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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> a guy got out and actually fell on the ground, where you could see all the gunshots and oh my god, it terrified me. >> this morning, we are learning more about the gunmen who killed three people, including a police officer at that planned parenthood clinic in colorado. investigators, of course, working to find a motive here. it is still covered in secrecy, presidential candidate ben carson visits a refugee camp in amman, jordan. we are taking you there live. and some protesters arrested
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in chicago as hundreds bring a busy shopping day to a halt. your "new day" starts right now. >> we're so glad to be starting it with you, i'm chrissi paul. >> good morning, i'm victor blackwell. we are following new developments out of colorado. we now know the aim of the police officer. is shooter is robert deer. >> he sent nine people to the hospital, including four officers. 9-11 was called before eventually he surrendered to police. >> we're getting rammed gunfire. >> i just got shot at, at planned parenthood. the shooter is with officers now. he's behind the building.
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>> just moments ago, police gathered there to remember officer garrett swaz. he was four years old. the six-year veteran of the police force. we will have more on the officers later in the show. we go live to colorado springs with the developments overnight. they're learning a lot. the reports and the question is, the motive here, what else do we know about this gunman? >> good morning, victor, yes. we will be talking about a hicks six-hour standoff here at colorado springs. still the motive is the question no one knows the answer to. we know robert deer, 59-years-old, he was captured on the scene down this road here. it has been snowing non-stop since this all happened. lots of questions on how this happened. police are staying the police really were heroic in doing their part to stop this and bring it to a resolution.
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take a lipsen to what we heard about the owned of this conflict. >> we did get officers inside the building of the planned parenthood. the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him. and at that point they were able to get him to surrender into custody. there were 11 people transported to local hospitals. of those 11 people. five were police officers from various agencies that have responded to date. >> and what we're also learning is deer was shooting randomly through walls. just a scary situation in colorado springs. >> there were others injured here. what do we know about the conditions of those people? >> right. right. have you the loss of life of
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three people, the police officer and two civilians, we dil still don't know who they are at this point. then have you the other people injured, the other police officer, totals nine people injured. the five police officers and, of course, civilians. we understand they are all in food condition in the hospital which is quite extraordinarily considering how indeterminately he was shooting for hours inside that planned parenthood building there. >> we so appreciate it. thank you. so we also heard from some of the victims in yesterday's shooting. we played some of that sound at the top of the show, including a man that says the killer looked right at him before firing. >> i thought about it. it was like five seconds we stared at each other. in those five seconds it hit
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into my vehicle. five seconds later i think i saw him in the way. there was shooting on the other side. i made a different way. i heard him shooting. i never seen anything like that before it's just i can't imagine. there was a lot of women in there. very innocent people in there. i tempt helpless. i don't like feeling helpless. that's why i was angry, i guess. it's not right.
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>> oh, police say this shooter is now in custody and investigators, as we said, are trying to figure out the motive behind yesterday's attack. we have with us to learn as much as we can from cnn law enforcement analyst and former fib fib systems director tom fuentes. first with this motive, there isn't one at least identified publicly yet, in your experience, if this shooting is politically driven, id logically driven, that something investigators have to typically pry out of a shooter? >> victor, good morning, normally no, because whoever does something like that if for political purposes or can ideology purposes, they want someone to know it. it's not just the attack themselves they wants the public to see. they want to actually have that confirmed, now, most of the time in these situation, the
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individual ends up killing themselves or killed in the police shootout. i think in this situation, it's a little bit unusual because they negotiated with them, but they were in a very difficult spot because they knew bullets traveled within walls within buildings and many of the people wounded and killed, that's how that happened. so they were afraid to shoot at him. they knew he was cornered in a particular room at that point. they also knew there were people sheltered in place in nearby rooms that would be in danger if a shootout happened. >> let's talk about how this ended, because typically in these mass shootings or hostage situation, the shooters reserves that last bullet for himself. in this case it ended about six hours with this man walking out of the building. does that indicate a man who did not have a plan, a man whose plan wint awry? what are you gleaning from that? >> i think it's hard to tell. we don't know. we'll see why he was finally
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able to surrender and walk out the doctor. it may be he was unaware of anybody being killed at that point and thought the charges would fought be that serious if he went ahead and surrendered. it could have been any football of reasons that caused him to stop shooting and to surrender. that will be something police an interviewers will hope to find out. >> any indication that this was involving more than one hern person, hoern robert dear? >>. police have no indication people were helping him. they have a tremendous fear of copycats or individuals in the country they ma already been independently planning their attacks. the fbi issued a warning in september warning planned parenthoods there was a danger. at the time the hearings were conducted in congress, about planned parenthood, there was concern that it might spawn some people to commit violence either on the premises or against
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people working or using the facilities. >> the "new york times" reporting this building was equipped with a security room with a supply of bulletproof vests. next hour, we will have more information about the 44-year-old officer, garrett swayze killed yesterday in that attack. meanwhile, republican candidate ben carson is in jordan to talk to refugees. he is facing scrutiny for his foreign policy credentials, though, a lot of people are wondering if this fact-finding politician help his campaign. live to amman next. protesters? chicago what they did on plaque friday to stop the shopping there. and heavy rains, slamming
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texas. deadly flooding. we know at least two people have died. we'll tell you what we know. .
