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tv   New Day  CNN  October 26, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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she had to run for cover. the building she was in was beginning to shake. tell us >> it's still safe at the moment. we can feel tremors at former british prime intervals. the ground is still shaking. minister, tony blair apologizing outside my building, people are for mistakes he says were made outside, surreal, almost, as you in the iraq war. there's one thing blair says he have children who were screaming does not regret. and crying within that building. listen. >> given, however, that saddam now, they are sitting outside hussein did not prove to have and kind of confused whether to weapons of mass destruction, was go inside, get their belongings. the decision to enter iraq and people have been trying to get topple his regime a mistake? mobile phone signals and try to >> you know, when i'm asked find a connection whatsoever. this, i can say i apologize for the fact that the intelligence at this time, word from the we received was wrong because even though he used chemical southwest of pakistan and there weapons against his own people, against others, the program, in have been no casualties there, the form we thought it was did no loss of life.
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not exist in the way we thought. but, there has been infr so, i can apologize for that. i can also apologize by the way some of the mistakes in planning and certainly our mistaken in infrastructural damage. >> tell us where you were when our understanding of what would happen once you remove the you started to feel the regime. but, i find it hard to apologize earthquake. >> i was in my kitchen. for removing saddam. i think even today, 2015, it is everything was very sudden. initially, it didn't make sense better that he's not there than he is there. what was happening. >> his revelation comes in a new you must know, earthquakes are not completely uncommon in this cnn special tonight, it's called part of the world. "long road to hell". we have had earthquakes this fareed zakaria hosts it. whole year on and off. this seemed unusual when my critics of the war and of his microwave fell and i just ran. say he reaches a faulty it shows we had an earthquake conclusion that yes, saddam hussein was contained in a way ten years ago, 7.1 on the isis is not. richter scale in pakistan. does he talk about that? >> he does. but evacuations were -- stranded another thing that is more news
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inside the building and the door worthy, would he think it's fair that led us outside. to say removing saddam hussein, we were banging on the windows, invading iraq created the trying to get out of there. >> obviously, we are happy you are okay. fundmentfund please continue to report as fundme fundmental cause for isis? long as it is safe. the biggest concern is this felt an insurgency that became al in so many areas. qaeda and iraq and now isis. the big concern, not just he said i accept that. structural damage. please, find out what you can. he goes on to say let's take a stay safe. we'll get back to you. look at notice. we remove the regime in iraq and ended up with chaos and terror. again, the tremors could be felt we removed the regime in libya, in pakistan. but didn't put ground troops in we felt the shocks in another and that produced chaos and terrorism. we didn't do anything in syria area. a producer, her microwave and that produced chaos and started to shake. no reports, just structural terrorism. he's sort of implying that, you damage. know, look, there are other sins what do you know? as well. sins of omission and co-mission. >> reporter: hi there. so, i think that the connection here in new delhi it wasn't has to isis is one he's willing to make. >> that's an interesting point. strong. did he get into the nitty gritty
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we could feel a few shakes. in terms of saddam's army was we were seven stories up. disbanded, then a disgruntled we could see the tables shaking group of commanders many think and the tvs on the wall were went on to lead isis? >> we didn't get in specifically shaking. we knew it wauz prwas a pretty g with him on this is on the documentary tonight, i have the key people who made that decision in the bush earthquake. what we know right now is this administration and what's region has a history of fascinating is to listen to them now, you wouldn't know who made the decision. earthquakes along the himalayan there's, you know, one guy says range. as we will learn in the coming the other guy did it. hours and days, the scope and bremmer says the guys in washington did it. the guys in washington say scale of what may have happened bremmer did it. at the end of the day, no one is in afghanistan. >> can you give us perspective on how far away you are from the sure if bush actually approved it. there's startling revelations there. will's a lot of finger pointing epicenter? going on. >> that is interesting. you bring up president bush. it's interesting to hear tony the epicenter is the northern part of afghanistan. blair talk about it. we haven't heard how president kabul, the capital of bush feels about mistakes. afghanistan is some 200 kilometers away from that >> president bush is not the
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epicenter. new delhi far farther. type to regret. one thing i noticed in doing this documentary, it was hard to get senior members of the bush administration. we have a few, but for the most it is much farther. unlikely you will hear of much part, they would rather just not talk about this. damage in india. >> so, where does that leave us some damage in pakistan with tony blair? what does he think should happen sandwiched between india and in iraq and with isis? >> i think tony blair believes afghanistan. >> ravai, thank you. we will check back with you as that this is the kind of civilizational struggle going we get more developments in the on, the islamic terrorist forces story. in canada, five people are were rising anyway. dead after a whale watching he says you dislodged the event in british columbia. regime. you didn't dislodge the regime the search going late into the in syria and you got them. night. at least 21 people on the boat he's very much still of the view rescued. one person missing at this hour. that you have to go there and you have to take the battle to we have the breaking details. them. i think he would want more frigid waters. >> very cold. the focus is on that one missing intervention in syria. in some ways, on this matter, person as investigators try to and i'm qualified because he's piece together the puzzle of what happened. generally speaking a progressive looming over the investigation liberal. on this matter, he's a
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is conditions weren't that bad neoconservative. when the boat went down leaving >> so interesting. he had him on the air and he talked about his project to many to question what happened combat radicalism. during this tragedy. >> yeah. i think he thinks that you have breaking overnight, a pop lawyer to fight them with weapons, with whale watching tour boat capsizing and sinking off the bullets and bombs. you also have to fight the ideas. it has become one of his life small coastal town on vancouver island. this morning, five passengers missions after all this. what's interesting is, he's able dead and one missing after a to reflect on his term in office tour boat by jamie's whaling and and reflect on some of the adventure sank. things that may have gone wrong. it's one of the things that 21 rescued as the search for rarely happens in politics. i have always been struck by in survivors continued through american politics, no one can night fall. more than a dozen treated at admit they made a mistake. >> it's a bad word. >> we wouldn't let them. hospitals. according to researchers a call the media is partly to blame. in any other walk in life, in made on a clear, sunny day. business, you make mistakes and learn from them. >> it was a beautiful day. in politics, every decision you there were big swells out on the made always has to be right. ocean. we don't know what may have that is the way the bush happened at the scene. administration seems to be approaching the iraq war. >> reporter: search officials eventually located the capsized >> that makes this so interesting to watch him talk
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boat eight nautical miles west. about it. thank you. tune in tonight for the special the cause not known. report "long road to hell: the transportation safety board america in iraq." it's here on cnn. of canada deploying a team of michaela? investigators. the boating company that >> running one marathon is quite an achievement. operating the whale watching tom foreman is doing five in tour had a fatal incident in five days. two down, three to go. 1998. he's going to join us live this as the mayor commends between rub downs. residents for their support. our thoughts and prayers are with passengers, crew, emergency ♪ responders and families. thank you all for your messages of support. jamie's whaling center put out a ♪ statement offering condolences to the families of those the beautiful sound of customers affected. their staff is heart broken. making the most of their united flight. they are saying we are power, wi-fi, cooperating with investigators and streaming entertainment. to see what is happening. that's... their staff is getting grilled seize the journey friendly. ♪ with who was on board running that ship. we turn to politics now. donald trump on the attack.
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the brash billionaire holding a rally in new hampshire this morning after taking aim at ben carson who made controversial comments comparing abortion to slavery. we have team coverage beginning with joe johns, he is live in new hampshire for trump's morning event. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alison. donald trump is getting a very early start in new hampshire. a crowd already gathering to see him this morning. he does have his work cut out for him, quite frankly, trailing dr. ben carson in the state of iowa. over the weekend, trump started leveling attacks as you said. listen to what he had to say about carson on cnns state of the union with jake tapper. >> ben carson is a very low energy person. i think he's lower energy than jeb, if you want to know the
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truth. we need strong energy. i am talking about ben. i am talking jeb because i thought he was going to be the front-runner. obviously he's not going to be, i'm not going to talk about hitch so much anymore. >> reporter: the interesting thing is ben carson said he will not return fire. not the same from marco rubio. trump was in the state of florida over the weekend. rubio started attacking trump. we'll have more on that later. still, polls show that right now, donald trump is believed to be the best candidate for the white house by 7 of 10 republican voters. more on that later in the program. back to you michaela. >> thanks to you, joe. our vice president joe biden opening up about why he decided to jump into the race. he said, simply, he knew he couldn't win. he addressed bo's dying wish for him to run.
