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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 8, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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clinton wanted to wait and find out. we'll see how it goes with the new steven colbert. i turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer, he's in a place called "the situation room." happening now, out of jail, a kentucky clerk who was locked up for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses is now freed. the supreme court, what happens when she goes back to work. low energy, donald trump says bush is putting people to sleep. still no suspects a week after the killing of an illinois police lieutenant. surveillance videos may not be panning out, investigators say dna recovered from the shooting scene is raising a red flag. targeting the queen? >> britain's prime minister defends a drone strike that took
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out two british isis members in syria saying they were plotting high profile attacks at home. could the prime minister himself been a target. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the situation room. we're following breaking news in kentucky, just a little while ago, kim davis, the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples walked out of jail. fighting back tears, davis told a crowd of supporters don't let down. two presidential candidates mike huckabee and ted cruise were at the jail, we're also following important new developments in the deepening mystery of who killed a beloved police officer in illinois. they're analyzing what they describe as a significant dna clue. they also ruled out three people seen on surveillance video near the seat of the killing. our correspondents and analysts they've been working their
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sources, they're standing by with full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with the breaking news in kentucky. ate's go to martin savage, he has the very latest. >> reporter: this was a day, nobody could have predicted the outcome. the same judge that sent that clerk to jail today issued an order saying kim davis could go free. this as you have not one but two republican presidential candidates that came to this very tiny town, thousands of people urging her freedom, all of it upstaged when kim davis walked out on to that stage. in the minds of many christian conservatives, a full blown hero. here's what she had to say. >> you are a strong people.
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[ inaudible ] just keep on pressing, don't let down. because he is here. i love you guys, thank you so much. >> kim davis was very emotional at times, you could see she had been one troubled by her imprisonment, but so overjoyed by the crowd that was waiting for her. here's the whole story now. the judge said she cannot go back and do as she was doing, she's forbidden to prevents marriage licenses to same sex couples from being stopped, that's what got her in trouble in the first place. her attorneys say she is unrepentant and in fact her mind has not changed even if she does
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have freedom. they are implying that when she goes back to work, she will once again try to interfere or stop those marriage licenses, if so, we could start this all over again. >> the judge in this order specifically stated, davis shall not interfere directly or indirectly with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples. basically, if she tells her deputies, no more marriage licenses for same sex couples she'll be in contempt of court, unless she resigns from her job, she'll go back to jail, right? >> right, she's not going to resign, that's something the attorneys have already made very clear, that's not in the cards, she is going to go home, be with her family, she's probably going to take a day or so to simply catch her breath. what comes after that is it really almost anyone's guest,
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she's going to have a formal statement later, clearly they want to carefully go over those words so as not to anger the judge once more. stay tuned. >> we will certainly. davis never wanted to be in the national spotlight, she is in the national spotlight right now. she's under a judge's order not to interfere with her deputies when they issue marriage licenses for same sex couples. where do we go from here, jeffrey? >> legally the situation is simple. same sex couples have a right to get married in carter county, kentucky and every other county in the united states. what she has to do is allow those couples to get married. if she does, whether through her own signature or through the signature of her deputies, the legal situation is over, if she
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stops those couples from getting married as is their right, the judge has made it cleaver, he's going to lock her back up, because these couples have a right to get married. her lawyer is suggesting that those licenses that have been issued while she was in jail over the past few days, her lawyer insists they are not valid, those marriage licenses or certificates. what do you say about them? >> this is a narrow question of kentucky law. i don't want to pretend i know this law inside and out, the clerk usually does not have to sign all marriages herself, the deputies handle most of this, the fact that the deputyies did those certificates seems like it would not be a problem. if she continues to obstruct, there really is no doubt what's going to happen here, is that she's going back to jail. >> jeffrey toobin, thanks very much, we'll stay on top of this
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story. we're also following important new developments involving the democratic and republican front-runners in the presidential race. let's bray in sara murray. she has the latest. >> today hillary clinton is going further than she ever has. she was saying it was a mistake to use that private e-mail server as her democratic rivals gain many joe biden racing up the polls. playing coy on whether he'll jump into the presidential race, saying he's still waiting on a key endorsement. >> i have to talk to my wife about that. biden's rise as hillary clinton is slipping. the former secretary of state drawing 42% support from democrats her worst national showing yet, as biden surges to
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22%. and bernie sanders 20%. clinton still struggling over her use of a private e-mail server, telling abc news today it was a mistake. >> that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that, i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> going a step further than her comments in late august. >> i know people have raised questions about my e-mail use as secretary of state. i get it. here's what i want the american people to know. my use of personal e-mail was allowed by the state department. it clearly wasn't the best choice. >> on the republican side, a battle for front-runner could be brewing. ben carson hitting the trail for the first time since rising to the top tier. jeb bush floundering in the polls shells out half a million dollars for his first tv ad. >> if you want more d.c.
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politicians or self-promoters, you have options. >> donald trump lashes out on instagram, labelling bush a bore. >> trump managing to stir up controversy today without even campaign i campaigning. trump tells the author of a forthcoming biography, his experience at military school gave him more training militarily than a lot of guys that go into the military. trump is back on the campaign trail tomorrow right here in washington, d.c., where he'll be holding a rally with ted cruz and sarah palin, protesting the iran deal. >> should be a lively event on capitol hill. let's get more, joining us now in the situation room. our new seenial political commentator, a former senior adviser. let me play a little more of that trump instagram video that went out today.
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>> having trouble sleeping at night, too much energy? need some low energy. >> they have an hsa in some companies, some companies don't. i think the norm ought to be -- >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> a lot of remember back in 2007, 2008 you ran a successful social media campaign for president obama, donald trump is calling on jeb bush for being low energy, often putting people to sleep. is that what voters want? is this going to work for trump. >> that remains to be scene. i think it's something that gets on tv. this is a persistent theme of his. he's raising bush as he tries to level him. and he's identifying bush as a chief opponent which is what bush would like it may end up being that. in certain ways, this plays to
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bush's advantage. >> what would you -- how does -- you're an experienced political strategist. how does bush fight this, he doesn't seem to be doing a very effective job looking at the poll numbers. >> i think he needs to -- bush is building his thing for the long term, he needs to show this energy in the next debate, he's decided that taking on trump and making himself the anti-trump is advantageous, there are other guys who would like to emerge in that center right column. senator rubio, governor kasich, he feels this gives him an edge in that battle. but it's going to take some time to see whether this trump star loses its luster. as the others peel away, they will be more available to vote for bush. his job is to capture. he's headed to a confrontation in new hampshire, i think most likely with governor kasich.
