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tv   Smerconish  CNN  October 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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his interview with jake tapper tomorrow morning. and i'll be back here live with much more breaking news about that benghazi investigation at 7:00 p.m. eastern. smerconish begins now. i'm michael smerconish. dysfunction, extremism, chaos. a couple of words being used to describe the situation in the republican controlled house but might that mean that it's actually the gop tapping into the mood of the lecterate. bernie sanders, 13,000 people showed up to hear him in tucson and donald trump is still the lead. so, maybe the messy fight in congress is just what the public
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wants. and is dr. ben carson's rise dep jeopardizopardizing his iconic ? and i got a las vegas book maker to give us the odds on who will be the last person standing. first up, the disarray in the gop controlled house and the impact on the presidential race. joining me now is the chief strategist for the republican national committee, sean spicer. i've got the strategy question. how do you protect the gop brand at the time when this civil war is playing out among house members? >> i'm not sure i would call it a civil war. i think there's a lot of discussion as to the direction and the vision their party wants to go and who is best to lead it. you're seeing in the
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presidential cycle and the competition going on and now in the house. i think it's a good thing. to have different people put their ideas and vision out there and for the best person to win. >> but you don't want to be associated with chaos, extremism, take your pick of newspaper, not just those from the left, how could this possibly be a good thing? >> first of all, i'm not too concerned about the opinions of opinion writers. i'm worried about our voters, activists, those watching us and i will admit at times it's not always the prettiest the way leaders get chosen but we've b done pretty well for ourselves. we lead in the number of secretary of states, the largest majority in the house of representativess since the 1900s
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and we fwaned egained a majorit house. so, we're doing pretty well. so, while it may not always be pretty, the growth of the party we're having is pretty good. >> right, the party has done extremely well relative to state houses and control of this house, the house of representatives and the senate but this could preclude the party from taking control of the house, meaning the white house. >> i would actually look at it the opposite. when you look that interest on the republican side, the record number of people watching our debates, the number of diverse candidates on the debate stage. i think people are looking at us. and i think it's a great place to be. >> you say you're not too sun k -- concerned about newspapers. but whether it's bad for the
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republican party isn't our concern but in the free advice department, we'd say being pushed into paralysis by a tiny but vocal minority isn't doing the gop any favors. respond to that. >> if i start listening or caring what a bunch of opinion writers from mainstream press start thinking, i've got a big problem. we're listening to grass roots and the voters. and i think our country is going to be in a better place when we -- american workers out there struggling. again, i disagree. i think we're continuing to show we're doing better and the election results speak for th themselves. >> so, on a 1 to 10, 10 being tremendous, what kind of a week
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are we now concluding that gop has had? on a 1 to 10 scale. >> 7, 8. and i say that with this caveat, it's to be seen. we've been handed an opportunity to show that we have leaders that can articulate a vision and solutions for the american people. we have to show them we're a party that wants to gelt their vote, earn their vote and we have absolutions for the future of this country. the number can go up or down depending on how we use this opportunity. >> you're heading to vegas, why are you going? >> partly just to observe. i think this is going to be a really interesting night out there because you're going to have hillary clinton who is this person that the democratic establishment has corinated as their next nominee and she's
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facing an insurgeoncy in the package of bernie sanders and part of it is to make sure we keep the story straight and with respect, specifically with hillary clinton, she could start or own circus de solay out there. and we want to make sure the american people understand what her position has been prior to whatever she's going to say on tuesday night. >> any truth that the rnc has contacted the dnc aoffered to t have donald trump show up to spur more interestp. >> there's no question they will need more interest. there's really not that much out there. at some point, debating whether or not we go to the metric