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jeff is live in washington for us with more. jeff? >> reporter: good morning, michaela. a new window into vice president joe biden's thinking. he believes he would be the best candidate. he sheds new life on what his son bo told him before he died. >> some people have written that bo, on his death bed said dad, you have to run. nothing like that ever, ever happened. bo, all along thought that i should run and i could win. there was not what is made out as this hollywoodesque thing that at the last minute bo grabbed my hand and said dad, you have to win one. wasn't anything like that. >> with biden on the sidelines, hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head in iowa. sanders called himself a principaled progressive. he supported gay rights long
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before it was politically popular. clinton said you need someone that can do more than fire up liberals and win. that is her. >> let's break it down with jackie and cnn political commentator of new york one, erol lewis. let me ask you a question let's start with joe biden. right quick. do you have what it takes to run wh when he said he couldn't win, a marathon? how about running five in five it's not about him being the days? cnn's tom foreman says he's up best, it's the practicality. for the challenge. he's done two, has three to go. it's good that the truth about tom is also the author of the book "my gear of running bo biden. he always thought his father dangerously, a dad, daughter and should run for president and a ridiculous plan." always thought it was worth the he joins us now via skype from struggle. how do we close the book on joe baltimore. tom, i have all sorts of questions about how many pairs biden? >> it was good of him, a service of shoes you've gone through, to the nation to dispel a notion what on earth are you thinking and how is the body feeling? but let's find out what there was a hollywood moment. motivated you to do this. if he had run, who knows what we we should point out that all of the running started in 2011. would have heard. to say this is not how it you're now going to do five in happened, we were father and
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five days. son, both in politics, political >> yeah. what started is what starts so professionals and how we analyze many things. i was a runner in my 20s, did it different. to close the book or speculate marathons. i thought it was all behind me. my older daughter ronnie asked about the next faze, who does he if i would help her train for a and in what manner does he marathon. she's starting her first year in participate in the presidential campaign. is he going to support hillary college and wants to be an clinton? astronaut. it means, a lot of work. it's hard to imagine he i said, a daughter asks your wouldn't. will he start to correct her dad, and you say yeah. it went from there. when she diverges from the ob a >> tom, i'll point out the obvious. you are not 20 anymore. running five in five days for a obama/biden policies? it's going to be hard for him to 20-year-old is one thing, but for somebody of our advanced age hold his tongue. he's going to defend his work like anybody else in that is another. how are you feeling? administration will. >> a lot more advanced than you >> hillary did come up in the are. i don't know if i can do this. '60 minutes" interview. at the moment, i feel pretty he did talk about her and he did good. marine corps was a good run. talk about his relationship with the run before was good. her and how he feels about her running. this morning it was hard to get listen to this. out of bed, and it's chilly. >> i like hillary. i've done a half mile for today. hillary and i get along together. the only reason to run is i 25.5 more to go. think i could do a better job >> aren't you running 26.2
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today? >> yeah. than anybody else could do. we'll be riunning here in i wouldn't run against hillary. baltimore, then willimington th so honest. i like hillary, i'm better. >> right. right. you know, he also disputed the fact they don't have a good relationship and he was talking about her when he talked about not viewing republicans as philadelphia. then i'll run the new york city enemies. a lot of us thought was a dig to marathon. hillary clinton who said, during >> you're crazy. >> you should rest before a debate that listed republicans marathons. >> that's what identi've been t as one of her, you know, best enemies or something. this was so classic joe biden, whach. >> what do you want people to know about why you're doing so refreshing. this? >> i'm running for the med you are right. it was so honest. foundation, which promotes he was like, i'm the best, people to have a healthy that's why i wanted to run. balanced lifestyle. he said he couldn't win because that's part of what this big run he didn't have the is about. making sure everybody out there infrastructure and the nuts and bolts. realizes, it's not beyond you, >> let's go to what should be whatever age you are, to go out called the inevitable. and take on pretty big ben carson goes up in the polls challenges and feel a whole lot better for doing it. >> doing it with a selfie stick, too. in baltimore, tom foreman, you donald trump hits him. might be my new hero.
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go get em, man. what do you think is going to don't forget to stretch happen now? >> the interesting thing is ben afterwards. carson's approach to this. chris, that's incredible. we have real characters at cnn. he hasn't engaged trump. he's kind of moved on with the this guy may take the cake. ben carson message. >> it's annoyig because he's that really has served him well. it proved to neutralize trump smart and a great journalist, the last time he went after ben and in better shape, and shooting himself while he's talking right now. carson. i would expect he would do the i mean, just when i -- same thing. >> and laughing and enjoying he kept on with his message. himself. >> not even out of breath. as he said, not getting in the >> probably wind up swimming mud with trump. i think it was interesting that across while holding the selfie trump started going after ben stick out safely the entire time. that's why he's so special to us carson's religion. here at the cnn family. they have started going over, in keep on going, my brother. iowa, to ben carson in drones. we're covering a lot of news this morning. the big headline is that there itis one of the ways he's going has been a deadly and powerful to hit him. you can't imagine he's going to relent if carson bates him in squ quake hitting afghanistan. felt for hundreds of miles the polls like this. across three countries. >> what trump did is seventh day we have the latest on the damage and rescue efforts coming up. add venntists, i don't know. stay with us. i just don't know. >> he probably doesn't know. scratch, and fills it with all white meat chicken you have to research it. >> right. and a rich, delicious gravy. in other words, is he casting because making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie... but finding someone to enjoy it with, sure is.
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aspersions or not sure what to marie callender's. it's time to savor. make? >> this is reminiscent with mitt technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes romney. i read more about it than i ever in 170 countries. thought i would about fine, subtle distinctions about what the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately was going on at the birth of be able to access information, wherever we are. that religion. information for an athlete's medical care, or information what we saw was in the end, it to track their personal best. doesn't matter. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, plyty is plyty. and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and evangelicals might differ with changing the world. where you end up. if you are living a pious life -- >> they are embracing ben carson. they don't have a problem with the faith. >> exactly right. mitt romney didn't win it but nearly won iowa in 2012. i don't think -- i think this is a dry hole. i mean -- and if you are going to raise that kind of question about the faith of ben carson, you have to be in a stronger
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position with the evangelical base than trump is. >> the other attacks from trump that we heard, he's weak on immigration, he says about ben carson, he's very low energy, lower than jeb bush. does carson need to respond? >> i don't think he could. if what we mean by low energy is the style on the stump, ben carson is going in a different direction, not the personal carriage and presentation. i can't say enough about this, he has a facebook strategy. he's socially networked his way into a position. donald trump said, gee, ben carson doesn't spend that much time in iowa. he doesn't physically, but he is there through facebook. he's raising money through facebook. he's linked in to the people who are going to go after the caucuses in a way that is a different mode than trump is doing with traditional media and
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flying in on a helicopter. he can't lay level in that way. >> that's a great metaphore. button it up with this. ben carson, to those in the party, gravitating as an outsider, project strength, what is the risk for donald trump going after someone perceived by the party and someone he wants to vote for him as a nice car. >> that's it. if ben carson doesn't go after him, trump is raging about nothing. when he went after carson and said he's an okay doctor. it doesn't go anywhere. it's absolutely absurd. an okay doctor, i guess you could say that. ben carson made light of it during a debate. that could make trump look like a bully and no one wants to look like that. >> jackie, erol, thank you so much. michaela? >> police searching for the gunman who left a student wounded on the campus of north
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carolina central university overnight. that student is now in the hospital with non-life threatening juries. the lockdown was lifted about 40 minutes last night. the search for the gunman continues. an off duty new orleans police officer shot in the neck and critically wounded driving to his father's house in an unmarked car. authorities identified him. they are searching for a tan suv with dark, tinted windows. several people were in the car when someone opened fire. call 911 if you have information. the woman who plowed her car into a crowd will appear in court today. breaking news. >> good morning. welcome back to your new day. the 25-year-old accused of it is monday, october 26th, 8:00 drunk-driving is facing murder in the east. charges. the crash killed four including we begin with breaking news. the death toll growing after a a 2-year-old boy. powerful 7.5 earthquake rattles 47 others injured. 11 of those victims kids under south asia. as many as 29 dead in 13. he could be the candidate afghanistan and pakistan.
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the numbers are very early. democrats fear most. marco rubio's campaign is this system is barely understood gaining traction. up next, rubio sits down with at this point. >> the quake hit northeastern cnn for a wide ranging exclusive afghanistan but felt hundreds of miles away. it comes nearly ten years to the about his campaign. day after a deadly quake in the he reveals interesting things you have never heard before. did you know that good nutrition same region left 75,000 people dead. let's get to cnn's new delhi bureau chief. he felt the shocks this morning. tell us how close you are to the epicenter and what you felt. >> i'm about 1,200 kilometers south of the epicenter. in new delhi, we felt fairly strong tremors, and they were intense and lasted for about a minute, which immediately gave us a sense that this was a very strong earthquake somewhere in the region. it turned out, of course, that the earthquake was epicentered in the northern part of afghanistan. we've just learned this coming into cnn. as news trickles in about the casualties and the scope and
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scale of the damage, we've just learned in a school, there were 12 girls who have been killed in a stampede, as they were rushing out of their school building. is critical for brain health? we often hear the adage that brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health quakes don't kill people, but crumbling infrastructure around - now that's smart nutrition. them does, as does panic. ensure's complete balanced nutrition this is one example of that. has 26 vitamins and minerals we expect in the coming hours, and 9 grams of protein. ensure. we'll probably learn of more take life in. such instances, of people who may have been killed in stampedes or crumbling buildings. the other things we're learning this hour are responses from people that we know in the region. in kabul, our producer has told us that this is the worst earthquake he has ever seen and felt. kabul is about 250 kilometers south of the epicenter. between that and 1,000 kilometers further to the south here in new delhi, you can get a sense of what people in south asia, this part of the region, are feeling about the quake. i do want to add one bit more
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context. back in 2005, pretty close to this epicenter, there was another very strong earthquake in that region. ♪ that was a 7.6. in that quake, some 80,000 everything kids touch during cold and flu season people lost their lives. we're hoping right now that sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. today's quake will be nowhere near as serious as that one. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs fingers crossed right now, as we better than clorox. continue to gather information from there and this region. >> and, of course, we'll encourage our viewers to stay with cnn has more details come in on the size and scope of the quake. thank you so much. here at home, we turn to politics. mr. trump ready for battle. he's on the attack as he headlines a rally in new hampshire. taking aim at ben carson, who made controversial remarks of his own, comparing abortion to slavery. we'll go to joe, who is live for us. >> hi, michaela. donald trump giving another one
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♪ of his characteristic performances loaded with ♪ one-liners, slamming the media, playing up the polls that show him leading, playing down the polls in iowa that show him the beautiful sound of customers making the most of trailing dr. ben carson. their united flight. renewing his attacks on carson, power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. as well as jeb bush, calling both of them low energy that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ candidates. listen. >> start with bush. nice guy. i said low energy. by the way, carson is lower energy than bush. i don't get it. bush said, i don't like mr. trump's tone. we have people, their heads are being chopped off in the middle east, and he's worried about tone. we need tough tone. >> ben carson has said he will not return fire on donald trump, but says his energy levels are just fine. back to you. >> thanks so much, joe. a simple assessment from joe
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biden this weekend. the vice president telling "60 minutes" he se didecided to not for the white house because he felt he could not win. what more did he say, jeff? >> good morning. it is a new window into vice president joe biden's thinking. he says he still believes he'd three years ago, marco rubio be the best candidate and should be president, but he sheds light was touted as the republican on this tough decision. party's future. is that still true with the rise particularly what his son beau told him before he died. of trump? let's listen. cnns special correspondent spoke >> some people have written that, you know, beau on his exclusively with marco rubio on deathbed said, dad, you have to run. there was this hollywood moment the stump and joins us now. great to have you here. that, you know -- nothing like that ever, ever happened. beau all along thought that i >> great to be here. rubio is now on the rise. should run and i could win, but he's replaced jeb bush as the there was not what is made out likely nominee. as this hollywood esque thing, we've talked about everything from what he thinks about donald that at the last minute, beau trump and hillary clinton to who grabbed my hand and said, dan, you have to run. he would like to play him on wasn't anything like that. "saturday night live." but, we started with the >> interesting insight there from the vice president. with biden now on the sidelines,
3:23 am
question of why he still isn't winning in the polls in his home hillary clinton and bernie state of florida. sanders went head to head this weekend in iowa. sanders called himself a >> if you start paying attention principled progressive, reminding democrats he supported to these polls in october, you'll go crazy. i have been up and down. gay rights and otherish shoo s >> you are the sitting senator before it was politically in florida. >> it's a very unusual year. popular. clinton encouraged people to people are angry about the pick someone who could win, and direction of our country. >> here is the news of marco she believes that is her. >> thank you very much. rubio. democrats say you are the triple let's bring in reporters from threat. the new, young, fresh, face, you the first in the nation voting states. are great in debates, you are a political columnist at the z hispanic and put florida into play. so why is it taking you so long to get traction? "des moines register." >> none of those things matter. and a political leader. that's campaign talk. politics is covered like sports. they set the tone. let's start with iowa. you watch the teams with a good new hampshire is a little bit of a different story, where bernie game. the next week, they have a bad and hillary are involved. game, it's disaster. it's not the way it works. let's start with iowa. what do you see as driving the >> reporter: the way the picture there right now? campaign works is not glamorous. >> well, hillary clinton has he races from event to event, been struggling in iowa. trying to raise money, trying to she came very close in the polls
3:24 am
inch up in the polls and taking to bernie sanders at one point. on donald trump. at the trump event, there were i think that iowa likes to kick the tires. people are not interested here protesters on immigration. at the end, trump said, i'm in having a coronation of going to win with his panics, i hillary clinton. they wanted to give her competitors a really good love the hispanics. hearing. i think we've gotten to the point now where democrats have what do you think when you hear done that. him say things like that? this race has gelled. it's either hillary clinton or >> that's donald being donald. bernie sanders at the jefferson >> he is the front-runner. is he more in tune with the republican party on this issue jackson dinner, it looked like a than you are? >> his rhetoric is louder, but two-person race. bernie sanders sharpening his tone against hillary clinton. six months ago, his position on hillary clinton sort of taking a immigration is nothing like he more long view, perhaps speaking is saying now. over bernie sanders and trying >> jeb bush says donald trump to make the case for her as a has dangerous views on national general election candidate. security. are you comfortable with the >> before we get to rump atrump idea of donald trump with his finger on the button? carson, new hampshire voters >> i wouldn't term it that way. like to kick the tires, too. how is it looking between the next president of the united hillary and bernie there? states, on their first day of >> it's a very close race here office must understand the in new hampshire. senator sanders is doing well. threats of the face aft country. he lives next door. >> are you comfortable?
