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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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noid. in case you blocked out the 1980s, take a look. >> a noid hates hot quality pizza. he loves to make your hot pizza ice cold. call domino's pizza and avoid the noid. >> i think it's the only explanation. the noid is back and now he's turning hot pizza into cold, cold hard cash, at least on the ridiculist. that does it for us. we'll see you at 11:00 p.m. with another edition of 360. cnn with don lemon starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news, scott walker trying to shake up the republican presidential race and knock donald trump out of the lead. walking ending his campaign and saying this. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive,
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conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> this is cnn tonight. i am don lemon and there are calls for dr. ben carson to drop his bid for the white house after saying on "meet the press" that a muslim should not be president. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not. >> it is any man or any woman's race for the gop nomination. fresh off her strong debate performance, carly fiorina jump toes second place in the late evidence cnn poll, inching ahead of ben carson. in less that 24 hours, pope francis arrived in washington to begin his historic visit to the united states. we begin with breaking news, though, reaction to ben carson's remark that's a muslim should not be president of the united states. donald trump did not condemn what was said, but instead talked about the process of electing people. >> i think that basically if somebody can get elected, you know, they're going to be vetted
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and if somebody can get elected, that's what it's all about. it's an electoral process. i would tend to go along with that. >> tend to go along with what? >> election. if you win an election, you know, in this country, if you win an election. but i would say this, ben was saying there are difficulties and i think everybody knows what those difficulties are and people want to be politically correct, but there have been difficulties and a lot of people agree with ben. i do think that ben would also agree, though, if properly vetted, the proper people properly vetted going through an election, i think that anybody that is able to win an election will be absolutely fine. >> and mitt romney, who faced questions in the 2012 race about his mormon faith tweeted tonight, of course no religious test for the presidency. every faith adds to our national character. i'm joined now by armstrong williams, dr. carson's business manager. good evening, mr. williams. how are you doing? >> good evening, don.
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>> what's your reaction to what we just heard from mitt romney and donald trump? >> absolutely, there should be no religious test. the constitution makes it clear that it doesn't matter whether you're a socialist, it doesn't matter when you're an atheist. as long as you're an american citizen and you mead the 35-year-old mark, you're qualified to run for the presidency. and there's no question there should be no test of religion as it is laid out in our constitution by our founding fathers. >> but more specifically, to what dr. ben carson said and what trump just said, he just said if properly vetted. does that change anything for dr. carson, if properly vetted? >> well, vetting means that we trust we the people. it is the american people that decides the president of these united states. they have done this time and time again. and they have been quite remarkable in their selections. and all dr. carson was saying was that all one of those americans, the millions of americans that go to the polls
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and vote, at this time, he would not advocate voting for someone who was muslim. simply exercising his right to vote, his preference, his choice, and in no way does it take away that if many americans go to the polls in the future and decide to do so, that is their constitutional right to do so and we celebrate the will of the people and what they decide. >> so if the american people supported a muslim president, would dr. carson support that president as the president and respect that person as the president of the united states? >> don, always we respect and support the will of the people. it doesn't matter whether it's reagan, bush, clinton, president obama, the bushes, it doesn't matter. when the american people have spoken, we all should get on board and unify as americans to get behind that president and support that goes and aspirations of our nations. we become one on that day. >> so then why would he say that a person, a muslim, a person who practices the islamic faith, a
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muslim should not be the president of the united states, then? >> you know, don, it was on meet the press. you're an expert at this, as chuck todd. and they ask these questions. he posed a question to dr. carson. it's not as if these questions are given to the candidate in advance and they asked him a simple question and in answering that question, he made it clear that he would not advocate his support, his voting someone that is muslim as the president of the united states. that's his personal preference. >> okay, mr. williams, let's listen to -- >> speaking of how -- >> for those who may not have seen it, let's refresh everyone's memory here. we will play it and then you can continue your answer. here it is. >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of the nation. i absolutely would not agree
