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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 16, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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be life threatening. firefighters continue to search the rubble for other possible victims. stay with cnn for more updates as we get them on this story. that's it for me. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world here as we are watching and waiting live pictures inside of the white house as we are anticipating the president of the united states and also the president of south korea. we are getting a preview of what we should be anticipating. >> reporter: the south korean's first president to the u.s. since she's been in office. as one analyst put it, what she wants to show back home is the u.s. is the most important ally
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u. as the president has been trying to pivot to asia, what these individual relationships prove is how much china always plays a role. south korea has been trying to cooperate more with china. the president raised eyebrows when she appeared at the chinese military parade. so what does that message show? is she going to back up the u.s. on certain issues that the u.s. disagrees with china on? are they willing to pressure on cyber security. and south korea has also been the subject of many sign r attacks. and if south korea is trying not to of fend china, what does that mean as far as a new misill defense system? what does that mean for the south china sea? the u.s. opposes that and is possibly soon planning to run ships by there. is vout korea going to back the u.s. up on that? and is china going to put more pressure on north korea versus
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its nuclear program? north korea is going to weigh heavily in the discussions that are happening still as we speak. but there's also going to be this press conference where president obama is going to take questions. we expect him to weigh in on the troop drawdown that he announced yesterday in afghanistan. other big topics like israel and the 2016 campaign. >> that's significant he will be taking questions. this is an important moment. the white house, we'll take it live. we'll check back in with you. in the moan time, she mentioned some of the other issues overseas. a troubling situation in the skies above syria. turkey shot down a mystery aircraft flying in its air space. it's an unmanned drone. we know that for weeks turkey has been warning russia to stay out of its skies as vladimir putin wages war alongside his allies.
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defense sources are telling cnn otherwise. let's go straight to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. what are your sources telling you about what happened and who the drone belongs to? >> let's start off by saying officially the russian government says that all of their drones are accounted for. nothing of theirs got shot down anywhere, especially not over turkey. you see this wreckage on the ground. you see turkish military forces near this wreckage. now u.s. officials are saying they believe there are initial reports that are drone was russian. maybe a separate question who was operating the drone. we don't know if there was some russian operators at some ground station operating it or operated by someone else. but u.s. officials say the initial reports they have is it was a russian drone. all american drones are
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accounted for. the russians say all of their drones are accounted for. but that's a pretty busy border these guy days. the russians, according to official, have strayed across into turkish air space with manned aircraft in the past. the turkish government strong on this poirnt warning the russians to stay out of their air space and they would risk getting shot down if they came back in again. no indication this was a manned aircraft. so it's interesting to see who is going to claim it's theirs. >> i want to bring in lieutenant general mark hearthling. so general, i was on tv this morning talking to the press secretary at the pentagon and he said this isn't just turkish air space. this is nato air space. so in addition to this, you have the recent intercept between russian and u.s. jets over syria. he said he is concerned.
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what's your biggest concern here? >> my concern is that there's a lot of aircraft flying in an area without any control. and going back to barbara's comment a a minute ago and russia claiming it's not their aircraft, from the pictures we have seen it looks like a russian drone that they have used in ukraine u. several of those crashed in ukraine as well. it's almost identical and nonmarke nonmarked. ed so i think we have a couple problems. first of all, you have for the first time in this air space the yoous of drones. it obviously went beyond its link capabilitcapability, whiche radio control of the drone was probably not shot down. it probably crashed. most of the drone we used in iraq and afghanistan don't get shot down, they crash because they go outside their range. it's a difficult aircraft to shoot down any way. it's small, weighs about 50
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pounds, maybe 2 by 3 feet long. so that's a tough airplane to shoot down. i'm not sure i'm buying any of the russian story because we have seen them give this kind of propaganda before where nothing ever goes wrong in president russian military, but we have seen a lot of things go wrong. >> that's the thing. that's so important. you're not buying it. barbara, i was watching one of your pieces recently. the russians videotaped a conversation between u.s. and russia. they are trying to agree on a safety plan over syria, but how can you trust anything? how do you agree with anything if russia is not telling the truth? >> well, we spoke recently to a former air force intelligence officer and asked him this very question. he said, no, he would not trust the russians. he's long experienced in air force intelligence. his view was that u.s. pilots
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are going to have to look out for themselves. that's not the way it's supposed to work. people are supposed to cooperate up there. and that's why the u.s. wants to have this technical agreement. nobody is looking for a disaster. nobody is looking for some accidental really terrible incident to happen. so the u.s. pressing hard to get the russians to come to a technical agreement about how they operate up there. the pentagon very strong, very adamant. this doesn't mean the u.s. is cooperating with the russians. they are really just trying to avoid a disaster at this point. >> general, how do you see this playing out specifically regarding u.s. and russia in syria? >> i think the russian aircraft are going to continue to have problems because they are doing uncoordinated action and the coa ligser are being controlled by what we call a plane that has sighting where various aircrafts
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are and have fine targeting procedures. it appears the russians are attempting to fly anywhere they want to. it's going to cause problems. there's going to be some type of accident. it's lucky that this first one was a drone, no one was hurt. it was over flying turkish air space but nato air space. you're going to continue to see the turks have problems with this. they will continue to shoot at and they already have in the pa past. so if the russians to continue to. push the envelope, someone is going to get hurt. >> thank you both so much for your reporting. this is something the president could be answering after this q&a. we're waiting any moment now. live pictures from the white house. two podiums, the president of the united states and the president of south korea deliver addresses here. but again, they will allow for
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some time for q&a afterwards. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. take you live to the white house. the president obama and the president of south korea. let's dip in. >> good afternoon. last year in seoul the president welcomed me to the blue house. today it's my pleasure to
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welcome her back to the white house. madame president, during your last visit here you addressed a joint sgs of congress, which is an honor that's reserved for america's closest friends. you noted that the founding document of both of our countries and a commitment to the people with the same words to their pursuit of happiness. for more than six decades, americans and koreans have stood shoulder to shoulder in that pursuit. once again your time here includes a visit to our korean war veterans memorial. we're very grateful for that. that's a reminder that our people have fought and bled and died for one another's freedom. i know your gestures mean a great deal to the american people and especially to our proud korean war veterans.