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>> you poked a little fun about hillary clinton's plan to show more humor, greater heart, more transparency, you tweeted today's new york times story, hillary rodham clinton read more like the onion, her detailed plan to show more authenticity and spnondaneity. just do it. >> i hate stories about tactics, here's what we're going to do, just do it. don't tell and show, especially when you're talking about showing more son pontaneity. i believe hillary clinton is still a substantial favorite for the nomination. you call to with a about a and talk to people on the ground, she's building the kind of organization you need.
2:13 pm
she was at will 88% among democrats. another poll came out today, she was 71 among democrats, quite high. she does have problems and one of them is the issue of spontaneity. >> you make an excellent point. stand by, we have a lot more to talk about, including this latest interview she granted today. hillary clinton getting close to apologizing for that e-mail controversy, stand by.
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hillary clinton got very close to formally apologizing for using an e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. joining us now, our senior political commentator, david axelrod. listen to what she told abc news a little while ago about her decision to use that private e-mail server. >> that was a mistake, i'm trying to take responsibility and be as transparent as i can. >> yesterday she said there was
2:19 pm
no need for her to apologize. what's going on here. >> i think they're trying to kill this story as best they can. the imperative is to get to it quickly, and move on. this has been handled in a serial fashion, so that her answers have evolved over time and it's prolonged the story and turned it into a sport among the media and republican opponents. i think she's trying to bring this thing to an end so she can be heard on other subjects. but she needs to have a consistent answer. >> it seems like on a daily basis, the story sort of escalates, now there's an fbi investigation, all the investigations on capitol hill, the u.s. intelligence community is now raising questions that she did in fact receive top secret classified information, she said she never did. it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, does it?
2:20 pm
i expect that is going to be an opportunity for her as well, to try to deal with it in a comprehensive way. >> when you were serving as a senior adviser to the president, did you ever e-mail with her? >> i had a few e-mails, some of them have been shared with the public when i e-mailed with her, i knew it came from a nongovernment e-mail. what i didn't realize is she wasn't using a government e-mail. most public officials have private e-mails and public e-mails, they do most of their public business on the public e-mail. >> did anyone know all of her business was done on a private e-mail server? she had no e-mail account? >> i can't answer that, i can't
2:21 pm
speak for everybody in the white house. i didn't know. i suspect most of my colleagues didn't know either. >> let's move on and talk about this new monmouth university poll. hillary clinton, take a look at this, she's dropped from 52% to 42%. that's her lowest number so far. joe biden went from 12% to 22%, and bernie sand irs went from 16% to 22%. how much trouble is she in? >> i don't think she's in a crisis situation, a flee fall. i think her numbers were artificially high to start with. they're coming back to earth. and i would say this i don't think there's a candidate on either side of the aisle that wouldn't trade places with her. she will be because of the demographic images that occur to the democratic candidate if she is the nominee. she clearly has problems. she has problems primarily
2:22 pm
because she hasn't conveyed a compelling overall overarching message, a lot of trees, she hasn't yet described the forest in the way people have internalized, i would -- in sports -- i know you're a sports fan, you try to put your player into a position to maximize their talents and minimize their liabilities. she's not a great speech giver, not a great reader of ads directed to camera. what she is good is, in the represent arte they need to put her in more of those kinds of situations, and put her in a position to succeed where she's not speaking through a seven second editorial delay, which so often seems to be the case. >> would it be smart for the democratic party if joe biden jumped into this race? >> i don't know about that, you know, it's hard for me, he's a friend i admire him deeply it's awfully late, you talk to people
2:23 pm
in iowa, it seems early, it's awfully late. barack obama was a dynamic candidate, if we hadn't started organizing iowa in march of 2007, he wouldn't have won the iowa caucuses, biden has no organization in iowa today, i suspect some would peel off of her if he ran. i still would make her the favorite to win the caucuses, to make her the nomination. >> good to have you on our team. >> thank you, great to be here. coming up, much more politics, donald trump ridicules jeb bush for being low energy, accusing him of putting people to sleep. a week after the killing of an illinois police officer, the shooting may offer a strong new lead in the case.
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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a lot to discuss in presidential politics. after months of saying she has nothing to apologize for, hillary clinton said she's sorry, she used a private e-mail server while she was the secretary of state about and a new blast from donald trump, ridiculing jeb bush for putting voters to sleep. we're joined by sara murray, also joining us, our political commentator, anna navarro and ron bronstein.
