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tv   Smerconish  CNN  October 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and we're very concerned for his condition, and we know that he's done absolutely nothing wrong. >> martin barron of the "washington post." thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. that's it for us. we'll see you at 10:00 eastern for more newsroom. >> don't go away. i'm michael smerconish. extremism, chaos. just a couple words used by the chattering class to describe the situation in the republican house. but might that mean that it's actually the gop that is tapping into the mood of the electorate? consider this. bernie sanders drew another huge crowd last night. 13,000 people showed up to hear him in tucson. and donald trump is still the leading republican candidate. so maybe the messy fight in congress is just what the public wants. i'll ask the gop's chief strategist.
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and is dr. ben carson's rise in the republican race jeopardizing his iconic stature in the african-american community? another prominent black doctor says yes. and what lies ahead? forget the pundits and the pollst pollsters. i've got a foot maker to see who will be the last standing. the gop house and its impact on the presidential race, next. joining me now is the chief strategist for the republican national committee, shawn spicer. okay, shawn, i have the strategy question. how do you protect the gop brand when this civil war is playing itself out amongst gop house members? >> good morning, michael. i'm not sure i would call it a civil war. i think there is a lot of discussion going on over the direction they want their party to go and who is the best person to lead it. you've seen the presidential cycle in terms of the number of
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candidates we have up there and the competition that's going on, and frankly now you're seeing it in the house. i believe this is a good thing. it's good for the party to go through these discussions, to have different people put their ideas and their vision out there, and for the best person to win. >> but you don't want to be associated with chaos, dysfunction, extremism. those are the words being bandied about. take your pick of newspaper. they're not just those from the left. how can this possibly be a good thing? >> first, i'm not too concerned about the thoughts and opinions of opinion writers in newspapers these days. i'm worried about the opinion of our grassroots, our voters, our tifris activists, those who are watching us. i will admit at times it's not always the prettiest the way leaders get chosen in this process. but in the end we've done pretty well for ourselves in the last couple years as a party. we have 69 legislatures. we've got the largest majority in the house of representatives than we've had since the 1900s and we took a majority of senate
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seats back last year to have a majority. as a party, we're doing pretty well when you look at the wins we're getting. so while it may not always be pretty, the numbers we're racking up and the growth in the party we're having is pretty good. >> the party has done extremely well relative to state houses and control of this house, the house of representatives and the senate. but this could preclude the party from taking control of the house, meaning the white house. >> i would actually look at it the opposite. when you look at the level of intensity and interest happening on the republican side, the record number of people who are watching our debates, the number of diverse and historically qualified candidates we're seeing on the debate stages, i think our party is putting a great foot forward. i think the people are looking at us and see the level of interest and intensity, and i think it's a great place to be. >> i know you're saying you're not too concerned with the opinion of newspapers, but this is usa today's lead-in editorial on friday. whether this is bad for the republican party isn't our
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concern, but in the free advice department, we would say being pushed into paralysis by a tiny but vocal minority isn't doing the gop brand any favors. more important, the dysfunction and extremism that increasingly defined the house are bad for the country. respond to that. >> if i started listening or caring about what a bunch of opinion writers for the mainstream press start thinking, we've got a date problem. we're listening to our grassroots, we're listening to our voters, and that's where i think we'll have success as a party. it's not just about as a party, but i think our country will be a better place and we'll articulate a better vision as far as what we'll do to make this country a better place to live for our families, for individuals, for american workers who are out there struggling. so, again, i disagree with the press. i think we'll continue to show that we're doing better and the election results speak for themselves. >> one final question on this issue, then i want to ask about the democratic debate. on a 1 to 10, 10 being tremendous, what kind of a week
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are we now concluding that the gop has had? on a 1 to 10 scale, give me a numeric value. >> 7, 8. >> really? >> i say that with this caveat, that it's to be seen. i think we've been handed an opportunity right now to show the american people that we have leaders that can articulate a vision and solution to the american people. i think we have to take that opportunity and show them that we are a party that wants to get their vote, earn their vote, and that we have solutions for the future of this country. i would give that number out, but it could go up or down depending on how we use this opportunity. >> you're heading to vegas, i'm heading to vegas. you're there on a scouting mission, i take it. why are you going? >> partly just to observe. i think this is going to be a really interesting night out there, because you're going to have hillary clinton who is this person that the democratic establishment has correspoonate
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their next nominee, yet there is an insurgent of left wing nut jobs in the package of bernie sanders, martin o'malley, jeb bush, so i think we need to keep the story straight. but hillary clinton has flip-flopped so many weeks she could start her own circus layout while she's there. we need to make sure reporters and the american people understand what her position has been prior to whatever she's going to say on tuesday night. >> any truth that the rnc has contacted the dnc and offered to supply donald trump to show up on that debate stage so as to spur additional interest in this? >> i think we're pretty happy to -- there's no question they're going to need additional interest. while i know cnn will put on another great debate, i have a feeling this will be a snooze fest for the people who do tune in because there's really not that much out there. at some point nick chaffetz
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figuring out whether we'll go to the metric system isn't a big debate right now. >> 25 million people watching on cnn, in fact, more than that when you factor in some of the folks from overseas, but are they waupg ttching the republic debate for the right reasons? or are they watching because it's like rubbernecking when you see an accident because of the trump factor? >> i think there is a chance that we have more people watching the debate on line as democrats wautching on tv. there are people who believe hillary clinton has already been coro coronated as nominee. when you watched our debates, you saw a historically diverse and qualified individuals up on that stage, talking about the problems america faces and the solution they're going to put forward. there is no question in my mind that was a net positive for that period of time pat. >> a 7 or 8.
