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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the baby cried. [crying] >> reporter: the plane landed, mom and baby were taken to the hospital in good shape. the flight continued to los angeles where edmond's dad was waiting for four or five hours. >> i was like, dad, someone gave birth on the plane. >> reporter: talk about being airborne. [ applause ] >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> and thanks so much for joining us. anderson starts now. good evening. we begin in las vegas where a troubled star from the basketball court or his stints on reality television is in the hospital, his condition unclear. lamar odom, two-time kardashian show veteran was found unconscious at a brothel outside las vegas after spending four days there. the owner of the brothel says odom spent time with prostitutes in a vip suite, drank at the brothel bar and according to employees, used cocaine and herb sexual enhancement supplements. on tuesday he was found
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unresponsive with fluid coming out of his mouth and nose. the manager said odom was adamant he didn't want anyone to know he was there, he wanted rest and relaxation and to get far away from something. the brothel is the love ranch in las vegas. randi kaye got a tour today and joins me from outside the hospital where odom is a patient now. randi? >> reporter: anderson, we spent a couple hours at brothel today and it was unusual quiet. there was very curious tourist and media trying to get inside but it was quiet because most of the women that worked there have now left. they didn't like the media glare and upset to hear about what happened to lamar odom. in the few days he was there, i'm told by the people that he really made quite an impression on them. the love ranch in crystal, nevada is about a 90-minute drive from las vegas. t.j. moore is the general manager and was one of the
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people who tried to save lamar odom. >> so this is the bedroom where lamar odom would have been staying. >> this is the bedroom where he stayed. >> reporter: she took us into the vip suite where odom stayed, the owner suite reserved for special guests. the rate is at least $10,000 per night. odom spent about $75,000 here before they found him unconscious. >> how did he look to you? >> he was on his back and he had foam coming out of his mouth and a little blood coming out of his nose and i got him rolled over on his right side and he did have a bunch of fluid come out of his mouth but i knew from previous experience that i had to get him on his side. >> reporter: so he would have been -- was he on this side or that side? >> he was on this side of the bed and i let him know it was t.j. >> reporter: t.j. drove him to the ranch on saturday. >> what did you guys talk about?
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>> about everything about a brothel. he told me about his life. told me about a lot of the sadness, losing his mom at an early age, being raised by his grandmother, we talked about baseball because i'm a baseball fan. >> reporter: how was his demeanor? >> he was relaxed. he was very comfortable. i was really surprised because he was so easy to talk to. it felt like i had known him for a long time. >> reporter: t.j. says odom told her he wanted to have some fun. that fun she says included taking sexual enhancement supplements, sold here in this souvenir case. is this where you would sell, the ranch sells herbal viagra. >> yes, this is where we had it and they were actually good until 2016 and '17 but i have pulled them from the case. >> reporter: turns out cnn learned it is neither herbal or viagra. back in his vip suite, odom picked out the women he wanted. >> for most people you don't do the lineup in the actual suite
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but for him you did? >> for him that was his preferen preferen preference. he sat on the couch and ladies lined up here all the way across in front of him. i introduced the ladies. i said this is lamar, introduce yourselves. >> reporter: t.j. says odom hung out in his suite with two women he chose but also in the love ranch's bar where t.j. says he played youtube videos and talked and sometime after leaving that bar, lamar odom collapsed in his room. >> randi, did anyone at the ranch say they saw odom doing drugs? >> reporter: we talked to the manager and she said she never saw him doing any drugs, just taking that herbal supplement and said he wasn't acting like he was on any drugs. she said if he was doing cocaine, it was her assumption he wouldn't be hungry and she said he was eating quite a bit and ordered kentucky fried
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chicken for everybody sunday night and had a t-bone steak and mashed potatoes and eating candy and cupcakes. they have a zero tolerance policy for drugs. she said if she saw it she would ask for him to leave. he was still in a descent mood and chatty with everybody and seemed to be sad about the breakup of his marriage. >> as far as his medical condition now, what do you know? >> reporter: the family isn't saying much. they are asking for prayers and of course privacy. they don't want anybody trying to find out about his condition or reach out but they certainly haven't said anything about his condition specifically and how he's doing and what the chances are for his recovery at this point. >> appreciate the update. a lot of people pulling for lamar odom tonight including a mentor that coached him when he was a talented high school basketball player.