2:29 pm
. david, i thought he was pretty honest, blunt and offering his advice about what's going on right now? >> no, i think he was, and, you know, i agree with his broad description of the democratic race to the extent it's become that. sanders is in a strong position in iowa and new hampshire. faces big demographic challenges once you get beyond those states. joe biden, there's an enormous amount of respect for joe biden. you look at the new polling out there, it's not like in's an enormous ground swell that demands he runs. to the extent, i think the pivot about whether he will be a factor in the race has more to do with her and what happens to her ability to right the shift than to build a compelling campaign. >> let's talk about jeb bush, i know you support jeb bush, you like jeb bush, it's pretty
2:30 pm
inkreeging, donald trump's latest instagram video going after jeb bush. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy, need some low energy? >> they have an hsa in some companies, some companies don't. i think the norm ought to be -- >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> how does jeb bush fight that? >> i think by being jeb bush, i think he has begun to fight it, it's a real issue, it's taken some hits. it's kind of sticking. i think jeb needs to show that he's got the energy, that something that is a little vexing for those of us that know him, he was known for working 16, 18 hours a day, seven days a week, and there's an attack coming from donald trump who lives in new york city and doesn't show up to interviews. he does it from his living room couch or something. you know, maybe jeb's definition
2:31 pm
of energy isn't really being full of hot air. maybe that energy that donald trump has could be better used learning the names of terrorist leaders who want to hurt the united states. >> what was so powerful in that instagram was, he was talking jeb bush, and this woman who was sitting there was falling, was asle asleep. >> they could say, she was up early. it's not the optics you want. we just saw jeb put out his own video on instagram. i find it fascinating you're s e seeing donald trump and jeb bush going after hillary for using a private e-mail server. >> ryan, go ahead. >> can i have one point real quick? >> yeah. >> in the end, jeb bush and donald trump are not competing for the same voters. you look at the two polls that
2:32 pm
are out. donald trump is nearing 40% in both states among noncollege white men. blue collar white men are the foundation -- jeb bush if he recovers is going to be much more of an upscale candidate, his real competition there is john kasich and to some extent marco rubio and chris christie. his challenge is, trump is defining him for the entire electorate. in the end he's not going to recover by taking away voters. it's by making himselfself a plausible alternative to voters that are resistant -- >> this daily analysis of the new episode of the trump/jeb telenovella is a good thing for both of them. >> you think it's a good thing that trump is 30% in iowa or new hampshire, for that matter, jeb bush is way, way down there,
2:33 pm
with 5, 6%? >> jeb's got staying power, right? he's not going to return out of money, he's got structure. there's a lot of other -- >> john kasich is doing better than him now. >> there's a lot of other people way down in the polls. rick perry who is a much better candidate this time around, losing staff, can't pay headquarters in south carolina. if it comes down to jeb and trump, it's a good contest. >> sara, watch this, this is jeb bush's own instagram response to donald trump. >> she surrounded herself with very good people. >> who would you like representing the united states in a deal with iran, with this regime there? >> i think hillary would do a good job. she's always surrounded herself with very good people. >> that's his response. >> i love any instagram hit that
2:34 pm
has a cameo by wolf blitzer. >> it comes before they're supposed to have this big rally, donald trump and ted cruz, even sarah palin in washington, d.c.. >> that's the iran deal tomorrow, for him to come out and say, i think hillary clinton would be a great person to have negotiated this, there are plenty of republicans who don't like hillary, see her as a proxy for barack obama, and this is an argument that the bush campaign has decided will be used against donald trump. to your point. jeb bush and donald trump don't seem to be competing for the same voters, donald trump and ted cruz who will be appearing together are definitely competing for the same voters, it will be interesting to watch how they nerve gate the stage together. >> what do you think is going to happen tomorrow with this rally against the iran nuclear deal. donald trump, ted cruz, sarah palin a bunch of others showing up iran. >> i think it will be boifterrous, and public opinion has not been kind to the deal.
2:35 pm
it's slightly deteriorated in the pugh numbers. a lot of skepticism in the country. and i think you'll see the outsider voice being very loud and ted cruz trying to identify himself as part of that by joining donald trump and sarah palin. eventually ted cruz has to get past donald trump. if he wins the iowa caucus, traditionally, in in the last three cycles, the republican race has followed a pretty clear pattern. iowa anointed the most conservative finalist in the race. if donald trump fills that slot in iowa, it's very hard to see where ted cruise emerges, even with all of his focus on the southeastern states. sooner or later, ted cruz, scott walker have more incentive than jeb bush to take some of the shine off donald trump. >> thanks, very much. stay with cnn for the second republican presidential debate,
2:36 pm
it will air right here on cnn, september 16th, that's a week from wednesday, live from the reagan library in california. cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate in nevada. coming up, investigators may be drawing blanks with surveillance video. crime scene dna may be giving them a strong new lead. new evidence of russian troops and equipment arriving to syria, already torn apart by a civil war. now the u.s. is warning that russia risks a confrontation. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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investigators are now drawing a blank with surveillance videos, they may have a strong new lead. our justice correspondent is joining me with the latest. what are you learning? >> investigators said several videos proved useless. they're pinning their hopes on a new clue, dna taken from the crime scene several days after the lieutenant was shot and killed. >> toll o today three men seen in videos near the scene have no connection to the crime. a major set back in the search for the killer of lieutenant joe gliniewicz. >> we have interviewed all those individuals, and we have confirmed that we believe at
2:42 pm
this point they were not involved in this. >> with so few clues, inve investigators are focusing on the dna. >> that raises a red flag. >> so far, no eyewitnesss have come forward to corroborate glinewiecz's radio call that he was pursuing two white men and a black man. >> we are looking at the information that was provided to us in day one, that the lieutenant identified three individuals he pursued in a heavily wooded area, officers responded to back him up and they found him killed. >> his gun was found in near his body. it had been fired. >> how many bullets were fired from the gun?
2:43 pm
>> i'm not at liberty to reveal that at this point. >> does it appear that the gun was used for self-defense or that the suspects actually used the gun to kill the officer? >> i'm month hib ited because of the criminal investigative aspect of this case. >> today fox lake police have not yet received the final autopsy report, until they do, they're not ruling anything out. >> we're proceeding as if it were a homicide, no idea or thought or theory is taken for granted. >> as he was laid to rest yesterday with thousands of mourners in attendance, he remains optimistic that he will find the killers of lieutenant glinewiecz. there's growing concern in the obama administration over russia's growing military presence in syria. with new evidence of russian
2:44 pm
troops and equipment torn apart by civil war, a brutal regime crackdown, the united states is warning russia it risks a confrontation. let's get the latest from barbara star. >> the u.s. is watching as vladimir putin turns his eye on syria much what is moscow's next st step. >> a russian made armored vehicle spotted on the move painted in russian army camoufla camouflage. >> just the latest education of what the u.s. fears is a buildup to prop up barber al assad. >> the united states is concerned by reports that russia may have deployed additional military personnel and aircraft to syria. precisely because it's difficult to decipher their intentions.