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with that. >> and you -- would you ever consider voting for a muslim for congress? >> congress is a different story, but it dpent depends on who that muslim is and what their policies are. >> you said that he was asked the question that he didn't know was going to be asked. he had to have known this question was going to be asked, especially in light of what happened to donald trump at that town hall on thursday night. he had to have expected this to come up. >> that's not absolutely -- that's not true. listen, reporters, just because mr. trump missed a -- in an arena is skg asked a question doesn't mean the next candidate is going to be asked a question. the question can be asked in a different variation. but he answered the question. he answered it truthfully and he made it clear that islam is not consistent with what we are as americans as it relates to our constitution. it would be in direct conflict. >> but, you know, our founding fathers wanted us, mr. williams, to have a separation of church and state. and, therefore, the article 6 of
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the constitution, that there would be no distinction there. that's all part of it. does dr. carson not believe in that? >> no. you know, here is what i don't understand, don. you're a fair guy. you have a lot of respect. i don't understand why the media is going out of their way to make this about the constitution, to make this about article 6. dr. carson was not asked about the constitution of the united states. dr. carson was not asked about article 6. dr. carson was asked a very personal question which he gave a very personal answer. >> and he answered islam is not consistent with the constitution. that's why we're asking -- >> and it is not consistent -- and it is not consistent with the constitution. that is just a fact. >> okay. many people would agree with you and many people would also agree that this same sort of answer that dr. carson gave was the same thing that people did to not have a president of color or maybe not to have a woman
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president. why don't you take a listen to this. this is whoopi goldberg this morning on dr. carson's response. >> ben carson, that's what they used to say about black candidates. that's what they said about shirley chisolm. she was a woman and she was black, so you know they went to town on her. so i know the person who is running is how you have to look at them. their religious -- that's like saying no jewish person could be president. why would you do that? >> we have a probable with the armstrong williams shot. i apologize for that. i want to bring in sam harris and dean medallah. thank you for jumping in a little bit early here. if we get armstrong williams back, we'll bring him in, as well. armstrong williams, dr. carson's friend and business manager, what is your reaction to that? >> i think on some level, armstrong williams just
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denounced carson's comments. what ben carson said, though, is part of what we've heard from the right over and over, that being muslim somehow makes you less american and you have less rights. i'm a threat to this country, i'm an enemy to this country. these are things we hear over and over. we're doing our best to fight against these ideas, to make it clear to our fellow americans that i don't want to impose islamic law, yet somehow we keep hearing this over and over. and it's a fight. you know, it's a fight. i'm trying to reach out to my fellow americans. and win the hearts and minds and it's a struggle. >> sam, do you view dr. carson's comments as bigoted at all? >> well, i do. i think we have to distinguish it between how we treat ideas and how we treat people. what you hear is a christian demagoguery coming into the conversation. frankly, he's not a very thoughtful person. here is a surgeon who doesn't believe in evolution.
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if ever you needed proof of a surgeon who doesn't believe in evolution, you have it. he is a bible thumper of sorts who, i think, rightly fear tess demagoguery of his antithesis in the muslim world. so, for instance, i am a vocal critic of islam. dean, your other guest, has called me a bigot in the past. >> i think on twitter, but i will tonight if you like. >> it's even more occur yajus to do it on twit perpendicular but -- >> seem to obfuscate the issue here. i think there are no doubt thousands of muslim americans who could be great presidents and far better presidents than ben carson or donald trump. and there's nothing about
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criticizing islam as a set of ideas. what's very unhelpful here is in all the other cases where people like dean and other muslim apologyists find bigotry and racism or pretend to find it where it doesn't exist. >> dean, before you respond, i want to ask sam this. sam, do you think that islam is inconsistent with the u.s. constitution? as someone who studies this? >> it depends on what you mean by islam. islam is a vast set of commitments and ideas and, you know, they're 1.6 billion muslims on earth who holds to those ideas in varying degrees. some nominally and some are, you know, right next door to or even right of the omar, that the crucial case of extremism now is isis or the islamic state. now, if you're going to talk about sharia law, the law that mandates the cutting off of hands from thieves or throwing gays from rooftops -- >> is that in the karon?