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>> gary, i'm sorry we're meeting under these circumstances. you've known him for 20 years? >> since he was 15 years old. >> when you first heard what happened, what went through your mind? >> i put my head down and, you know, shook it and my heart, you know, was beating a little faster and i started to pray, you know, that he would be okay. >> did it surprise you? >> i can't say surprised me. this is one of those phone calls that you kept saying i hope i don't get. >> you were afraid of something like this. >> i was afraid of something like this, yes. >> one of the things i know you've said is that he never knew how to say no. what do you mean by that? >> lamar is probably one of the greatest and nicest young men i ever met in my life, and so he would give you the shirt off his back, but, you know, if 20 00
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people came he would give each one a shirt. i believe he was 18 at the time and i said son, i'm going to give you a piece of advice and that you better learn how to say the word no, okay? and because if he was around good people then he would do good things but if he was around the other element, he would go with the flow. that's who he was. >> people would take advantage of him and people are bad influences on him? >> absolutely. absolutely. yeah, you know, i've always felt that being with the lakers and being with kobe, i thought it would be a good thing because, you know, i knew kobe would try to at least lead him the right way. so, you know, we were happy about that. >> at one point i know he talked to you about wanting to move to vegas to kind of get his head right. what did you think of that? >> i said to him, let me get this straight, you want to straighten out your life and move to vegas?
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and laughed. the reason he was moving to vegas is because he was going to box again and he wanted to go out there and start working out. as a matter of fact, he said coach, i need you back in my life. i need you to be able to say no like you used to and keep me doing the things i need to do. >> do you think he was really co committed to that? >> yeah, he was definitely more serious about that and i said to him, tell me about the knicks because at one point he was supposed to come out for the knicks. he said coach, i wasn't ready. he said but i think i'm going to be ready soon and i said to him, i'll tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to call steve mills, the president of the knicks who is a childhood friend of mine and make him aware of your goals and i'm saying this as an incentive to see if you're going to do the right thing. >> so he was still talking about making a come back with the nba? >> absolutely. >> he talked publicly about kind of death was always a random, he lost a lot of friends, obviously
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his dad struggled with addiction. do you think that's something he felt, i mean, that he felt this shadow of what had happened to his dad? >> he talked about it all the time. he was always around those type of things and he always worried about that and was afraid that could become him and i would always tell him, lamar, that doesn't have to be you. use that to go the other way. >> do you think if he does pull out of this and recovers that he would change his life? >> i'll tell you the same thing i'll tell everyone else. lamar adapts to the people around him. if he's around the right people, he'll change. the shame of it is you would think some of these people would realize the type of young man he is and help him instead of trying to pull him down. >> well, gary, appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. again, sorry it's under these
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circumstances. >> thank you. several people say lamar odom took actual enhancement supplements, the brothel said they were sold there and you can find them for sale in lots of other places. what exactly is in the pills? should bernie sanders have done more as the chairman to hold the v.a. accountable for delays in care? we've been reporting on this for years and we're keeping them honest when we continue. can a business have a mind?