2:45 pm
>> u.s. satellites have observed offloading building supplies and air traffic control equipment. and another russian aircraft bringing in personnel, all in recent days. u.s. defense officials say they expect eventually to see more than 1,000 russian troops running the air base and possibly launching air strikes against moderate rebels assad is fighting. >> and if moscow moves ahead. >> these deaths could lead to greater loss of life. they could increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the isil coalition that's operating inside of syria. >> a frightening prospect for this bloody civil war. the u.s. had hoped russia was coming around to the idea that assad needed to go. concerns of a russian change of heart prompted a weekend
2:46 pm
telephone call from secretary of state john kerry to russian foreign minister sergei labrov. >> the most productive thing that russia can do for the conflict in syria is to stop aiding and abetting bashar al assad. >> russian military action could prompt even more syrians to flee to the safety of europe. >> if we think that the refugee crisis in europe is very bad right now, it's going to get 10 times worse than it currently is, and this is why it is exceptionally important to put a lid on this very, very quickly and prevent the russians from actually exercising the kinetic option in syria. >> the u.s. doesn't know exactly what the russians may be up to here, what they are planning. if they were to engage in air strikes, one of the big concerns,they will not be precision strikes and even more
2:47 pm
civilians could be at risk. >> thanks very much. i know you'll stay on top of this for us coming up, an unprecedented british drone stroke, two british isis members in syria, were they actually plotting an attack on the queen? donald trump mocks jeb bush for being low energy. saying he puts people to sleep. the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power.
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britain's prime minister is defending a drone strike carried out against isis members say they were fighting high profile attacks at home. there was a strong suggestion that the target was queen elizabeth.
2:52 pm
brian todd has been digging into this story. >> tonight, neither prime minister david cameron nor other british officials will say flat out that queen elizabeth was an isis target but cameron has said that she was likely on the hit list and he used that as justification on ordering a strike on isis militants that has put him on hot water at home. >> an unprecedented politically risky move. taking out two of his own citizens, isis militants on the battlefield. it is the first time the british government has ordered such an attack. a targeted drone strike. the recent strike near the stronghold of raqqa killed two people who appeared in an isis recruiting video. >> the family, a wife, these people who you claim to love. if you love them, what matters is what do you for them. >> the prime minister didn't ask parliament's permission for the strike. >> taking a page from the
2:53 pm
american play book where president obama authorized the assassination of the american citizen who became a leader of al qaeda in yemen. >> david cameron defended the hit on the british operatives by saying there was a terrorist directing murder on britain's streets and no other way to stop him. cameron hinted at devastating high profile plots that he was involved in. >> plot to attack high profile public commemorations, including those taking place this summer. >> pressed by cnn, british officials would not say which public events were targeted or who was in isis's sites. but there were three significant world war ii commemorations this summer. the e-day in may, a battle of tribute in july and vj day in august. all three attended by queen elizabeth. >> if isis or another terrorist organization were able to strike the queen or david cameron, it would be a huge coup and it would show they have reach to strike back against the
2:54 pm
governments taking out their leadership figures. >> cameron himself might have been a target. he attended a v.e. day event. cameron said they were plotting future attacks. one isis terrorists who was planning attacks in britain, he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in raqqa last month. he was a top isis recruiter, frls britain, believed to have inspired isis sympathizer to attack the muhammad cartoon drawing in texas. >> they want to do both. >> now while no officials will say on the record that the queen or david cameron were specifically targeted by isis, some experts believe if isis was in fact going to hit those public events in britain this summer, they would likely have been on the kill list. what a story that is. thanks very much. coming up, a kentucky clerk who was locked up for refusing to
2:55 pm
issue smefl marriage licenses is now free but not free to keep defying the federal judge and the united states supreme court. what happens when she goes back to work? and donald trump rid kuls jeb bush saying his low energy is putting people to sleep. will that arouse some angry passions at next week's gop debate? just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country.
2:56 pm
it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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2:58 pm
2:59 pm
breaking news. out of jail. the kentucky clerk who refused to issue will same-sex marriage licenses walk free with two presidential candidates cheering her on. with gay weddings now going forward in her county, what if anything did she accomplish?
3:00 pm
wild race. joe biden is gaining, hillary clinton is sliding, donald trump is attack again claiming in a new video that jeb bush is putting people to sleep. false leads. police reveal several clues in the death of a veteran police officer haven't panned out. now they're at new daniels evidence as the mystery grows and suspects remain at large. desperate breakout. refugees make a frantic dash through a police line into a corn field. did they escape? cnn is there for a dramatic moment in an exploding global crisis. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're in "the situation room." >> a strong people!
3:01 pm
>> the breaking news, the kentucky clerk kim davis is now a free woman five days after she was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. the republican presidential candidates mike huckabee and ted cruz were there along with a huge crowd of supporters. stand by for a live report on the terms of her release and what happens next. also, damage control for hillary clinton as she slips. she is now going farther than ever before in taking responsibility for her private e-mail controversy, saying it was a mistake and now saying she is sorry. time, joe biden is gaining momentum. he inches ahead of bernie sanders in a new national poll even though the vice president hasn't decided whether or not to run for the white house. on the republican side, donald trump is going after his favorite target with a new video that portrays rival jeb bush as being so low energy, that he puts people to sleep. we have correspondents, analysts
3:02 pm
and news makers standing by to cover all the news breaking now. first let's go to the fortunes of the democrats. you can see how hillary clinton support has fallen rather dramatically. especially in the last month. while joe biden and bernie sanders have made substantial gains. let's get more in the race for our senior political correspondent. brianna keeler has the very latest. >> the campaign is making adjustments. for one thing, they're tapping -- >> vice president joe biden is on the rise as hillary clinton dips in the polls. now poll numbers show biden up 10 points from last month. practically tied for second with bernie sanders and biden isn't even in the race. firing up a labor day crowd in pittsburgh yesterday -- >> here's the bottom line. i acknowledge that.