3:25 am
>> the truth is, as i said in secretary clinton is coming on the debates on cnn, i don't strong after her hearing last week. she's back in new hampshire two days this week, so she's trying believe up to this point he's to protect that turf here in new outlined a deep understanding of hampshire, as well. the issues of this country in a >> cathy, if it's true that serious way. obviously, he has time to change carson is resonating over trump that. >> right now, he's not ready to be commander in chief? in iowa because of the depth of >> he's not understanding of the his faith and how it works with the christians there, is there issues to be commander in chief of the most powerful military any chance trump can get around force in the world. >> if he's the nominee, would him by doing this implied you support him? >> i'm going to support the nominee. i'm comfortable it's not going to be donald trump. it will be me. i feel good answering that seventh day a ay adventice stuf? >> it was one of the negatives question. >> you keep missing votes on the we saw in the last poll. senate floor. 43% of the votes. that people -- 40% said they i know you say you are weren't sure whether donald trump was a committed christian. campaigning for president. this is likely caucus goers. but, bernie sanders, rand paul, they have missed fewer than ten that is something that, i think, votes. you are up at 59 or 60. evangelicals, who are an
3:26 am
>> everyone needs to run their important voting block in iowa, own campaign. might have a problem with. in the history of presidential politics, when running for pot ben carson, a slightly different ticks, they have missed voted. story. people do like the fact they think he lives his faith. i'm not missing votes because i'm on vacation. this is lower than other people if donald trump is going to have made. start getting serious about i'm running for president so the votes they take in the senate are meaningful again. raising questions about seventh a lot of votes aren't important. day adventists,i think the >> the other day, you got up on the senate floor and said church will help explaining it. federal workers who don't show up should be fired. let us help explain what they >> that's not what i said. >> what did you say? are. that is something i think we >> federal workers not doing will be hearing more about in this race. their knob, not performing >> it's not just religion. of course, donald trump is should be fired. trying to draw a contrast >> okay. someone might say you are not between himself and ben carson showing up. on lots of subjects. you are not doing your job by just this weekend, he sat down voting. >> not true. with jake tapper and talked voting is not the only part of about how long stronger he, the senate job. donald trump, is, athan he the most important thing is believes ben carson on constituent -- >> votes aren't important? immigration. let me play that for you. >> of course they are important. >> he's very, very weak on
3:27 am
we do all the intelligence immigration, and i'm very strong on immigration. grievings. i got fulling caught up. he believes in amnesty strongly. i'm fully aware. he believes on citizenship. he's going to give citizenship we have a staffer assigned. to people here illegally, and you can't do that. >> hillary clinton has had a pretty good two weeks. we disagree on other things, also. >> dan, how is this rivalry she had "saturday night live," she did well in the debates. between trump and carson playing she went through 11 hours of the in new hampshire? >> well, it's definitely heating hearings. up in new hampshire, as well. if it is a face-off, marco dr. carson is running a strong second or third, depending on rubio/hillary clinton, how the polls. formidable is she? he just announced a couple state >> she'll be the democratic chairman, as well, so he that nominee, someone from a political dynasty. that is going to bring fund has three. trying to raise his grassroots raising capabilities. in new hampshire. he is not donald trump, and i think no one could deliver a people may think she had a great speech like donald trump today, week. she lied about benghazi. blaming the media, criticizing, >> talk about age, you are 44. counter-punching, as he loves to do. she's turning 68. he does it here. the audience here loved it. is age your advantage or hers? of new hampshire, in the >> i think it's the age of your audience, there were a few ideas. >> are her ideas too old? undecided voters and they were saying immigration was a key issue. >> cathy, let's see what your >> abc lutly.
3:28 am
take is on whether or not this they are outdated. resonates, which is that you, >> reporter: age may not matter, you know, may, da -- we are the but if they match up, it could be interesting. rubio and his wife have four young children. that said, like hillary clinton problem. and donald trump, rubio is open >> you're going to find out about the media someday, folks. to also having his moment on "saturday night live." we we they were the worst. >> donald trump is going to host they were the worst. oh, these people. "saturday night live." >> yeah. >> have you been invited? >> oh, these people. >> nobody has benefitted from the media coverage the way do you want to do it? >> i don't think i have been donald trump has. it's why he's not spending any invited. i don't know, we'll see, if it money. he's on tv all the time. we have to like cover everything makes sense. he does. i'm curious to see if they play what is this tactic of his? me on "saturday night live," >> so the media is part of the it's the right person. >> who do you want to? >> i don't know, the other day, someone said mario lopez. establishment. it is part of the narrative that the media is part of the establishment, and donald trump, >> he clearly has thought about as an outsider, is pushing back that. against the establishment. >> mario lopez at the front of there's absolutely no downside mind. >> it's true. for donald trump to push back at >> go for it. >> he said trump borders on the the media. what we are seeing a slight absurd. downside for donald trump, you is that the furthest he's gone? know, a lot of his outrageous
3:29 am
>> you heard him say he's comments, people eat them up. people in iowa, iowa sensitive and insecure. republicans, are not necessarily he said i don't want to be a liking his attacks against part of the trump freak show. fellow republicans. you know, it's interesting. other guys who have gone after that was another soft spot for him in his polling. they don't care if they go after trump get slapped down. the media. rubio goes in, punch and walk they don't care if he's blunt on immigration. they love that. when he starts talking about away. >> he does not want to go after fellow republican candidates, then iowa republicans worry donald trump. about that. it is a counter productive they worry about the effect on the race in november. thing. trump is good at that. it's not what rubio is good at. they also feel uncomfortable he's not known for taking and about that. people consider themselves to be iowa nice. giving punches. they want to have a spirited you were questioning him and debate, but they don't testing how far he goes. necessarily want personal attacks on other candidates. commander in chief, he's got questions about trump. >> correct. correct. >> cathy kcathy and dan, thanks correct. i think it will now be giving us a pulse of how iowa interesting to see trump come and new hampshire feels this after him. >> if he takes the bait. morning. let's get to michaela. do you get the sense he's breaking overnight. five people have been killed when their whale watching tour testing out this presidential boat sank in the waters off the candidate marco rubio 2.0? coast of british columbia, he feels differently than what canada. 21 of the 27 people on the boat
3:30 am
we have been seeing in the last few months. were rescued. >> if you look at the polls, one person is listed as missing at this hour. he's up there, guys. he's number three. we're joined for the latest on the investigation and the search but, jeb bush is the into the night. >> the focus is still on the establishment favorite. the question now is, can rubio missing person. investigators are working to raise the money and can he go to piece together exactly happened the next level in the polls? to this boat. complicating the investigation >> you are coming back at 8:00. is the fact that witnesses said yesterday was a clear, beautiful day in the area. you asked very interesting no obvious sign as to why this boat may have gone down. questions i have not heard that's led to questions and before, in terms of the music he speculation about the circumstances behind this listens to. he reveals an interesting side of marco rubio you wouldn't tragedy. >> reporter: breaking overnight, a popular whale watching tour expect. >> you know you are interviewing boat capsizing and sinking off the youngest candidate in the field when he gives you a lesson the coast of a small costal town on hip hop and electronic on vancouver island. dancing. five passengers dead and one we are going to ask sanders next. >> thanks so much. missing, after the 65 foot tour great to see you. what is your take #newdaycnn or boat run by jamie's whaling station and adventure centers sank while carrying 27 people. 21 rescued after the search for oklahoma homecoming parade. survivors continued through
3:31 am
the suspected drunk driver who nightfall. more than a dozen have been treated at local hospitals. ran them down is due in court according to canadian rescue today. her lawyer is speaking out. officials, the vessel making a we'll tell you what he claims distress call sunday afternoon happened that deadly morning on what witnesses describe as a ahead on "new day." clear and sunny day. >> it was a beautiful day here, and there were some big swells on the ocean but we don't know anything about what may have happened at the scene. >> reporter: search officials eventually locating the capsized boat eight nautical miles west of the tourist town. the cause of the accident not yet known. the transportation safety board of canada employing a scene of investigators to the scene. according to records, this company also had a fatal incident in 1998. the mayor commended residents for their support. thoug thoughts and prayers are with passengers, crew, emergency,
3:32 am
responders and their families. thank you for your support. >> the operating company put out a statement, offering their condolences and their staff is heartbrok heartbroken. they're cooperating with investigators. investigators will try to get answers as to who was leading the tour. >> it'll come down to what happened on the vessel and why it went down and who is responsible. d boris, stay on it. thank you very much. a court date for the woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd of people at the oklahoma state homecoming parade. the 25-year-old is facing murder charges after four people were killed in the crash, including a 2-year-old. nick valencia is live in stillwater, oklahoma, with the latest. we're also hearing from the defendant's attorney now. >> that's correct. we'll get to that in a few minutes. 25-year-old aadacia chambers is expected to appeal in court
3:33 am
after crashing her car into a parade. the video can be graphic to see. if you have children in the room, best to get them out of the way right now. the car she was driving plowed into an unmanned police motorcycle, proceeded into the crowd, left four people dead and injured nearly 50 others. among them, as you mentioned, 2-year-old nash lucas. his father posting on facebook late saturday, i miss you so much, buddy. we did manage to get some sound with the attorney of adacia chambers, who spoke to the possibility of what could have played a role in the crash on saturday. >> it's been shared there were several days that she would go o without sleeping. an uneasiness about her. uncertainty about her future, perception about herself, perception of what others thought about her. >> chambers was initially charged with driving under the influence, so it is unclear what police suspect her being under
3:34 am
the influence of. we reached out to authorities and have not gotten an answer on that. she's also charged with four counts of second degree murder. that could carry up to ten years to life in prison. >> just so heartbreaking. thank you for the update. important medical news to share this morning. if you consume a lot of processed red meat, listen up. the world health organization says processed hot dogs, ham and sausages are direct causes of cancer. beef, pork and lamb are also likely causes of cancer, even if unprocessed. the study links the meats to rectal cancers, pancreatic cancer. >> people will panic when they hear that. >> i'm panicking because my children eat hot dogs. what's the balance? >> not to make them a regular part of the diet, but a treat. isn't that what they were supposed to be anyway? >> nope.
