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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ living life is fun and we've just begun to get our share of the world's delights ♪ ♪ high hopes we have for the future and our goal's in sight ♪ ♪ and our goal's in sight, no we don't get depressed ♪ . ♪ cause here's what we call our godden rule have faith in you and the things you do ♪ ♪ you don't go wrong this is our family jewel ♪ ♪ we are family i got all my sisters with me ♪ ♪ we are family get up everybody
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and sing ♪ ♪ we are family i got all my sisters with me ♪ ♪ we are family get up everybody and sing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ he is the truth, he is the light ♪ ♪ he is the way, the truth, the light ♪ ♪ he is the way, the truth, the light ♪ ♪ his name is jesus >>. ♪ he is the way, the truth, the light ♪
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♪ he is the way, the truth, the light ♪ >> all right. sister sledge has the crowd on its feet. >> the amazing dancing nuns. moved by the spirit, as it were. spirit sledge started to play. the pope heard the music, popped into the fiat. the motorcade is now on its way here to the amphitheater. they are going to keep playing until the pope gets here. they will continue the festivities. let's listen in as we get a picture of the motorcade coming in the pope's arrival. you think this crowd is live here. wait until francis gets here. there they are. ♪ reach up, reach up, reach up
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♪ reach up, reach up, reach up . >>. ♪ one, two, one two ♪ we are family, i got all my brothers and sisters with me ♪ . ♪ we are family. i've got all my brothers and sisters with me ♪ . ♪ we are family get up everybody and sing ♪
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♪ >> well, you can't get any better than that to welcome the pontiff formally to philadelphia tonight after a historic remarkable day. sister sledge opening up for the
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pope. his motorcade on the way here. i don't know if we can re-rack the images of the dancing nuns, but that is something i will never forget. take a look at the other side of your screen. >> there's the motorcade. the pope is coming. they are playing "we are family." this is the message pope francis has been having. it has been resonating through the streets of philadelphia. people have been waiting hours to see him. this of course the culmination of the world meeting. this is the festival of families that francis is coming to throughout the week. they have been hitting on themes how to preserve the family and make it stronger. central to pope francis intention to america. out to the crowd with carol costello. this is the moment they have been waiting for. i saw you moving, carol. >> oh, my goodness. everybody was dancing a short time ago to sister sledge. you can see the police lights flashing. everybody is waiting for the moment. some people have been here since
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6:30 this morning. some of them slept most of the afternoon on blankets because of course you're not allowed to bring in too much like backpacks and things. and i'm telling you, i just can't -- i can't describe the feeling here. it is electric. you see people with their arms up, chris and poppy. they're ready to take that snapshot of the pope. they are ready to snap a picture of the pope as he goes by. we heard the pope will go around the ben franklin park way twice. that's the rumor. that's what everybody is is hoping for. because remember in washington he had the very short parade. he went down 17th, constitution, and then 15th. it only lasted 15 minutes. people waited for hours and hours just to get an eight-second glimpse of the pope. this time i think it will be much more than a glimpse. not much more. but if he goes around twice it will be so awesome. come, on motorcade. everybody is waiting. >> carol, two things.
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a, i did not know you had those moves, sister carol. and to my second point, that follows a really historic speech that he gave at independence hall. reaction from the crowd. let's listen to n to this motorcade coming out at ben franklin parkway. oh, my goodness. it's a teaser. >> you can not only hear the motorcycles, you can feel them here. they are cueing up for a grand entrance. carol, you're right. they are going to do a little bit of a tour through here. that is what has made this such a twisted type of pattern of traffic around here. is that they have created a pathway for the pope around this stage where we are here at the festival of families.
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so as many people as possible can see him. they are just basically cueing up, getting into order. as they wind around, it creates a different security situation. they need the vehicles close to him at all different stages of him. >> carol, you have been talking to the people all day long. you have seen the babies. you have talked to parents hoping this pope will bless their child, kiss their child. what has someone said that struck you most in the crowd? >> boy, i have heard so many wonderful things out here today, poppy. i have been out here six hours now. i would say the most moving thing is that many people here believe just a glimpse of the pope will absolutely change their lives. it will be a defining moment for them. it will cause them to look into their souls and decide what responsibility they have in the world, how can they be a better person. how can they help the world? you know, that's catholicism. uh-oh. i hear the cheers coming on.