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13 minutes past the hour right now. dr. ben carson is in jordan this morning. he wrapped up his refugee trip. the goal is to understand the civil crisis. this comes as the race comes towards when you focus on
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foreign policy and national security. meanwhile, we know carson is in northern jordan, where he just met with some of those refugees. that's also where we will find cnn's orin lieberman. what can you tell us about the refugees he did meet with and a conversation that were had between the two? >> well, kristi, at this point we don't know much about this. because this was a secretive visit put out at the last minute. we weren't allowed inside with ben carson. he was here just under three hours early this morning. this behind me is the refugee camp with some 22,000 syrian refugees. carson came here to share and learn himself about the refugee crisis. carson like many of the other republican presidential candidates opposes bringing syrian refugee noose the u.s. more importantly at least for carson, this is seen as one of his weaknesses, foreign policy
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and national security. in fact inp an interview, he flubbed the question about china and syria. this trip could be an attempt to learn more about this crisis. but to boost his national c dentials. we know according to "new york times" he planned on visiting a women's clinic here in the hospital and a number of the other facilities within the camp. other than that we don't know much. he left. we saw him leave a short time ago. but the trip, so far at least, has been very secretive, kristi. >> what is the makeup of this camp? how long have they been there? where are they going? those kind of things. >> reporter: this is one of two refugee camps. there are reports that carson is headed right now. that's the larger of the two that has some 82,000. but that camp is full. this is the newer camp.
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this is where syrian refugees now go when they're coming in from syria. so this camp as of right now is about half full. it can be expanded. there are families here. there is a high percentage, according to u.s., somewhere in the 40% rage of children under 11-years-old. it's children, boys and girls. families, people fleeing the civil war in syria and trying to find some sort of safe place. >> that has been one of carson's ideas, creating safe havens here, instead of bringing syrian reasonables to the u.s. so we hope to find out. we'll see what the carson camp puts out about the visit here. we will see if that influenced his decision here. the people he met t. facilities he saw. how this changed carson as a presidential candidate. we seen him struggling. a month ago he was ahead. now the latest quinnipiac poll he is in third. >> a good point. we appreciate it. i thank you so much. victor, interesting to hear he is now on his way. dr. carson, to that second refugee camp, too. >> yeah, we'll find out what the
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purpose of this trip is. let's start our talk now with cnn political analyst errol lewis, errol, even dr. carson, himself, mentioned his paris attacks has been the reason for this drop in the polls. there is also the question of his knowledge of the war in syria. listen to what the doctor says. >> what we have to recognize is putin is trying to really spread his influence throughout the middle east. this is going to be his base and we have to oppose him there in an effective way. we also must recognize it's a very complex place. you know, the chinese are there as well as the russians and have you all kind of factions there. >> no evidence that the chinese military is there. if they were, they would release information proving that. they never did. is this a gimmick?
