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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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"parts unknown" right here on cnn. that does it for us. thanks for watching. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. this is the weekend that could change the campaign and the balance of power in congress. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon with four days to go until the big cnn democratic debate, candidates are cramming and joe biden is closer than ever to getting into this race as he convened a family meeting. hillary clinton goes behind closed doors with black lives matter activists and tweets racism is america's original sin and the candidates say this. >> i have a lot of friends african americans in new york say you'll get most of the vote. >> would you do something specifically and more for the black community? >> i would. i would do something specifically to create ladders of opportunity that allow people to climb out of poverty. >> plus, when it comes to being
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speaker, republicans are saying not so much. they really don't want to do it but can they force a reluctant paul ryan? he's mauling his options now this weekend. let's begin with hillary clinton's meeting with black lives matter activists. joining me now an activist there right there in the room at that meeting, also, kevin jackson, the executive director and cnn contributor, a former member of the south carolina house of representatives. good evening. appreciate you joining me on a friday evening. you and other leaders of black lives matter movement and campaign zero, racial injustice group met with hillary clinton today. tell us about the meeting. >> yeah, it was a good 90-minute meeting, candidate conversation and she committed to ending private prisons. we talked about a national standard for use of force and also talked about things ranging from mental health to making sure that we understand that the police are not the only component of safety, that there is safety beyond policing that's
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really important. we're looking forward for this conversation to inform the platform that eventually will roll out. >> the video you're looking at, that's you periscoping inside the meeting and she actually made fan of you, she called you the social media guru or em poorpoo emperor or something like that. you said it was a tough, productive and candid meeting. >> yes, we didn't agree about everything, right? we opened and she talked about the police to make people feel safe and many people in the room pushed her and said, you know, the police presence actually doesn't make many people in black communities feel safe, so we had to talk through what that means and how we sort of imagined safety beyond policing. safety is about jobs and strong families and work force development. it's not just a police. so that was a point of contention and also about alternative methods for safety and community. we talked about that and pushed
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her about the role of the federal government to sort of ensure that local and state governments and communities do the work well and not advocating that role of the federal government, that the federal government often had to intervene when people of color have not been treated well. >> did she seem receptive? >> she did. by the end we were heard and the beginning was one going back and forth and pushing each other and by the end i feel heard. we'll see. time will tell with the platform. it will be interesting to see if the platform reflects anything we talked about today. >> i'm hearing sides, i would imagine that's from kevin jackson. >> no doubt, don. funny he would have a problem with hillary clinton talking about alternative things that could help. the black lives movement, the fact hilary took that meeting i find surprising. the idea that, you know, look, we've talked about these policies at nauseam, cops spend more time doing great things in the black community because
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unfortunately, they are there a lot and they have to solve crimes and they meet with families and they console victims and console the families of victims on crime black people commit against other black people. if you want to look at the issues wholistically how to improve the police force or if dray wants to disregard the factors that led to the crimes, disregard all you want. the fact of the matter is the policies of the democrats, the policies of these leftist in these local governments are leading to this. >> okay. >> and the expectation is, don, that the federal government is going to solve the problem but it's all connected. the federal government is controlled by democrats, as well. >> okay. kevin. get your point. the fact is as you keep saying, the fact is they have met that hillary clinton has met with them. bernie sanders has met with them. they have proven themselves to be a force whether you like it
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or not in the election. my question to you -- >> i disagree. >> my question is should other candidates be doing the same thing? >> there is no doubt about it. i have to compliment dray and everyone else for not just starting a new civil rights movement but continuing a movement that my fathers and others like john lewis and everyone else fought hard for so my kudos and hats off to you. one of the things that's most amazing is that hillary clinton has been talking about these issues for a very long period of tile. in fact, her first policy speech was at the institute where she talked about building out on the president's ferguson task force and body cameras and more important, she's been talking about these issues with the help of very, very smart and powerful african american women, whether or not karen or maya harris. these are the people who are driving this train in her campaign and i think that speaks volumes to a very, very strong voting block which are african
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american women. to speak to kevin, i believe, the republican party has not talked about these issues outside of rand paul and tim scott. in fact, during national debates, they have only spoken about this issue for 47 seconds and that was by scott walker who is no longer in the race and the answer was so, there is a huge disconnect and i'm just glad that someone is taking the leadership and forefront and i'm glad martin o'malley you forgot to mention and bernie sanders and hillary clinton -- >> hilary should take the lead. her husband is the one who passed the senate and guideline affecting blacks and you guys keep missing the donkey in the room, which is all of these seatings are run by black folks. if you want -- >> that's not a donkey. >> if you want republicans talking about these issues, you immediately say they are not talking about it and they are. the koch brothers are at the
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forefront of talking about sentencing guidelines and changing some of these types of things. i personally believe that's one of the issues the right can and should be taking a look at. if we want to have an honest conversation about it, i'm perfectly willing to do that. for hillary clinton to be talking about it is disingin use -- >> you know, kevin, that the republicans have not talked about race beyond immigration. that that is, when we think about all of the public statements they have not acknowledged the plait of black people. the police killed 900 people in the past year and for you to suggest -- >> they didn't kill 900 black people. if they kill black people, they killed other people, too. >> kevin, let him finish.