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so you see the motorcycles are about to take off. that means we hope that the pope is coming. >> it is important to note that our -- carol, let us know as he comes by. there he is. papa francisco. the crowd goes crazy. the crew has all abandoned positions. >> we did leave to go see the pope. we are not making that up. >> there is francis. he's coming there now. the people are lining the streets there. the motorcade is all cued up. we will see how long a trip he takes. and the closer he gets the louder it gets. let's listen in. >> there he is. >> oh, my goodness. [ cheers and applause] .
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>> the man in front of me say the pope is right behind this truck. whoo! >> whoo! >> this is unbelievable. this is unbelievable. thank god for this opportunity. >> do you have goosebumps? >> until now i still have. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is just fantastic. talk to me about what you just felt. >> this is incredible. i felt like i was going to have a heart attack just out of emotion i felt as i see the
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pope. i thank god for this great opportunity that i had today. >> you see you are wearing a crucifix? >> i am catholic since birth. i thank my parents for introducing me to the catholic religion. >> i hear he's making another round. >> i hope so. i would like to see him again. >> i took a selfie. i'm from honduras. my parents are here. sit quite an experience for all of us. this is the world meeting of families. it is important to have my family here and to be a family again. >> what about tomorrow? >> we were here yesterday. today i'm here. and i'm here tomorrow. >> how did you feel as the pope went by? >> i felt like god has touched me. i really feel like that. it was the best feeling in the whole world. i am so excited.
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and so grateful. and blessed by god. >> so you're wondering, poppy, what the best thing i heard tonight? well, it was right there. that's just amazing. let me talk to you. how did you feel as the pope went by? >> it was a blessing and a gift to see the pope. it is a once in a lifetime experience. we came from minnesota. >> where did you come from? >> philadelphia. >> you didn't come far. but yet you all felt the same. it is indescribable. i mean, really, poppy and christmas, he was, what, a foot away maybe if that? as he passed by in the pope mobile. yeah. that's it. it was mazing. you could have almost reached out and touched him. >> and carol, to you, you personally, you have been writing about this in your op eds and reporting on this. for you personally what this pope has done.
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>> how can i describe it? you know, i grew up catholic as well. then i became a lapsed catholic. you know, the church sex abuse scandal happened. that also turned me off on the church. but when pope francis came on the scene, it made me pay attention again. and i don't consider myself a lapse catholic anymore. i go to church on sundays again. i owe this pope a lot spiritually. i guess i love him for that. so this all means so much to me. >> and i think that's emblematic, delia to you, and you father as well, chris, rosa flores in the field. what carol said is so emblematic of what i believe this pope has meant to so many. would you agree? >> absolutely. what he has done is reproposed the whole story. the church talks about
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reevangelization. how to do it with words, gestures, and a smile. there is one person to the left, the archbishop of philadelphia. today is his birthday. he threw a little party for a million people and brought the pope over. what is he going to do next year? >> a priest came up to me. i was home in new york city. and i was coming down. a priest stopped me on the street and pumped his fists and said, we're back, baby. and you have to remember there has been a dark period for the american catholic church because of the scandal and frankly how it was handled. >> for some, it is not over. >> there is work to be done. you know who said that jorge bergoglio. he said it as soon as he became pope. there was controversy when he spoke to the bishops.