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system isn't exactly what we're trying to figure out. >> there's no doubt, i mean, 25,000,000 people watching on cnn, in fact, more than that when you factor in folks from overseas. but were they watching the republican debate for the right reasons or is it like rubber necking when you see an accident because of the trump factor? >> first, i think there's a good chance that we have more people that watched our debate online than who will watch the democrats on tv. most people believe hillary clinton has already been coroinated the nominee. when you tuned into our debates, you saw an unbelievably historically diverse and qualified people talking about the problems america face sdwhz solutions they're going to put forward. there's no question in my mind that was a net positive for my
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party. >> so, the chief strategist of the rnc thinks this was a 7 or an 8 for a week for his party. what do you make of mr. spicer's score? >> i wonder what would happen in a bad week if he thought that was a good week. there's no question here that the republican party is in disarray. it's split between when he talks about the wack jobs on the right, it's the wack jobs on the right keeping the house of representatives essentially paralyzed and got rid of boehner and probably mccarthy. this happened to the democrats back in the 1970s when the regan democrats voted for regan's economic plan and it took two decades to put that back together together. >> last night in tucson, 13,000 people showed up for bernie
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sanders. on the same way that on the right, people are still rallying to donald trump, doesn't spicer have a point that it's the gop better poised to tap into this mood because frankly between trump and sanders, sanders would seemingly have less oof a shot. >> you have to keep in mind, you have to be relative about presidential politics. this is another part of the fall season and then you're going to start getting into voting in three or four months, so i'm not sure that the sustained grass roots supporting that donald trump and bernie sanders have gotten will stand. i remember ross perot and history has got a lot of populous candidates who draw big crowds and yes, there's anger in the country and sanders is taking advantage and so is
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trump. the question is can it be sustained and that's what i don't know. >> let's stick with sanders as we look forward to the cnn debate. i asked leeberman what level of threat does sanders really pose to hillary clinton. does senator sanders pose a real threat to her candidacy? >> well, he does. there's no question that -- there's two kinds of threats. one, can he win? probably not. but if he wins iowa and new hampshire, if this wasn't hillary clinton on the other side, in the normal course of the way things go, he's on the way to nomination but she has a lot of strength and staying power, so i still say that secretary clinton will probably be the nominee as opposed to bernie sanders. the other challenge that bernie
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sanders places on secretary clinton is how far left does she have to move in a democratic party that's a lot more to the left than when bill clinton ran for president in 1992 and how much does that compromise her chances of winning the november election? >> bob beckel, respond to what you heard from senator lieberman. >> he's an old friend of mine and i think he's got it down fairly well. the difference is that bernie sanders, he may win iowa, i doubt it. he probably could win new hampshire but when he gets down to have to win multistates on one day, like super tuesday, then he's going to find it's a much different ball game than getting a lot of people into an auditorium to cheer him. he doesn't have the extensive
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network of support that she does. when she gets on the stage with bernie sanders, you're going it find out that their voting record in the senate was not that different at all. and she has moved to the left to confront sanders but lord knows the republicans have moved way to the right to confront trump and others. i think both parties are going to have to come back to the center center. the question is who can get a nominee -- >> joe biden, you know that it was reported this week that biden emsaries went to get a better handle on filing deadlines. >> it's significant only because you have to know it. i've done this many times and there's a lot of these states that are beginning to shut off the delegates election process and if you don't get in pretty soon, you'll misa batch of
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states you'll need. i still don't think he's going to do this but on the other hand, joe is, you know, he told his pact to take down that add they were going to run on cnn -- >> can i stop you there. i want to show 30 seconds of it. i think this is significant. roll that tape. >> six weeks after my election my whole world was alterred forever. i got a phone call. my wife and three children were christmas shopping, tractor trailer broadicided and killed my wife and daughter. and they weren't sure that my sons would live. incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. >> apparently the vice president thought that treaded on sacred ground and wanted it down.