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they have killed 9 oc00 people. if you're saying the killing of them is the best policing, we can disagree. we can live in a world where police doesn't kill people. >> it's amazing how many times police have encounters with blacks and you never talk about the good. you guys always pull out the same cast of people and by the way, michael brown, we already know the situation with that but you pull out the same cast of people and never talk about the good the cops are doing in black neighborhoods. do cops do anything good in black neighborhoods, yes or no. >> cops do great work every single day. nobody is saying they didn't -- >> they also kill people. >> to throw out a red haerring there is black on black violence, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. we're talking about issues that affect african americans but you talked about president bill clinton signing that bill that joe biden actually wrote that bernie sanders signed. we all voted for.
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we all know that. >> to put 100,000 cops on the street. >> it's the height of sexism to blame hillary clinton for the actions of her husband. that's the heightened sexism. >> you're calling me -- >> i'm not calling you anything. let's look at her record. before you chanstise her for something bill clinton did, look at her record. they have a long way to go and martin o'malley has a long way to go but we're talking about these issues and outside of land paul, name me one republican candidate taking these issues seriously. >> i don't need to name -- >> because you can't. >> you just named rand paul. you say outside of rand paul, name me one. >> outside of rand paul, name one. >> are we in a number's contest? i would say ben carson. >> let's talk about republican candidates. >> i would say ben carson is probably looking at it and by the way -- >> kevin, that's what i want to
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talk about now. let's talk about ben carson because he's making waves and shocking controversial statements and some people say it's gaffes, right? kevin, do you think he's presidential material with some of the things he said when you consider, you know, people are looking at this issue seriously and looking at him as a consecoco conservative as a man of color in the race? >> i do. i'm not going to say a guy that's a foremost thinker and neuro surge and done the things ben carson has done should not be looked at seriously. i wouldn't say he's necessarily my candidate give or take but the idea they would call him a clown on the left i find kind of interesting. >> okay. we'll talk about this because "gq" has an article up and it's basically "f ben carson." more on this after the break. >> that's out of line. cure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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we're back now with our lively discussion about race in this campaign, black lives matter met with hillary clinton today and we're discussing that and much more and dr. ben carson, as well. kevin jackson, sellers back with me now. let's talk about the "gq" article. it basically says "f ben carson" and why you should do that, why they don't like him. what's your reaction first, kevin? >> well, i think it's in pretty poor taste. if ben carson had a d after his
6:15 pm
name they wouldn't have wrote the article and this guy who is an amazing representative of the black community, movies made of him "gifted hands" and the life that he led that led him to be one of the most prominent neurosurgeons i find insulting to blacks and not surprising by "gq". >> what is your reaction? >> i actually have to take a back and say i decently agree with them. you know, i am a democrat but found that to be in poor taste. i disagree with ben carson politically. we're farther apart than one could imagine but growing up reading "gifted hands" one cannot take away his commitment and sacrificing and legacy he has. there are many african american doctors today that went into the practice of medicine to be like ben carson. that has nothing to do with what
6:16 pm