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how did you reconcile the need for accountability about what happened in hiding priests and not being open by the offenses with what the pope said about rewarding the bishops for their courage. what did you make of that? >> i think he wants to acknowledge that the church has come a long, long way from where we were in 2002. obviously the church is not perfect. and it has more work to do. i think we always have to begin with the fundamental disposition has to be we're sorry. we failed. and the pope is not afraid of apologizing. and he really wants to see all children and vulnerable adults protected. he wants people to know the church is a safe place. so he has to give the bishops both encouragement and also the direction to be transparent, to be honest, to cooperate with law enforcement. and really to have faith that
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those who assist the church in doing justice and acting wisely will be the best step forward. >> delia gallagher, to you on that point of the messages that will be left by this pope, we are also expecting potentially some point here a meeting in philadelphia potentially. >> the vatican said that was a possibility. it was not on the official agenda. i would be surprised if it doesn't happen because we have seen this pope reach out so many times to so many different groups. it would be an oversight if it didn't happen. you know, he was criticized in the beginning for not doing more immediately when he was elected. perhaps it was a bit too soon to criticize him at that stage. subsequently he saw that he installed a commission for the protection of minors carded by cardinal shawn o'malley, the boston cardinal, who has good
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and long experience and good record on that. and put abuse survivors on that, including a woman, marie collins from ireland. that commission is responsible for giving him advice on what to do. part of what was advised was the bishop accountability. he established a special tribunal to hold them accountable. we will see. sometimes it takes a long time for these things. >> that brings us how to what pope francis is is saying here in america will be translated to the bishops in terms of actions going forward with respect to any kind of abuse or kind of criminal infraction that happens in the church. on the positive side, how you put into practice this new order which is focus on mercy and love, stop excluding people. do everything you can to include. how do you think this gets communicated and pushed through
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to the bishops? >> there are those who would say the pope has come down hard on bishops and priests. >> go ahead and answer. >> sorry. there are those who would say the pope has come down hard on bishops and priests in the past two years. calling us to account. the other day when the bishops came out with the pope at the cathedral, they said he recognized our work. but he has asked us to become even more. the method of bergoglio, francis, is so impressive. whether weather with priests or u.n. officials, he recognizes the good. he knows the history. but he said there's something else to do. in the case of the american bishops the other day he was very clear in saying i have two things to request at you at the end of that marvelous address. be a father to the priests in your diocese. express and live out that episcopal fatherhood.
4:19 pm
i don't want you to turn out notaries and bureaucrats when you're forming priests. he said harshness of language do nothing whatsoever. he referred to the immigration crisis. he said you as an american church were wonderful in opening your doors to people. we have to do that again now. the new people will be different. they will challenge us. but this is the challenge given to us. >> on that point a challenge close to all of us catholic or not on this pontiff's visit to the united states. delia gallagher, father, our friends in washington, stay with us. as we watch the pope come to the festival of families. back live in philadelphia next. today, jason is here to volunteer
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welcome back to continuing live coverage on an exciting night in philadelphia. pope francis making his way down benjamin franklin boulevard to absolute masses of people, teaming up against the guardrails there hoping for just a glimpse of the pontiff. what a sight. >> you know what, he's not just a celebrity. it's not a politician. this is somebody who is at the center of what matters most to people's lives. if you are a member of the faithful, the pope for the
4:23 pm
catholics, he is the point of aspiration within this church. so this has been something that's worth waiting for. just his passing by is something special to be in the shadow of peter. you hear the crowds. rosa flores, is he coming your way or has he gone past you? >> no, chris, he is actually approaching us he can see his motor dade. i think he would approve of what i'm seeing in the crowd. sit starting to look like a pope francis rave, poppy. everyone is raising their cell phones because it's a little dark. they look like glow sticks as people start waiting for pope francis. the first latin american pope, first jesuit pope. i have been talking to the people in this crowd. there is so much energy, so much excitement. people are almost shake issing because they are hoping to see the pope, to get a blessing of
4:24 pm
the pope. now, this is the world meeting of families. that's why we are seeing these enormous crowds. these might be the biggest crowds we will see in the united states. chris, as you know, you and i were in cuba is and we saw large crowds because the pope held mass outside. so this is what we're going to see here in philadelphia. we're expecting the biggest numbers. unofficially, one of the police officers i was talk to go out here was telling me, you know, we were thinking maybe 250,000, 300,000 so far. when they get the helicopters up in the air, they will calculate how many people are out here. from the vantage point i have, there are thousands of people just waiting. a met a couple earlier that has their baby ready to the pope can
4:25 pm
kiss little warren. we have seen pope francis do that multiple, multiple times. they are expecting, hoping that that happens in this particular case. again, we are starting to see lights again. i can see flashing lights, part of pope francis's motorcade as it approaches here at benjamin franklin parkway. the people here are energy electric as pope francis approaches and as they hope to get a blessing. like chris was saying, as pope francis drives by you or walks by you, you are in the shadow of peter. and that means if you are getting a blessing from the pope. we are seeing the motorcade in philadelphia. this is a big event. it is for the world meeting of families. there are more than 17,000 families registered for this year, making it the biggest year since 1994 when pope john paul ii established this world
4:26 pm
meeting of families, which is the biggest gathering of catholic families in the world. every three years it becomes a big event. and here we are in 2015 in philadelphia for the world meeting of families with pope francis approaching. his motorcade approaching. and everyone holding their cell phones up. again, it's a pope francis rave, if you will. they look like glow sticks with all these cell phones. and here we go. i can see pope francis waving to the crowd. he's driving very slowly, waving. we haven't seen him make any stops yet. but, again, the crowd electric. object soccer this. >> there he is. >> this is history in the making a as pope francis waves to the crowd and blesses everyone who is in his path as the shadow of peter passes by our cameras.