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you know it's not in the karon, sam. you know that and it's -- i've had -- >> dean, let him finish. sam, finish your thought and, dean, you can respond. >> dean, you're going to get a chance to talk. >> but it's this kind of obscurantism that you'll hear 307g up from dean which gives some colonels of truth to the people that -- genuine bigots like ben carson or even worse like the person who stood up at trump's rally who was obviously a bigot, should have been shouted down by trump. but what's sipster here is when you have seemingly liberal muslims play hide the law with the article of faith and deny at every turn that there's any length of ideas and the kinds of violence we see in the muslim world. >> go ahead, dean. >> getting advice from sam about islam is like getting advice from paula deen about black live matters. >> there you go, he's calling me a bigot on national television. >> i didn't. >> and i am absolutely not a bigot. >> and i agree with you, ben,
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that what ben carson said is bigotry. maybe we can find common ground in certain places. >> i just released a book with a muslim coauthor, a person who has paid his dues against bigotry far more than you have, i would imagine. >> sam -- >> he spent four years -- >> an -- sam, we're living in the united states. we live in the united states of america. i am concerned about the spike in hate crime versus muslimes. i'm concerned that three muslim students -- killed -- >> i'm concerned, too. >> gentlemen, gentlemen, stand by. we'll get to the spike and your concern. but you guys will come back. hold on. armstrong williams is back. armstrong, i'm not sure if you were able to hear any of the discussion that's going on. i asked you about -- i asked you about whoopi goldberg saying this is what they used against candidates of color and is islam consistent with the constitution. but go on. >> don, we're human.
7:14 pm
no two individuals are alike and we perceive things quite different. and, obviously, when you come to these conclusions, like many americans, the majority, that feels just as strongly as dr. carson does about this issue, it pains us to feel and believe this, but there's a painful reality of what's happening in the world today. the world has changed. and people who, in their own way that embraced the islamic faith and the things that they do, they do these horrific things. i wish they would be more condemnation. >> can you be more specific about what you're saying? what do you mean? >> listen, i would -- we would welcome seeing organizations like c.a.r.e. and what happened in chattanooga or what happened at ft. hood when these kinds of devastating crimes take place,
7:15 pm
these terrorist attacks against our men who put their lives on the line. we would love to see them have a press conference and have the same condemnation of this kind of behavior and this kind of thinking -- >> so what you're saying is you don't believe the people of the muslim faith, moderate muslims have adequately dealt with radical islam or condemning radical islam and that in -- i guess, in course, leads people like ben carson to believe what he believes and others to believe that a muslim should not be president of the united states. is that what you're saying? >> listen, i think -- i don't think fear should be a place to motivate us, but because we're human and we see what we see and we hear what we hear and we witness -- i mean, daniel pearl being beheaded, the washington journalist still in an iranian jail in iran. when you see jews and christians being kidnapped and beheaded like they have no value for human life, if more people were to be@as outraged and the
7:16 pm
condemnation, maybe americans would believe that you're just outraged by the loss of human life and this kind of horrific -- >> there is a distinction between islam and radical islam. >> listen, for those -- there are those of us, they embrace -- the issue is yes, there is a distinction, but the muslim community should do more of condemnation as well as the media. it should not matter whether they're christian or jews. even when they do it against muslims. they share more of the brunt of this hatred and this belief system and the way they treat women, they hang homosexuals. it's not just christians against muslims. there should be more condemnation. there should be more outrage. the fact that we fear even the thought of having someone in the white house as a muslim, we did not get to this position in the easy way. it's years and decades of what's going on in this country and around the world that americans sadly have come to this conclusion. >> christians also commit crimes
7:17 pm
for religious purposes, as well. >> we should condemn it all. my point is, condemn it all. >> armstrong williams, i appreciate it. please come back. we'll continue this discussion and more. up next, though, the number of americans who say they would not support a muslim candidate for president. we'll talk about that because armstrong williams has mentioned it, as well. also ahead, carlie fiorina on the rise, she is near the top of cnn's newest poll following her last performance in the cnn debate. we'll be back right after this break. wasteful either. being ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ♪
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i don't think that religion should be a criteria for being president, you know, that there should be some kind of exclusion based on one's fatal or the lack of faith, frankly. i know a ton of people that are peaceful muslims that live in the united states that love this country that are puerto ricoic muslims that serve in the military. the idea that you would think otherwise is not grounded in reality. >> that was jeb bush tonight speaking in iowa, reacting to dr. ben carson saying he doesn't believe a muslim should be president of the united states. back with me now, gentlemen, let's pick up our conversation. first up, i'm going to read this poll. this is a recent gallop poll. 38% of americans say they would not support a muslim can the candidate for president. so dr. ben carson is not alone. why do you think that is? first you, dean.