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>> the gimmick? . if it is a gimmick, it is one that is often used by presidential candidates. it wasn't that long ago, we saw chris christie headed over to europe. they were pretty up front about saying what the purpose of it was. it was for him to go and learn something about the world. it wasn't his wheelhouse. i don't know if dr. carson's team is putting it that bluntly. that's clearly what it is. frankly, it's one of the parts of the political campaign season that is refreshing to see candidates acknowledge they don't know things, they will try and learn. if that's the spirit in which this is being undertaken, in which he sort of comes back and shares his conclusions with the public, then we can count that as time well spent as opposed to speaking off the cuff into an iowa corn field. >> we have that sound, guy,
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let's play it in which dr. carson compared the syrian refugees to rabid dogs. liste listen. >> for instance, you know, if there is a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood you probably are not going to assume something good about that dog and you will probably put your children out of the way. >> so the campaign says he's going there to learn, to listen to stories. understand the flight. it's taken soccer balls and beanie babys. can the doctor come back and compare them to rabid dogs or do you expect a change of rhetoric? >> i would definitely expect a change of rhetoric. i think what you heard in that unfortunate gap was dr. carson reaching beyond his competence for some kind of metaphor, some kind of image. some kind of logic to talk his way through an area he obviously didn't know much about. i think once he's gone and in
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particular seen the medical facilities, which goes back to his strength. i think he will come back hopefully with a much more nuanced view and a reminder that these are actual human being, they're not an abstraction or a rabid dog and by the the way the underlying thinking to solve the problem there to prevent the refugee crisis here and throughout europe is absolutely sound. where that's leading are your viewers should know is to armed intervention. the idea would be that the united states and perhaps the coalition of the west would carve out some space, create some refugee camps, take land from isis and create the possibility of refugees going or remaining within syria or nearby countries, rather than here. >> hopefully, we can get more about this trip we expect him
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tomorrow in the u.s. errol lewis, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. ahead, pope francis in africa for his historic visit amid violence. even though they say they don't have the capacity to ensure his safety. back in the u.s., police make an arrest of the death of that nine-year-old chicago boy. the superintendent turns attention to the gangs involved saying the gang just signed its own death warrant. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
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the assassination of a 9-year-old child, as a gang
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retaliation to get back at his father. we're going to go and destroy that gang now and, by the way the rival gang, too. >> police say gang member cory morgan lured the 9-year-old into an alley and then killed him execution style. morgan has been charged with first degree murder, but investigators say he did not act alone. they have another man in custody, police are looking for this man, kevin ed edwards. >> at least three people died in north texas. take a look at some of the pictures we have coming in. one man, 29, could not get out of his vehicle. then a 70-year-old woman presumed dead after her vehicle was swept away. >> that third person is unidentified right now. there is a flash flood watch in that area until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we will go live where pope francis will meet with the country's youth.
3:26 am
the young people and children there will talk about their experiences with militia kidnappings and homelessness. uganda is one of the fourth countries in the world. as you know the pope's biggest message is to help them live and support the poor. more on the major story at a shooting in colorado. we go live to colorado springs for an update. >> and later, several protesters arrested in chicago. see the live report plus legal analysis of the case of jason van dyke.
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>> a short time ago, colorado springs officers gathered on a snowy road there and paused to salute a fallen colleague, officer garrett swayze. >> he was a six-year veteran on the university of colorado, colorado springs police force. he was 44-years-old father of a ten-year-old boy, a six-year-old girl. they are now taking care of him to find out exactly and investigating exactly what happened hand how, the motive to this gunmen at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. >> still questions there. we do have at least the name of
3:31 am
this man. he is accused of killing that officer and two other people in colorado springs. police say he is robert dear, 59-years-old. >> police say he opened fire yesterday sending nine people to the hospital, including five officers and a witness says the gunman unleashed a barrage of bullets with a quote cold stoned face. let's talk to eric singer, a reporter and news anchor at the colorado springs gazette. do you have any word on when we will hear from a possible motive or this suspect may be telling them right now? >> well, that's a great question. we are trying to assess that, getting new information as you well know on these active shooter investigations or any act of criminal investigation. information is show but sure come out. they are making sure they make their case and leave no stone unturned. i learned the kings shopping
3:32 am
center, the epicenter of this whole crime scene, which is where the planned parenthood meeting is still closed down as police and other investigators comb the area trying to look for more clues. >> okay. so then talk to me then if you can, please, what you know about officer swayze and what it was like there this morning during this procession? >> well, as you can imagine, watching officers salute their fallen comrade, it is an emotional moment and learning more about officer swayze. he grew up in massachusetts and he competed with his partner rachel meyer in the eastern sectional championships. he and follower, baltimore native in the early '90s, won the junior dance competition by winning the original and pre-dance programs. he and lori thompkins, finished 13tht this 1995 u.s. figure skating champions, later performed in ice shows. he was a man of faith. he was an elder in hope chapel,
3:33 am
which is northeast colorado springs church, overseeing the three care groups and participating in the teaching team and playing guitar as part of its worship team. you both were saying a few moments ago, he survived by his young wife rachel and young daughter faith and son elijah. >> i wanted to ask you about this center. there are reports there was a security room in this planned parenthood center with a supply of bulletproof vests being ticketed i suppose or protests outside that center were not uncommon. what do you know about that? >> well, i can tell you being a resident of colorado springs for many years, i did see planned parenthood protests outside the center. that was on the sidewalk away from the center,t. and on public property. i never saw personally or reported on any planned parenthood protesters ever going onto the area unless, of course,
3:34 am
they were immediately escorted off. >> okay. we so appreciate the update this morning. thank you have much. >> thank you. >> we are joined now by cnn law enforcement analyst said rick alexander, good to have you here. a question here, so many hours after robert dear surrendered, do you expect law enforcement knows now a motive, although they're not made of public. >> they may or may not. it will depend on mr. dear, himself, how willing he is to cooperate with investigation. he may be very opened. all telling as to his motives and ideologys may or may not happen to be. i think over the next few day, as the news continues to emerge. i believe we will find more about what his motives were, but is it just very hard to tell what he is saying to investigators at this point. >> what do you make of that decision, those images of that man coming out of the planned parenthood center.