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i'm recording that. thank you, shawn. >> you bet, michael. so the chief strategist of the rnc thinks this was a 7 or an 8 of a week for thhis party. really? for a different take, i'm sure. here's democratic strategist bob beckel. what do you think of his score, bob? >> i wonder what's a bad week if that's a good week. there's no surprise this party is under disarray. when he talks about the wack jobs on the left, it's the wack jobs on the right keeping them essentially paralyzed and got rid of boehner and probably got rid of mccarthy. this happened with the democrats back in the '70s when liberals broke off from the reagan democrats who voted for reagan's economic plan. it took two decades to put that back together. >> bob, doesn't he make a point, though, when he says last night in tucson, 13,000 people came out for bernie sanders. they're mad as hell and not
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going to take it anymore, in the same way that on the right people are still rallying to donald trump. he is leading and we're three months into this thing. doesn't spicer have a point that it's the gop better poised to tap into this mood, because frankly between trump and sanders, sanders would seemingly have less of a shot? >> that's assuming that trump and sanders make it beyond super tuesday. you have to keep in mind, this is relative to our politics. this is another fall season, and you're going to get into voting in three or four months. i'm not sure that the sustained grassroots forward that bernie sanders has gotten and trump has gotten will convert to real votes. i saw ross perot speak to 20,000 people when he was running. history has a lot of populist candidates, and yes, it's anger at the country, and yerks sas, s
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is taking advantage of it and so is trump. the question is can it be sustained. that i don't know. >> let's look at sanders for a moment as we look to tuesday and the cnn debate. i talked to joe lieberman and i asked him what threat does hillary clinton really pose her candidacy? >> does sanders pose a real threat to hillary clinton's candidacy? >> well, he does. there's two steps. the first step is, can he win? probably not, but if he wins iowa and new hampshire, then if this wasn't hillary clinton on the other side in the normal course of the way these things go, he would be on his way to getting the nomination. but she has a lot of strength, a lot of money, a lot of staying power, so i still say that secretary clinton will probably be the nominee as opposed to bernie sanders. the other challenge that bernie
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sanders places on secretary clinton is how far left does she have to move in a democratic party that's a lot more to the left than when bill clinton ran for president in 1992, and how much does that compromise her chances of winning the november election? >> bob beckel, respond to what you heard from senator lieberman? >> bob is an old friend of mine and his judgment on this is pretty good. i think he's got it down fairly well. the difference, though, bernie sanders may win iowa, i doubt it, but when he gets down to having to win multi states in one day, like super tuesday, where she has organized, funded and been working for a long, long time, then he's going to find it's a much different ball game than getting a lot of people into an auditorium to cheer. he does not have the extensive network of support that she does. now, having said that, the other
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thing that's an advantage for hillary clinton is that when she gets on the stage with bernie sa sanders, you're going to find out their voting record in the senate was not very different at all, and joe is right, she has moved to the left to confront sanders, but lord knows the republicans have moved way to the right, way to the right to confront everybody, trump and others. so i think both parties are going to have to come back to the senate, but the question is can we get a nominee early enough to begin that repair job? >> let me ask you about the elephant in the room, if i might. joe biden, you know biden emissaries went to the white house to get additional information on him being in the campaign. what do you make of that? >> if you don't get in pretty soon, you're going to be missing a batch of states that you'll
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need. so i still don't think he's going to do this, but on the other hand, joe is -- he told his pack to take down that ad that they were going to run on cnn. >> wait, can i stop you there? i want to show 30 seconds of it. in case people missed it, i think this is significant. it really pulls at the heartstrings. roll that tape. >> six weeks after my election, my whole world was altered forever. i got a phone call. my wife and three children were christmas shopping, tractor-trailer broadsided and killed my wife and killed my daughter. and they weren't sure that my sons would live. the incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. >> apparently the vice president thought that treaded on sacred