4:27 pm
>> rosa, chris and i just saw him pass by our vantage point. it is the first time i have been able to see him albeit from a distance. many of the people have been waiting along the parkway for this glimpse. now they will all pore in behind us. father, back to you. this is a pope with a 74% approval rating before he -- among catholics before he came to this country. now what? >> well, i can't imagine what it is now. you know, i'm around church stuff a lot. when the father was in this chair i got to go on the balcony. and he passed right by our cnn platform back there. and i can't tell you what i felt inside. and i didn't expect it. and i've been hearing when you're that close to him, you feel something. and i really did. i mean, i guess when you're in the presence of holiness and goodness and you kw this is a
4:28 pm
man who hasn't desired the attention or the accolade. you're always around people who want the spotlight on him. right now he has a big spotlight on him. he never desired it. he actually shunned it. yet here he is. a million people will gather just because he's here. and as a priest, you know, we have gone through tough times in our church recently. it is sometimes hard to realize that here we are now and a page is turned. and it feels really good. >> that's for the faithful. you go from the perspective of someone like father beck, all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum with somebody like me, about as far from a priest as you can get. if you don't believe in the message and the faith, the surprise of francis's trip has been those who are not faithful that it is resonating with. it is a positive message of inclusion and connectedness at a time when people are exhausted by our division politically and otherwise. that is an orchestra. pope francis is in the house. he will be coming here soon.
4:29 pm
the night continues and so shall we we'll take a quick break. come back with us to philadelphia. ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace.
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this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. welcome back to philadelphia. we are being treated to the philadelphia orchestra. pope francis is making the rounds in the pope mobile. the crowd has been going crazy with his entrance here to the festival of families. what a knife we have had ahead of on us. listen to some of the people who will be here. mark wahlberg. the fray. aretha franklin. juanes. andrea bocelli. >> and fireworks. literally, fireworks. >> in the midst of all of that,
4:33 pm
pope francis will be here as well giving another message so hungrily received i the faithful at a time we are desperate to hear more of that. >> absolutely. somebody who follows religion so closely. so many religions as well. if you talk about a pope of inclusion, would this be that pope? >> i think so. and i think it's quite rare. first of all, know it as you know, poppy and chris, this is the second time a pope has come to philadelphia. pope john paul ii came in 1979. he was down by the cathedral where francis was today. they have moved up here. behind him are the steps that rocky ran up. when he was coming down the parkway it was rocky that went through my mind. he has conquered and taken this town. but to your question, poppy, one of the things that is quite powerful, we have seen every day that he has been here, he has shared the spotlight.
4:34 pm
this is not just a catholic moment. we have that incredible moving service that chris and i witnessed while i was on air yesterday where he, again, shared the stage with half a dozen. there were people in there. the archbishop mentioned it at mass this morning. so this is a moment where he is sharing with others. to go back to chris's question earlier, pope in three words. my three worlds would be not me, you. >> absolutely. >> keep them coming. hashtag popein3words. >> to that point, chris, you covered the concave. do you recall when benedict was named -- i know you're not supposed to say elected. but when he became pope, many, many were looking towards bergoglio.