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as we mentioned, employees at the brothel where lamar odom was found unconscious say they saw him use cocaine as well as herbal supplement tablets. in the case of the herbal supplement, a legal product, something sold at the brothel and other places, a supplement the brothel owner says is herbal viagra. it's herbal and legal, is it safe? >> reporter: it's available nearly everywhere, gas stations, sex shops, and all over the internet with dozens of brands. it's called herbal vyingiagra b it's not real viagra. the food and drug administration warned about some of the products, stiff nights, king of romance, black panther, rhino blitz. in studies founded by pfizer,
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dr. erwin goldstein investigated 58 different brands. >> it was unbelievable what we found from rat poison to commercial paint to heavy metals, to even drugs that did other things. we found drugs that lowered blood sugar, just goes to show you the quality of the manufacturing of these is is poor. >> reporter: and it's big business. >> unfortunately, a lot of these folks are based overseas and fly by night operation. >> reporter: the supplement industry is not as tightly regulated as the drug industry. the fda found these supplements contain an undeclared ingredient found in viagra. in large doses it may lower blood pressure. >> people want this stuff. people don't care about the warnings when they are faced with the inevidencebility they are going to have sexual activity and may not be good performers. >> reporter: does it work? maybe if it contains enough viagra and the placebo effect
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can be huge. it might work because a man thinks it works. >> elizabeth, do we know how this herbal viagra interacts with other drugs like cocaine for example? >> anderson, in many ways we don't because we don't know what is in it as experts said. it's russian roulette, who knows what will turn up in your bach but one thing we know, it's probably quite likely that there will be the active ingredient in viagra or similar drug and here is the issue, you take a lot of active ingredient in a drug like v viagra and your blood pressure could drop dangerously low and on top of that you're taking cocaine. you got two drugs acting on your cardiovascular system, terrible things can happen which is why every health authority we talked to said don't take these supplements. >> elizabeth, thanks. >> it wasn't just herbal supplements the brothel employees reported odom was using. they told 911 dismatchers he had been using cocaine as recently as saturday and the brothel owner said he had been drinking
5:17 pm
in the bar, as well, although you heard the manager tell randi she herself did not see use of illegal drugs. addiction is a long-time spectrum in odom's life. he spoke about his father's struggle with heroin as a young nba star he was suspended for smoking pot, dui arrest, rehab and this. dr. drew pensky joins we now, host of "dr. drew" on hln. you believe these sexual performance enhancers likely had nothing to do with what happened but if you take it with cocaine, isn't that, aren't those both things that can affect your heart? >> they can but let's face it, the alcohol plus cocaine is well-known to be cardio toxic and cause sudden death in speed of what was reported in what we saw in the piece that ran, these herbal supplements are everywhere. people that take them, believe me, abuse them and not like emergency rooms are overloaded with people with herbal
5:18 pm
supplement overdose. yet, i dare you to walk into an emergency right now and not find someone related to cocaine or opiate overdose. we need to get off of that top pick. this is the story of addiction, how does a cocaine addict, somebody with a history of cocaine addiction, how do they die? cardiac deaths, strokes and then when they add in opiates, they die of aspiration. now, this report of him being found gurling, dying, that is somebody in the process of dying, that comes from somebody whose respirations are suppressed and/or aspiration with pneumonia typical of pills these days which we see pills being opiates, which we see all the time. we don't see emergency room filled with sexual enhancement problems with people overusing them. we see people all the time with opiate complications, all the time. >> it was reported that he had
5:19 pm
used cocaine as -- on, i think it was saturday but he was found on tuesday. is it possible, must he have used something between then? >> some pills. nobody has to see it. people don't see people use pills. they do it on the d.l. and maybe you find something around or maybe you don't. >> would he have had to take them at the same time as cocaine? >> no, well, but i will tell you this is my experience, i'm speaking from my experience exclusively and seen a lot of this that long-term cocaine users want to get more of an effect from the cocaine and will begin to sprinkles in opiates. that's the phenomenon of speedballs for people that use heroin. it's common and why some die and today it's bad to give access to opiate pills they need to only slip a pill in with the cocaine and get a much bigger high and much more dangerous combination.