he's saying now on the campaign trail. >> do you think this would happen if it was president obama? imagine if there was a headline that read "f barack obama." would people be saying it's racist or oh my gosh? >> we see it every day. did you see the pictures from oregon when the president landed -- >> i'm talking about an established magazine or established news organization -- >> listen, i think -- i have a problem when people disrespect the presidency, not just the presidency but i also have a problem with this. i think "gq" should apologize to ben carson. there is no place in this dialogue. it gets us off track. we're talking about a disrespectful headline to the man that doesn't deserve this, although his political comments are asinine -- >> politics aside, ben carson helped more black kids get educated than hillary clinton
6:17 pm
has in her entire life. take politics out of it. we wouldn't be talking about ben carson this way on the left. if e h was not running for president, he would be cannonizing the black community. that's the net of it. >> so listen, this is what, this is the response from "gq." we are not far from you viewers, this is the writer of the article. we've been to trump rallies, hung out with kid rock, named barack obama one of the most influential leaders in the world twice, we fired guns while intoxicated you and we, we are not so different amigo. what do you make of this story? >> i think that ben carson was an incredible doctor and a great example of someone being great at a career that doesn't qualify them to govern. he seems to suggest because he became a doctor and overcame a difficult circumstance, that
6:18 pm
means institutional racism doesn't exist and that really is disappointing and untrue so when kevin said he's a representative of the black community, i think that is one of the most outlandish things that i heard -- >> listen, i have to jump in here. i never heard dr. ben carson say constitutional racism doesn't exist. >> he has. there is an interview -- >> no, he just implies he overcame. >> no, no, no, he's referring to the mark leaven interview. >> here is the mark leaven interview. since we're talking about that. he says and i'm going to paraphrase. he says i guess speaking of the left here that they want to shut us up completely and that's why they attack so viciously. they need to shut me up and try to delegitimize me. you attacked from many respects because of your race because you're not supposed to be like this and talk like this and he said they are the most racist people there are because they put you in a little category, a box.
6:19 pm
>> that's right. >> so go on, gentlemen, quickly, i have to get to a break. >> the point is, don, there is nothing there dr. carson says did -- >> read the rest of the interview. that is a wild thing to just pull out the part that does not talk about what i'm saying. he legitimately believes because he became a doctor, institutional racism doesn't exist. >> i got to go. if you can give it to me really quickly. i got to go. >> i'll give it to you really quickly, don. why don't he and the republican candidates talk about criminal justice reform and have heart and talk about issues that affect african americans in this country. >> we want to discuss more and will. thank you gentlemen for coming on a friday night. the gop house of cards in danger of tumbling down or will paul ryan step up and save the day? plus hillary clinton and bernie sanders preparing to go
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there you go, live pictures capitol hill tonight and in turmoil this evening. republicans don't know who will be the next speaker. many want congressman paul ryan to seek the job when the house returns from a week-long recess. today ryan flue home to wisconsin to think everything over but can he bring calm? let's talk about it now with katy packer gauge, former campaign manager and bob beckel, political an cyst falyst for "u today." i should be dead and associate editor and columnist for "the hill." so let's get to the bottom of all this. paul ryan heading back home to consider what to do about his canada sdidacy for the speaker. i want to see what all of you think about what will happen.