3:35 am
people eat them like crazy. until the next study says to eat we are following breaking news for you right now. a 500 pounds a month or a massive 7.5 feearthquake that something. >> the occasional bacon sandwich rocked. it hit northeast of kabul. won't kill you. >> you choose what it's going to it was felt hundreds of miles away in india and pakistan. be. >> news bulletin. reuters reporting at least four did marco rubio betray jeb pem killed and scores injured in bush? a candid answer from rubio himself. he sat down exclusively with pakistan. this comes ten years to the day that a powerful 7.6 earthquake cnn. you have interesting questions and answers ahead. killed 75,000 people in that systems check. region. >> breaking this morning, a doc, i need you on point for this one. military barracks in belgium already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. under attack. shots were fired. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first. no injuries reported. treads, what do you got? a gunman tried to force his car lookin' a little bald, sir. through the gates of the with all due respect. got the perfect fit- ready to roll. military barracks there. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. five people lost their lives ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when a whale watching boat
3:36 am
when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. collapsed. there were 27 people on board, at ford. 21 of them rescued, one still listed as missing. it's not clear what caused the (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? ship to go down, the weather was it's what sparks ideas. good. the boating company says it is moves the world forward. cooperating with investigators. the kurdish government invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. releasing video that caused an who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected elite u.s. soldier his life. this captures the rescue of and the conviction to be in it for the long term. dozens of hostages in northern oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... iraq. the pentagon says they went in this big, bold, beautiful world. after spotting mass graves suggesting they were facing imminent execution. america's team not doing so hot. dallas cowboys dropping four in a row. greg hardy, controversial, making headlines for all the wrong reasons. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. what do you have for us? >> hardy was suspended for domestic violence.
3:37 am
you would think he would be on his best behavior. that was not the case yesterday. cowboys and giants tied when duane harris fielded the kick off and the former cowboy returned this kick off 100 yards to give the giants a 27-20 lead. after this touchdown, check out this video. hardy slaps the clip board out of a special team's coaches hand. teammates had to pull him away. dez bryant and hardy got in each other's faces to exchange words. after the game, hardy said, no comment, next question every time he was asked about the incidents. very sad news to report. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. minnesota timberwolves coach and it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay president flip saunders passed three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. away after a battle of cancer. he announced he was battling what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, hodgkin's lymphoma. you'd get your whole car back. doctors considered it treatable and curable. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. he suffered a setback. smart.
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this picture with the caption, new car replacement is just one of the features that come forever in my heart. standard with a base liberty mutual policy. in the nba for 17 seasons, he was 60 years old. and for drivers with accident forgiveness,rates won't go up more tragic news in the due to your first accident. world of high school football. learn more by calling smith died friday morning as a result of a hit on the field thursday night. switch to liberty mutual he played for a high school in and you can save up to $509. chicago. the hit happened on the last play of the game. he walked to the sidelines for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at before collapsing. he was unconscious. an autopsy confirmed he died see car insurance in a whole new light. from a blunt force head injury. this is the seventh high school liberty mutual insurance. football related death this year. so unfortunate. >> when they consider if they are going to let their boys play or not. terribly sad. tears and anger in oklahoma. a toddler was among four people killed by a suspected drunk driver who plowed into a crowd of people at a homecoming parade. we have the latest on the
3:39 am
suspect and what her lawyer claims happened when "new day" continues. this morning, we're getting a closer look at republican when heartburn comes creeping up on you. presidential candidate marco rubio, courtesy of a cnn fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the interview. did rubio betray fellow instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. floridian jeb bush by running? tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. we're joined with the ♪ interviewer. you got juicy tidbits out of him. >> we talked about personal stuff he's never talked about. we know about his taste in music. get ready. how he did in high school. prepare for challenges specific to your business late bloomer. but we started by talking about by working with trusted advisors jeb bush, his friend, his mentor who help turn obstacles into opportunities. and the state of their relationship now that they are experience the power of being understood. rsm. competitors. >> let's talk about jeb. the two of you say you're
3:40 am
audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. friends. we went back and looked at your victory night november 2nd, 2010, when he introduced you. he said that you were the man more "sit" per roll. more "stay" per roll. for our time. >> bushes get emotional. my wife told me, don't cry. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. don't cry. but marco rubio makes me cry for so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. joy. >> i'm not sure anyone quite so you get more "life" per roll. believes the friendship is so bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. warm anymore. >> not on our part, it isn't. i'm running for president. i'm not running against jeb or someone else in the race. >> some might say, look, jeb was your friend, he was your mentor, he helped you get elected, he helped you raise money. some might say this is a betrayal. couldn't you have waited for another election? >> well, i don't see the presidency that way. i don't think there is a line, where we all wait and hand the presidency off to each other because you paid your dues.
3:41 am
i'm running for president because i don't see anyone else on either side who is campaigning on the agenda and the views that i have. i don't view the presidency as some sort of hon riorific thing that you let someone have. we have to move forward in the country and turn the page. >> jeb has subtly painted you as decisions, decisions. the new edge+. this one would keep me organized. barack obama 2.0. that you're young, i could list all the days i've been banned from social media. inexperienced, first term hmmm, wait this thing has built-in senator. is jeb bush more experienced live broadcasting? than you are? >> i think there are people i don't know what nerd came up with that, running that have more but it's awesome. experience on the issues we you think they'd censor pippa's doggy-ola's? faced 35 years ago, or 15 years censored, not censored. censored, not censored. ago. when it comes to the issues of america of the 21st century, introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. there's no one running that understands them more or has shown better judgment on them than i have. that's why i'm running. when people run for the presidency or an office, they digestive core.r say things because they think it so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. gives them a competitive it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. advantage. that's okay. i understand it. feel lighter and more energized. i'll tell people who i am and
3:42 am
why i'm running and what i'll ultimate flora. more power to your gut. do. >> you want people to get to know you better, so look, i know two things about you. your favorite sport is football. >> yeah. >> your favorite team has to be the dolphins. >> yeah. florida gators. >> what did you want to be growing up? >> i wanted to be either a football player, football coach or sports broadcaster. >> and you wanted to play in the nfl? >> i did and i would have had it not been for my lack of size, speed and talent. >> you were not the greatest high school student. is the story true about the teacher, you were a disrupter, and she was bribing you not to come to class? >> yeah. it cost me a lot of money later on in life. i had to go up and take classes and pay for it myself and take out loans for undergraduate degrees. i regret not being a good high school student, but i wasn't. once i paid for college, i was a really good student. >> is that what turned it around? >> part of it. the other part is hey, it's time to grow up and get going. what saved me is i was a
3:43 am
voracious reader. had i not read, i would have struggled in college. >> favorite book? >> ever? the bible is the most extraordinary document ever written. >> second favorite book. >> great question. there are a number to pick from. one of the ones i've really enjoyed is the one about churchill, the "last lion" or something. >> favorite movies in. >> "godfather" 1 and 2. 3 was okay. the woman who is accused of >> i liked 3. >> i like andy garcia. plowing her car into a crowd of people at the oklahoma state homecoming parade will appear in i like "pulp fiction" and court today. the 25-year-old facing murder "wedding crashers." charges after four people were >> favorite music? killed in that horrific crash, >> i listened to a lot of r&b music and the '90s hip hop including a 2-year-old. music. nick valencia is live in the other music that's grown and oklahoma in a place trying to exploded is electronic dance grapple with why this had to music. >> party music? >> obviously, it's used for that happen. purpose, but in many ways, it's >> reporter: a horrific stranlg di- here in oklahoma. genius. it's a 21st century ability to
3:44 am
we expect the 25-year-old to make here first court appearance take muse and i cic and use it since being accused of crashing that motivates people. her car into a packed crowd at a you have these djs, musicians. homecoming parade. it's one of the most wholesome events in the country. saturday, it was anything but. i think it's a music genre this morning, the suspect in that's global and growing that horrific homecoming parade rapidly. it's unbelievable. >> you like hip hop. accident at oklahoma state you have four young kids, 8 to university due in court. charged with four counts of second degree murder and driving 15. do you let them listen to that? >> not really. the key is not the music, it's the lyrics. under the influence. you don't want kids at a young >> there was a period where i age to glamorize that. think that, for a better lack of it's not reality. there's a difference between a 44-year-old man listening to terms, she could have blacked that and a 16-year-old listening out. to that and not understanding >> reporter: her attorney claims she wasn't drunk but may suffer the difference between artistic from mental health issues. >> she only remembers, from what suppression and reality. was communicated with me, the >> it's interesting to hear him end of the crash, people talk about this. removing her from the car, he's young, son of an immigrant, shards of glass everywhere and handsome, he's a very different her being extremely confused, face than what we've seen in the gop. i think they need that.