7:22 pm
>> i think there's a lot of components. one is only about 25% of americans have a muslim friend. if you don't have one, i offer to be your muslim friend. on the basis of al qaeda, al shabab, coupled by some of the people on the right ginning up the fear, you're going going to feel warmly about muslims. if i was a muslim and all i saw was that, i will not like muslims, either. maybe that's part of the problem. armstrong williams said we don't denounce. i beg to differ with you. we beg to come on tv, but what gets ratings on tv is sensationalism, not earnist muslims saying terrorism doesn't represent our faith. >> ben carson would have said the same thing about atheists.
7:23 pm
americans are more reluctant to vote for an atheist than for a muslim. atheism is the only identity that couldn't get you -- that would prevent your election as a qualified member of your own party when people of your own party are polled. so, you know, we can play this victim card. we can worry about political bigotry. it's a real problem. but it is visited upon atheists, it is visited upon other minorities. and what gets lost here and what dean, frankly, has been a scandalous pure vafer of -- >> scandalous purveyor. >> please, let me finish and you can respond. >> please, thank you. >> what you see here is an effort to paint islam is identical to every religion on earth. there is no special problem with islamism, jihadist, there's no connection between the doctrine and the kind of terrorism and
7:24 pm
human rights abuses we see worldwide and thats and it's a lie and everyone knows it, whether you're a bigot or a reasonable person, it is a lie that is plain view and it has to be debunked by muslims like dean. that's the crucial problem here. people like dean need to be candid about the link between belief and behavior and they need to be willing to reform the faith. instead of being willing to do that, they call people like me bigots and that is a huge problem for this conversation. it's decidedly unhelpful and it's driving the -- it's driving the polls apart. and i think we're going to wake up in a world that looks more like western europe at this point, where you have -- >> so dean -- my question is, dean -- that's a scandalous purveyor? >> you and i spoke about this, we spoke about it this weekend on your radio show. there are people in the muslim faith who have said basically the same thing that sam is saying, but yet still don't get
7:25 pm
called bigots or are somehow listened to, but he is not. >> the messenger matters, don. we know that, sam knows that. >> it doesn't matter. my coauthor on this book was called a talking monkey by your friend. >> don't interrupt me. now you're interrupting me. sam, you called for religious and racial profiling of muslims. >> i have not. >> you've wrote it in your blog. i can read it out loud if you want. >> if you mad an effort to understand my views, you have a different story. >> let's continue on and talking in the political realm. that doesn't answer my question. please. >> the question is, isis and al qaeda are killing muslims more than anybody. we very much want them to be stopped. we are having the discussions internally in our community. we want to do more. i don't know how i'm going reach someone in pakistan frankly or afghanistan -- >> how do we fix this issue in the u.s. where you have a presidential candidate saying a
7:26 pm
muslim shoornt be president of the u.s.? >> i think it takes time. the same way racism in against african-americans was made stream, john kennedy gave a famous speech and maybe it takes some of us and i have no problem giving that speech and john kennedy addresses it head on. that he was an actual absolute -- >> it's not just encouple bent on muslims to do it. we all have to do it. thank you so much for joining me this evening. carson's remarks are a calculated political move. up next, our political experts. iflike i love shrimp, red lobster's endless shrimp... kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever.