3:03 pm
i'm mad. >> it sounded like a campaign speech. >> mr. vice president, it sounds like you have a rationale for running. >> i'm going on run part of this parade. >> and biden did, jogging along the parade route and questions that whether he will run. >> you have to talk to my wife about. that i have to talk to my wife about that. >> meanwhile, clinton's numbers have taken a dive. down 10 points nationwide as her campaign tries to turn a corner. according to the new york times, aides are crafting a strategy to have more responsibility night, hat and humor. >> i do kind of know what donald is going through. if anyone wonders if mine is real, here's the answer. the hair is real. the color isn't. >> but president obama's form he top adviser david axelrod is
3:04 pm
pointing fun. be more like an onion. just do it. in iowa this weekend, clinton tried to shore up her shrinking lead in the polls. >> i believe i've got the vision, the policies, the skill, the tenacity and the determination to get us back on the right track! >> but she is still on defense about her use of a private e-mail server, telling abc news today -- >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> bernie sanders is beating clinton in a new poll of new hampshire primary voters. >> don't tell anybody. i think they're getting nervous. >> sanders credited his support with his campaign efforts. >> we have the people on our side. when people stand together, fighting for social and economic justice, when we stand together, we will win. >> but while this summer has been all about the sanders'
3:05 pm
surge, it is the biden bump that is the talk of the fall. they think if biden to enter the race, he would see his poll numbers dip into the harsh lights of the campaign trail. >> thanks very much. don't go too far away. the state department is feeling the impact of the clinton e-mail controversy and taking new action, a so-called e-mail czar is being appointed. let's bring in our correspondent. she has the latest on this. officials say secretary kerry is very frustrated that the state department really come under fire for not being responsive to requests by the public. he feels department has been slow footed and some critics have even called it foot dragging. he is bothered by what he feels is unfair criticism of the state department who he feels is ill equipped to deal with an ever increasing number of congressional investigations and lawsuits. many officials have told me, this has put a burden on the department and the personnel.
3:06 pm
the majority of these requests for documents over the past six months have been related to the widening controversy over clinton's e-mail usage. now kerry has a name janice jacobs to spear all of this. jacob will serve as kerry's transparency coordinator, charged with the freedom of information act and congressional more efficiently. she is a 49-year diplomat with experience leading in consular affairs, at the center of a major effort. she was charged with clearing up a backlog of millions of passport applications. she has a lot of experience dealing with the red time we're talking about work the government agencies to play with the e-mails and kerry wants her to improve the state department systems. to implement the review of the inspector general. it is not just about the clinton
3:07 pm
e-mails. bits fixing how the state department keeps and retrieves records. we talked with the house committee on benghazi, the senate judiciary committee, they said they hope this means the state department will respond to their requests in a timely manner. >> is the state department still holding firm the e-mails she received only private e-mail server, the then secretary of state hillary clinton did not contain classified information, top secret information, even though investigators at the u.s. intelligence committee now saying at least of two those e-mails were top secret at the time they were sent to her? >> that's right. the state department is maintaining they received some of the information from unclassified, open sources. they're doing an analysis that they hope to present to the intelligence community. the intelligence community says we're the originators of the documents. we know that this information could only be gleaned by classified sources. but officials tell me they have
3:08 pm
documents that signify the state department had learned this information outside of classified systems. so they will maintain that this is not classified information and the state department should not be criticized as such. >> we'll see what happens. thanks very much. let's get to the republican presidential race. donald trump's campaign is ridiculing jeb bush. it has been quietly giving trump a run for his money, in the spotlight once again tonight. let's bring in dana bash who is working on this story for us. >> donald trump says over and over how nice ben carson is. part of the reason he handle attacked carson. that could change after carson said the idea to round up undocumented immigrants and send them home is unworkable. that as carson's rise means more scrutiny. ben carson back on the campaign trail for the first time in 11 days. >> some people hate rats and
3:09 pm
some people hate snakes. i hate poverty. >> carson's an sense didn't seem to hurt him. just the opposite. over the last two weeks his popularity has grown. second in iowa at 22%, third in new hampshire at 11%. and second place behind donald trump overall in the latest national poll. >> it is something about america. >> yet the unconventional candidate is not in iowa or new hampshire or any gop contest state but the liberal bastion of sfranl. >> i'm not going to be a traditional politician. >> meanwhile, jeb bush who ended the summer slipping in the polls is starting to spend the big dollars he raised to try to climb back up. this first bush television ad pictures him as an outsider but one with a record. >> if you want more d.c. politicians or more self-promoters, you have
3:10 pm
options. i'm offering something different. leadership, ideas and a proven conservative record. >> in an effort to show his personality and capture a large audience, bush will appear tonight stephen colbert's first late show after taking over for letterman. even as donald trump is out with another instagram video mocking bush as low energy. >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> in response to that, trump recycled part of an ad. >> hillary has always surrounded herself with very good people. >> as for that trump, questions like questioning john mccain's status, he said in a new biography i always felt i was in the military, according to the new york times, because he was sent to the military for behavioral problems. that despite never serving in
3:11 pm
the military and draft deferments. >> success is very important. it has certainly been very important to me. i can tell you one of the great choices i ever made in terms of success was the choice of going on new york military academy. i loved it. it was terrific training. it was tough but it was good. >> tomorrow trump will come to washington, d.c. he is going to appear with one of his competitors but one he has had a political bromance with. they're going to talk about the nuclear agreement and they'll do that as the president today got 41, maybe even 42 senators, enough support to block republicans' efforts to scuttle the deal. >> that's what trump and company will protest tomorrow. stand by. brianna kieler is back and gloria borger. let me play that instagram that donald trump released today,
3:12 pm
going after jeb bush. here's the full thing. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy? need some low energy? they have an hsa in some companies. i think the norm ought to be -- >> jeb, for all your sleeping needs. >> all right. how effective are these kinds of commercials or ads? >> really, this election is about getting votes. it is not about getting ratings. if we were talking about getting ratings, okay, all of with us high energy. this is about running for president of the united states. donald trump when you talk to him, when you listen to him, he talks about all the ratings he brings to networks including ours, which he does. i think jeb has a different point of view which is he might want to talk about issues. he might want to talk about things which by the way are boring. so i think it is kind of funny and cute but not serious. >> and he gets a lot of free ads
