cool in so many different walks of life. >> and i think it's true what they say in this film, everybody wants to be fresh. you look at some of the biggest designers like dior, they're listening. guys lick kanye west, like jay-z to be the spokesperson for their brand or to be at their fashion show and endorse their brands. when you have that hip-hop audience, have them engage in listening, your label explodes. >> and has it changed from the early '80s to now, how much power hip-hop has over overall fashion? >> totally. they have their own labels. in the '80s you had a lot of them endorsing ralph lauren. now they have their own label like diddy, like jay-z, kanye
8:59 am
west now owning their own labels and these are multimillion dollar industries and businesses, so it's huge. >> is it judged on the clothing on the person's ability to reach worldwide? >> i think it's the swagger and you see that in the film. it's more than the message or the clothing. they communicate, the way that they dress is a way of kind of telling their story, and i think it's more about each artist and each label and their individual story behind it. >> chris, thank you for being with us. be sure to see "fresh dressed" on cnn 9:00 p.m. we'll leave you with this, florida officials warning residents to be on the lookout for a king cobra, a snake, on the loose in orlando. it's an eight-foot snake. very, it's venomous. it escaped from a man's home. this is not the actual cobra but it looks just like this one, which the man also owns. the snake's owner did have a permit for the king cobra. i did not know you could get a permit for a king cobra.
9:00 am
he is well known for rescuing exotic animals. it is near a school. wildlife officials have sent out patrols to look at it. "legal view with ashleigh banfield "starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." breaking news for you. it may not sound breaking but donald trump's support is surging and that is officially breaking because amonmouth poll came out showing him with a commanding 30% support, up four points from before the first debate, nearly one-third of republicans in this country supporting donald trump. ben carson is now in second place with 18%, and that is very high for him. followed by jeb bush


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