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in recent years we have work ed together to strengthen our awe license for the future, and today i want to reaffirm that the commitment of the united states to the defense and security of the republic of korea will never waiver. our alliance remains a lynch pin of peace and security, not just on the korean peninsula, but across the region. so south korea plays a central role in america's rebalance to the asia-pacific and e we continued that work today. as we agreed in seoul last year, our militaries are investing in shared capabilities, including the technologies in missile defenses that allow our forces to operate together effectively. we want to ensure that our korean allies have the capabilities that are needsed to take on greater responsibility for the defense of the peninsula and the potential transfer of control of the alliance. we're determined to maintain our readiness against any threat. madame president, i want to commend you and the people of
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south korea for the resolve you displayed this summer following north korea's reckless actions that wounded two of your soldiers. north korea was reminded that aggression will be met by a strong, united response by south korea and the united states. like wise, the nuclear misill program achieved nothing except deepen their isolation. we are reaffirming that our nations will never accept north korea as a nuclear weapon state. we will continue to insist that they must abide by their obligations in a peaceful manner and given the horrific treatment of the north korean people by their government, our two nations will continue to expose abuses and call for accountability for human rights
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violatio violations. we do support the president's efforts to improve relations between south and north korea. as my administration has shown with iran, cuba, we are also prepared to engage nations with witch we have had troubled histories, but they need to understand that it will not achieve the economic development it seeks so long as it clings to nuclear weapons. in contrast to the president's better vision, a free korea and that's a vision we very much support. she shared her proposal that northeast asia peace and cooperation initiative to build greater cooperation among the countries of the region and we welcome those efforts. we discussed shared challenges
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with a summit can be another step forward in building positive relations between south korea, japan and china. with respect to trade, we reviewed the first three years of our trade agreement. bilateral trade is up including american autos. we do still have work to do and when the issues of implementing course have risen, they have been resolved but we need to resolve them quickly. president park discussed what she is pursuing. those are reforms that we welcome. and finally, i'm pleased that our alliance is increasingly a global one. south korea is not just an important player in the region. it's increase i guessly an important player in the world stage. south korea remains a partner in development in afghanistan, a member of the coalition against isil, a generous donor of humanitarian aid to refugees. now we're expanding our
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cooperation to new frontiers. for example, given the increasing cyber threats to both our nations, including from the dprk, we're stepping up efforts to strengthen cyber defenses and coordinating at the highest levels. the white house and blue house making sure we're in sync in dealing with that challenge. in the fight against climate change, we're accelerating our investments in clean energy. our new civil nuclear agreement reflects our shared commitment to the safe use of nuclear power, which is a low carbon energy source. i want to commend south korea for announcing its post 2020 target to limit carbon emissions. as we head into. the paris conference, south korean leadership can be an example for other nations around the world.
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having already worked together against ebola, south korea has stepped up. our development agencies will partner to reduce poverty and encourage sustainable development in southeast asia. and both our countries are standing together to promote education and health for girls around the world. our let girls learn campaign so, madame president, thank you once again for your partnership, your leadership and your friendship. i believe that we have shown again today that our unbreakable alliance is not just a foundation for security in the korean peninsula and in the asia-pacific region, more and more our alliance is helping people around the world in their own pursuit of happiness with dignity that they seek for their families and for their nations. madame president.
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>> mr. president, thank you very much for your remarks. i also thank you and the american people for the very warm welcome you have extended to me throughout my visit. in today's summit, you and i discussed not only the korean-u.s. alliance but issues surrounding the northeast asia and a shared global agenda. during the past two and a half years, we have been able to create a resolved sense of issues as conditions based operational control and the revision after 42 years in cooperation agreement, which evidences that the korea-u.s. alliance is stronger than ever. our alliance is now moving beyond a security alliance and an economic alliance and evolving into a comprehensive global alliance. the big. est threat to peace and security in northeast asia is a north
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korean provocation and advancement of their nuclear capabilities. and president obama and i share recognition in many aspects of this issue. first, by the north, korea and the u.s. will strengthen efforts with the international community including china, russia and japan. and to this ends, we will try to fully utilize the various regional and multilateral gatherings that are to take place. second, with a sense of urgency and firm commitment, we have agreed to strengthen diplomatic efforts to resolve the north korea nuclear problem on the basis of cooperation that will strengthen coordination among the five parties. while korea and the united states will deepen consultations with other countries including china. should north korea demonstrate a
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willingness to denuclearization, we affirm that we stand ready to extend cooperative measures to the north. in our discussions, we looked beyond today the current pressing of the peninsula and engaged in deeper conditions of the peninsula with regard to the changing situation in the korea peninsula and the process, we will continue to pursue coordinated policies on north korea. at the same time to create conditions conducive to deepen the strategic consultations between korea and the u.s. i would also like to thank president obama for support for the korean government's ideas on peaceful renunification. and today we adopted a joint statement on north korea that contains shared recognition on these related issues. the korea-u.s. alliance is the linchpin of peace and. stability in the asia-pacific
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and there exists a synergy between president obama's rebalancing policy and our peace and cooperation initiative. i would like to thank president obama for his warm words of welcome and strong support for that. in late october the second high level forum will be held in seoul and i hope korea and the united states will engage in close cooperation in that forum and beyond. also reviving trilateral talks that were on hold for the past three and a half years. and he also expressed his high hopes for the korea, japan summit that will be held. we also shared the recognition that such meetings may contribute to bilateral relations in our region.
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president obama affirmed that korea-u.s. relations can be compatible and supported korea's policies toward china. the recent summit meetings between korea and china, the u.s. and china and now korea and the u.s. have started to build consensus regarding north korea and its nuclear program and we believe that this will play a positive role in ensuring peace and stability in the peninsula and throughout northeast asia. in dealing with the north korea nuclear program, we will also seek to strengthen cooperation between korea, u.s. and japan. i believe that strengthening dialogue between korea, the u.s. and japan, korea, japan and china will open new channels for cooperation. regional peace and stability becomes stronger when countries
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build closer ties of economic dependency. in this regard, i would like to congratulate president obama for the tpp negotiations. korea and the u.s. already have high standards and in this respect i believe that we make nat natural partners in terms of the tpp. i sense negotiations have now been concluded. we will be engaged in closer cooperation with participation in the tpp. today's meeting was particularly meaningful in that it provides impetus to efforts to open new frontiers between the korea-u.s. alliance and strengthens our global partnership. korea and the united states will focus first on health security, cyber security, space and cooperation which are gain. ing the spotlight in this 21st
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century. particularly we will work to conclude talks on the korea-u.s. agreement on space cooperation to establish a foundation for such cooperation. and in order to enhance capabilities, we have agreed to establish a hot line between the white house and blue house for cyber cooperation. our global issues, president obama and i on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the united nations have agreed to strengthen cooperation on climate change, u.n. peace keeping operations, nuclear security, humanitarian aid for refugees, violent extremism and other urgent global issues. today's summit served as an opportunity to set a clear vision and strategy for the future of the korea-u.s. alliance. new korean peninsula, a new
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northeast asia and new world, i'm confident that the alliance will continue to involve into a comprehensive, strategic alliance. >> we'll take a couple questions. michelle kosinski from cnn. >> on 2016 now that we have seen the democratic candidates in their first debate and how they did, maybe you can share their thoughts on how much you watched of that. do you feel like the window now has closed on the vice president entering the race? and if you don't feel that it's closed, do you feel that he, in a sense, owes it to democrats to get in very soon? and also on israel, we heard secretary kerry say one of the roots of what's going on there now is frustration over settlement activity. do you feel like that is a root cause? do you feel like the president has a responsibility to condemn attacks and try to stop them? and president park, welcome.