5:20 pm
>> we know odom would apparently disappear for periods, several days where family and friends wouldn't hear from him and find him. that seems like a classic addiction. >> when somebody disappears and behaves differently, you have to assume that disease is active, particularly if they are not active in recovery. people are critical of the kardashians. i thought khloe kardashian, what we see in terms of how she's trying to handle the situation, she does a very good job. you can only do so much. you can't force an addict to get well. you can set limits, boundaries, get them into treatment and use every bit of leverage but ultimately, you must leave and leave with love and kindness but can't to be part of someone dying. >> well, it's so sad. someone with so much promise. >> it is terrible. >> yeah. >> terrible. just ahead, the gloves are off, donald trump and hillary clinton taking swings at each other on the campaign trail and rewriting some shared history like trump's third wedding and
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donald trump released his third quarter financial data, the campaign disclosed those number as short time ago. cnn political reporter sarah murray joins me now. what does the trump campaign financial situation look tonight? >> although trump is running all over the country saying he's not activery raising money, they managed to rake some in and raised $3.9 million from 75,000 donors. we're not necessarily talking about huge donations. what is interesting is when you look at the campaign spending, all told throughout the campaign, they spent $5.6 million. about $1.9 million of that is donald trump's own money. the guy that is self-funding is spending more of other people's money than his own at this point, anderson. >> it's impossible to calculate the amount of free media he has gotten and his campaign can save huge amounts of money for advertising. >> you're right. other campaigns will look at this and be envious going forward as they try to decide
5:26 pm
whether to spend significant sums of money on the air waves. donald trump doesn't have that problem and does interviews all the time and take events live. you know, we speak to him a lot and so this just, the value of that you can't over estimate how beneficial this is to his campaign. >> sarah, thanks very much for the reporting. more news out of the donald trump camp. he and ben carson are threatening to boycott the next republican presidential debate. hosted by cnbc less than two weeks ago unless their demands are met. they say they will drop out unless they can give opening and closing statements and cnbc limits the debate to no more than two hours including commercial breaks. they say they will take that into consideration. trump and carson are nearly neck and neck with 24 and 23% respectively. ted cruz is in third place with 10%, everyone else in the single digits. other polls show trump well ahead in four early voting states among democrats, hillary clinton has a solid lead at 45% and bernie sanders at 25%, joe biden who is yet to enter the
5:27 pm
race if he will at all is at 19. being front runner is impossible rivals in the general election of the campaign trail, clinton and trump are now rewriting their shared history. here is gary tuchman. >> reporter: the estate in palm beach, florida. the site of donald trump's most recent wedding in 2005 included on the guest list, hilla a arka bill clinton. >> with hillary clinton i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice because i gave to a foundation that frankly that foundation is supposed to do good. i didn't know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world. >> i didn't know him that well. i knew him, i knew him and happened to be planning to be in florida and i thought it would be fun to go to his wedding because it's always entertaining. now that he's running for president, it's a little more troubling. >> reporter: donald trump was actually quite supportive of the woman he could face in the
5:28 pm
presidential election. in addition to donating to the foundation, the clinton global initiative. filings show he made four donations to hillary clinton while she was in the senate, once in 2002, and three times in 2005. all following his wedding. but if there is any fondness for hillary clinton that remains, trump is doing his best to hide it. >> she's not a friend of mine. i think nobody is probably hit her tougher. she's the worst secretary of state in the history of our children. here is a woman cheating the united states government for years with e-mails. if that were a republican that did what she did with the e-mails, they would have been in jail 12 months ago. >> reporter: clinton had some fun with the animosity here on "the tonight show." >> how are you, hillary, i haven't seen you since my last wedding. >> i'm sure i'll see you at the next one. >> keep them coming. >> reporter: and on "saturday night live" where clinton played a bartender. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump.
5:29 pm
>> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like ehh, you're all losers? [ laughter ] >> i want to be the one to take him down. [ laughter ] >> i will destroy him and i will mount his hair in the oval office. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but she's also repaying the animosity with animosity. >> he has been stoking prejudice and paranoia. he's been really appealing to the worst instincts of human nature. i think it's dangerous his demeanor is no longer amusing. >> reporter: donald trump's daughter ivanka and chelsea clinton are friendly. bill clinton said positive things about the billion near businessman. >> he's been uncommonly nice to hillary and me. he thought she was a good senator of 9/11. >> reporter: but trump says it was a relationship of business convenience. >> i get along with democrats,
5:30 pm
hillary, bill, and everybody. as a businessman, that's what you have to do. >> reporter: now gloves are off. >> it's entertainment. it's all entertainment. >> believe me, hillary's worst nightmare is me. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn new york. >> joining me is policy advisor and cnn political commentator van jones, amanda carpenter, former communications director for ted cruz. first, real quick, this word donald trump and dr. ben carson might boycott the next debate unless the format is adjusted, do you think it will come to that or think donald trump is too big oca draw for cnbc? >> i think they will compromise and figure something out and the time constraints are not out of bounds and i think it's interesting that the two people who are leading in every poll are the two people asking for these accommodations.
