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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 24, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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investigating this as a dui car accident this afternoon. they named a suspect, the driver of the car, chambers, a 25-year-old woman who is now in jail in stillwater. they also said this, they have this crash reconstruction team on the scene to figure out what happened. you can see, fred, from the pictures, it's clear that this vehicle ran into a parade crowd. this is the oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. this was supposed to be a joyous event. the president of the university explaining moments ago at this press conference what today is supposed to be about and what it turned into. take a listen. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this and these vehicles is terrible tragedy.
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we embrace the victims and their families. ultimately decided they should play and also honor the victims. important to note, this investigation could take several days before we know exactly what happened. the crash reconstruction team expected to be on the scene for a while. and police are asking for witnesses. they're asking people to come forward not justwiththeir stories of what they saw, but also anyone that has video. police emphasizing it's important to their investigation to be able to see. exactly how this happened, fred. >> so sarah, you mentioned the driver, a 25-year-old and it's believed that this may have been drunk driving. was there another passenger in the vehicle? >> you know, police did not mention anything about another passenger. but that's something that will be a part of the investigation,
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fred. and, you know, as you said, 25-year-old driver who is now in jail is, you know, under investigation, police obviously as part of the investigation will be questioning her, talking about those details. i think that's something that we'll learn in the days to come if there was anyone else that was a witness that may have been that close. >> right. all right. sarah gannon, terrible, tragic situation. right now, in galveston county, texas, issuing voluntary evacuations is underway right now because of flooding. this is 23 million americans are now under the threat of a major flooding event triggered by remnants of hurricane patricia which is now a tropical depression. this is video from texas near dallas. this area has been hit with more than 20 inches of rain so far. flood waters derailed this
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64-car freight train loaded with cement. tracking this storm all morning long from the cnn weather center. and ed lavandera live for us near dallas where the freight train was swept off the tracks. sounds like it's still windy, raining. what are the conditions overall is there? and how are emergency crews able to get to that freight train? >> fredericka, it's unrelenting rain. it doesn't stop. it's pouring down rain, but it's been a steady downpour throughout the morning and that hasn't stopped. although, we are this close you can see the same in the distance 64 cars that were toppled over by the rushing flood waters. we are seeing the waters here recede, and we know some crews have been going up and walking up to the train there. the vehicles outfitted to drive
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along the same tracks to assess the situation there. but so far, no real work being done to begin the process of getting the train back up and out of this area. clearly waiting for these flood waters to recede, which is going to take some time. it has dropped considerably. the onslaught of water that this area has received, fredericka, has been simply staggering. nearly 20 inches of rain in the last day and a half is falling here in the area around, caused the shutting down of interstate 45 for many hours in the overnight. a little while ago. water is passing over the highway, making it impactable and dangerous for the heavy traffic and usually navigates that stretch of highway. this is the highway that connects dallas to houston. you can imagine on a weekend it'll be heavily traveled. so we'll continue to monitor that. and now, as you know, and we've been reporting, the remnants of
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hurricane patricia as it's pushing toward the northeast into mexico and in through texas, all of that mixing together through the storm system that has already been sitting over the state of texas and more rain expected the rest of this weekend. fredericka? >> ed lavandera, thank you so much. straight ahead, hillary clinton is getting big celebrity support today. katy perry will be performing at her rally before the jefferson jackson dinner fundraiser. more on that in a moment.