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ground and wanted it down. your reaction? >> i think he's exactly right. if you're going to think about running for president and you want to come out of the gate, you don't come out of the gate with something like that. i worked in the organization for biden when he ran for president and the senate the first time, and it was a terrible tragedy. but is that what you really want to put out, that sort of campaign? i don't think so. >> david axeron said it was tasteless, and maybe it was tasteless, but man, it was effective. it tore me up. >> no question about it. >> bob, if i could just say this. here's my idea for biden. if he's going to get in, he should announce on tuesday afternoon. he doesn't have to compete tuesday night, and yet he would be the issue for -- he would win the debate by not even showing up. quick reaction to that theory. >> i think you should get off tv and get into the political consulting business is what i think. >> hire me, bob. thank you for that. we're just three days away from the first democratic debate host bid cnn and facebook. be sure to watch it tuesday,
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8:30 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. what do you think? tweet me @smerconish. i'll read the best and worst in the program. as he rises in the ranks, is dr. ben carson jeopardizing his iconic status in the black community? a prominent black african-american physician says yes, and i will tell you why.
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to although ben carson is rising in the polls, is he ruining his standing in the black community? damon tweety, a professor of psychiatry at damon university, recalled being a student who idolized ben carson. he said, i felt genuinely thrilled to meet him. here was a black man who had excelled in academic, rather than the family avenues of sports and entertainment. his important work not only said lives but gave him untray to the highest echelons of society. does carson's popularity among
6:20 am
republicans form a divide among the community? >> political analyst michelle bernard. michelle, you go fast. react to dr. tweetie. >> i read the op-ed he wrote with great interest. last weekend i spent time at howard university homecoming weekend with a large number of physicians, most of whom are older than dr. carson but went to medical school at howard university, maharie, at a time when becoming a physician was such an honorable thing to do, and all these people held dr. carson in such absolute high esteem. when you can go to johns hopkins and do the things that he has done and be lauded by people whether they're black, white or female, there was such a sense of pride in the comments of carson. his comments about president obama, i think, are not only offensive by many members of the african-american community, but
6:21 am
it's not just his comments about the president. it is his comments about, for example, people going into prison straight and coming out gay. his questioning evolution, his statements after the oregon shootings last week. you know, people want to hold him up in high esteem, and so many of the comments that he has made are, quite frankly, so silly that it is an embarrassment to the african-american community. >> but, amy, i hear many of those same comments, the type of things he's saying, frankly, from some of my talk radio callers. is it that he's being singled out because he's conservative or that he's republican? in other words, is this really about party idealogy more so than it is his african-american status? >> well, the columnist wasn't necessarily referring to those remarks that we can debate and discuss, but pile on criticism. he was talking about whether or not ben carson is a credit or an embarrassment to the race. i would like to see the "washington post" run, i don't know, maybe a reader poll
6:22 am
throughout the election season asking readers to rate all of the politicians, hillary clinton, marco rubio, donald trump. are they a credit or are they a disappointment to the race? obviously that's not going to happen. that only happens to politicians of color, and generally politicians of color on the right. >> do you think he's being singled out much like condoleezza rice or -- >> that's exactly what dr. tweetie said. >> he said it's not that he's a republican, we still respect colin powell, we still respect condoleezza rice. >> there's also some good blacks we like, and i have a list of them here, but this is a black person i don't like because of his politics. he says because of the group of people he's appealing to. if you look at ben carson's favorability, he has the highest favorability in the republican party and his politico is reporting both he and ben carson
6:23 am