3:13 pm
from networks like us. >> i think you're right about that. except a couple things. number one, as i said in the piece. this was sort of free media. social media. and it has gotten so many more attention than the one jeb spent money for. >> let's play it with the response to trump. >> who would you hike representing the united states in a deal with iran work this regime? >> i think hillary would do a good job. she has always surrounded herself with very good people. >> what do you think? that was me asking him a question. >> my old glasses. >> look. i think this kind of, this symbolizes the issue. that's a serious ad, a serious topic. the trump ad, it could be on the
3:14 pm
onion newspaper or something. what they're both doing, they're one another. donald trump is trying to agitate jeb bush in advance of the debate next week. trying to get under his skin. i'm told by jeb bush advisers that he hates when it donald trump says he is low energy. >> can i add this? the bush campaign says that this woman, because this is not the first time we've seen this. she is a mother who got up at 4:00 in the morning. as a working mother who sometime gets up at four in the morning, you want to sleep wherever you are. the problem with jeb bush is it fits a narrative that is being pushed very hard. >> but politics is undeniably showmanship. that's such a big part of it. even if some of these candidates want to talk about the issues,
3:15 pm
they want to stress the issues, you have to admit, donald trump is a showman and he is really, really beating them at that part of the competition. >> stand by. we have more to discuss including a newest political reporter. he spent some time with harry reid. among other things they talked about donald trump. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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we're back with our political team and harsh new criticism from the top democrat. we have an exclusive new interview with the minority leader harry reid. he sat down with manu, welcome to cnn. we'll get to you in a moment. reid is still recovering from a fall off a treadmill but clearly he is in a fighting mode. especially when it come to trump and the republicans. i want our viewers to listen to some of your exclusive interview. >> of course, i'm sure you've been enjoying watching the republican primary take shape. what do you think of donald trump? does he have the temperament to be president? >> well, his republican friends will have to determine that. his temperament is not much different than the rest of the
3:21 pm
team. that he's running against. donald trump is speaking for the republican party. why? why do the republicans who are running for president never criticize him on anything? immigration? all of his remarks about the country generally, about the leadership in the country? the only time they have jumped on him is when he came out and said mccain msnbc is not a war hero. that's a pretty easy one. everyone knows john mccain is a war hero. oh, how could anybody say anything about john mccain? he's a war hero. where are all the other slanderous statements? why don't they say anything? they're afraid to. because he is speaking for them. he does it in a different tone in a different language. >> jeb bush has been pushing back on him the past two weeks. >> if he has, no one has
3:22 pm
noticed. >> he is speaking to their hearts. that's what they believe. finally, they got someone going directly to them. get rid of government, get rid of everybody, get rid of social security, get rid of all the foreign entanglements. climate change has nothing to that. the whole list of issues that they agree with him. that's why he is resounding to his benefit. they like what he says. >> how do you think this will affect the presidential race? it will affect, to recapture the senate in 2016. >> well, donald trump and the republican gang that's running for president certainly hasn't hurt our chances. i think we're going to win back the senate. that's a goal i have. i have a lot of goals these last 16, 17 months. the one goal that i have, and i
3:23 pm
will be unrelenting, do everything i can to make sure that we retake the senate. it is good for the country. >> and you predict you will. >> yes. >> let's talk about this exclusive interview you have. he didn't fall off a treadmill. it was one of the resistant bands that hit him in the head. he's still wearing the dark glasses. >> we talked about his eye and he said, i am probably never going to be able to see again. out of that eye. he said i'm reading a lot slower these days. maybe there's some experimental surgery, some sort of eye transplant but he is resigned to the fact that his vision is gone in that eye. >> that one eye, he is blind? >> yeah. >> but he can see with the other eye. >> he's getting hid of that. >> it is what it is and he is ready to move on. >> he is happy trump is in the race. he thinks it will be good for
3:24 pm
whoever gets the nomination? >> clearly the message that he wants to send, this is good for the party. the longer trump stays in, the better that he does. not only will it help hillary clinton or whoever emerges from the democratic field but also, down ticket races. trying as hard as they can to tie republican candidates who are in some of the key senate races to donald trump, to some of his positions. particularly with hispanic voters in the key swing states. >> look at the poll numbers that came in today. this is monmouth university poll. among democrats nationwide, hillary was at 52%. now she is 42%. joe biden who hasn't even announced is up to 22%. bernie sanders is at 16. now up to 20. i guess the worse her numbers are, the better for joe biden to jump into the race. >> i am sure it is very tempting. both clinton and biden have a
3:25 pm
71% favorable rating within the democratic party. she has some more unfavorable handle the he does. in talking to people about what is going on in joe biden's head right now, nobody really knows. i think this is a personal, emotional decision for him and everybody understands. he has run twice before. he's lost. and one person, one democrat said to me that his best day in this race would be the day before he got in. because once he got in, he would be back to being joe biden with the gaffes and everything else. and hillary has a machine and money and a plan. >> listening to joe biden last week, i was struck by this. i wonder if you were as well. i thought, that does not sound like someone who will get in the race. then i was in pittsburgh yesterday. and he sort of came out of gate very quickly. was very fiery. and i thought that really sounds like a campaign speech. right now he has a very close
3:26 pm
hold with some long time friends, some confidantes. >> to gloria's point, this could be the best day of his campaign could be the day before he announces. that's not unlike other people. they're politicians. look at hillary clinton. her best numbers historically were when she wasn't in politics. she was secretary of state and boift all of i'm thinking of it in 2012 on the gop side. that everybody, that the people in the base who were looking for somebody other handle the the one that they had in front of them, which for them it was mitt romney. anybody who would come along they shot up in the polls. that's the dynamic going on with joe biden. >> we've been covering joe biden for a long time. the difference between this time if he decides to run and the two other times when he did not do well, he's been vice president of the united states for almost seven years. he will have been vice president for almost eight years.