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donald trump, he had a lot to say earlier today in jacksonville, florida. he spoke for more than an hour. and he didn't at all hesitate to take some jabs at his fellow candidates. >> bush is failing. he's a very nice person. highly low on energy. he really is. he's low. he's low. he's low on energy. but he's a nice person. by the way, carson is super low. i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on. >> trump's criticism of carson and bush come right after two key polls in iowa show mr. trump in second place for the first
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time since june. ben carson has seized the lead with 28% of republican voters. trump, again, down playing the results of two iowa polls that show him slipping to second place behind mr. carson. donald trump is one of the guests on cnn's state of the union. tomorrow, jake tapper also has bernie sanders and marco rubio. watch at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern time. the meantime, in iowa tonight, katy perry is kicking off a big night for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> clinton is holding a rally before the jefferson jackson dinner where she will be joined by bernie sanders and martin o'malley for the first time since jim webb and lincoln chafe dropped out of the race. covering tonight's dinner in des moines. tell us about this clinton, the
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rally to kind of get things started. >> hey, fredericka. well, as you said, it is going to be led by katy perry. and we saw her a couple of minutes ago doing a sound check here singing a couple of her favorite songs firing up this crowd. but what hillary clinton is trying to do here is really cap off a, what's been the strongest ten-day stretch of her campaign. really beginning with that cnn debate in las vegas, going forward into this week when joe biden said he would not run against her. and of course, that long benghazi testimony on thursday. she has never felt more confident. she's coming into this. you know, essential democratic event here feeling pretty strong. she's going to try to rally her star power. that's not all. she's going to have her husband, the former president bill clinton at her side, as well. he does not campaign very often. this is the beginning of him stepping out more on the campaign trail. but they were actually preparing for the possibility of joe biden being here. that's why they added all of
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this star power here. just to make sure they could compete with this. but now that he's not in the race, she's going to fire up these democrats here. trying to win over undecided democrats. we're just 100 days away from the contest that kicks off the whole 2016 campaign here. in iowa. >> but jeff, it's what she says, right, which will really matter in terms of how you outshine the other candidates there at this dinner because traditionally that's the way it's been. who can really appeal to an audience because of what they say and how they say it? so is there a lot of pressure on her to kind of maintain this momentum, especially after this week? >> reporter: well, i think the pressure on her is behind her for this moment, anyway. this is more the continuation of a victory lap. of course, bernie sanders. he's the one that's trying to convince democrats that if they're still looking for an alternative, he's the leading alternative. he's the one that i think has more to prove here tonight at this dinner. i can just remember covering
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this eight years ago in 2007, and others in years past. but that was the key moment where a young senator from illinois named barack obama who a lot of people didn't know about. he broke out that night. and he delivered a speech that was much better than hers was then. it was the beginning of him overtaking her in iowa and going on the way here. she wants to show that she's presidential. she definitely wants to show she's fighting for progressive values. moving more toward the left. but i think the challenge is more on her rivals to see if they can compete with her and catch up to her, fredericka. >> thanks so much in des moines. we'll check back with you. all right. ahead, an unusual development today. on russia's role in syria's civil war. details on the unlikely group russia says it's now willing to support. a live report from moscow next. the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile.
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on "30 rock," tracy morgan made us laugh by playing an over the top version of himself. the role earned him an emmy nomination and scores of fans. morgan first rose to fame in the 90s on "saturday night live." >> that bird is a liar. >> the laughter masking personal pain. a troubled upbringing, his father's death to aids, his best friend's murder, a life threatening battle with diabetes. >> what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. >> but on june 7th, 2014, everything changed. >> tracy morgan was involved in a very serious auto accident. >> the crash left him in a coma for weeks. his recovery meant he had to miss the 40th anniversary special. >> i wish my friend tracy morgan was here tonight. >> a few months later, he was ready to talken o the "today" show. >> i love comedy.