3:45 am
trying to maintain the ability the big question is, does he to cooperate. >> reporter: according to her have the money to make this run attorney, chambers, a fast food worthwhile, even though there's all that hope there? worker was unable to sleep and >> thus far, no. he doesn't have enough money. felt uncertain about her future. they had a really rough >> the only thing i could relate fundraising quarter. it to is a type of bombing or but he's now going up in the something. polls. a crazy 24 hours. people are talking about him. jeb has been struggling with >> reporter: this cell phone video, you can hear her car, as using up too much of his huge it busts through the parade war chest. i think the rubio folks are barricade around 10:30 a.m. saturday. hoping that the money is going the horrific screams from the to follow his new rise in the unsuspecting crowd. >> it came 40, 50 miles an hour. polls. >> we heard in the first piece that he sort of went after >> the car hit me, like as it trump. he said some of the things trump is saying is absurd. was stopping, i flew over is that his new plan? strollers. >> reporter: along with four does he plan to attack trump dead, 50 more injured, some in more? >> you know, i am not sure that critical condition. they've quite decided, honestly. overnight, the university i think they are playing this a community gathering in prayer, little bit at a time. mourning those lost. if he's going to be the front the youngest victim, nash lucas runner, i think he will go after was just 2 years old. trump more. >> the relationships and sense i do. >> except it is hard to make
3:46 am
of community we have were just a small college town. successful for yourself and, in truth, the more the ugliness of the campaign gets exposed, if >> reporter: chambers was initially charged with driving you're not part of it, may give him a window of opportunity. under the influence. police have not said what they i like the contrast between what suspect her of being under the the politician says and what influence of. you'd say in private. the four charges of second if he can control the music that his teenage daughter is degree murder could charge ten listening to, he is the most years in prison for each qualified person running for account. >> big case. president right now. the lawyers are going to argue >> he's a stronger man than incapacity there. cuomo. we'll see what happens. >> better man than i. >> i would love to be in that thank you very much, appreciate it. if you watched the benghazi house and see how it works. to bring the lessons home to my hearing last night, you heard own. >> terrific interview. this man's name again and again. thanks so much. thomas pickering. >> thank you. donald trump, not afraid of he is here to respond. what does he say the truth of taking jabs. he's doing it across the board benghazi is and the truth of the at all his rivals. an event this morning after committee? we'll hear from him straight doing the same over the weekend. ahead. ♪ is this a smart strategy? we'll look at that ahead. sflooerp ♪ ♪
3:47 am
the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business
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by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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3:50 am
donald trump says he is a counterpunch, which would imply he only hits you when you hit him. except when he doesn't. former ambassador thomas then he just hits you like what he's doing with ben carson right pickering's name came up again now. why?
3:51 am
well, carson is ahead in the and again at the house benghazi iowa polls, so donald trump has started to deal with it. hearing. the effort coming under big-time ben carson says, don't worry, i'm not going to fire back. republican fire. which one of these two his name mentioned so much, democrats on the panel felt strategies will work and if, at compelled to defend him and the all, better? let's bring in work of the arb. commentator, good friend of ambassador tom pickering joins us now. marco rubio but supporting jeb thank you for joining us. let's set the table with what congressman trey gowdy has to bush. also cnn political commentator say about the work of the review and host of the ben ferguson board. >> somebody can be a good person show, ben ferguson. and i have no doubt that mr. thank you, brother and sister. good to have you. mullen and mr. pickering are. trump says, i have to attack because that's how you win. my point is not that the ard did what do you say? a bad job or good job, my point >> well, it's worked for him so is from a standpoint of far. not only does he attack because investigation, it was an he thinks that's how he wins, inadequate job. but because we cover it. >> interesting, he wasn't he has got to cause controversy referring to you as ambassador, every week, every two weeks, he said it was an inadequate that keeps us talking. he's not putting money into paid job. what is your response to this media. he's not running a conventional implication it was inadequate at campaign. best and compromised at worst. he relies on earned media >> one has to go to the coverage, the result of him
3:52 am
specifics and the specifics creating controversies and there that i believe he put in picking fights, whether it's place were things like we didn't with megyn kelly, jeb bush, ben do a transcript, but a record of carson or whomever on twitter, the meetings. we were not a judicial inquiry whatever stranger may be or a court of law. irritating him that day, or we were there to make chris cuomo. recommendations on security. >> there you go. ben, as he's been on the was it at fault? did people handle it badly and receiving end of it. how should it be aprooif proop? ben, to chris' point, donald trump told us, i only hit back. this weekend on jake tapper's that's what we did. state of the union, he did go some allegations we didn't see all the right people. we saw all the people we could after ben carson in a seemingly find that were available to us unprovoked attack. who participated. let me play what he said about ben carson. i believe the committee may have >> i like ben, but he cannot do people, but they were individuals that left benghazi a year before the incident, so trade like i do trade. their relevance may be he can't do a lot of things like i do. questionable. things like that that came up. he's weak on immigration, and i'm strong on immigration. i think ben carson is a low look, i have been around for a few years. energy person. i have done a lot of actually, i think ben carson is investigations. if there is new information, lower energy than jeb, if you i'll be first to join the line want to know the truth. and how it should be interpreted ben doesn't go to iowa much, and he's doing well in iowa? and how it should be changed for >> what do you think of that
3:53 am
line of attack? the recommendations we made. >> yeah. i think that's the first time we can't do that since we went i've seen donald trump truly be nervous in this campaign. i think it's because he can't figure out, how in the world a out of business after our guy that's a 180 from him in recommendations. >> there's no proof what the arb style and rhetoric is somehow beating him in a place he has and the select committee. thought he was going to stay at the top of the polls the entire they pointed to the e-mails you time. if you're ben carson right now, didn't have, then secretary keep doing what you're doing. clinton's e-mails. there is no reason to get into a fair criticism? >> we had some of that. war of words with donald trump. ime not sure we had it all. i also think donald trump knows the interesting thing, will the he's in a unique situation because i think he sees ben criticism hold up because the committee, during eight hours of carson as a viable vp candidate continuous testimony with if he gets the nomination. secretary clinton produced a lot they can play to the outsider of new information that should change our conclusion. role. they both have their own people i don't believe that's happened that love them. yet. >> well, one of the big ultimately, donald trump knows, if you're losing, you have to go conclusion that is the committee members would say they drew is out and start slugging and that hillary clinton told one throwing bombs at other story to people immediately after the attack and another candidates. otherwise, you'll be the second story to the american people or third candidate, like bernie about what had happened. sanders is to hillary clinton. >> with all respect to that's not what donald trump everybody, that was not the wants in iowa. purpose or the subject of our >> it's a reality that everybody says they don't want it to be. inquiry. i won't make an opinion on that. >> maybe donald trump will be
3:54 am
that's something else. that didn't have anything to do ben carson's vp. with the security preparation, >> that would be interesting. >> could go either way. was it adequate and did people >> negativity is often what make mistakes and change to drives a campaign. it's about how you do it. prevent these incidents from is it worth contrasting what happening. >> wouldn't it be fair to expand donald trump is doing right now, he's weak, you know, on the the motivations involved especially the secretary? issue side, he'll say, we're >> i think we did and we had very different. on the personal side, he's much those. but, our question that the more detailed. congress asked us to ask in the versus, bernie sanders. he's going after the specific legislation and in their positions of hillary clinton. comments on the legislation was who made the decisions? not so much her or her demeanor or character. where were they made and the does one work better than the other? congress, quite politely told is one more worthy than the other? us, don't make it a thing that >> it's completely different if the cap net secretary takes camps and people and personalities. responsibility, which secretary what i would advise anybody clinton did, it's my job, goes running for president is be yourself because it's a long with my job way, that's race. at the end of the day, it gets really exhausting and tiring to sufficient. it is not sufficient that you merely accept that as the basic try to been somebody educational. if you're donald trump, be reason. please go to where the decisions donald trump. that's who he is. were made. i think ben carson, the we went to where the decisions were made. soft-spoken ben carson we are we went to where the supervisors seeing, not responding and not
3:55 am
of those people were and how and taking the bait on the personal attacks, is who the man is. what way that played out in our the bernie sanders you're seeing investigation with where were is who he is. the security lapses and who was if you try to play roles, if you responsible. >> the suggestion is that the try to do acting jobs on the then secretary set up the arb american people, sooner or and the motivations of the later, it'll catch up to you. >> i want to stick with you. committee, while pure in terms of finding ways to get better, that it was not about go ahead, ben. >> it looks awkward when you try criticizing and holding to be something you're not. accountable secretary clinton. one of the big differences here >> quite the contrary. is bernie sanders sees of course the congress provided vulnerabilities in clinton's secretary clenton appoint four records and policies. therefore, he attacks the members of the arb and director policies. when you see donald trump attack of intelligence one. carson on style, i think it's two members of the arb, out of because he realizes, we're very the three, or three of the close on policies. members out of the three had i can't attack him per se on nothing to do with the state direct issues with policy department. they were from completely because we are very, very close. outside the state department. i have to remind people that one from academia, one from the he's boring and dull. i think voters ultimately intelligence community. though, when they go in to vote add miral mike mullen, who i for somebody, they don't care if believe is one of the finest you're boring and dull if you have good ideas. public servants i have been associated with and a man who >> i want to play what jeb bush said over the weekend about really how unpleasant he finds questions admiral mullens
3:56 am
all of the mud slinging with integrity is taking lot on. donald trump. listen to jeb here. i hope people conclude the same >> if this election is about how about me. that was my sole intention. we're going to fight to get >> certainly, you have been nothing done, i don't want any ambassador to multiple part of it. countries, israel, russia and i don't want to be elected president to sit around and see india. the main theory of the case, not a judicial body as you point gridlock become dominant, and people are in decline in their out, the arb nor the select lives. that is not my motivation. committee is that hillary i have a lot of cool things that clinton lied. i could do, other than sit there was distraction. around being miserable, there was deception and listening to people demonize me manipulation to suit political aims and people's lives were and me feeling compelled to compromise zed in that before demonize them. that is a joke. and after their deaths. is that fair criticism? elect trump if you want that. >> he doesn't sound like he's >> i don't believe so. enjoying this process. i'm forming my own opinion on something i didn't investigation, however. so, i they's a question that, at >> healthy admonition to the party. >> he has a lot of cool things the moment, you know, there's an to do. >> i'm in houston right now at a old thing called a scotch jeb bush donor retreat. i can tell you the jeb bush i verdict, not proven. i think it fits that old legal saw last night is pumped up, is excited, is recommitted and maximum. >> it's hard to prove anything. refocused. is telling us he's going to work harder. i don't know if they put
3:57 am
something in my texas barbecue, they did have subpoena power, this is not a judicial body. there's a compromise there. their main criticism was you which is possible, but i'm went too light on the situation. feeling happy and confident. that comes from having a happy and confident candidate. you did it in a constructive absolutely, yes, it's way, but not a way that held frustrating. the guy is a policy guy, an idea people accountable. guy. that was a favor to clinton. he's having to deal with a >> we had one of the toughest donald trump who is trying to sets of conclusions, 29 insult and divide his way into the presidency. recommendations. you have got to admit, this is a if anybody thought they were kind and gentle, read them very abnormal, surreal political again. the state department and my colleagues in the state landscape we're going through. >> yes. i think we can all admit that. department believed, in fact, we went to where the problems were. >> if you're jeb bush, you have we described them very, very to be irritated. you have to be irradiated for carefully. two reasons. one, you're supposed to be no one i know came along and winning this and you're not. described them better. two, your campaign is struggling the fact that you conclude there and you're trying to reinvent was a political motivation in yourself. also, donald trump is flat out the hearing its, neither beating you. that has got to be concerning. shocking nor surprising. one can see that from the if he's miserable, it's probably beginning of the process. because he's not leading and his that was not my process or our campaign right now is in serious process, ours was to find and do trouble. >> we have to leave it there. our duty as the congress charged >> i can say, we're in texas, us to as to where the security nobody here is miserable.