5:31 pm
i think cnbc will do fine and will come to a reasonable agreement on this. >> amanda, you know, everyone has been talking for months about donald trump is going to implode or fizzle out. not only has that not happened, he's dominating cnn polls in key early states. how likely do you think it will be a trump versus clinton matchup? >> at this point in time you can't ignore the polls and traction that he's gained and so i think it is time to start thinking seriously about how they would matchup. anderson, i think it's so fascinating, so far to have the washington insider potentially versus the wall street business insider. it's really a battle of the titans and we have to think about how this would play out. if it's a debate over policy, you know, making america stronger, greater, safer, versus handouts for the middle class. donald trump will if it's a debate over personality, the wall street businessman versus a
5:32 pm
lifetime public servanservant, n will win. >> it's interesting you saw this past friendship, whatever you want to call it usually beneficial relationship between trump and bill clinton reminder neither of them are everyday citizens. she's been in the secret service bubble for three decades and he's a billionaire in his own bubble. think are known around the world. a general election in some odd way would be an even playing field in terms of renowned throughout the world. >> yeah, i mean, it's very interesting you have hillary clinton who is probably the most famous woman in the world and frankly, she's been now for decades one of the most respected women in the world in poll after poll after poll. donald trump one of the most famous men in the world may in fact besides obama be the most famous man in the world right now. so you have two little power houses going up against each other. what happens for trump in a hillary clinton matchup is suddenly his overwhelming media
5:33 pm
advantage goes away. right now he gets to dominate ten, 12, other people. when it's just trump versus hillary, he will have for the first time equal treatment from the media that will hurt him. what will hurt her on stage together, she is easily irritated and he is irritating. so you're going to have one of the most irritating people in the world going up against one of the most irritable people in the world and in that situation she's in grave, grave danger. >> sam, from a campaign standpoint, i assume it's too early for you-all to be thinking down the road of a general or is it? i mean, are you already kind of thinking about what a clinton versus trump matchup would be or are you focused, obviously, there hasn't been a single vote here yet. >> i think we have to look at it from the aspect of what we're seeing now, the fall classic. if you don't win the first game, you don't get to play the second game so we have to win iowa
5:34 pm
before we can go on to new hampshire and win south carolina and nevada and the southeast conference primary and then we'll get ready for super tuesday. so we are, i think this is we have a deliberate way of going through this the same as every campaign. nothing changed. the blocking and tackling is the same to get people to the polls to vote and this is one of the things that i think we're doing. >> ben? >> anderson, if you had told us in june, july, august, when all of us were on, he's a week away from exploding and attacked john mccain, it's over and we would literally be sitting here you can -- talking about blocking and tackling. this is not reality television. this is your life america. somebody has got to do something about this. this is insane. >> amanda, it is interesting to van's point about just how
5:35 pm
wrong, you know, pundits and others have been at every step of this process and frankly, that's something we kind of are reminded of every presidential cycle because i remember tucker carlson on the eve of the matchup between kerry and bush saying the night before the election kerry was going to win. i don't mean to be, i'm not trying to throw him under the bus. that's just an example but it's interesting how wrong every election cycle it seems like people kind of are reminded of how much this is in the hands of the voting public, the american citizens and how little we really kind of understand the process. >> i feel like in my gut we're in for many more surprises this election cycle. you know, we do have to look at the polls, they are a good indicator of what people are thinking at that moment in time but you also have an organization like gallop saying they are getting out of the polling business because they don't trust polling anymore and so we are going to have to see
5:36 pm
what happens in the early states. yes, we should pay attention to the polls and the fact donald trump is double digits ahead is significant but that doesn't mean the game can change at any moment in time. >> and also, i just want to point out the tucker carlson example just popped in my head and if i'm wrong, i apologize. this is not launching of an attack against him or anything. he seems like a lovely guy. [ laughter ] >> just to clear that up. sam, it's always good to have you on, van jones, amanda carpent carpenter. ivanka trump and chelsea clinton, a closer look at that relationship next. mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability.