3:35 am
the decision to surrender. in many cases, these gunmen take their life before the investigators get inside the building. >> that was a surprise, quite frankly, it ended up the way that it did. i hasn't expected, to be honest with you, he would have been neutralized in a shootout with police. but it did end without incident and one of the advantages of him being alive is hopefully we can learn what had started this with him. what was in his mind? are there health issues? it could be a variety of things that may have moved him to this point. i think as they continue, we will know more beginning there is a live subject and hopefully something to be gained. here then i want to say to my prayers go out to those who lost their lives on yesterday and those who are injured, recovered very quickly. >> three people killed including one officer and nine other
3:36 am
injured as well. i wonder what you make of. the security precautions the officials at the clinic had already taken, a security room with the bulletproof vests. we've had many conversations about soft targets as it relates to terrorism. but what more can be done realistically. >> we do what we can. there are a number of soft targets in our environment and local communities and across the country. i think if we're all of us as american sids think it's important that we stay alert, if we see something, say something, hear that a lot. we have to be able practice that as well, too, victor. but we live in a very, very different time in america's history. rather terrorism is domestic or foreign. we all have to be very alert. at these soft targets, there is only so much protection you can do, all of us as americans have responsibility to look out for
3:37 am
each other and the environments that we're in, pay attention, notice your local police if you see something that's awry. i don't care where you live, smallp town, large town, medium size town, we all need to be on alert or stay on aheard all times. >> frederick alexander, always appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> next hour, we'll take a closer look at the victim of this tragedy. and still ahead, 150-plus heads of state set to gather in paris this week after the horrific terrorist attacks. a lot of people wondering if it's safe. anger, gridlock the latest on massive protests over a teen shooting death. people don't have to think about
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>> you see here france marking two weeks since the terrorist attacks there in paris. the country honors the 130 people who lost their lives back on november 13th. you hear there the names of the dead read out their ages as well. we see president hollande here in silence as he led that ceremony of. brance of course, we are following the latestest on that investigation. >> there is an awful lot of
3:42 am
anxiety. it opened yesterday in the belgium capital. cnn's martin savage joining us live from paris. what is the latest on the manhunt for the terror suspects. >> good morning, kristi, good morning, victor. sam sal is the most wanted man and the sole survivor that carried out the terrorist attacks here in paris. he hasn't been seen since the saturday after those attacks. and he was actually soon by french authorities. now about 9:00 in the morning here in france after the friday the 13th, authorities pulled him over with two other men in the car they were headed in the direction of belgium. there was no warrant out. he hasn't been named. after a quick check of the documents, they're moving on. now we are told by belgium authorities there is another friend allegedly who met with salah abdeslam in which he said
3:43 am
his brother had blown himself up at the cafe. this according to his attorney. you would have thought the friend might have gone to law enforcement. he did not. he said he was in a state of shock, instead, he drove to some of the locations he hasn't been seen since. that's what it says as far as that manhunt. clearly, he is the person authorities are trying to track down. six people are under arrest in belgium three for helping salah abdeslam. it is quite clear he is on the r run. he is planning to meet with delegates in two weeks sentence the attacks. how secure is our security measures there for that? i have to think the security measures are looking very
3:44 am
differently today than they would have been had this attack not happened? >>. >> absolutely. this event had clearly been planned long in advance of the tragedy that stuck here in paris. now there has to be a significant shift of the security resources. there have been huge public demonstrations planned as a part of this cop21 as it's known here those are no longer going to take place. you mentioned the president of the united states, president of russia. president of china, i can go on and on. about 147 world leaders will be here monday. huge security concerns. 8,000 police officers, according to french has been committed. 3,000 to protect the venue. 5,000 to secure the borders here. so clearly there is a whole new attitude when it comes to focusing on those who will be taking part.