6:25 pm
>> as of late today, the freedom caucus that stood in the way of kevin mccarthy getting to 218 within his conference is supporting daniel webster, the congressman whose the only one of two candidates running for speaker at this point and paul ryan wants support of all 247 republicans to move forward and i think he also would need a good deal, a good deal would involve maybe boehner sticking around for the next couple months to clear the under brush and get through all the cliffs and deadlines ahead that would really become such a burden for the next speaker. so i think until and unless paul ryan can get the support of the freedom caucus and feel he has consensus and unite within the entire conference, that's one of the stipulations he's made and have a soft landing, i think it's hard to see him saying yes. >> bob beckel, it's a big decision, isn't it? >> it's a huge decision but first of all, i'm terribly upset with the situation with republicans and i've got to pick
6:26 pm
up the broken pieces of my life and carry on. this is nothing new. what happened to john boehner, the reason he got out and mccarthy got out, you can argue there are some personal things about mccarthy, he couldn't get enough votes, he could not get a split divided caucus. this has been going on a long time. you've got the right and more established republicans and together under one banner is impossible for me to imagine, even if it's paul ryan and i can't imagine the freedom caucus to get behind paul ryan 100%. >> katy? >> i think paul ryan is sort of a different animal and somebody incredibly likable. i do think if he decides to move forward and get in, the freedom caucus will support him because they know they don't have the votes to elect a speaker on their own and that this would be a pretty good situation for them. you know, paul ryan is a very conservative, very, you know, far right candidate for this job and as i said, he's intensely
6:27 pm
likable and is very, very well-respected. the question is does he want to disrupt his life to this degree to actually do it and also, at the end of the day paul is somebody that really believes in public policy. i don't know how much of that you get to do in the speaker's job. it's an intensely management driven job. the question is, does he actually end uptaking one for the team? my guess is he probably will because he's a good guy. >> yeah. >> but i think that's what he's battling with over the next couple days. >> so we know this congressman, kevin mccarthy unexpectedly dropped out. there are rumors, okay? let's be careful about what we say but there are rumors that are unsubstantiated about improper behavior. mccarthy was challenged with this when he was still lobbying to become speaker and according to what texas congressman mike mccall who was in the meeting told cnn, mcelderry char tee denied it all and today, congresswoman rene elmers of
6:28 pm
north carolina issues this statement. here is what the statement says. as someone that's been targeted by completely false allegations and innuendo, i have been moved by the outpouring of support and prayers by my colleagues, constituents and friends. now i will be praying for those who find it acceptable to bear false witness. >> let's start with you bob beckel. >> look at livingston who was the speaker designated who had to get out because of a similar situation. this is not new news. this has been going on about these two for well over a year and people on the far right have been making this point over and over again lacking some evidence, though, i don't think it's something they will be able to stick to them and secondly because he's not running again or not running for speaker, they have no real reason to do that but all kinds of rumors swirling around about them getting out and resigning. i don't buy any of that.
6:29 pm
i do think the only salvation they had, somebody in the gop said this was a good week for the republicans. this was a good week, man, you've got yourself a strange view of good. so i think that right now ryan is probably the only one that can salvage this. >> a.b.? >> i think that if there is a change in that narrative and it puts pressure on kevin mccarthy, if he stays in the majority leader job, the pressure on him could increase to leave if he leaves and then it's open, we don't know -- >> it added pressure on the party. the question is simple, to pick a speaker even -- >> yes but it could ripple down. >> katy, will this have any lasting damage on the gop? ? not really assuming they get their act together at some point here. i think the issue with mccarthy
6:30 pm
and elmers is asked and answered. he's not running for speaker anymore so i hope that, you know, we can put that behind us and that, you know, that the republican caucus can come together not because of any of those issues but because there actually is an agenda to try to advance and, you know, there are things that the president is acting on that we need to have a party that's unified to stop and so those are the reasons why we need to actually have leadership in place that's pulling folks together and promoting a republican agenda. that's the priority. >> the problem is, the reason that ben carson and donald trump and fiorina are doing well is because republicans have done nothing with the majority, not because they don't want to try but they can't get their own act together. when newt gingrich says i might be speaker of the house, you know you have problems. this goes back to the democrats of '72. they split between liberal democra
6:31 pm
democrats. it took decades to get it fixed up. >> let's talk about the democrats now because while joe biden is spending his weekend thinking about getting into the race, the other democrats will be preparing for cnn's debate on tuesday night. what do you think americans want to hear? a.b.? >> i think they want to hear, obviously, each candidate's best case for their presidency and why they should be chosen and i do think the democratic party, primary voters really want to hear the differences most particularly between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i don't think martin o'malley is much of a factor at this point? >> katy? >> i think the american people would like to hear what to do to turn things around from this obama, eight years of an obama economy and i think hillary clinton has tried very suddenly to distance herself from this president. it's pretty difficult when she served for four years as his secretary of state. bernie sanders is pulling her
6:32 pm
into a direction she doesn't want to go in terms of a general election. i think it will be a really interesting night as hillary clinton veers towards the socialism that bernie sanders is espousing and at the same time, is trying to distance herself from a failed record of president obama. >> i guess bob beckel, i have another question but what do you think americans want to hear? >> i think they want to hear who bernie sanders is. i've known this guy for years and he's a very accomplished debater. >> that's a good point. do you think that her, that they were surprised by his success? >> oh, sure. i mean, i don't think they understood how much distance there was at the base of the democratic party over particularly what happened in the great recession. >> okay, bob. >> so -- >> there you go. thank you. happy weekend. >> you, too, man. >> see you on monday and tuesday and wednesday and we'll have you back. don't forget, cnn's democratic
6:33 pm
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to is in oregon today to meet with the families of victims of the campus massacre but getting resistance from gun advocates. let's listen to what the president says. >> we will have to come together as a country to see how we can spent these issues from taking place but today, it's about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them and they surely do appreciate all the support that they have received. >> so ben ferguson is here of cnn political commentator and host of "the ben ferguson show." hello, everyone. >> hey. >> hey. >> welcome to the two new guys, kind of and bob is back. ben, was the president right to go to oregon? >> i don't blame him for going to oregon.