4:35 pm
>> that's right. there was a diary that came out. sit no longer speculation. going down to buenos aries and talking to his friend, bergoglio pass odd a message as well what happened in that concave. he didn't want it. >> not me, you. yes, yes. i think it was more than that. i think this is a man of incredible humility. his entire life. he's a kid. very small handwriting. the people say jorge mario, you have small handwriting. i said who am i to have big handwriting. he wanted to be a pastor. here he is coming in the midst of everyone. what a grueling schedule. for all the enthusiasm and love that surrounds him. the energy at 78 years old. >> and with quite a smile, quite a smile. >> and i would say picking up on what you just said, chris and
4:36 pm
poppy too, it is almost as if his body has gotten weaker but his spirit has gotten stronger. that drive around the parkway will energize him. >> keep in mind, a 78-year-old man, the pope, his first visit ever to the united states to be greeted in this way, unlike any other person in the world. but this has clearly shaped what his message will be tomorrow morning in that final mass before he leaves. as you have been an observer of this week, from your perspective, what do you believe he will take? what do you hope he will take from his time here in the united states? >> remember, this is the reason he has come. washington and new york were not even in the schedule originally. it was only philadelphia. and that's why each stop they have put the emphasis on philadelphia. they did not want new york and washington to overshadow this. it was the meeting with the families. the first time this meeting was
4:37 pm
held was under john paul ii. he began it. do you know how many people were there? 800. >> francis applauding the philadelphia orchestra. pope francis here eagerly awaiting the address from the pontiff. and he's enjoying the festivities as well. it is great to see him with a smile on his face. we have seen it so often. he has a limp. he has sciatica. it flared up in cuba. he usually gets physiotherapy. he hasn't been able to get it on this trip with this rigorous schedule. >> i believe we will hear from the archbishop of philadelphia before we hear from him. >> good evening and welcome to philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. [ applause ]. >> we're here to celebrate the family with pope francis.
4:38 pm
and obviously quite a few of his friends showed up. thank you. all of you have traveled and sacrificed to be here. your love for the holy father shows to the whole world the joy at the heart of the gospel. we call the pope holy father for a reason. it is because the church is a family of families from every corner of the world. and like a good father the pope leads us with wisdom and mercy. most of all he teaches us that gratitude and happiness of being fully alive as children of a loving father. we have a lot of wonderful things ahead of us tonight. god bless you for being here. god bless you for your witness to the importance of families. and god bless pope francis for many years to come. [ applause ].
4:39 pm
>> in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. piece be with you. >> and also with you. >> let us pray.
4:40 pm
>> look with compassion on the prayers of your sons and follow the example of the family of your only be gotten son and practice in the virtues of family life so we may in the joy of your house delight one day in eternal lives. in jesus christ, your son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one world, forever and ever.
4:41 pm
>> amen. >> good evening. and welcome to the festival of families. [ applause ]. my name is mark wahlberg. and i'm so proud to be part of this awe-inspiring event. holy father, we are blessed and graced to be in your presence. father, welcome to philadelphia. [ applause ]. this is the city of brotherly love. one of my favorite cities in the world. father, isn't this a great crowd? [ applause ].
4:42 pm
so, listen, i've been very fortunate i haven't done too bad for myself as an actor and a producer. but i feel most blessed today being on the stage with the holy father and here with all of my fellow christians. i truly feel like today i can do anything. and i attribute all my success to my catholic faith. [ applause ]. my faith has given me the ability to be a good father, a good husband. and most importantly, a good person. faith brings great joy to my life, and my life brings me closer to my faith. tonight we come together from across the world to celebrate our faith, families, and community. the following ceremony will feature a musical and visual arts performances as well as personal stories of joy and challenge from six families who have traveled here from different continents. so let's start this thing off
4:43 pm
with a beautiful collaboration of maria miller and the pennsylvania ballet. [ applause ]. ♪
4:44 pm
♪ ♪ i wanna save you, i want sa save you from the pain ♪ >> as we continue to watch what is turning out to be just an absolutely glorious night here in philadelphia. the pope is on the stage. he cannot frankly, chris, stop smiling. >> it's a great night. he knows people are here for the right reason regardless of what they believe in. what they believe in is each
4:45 pm
other. that's what is most important to him. asthma rhee miller sings and the pope gets a much needed rest. what a night from philadelphia cnn is bringing to you. stay with us. sion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink
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welcome back to what is a beautiful scene on a beautiful evening here in philadelphia. i'm poppy harlow along with chris cuomo. we listen to marie miller performing. >> and that's the philadelphia ballet. >> absolutely stunning. pope francis can't stop smiling from the moment he walked on the stage as he watches all of this. i should notice six catholic families will celebrate on stage tonight at this event. first up, we have a couple engaged to be married. a couple from australia.