3:58 am
we're even wearing boots, dude. issues were and how to rectify took me a long time to get them those. we hope we have made a major contribution. off. >> wow. if somebody comes up in the boots and bush in texas. scope of our hearing, and tells me there's new information and >> called 911 to get my boots off last night. says xy and z, of course, as a >> wow, that is insight. rational and reasonable human >> thank you. being, i will try to evaluate to great to talk to you guys. the best of my knowledge if that viral videos are common changes our conclusion. >> understood about what the these days, but are they linked scope of the arb was. to a rise in murder rates? to be fair, to use the word you one top official says yes. we're going to look at that coming up. us used, there were supportive words given about your work as well. thank you for joining us. we look forward to coming back ♪ to us if we learn more. >> it's always great to be with you. thank you for your time, appreciate it. ♪ a lot of news this morning. let's get to it. earthquake hitting northeastern the beautiful sound of customers making the most of afghanistan felt hundreds of their united flight. miles away. >> we could feel a fair bit of power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. shaking. this region has a history of earthquakes. that's... seize the journey friendly. >> ben carson is lower energy ♪ than jeb.
3:59 am
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4:00 am
years to the day after a deadly quake in the same region that decisions, decisions. the new edge+. this one would keep me organized. claimed 75,000 lives. i could list all the days i've been aftershocks being felt. let's get to cnn producer, sofia banned from social media. hmmm, wait this thing has built-in live broadcasting? forced to cover in islamabad i don't know what nerd came up with that, when it hit. but it's awesome. what's the current situation? you think they'd censor pippa's doggy-ola's? >> reporter: at the moment, things are going back normal. censored, not censored. censored, not censored. going back into their homes. introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. up and down the avenue. the main thing is people are scared. things are going back to normal, however, we are now getting reports -- people are injured. we are finding out information. we are finding out at the border, over 100 people injured. there has been an emergency
4:01 am
declared in all the hospitals of that city. we do not have any exact number of people dead or injured. like i said, communications are still down and not reliable. in the southwest of pakistan, we know there has been damage. they are mud houses. people who do not have properly constructed homes. thankfully, we do not have casualties reported from that region, either, so far. back to you. >> look, the most reports of no injuries we can get, the better. stay safe where you are. let us know about aftershocks and information as it comes in. we'll check back with you, sofia. again, this quake in afghanistan, felt in pakistan. ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, yes, they are all close. it's going to be significant of 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes,
4:02 am
getting a look at this. or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building let's go to pakistan where ravai the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. is. how long do you think it's going at boeing, one thing never changes. to take to find out what's going on and what's the worst you have our passion to make it real. heard so far? ♪ >> reporter: well, chris, just to be clear, here in india, we felt the tremors quite strongly. they were intense and felt for more than a minute, which usually is a bad sign when it comes to quakes like this. when do we expect to get calm back? we have been struggling to reach people in afghanistan for the last hour. we are 90 minutes into this we start off your monday, earthquake now. i want to give you a little bit five things to know, with of historical context here, breaking news from the mideast. deadly 7.5 earthquake chris. you mentioned the 2005 earthquake in pakistan, which the epicenter was near the one we felt today. asia. as many as 29 people killed. in that earthquake, tens of thousands of people were killed. 12 were schoolgirls killed in a the strength of that earthquake stampede following the quake. was a 7.6. donald trump attacking rival today's is a 7.5.
4:03 am
that earthquake was 15 ben carson after word broke that kilometers deep. carson is leading in iowa. today's is 212 kilometers deep. he questioned his immigration policy and religious beliefs. so, to give you a sense of historical perspective, the 2005 a candid vice president joe biden telling "60 minutes" he didn't get into the presidency quake, for more serious and in areas more densely populated. race because he didn't think hopefully, today, the casualties he'd win. he thinks if he launched the that we are going to begin to learn in the coming hours won't campaign earlier, he would have be as bad as what we saw in won. five people killed and one missing after a whale watching 2005. >> that certainly is our hope, boat sank off the coast of ravai. we'll stay on this story and british columbia. no word on what caused the boat bring information as we can from to go down. the nba and fans are that region here on cnn. mourning the death of minnesota thank you. timb donald trump lashing out. timberwolves coach, flip saunders. the brash billionaire on the he lost his battle with cancer attack as he heads a rally in at the age of 60. new hampshire this morning. for more on the five things, he's taking aim at rival ben visit new day carson who made controversial are cell phone videos making remarks himself, comparing abortion to slavery. joe johns is live where trump is police less aggressive on the job? the fbi director says they're contributing to climbig murder rates. attention americans eligible for medicare.
4:04 am
about to take the stage. >> reporter: add kinson, new hampshire. people waiting to see donald trump. he is trailing ben carson in the polls in iowa. he is sharpening his attacks, calling ben carson a low energy seventh day add venntist is. let's listen to what trump had to say on "state of the union" with jake tapper over the weekend. >> i think ben carson is a low energy person. actually, i think he's lower energy than jeb bush. we need strong energy. i did talk about jeb because i thought he was going to be the front-runn front-runner. obviously he's not, so i won't talk about him so much anymore. >> carson said his energy levels
4:05 am
are fine. trump is taking fire from marco rubio who called his positions changes to medicare plans could significantly impact your healthcare costs. on immigration absurd. perhaps a reality check is in are you getting all the benefits you're entitled to? recent polls x seven out of ten call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the republicans think trump is the right medicare plan. most electable candidate. more on all of that later in the hi, i'm doctor martin gizzi. it's a new medicare year. program. chris, back to you. >> as you said, he is getting that means more changes ... and more confusion. my advice? tested. how will donald trump respond don't go it alone. over time now that he's slipping you can get smart, unbiased help finding the right coverage for you. in the polls? call healthmarkets today. we are going back live to the we search thousands of medicare plans from leading insurance companies. event. we'll take you to it. plans that may... let's get perspective about cost less... cover more ... another big name, vice with more choices... like dental and vision care ... president, joe biden, deciding and freedom to choose your own doctors, all at not to get in the ring. a price you can afford. biden, in an interview with "60 we find the right plan for you. and we do it at no cost. minutes," explain thag position if you miss the medicare deadline, once and for all. jeff, what did you hear in there you may have to wait a year before enrolling. that put meat on the bones of please don't wait. what we have been speculating call this number now and let healthmarkets about all these weeks? >> hey, chris, good morning. find the right medicare plan for you. i think we saw what was going into the vice president call now thinking. he made it clear, he believes he thinks he would be the best cant.
4:06 am
he wants to be president, of course, but we have a new window into that personal decision. that conversation he had with his son bo, before he died. take a listen. >> some people have written that bo said dad, you have to run and i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. there was a hollywood moment. nothing like that ever, ever it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. happened. bo, all along thought that i i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. should run and i could win. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. but, there was not what is sort of made out as a hollywoodesque claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. thing that, at the last minute, bo grabbed my hand and said dad, there will even be housing for people like micaela you have to run and win one. who are coming out of the foster-care system. wasn't anything like that. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, >> reporter: with biden on the i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. sidelines, hillary clinton and not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night bernie sanders were head-to-head this weekend in iowa. and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. sanders calling himself a mission rock -- it's completely different principaled progressive. he supported gay rights and from anywhere that i've lived. other issues before it was it looks so much prettier. politically popular. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. clinton was urging democrats to do something more than simply like, i have a chance.