3:45 am
they had to. >> martin satisfy annual, thank you so much. >> the protest during the black friday rush. we'll examine the growing call for the ouster of city officials. that's next. also, presidential hopeful ben carson's secret trip to the middle east to visit refugees. what's really behind it? we're taking you live to amman, jordan, for the latest.
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you hear the chances from demonstrators who packed the striets, paralyzed traffic, stopped the traffic in chicago, demanding resignation and alleging a cover-up showing a cop fatally shooting teenager laquan mcdonald. cnn's ron young is live there in chicago with the latest. are we expecting more protests today? >> victor, we are told they plan
3:50 am
to have more protests saturday and sunday. they really feel like what they did yesterday was very effective. we saw the march started at 11:00. 245i marthey marched down michi avenue. all of a sudden they took over all of michigan avenue, north and southbound. later on they held a rally. then all of a sudden they started linking arms in some of the most famous stores in all of michigan avenue and blocked them several hours. not allowing people into the stores. they think they have effectively shut down plaque friday sales here. it was a win for the protesters. there were four arrests here. people feel it was not only peaceful but effective in sending a message to city leadership, look they want things to change, this is the way they plan to do it. >> ron young there for us in chicago. we check in throughout the morning. thank you, ryan. >> so legal analyst joey jackson joining us now. we have been seeing those protesters. they are saying there was a year-long coverup.
3:51 am
this is their assertion, because that dash-cam video. we will show it to you here in a second. it was not released for 400 some days. why, joey, would it take that throng to release it? secondly, when you look at the video, how do you defend this officer? >> good morning, kristi, well, in terms of the time frame, it's very troubling. of course, we know what they have been saying. one is it was subject to investigation. they didn't want to prejudice the investigation. number two, the family certainly didn't want it released. number three, they didn't want to enflame the tensions of the community. however, community certainly had the right to do that. the district attorney had it and was able to evaluate it. it sort of makes you question and wonder, you know, why is it that it took so long to release it? why was the officer on the payroll with them having seen what we see and then you go to your second issue, which is defending it, it's with great
3:52 am
difficulty the defense will do so the defense will be there was a threat for his life. from the van tage point of the officer, he did what his training and the protocols taught him to do. i think that's an uphill battle. few look at that, you see certainly mr. mcdonald appears to be walking away from him, not lungeing, not going towards him. even few get by the fact you feel threatened. you have to deal with the number of shots is certainly problematic. finally, kristi, the reasonableness of his conduct will be suspect. >> he shot 16 down the teen is down at the second shot w. that said, first degree murder the right charge here? >> i think certainly from the prosecutor's point of view, they will be prevailing on the jury, it was excessive, even if you justify the first couple shots when the teenager was there,
3:53 am
laquan mcdonald, it's very difficult when he's on the ground now and certainly not posing any threat at all to continue to fire and fired and fire. so few look at the definition of murder, intentional murder without justification, so that's what the district attorney will be prevailing upon the jury, that's exactly what this is. expert witnesses will be called by the defense to say when the suspect is down, they can represent danger. it's a dangerous job. again, it's going come down to reasonable inside. was the conduct reasonable? and if certainly the jury says no, he has a murder charge and conviction. >> joey jackson, we appreciate it so much. thank you for be being with us. >> all right. we, of course, are getting you the very latest on this shooter-involved in that attack yesterday at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado we
3:54 am
now know his name t. question is why. a live report at colorado springs coming up. also, russia vs. turkey. the president is trading insults here. are they really willing to fight? a new move this morning? a military expert weighs in. .