has a high rating. he's decided that it's the extreme that ben carson is appealing to when in fact ben carson is appealing to a wide swath of american voters. >> i want to show you a column that ran in gq this week with a distasteful headline on it. if we could put that up on the screen, and perhaps to amy's point, is this what happens? can we show that image? there it is. "f ben carson." is this what happens when an african-american totes a republican conservative line? >> michael, i tell you, i took a look at the column. i don't find it offensive. i found it humorous, and if you read the entire column, i think mostly people who watch fox news have been incensed about what they view as an attack on ben carson. but the bottom line is, if we are going to have a, quote, unquote, litmus test about what it is to be conservative, many african-americans fit under that
6:24 am
umbrella. if the litmus test is believe in self-reliance, if the litmus test is opposition to abortion, if the litmus test is opposition to gay marriage, if the litmus test is self-reliance, pulling yourself up from the bootstraps, that is the vast majority of african-americans. so the attack is not on ben carson because he is a republican, the attack is on african-americans like ben carson who sometimes seem to give the impression -- and i say give the impression because maybe i don't exactly know what he's thinking -- but when you give the impression that a belief in civil rights is mutually exclusive with being conservative, that is the enormous problem. ed brooke did not have that problem. condoleezza rice did not have that problem. colin powell did not have that problem. amy, let me just finish, though. amy -- >> let her reply. go ahead. >> amy, you and i both know that black americans are not a monolithic group. we are very different in all of
6:25 am
the ways that we exercise the franchise, but people have a problem when someone who is an absolute genius like ben carson can come out and attack barack obama the way he did at the national prayer breakfast with the president sitting only a few feet behind him when the only people who are going to applaud that are blue collar, highly uneducated whites who feel that the country is being taken away from them. >> go ahead, respond. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. when ben carson gave that speech at prayer breakfast, a lot of people were applauding him across the spectrum racially, educationally, and in terms of their income. and i absolutely disagree with michelle's characterization of those who were applauding ben carson over the prayer breakfast speech. when it comes to the column, with dr. tweetie, if he is so offended, why is the column coming out now? it's coming out now because ben carson is running for office. >> he's drawing support. >> and he's drawing for support. that happens, once icons come
6:26 am
down to earth because politics tend to be polarizing. people make statements others disagree with, but in the case of ben carson, this is boiling down to race. where is the column that's saying, hillary clinton, as a white woman i am disappointed by her. that is ridiculous. >> is ben carson benefiting from an eagerness of some americans to prove they were not racist in their voting of barack obama, and they can say, see, when i opposed obama, it had nothing to do with race. i'm for the black guy now. >> i know that is a very popular theory among the left and among liberals, but when you look at the poll ratings, the strongest he's getting is for his deep-seated belief and his honesty and trustworthiness. are we now calling evangelicals racist? is that what we're saying. >> you're too smart for that.
6:27 am
>> i say that as someone who actually referred the child of a friend to ben carson. he saw my girlfriend's son at johns hopkins and made sure that the child was seen free of cost by hopkins. i held this man in great esteem. but if you have to do a compare and contrast to a ben carson and barack obama, ben carson is the affable, non-scary black man, and that makes him very comfortable to many white americans who are upset and intimidated by barack obama who will look you in the face and say, i was elected president twice and get over it. ben carson is soft-spoken, he is gentile, he is calm in his delivery. all of that is wonderful. i think the point of the columnist, that the columnist of the "washington post" makes is that ben carson is a disappointment not just because of the way he has attacked the president, but the statements he
6:28 am
makes as a scientist about everything from evolution to just earlier this week comments on the holocaust. >> he uses race throughout the column, and the contrast that ben carson is trying to make is between himself and his competitors in the republican primary, donald trump. all of the candidates are attacking barack obama, why shouldn't ben carson be allowed the same tactic? >> we're rung oning out of time. he also said it was totally inappropriate for ben carson to ever equate the affordable care act with slavery. can you agree that barack obama was correct in that criticism of ben carson? was it inappropriate? >> certainly conservative as they compare abortion to slavery. ben carson also brought up the holocau holocaust. inappropriate? yes. >> i think we solved everything.