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as you know, the u.s. has reached this deal now with iran over its nuclear program. were you able to hear that? how would you feel if that were north korea? would you welcome attempts for such a deal and do you feel like you would ever trust north korea to abide by such an agreement? thank you. >> the democratic debate was taking place at the same time as some ball games so there was a little bit of clicking back and forth. i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice president.
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the observation i'll make about the debate is that those are all some very fine people. they share a belief in an economy that is working for everybody, not just a few. they share a belief that america has to predict strength around the world by maintaining the finest military, but also making sure we have a strong economy back home. that we're working with other nations wherever possible to solve big problems like climate change. so what was interesting to me was the degree to which, although there were some real differences among the candidates and i'm sure those will emerge, and there may be for each candidate some differences with my administration, overall, they very much -- we very much share a vision of an economy that
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works for everybody and effective pursuit of america's national security through all the tools that are available to us. i was very impressed with all of them. i know them personally. they are good people. beyond that, it's up to the american people to decide. so i will have a vote like everybody else as a citizen, and that ballot is private. i don't have to share my views about that right now because i think it's important for the american people to make up their own decision. i think the vice president, like every other candidate, make theirs own decisions about these issues and will have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. with respect to israel, we're very concerned about the outbreak of violence that initially is centered on
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jerusalem, but we always are concerned about the spread of violence elsewhere. we condemn in the strongest possible terms violence directed against innocent people and believe that israel has a right to maintain basic law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks and violence on the streets. we also believe that it's important for both prime minister benjamin netanyahu and israeli elected officials and other people in positions of power to try to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence
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or anger or misunderstanding and try to get all people in israel and west bank to recognize that this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship. and more insecurity. and i don't think that -- i don't think we can wait for all the issues that exist between israe israelis and palestinians to be settled in order for us to try to damp down violence right now. i think my views are well known that over time the only way that israel is going to be truly secure and the only way that the palestinians are going to be
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able to meet the aspirations of their people is if there are two states living side by side in peace and security. those talks, which secretary kerry put enormous effort in and before that a number of our envoys and secretary clinton put an enormous effort in have stalled. and i think it's going to be up to the parties, and we stand ready to assist to see if they can restart a more constructive relationship. but in the meantime right now, everybody needs to focus on making sure that innocent people aren't being killed. and even though you didn't ask me the question, i'm going to hone in on the question you asked president park because we discussed iran and what it could teach us about the situation in north korea.
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these are both countries that have a long history of antagonism towards the united states. but we were prepared to have a serious conversation with the iranians once they showed that they were serious about the possibility of giving up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. and i suspect president park agrees with me here that at the point where ponk yong says we're interested in seeing relief from sanctions and improved relations and we are prepared to have a serious conversation about denuclearization, it's fair to say we'll be at the table. they would be willing to subject themselves to rigorous verification regimes that we
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have set up with iran, particularly given their past violations of agreements, that's a separate question. but we haven't even gotten to that point yet because there's been no indication on the part of the north koreaens, as there was with iranians, that they could see a future where they did not possess nuclear weapons. >> i don't think that's what secretary kerry said. he said we have to end the violence. israel has a right to protect citizens from random violence. that all parties have to lower the rhetoric. that the religious sites that are so important to three of the world's major religions inside
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jerusalem need to be respected and that the status quo that allowed shared worship in and around these spaces needed to be mainta maintained. then, i think, as an addition to those statements, what secretary keri said, was that the atmosphere where there's so much tension and suspicion, obviously, creates the potential for more misunderstanding and triggers. that's something that has been true now for decades. and if we can make progress there, obviously, it's going to help but there's not a direct causation, but we need to make sure we're focusing on ensuring
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that innocent people aren't being killed. >> with regard to the iranian agreement and whether it could be applied to the north korean situation, i think that's what the question was about, we had other countries that also made concerted efforts. we had international efforts that came together that made this possible. i think that's a very important lesson that we take away from this. now if we look at the north korean nuclear problem, we do have international cooperation in that area. we have china and russia that have nuclear capabilities.
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so we have some international cooperation there. but. the difference between iran and north korea might be something that president obama just said. u totally agree with him, it was important here that you need to have this genuine willingness on the part of north korea that they will give up nuclear capabilities. this might not be a perfect example but you can take a horse to the trough but you can't make it drink water. it's the same here. north korea has to come to its own conclusion that it's genuinely willing to give up nuclear capabilities and become a member of the international society. they need to have that. if they don't have that, even if we have international concerted efforts then we won't see a conclusion to these talks like we saw with iran. so that's a big difference that
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i see here. >> the korean. peninsula trust building process has been to improve relations. but despite these efforts, north korea has not changed its attitudes towards developing nuclear misill capabilities. how do you plan on steering into ties? from your visit to china in september, we have been seeing you say that you want to see unification of the two koreas. do you think this will be possible during your term in office? and i have a question for both of you. in korea they say you see each
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other often and start to grow fond. this is a fourth time meeting and see each other a lot at multilateral talks. have you grown closer? >> now let me answer the first question first, the answer is yes for me. so let me continue with my answers to your question. now the korea peninsula trust building process basically we have this principle. we will be dealing with provocations but leaving the door open for dialogue and will make efforts to build trust. this is a basic principle. and all our policies. in august there was a north korean prove caution and we
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stuck to this principle and applied it to the situation. and we were very firmly responding to the situation and as a result we were able to reach the 25th agreement between the two koreas. so we had a vicious psychal and e reworded it and it went on and on. e we want to stop this. and we are clear that our policy will not change just because north korea continues to threaten us. now the korean government will try to i want plemt the agreement and see concrete measures for reck suluation and cooperation in an effort to maintain this momentum for improved korean ties. now in the past, we thought if we let some things slide, won't
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you get along better? but if you look at the results of that attitude, they really weren't very good. we need a principled approach and this principled approach might make a it difficult for the immediate time being, but that is where improved relationships will start. that is my belief. now reunification is something that no one can really predict. in the summit earlier, we talked about germany and how they said that it would happen in ten year's time, but three days later the berlin wall came falling down. it's something that's very unpredictable. but no matter when it happens, we need to be prepared. i think that's most important point for us. so for any circumstances we need
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to be prepared and we are making efforts in this regard. we have a preparation committee that are looking into the practical aspects of how we prepare for it. but reunification is not just between north and south korea. it affects the great. er international community so we need to also look at our neighboring countries, we need to create an environment where there's consensus that people agree that it's needed and this will be good for the region, for peace and prosperity and we need to be able to tell our neighbors that this is a good thing for the region and world. we'll continue to make efforts in this regard as well. >> i was impressed the first time i met with president park and have become more impressed with her leadership, the clarity
11:41 am
of her vision and she has not only been a great partner to us, but i think has helped to continue korea's broader role in global affairs. so i'm very proud to be working with her and i think our strong relationship is also a reflection of the extraordinary friendship and close relationship between the american people and the korean people. >> thank you, mr. president. now that your administration has said that iran very clearly violated a u.n. security council resolution with its recent missile test, what are the consequences for that going to be? would you be able to accept additional u.s. sanctions against iran? and given this missile test and iran's actions in syria, how
11:42 am
concerned are you that they are being this aggressive before they have even gotten the billions of dollars they are supposed to get under the nuclear deal? and if i could quickly ask you to comment on the deal that the u.s. and russian militaries have reached? does this mean that russia and the u.s. are going to be at cross purposes in syria going forward? and if you could, are you disappointed that secretary clinton opposes your trade deal, particularly given that your administration has not released the final draft. and president park, you recently appeared in beijing with the leaders of russia and china. what message were you trying to send to the u.s. with that appearance? >> i got to write these down. iran, russian military and hillary.