3:27 pm
when you're vice president, that is different than when you're just a u.s. senator. >> right. and obviously, he is more qualified if you will to be president of the united states. he serve as vice president of the united states. i think people who are close to him believe what is happening now is that biden is getting the respect that he deserves. just months ago, everybody else was in the swimming pool having fun. i'm going on run, going on run. and poor joe biden was out there watching everybody else and not even being talked about. now he is being talked about seriously which his people, his close friends believe he should be. he is enjoying this, clearly. but that doesn't mean that in the end, he will decide that he ought to do it. he is, after all, in his early 70s. >> he is and not the de facto standard bearer for the party establishment either. it was interesting to talk on senate grats joe biden. they're not rushing to support him. most support hillary clinton still. so clearly, he will have a lot
3:28 pm
of work to do to consolidate support within his own ranks. people who supported him for years are not there yet. >> he looks good. joe biden walking around. he may be 72 but bernie sanders turned 74 today. >> donald trump is -- >> 69 years old. so these guys are in good shame. >> lots of energy. >> exempt fthe next presidentia is eight days away, only on cnn live from the reagan library in california. cnn will host the first presidential democratic debate in nevada. we'll have a live report from kentucky on the release of the the county clerk, kim daifrgs be and what happens next in the fight over same-sex marriage. and we're learning about new daniels evidence in the investigation of a police officer's death. but after other leads have gone cold, are authorities any closer to solving the mystery?
3:29 pm
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the breaking news out of kentucky where a county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is now out of jail. kim davis fought back tears as she was greeted by a large crowd of supporters. not one but two republican candidates. they were there on the scene. both mike huckabee and ted cruz.
3:34 pm
let's go to grayson. martin savidge is on the scene for us. what a day it's been. >> it was just an amazing day. you could not imagine that you could upstage not one but two presidential candidates, as you said. kim davis managed to do that by the simple fact she walked free out of the front door of that detention center and even she seemed shell shocked by that. the only person that could have known this was coming was the judge who sent her to jail initially for contempt of court because she refused to issue marriage los angel marriage licenses to same-sex couples. all that changed in a hurry and she was greeted by christian conservatives. >> i want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people! we serve a living god who knows exactly where each and everyone
3:35 pm
of us is at. just keep on pressing. don't let down. because he is here. he is worthy. he is worthy. i love you guys. thank you so much. >> now the judge said that he had freed davis because in his words, he felt satisfied that his order was being complied with. that being that marriage licenses are being distributed. but he had some very strong conditions. number one, that she could not in any way interfere with that process by returning to work, couldn't interfere with her deputies. it is under clear tonight whether she will abide by that kind of condition. her attorneys implied that she seemed unrepentant. >> we'll see what she does. as you know, the republican candidate mike huckabee, the former arkansas governor you was
3:36 pm
there by her side. he organized in effect this rally. what was his basic message? >> you know, his basic message was as others had said, that she had been a hero. she had stood up when others had not. and pemd if she has to go back to jail, he has an idea of who could take her place. listen. >> the courage of her convictions was more important than simply even her own freedom. and she was willing to go to jail for what she believed. she has ignited something across this country where people are tired of the tyranny of judicial action that takes people's freedoms away, takes their basic fundamental constitutional rights and puts them in jeopardy. i've already told her. if somebody needs to go to jail, i am willing to go in her place. i mean that. i am tired of watching people being just harassed because they believe something of their
3:37 pm
faith. >> it should be pointed out that this crowd did not necessarily reflect overall opinion of many people in kentucky when it comes to kim davis. but that point he made about her igniting something, there was one sign held up in the crowd and it read like this. kim davis, the rosa parks of religious freedom. that's how strongly some here believe her actions were. wolf? >> thanks very much. let's get more. joining us, cnn anchor don lemon, sonny hostin, jeffrey toobin. her lawyers say the licenses that have been issued over the past few days by some of her deputies, while she was in jail, are invalid. is that true? >> no. it's false. what is the practice in kentucky is that the clerk can sign a wedding license or a deputy clerk can. and it makes sense. the clerk is not there every
3:38 pm
day. so the deputies frequently do it. they do it in every county. so this is just another attempt to obstruct the equal rights that same-sex couples are now entitled to in this county in kentucky and every county in the united states. >> the reason davis was in jail, she was in contempt of court, according to the federal judge. if she goes back to work in the next day or two and she doesn't honor this commitment to approve same-sex marriage certificates, licenses, she goes back to jail? >> she would go back to jail. and the judge made it clear this is not a legal win for kim davis. i've been seeing this all over. this was a legal win for miss davis. that is not true. what the judge found was that because the licenses are now being issued, she could be let go. if she in any way enter fears about the issuance of those
3:39 pm
licenses, she could end up in jail. i'm offended that she is being called the rosa parks of the religious freedom movement. what she is doing, or was doing, was self-incrimination snating against other people. any suggestion somehow that she is a hero for flouting the laws is shocking to me. we are a nation of laws and the supreme court has made it very clear that same-sex couples can marry. so i think if she does anything to interfere with this process, we're going to be talking about her the same way we're talking about her right now. what do you make of the fact that not one with you tbut two presidential candidates were there showing support today. >> i was surprised. conservatives are usually the ones saying we must adhere to the constitution. they're the party of law and
3:40 pm
order and constitution. yet in this very instance, when it doesn't fit narrative, they are somehow not in favor of the constitution or the lawful listen, kim davis, you can think whatever you want to think about her. as religious person, she can be as homophobic as she wants to be. i am not surprised considering what she did. i am surprise that had people are supporting her in this instance. because those same scriptures that they are pointing out were the same scriptures they used to keep people segregated. that they used during integration when they said, segregation now, segregation forever. same scriptures. same bible versus that people picked and chose which ones they wanted. because, i don't know if you remember the scene from the west wing. josh bartlett says will i burn my mother at the stake because she wears two different fabric?