4:07 am
fire up liberals, but someone i can print out like six different ways to get to work. who can win. she believes that is her. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. >> jeff, stick with us, if you would. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. we want to talk about this and bring in cnn political claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be. commentator paul. paul is a senior adviser to a pro-hillary clinton superpac. she's not history, she's making history, paul. >> those of us who support her hope. >> another thing that is dozens of cities across the happening at this moment is donald trump is up early in new u.s. are reporting sharp hampshire and about to have a increases in murder rates. this year, there have been live event, which we will dip suggestions police have been into. more hesitant to help slow crime there's the podium, always an because of the concerns of rival exciting live shot. as soon as he takes that, we videos. a claim backed up by the head of will go back and listen to what the fbi. here to discuss it, cnn he's talking about. in the meantime, paul, this political commentator and weekend, he said something interesting. college professor, mark hill, donald trump explained why he's and detective, harry. being divisive, basically, he explained, it's a choice. it's a calculated choice. harry, after you hear the fbi listen to how he explained it. director making these comments, saying he agrees this is what we're seeing, what are you >> i'm being divisive because i hearing from officers on the
4:08 am
street? what are they telling you? want to win. i know how to win. >> that's -- what the fbi that's what i have to do. director said is definitely a ultimately, if i do, i'm going to be a great unifier. factor here, but i think the i will be a great unifier for biggest thing i'm hearing from officers i know is the fact that the country. >> he's being divisive because police officers want the he believes that's how you win and that has been bearing some fruit for him. politicians to back them until he won't be like that as a president. the investigation ended. >> right. trust me. i think it's remarkable. the police officers want the benefit of the doubt before the he is such a charismatic guy. investigation ended, and they he's so talented, yet very also want backup with the politicians. be able to come out and say, listen, we're investigating this divisive. case right now and we're going he has the highest negative to find out the evidence. ratings of anybody in the once we found out the evidence republican party. in this case, then we'll be able the interesting race in iowa, to tell you exactly what happened. >> mark, what do you make of the which jeff knows, the iowa fbi director's comments? caucus voters are evangelicals. >> first, it's important to say he said this could be a factor. >> could be. >> he said there are a multitude trump is sliding against dr. ben of factors that also play into carson. so interesting with jake tapper this. just because the fbi director that mr. trump insinuated, i says it doesn't make it true. what we need is evidence. don't get his religion. we need dawe thta and research the iowa evangelicals get it and substantiate the claim.
4:09 am
i think they like what they hear. to me, that's an interesting we don't know yet. for me, it's important for us to say, hey, what does it mean for contrast. police he saids things but doesn't have the same divisive manner. impunity? >> we get what's going on, jeff, officers are used to having no oversight or challenge. when donald trump says i'm a now, people see what they do. it's a good thing. presbyterian, you don't get more >> it's concerning if we see a down the middle of the road than pendulum effect of doing too that. to some, they are seen as being on the fringe because of their much and not enough. we don't know for sure. reflection of the day the sabbath is and the foreshadowing murder rates are up in all of these major cities. in the church. you look at, specifically, what is the risk to trump by chicago, we know the month of going after everyone's nice guy september was the deadliest candidate within the gop ranks? month on record. 60 murders. >> i think he knows exactly what he's doing like he knows what the mayor attributed the spike of violent crime to the fear he's been doing all along. cops have of becoming the next this resinates with evangelicals headline. in iowa. he says some of his cops have social conservatives make up a gone fetal, the youtube effect. critical part of the iowa caucus on the republican side. i do not think people know a lot reaction? >> i think all he's doing is about ben carson here. blaming somebody else for his i think by trump pointing out he own problems. the fact that chicago has had a high crime rate for longer than is a presbyterian and carson a before this controversy started,
4:10 am
he's looking for an excuse. seventh day add venntist, we are >> the fact it's the deadliest going to see a whisper campaign. month. >> yes. it's because chicago has had bad i was talking to a pastor, tight problems for a long time, and into republican politics over the weekend. it's their policies that have he says he's hearing a whisper created that. campaign about, you know, is ben we have police officer holder in new york city killed in the line carson really an evangelical. of duty. i think this is the beginning of in the face of this rhetoric, that. it's always important, the kind this officer still chased the of flyers you see under your windshield on sunday when you perpetrator down and gave his come out of a church service. life for the people of the city. the officers will talk about, i promise you, this is going to maybe we shouldn't do anything. be an issue for carson going i've said that to myself in the forward. i do not think it's enough to past. when the -- when something comes take him down because he is up and you say to yourself, you popular. people like his demeanor and his see a crime being committed and outsider status here. this is on the forefront of the police officer just reacts. >> i'm curious, what about this something that is going to be a challenge for him, not just notion that we seemingly are in donald trump. ted cruz is a very big threat to a culture where officers have to be looking over their shoulder the whole situation in iowa with because there's concern that ben carson. there's a bystander who has a he has a huge pastor network camera. across the state. that's going to leave a sense of they are the three men to keep an eye on in the republican iowa unease with the officers. >> my question to the officer, hypothetically, would be, why
4:11 am
are you uneasy? caucus. >> carson compared abortion to if you're doing nothing illegal, nothing below board, why should slavery. listen to this. you be concerned someone has a camera? too often, we've excused police >> slavery, i know it's a word you are not supposed to say, but for behavior that doesn't follow the rules, that is below board, i'm saying it. during slavery, the slave owners because they get the job done or thought they had the right to do the jobs are dangerous. if there are police officers who whatever they wanted to that slave. are operating in the fetal anything that they chose to do. position, not going to do anything because they're frustrated with the oversight, what if the abolitionist had they shouldn't be police officers. if you're not going to do your said, you know, i don't believe job, you shouldn't take the job. in slavery. >> perhaps this is taking fine i think it's wrong. but you guys do whatever you tuning. maybe this is taking fine want to do. tuning. >> paul, is that a successful it's taken an adjustment to get used to the culture where body line in iowa, at least? cameras are present, cell phones >> i think among iowa republican caucus attendees, yes. it's interesting. his manner, bedside, you can see are everywhere. is it time for police to adjust their policies? why he was such a successful other industries evolved to having cameras everywhere. >> we'll have all police officers wearing body cams. doc. what's big here is police he's got a lovely bedside officers are sitting back and manner, but he's saying the most waiting to see what happened in the freddie gray case. you had three police officers on remarkable things.
4:12 am
video who took the man down and he used slavery to compare indicted. indicted for what? i have no clue. i don't see any crime there for health care. obamacare is like that. he says remarkable things, but those three officers. in such a calm way. the other officers involved, i it's fascinating to me. don't know anything about it. >> we are going to see the next the freddie gray case, there's phase here of trump versus video and nothing indicating the everybody else. police officers did anything here he is live, atkinson, new wrong and they saw indictments. that's what cops are afraid of. hampshire taking the stage. >> they have to take these case let's open up the sound. >> cbs came out with monster by case. polls and for days, they are mark and harry, always a pleasure to have you here. covering one poll in iowa. tough conversation. they just keep hitting me with we'll see if any progress is made. we have good stuff coming next. it. if i would have won it like i stay with us. have been doing and i have other polls in iowa where we are leading and big. but they keep hitting me with the one poll. you are going to find out about the media some day, folks, they are the worst. i will tell you, they are the worst. [ applause ] >> oh, these people. you tuck here... and, you know, it's interesting. you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, cbs came out with a poll yesterday which was amazing. ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. in new hampshire, do we love new used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking.
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hampshire? nobody is going to mention it, kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. so i have to. most common side effects include skin peeling... cbs, which nbc is not happy ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. about, but they gave me such a tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you bad introduction with katie, or does not go away. stop toe tucking... whatever her name is. that's what you have to find. and get the drop on toenail fungus. what you do is, if they don't ask your doctor today about kerydin. give it to you, you have to give it to yourself. does that make sense? do it. just do it. they will say he's terrible, a horrible human being. who cares, right? in new hampshire, a very special place. by the way, they asked where would you like to do this. they don't do town halls. two hours on the nbc "today" (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? show and i love matt. of course, after the interview, it's what sparks ideas. i will walk out and say he's moves the world forward. terrible. but we like matt, right? invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. matt is a good man. in new hampshire, 38-12. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected that's cbs. and the conviction to be in it for the long term. so, katy tur, why don't you oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... mention that, katy tur. you don't mention that. this big, bold, beautiful world. seriously, it happened three or four days ago. it's a crumby newspaper in new
4:14 am
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that just came out, 41. i could go on and on but i'm not then continue to earn that $100 every year. going to do it. we want to talk about other there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. things like bush, carson, hillary. call agh, hillary. oh, i can't take another to learn more. hillary. hillary. switch to liberty mutual how bad is it? what a mess. and you could save up to $509. she's always in a mess. you notice, they can never be call liberty mutual for a free quote today at just run the country. it's always a mess. think of it. you know, i don't want to go see car insurance in a whole new light. back into the past, but, let's liberty mutual insurance. do it. there are always problems. just run the country. we have a country that's in such serious trouble. we need somebody that can go to china and say, folks, it's time. you can't keep taking our money. you can't keep taking our jobs. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. terrible. because we're changing. so we'll start with bush and big things. let's go. nice guy, really is. small things.
4:16 am
you know, i said low energy. spur of the moment things. carson is lower energy than bush, i don't get it. i saw him being interviewed, he's lower energy than bush. changes you'll notice. he's a nice guy. wherever you are in the world. sheraton. the chinese negotiators come in and they are fierce. fierce. remember i said blood coming out of somebody's eyes? these people really have blood. they see you, they want your jobs, they want your money, they want your base, they want your country. they want everything. and we need the right people. you need somebody with the right good stuff. listen to this, these two cops in cedar park, iowa, pull over a guy for a busted taillight. temperme they discover three young girls temperme temperment. rolling in the back, no car bush said i don't like mr. seats. but they recognized the guy. trump's tone. we have people, their heads are that made all the difference. being chopped off in the middle east. he's worried about tone. >> trying to get things going. we need tough tone. they're going in the right direction. believe me, it's time. to issue him three citations for it's time. [ applause ] >> so, bush, you see what's these children, which is devastating.