11:43 am
let's see if -- we'll see if i can take these in turn. with respect to iran, iran has often violated some of the prohibitions surrounding missile testing. and our position with respect to u.n. resolutions, prohibitions and sanctions are unchanged with respect to their missile programs. and this thing that i made very clear during the debate around the iran nuclear deal. the iran nuclear deal solves a specific problem, which is making sure they don't possess a a nuclear weapon. and it's our best way to do t t that. it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues where we have a big difference. and so we are going to have to
11:44 am
continue to put pressure on them through the international community and where we have bilateral channels to indicate to them that there are costs to to bad behavior in the region and around the world. but we're not going to do that more effectively if they are also on a separate track pursuing a nuclear weapon. with respect to their actions in syria, as i have said before, they are just doing more of what they have been doing for the last five years, as is russia. and it's an indication that their basic premise, their basic theory of how to solve syria has not worked and will not work. their preference was we will simply send arms and money to
11:45 am
assad and he will be able to clamp down on descent. when that didn't work, they directed hezbollah to come in and prop them up and send in some of their own military advisers, and that did not work. and now the russians have come in and iran is going to send more people, but it's also not going to work because they are trying to support a regime that in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the syrian people is not legitimate. and our goal even as we double downgoing after isil is to continue to cultivate relations with the moderate opposition that can serve as a tran is suggestion to a new government inside of syria and that we continue to have a process of getting the iranians, syrians
11:46 am
and russians, turks, gulf countries and the interested parties to sit down and recognize we have to have a political transition, if we want to end the humanitarian crisis and save the structure of a unified syrian state. with respect to russia, the only understanding that we have arrived at it is how do e we deconflict in the event that our planes and their planes might be occupying similar space over syrian skies. so in that sense, we have arr e arrived at an understanding and some channels for communications where we will continue to differ is in the basic set of prin
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principles and strategies we're pursuing inside of sooe ya. president putin believes if he continues to do what he's been doing, prop up the assad regime, that the problem will be solved. our belief is we have to go after isil and violent extremist groups. but the magnet that the civil war there is serving in bringing in foreign fighters to recruiting, people to this extremism cause will only go away if we're able to get a political track and legitimate inclusive government inside of syria. so there's no meeting of the minds in terms of strategy. but my hope is as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they are not going to be able to bomb their way to a a peaceful situation
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inside of syria, that we'll be able to make progress on that front. with respect to trade and how hillary views trade, i'd have you direct questions to her. here's a general proposition, guys. during the course of what will be a long campaign, i probably won't be commenting on every single utterance or decision that the various candidates make. because i think that it is natural and proper for candidates to run on their own vision and their own platform. and what's encouraging is the fact that everybody on that stage at the debate affirm ed
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whattive said in the past, which is e we agree on 95% of stuff. and on the basic vision of a country that is building out our middle class, is making sure that everybody who works hard gets a shot, that believes immigration strengthens us rather than weakens us, that people should be treated fairly and equally. the vision of the democratic party that i fought for is one that is broadly shared by all the candidates. there are going to be some areas where they differ at any given point. i'm happy to make the case for the trade agreement itself, and i hope you take the time to read it because what you'll see is that it meets the promise that i made.
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the most progressive trade agreement that we have ever put forward. that deals with chronic problems luk child labor or forced labor and is enforceable, and we are upping our game in the environment and is enforceable. that protects intellectual property, that is the wellspring of innovation in the united states. that our businesses are treated fairly when they invest in other countries. that it opens up markets. keep in mind, we have some of the lowest tariffs in the world already. so we're already seeing goods and services being sold by other countries here and the countries part of tpp have significantly higher tariffs. for us to get. those lowered, just an example of japan, where they slap on 10,
11:51 am
20, 30, 40% taxes on some of our goods and services, for those to come down and in the case of u.s. manufacturing goods, those tariffs being eliminated completely, that's a big deal. so i'm sure we'll continue this debate as we post the actual terms of the agreement and congress has a chance to review it. i'm pretty confident ul be able to persuade a whole lot of people that it's the rugt thing to do. and as president park indicated, there's a go political reason as well. we want those of us who already have high standards to make sure everybody else does too because that's going to make our businesses more competitive and put our workers in a better position so they are not undercut by low wages or forced labor that their plants don't suddenly shut down because we
11:52 am
have environmental laws that other countries aren't following. it's the right thing to do. i think we'll review, a as we have in the past, any violations of u.n. resolutions and we'll deal with them much as we have in the past. so what i've been very clear about from the outset is that although we are eliminating or suspending sanctions related to the nuclear program, that sanctions that are related to missiles, human rights violations, terrorism, those we will continue to enforce. and that's not just unilateral sanctions on our part. our expectation is there will be
11:53 am
continued international consequences where u.n. resolutions are violated. >> that was a very long answer and i kind of forgot the question that was asked to me. i think the question about my visit to beijing and what kind o of message i delivered. i met with the president in china and also met with the leaders of russia and north korea nuclear issue in our region in northeast asia and the world, it's a very large threat. this is something that we need
11:54 am
to make concerted efforts to resolve. i had dialogue on that topic with them and e we also talked about the security threat and also the north korean nuclear issue that from the korean peninsula and throughout aush ya, we want to grow together. but right in the middle blocking our way is north korea. and because of that the growth. potential of asia and europe is being damaged a lot because of north korea's ambition. that was my message that i had for the leaders in beijing. and they agreed with me in terms of my remarks about north korea's nuclear problems and e with all agreed that we needed to make efforts to resolve this issue.