6:29 am
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if donald trump is the leading gop candidate and bernie sanders can draw 13,000 people last night in tucson, how surprising is it really when similar mavericks are causing chaos in the house? isn't this disruption exactly what the public wants? arizona congressman david shweiger is a member of the
6:34 am
freedom caucus. congressman schweigert, did you come to washington to govern or tear the house down? >> actually i came to inform it. for many of us in the freedom caucus and throughout the membership, it's about being able to legislate. and the way the rules and the power is set up right now in the house, we're not allowed to do that. >> i ask that question because the lead editorial in the "washington post" puts your group in the latter category. do you think the freedom caucus is being maligned with words like association? what is it you want people to know about the freedom caucus. >> mike, i appreciate that, and good morning to charlie. if you actually hear what we're saying, we're not saying put our guy in the speaker's chair, put our guy in leadership. what we're saying is open up the policies, open up the procedures. we all represent over 700,000
6:35 am
people. let us have a voice in the process. this absolute control coming from the top down is unacceptable if you're actually running an honest legislative body. >> congressman, what is the impact on the brand? the lehigh valley of pennsylvania is an area that could go a long way in the election of 2017. is it making it harder for the republicans to win the commonwealth? >> i believe very strongly the american people sent us to washington to govern, to get some things done. this international warfare is really creating paralysis and is undermining our ability to lead effectively. so i think this does do great damage, not only to the republican brand, but it does damage to the country. just last week we had a vote to keep the government funded, and i'm glad we showed the data, but last week the vote really was not about the rules of the
6:36 am
house. it was about whether they keep the government funded or not, and i voted to fund the government. i think we have to separate some of these discussions about all the rules and the procedures about, you know, the actual issue and the substance of governance. >> where i believe charlie has a very good heart, he's absolutely wrong on that. on the resolution that was run the other day, the opportunity was stripped away from you, charlie, and the rest of us months ago to actually have input, to actually move forward saying here's creative ideas that are good. and you had a great example yesterday. we had a bill moving forward, a big bill, the petroleum export. there was a part of that that many of us objected to. they allowed in the rules committee for us to have an amendment to pull it out. we lost that amendment, but by having that voice, those members who were concerned all voted for the bill. in many ways this is really reformers versus those who actually control power.
6:37 am
and that's how i believe many of us are seeing this. >> congressman dent, isn't the bigger picture the freedom caucus or voters generally cannot get in, and if 2016 is continued democratic control of the white house, then all of this is immaterial and you never get what you want. isn't that your point? >> my point is this. we have a strong majority in the house, a strong republican majority. there are 54, not 60. 54 does not equal 60. barack obama is the president, like it or not. we have to deal with that political reality as it is, and i also say to my colleague david that the freedom caucus has used tactics that i believe have undermined some conservative principles. don't take my word for it, take the word of senator clintock who
6:38 am
was a member of the freedom caucus and resigned because they voted on procedure for the trade authority. many republicans believe it's important that we advance to open markets and free market principles and they talked nancy pelosi into undermining that. >> i want to ask you if there's something we can agree on. wait. can you agree on this? >> first off, there is one little point. can i do one lead? did you sign this petition charge yesterday? >> i sure did. >> that's an example of giving of floor over to nancy pelosi. those of us who voted against that rule, i'm a huge free market, free trade supporter, but you don't read policy into rules when you're trying to circumvent -- >> boys, i want to ask if
6:39 am
there's something you can agree on. congressman schweigert, yes or no, would you support paul ryan for speaker? >> it's less about the person, more about the policies and procedures and rules. >> is that yes or no? >> i will absolutely vote for paul if he's moog moving toward reformer. >> if paul ryan runs for speaker, yes, i will support it. this really is not about the next person, but we have to change the underlying political dynamic of the house. we must get a number to enter the democratic party. paul ryan knows if he wants cooperation from the democrats, he'll have to cooperate with them on the budget agreement, transportation in order to advance the agenda. he knows that. and i suspect he will be criticized by some members of our party for making agreements like that.
6:40 am
if he aligns himself too much with the freedom caucus, paul ryan will be stuck. >> charlie, i want to say this. if it takes cutting a deal with nancy pelosi and the democrats to resolve this, charlie dent, would you do that? >> to resolve what? >> to resolve the speakership position if nobody can get to a number of votes with republicans alone. >> if there are not 218 republican votes on the house floor for a republican speaker, then the democrats, of course, will have some say in who will be the next speaker of the house. they will throw their votes to some candidate they prefer. so by having a group of members who took down kevin mccarthy and who wanted to take down john boehner, now john is gone, what we found is the freedom caucus really doesn't have a voice of their own. they're telling us who they don't want, but they're really not telling us who they do want. >> i wish we had more time. charlie dent and david
6:41 am
schweigert, thank you very much for being here. coming into the democratic debate, who is las vegas betting on? i'll talk to a las vegas bookie when we come back. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next.