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afterwe're now on dr. ben carson's remarkses douglas brinkley, cnn presidential he or shen and author of the nixon tapes 1973 and cochairman of carlie for president. charles, i'm going start with you. ben carson says a muslim should not be president. some muslim leaders are calling for him to drop out of this race. should he? >> well, i don't know about
7:31 pm
that. i think that, you know, only time will tell whether or not this hurts him in the polls or perhaps helps him in the polls because, as you pointed out in that last segment, you know, there are a large number of americans who probably agree with him. but i don't think this is a calculated thing, that he wanted to particularly say and i think that he put out a facebook message saying he wouldn't support a muslim for president who had not rejected sharia law. you could quibble with that and say it's a minor different, but it seems to me it is a distinction between simply saying flat out that if you're a muslim you could never be president of the united states. >> douglas brinkley is a historian here. we keep reciting article 6 of the constitution. it says that you have to be 35 years old, born in the united states, living here for 14 years
7:32 pm
and then it says no religious test shall ever be required as qualification to any office of public trust under the united states. so what does this have to do with religion? >> it shouldn't have anything to do. ben carson just made a blunder. but you don't want to demonize one group of americans or act like any american isn't good enough to be president of this land. so i think it's the low moment of carson's campaign thus far, even though there's many fine qualities about him. this wasn't helpful to our country to say that. >> representative henderson, hillary clinton tweeted this. can a muslim be president of the united states of america? in a word, yes. now let's move on. and then she, you know, puts the constitution up there. does carly agree with that? >> look, i don't want to put words in carly's mouth.
7:33 pm
there's going to be always a lot of back and forth in campaigns and what we're focused on is carlie is getting ready to come to this state tomorrow with a three-day trip through. for her to be laser focused on the message that she wants to bring to people about how she's going to articulate -- >> as cochair of her campaign, you have not spoken to her about this issue? because every single candidate has weighed in on the republican and democratic side. >> carlie has not made a statement about it. you know, i'm not going to presume to put words in her mouth about her opinion on this issue. >> so, caylee, do you now. i want you to take a look at this poll. when asked what types of people they are comfortable with as president, 44% were not totally comfortable supporting an evangelical candidate. do you think you have to be careful when you start talk about who should or shouldn't be in the white house based upon person religion? >> these are person opinions. ben carson has the right and i think that it's fairley
7:34 pm
uncontroversial, he has the right to want a president who doesn't profess sharia law which advocates cutting off one's hands that they steal. ben carson has a right to express that. and it's an uncontroversial point, in my mind. and likewise, look, if iraq or iran or saudi arabia wants a muslim president, that's fine. >> not every muslim in the united states believes in sharia law, haley. >> i'm well aware of that. that's why ben carson made the distinction. if a muslim disavois sharia law, he's okay with that person being president. >> he didn't say that initially. >> we've given hillary clinton numerous chance toes correct herself on her e-mail scandal. let's give ben carson one. >> the fact that ben carson did clarify himself on that, it would seem to me this was not a calculated ploy. this was not something he was seeking to get into hot water over. >> then there was done aldz
7:35 pm
trump. this is a clip of trump today after he refused to correct a supporter who called the president a muslim. >> it's not my obligation to defend the president and is the president going to defend me because last night during the emmy awards people said things about me or is the president going to hold a news conference and defend me? i don't think so. >> the question is do you feel responsible for attracting -- >> savannah, i don't think it's my obligation to defend him. >> is it a defense, douglas, of the president? and is this enough to answer crickets who say he is dlib ratsly stoking religious bigotry? is he defending the president by correcting the record? >> well, the problem wasn't just that donald trump stood there for that moment. it's that he created or was the engineer of the whole birth or movement in the united states. and we had to listen to all of that about barack obama not being an american. and it seemed to have stoked that. he didn't have his john mccain moment. he chose not to have it. he's doubling down on it, donald
7:36 pm
trump. and it might very well play to him with primary care. to treat a president with this kind of disrespect, allowing that kind of pus to be around you, if you can get away with it -- >> he laughed and he just missed the question. that's the thing. the fact the dnc came out after saying trump's racism knows no bounds, we are at a perilous point in our country if we are going to infer racism from silence. that is the problem. donald trump had no obligation to defend the president. likewise the president has no obligation to defend him. >> there are many, many people who agree that he did have an obligation not to defend the president, but to set the record straight. and the reason there may be so much anti-muslim issues in the country is because there is so much on the issue.