11:55 am
>> first, i have a question for president obama. within the united states with regard to the korea-u.s. alliance, there are some people who are concerned that there are some cracks. what do you see? and in this situation, president park has visited the united states. what is the significance of her visit? i also have a question for president park. now through this visit, you have said that you would like to open new frontiers of cooperation and i'd like to hear some details on that, please. >> actually, i don't see any cracks in the relationship at all. i would argue that the u.s., our relationship is stronger than its ever been. that the alliance is on firmer footing than it's ever been.
11:56 am
across the spectrum of issues, military, economic, people to people, scientific, development, global issues. we have excellent relations with the government. our communications is strong. our vision of a continued, robust alliance that can deal with any contingency is not just given lip service, but we invest in it in an ongoing basis. our vision of what we need to do to see improved relations with the dprk, we have similar outlooks. and so i actually feel very good about where the relationship between the united states and korea are.
11:57 am
i think what's interesting and this might connect to the earlier question that carol had had. stiemgs there's a perception if president park meets with president shi that must cause a problem for us. president shi was in this room eating my food and we were toasting and having a lengthy conversation. we want south korea to have a strong relationship with china, just as we want to have a strong relationship with china. we want to see china rise. we want them to be cooperating with us in putting pressure on the dprk. we want to work with them to uphold international norms and rules of the road. there's no contradiction between the republic of korea having good relations with us and having good relations with china.
11:58 am
i think as i communicated to president park, the only thing we're going to continue to insist on is we want china to abide by international norms and rules and where they fail to do so, we expect the republic of korea to speak out on that, just as we do. because we think that both of our countries have benefitted from the international norms and cruels that have been in place since the end of world war ii. e we don't want to see those rules weakening or some countries taking advantage because they are larger. that's not good for anybody, including south korea. obviously, given the size of china right there on your doorstep, if they are able to
11:59 am
act with impunity, that's not going to be good for you. so i think there we have a shared interest. and my hope is that as a consequence of the outreach that president park has done, the outreach that we do, the interactions that we have with japan and resolving some of the his t historical challenges that exist there that we can create the kind of forward looking relationship among all countries that will be good for our children and grandchildren. >> with the united states, we are looking to open new
12:00 pm
frontiers in cooperation, new horizons for cooperation as well. . we're looking at climate change, infectious diseases, space exploration, those are just some of the topics that we talked about. these are global issues, too, and in order to effectively respond to the needs with regard to these issues, i believe that we need a very close cooperation between korea and the united states. now these issues need our attention in terms of cutting edge technologies and new industries that we need to develop and only then will we be able to approach these issues and resolve them effectively. and in that respect, i think that we need to engage in cooperation to maybe develop, jointly develop technology in these areas. for example, we could have joint projects and smart grids or clean energy projects and in the aerospace, we have agreed to work together to quickly
12:01 pm
conclude a korea-u.s. agreement for cooperation in space. so through such efforts, we have an economic alliance that was forged through the course and we want to turn this into an added alliance that's ready for the future. >> the president of the united states and the president of south korea, both there at the white house answering a number of questions from members of the media, both south korean and right here in the united states. thank you for watching, i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, i want to make sure we talk about the topics that were discussed there, specifically iran, russia,
12:02 pm
syria, north korea and the 2016 race. one note when initially our own correspondent michelle kosinski asked the president if he was watching the debate, the most watched in history, he said, yes, but i was also flipping the channels because there was a ball game on. we'll talk to michelle kosinski about that. she's with us right now. michelle kosinski and then a lease lab bottom is with us. we'll get into what he said about all the topics. first michelle kosinski, you want to begin with his response as far as whether or not he watched the cnn debate earlier in the week and thoughts about joe biden possibly jumping in. >> i mean, multiple times now the administration and president obama have expressed how important the debates are, now important this robust communication is to the american people. i found it interesting that is baseball more important than the democratic debate? but the white house has said
12:03 pm
that he looks at the highlights afterwards and he wouldn't go there on some of the biggest questions. even the fact that hillary clinton, though she worked on the tpp while she was secretary of state, coming out and opposing the administration on that. he really wouldn't weigh in. and of course, on whether the window is closed or closing rapidly for the vice president getting into the race, again, just wouldn't go there. said you're going to have to ask joe biden about that. but not surprisingly, he took this opportunity to talk about the attributes of the candidates of whatever they believe in. even though they are going to have their own platforms. he says they all stand for bidding the middle class. really the white house wastes no opportunity o to talk about those attributes of all the candidates, even though they might have disagreements with them as well as to contrast the democratic candidates with the republican ones. >> i want to get to some of the foreign policy questions he got
12:04 pm
and specifically the news of the day that this mysterious drone. russia saying it's not theirs. sources saying otherwise. he was saying, yes, we, the united states, are arriving at an agreement with russia regarding sharing air space over syria. but he also said specifically there's been no meeting of the minds in terms of strategy. >> that's right, and you heard president putin yesterday, brooke, say this is the problem with the u.s. position. that they are criticizing russia, but the u.s. strategy is weak. president obama's view is that russia is going to see the error of its ways and president putin will find himself bogged down in syria and he does not want to get in any conversations with the russians that could be seen as bolstering assad. they will talk about what we have been calling e decon flkoc but the u.s. is not going to get into political talks because the
12:05 pm
russian position is that assad should stay and that should be the basis for fighting isis. so i think they want the russians to sweat it out a bit. they feel that you've heard from the saudis and others and be starting to arm more of the opposition and threatening about a new afghanistan where there could be a lot of jihadis in there and so i think that although it looks right now like president putin has the momentum, president obama thinks that this is going to really become a quagmire for russia. >> saying specifically that russia will not be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation in syria. elise labott and michelle kosinski, thank you so much. appreciate both of you. let's continue on here and talk politics with our commentator michael smerconish, good to see you, sir. the president not wanting to comment on really the news of
12:06 pm