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your reaction. >> i think he's exactly right. if you're going to think about running for president and you want to come out of the gate, you don't come out with something like that. i worked in the organization of biden when he ran for the senate the first time and it was a terrible tragedy but is that what you want to put out to start a campaign, no? >> and maybe it was tasteless but it was effective. >> no doubt about it. >> here's my idea for biden if he's going to get in, he should announce on tuesday afternoon, he doesn't have to compete tuesday night and yet, he would be the issue -- he would win the debate by not even showing up. >> i think he should get out of the political consulting business. >> hire me, bob. be sure to watch the debate 8:30
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rising in the polls, is his harsh criticism of president obama damaging his iconic standing in the black community? yes, according to another african american medical doctor. a professor of psychotry wrote i felt genuinely thrilled to meet him. here was a black man that had excelled in academics rather than the familiar avenues of sports and entertainment. his important work not only saved lives but gave him entry into the upper echelons of society. does carson's popularity among republicans highlight a divide
3:20 pm
among the black community? amy holmes and independent political analyst, bernard. react to dr. tweety. >> i read what he wrote with great interest. last weekend i spent time at howard university with a large number of physicians, most of whom older than dr. carson but went to medical university at a time when becoming a physician was such an honorable thing to do and all of these people held dr. carson in such absolute high esteem when you can go to johns hopkins and be louded by people whether they're black, white, male or female, there was such an incredible sense of pride in the accomplishments of dr. carson. his comments about president obama are not only offensive by many members of the african
3:21 pm
american community, but it's not just his comments about the president. it's his comments about people going into prison straight and coming out gay. his questioning evolution. his statements after the oregon shootings last week. you know, people want to hold him up in high esteem and so many of the comments he's made are quite frankly so silly that it is an embarrassment to the african american community. >> i hear many of those same comments from some of my talk radio callers that he's being single out because he's conservative or because he's republican? >> the columnist wasn't necessarily referring to those remarks that we can debate and discuss. pile on criticism. he was talking about whether or not he is a credit or embarrassment to the race. i would like to see the washington post run, i don't
3:22 pm
know a reader poll throughout the election season to rate all of the politicians, hillary clinton, marco rubio, donald trump, are they a credit or a disappointment to the race? that only happens to politicians of color and genuinely politicians on the right. >> you think he's being singled out -- he expressly says no, it's not that he's a republican. we still respect condoleezza rice. >> he's saying there's still good blacks we like and i'm going to list him here and he says because of the group of people he's appealing to. well, if you look at his fav favorability, he had the highest favorability in the republican party. and also with honesty and
3:23 pm
trustworthiness. so, there's this mysterious right wing that he has decided and smearing as being extreme that ben carson is appealing to when in fact, he's appealing to a wide swauth of republican voters. >> you're going to get a chance to respond, i promise you. but i want to show you a column that ran in gq and perhaps to amy's point, is this what happens? f ben carson. is this what happens when a african american toets a conservative line? >> i don't find it offensive. i find it humorous. and people who watch fox news has v been incensed as what they view as an attack on ben carson. p we're going to have a quote on quote litinous test on what it is to be conservative, many african americans fit under that
3:24 pm
umbrella. if the test is opposition to aborti abortion, auopposition from gay marriage, that is the vast majority of african americans. so, the attack isn't on ben carson because he's a republican, it's on african americans like ben carson who sometimes seem to give the impression, because i don't know exactly know what he's thinking but when you give the impression that belief in civil rights is mutually exclusive with being conservative, that's an enormous problem. condoleezza rice does not have that problem. amy, amy, let me just finish. >> go ahead. >> you and i both know we're
3:25 pm
very different in all of the ways that we exercise the franchise but people have a problem when someone who is an absolute genius can attack barack obama the way he did with the president sitting only a few feet behind him when the only people who were going to applaud that is blue collared highly uneducated whites who feel that that country is being taken away from them. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. when he gave that speech at prayer breakfast, a lot of people were applauding him. racially, educationally and in terms of their income and i absolutely disagree with her characterization over those applauding ben carson at the prayer breakfast. why is the column coming out now? it's coming out now because he's running for office and that's what happens in politics.
3:26 pm
ones icons come down to earth because politics tend to be polarizing and this is boiling down to his race. where is the column saying, hillary clinton, as a white woman, i'm disappointed by her. it's ridiculous. >> is ben carson benefitting from an eagerness among some republicans to prove they were not racist in their an tipathy towards barack obama, so now they can say, see, when i opposed president obama and there's racism, it has nothing to do with race,i i'm for the black guy now. >> when you look that polling, the following is from evangelicals and his deep seeded bleaches and his honesty and trustworthiness. >> those evangelicals -- >> are you calling them racist? is that what you're saying?