6:38 pm
i think his biggest problem is he said i'm going to politicalize this and what he's pushing for and saying maybe he'll do executive order and background checks is giving the people in oregon false hope. this would have not stopped this shooting or any of the other mass shootings that we've had with background checks and so when he goes there to politica l politicalize this, that's where he got himself in trouble. it's okay for the president to show up when it's a tragedy but when you say i'm going to use your tragedy to push a political agenda that would not have affected this shooter or any other shootings and wouldn't have stopped them but i'm going to push this political idea, anyway, that's why you don't want them there. >> mark, i wouldn't want to play poker with you. you don't have a good poker face. >> every tragedy gets politic politicalized when immigration, when a murder happens, excuse me, from someone from mexico. they say oh, this is why we need
6:39 pm
better i'm gragts. when something happens overseas, we need tougher foreign policy. we examine the political dimensio dimensions. a massacre is a political issue as much as personal. it is good common sense and why would we not do it? ben is right on one tiny point. a background check may not have stopped this one instance. we can fix this. >> we hear either, this is what happens. we've been covering this for years, either it's too soon or then afterwards it like well, this is over, why are we still talking about it? >> right, too late. >> when is the right time? i don't know when the right time is to talk about it but i've heard the arguments. speaking of that, the president has spoken for 15 times, the 15th time in response to a mass shooting after it happened. listen to this. >> somehow this has become routine.
6:40 pm
the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we've become numb to this. we've talked about this after columbine and blacksburg after tucson after new town after aurora after charleston. >> he just sort of reiterated what i said there, bob. was his tone right? he too angry? >> he could have been angrier. they talk about politicalizing and he used the word and should. when these things happen, the national rifle association and amen corner with all due respect, ben, are trying to get these things behind us because they don't want to talk about it. the fact is we don't know whether a background check would have caught this guy -- >> yeah, we do. >> the background checks we have are loose. they need to be tighter and ought to get away with assault weapons, do away with them.
6:41 pm
>> let him finish, ben -- >> a big strong strong man that is not nearly as strong as they think. >> were there any assault rifles used in this school shooting? >> no. >> how did the shooter get around? >> pardon me? >> was there a background check that somehow this guy got around purchasing these guns legally? >> he did not get around what a was weak background check -- >> so let's be clear. [ overlapping speakers ] >> ben, ben, ben, let me finish and then you can respond, ben. okay? stand by. >> go ahead. >> when you look at what happened in charleston, remember the whole thing if it's not done within a certain amount of time, there was a loophole they could it the charleston loophole now. it didn't happen in this particular case but doesn't mean it happens in all cases. sometimes there are loopholes. sometimes people do get away and there are instances where people use assault weapons and in these types of shootings.
6:42 pm
go ahead and finish. >> my point, to clarify this, the point is this, when you have a shooting, we have people that say well, we want to blame the assault rifle even though in a lot of these instances, those guns are not even involved and yet, there are still a lot of casualties. people say we want to talk about background checks even though the law was applied appropriately and the one before that and the one before that so at some point you have to look at this and say okay, maybe this isn't so much about the gun laws, this is about the mental health laws. that's where there is a compromise here because we do see one thing that seems to be consistent in these mass shootings. we always hear from the family and friends he had mental health issues. >> let someone respond. >> if you want to strengthen the laws, let's do it. >> the gun laws are weak because the national rifle association are blow hards and want to protect their turf and their membership and they scare people and there is no reason to be scared of these dudes. a lot of nothing. >> last word, mark.