the day that we're learning from this former chief of staff with this big e-mail blast last night saying maybe this could happen in the next three days. the president says, you know what, ask joe. ask joe about that. >> he served notice that as these issues come up over the span of the nx year, he's not going to be weighing in. >> let's talk about some of the numbers, the third quarter numbers were coming in for fundraising. and trump, he is making a huge profit, but he's not spending a ton. he's got his new york-based operation. looking ahead as he is still up by double digits in the polls, do you think he should expand? >> in business terms, we would call this return on investment. it's stunning the level of success he's having. his largest expenditure in the last three months, $825,000 for
12:07 pm
paraphernalia. and yet he's still number one in all of the surveys across the country. how much money does he have on hand? however much he wants to spend. so i guess the takeaway, i have to say something nice because i've been highly critical. he's running it like a business and he's succeeding. he's doing extraordinarily well. >> how about on the flip side? who is doing well since the debate tuesday night in vegas, hillary clinton. she was strong tuesday night. you listen to lots of folks really saying she's cemented her victory in the days since. >> she was strong. and immediately after the debate ended here on cnn, i thought she had a good night. bernie sanders had a very good night. i won't deal with the rest of them right now. but it seems to me that the level of her success has grown exponentially in the last three
12:08 pm
days. is it the media being so eager to buy into a revival theory? we talked about the dishonesty factor of the polling data. therefore, we were eager to see. we love to see you up, down, we want to see you up again. or is it that her campaign was very effectively spinning the media thereafter? i'm not taking anything away from her, but i would say she did not have the kind of night that today on friday afternoon you'd sit there and say -- and bernie sanders in the social media realm exceeded her. there are surveys you can look at where bernie sanders outpaced hillary clinton in terms of how people saw it who were voting online. >> what about the possibility -- we began with the president talking about joe biden and not willing to say. i mentioned the e-mail blast that our reporting is that we could learn in the next three days. this is october. obviously, the world knows who
12:09 pm
joe biden is. this isn't a name recognition issue, but what about raising money here starting in october? how big of a deal is that? >> it's a big deal if you're joe biden. maybe joe biden looks at donald trump, who is not spending it, has it, but is not spending it and says this is such an unconventional cycle. maybe i don't need the conventional apparatus that everyone presumes i require. i'm joe biden, i'm the vice president of the united states. i probably have 100% name identification. i'm well liked. frankly, i don't need to do the conventional things in a typical can year. >> michael smerconish, i wanted to ask you about the jim webb piece. it's going to be a continued piece. make sure you're watching tomorrow morning here on cnn. thank you. we'll be right back.
12:10 pm
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. hamas calling for a day of rage against iz really. violence breaking out across the region as the palestinian conflict takes another violent turn. you see it here. new pictures showing israeli police firing tear kbas trying to disperse protesters near a mosque. a man dressed as a news photographer stabbed an israeli soldier before being shot and killed by israeli forces. and force sources say five palestinians were killed by live fire. with just heard from president obama speaking at the white house moments ago addressing this, condemning the violence
12:15 pm
there. >> this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship. and more insecurity. and i don't think that it's -- i don't think we can wait for all the issues that exist between israelis and palestinians to be settled in other words for us to try to tamp down the violence right now. >> let's go straight to our senior international correspondent ben wedeman live in jerusalem. we have seen these pictures. we're seeing more images of the violence. tell me more about the so-called day of rage, ben. >> reporter: well, this was the third day of rage, brooke, that palestinian parties called for within the last eight days. and what we saw was really a repeat of what we have been seeing now for quite some time. clashes in places like bethle m
12:16 pm
bethlehem, gaza, actually four people were killed. one person died from wounds from the previous day of rage and one of the palestinians was the man who was dressed up as a journalist and shot by israeli police. but this is just becoming more and more the pattern of events here in the west bank and gaza are these clashes. and listening to president obama talking about tamenning down the violence, israelis and palestinians say we expect the violence to tamp down. the problem is that it will flare up again and again. what we're seeing is that these flare ups are becoming the distance between them is becoming shorter and shorter. and the concern is that this is going to become the new normal. clashes, stabbings and the problem is that there doesn't seem to be an active outside effort by parties such as the
12:17 pm
united states to do more than tamp down the violence, but to actually address its causes. >> the violence, tamping down the rhetoric, but there's responsibility from the two parties as well. ben wedeman, thank you so much in jerusalem. coming up, tragedy at a traffic stop. this teenager flashed his headlights at an ongoing police officer and ends upshot and killed after this exchange with this officer all caught on a body camera. >> down don the ground, now. >> stop yelling at me. >> down on the ground. right here. down on the ground now. get on your belly right now. >> we will walk you through this disturbing video and talk about legal ramifications as the family is now suing despite the fact that the officer was cleared of wrong doing and get a police officer perspective. also the human side of the brutal violence in syria. i'll speak live with a syrian
12:18 pm
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sheriffs deputy has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. they are suing over this traffic stop that was just this past february that they say was unlawful and unnecessary. >> get your hands behind your back. yourself under arrest. >> you can't do that. >> get your hands behind your back. >> the 17-year-old was pulled over after flashing his high beams at a car driven by the officer. from there the situation quickly
12:24 pm
escalated. he was shot seven times to explain to you what happened here is cnn's jean casarez. >> u need your driver's license and registration. >> watch this police body camera video. the 17-year-old on his way to his girlfriend's house back in february. sergeant jonathan frost pulling him over for flashing his high beams. >> driver's license, registration and proof of insurance please. i did not have them on. driver's license, registration, proof of insurance. >> i don't even know you're an officer. >> sergeant frost asked several times for his license. he refuses questioning why he was stopped. >> am i being detained? >> yes, you are. >> you had your brights on, sir. >> he begins recording their interaction on his cell phone. >> you can get with the program and start to apply with the traffic stop. >> the officer calling for backup as the situation escalates. >> you do not have jr. driver's license on your person?
12:25 pm
>> yes, i do. >> where is it? >> you don't have to see it. you had your brights on, sir. i'm not lying to you. i'm doing that to be polite. i didn't want you to flash someone and go off the road and crash. >> do you realize if you would have complied if it would have gone a different way? >> e he tries to make a phone call and orders him out of the car. >> out of the car or you're going to get tased. i got. no problem with it being recorded. get out of the car. get down on the ground now. down on the ground now. >> stop yelling at me. >> down on the ground. right here facing me, down on the ground now. get on your belly right now. put your phone down and put your arms out to your size now. >> r sergeant frost kicks the cell phone away. >> i dent have a weapon.