3:27 pm
>> come on. you're too smart for that. >> i say this as someone who actually referred the child of a friend to dr. ben carson. he saw my girlfriend's son and made cher the child was seen free of cost. i held this man in great esteem but if you have to do a compare and contrast to a ben carson and barack obama, ben carson is the affable, nonscary black man and that makes him very comfortable to many white americans who are upset and intimidated by barack obama who will look you in the face and say i was elected twice, get over it. ben carson is comalm in his delivery and the comments that the washington post makes is he's a disappointment and just because of the way he attacks
3:28 pm
the president but the statements he makes as a scientist about everything from evolution to just earlier this week the comments on the holocaust. >> he specifically, he uses race -- and the contrast that ben carson is trying to make is between himself and his competitors in the republican primaries. all of the candidates are attacking barack obama, why shouldn't he be allowed the same tactic? >> he also says it was totally inappropriate for ben carson to ever equate the affordable care act to slavery. >> i think it's hyperbole. he brought up the holocaust. inappropriate, yes. hyperbole, yes.
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if donald trump is the leading gop candidates and bernie sanders can draw 15,000 people last night in tucson, how surprising is it when similar mavericks are causing chaos in the house. isn't this disruption what the
3:34 pm
people want? and not a member of the freedom caucus, welcome to both of you. did you come to washington to govern or tear the place down? >> actually i came to re230rfor. it's about being able to legislate and the way the rules and power is set up right now in the house, we're not allowed to do that. >> i ask that question because a lead editorial in the washington post puts your group in the latter category. do you think the freedom caucus is being maligned with an association with words like chaos, and extremism and if so, what is it you most want people to know about the freedom caucus? >> i appreciate that and good morning to charley. look, if you actually hear what we're saying, we're not saying put our guy in the speaker's chair, we're saying, open up the policies, open up the procedures. we all represent over 700,000
3:35 pm
people. let us have a voice in the process. this absolute control coming from the top down is unacceptable. if you're actually running an honest legislative body. >> congressman dent, what's the impact on the groparty? >> well, i believe very strongly that the american people sent us down to washington to govern, to get some things done and this warfare is really creating paralysis and undermining our ability to lead effectively. so, i think this does do great damage and not only to the republican brand but to the country. just last week, we had a vote to keep the government funded and
3:36 pm
i'm glad we were able to do it. but it was about whether to keep the government funded or not and i voted to fund the government and i think we have to separate some of these discussions about the rules and procedures about the actual issue and substance of governance. >> where i believe charley is very good hearted but he's absolutely wrong. on the continuing resolution, the opportunity was stripped away from you, charley and the rest of us months ago to actually have imput, to actually move forward saying here's creative ideas that are good. and yesterday, we had a bill moving forward, the petroleum export, there was a part of that that many of us ubjektobjected . we lost that amendment but by having that voice, the members who were concerned all voted for the bill.
3:37 pm
in many ways, this is reformers versus those who actually control power and that's the way many of us are seeing this. >> isn't the bigger picture that the agenda of the freedom caucus or of republicans generally cannot get advanced while a democrat is in the white house and if the net in 2016 is continued democratic control of the white house then all of this is immaterial and you never get what you want. >> my point is this. we have a strong majority in the house, house republican majority, there are 54 republican senators, not 60. we must get out of this math denial business. barack obama is the president, like it or not and we have to deal with that political reality as it and face up to it. the freedom caucus uses tactics that are undermined and don't
3:38 pm
take my word for it. the freedom caucus side would nancy pelosi to vote against the three week funding bill for the department of homeland security, vote would nancy pelosi on procedure for the trade authority. many republicans believe it's important free market principals and they undermined that. >> hang on one second. i want to ask if there's something we can agree on. can you agree on this -- >> can i do one leap. >> quickly. >> did you sign the discharge petition yesterday? that's an example of giving the floor over to nancy pelosi. those of us who voted against that rule,i iu'm a huge free tre supporter -- >> i want to ask you this if
3:39 pm
there's something you can agree on? yes or no? would you support paul ryan for speaker? >> it's less about the person, more about the policies and procedures and rules. i will absolutely vote for paul if he's moving forward the reform agenda. >> is he the answer? paul ryan? >> if he runs for speaker, yes, i will support him. and he understands something. this is not so much babout the next person but we have to change the underlying political dynamic in the house. we must get them to join the governing link of the republican party. he's going to have to cooperate with the democrats in order to advance an agenda and i suspect he will be criticized for making agreements like that.