4:17 am
>> protect and serve instead of happened. >> what donald trump wants to tickets. say, he, once again is going officers bought him car seats. through how terrible the polls are except the ones he likes, of >> come on now. >> yup. the entire shift split the cost. course. he is cueing up into the cross officers say it's not about the money. >> money isn't the issue, it's hairs, his big three. the issue of, can you help them? he's got jeb in there, ben >> see that? cops, good people doing a tough carson certainly added to the job. >> i love it. mix as, of course, is hillary. >> thank you, officers. >> so great. we have more good stuff for you. let's bring back jeff and paul. it's a double good stuff. >> what? >> our own stage manager and jeff, this is, of course, what jack of all trades. we expect. tell me this little accent on >> hey! this. this is a town hall that is >> phil and his wife welcoming a going to be, in part, marshalled into nbc news coverage when he's child. 21 inches long. on this morning. >> baby! he's going to do an interview >> size 2 diapers, three weeks with matte. old. >> that is a proud father. then he's going to open it to voters in new hampshire. congratulations. this is what he's saying when bring him in. he's on nbc's air. >> great job. >> let's head to the newsroom take us through the lens of thought there. with carol costello. >> chris, i think it sounds like our family is growing here at he's gaming the refs here. cnn. >> 11 pounds. donald trump loves to, you know, >> look at him. >> you said i weighed 11 pounds tell reporters that, you know,
4:18 am
he's watching you. every time i run into him, he at birth? reminds me, jeff, i have seen you out there. >> i read it in your bio. good stuff. >> 13. good stuff. when you are not in front of >> oh, my goodness. time to wrap this up. him, he likes to critique it. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. the job of a reporter is to make happening now in the it happy. newsroom, donald trump throwing voters get tired of all the poll jabs at the new iowa front talk. those new hampshire voters are runner. >> ben carson is lower energy answering their phones when pollsters are calling them. than jeb. they want to hear issues and >> he's tak a things. it works for a while. but, i think he cannot talk for an entire hour about polls. that's not what the savvy voters of new hampshire want to hear. as we enter a new phase of this campaign, all this poll talk is going to be received quite so well. >> sounds like he's playing the hits. he started with the media, they are the worst. agh, these people. then he said, i know you want to hear about jeb bush and ben
4:19 am
carson. carson is lower energy than bush. the chinese, how the carson going to deal with the chinese. they have blood coming out of their eyes. he's going back to all of his favorites. what did you hear there? >> he is but it's what i didn't hear that you will hear, immigration. i believe the immigration issue is why mr. trump succeeded among republican primary voters. that issue, he has taken the most extreme position on. when he announced, he said mexican immigrants, many of them, he said were rapists and murderers. to a democrat like me, that is bad. they are frustrated with an immigration system that is unfair and out of control. that's his calling card. i'm not advising mr. trump, believe me, but when he slides in the polls he's going to talk immigration. >> every time he has a problem with dealing with that. it leads to a slip.
4:20 am
it opens the window of possibility of the gop saying they are not all scrambling over the border. they are about visas. >> marco rubio tried that. >> it's about timing, right? it wasn't right early. if he shows attrition in the polls based on this negative message, is there a window of opportunity? then he balances it. he's like the superpacs are bad. we should get rid of them, i'm getting rid of mine. were you shaking in your boots when he said that? >> i would love to live in a world with no superpacs. hillary wants to do away with them. you have to have an even balance. >> bernie sanders is not of a superpac. >> trump is disavowing his. how about hillary? >> if she wants us to shut down, we will.
4:21 am
what we need is campaign finance reform. what we need is a way to try to lessen this power or do away with the superpacs completely. you can't say the koch brothers can put a billion dollars nearly, into a campaign and democrats can't raise money either. it's not a fair thing. immaterial to live in a world with no superpacs and no nuclear weapons, too. if putin has them, i want obama to have them. >> thanks for sticking around with us. great to see you guys. >> he raised a good name there, bernie sanders does not have a superpac. he's campaigning on peanut butter and jelly. as you get the numbers and the momentum, you have to take the practicalities and reality of politics into play. sure enough, bernie sanders is doing it his own way. he's talking policy differences with hillary clinton. you know what that means, return
4:22 am
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the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. we are in a new phase, my friends, bernie sanders is now starting to draw differences, contrasts, criticisms of and with hillary clinton. he's going after the democratic front-runner, not with cheap shots, but on positions and maybe positions based on police
4:26 am
cal expediency. take a listen. >> today, some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. that's not the case. that agreement is not now nor has it ever been. the gold standard are trade agreements. if you agree with me about the urgent need to address climate change, then you know, immediately, what to do about the keystone pipeline. >> i'm drawing distinctions with how he's doing it. not to be partial, but to be fair. you can go after the person, specifically, and say she's low energy ar talk positions. how does it hit and what's the fair response? this morning, former adviser, president of stagwell group and former adviser to bill clinton and hillary clinton joins us. brother penn, good to have you.
4:27 am
let's talk bernie and mbenbengh. he's talking positions. where do you feel they hit the mark and miss the mark? looking at doma, hillary clinton and bill clinton saw it wz a way to stop the republicans from doing a constitutional amendment of defining marriage between a man and woman. bernie says not really, it was one anti-gay law defending another. >> sanders has gone from political chivalry in the debate to negativity. it's trying to draw sharp contrast. in the debate, this played itself out clearly. the contrast work that he changed his position on guns and he seemed more vulnerable than hillary did whether it's over the trade agreement or how her attitudes evolved on gay marriage over time.
4:28 am
everybody knows everybody's attitude including president obama. i think he's got limited mileage here to make up the strategy. >> negativity, you can't go through a campaign and never have negativity. you know that. you give brilliant advice on this angle. at least he's not saying anything personal about hillary. in fairness, to say the defensive marriage act is a way of stopping an amendment that would be worse, i have never heard that before. do you think it's going to stick with people or see doma for what it was? >> she has incredible support among the gay and lesbian community. i don't think that's going to get a lot of mileage. i think bernie sanders, to have a successful campaign has to reach out to the african-american, latino communities. his support base is young. you know, it's primarily right now in iowa and new hampshire.
4:29 am
his strategy really has to be to get to older voters that hillary has, to more women voter that is hillary has. i don't think this strategy is going to work or be effective. he's trying to make sure that people don't forget him. i think hillary has a tremendous amount of momentum going here. he's got to break it if he's going to continue to show these kind of poll numbers. >> you don't think the doma thing, keystone pipeline and the differences in their opinions, that's going to resinate with people? >> look, i think we'll see what kind of ads he runs. i doubt he will waste air time on it. they are testing the differences to see if it plays in the polls. he's got good positions in iowa and new hampshire. like i said, he has to expand his base. i think both candidates have to do more to establish what their vision is for the country. i think bickering back and forth over who had what position when is unlikely to yield anybody
4:30 am
votes. >> you can call bickering. let's trancer to benghazi. what's going to come out of the hear sg that she lied when she found out about benghazi. she said it was one thing to friends and family, another thing to the american people. fair criticism? >> we'll see what comes out. so far, what came out of this is that the republicans had an 11-hour hearing and didn't get to much. some republican columnists trying to make that the issue that they say she lied about this. i don't see it playing out that way right now. i think right now, it's saying hey, they tested her. she's been tested in the debate. she was tested with an 11-hour hearing, she came through. people are comfortable with her strength and leadership right now. i think the republicans are going to try. i think we have to see what kind of ads they will come up with and do an effective negative ad on this, but they haven't yet. i think the bottom line is the
4:31 am
public is closing the book on these things. >> what is the concern about joe biden going forward? he'll come out and endorse hillary clinton early on or you have to, if you are hillary clinton, find a way to court him immediately because of the gift of candor? >> well, look, i think both candidates are going to court joe biden. i think joe biden is going to do what he thinks is best for the democratic party. i don't see him being distrucktive. he's gone through why he made the decision he made. he didn't have enough time to run a credible campaign. i think leading up to that, everyone saw that hillary strengthened her position. i think biden is going to be constructive. i think he may hold out for a while because it gives him more influence in the process rather than come out early. >> we all want what we can't have. a quick take here as we end this
4:32 am
interview. thank you for being on "new day," we want to have you back. when you look at the republican field, if hillary clinton becomes the nominee for the democrats, who do you see as the biggest threat on that side? >> well, we don't know who the biggest threat is because a lot of the candidates have very low national recognition. i tend to think rubio would be a strong candidate. i tend to think trump would be a weak candidate. trump, as he likes to say is leading. i think he's got a 60% unfavorable, even among the republican party. i think he would make the democrats day if he's the republican nominee. >> when he's saying i can't wait to run against hillary, i couldn't lose to her, you are writing it off as huff and puff? >> any candidate can surprise you. i believe the american public is really in the long run not going to buy what trump is selling. i think they will come back to the strength and experience of hillary as the nominee. either democratic nominee would
4:33 am
fare strongly against trump. a third of the the third of the republican party strongly. he's got a movement but i don't see him as being a national majority candidate. >> interesting, the name you did not mention jub bush. tactical or a state of his affairs. thank you for joining us. we hope to have you back on "new day." why is the former british minister apologizing for the iraq war? it is one of the big questions tackled in a new cnn special report. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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we are following breaking news. massive 7.5 earthquake rocks south asia and hit northeast rnd afghanistan 158 miles northeast of kabul. it was felt hundreds of miles away in india and pakistan. the death toll is climbing. we ports say 29 people have been killed with dozens more injured. this comes nearly 10 years to the day that a powerful 7.6 earthquake killed 75,000 people
4:38 am
in the same region. on to politics, donald trump headlining a morning rally in new hampshire. trump going after ben carson, criticizing him for his super low energy levels. carson made controversial comments comparing abortion to slavery. five killed, one missing this morning after a whale watching boat sank of the coast of british columbia. 21 people injured, at least seven of them hospitalized. the boating company is cooperating with investigators and answers will hopefully come soon. former british prime minister, tony blair talking about the mistakes made in going to war with iraq. blare says there's one thing he does not regret. fareed zakaria will be here with a special report tonight. we'll be right back. this isn't the most efficient way for people -or air to travel. awww!
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