12:26 pm
>> get your hands behind your back. you're under arrest. >> 90 seconds before backup arrives, sergeant frost tases the boy, but he's too close for it to work properly. roughly 14 seconds later, you hear gunshots. sergeant frost says gillford attacked him hitting him with his fist. you can make the scuffle out just a little more careerly. >> i shot one. i need backup. i'm bleeding. >> this body cam video captures sergeant frost at the scene transported to the hospital with these injuries. >> it locks like a small abrasion. >>. jean casarez with that. the teen's family filed suit was a the deputy was cleared of wrong doing. let me bring in joey jackson and
12:27 pm
david katz. this is a tough one. good to see both of you. i have watched this video multiple times. here's had my first question. can you flash your high beams at someone approaching? >> it depends who you ask. it says you cannot flash your high beams within a car that's 500 feet away. however, the statute was nuanced. it says you can't flash it in such a way as that the glare impairs vision. it was flashed momentarily, not impairing the vision so the statute doesn't apply. that's the nuance the family is arguing as to why he should not have been stopped. >> he had apparently the officer said he pulled multiple people over. his high beams really were that bright. and he let all of the other pop go. this went very differently. >> from the initial encounter, the motorist did what every
12:28 pm
motorist should not do. you comply with a police officer. you have no right to withhold your driver's license. you have no right to resist arrest. this is a tragedy. >> even if you don't understand why you're being pulled over? >> driver's license and registration and insurance card. give. it over now. the cop in the initial part of the interview, he's very reasonable. this didn't happen. and by the way, most people are admitting did you listen to the sound of his voice when he's speaking. he's intoxicated. there's no doubt. if i'm making that stop, my first suspicion is maybe i'm going to say it's not a high beam. don't do that anymore. you speak to this kid and he's high. >> factually, there's some indication he had marijuana in his system so that might have caused the impairment. a horrific tragedy. i tell every client that would listen and people who are not clients. you comply now and grieve later. there are many instances you
12:29 pm
feel wronged on the street, but that's not the time to really make that argument. get an attorney, have that argument made in court, but from the very beginning there's this escalation and the rising and it didn't have to happen. it did, hence we're here. >> i asked about precisely that. i was on "new day" a talking to the family attorney about what happened and the lack of compliance. here's what they said to me. >> he's a 17-year-old kid. he's confused. he doesn't feel like he should be being stopped. and we agree actually that it is illegal to flashlights at an oncoming car, but i think the important thing it was a civil infraction, not something that deserved a death sentence. >> but what happens is you have to look at we can debate forever whether the stop was legitimate. certainly it constitutes a violation so you can make the stop. but that's not where this case is going to turn in terms of a
12:30 pm
lawsuit. it's going to turn on when the child was shot. the 17-year-old, was the officer in eminent foor for his life. that's the inquiry. >> it goes from i'm pulling you over because you flashed your brights at me to this young man not complying. he gets down on the ground with his cell phone recording what's happening. is tased, it isn't effective, gets up, punches the officer and ultimately is shot and killed. it all escalates like that. >> that's what i have said on your show a million times. every single one of these shootings begins with one thing. noncompliance with a lawful order. no one likes getting pulled over. you're speeding, whatever it is. this is not the time to litigate the case. if a a police officer says get out of the car, you're under arrest. >> are there not other options? >> that's a great question. first of all, he senses it's going bad. he calls in for backup. backup is on the way.
12:31 pm
backup in his jurisdiction, you call in new york, 3 seconds later and you have a sea of blue. . he's doing the right things. the kid had no license. so at that point, if the officer so chooses, that's an arrest. a summons is in lieu of arrest. now the whole fact and circumstances lead the officer to make the arrest. the kid does not comply. it goes bad enough to where the kid is punching the officer to where he feels he's in jeopardy. >> frenzically, tests were done and determined that the shots were frontal shots that the officer engaged in with the 17-year-old and the trajectory was such that it indicated that there was some type of struggle there. that's what's going to be litigated in this lawsuit, which is a 1983 action which is the deprivation of a civil right. should an officer use excessive force. that's what will be litigated. he was cleared from criminal
12:32 pm
wrong doing, but i think it's a tough case to make when an officer reasonably fears they are in threat. the constitution has said officers have a split second to make a decision and what would a reasonable officer do in that situation. that's going to be the focus. if a reasonable officer would have acted as this officer acted, then it would be deemed to be legitimate. >> by the prosecutor, the officer clear ed of any crimina wrong doing. now the suit from the family will follow it. thank you, we appreciate it. come iing up next, we hear about the destruction from war in syria. we see photos like this. but next, we want to focus on the human side of the violence and how this is affecting parents and children. the side you don't often see. i'll speak live with a syrian-american woman who still has family members in the war zone. do not miss this conversation. we'll be right become. has a
12:33 pm
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. the situation in syria escalating. news today turkey shot down a drone near the syrian border. russia denies it was one of theirs, but the drone belongs to moscow. this is a crisis becomes dire, hungary saying they will close their border to stem the flow of all of those refugees. joining me now is someone personally touched by all of this. nora, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> back story for people watching. you were born in syria and came to the u.s. as a young girl with your family. some of your relatives are still in turkey and syria.
12:38 pm
you told your story a couple weeks ago. you stood up at a town hall for jeb bush and you shared your story. let's watch. >> i have 14 family members that their house was bombed, their livelihood, i've been supporting them just to eat and i just got them to turkey. i just want to know what are we going. to help. are we gung to let putin run this world? he's a dictator. he cannot have the world stage and that's what's been happening. i would like to know your views. >> first of all, my heart goes out to your family. i applaud the fact that you're acting on your part to talk care of them and that should be applauded by everybody in this room. >> understandable how emotional this is for you. i want to ask more about your
12:39 pm
recent meeting with jeb bush. but with regard with what's happening and the regime planning a ground offensive, you have family still there. you have been in touch with them recently. how are they doing? >> the situation is dire. they don't even have the basics currently. their house was bombed. they have a little baby, so formula, milk, water, there's no running water. there's no electricity. things are terrible there. they are being barrel bombed by assad. and z he's also using chemical weapons in aleppo. you heard cuban generals also helping in syria. and then russian war planes bombing u.s.-funded hospitals. there are syrian-americans funding these hospitals in
12:40 pm
aleppo that russia is targeting. so their situation is dire. the atmosphere is very tense. people are really afraid. there's a visible military build up. you have to think of some people that are internally displaced. they don't even have shelter. they are sitting in gardens or abandoned yards or under any kind of shelter they could find. in doorways of neighborhoods. so the situation is very, very desperate. >> so this is what's happening in syria. you also have your grandmother and cousins who were able to get out and are in neighboring turkey. you have described they are equally terrified there. >> yes, they are. they are doing amazing as in they are safe, but they have lost everything. they are rebuilding from scratch. they don't have a place to call home. turkey has forbidden syrians from working, so they don't have a way of earning a paycheck and feeding themselves.