4:49 pm
and a family that brought their children all the way from ukraine to be here tonight. and then two from jordan with their children children. then a family that came from nigeria, as followed by rudy and leona of the united states. they are here with their two daughters. finally a couple from the pope's native home of argentina celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary will be here on stage tonight. six families. >> marie miller and the pennsylvania ballet, not philadelphia. i'm sorry. performing the pope approves. that's got to be a high honor from them. these families around the world and different situations in life all being here. why? because of the obvious. the obvious is is off forgotten. that is we are all connected. you feel it in every faith. they would say it is the collaboration. we are all here to finish the
4:50 pm
unfinished business of creation. the concepts that francis talks about are universal. mark wahlberg, the big star who says he owes it all to his catholicism. . >> a reading from the book of the prophet. the more i called him, the farther they went from me and burning incents and did not know that i cared for them. i bent down to feed them. he shall return to the land of egypt. >> this is the book of the prophet being read by amy wall of st. katharine drexel.
4:51 pm
let's listen. >> how can i give up on you or deliver you up, israel, how can i treat you and my pity is stern. i will not destroy efriam again for i am god. >> camille is from a large family in australia. they are engaged to be married on november 21st, 2015, less than two months away. and they acknowledge the joys and fears involved in looking towards sharing their lives together. please welcome camilias and kelly.
4:52 pm
[ applause ] >> translator: we are very happy to have traveled here from australia to deliver this message to you. we grew up -- we grew up in outback, australia, in a small, agricultural community, located 200 miles apart from each other. we were friends for 14 years before eventually deciding to become man and wife.
4:53 pm
[ applause ] >> during our courtship and engagement, we have struggled to live the virtue as we believe this is the surest path to a happy marriage and the best way for us to get to know each other. we wanted our relationship to be a true friendship, strengthened by a pure love for each other and an even greater love for our lord. to this end, we have prayed the rosary, attended mass together and received the sacrament of pentance regularly. like any couple, we have some fears about getting married. in our country, there is a high rate of divorce. and we often wonder, how can we be sure that this will not happen to us?
4:54 pm
furthermore, we are concerned about the increased push to change the legal definition of marriage and what that would mean for us, our children and our community, our societies. >> we are further concerned about being able to provide for our future family should the economics -- our circumstances change. we hope to be able to go to mass each day but we are worried about the shortage of priests in rural australia where we intend to live after we are married. but other than these hopes, we are filled with hope, hope that we are able to -- hope that i will be able to come home to each other, to love each other and to respect each other. >> if our marriage is blessed with children, we hope to raise
4:55 pm
them to know, love and serve god. we hope to help them to be good citizens who contribute to the greater society. we will strive to always love each other and to keep a sense of humor and to have lots of fun together. we will spend quality time together as a family and pray together each day. we also hope to be a support for our family and friends, to help them to know how much god loves them. holy father, we are praying for you and we thank you for your guidance as a successor of peter. we ask you, please pray for us in these last two months before we get married. and for all couples who are
4:56 pm
engaged and already married. thank you. >> as we just heard from the first of six couples to speak to pope francis, camillus and kelly, an engaged couple from australia, you see this is reflective of one other moment we've seen from this pope and it's actually very, very rare. >> what's rare is to hear this direct interchange between lay people and the pope. there was a preliminary meeting where he invited different leaders and different people to speak together and it's his way of delivering this message to the church as we want ideas not to come from just the top down but from the bottom up. >> but they are also doing something interesting here. they are picking six different families, six different facets of where faith plays a role. marriage is hard. divorce is real. if you have grounding in faith and you share that and you live a marriage through it, that is a
4:57 pm
real blessing and an advantage and i'm not surprised they are doing that now because catholics are suffering from divorce as much as anybody in this country. >> well, the third person is god and if god is not there, it's indeed more difficult. ♪ ♪ >> translator: the god who invented home me sexuality also invested the universe. the two fit. >> the couple goes round wide, whatever i do in my marriage, the cycle keeps increasing, and widening and covers the whole world. >> what we are hearing right now
4:58 pm
is an acompilation of messages that we were just discussing, that the church wants people to know that their married life together is made better is given a better chance if lived through their faith and that's what you are listening to right now. >> it is your art project for the world. >> all right. we're going to continue to watch the festival of the families. you just heard from the first of six couples who will speak here tonight. up next on the program, we'll hear from, i believe, the grammy-nominated rock band the fray will perform for the pontiff. we'll get a quick break in ahead of that. we'll be back, chris and i. stay with us. roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick.
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