3:40 pm
paul ryan could be stuck in paralysis -- >> hold on, guys. a quick follow up for charley dent. i want to say this. if it takes cutting a deal with nancy pelosi and the democrats to resolve this, charley dent, would you do that? >> to resolve that? >> to resolve the speakership position, if nobody can get to the number of votes with republicans alone? >> if there are not 218 republican votes on the house floor for a republican speaker, then the democrats of course will have some say who will be the next speaker of the house. so, by having a group of members who took down kevin mccarthy and wanted to take down john boehner. now, john's gone and we found that the freedom caucus really doesn't have a horse of their own. they're telling us who they don't want but not who they do want.
3:41 pm
>> i wish we had more time. thank you so much for being here. coming up, heading into the democratic debate, who is las vegas betting on? i'll talk to a legendary bookie when we come back. right now, at&t is giving you 50 percent more data.
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what can we do about being bum barded by the posters concerning the 2016 elections? turns out some of most accurate predictions are made by bookers, not pollsters. jimmy of the south point casino has been doing the number for 40 years. this is for amusement purposes only, okay. >> that's correct and i can't promise you a truman outcome, that's for sure. >> i point that out tongue and cheek because gambling is
3:46 pm
illegal concerning our elections but not overseas. >> in europe, they've been utilizing our peaople for the past 40 years, on one of the biggest days of the year when they get money on our presidency. they get benefitted by it and we don't and it sure shows in the numbers. i know people who work for these people and they get millions and millions of dollars. >> what kind of interest do you thi think there'd be? >> bigger than the super bowl. this thing keeps growing bigger and bigger and people do want to bet on it but they can't. if you made a bet on the election, you would come and vote. and voter turn out is going down.
3:47 pm
absolutely. just like betting on a football game. you want to have a $20 wager on it and if you're right, you're going to collect money. betting on the election would mean more people going to the polls s polls. >> the odds, you have trump, bush and marco rubio all at a 4-1 shot. what occurs to me is that's a bit of a disconnect between where you are and the polles ep. what why are they on equal footing according to the odds makers? >> the only feel i get is talking to people over the weekend, especially when the tourists come to town and bush hasn't been talked about quite a bit. trump has made his mark. and rubio's gathered a lot of attention also. trump, started with a 20-1 just
3:48 pm
a short six weeks ago. jeb bush, as i'm concerned is in neutral. and people bring attention to you when they ask, first of all, if they can bet on the election and first of all, what do you think? and like the new england patriots, they keep winning, so we jack up the odds on him. >> you don't do anything more scientific to. >> come up with these numbers? >> who says that polls are scientific. >> tew sha. heres is where you are relative to the democrats nominations. hillary is 2-3 shot, and biden is a 3-1 shot and bernie sanders, he's a 4-1 shot. which means you have him as likely to win the democratic nomination as you have rubio,
3:49 pm
trump and bush to win the republican nomination. explain. >> first of all, i think joe biden is going to throw his hat into the ring very shortly. i would make him a 3-1 favorite to join the race. and hillary clinton was a 6-1 favorite. but obviously things have changed. as do politics do daily. sanders has been out there and he's making end roads. yes, i would put the top five that you just said, one of them is going to be president of the united states next time around. >> i'd like to put a buck down on jim >> i would like to put a buck down on jim webb. if he's 1,000 to one shot. >> you might as well put it down on clint eastwood. it would be the same outcome of it. >> jimmy, final question. are the eagles going to cover against the saints on sunday? >> no. they're going to lose again. chip kelly will take the usc job next year. >> whoa!
3:50 pm
now, that is breaking news. jimmy, thank you. >> it's my pleasure. talk to you soon. up next, the best and worst tweets. tweet me right now. i'll read some in a s.e.c. der, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
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for adults with an advanced "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer with... opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo is the first and only immunotherapy fda-approved based on a clinical trial demonstrating longer life... ...for these patients. in fact, opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo is different. it works with your immune system.
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opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; diarrhea; severe stomach pain or tenderness; severe nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite;... ...swollen ankles; extreme fatigue; constipation; rash; or muscle or joint pain, as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these are not all the possible side effects of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including immune system problems or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor if opdivo is right for you. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated in the opdivo clinical trial.
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good evening, everyone. 7:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. breaking news on the benghazi terror attack investigation. a staffer fired from the house select committee looking into the deadly 2012 attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. the staffer is accusing the republican-led panel of a politically motivated investigation targeting hillary clinton. the house select committee on n