7:37 pm
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a major boost for carly fiorina who now finds herself in second place behind donald trump. haley, douglas and phyllis, we're all back. i did not get the last word on the last panel. we will all discuss more now. representative henderson, cnn's latest poll shows trump is still in the lead, but losing support for the first time. carly fiorina had a huge jump in the polls. is that base of her performance in the debate or because she is an outsider along with trump and carson? >> absolutely her debate performance was outstanding and the fact that they say a person that comes to this job as an outsider, as a business leader. i think people are respond to go that. we've seen a huge, huge surge in her support here in south carolina. the events we have planned this week are filled to the top. we are moving venues just so we can accommodate all the people
7:42 pm
that want to be here. so we're really looking forward to a great trip for her this week in south carolina. >> charles, trump went on an attack against carly fiorina on the "today show" on her record. here it is, look. >> they look at her record of tremendous failure. look, she took lucent into the ground. she took hp into the ground, destroyed it. and, uh, i think that -- you know, and then she ran for the senate in a race that should have been won and lost because of the fact that she did so badly as a business leader. >> so he's going in now on her. is this going to affect her? >> i don't know how much it will really affect her in the long run. you know, her performance at the cnn debate last week was absolutely tremendous. and i have been critical of mr. trump for going after carly fiorina. he shouldn't be doing that. except on very specifics like this, where he's talking about her business background. i think all that and the exchange between the two of them
7:43 pm
about their varied business backgrounds, it thought, was one of the most interesting changes of the entire debate last week. so i think this is completely fair. i think people are eager to have an open mind, to hear the two of them duke it out over their various business -- as long as he's not talking about her looks or something. >> representative henderson? >> well, listen, but any standard, carly fiorina was a successful ceo. if you look at when she took over hp in 1999, it was struggling. and by the time she left, they had doubled their revenues and tripled innovation, kwaul quadrupled cash flow. but any standard, she was a successful ceo. i think what you're seeing is donald trump seeing the rise of carly fiorina and getting woerdz about her rise in the poll and decided he's going to try and snipe back at her. carly is going to shake it off and be laser focused on what she's trying to accomplish and that is introducing herself to the american public and
7:44 pm
articulating her vision for america. >> scott walker dropped out today. who benefits? >> i don't know that many people benefit right now because he was statistically insignificant in the polls. but the iowa voting base, he had a strong showing there. i think ben carson and the evangelical voters are going to see -- evangelical candidates will see a boost, but again, not many voters to leave walker at this point. >> richard nixon had a connection to donald trump. tell us about that. >> well, it turned out that pat nixon, richard nixon's wife, the former first lady in 1987 saw donald trump on the phil donahue show and nixon sort of fell in love with donald trump. nixon wrote a note to donald trump saying if you decide to get into politics, you're going to do to do extremely well.
7:45 pm
now you see donald trump adopting the silent majority motif for his own campaign. that's what nixon used in 1969 to go after the anti-vietnam war demonstrators so there's an interesting note of history connecting trump with nixon. >> would you call that a posthumous endorsement? >> well, i don't know who it helps. i don't know who nixon's constituency is at this point. >> exactly. >> but nevertheless, it's the same workers that nixon was trying to win over during '68 and '72 that donald trump is reaching out to people fed up with hue better humphrey, lyndon johnson, and you see trump trying to generate momentum by being feds up with the obama people. >> thank you. appreciate all of you joining us this evening. >> thank you.