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have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. as we talked about a moment ago, if donald trump and hillary clinton are the front runner, it could make fan awkward moments between another trump and another clinton. in an interview with poppy harlow ivanka trump talked about her friendship with chelsea clinton. >> you are good friends with chelsea clinton and she gave an interview and said i love ivanka
5:41 pm
and you said it's not affected your friendship. how do you navigate that? do you not talk politics? do you talk kids? >> it's not been an issue for us. i've been a great friend to her, she's been a great friend to me so the politics of our parents is natural vent to our friendship. >> interesting discussion. what if their stakes become higher? does their friendship have what it takes to survive? a closer look. >> hillary who has very big problems, by the way, she's got big problems. >> reporter: as their parents sling insults at each other on the campaign trail. >> he's been throwing a lot of heat my way. that's fine. i can take it. but i do, i do find a lot of what he says pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: ivanka trump and chelsea clinton's long-standing friendship is about to be put to the test. it's a test their parents have
5:42 pm
failed after once being close friends themselves, hillary clinton attending donald trump's wedding, trump making donations in the past to the clintons and their foundation, they are now rivals, not holding anything back. >> i think the guy went way overboard, offensive, outrageous, pick youred adjecti. >> reporter: ivanka and chelsea have a private relationship, the two women both in their 30s, new moms and living in manhattan finding bonds in similarities, their unconventional upbringing in the spotlight. >> do you talk to kids about why math and reading -- >> reporter: their career paths from high-profile tv gigs, to big roles in their respective family businesses and their family ties, both marrying men of the jewish faith, ivanka converting with marriage. on social media, they both seemed to be president of the other's fan club, their praise
5:43 pm
on facebook and tweeting out compliments, ivanka quoting chelsea in the tweet with the hashtag wise words. chelsea telling "vogue magazine" saying there ivanka is an awareness that reminds me of my dad and increase the joy of the room. their biggest connection could become their friend's ship k. >> i can tell you there is no better person than my father to have in your corner when you're facing tough opponents or making hard decisions. he's battle tested. >> a battle that could become a rivalry for this trump and clinton, too. >> well, up next, keeping them honest, are bernie sanders critics right? did he drop the ball when chair of the veterans affairs committee? i asked him about it at the
5:44 pm
debate. why did it take 18 inspector general reports and a cnn investigation and others before you and your colleagues took action? >> well, some vets say he could have done a lot more. their complaints when "360" continues. fact. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things.
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for years on this program we've been trying to keep the v.a. honest. cnn senior investigative drew griffin recovered evidence books of their books to hide long wait times but bernie sanders chairman of the senate veterans affairs committee at the time wasn't pressing for answers or holding anyone accountable at the v.a. i asked about that tuesday at the debate. why did it take 18 inspector general reports before you and your colleagues took action? >> i was chairman for two years and when i was chairman, we did take action. what we did is pass is $15 billion piece of legislation, which brought in many, many new doctors, and nurses into the va so that veterans in this country could get the health care when they needed it and not be on
5:49 pm
long waiting lines. and the other part of that legislation said that if a veteran is living more than 40 miles away from a v.a. facility, that veteran could get health care from a community health center or the private sector. as a result of that legislation, we went further than any time in recent history in improving health care to the men and women of this country who put their lives on the line to defend us. >> what senator sanders didn't mention is all the opportunities his critics say he missed to act much sooner. they say he ignored a growing pile of evidence something was seriously wrong. here is drew griffin. >> reporter: bernie sanders was chairman during the height of the v.a. weight loss scandal but critics of the iraq and afghanistan administration say they would never know it. >> for far too long he was apologize guiding for the a.v.a
5:50 pm