3:41 pm
there's so many different thing in the bible people take literally when they should not. they are picking and choosing. i am surprised the democrats are there and it appears they may be exploiting her at this point. >> let's move on and talk about something else that happened. i'll get your thoughts first. freddie gray in baltimore, even though isn't connected with this. the huge dollar amount indicates a small criminal case right there. how much did she get? like the family got more than $6 million? >> that's right. i don't think we can read into this settlement amount in terms of how strong case is. i think we can read into it this is a city that wants to heal. the leadership wants the city to heal and this is a way to move forward. i think that's what the mayor
3:42 pm
made very clear that we want to move forward and this is a step in the right direction. i think the city should be commended. we know that the state's attorney, it announced the indictments, i think, may 1st. we're only a few months later and we are already talking about this deal with the family. and perhaps this will bring some solace to the family but i don't think we can connect this with the trials that are coming. >> the $6.4 million that the family will receive from baltimore, what impact if any will it have on the upcoming legal procedures? >> i don't think it has much of an impact. we talk a lot about how immoral it is to see police misconduct. and it is. it is also incredibly expensive for taxpayers. new york city just paid a similar amount to the family of eric garner who was killed in
3:43 pm
staten island. these cities don't want to put these cases in front of juries. juries give a lot of money. so it is worth remembering that this is also a financial blight on cities as well as just an immoral actions on the part of a small minority of police officers. >> thanks very much. don, of course, thanks. don will be back in awith a lote news at 10:00. that eastern. just ahead, an attempted escape by refugees breaking through a police line. and the manhunt that led nowhere. now numerous leads aren't panning out. could a new piece of evidence solve the mystery of an illinois police officer's death? got the . well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere.
3:44 pm
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3:48 pm
the refugee crisis overwhelming europe right now is getting more attention around the world. tonight we have a gripping new look at the desperation so many of these refugees feel after fleeing war, oppression and terror. our senior correspondent is joining us now live from hungary where so much is going on. give us the latest. you've been doing an amazing job
3:49 pm
reporting this tragedy. >> reporter: well, wolf, what we saw earlier today took place at a holding area that is in hungary right up against this serbian border. refugees are only meant to be spending a few hours there but many end up stuck there for days. it is basically an open field. it is pretty littered with trash. there is very little by way of humanitarian aid. very little food or water. really miserable conditions. especially for people who have been through so much. and earlier today, this was not a coordinator organized effort but people decided to take matters into their own hands and actually broke through the police cordon. take a look at what we saw. >> we're running now with these migrants and refugees who just broke out of the holding area right along the border with serbia. the police are literally -- cnn.
3:50 pm
the police are right behind and in front trying to bring them under control. there are hundreds of them that staged this breakout because they were they were being held in. these are all people that just managed to break out and they have been running now for about the last half hour. they have been running through the sunflower fields, the corn fields, they are very afraid because as you can see, they are noticing that the police are over to the side. we've been hearing sirens. these dramatic scenes are unfolding. these people literally walking their way through people traveling with the smaller children were not able to keep up. they believe it will be safety in numbers for them as they try to make their way hoping that the police will not catch them. >> and wolf, one of the more
3:51 pm
heartbreaking scenes that we saw was two children, a brother and a sister and in the chaos, they had lost their shoes, so they were walking on top of the stones and the uneven ground in their bare feet and didn't even complain. they kept going. their mother was carrying their younger brother who wouldn't stop crying but she couldn't even stop to try to console him. at the end of this, the police did finally manage to stop their advance after a few hours by negotiating with them, agreeing to bring in food and water and promising them that if they got on buses, they would be taken to an area where they could overnight and they would not be fingerprinted and in the morning, a train would come to take them to the austria border. we'll follow this very closely, wolf. >> thank you for bringing the the stories to the world right now, so important. arwa damon in hungary with the latest.
3:52 pm
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a week after the shooting death of illinois police lieutenant joe gliniewicz, surveillance videos are not showing what they hope to find but evidence from the scene may give them a solid new lead. here is cnn national correspondent, ryan young. >> reporter: a possible break in the case as a search for three suspected cop-killers enters the second week. >> evidence located by our evidence technicians is now
3:57 pm
being processed by the northern illinois crime lab is dna. dna we recovered is not lieutenant gliniewicz' dna. >> reporter: they sound doubtful the multiple surveillance videos from the area will lead to any suspects. >> there were three individuals on that videotape that matched. they have very general description that was given by lieutenant gliniewicz over the radio. i can tell you that we have located those individuals through our investigative process, interviewed all those individuals and we have confirmed that we believe at this point they were not involved in this. at this point, we don't have any video that's relevant to the investigation. >> reporter: meanwhile, the search continues, state and federal agents have used helicopters, dogs, boats and body heat sensors in their
3:58 pm
search but still no witnesses have come forward. the only details of the three reported suspects comes from the only person to have seen them, a few words radioed in from the lieutenant before he was shot. >> i'm out near the old concrete plant checking. >> i'm still optimistic. i have to stay optimistic. i have to stay positive. i have to keep moving forward. >> reporter: 52-year-old gliniewicz, husband and father of four had been an officer for more than three decades. and there is a $50,000 reward involving this case, wolf? >> ryan young, thanks very much. tom is with me, what do you make it of? >> i know you need secrecy at the crime scene and keep facts only the killer would know.
3:59 pm
as far as descriptive data, videos, none of them have been released or shown to the public, i just can't explain that. i don't understand why. >> because you think they would release more information to get the public to help, right? the end of last week the fbi investigating a bank robbery had a surveillance video and put it out in the media. the next day a family member called in, a member of my family did it. that's why you put these things out and that's why we have amber alerts and beyond the lookout and there is nothing additional put out-- descriptive information. >> they said they found dna evidence not related to gliniewicz that may be helpful. >> they need a suspect. they have been trying to compare it to state and national databases that have come up negative. if they develop a suspect, that will be important. >> let's hope they resolve this
4:00 pm
soon. thanks very much for watching. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news, hillary clinton apologizing calling her private e-mail accounts a mistake and says she hits the reset button on the campaign in the face of falling poll numbers and kim davis released from jill but will she now issue marriage licenses to gay couples or go back behind bars? and the disturbing 911 call, a mother crying out for help telling the dispatcher, my children are trying to kill me. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jim sciutto in for erin burnett and "out front" tonight, breaking


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