6:43 pm
>> anyone who goes into a school and wipes out dozens of people or ten people or nine people has mental health issues. that's not the point. >> that's what they need to work on. >> ben, yes, they pass legal background checks, ben, but bob's point is exactly right and correct. we need tougher laws so you can't easily pass a background check and yes, at some point we need to ask about mental health and ask why we're the only developed nation that has this type of crisis. >> i got to run. thank you very much. next time say how you really feel. have a good weekend. a ruling in the case of james blake mistakenly arrested outside his hotel. he's here next.
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6:48 pm
camera. a civilian review board found the officer using excessive force. now the board and office's attorney will try and reach a plea agreement and right now james blake joins me. hi, james, how are you doing? good to speak with you again. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> does seeing that video still strike a nerve? are you still rattled? >> yeah, it's definitely not something i like seeing and it's a bit jarring and takes me back to that time and makes me a little frustrated and angry and really takes me back to the first conversation i had afterwards where i think if that happened to someone i really cared about and how angry i would then. >> the news board substantiated your complaint the officer use excessive force. do you feel vindicated? >> there will be a trial and i respect the due process that the officer deserves and he'll have that right as we all do in this
6:49 pm
country to be heard in front of a court and a judge. so i respect that, but this is the first step and i think it was done quickly and i think that i appreciate that and i'll happy for that but i think this one was a little easier with the video. i think a lot of people aren't lucky enough to have video evidence to make it in my opinion pretty clear that it's relatively easy to say excessive force was used. >> one of the largest police unions, pat lynch claims that you and your case got, these are his words, special treatment by the review board likely a response to the speed at which their investigation was completed. do you think you got special treatment? >> no, i think i got, i think i got some pretty unfortunate treatment on september 9th and to say that it's special treatment to have an officer hopefully held accountable in about a month, i don't feel like it's special treatment and
6:50 pm
patrick lynch made a lot of pretty jarring comments to say that, to defend the officer in question and i think that's, as i've said all along, i really respect what the police do and i have a lot of respect for the good officers, the ones i consider heroes and i think this is an officer that wouldn't be put into think that he will lose his page or he should? >> i'm not a judge. i'm not a jury. i don't know the entire process but, in my opinion, he should. the final determination comes down to commissioner bratton and i hope he has the same view that i do. >> i wrote an editorial about you and i said i thought you did exact right thing. you didn't fight back. you live to fight another day and live another day. you didn't joj sweeping accusations about the officer and the bliss department and didn't make it about one limited issue. this was about excessive force
6:51 pm
and accountability. is that what you want in the end and if that happens, is this a settled issue for you? >> i do think i want that in the end. i want long-term change and i was encouraged by the announcement last week about all use of force incidents being documented. i think that's a great first step. and i know the police have been working on that for a long time so that's great that they put that in place and hopefully we keep moving forward with more initiatives like that. and, yeah, i think those kinds of things will help it not happen to other people because that's what would be extremely frustrating, if this continues going on after what happened to me which was so public and it not having an effect on it in the future. that's why i want to make a bigger difference than one specific lawsuit and then it goes away. in terms of this specific officer, i think an example does need to be made that was clearly in the wrong for there to be
6:52 pm
accountability and then find out other initiatives that all police officers are responsible for their actions because most of them are doing a great job. upwards of 95, 98% of them are doing a great job. unfortunately, we hear about the few that give a bad name to the badge. >> hillary clinton met with the black lives matter movement today. when this first happened, your mom put it into a black and white context, paraphrasing her. do you think that this has to do with race and is a black lives matter issue? >> i don't know if this specific one has to do with that. it's always an issue. i'm not naive to say we live in a racial society. but in this case, i think it's a pretty clear case of excessive force and abuse of power. so i didn't want to muddy the
6:53 pm
issue. like you said, i wanted to make broader, sweeping change and make it about a clear message here with the excessive force. so i didn't want to get into the even larger issue of black lives matter because i truly respect what that movement is doing and i think it's such a positive movement. i'm really happy to be meeting with possibly the next president and hillary clinton and hopefully doing great things in the future as well but i don't think the two are exactly synonymous. i don't think this issue really falls into their platform. >> james blake, thank you so much. i appreciate you coming on. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. we'll be right back. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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