veterans were dying waiting for care. >> reporter: paul says sanders had to be ignoring what was happening across the capital in the house where the house veterans affairs committee investigators were digging up records, swearing in whistle-blowers and exposing the massive scandal. >> chairman sanders was at the helm during the biggest scandal in v.a. history so the question for bernie sanders is where were you? why didn't you conduct more oversight, why didn't you get to the bottom of this. why didn't you listen to the veterans group whose came forward and said this was a problem. >> republican senators on the senate veterans affairs committee were so troubled by the lack of oversight, they sent this letter to sanders complaining our nation's veterans do not deserve to wait to receive benefits and/or needed health care services adding this committee must conduct aggressive oversight to ensure think receive the care they need. sanders did hold a hearing in may of 2014 at the height of the
5:51 pm
scandal and after cnn reported about secret wait lists in phoenix. he acknowledged there were problems and also praised the v.a.'s handling of 200,000 appointments during the day and delivering quality health care to the vets. >> one concern i have to be honest is there has been a little bit of a rush to judgment. what happen in phoenix, well, the truth is we don't know. but we are going to find out. >> reporter: he later appeared on cnn that same morning cautioning against a rush to judgment. >> did the delay in care of these people on the secret waiting list actually cause these deaths? we don't know. >> reporter: two weeks after bernie sanders raised that question, the scandal reached the climax and the v.a. secretary resigned. in his regulspeech he acknowled when the committee and cnn had been reporting for nearly two
5:52 pm
years, that in the v.a. system, managers were hiding months long waiting lists for veterans seeking medical care. >> drew, i pressed bernie sanders about this in the debate. is it fair to say he had little to do with fixing the v.a.? >> if you just look at the numbers while this whole crisis was going on, the house committee was holding 42 separate hearings on this. bernie sanders committee held seven hearings why his fellow senators were angry and sent a letter begging him, we need to look into this. we need to do what's going on over in the house to find out what is happening at the v.a. he didn't do that. that's what these critics are saying. >> i understand you tried to reach out to the sanders campaign to get their comments. >> yeah, so far we haven't got any comment. we wanted to ask him about the veterans groups criticizing him and quite frankly other legislators coming forward saying that basically, bernie sanders either ignored this issue or was just asleep at the
5:53 pm
wheel when he was the helm of the chairman of the vets committee. >> drew, thanks very much. well, up next, why president obama is keeping thousands of u.s. troops in afghanistan despite his promise to end america's longest war. ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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5:57 pm
regaining control of the city for the first time since 2001. jim sciutto joins us with more. jim, the president wanted to get all u.s. troops out of afghanistan before he left office. what's changed? >> well, he won't. he won't be able to fulfill the
5:58 pm
promise. you'll have 9800 u.s. forces until late into 2016 and in 5500 extending into 2017 when he leaves office and you'll have a new president hand thing war already the longest in u.s. history onto the next president and in addition to that, you'll keep these troops not just in kabul where they would end up to gravitate towards but stay out keeping a presence around the country as the taliban advances. >> the president mentioned today that combat missions in afghanistan are over but these troops that will remain there, they will be facing combat, right? >> they will. listen, administration parsed that word combat not just in afghanistan but in iraq, as well. the fact is they will be in combat. we saw that even with the advance a couple weeks ago u.s. advisors calling in air strikes including that horrible air strike that hit the hospital there. they are not directly on the firing line as it were but very
5:59 pm
close to the front lines plus you have u.s. aircraft doing close combat support. you know, you and i have been to a lot of war zones, anderson, by any definition, that is in some form of combat. it is not just a counter terrorist or training operation. >> did the president say anything about how he felt about having to make this decision? >> e whe was asked was he disappointed. he said no, he's not disappointed. listen, he said in his words he believes it's the right thing to do and his commanders are telling him this for months. the facts on the ground is the situation is in the president's words fragile and you have to think the spectrum of iraq was in the back of his mind. he pulled u.s. forces out of will and saw the advance of isi >> jim, thanks very much. >> thank you. as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, nba and reality tv star lamar odom is at
6:00 pm
a las vegas hospital. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you more information as it comes up. we'll see you again at 11:00 for another edition of "360." anthony bourdain parts unknown starts right now. what does it mean to be strong? it implies hardness and flexibili flexibility. okinawa is tradition but nothing like you might think. not at all. ♪ ♪ i took a walk through this beautiful world,, felt the cool rain on