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>> tonight cnn has a televised
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cnn is proud to separate all these every day people changing the world and through december 31 it's, offer you this simple way to make a contribution to their cause. again from your laptop, your table or your phone, go to cnn your donation in any amount will help them help others. thank you. all of our top ten heroes will be honored. an all star tribute, hosted by anderson cooper, next sunday night. 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> there is a lot more to come. the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. [ music playing ] a mass shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado springs, three people are dead, including a police officer. >> that officer's body was just isn't it -- cnn is there live. don't play with fire. turkey spurned a warning to russia. moscow is making threats of its
4:00 am
own after a fighter jet was shot down. >> pope francis leading mass for thousands. a list of security concerns there as well. >> certainly. we do want to wish you a good morning. it's saturday, i'm kristi paul. >> always good to be with you. i'm victor blackwell. let's go to colorado, police are gathering to sa lewd garrett swayze. his body was transported here as the officers pause to honor him. >> the officer was then gunned down yesterday in an attack on a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. he was one of six officers shot. five others were treated at a local hospital. four other people were wounded. >> we now have the name of this shooter. robert louis dear. 59-years-old. witnesses describe him as having a cold stoned face. that's a quote. he is in custody as investigators really try to figure out why he did this.
4:01 am
deputy eiland is live in colorado springs. what are you learning about this investigation? i know it's still early? >> reporter: it is still early. good morning. are you talking a six-hour standoff down the road hein us yesterday that dragged on and threatened so many people, hurt so many police officers, and left three people dead. >> they took fire to the window. one of the schiff's office. you might be able to get a sniper shot through this open window. >> reporter: tense moments at a planned parenthood clinic as two civilians and a police officer are killed in the nearly six-hour standoff. it hended when the gunman finally gave up. >> we did get officers inside the building. they were able to at that point get him to surrender.
4:02 am
and he was tan into custody. >> one of the dead, 44-year-old officer garrett swayze worked for the university of colorado. he apparently rushed to the scene from the campus ten miles away. two more victims have not been identified. four civilians were injured in the attack, including one man waiting in a parked car. >> he was in the and i just hit the gas. he started shooting. i was looking at his face. the shots entered the glass and then i started bleeding. >> a law enforcement official confirms to cnn that the suspected gunman is 59-year-old robert louis dear. bomb experts are making sure he didn't leave behind any explosive devices inside or outside the clinic. once the suspect was taken out of the pulleding, our process is to go through and clear the building room by room and then we turn it into a crime scene.
4:03 am
>> reporter: as the investigation into his motive goes on, police are being credited with saving lives by using security cameras to keep track of the gunmen and those trapped inside. >> the officers were monitoring movement within the building on security cameras and communicating to the officers who were in the building and it was the most incredible work on behalf of officers trying to minimize the number of fatalities. >> reporter: when you take a look at the nine people who were injured, those five police officers and the four civilians, we understand that they are all in good condition and they are all expected to survive. victor, christ fi. >> we heard from leiutenant buckley there they had to go through this building and kind of look at these items as she described them. do we know they have cleared them and if any, indeed, were explosives? >> reporter: no, we don't know yet what they were do here all
4:04 am
night this happened around noon yesterday. they are still clearing it out. we do get the impression they're starting to open up parts of this area that they're going to try to open up this street, which would imply they are clearing out a lot of the area. they have not told us that as of yet. >> all right. stephanie, we will check back. thank you so much. >> we also heard from some of the victims in yesterday's shooting, including this man who said the killer looked right at him before firing. >> you know, i saw a man crawling to the front door and i saw the class if shatter and he crawled into the entryway and i saw this other fellow come behind him and shoot down and up and walk into the entryway and i just kind of lost it there. i tried to get out of my car and run. i thought about that. i said, no, got back in the car, started it, put it in reverse,
4:05 am
started backing out and he was in front of me. he was aiming at me. and i just hit the gas. he started shooting. and i was looking at his face. i think i had ten seconds, five-to-ten seconds to look at him. to try to remember who he was, why he was doing that or whatever and then the shots came through the glass and i started bleeding. because i was looking at him, i saw blood. i didn't know if it was coming from my neck or my lip or what. i thought about it. one, two, like five seconds we stared at each other and in that five second period, those bullet holes went through my windshield and the brood and four second later, i think i saw his vehicle with the dark looking suv with the front door opened, drivers side, i started getting away, i heard him shooting some more at me then i made it through. i never experienced anything like that before and at the time
4:06 am
i wasn't scared, i was more angry and i don't know why. >> that's what's bothering you the most? >> what the other people are going through? i can't imagine. there's a lot of women in there. very innocent people. i felt helpless, that's all. >> i kwan good enough. that's why i was angry. it's fought right. >> a big story there from one of the victims of that attack yesterday.