11:19 am
and i wonder how i'm going to be funny again. >> in the first images of morgan after the accident, a familiar upbeat smile. his doctor telling "the daily beast" he was, quote, nothing short of a miracle. and returning to snl nothing short of an emotional homecoming. >> thank you so much. hello, again, thanks for sticking around. russia announced today what could be a significant shift in the approach to crisis in syria. they may join the u.s. in supporting the free syrian army. that is the main syrian opposition group fighting forces of syrian president assad. >> we're ready to provide support, including quote free syrian army. it's important for us to get in touch with people who are authorized to represent these
11:20 am
armed groups standing against terrorism. >> our nic robertson is in moscow. assad meeting with the russian president in moscow this week. why would russia say it's going to support a group fighting assad? essentially be on the same side as the u.s. this is getting confusing. >> it's complicated. i think as you listen to what the last part of -- what he went on to say is washington isn't sharing information about where the terrorists are or where and how and who to speak to in the free syrian army. russia is calling out the u.s. to put out the allies. where were they based? so, you know, on the one hand, lavrov is saying, yes, we'll
11:21 am
back them but the previous language from him and the president here who has been more along the lines of who are, what are, and who speaks for the free syrian army. i think we need to take it in that context. though, lavrov did go on to say that russia is backing either assad nor the opposition. but the preponderance of air strikes as people in the united states and europe believe, most of russia strikes are not against isis here that have been targeting groups like the free syrian army. so, language sounds good. look at the detail. >> all right, nic robertson. thank you so much. all right. one of the nation's top basketball programs could be tarnished by a sex scandal. coaches accused of paying for prostitutes to recruit players. now a former coach is out of a job. and one of the escorts from the so-called stripper parties is dropping a bombshell on what she says he and other coaches covered up. this bale of hay cannot be controlled.
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all right, checking our top stories is $6,000 reward is being offered for tips in a deadly school shooting. it happened thursday at tennessee state university in nashville. this new surveillance video captures the moment one of the gunmen opened fire killing someone.
11:26 am
authorities say they are looking for two men and the fbi has agreed to investigate the shooting death of a musician stranded on an interstate exit ramp. a source close to the investigation tells cnn, the officer may not have clearly identified himself. and jones may have pulled his gun out of confusion. and the u.s. navy resumes the search for the cargo ship. debris from the ship has been washing ashore. and crews arrived a the the search zone in the bahamas last night. and its 33 crew members vanished on october 1st after running into hurricane joaquin. and stunning accusations of strippers and prostitution being used to recruit players for one of the top basketball programs in the nation.
11:27 am
and it's cost the man at the center his job. andre mcgee has resigned from his job as the assistant coach at the university of missouri. he had been on administrate i leave. andy shuls has more on the scandal tarnishing the university. >> the university of louisville is one of the most successful college basketball programs in the country. they won a national championship in 2013. but now, the program has a dark cloud hanging over it. in a new book titled breaking cardinal rules, basketball and the escort queen gives the sordid details of more than 20 different recruiting parties that took place at the athletic dorm between 2010 and 2014. on espn's outside the lines, he said former louisville graduate assistant andre mcgee would pay her to bring strippers to the parties, and in some cases, the dancers, including his own
11:28 am
daughters would have sex with the recruits. >> he would start the music, and usually the girls would come out one by one. and they would dance for the recruit. and he'd ask me, is there any girls that want to, you know, want to make extra money, pretty much side deal with the players. and i was like, i'll ask. i asked the girls. and their eyes lit up like, well, yeah. >> she said she would even have sex with the recruits' parents and guardians in order to get the players to sign with the school. and she says it's hard to believe that pitino didn't know what was going on. >> four years, a boat load of recruits, a boat load of dances. loud music, alcohol, security, cameras, basketball players who came in at will. you've got players that are so loyal to pitino. who wouldn't be like, hey, you know, we've got dancers and sex and all that going on. my thing is, how could he not know? >> at louisville's tip-off
11:29 am
luncheon, coach said he knew nothing about the allegations, but he would get to the bottom of it. >> if there was any wrong doing, it's a big if. and people have to pay for their crimes. and that's an if. i hope those ifs are not true. >> pitino has since said he has no plans to step down in a public letter to fans, he said, quote, i will not resign and let you down. some day i will walk away in celebration of many years, but that time is not now. while the allegations at louisville are shocking, former blue chip recruit jaylyn rose who ended up signing with michigan said this type of activity is not uncommon on recruiting trips. >> what you see at a bachelor or bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit. and as a 17-year-old kid, if i'm not getting laid, i'm not coming. i'm not signing. >> that was andy shulls reporting. thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us. vital signs with dr. sanjay
11:30 am
gupta starts right now. the potential end of polio here in africa. and here in remote state, that means vaccinating some 3 million children. some of the world's hardest reached areas. th


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