7:46 pm
coming up, with the pope's arrival in the u.s. tomorrow, how important is religion in the presidential lex? we're going to ask that. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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backlash of rejecting the idea of a muslim president. when john f. kennedy was elected, he became the first and only catholic president in the united states in united states history and he expressed his opinion of religion's role in politics. >> i believe in an america that is officially neither catholic, pro did he stent nor jewish. where no religious body so he seeks to impose its will, directly or indirectly upon the general populist or the public acts of its officials, and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all. >> that was john f. kennedy. joining me now is father edward
7:51 pm
beck, host of "the sunday mass," father pudiet, and imam, from duke university. i'm glad to have all of you here this evening and get all of your perspectives. the pope arrives right here in the u.s. top e tomorrow. not too long ago, it was considered unthinkable that a catholic would be elected for president. now it is common for catholics to run. what are your thoughts on ben carson's comments about muslims? >> first of all, pope francis said a good catholic metals in politics. that means you have to be involved in the issues today that relate to people. sometimes they are in the political arena. issues like this, the pope would say we have to have an opinion on it because it affects all of our lives, who we are as
7:52 pm
humanity. and the pope -- now, remember, the pope went to the blue mosque. he prayed there in istanbul. he turned toward mecca to play. he was a good friend of an imam in argentina -- >> what are you saying? >> i am saying he would say of course ben carson is wrong on this issue, that as people of faith, christian faith, judaic faith, islamic faith, we have to admit that we are all one, we are all equal in that regard. >> so with that said, father, we talk all the time about the separation of church and state. on the other hand, candidates often faye informal religious litmus tests, don't they? >> well, i think the big issue today is to ask ourselves a questions, are we ready for the reality of america today? the u.s. is no longer what it used to be when kennedy was making that speech. but what about muslims? i mean, this is part of our reality today. muslims are part of american life and they are not part of radical islam and they make that
7:53 pm
known to us every time something horrible happens and we begin to categorize all people associated with islam the same way. we are reminded of the fact that radical islam is not the report majority of muslims. when we speak of someone saying can i be a muslim president? of course. >> there are many people that don't believe that. at least 38% believe a muslim should not be president of the united states. so having said that, what is your perspective on this? >> well, of course, i'm very disappointed that ben carson and similar remarks and i find it irresponsible to say the least. working with college-aged muslim students, it's especially painful to hear these kind of remarks because here at duke university, i've been talking to college age muslim students, love your country, love your flag, serve this beautiful country and its noble people and ben carson and those like him saying just the object sit.
7:54 pm
and i don't know if anybody can be un-american by the same like ben carson saying we will be judge you based on your identity, based on your religion, not based on your actiones. >> it's not just muslims, it's not just islam, because mitt romney faced a devout more mom when he ran for president last time. look at this. >> one person who will not vote for a more mom? >> oh, is that right? can i shake your hand, anyway? >> no. nope. >> okay. >> so he walks up and says i am the one person who will not vote for a more mormon. he said can i shake your hands, anyway? and he said no. what is the proper role of religion to play when considering a candidate, father? >> i think religion is to speak about issues that have to do with humanity's struggle.
7:55 pm
immigration is a religious issue as well as a political issue. the excesses of capitalism is a religious issue as well as a political issue. gun violence is a religious issue and a political issue. so we have to opine on these issues that affect everyday lives of people struggling and the pope, again, says go to the periphery, those who are suffering, those who are being negatively impacted by these issues. you might be ministers of them and you must affect legislation that is going to help these people. >> so, father -- >> but i think, you know, where the pope -- go ahead. but i think where the pope is wrong is he condemns capitalism and tells us about all the evils of capitalism, but rarely speaks about the evils of communism which has done so much evil throughout the world. here in cuba, he has done nothing. >> but he hasn't said anything during his hours there. he has said absolutely nothing as if that was a regular latin
7:56 pm
american country that he's visiting and celebrating mass. i've listened to every speech and there isn't a single word of condemnation about global regime. how can you go visit fidel castro? when he comes here, is he going to ask president obama how george w. bush is doing? >> thank you, gentlemen. we'll be right back. while you're on the move.eans ys sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. the has unlimited access is thatto information,tion no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power
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that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. ac 360 right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. breaking news, one of the rivals,


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