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listerine(r). power to your mouth™! also try listerine(r) floss... formerly reach(r) floss. what can we do about being bombarded by the posters concerning the 2016 election? it turns out some of history's most accurate predictions are made by gamblers, not pollsters? since the debate takes place in las vegas, i thought why not ask the most legendary gambler? jimmy joins me from vegas. jimmy, this is for amusement purposes only, okay? >> that's correct, and i can't promise you a true outcome, that's for sure. >> i point that out tongue in cheek because gambling is illegal in vegas concerning our elections but not overseas. >> we cannot take bets on the election here. but as you stated, in europe
6:46 am
they've been utilizing our people for the past 40 years on making that one of their biggest days of the year when they get money on who is going to win our presidency. i've said over and over gettysburg, they benefit by it, we don't. and it sure shows it in numbers. i know people who work with these people overseas and they do millions and millions of dollars. i wish we could do that here, but unfortunately we can't. >> jimmy, if it were legal in the states, what kind of interest do you think there would be in wagering on the outcome of this election? >> it would make the super bowl look like a high school game, there is no doubt about it. it's incredible the feel and the understanding from what i've seen and have seen for the past 40 years that this thing keeps growing bigger and bigger and people do want to bet on it, but they can't. if you made a bet on the election, you would come and vote. and voter turnout, as we know, in the last 25 years is going down. >> you would add skin in the game. >> absolutely. like betting for a football game, you put a $20 wager on it,
6:47 am
and if you're right with your prediction, you're going to collect money. there's no doubt betting on the election means more people would go to the polls. >> let's take a look at where things stand now according to you. we'll do the republicans first. these are the odds of winning the 2016 republican nomination. you've got trump, you've got bush, and you've got marco rubio all at a 4-1 shot. what occurs to me, that's a business of a disconnect of where you are and where the polls are. by that i mean jeb bush is in single digits, donald trump has been leading for three months, so why are they on equal footing according to the oddsmakers? >> the only feeling i get is talking to people over the weekend, especially when the tourists come to town here. bush has been talked about quite a bit, and trump for sure in the last few months. trump, remember, we started him at 20-1 just a short six weeks ago. jeb bush, as far as i'm concerned, is unusual.
6:48 am
how do i get that feel? it's an understanding just like the football game. when you talk about it more and more and people bring attention to you when they come up and ask you, first of all, if they can bet on the election, and second of all, what do you think, then you know. like the new england patriots, they've been winning, so we keep jacking the odds up on them. >> it sounds like a little seat of the pants-ish. you don't look at data and come up with any more statistics to come up with these numbers? >> who says the polls are scientific? >> touche. here's where you are in terms of the democratic odds of winning the nomination. hillary is a 2-3 shot. joe biden not formally in the race yet is a 3-1 shot, and bernie sanders, this is interesting, he's a 4-1 shot. which means you have him as likely to win the democratic nomination as you have trump, jeb and marco rubio to win the republican nomination. explain. >> well, it's very simple.
6:49 am
first of all, i think joe biden is going to throw his hat into the ring very shortly. i would make him a 3-1 favorite just to join the race. hillary clinton, understanding about six months ago was a 6-1 favorite. obviously things have changed as politics do daily. sanders has been out there. he's making some inroads. and from what i can understand and what i see, yes, i would put the top five you just said, one of them can be president of the united states next time around. >> i wish you were taking action, because i would like to put a buck down on jim webb. if he's a thousand to one shot, what the hell? >> you might as well put it down on clint eastwood. it would be about the same outcome. >> jim, final question. are the eagles going to cover on the saints on sunday? >> no, they're going to lose again and clint kelly will take the usc job next year. >> now that is breaking news. jimmy vacarro, thank you. >> it's my pleasure. talk to you soon. up next, the best and worst
6:50 am
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you can follow me on twitter if you can spell smerconish. here is some of what has just come in. justin says, hey, good show. i am embarrassed to say you are for philly. trump 4 president. >> if you are from philly, you should be booing me. >> remy watsinberger says my son mark is off at k08 ledge and w567s the program every week. any chance he can get a birlth day shoutout? >> no, that would be entirely
6:55 am
inappropriate. the public does not trust the msm media anymore. maybe it is a correct media narrative, did that occur to you? >> finally, rick says, @seanspicer @cnn should be a d.j. best spin i ever heard. most of the country would say negative 7. i am off to vegas for coverage of the debate. watch it tuesday night. i will see you back here next saturday. thanks for joining us. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
6:56 am
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break can news outside of turkey. a deadly bombing killing dozens, injuring many more. we are following the very latest. big weekend for democratic candidates for president, preparing to face off in vegas for the first debate here on cnn. this is happening as a new poll tightens the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in disturbing new video released of a suspect who dies in police custody after a fight breaks out in a police station. you are going to see it play out. who is to blame? you are in the "cnn newsr"