12:41 pm
there are 11 people love iing i one apartment. and regardless of turkey's rules, they are going out and trying to seek employment of any kind, and they haven't been successful. the children are so traumatized. the first time they went to a playground in five years, my aunt was telling me they just sat there. they didn't know how to slide or swing or do anything. she had to. push them on to the playground so they would play. school recently started. they are so anxious. they have huge separation anxiety. every day they cry thinking because back in syria their school was bombed and they watched their teacher being carried out in pieces in front of them and their classmates, because they are always living in anxiety that would happen to them. so they are constantly reassuring the children that they are going to be okay, they will see their mom and dad after school. >> that visual, we think of our churn here in the united states and to think a child in turkey
12:42 pm
doesn't even know how to slide down a slide because it's been so long that some little has been on a playground and that's why this issue is so important, especially on the campaign trail and e seeing how the candidates would handle the situation in syria. you were at that town hall with jeb bush. you met with him again this it week at another town hall. what do you make of his response to you solving a crisis? are you satisfied with his answer? >> i'm very satisfied. i just wish he was president now. because if bush was president now, iran wouldn't be. in seyria and neither would russia or cuba. we wouldn't have isis. i believe that -- >> we don't know that. isis had been there for years and years and years, but go ahead. >> right, but i feel like there wouldn't be barrel bombs in aleppo. i'm an independent who voted for obama, but obama has abandoned the syrian people. there's over 100 people being
12:43 pm
killed on average every day. and i feel that governor bush has outlined a strategy to enforce a no-fly zone and to provide a safe refuge. we have a refugee crisis and we have to hit the root of it. and the root is assad. and we have a no-fly zone, people can go back home. my family wants to go back home. syrians want to go back home. they just need it to be safe. why don't we address the problem of the crisis and that's assad, isis, russia now. so the syrian-american community is behind governor. bush. he knows what's beginning on and we're rooting for him. we'll be behind him to get him elected. >> my heart goes out to you and your family. i hope we stay in contact. we want to hear how your family members are doing. thank you so much.
12:44 pm
>> thank you for having me. coming up next hereon cnn, the cosby family photo behind shattered glass. the provocative cover is stirring up a lot of emotions. order panera's new
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for decades "ebony" magazine has been known for telling stories that affect african-american. that tradition continues in next month's issue. it focuses a fictitious family
12:49 pm
that was once the most beloved in america. >> you're a a doctor and mom's a lawyer. you're both successful and that's great. but maybe i was born to be a regular person. and so instead of acting disappointed because i'm not like you, maybe you can just accept who i am and love me any way because i'm your son. >> and this is the cover we're talking about. the cast of "the cosby show" seen through a shattered glass picture frame. it's a powerful provocative image that comes on the heels of a sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. the image has become a radical wakeup call for some. it's a soul disturbing depiction. with me is their editor
12:50 pm
>> mine as well, thank you. >> you haven't slept for two days. >> i have not slept for two days. >> because of this cover. >> because of this cover. >> because of this photo that you all choose. take me -- lift the veil and explain to me the unorthodox way in which you all arrived at this. >> well, you know, i am relatively new to being the editor in chief of ebony magazine. i've been here for five months and i'm constantly thinking about what we can do to separate ourselves from the pack. and when it came to doing family, talking about what black families are really concerned about today, i decided we needed to deviate from looking at celebrity through a modern lens. the bottom line is this is an urgent conversation happening in black america. it was going to happen whether or not we did this or not. and so we really decided amongst ourselves that we were going to take a chance. and when i say i haven't slept it's because when you understand the soul of black america and you understand how important iconography is and you
12:51 pm
understand how important the image of black family perfection if you will is, you realize there's no way to do something like this without it being hu hugely conversational if not confrontational and in many cases painful for people. >> i want to look back on the ramifications for black families because of this image, but first not a lot of people love this. let me read, this is one comment. and many do. we'll get to that. ebony, if you feel this way why grace the cover with the photo? it's very apparent you want to hurt the cosby and huxtable legacy. the actor who played theo was on "the view" today. take a look. >> we really don't have enough time on this show to really talk about how i feel about that cover. >> it's kind of a fractured picture of the family, right? >> of course. it can't help but be tarnished because it's no longer on the air. it's been pulled off of air. >> all the shows are off the air. it's not the only one off the
12:52 pm
air. there are many shows not being on the air anymore. >> this show was specifically pulled off the air because of what's going on. >> uh-huh. >> so the fact that because, you know, throughout even since the show when we've had images that perpetuate the negative stereotype of people of color, we've always had the cosby show to hold up against that. and the fact that we no longer have that kind of leaves us not in a great place. >> not in a great place. if he were sitting here what would you say to him? >> oh, many things. probably many off camera rather than on camera. many black people feel this is an airing of dirty laundry if you will. and it's disheartening to me in a way to discover that for many pockets of black america -- and i have to separate some of what we're seeing and hearing from large numbers of what we're hearing on the other side there are lots of people who are singing our praises. >> absolutely.
12:53 pm
>> and spoken to something that is vital. but i think i would tell malcolm, one, we mean you in particular no disrespect, no harm whatsoever. i think that ebony is reacting to, again, a very urgent conversation. we simply are not the reason that there is a shattered leg y legacy. we are not the reason that we are talking about something that has been fractured. we are reacting to the fact that this fracture has happened and the question is now what. >> to your point about support to be fair absolutely you're getting a lot of love and praise. someone wrote this cover is perfect. you know why? because it forces us to address issues that take place behind the curtains of a picture perfect family. on the notion of picture perfect and this is the final question that you alluded to off the top, it was a huge deal to have this family on television for as long as they were, doctor, successful, positive. and with the shattered image does it shatter the legacy and what that represented for so many black families? >> again, i would submit that
12:54 pm
ebony itself is not shattering anything. we are simply asking african-americans to have a very passionate, very honest and very forthright conversation about what this means. >> kierna mayo, i can't wait to hear more of what you're thinking. >> wait until you read the article, it's fantastic. >> it's a pleasure. thank you. coming up next, jake tapper sitting down with hillary clinton in an exclusive today. do not miss this. their entire conversation minutes away. we'll be right back. still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new
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i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me. as you well know you're about to see a very special edition of "the lead." jake tapper is live from new hampshire fresh off his exclusive interview with hillary clinton. do not move. you got to watch "the lead" starts now. hillary clinton sitting down for her first national media interview since leaving las vegas right here with me. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the politics lead. fresh off a record setting debate in terms of viewership and just a few days before she's scheduled to testify in front of congress, i go one-on-one with hillary clinton to talk bernie, trump, bill, benghazi, college affordabili affordability, afghanistan, guns, e-mail servers and much, much more. the world lead, new details on the investigation into the american bombing of a hospital in afghanistan, one that tragically killed doctors and children inside.