4:07 am
again the gunman robert dear now in custody, investigators are, of course, trying to figure out the motive behind yesterday's attack. we got with cnn law enforcement analyst and fbi systems director tom fuentes and legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. first question to you, joey, a legal one. when and how do the authorities here in colorado elevate this from a shooting, a hostage six to domestic terror? >> good morning, victor. >> that depends upon the motivations as a practical answer, then the technical answer. from a practical perspective, there are as we know now, believe to know, three people dead, so call it what you will, the fact is that the arm of the law will come down on him harshly and although colorado's a death penalty state. they haven't executed a person in 40 years. another issue. just to be clear from a practical perspective, he'll be charged with serious and heinous
4:08 am
crime likely spending the rest of his life in jail. from a technic alper specttive, when you look at issues of terrorism, you look at answers that relate to what your motivations are. what were you attempting to do? were you trying to influence or are you trying to coerce, based upon your religions, idea lodge cam or political point of view. we don't know, you know, at this point exactly what he was doing in terms of the planned parenthood. but if you get to those motivations and you see that he was, in fact, doing that, and engaging in coercive question haifa your, then you could certainly elevate it. make no mistake, no matter the label you place upon it, the punishment will be hard. >> tom, this man surrendered after nearly six hours. probably something people didn't anticipate would happen. how likely do you think it is that he will talk to police, if he will give a motive willingly? >> well, kristi, i think even
4:09 am
whether he talks to him or not. they should be able to put together a pretty good profile of him just talking to family friends, co-workers, looking at social media, if he has it. but certainly, his phone traffic, who he has been calling and they will go interview the people who called, especially in the recent past to just determine if this is an organization, if he's a mart of a group motivating each other to go ahead and do an attack like this during the investigation, we should get a pretty good idea of what was in his head. as joey mentioned, trying to prove terrorism, trying to prove ideology that that's the xaktd reason that he did it just adds another element beyond trying to prove first degree murder, which they already have in this kiss k
4:10 am
4:11 am
ka. >> tom, can you explain to us what is happening there? s. >> moscow makes another series of moves, ratcheted up tensions. plus, extreme weather across the country. at least parts of it, deadly flooding in some areas, icy roads, dangerous conditions. >> and the protesters in chicago, angry over the killing of a black teen shot down, black friday shopping. . sit down in the streets and block the streets on michigan avenue with civil disobedience peacefully and say, you know what, business as usual can't go on while our children are dying.
4:12 am
4:13 am
4:14 am
. 14 minutes past the hour. so good to have you with us. you know, russia is now responding to turkey, for downing their fighter jet. we're about to find out exactly what russia is planning.
4:15 am
russia who now is calling the downing of their quote ambush, releasing a list of possible actions they plan on taking against turkey. most likely economic sanctions. a move that could drive the two nations into a trade war of sorts. it appears the turks who had accused the russians of deceit, wanted to calm their president, he is requesting a meeting with vladmir putin. we are joined live from moscow. jim, what is the lakelihood that president putin will accept that? >> reporter: you know, we still don't know. they say that they are not really planning anything, they're not, the kremlin, that is, we won't necessarily meet. but at this point there is nothing on the schedule. that's coming up next week on the 30th. it also, getting back to the economic response and you are right, that's how russia is
4:16 am
responding primarily at this point. there is a lot of anger, in fact, giving you an example, one senior official said every turkish tomato that i buy helps to buy a missile that could shoot at our guys. and that's kind of the feeling. it's emotional. it's pretty personal. the russian government already has taken some steps. they've cut back on food imports from turkey, saying they don't immediate safety regulations. obviously, the timeing gives you an indication this is quite political. they urge tourists not to travel to germany and then finally just today they said that they would be stopping at least temporarily, free travel for turks who come to russia. so today, saturday, we're expecting that there will be more. in fact the prime minister gave the government two days to come up with a li. that's what we hope today as
4:17 am
promised. other things perhaps that the government can take and get back at turkey. its a big relationship, you know, $44 billion of trade and services per year last year, they're building a nuclear power plant in turkey. then you have a gas project building a gas pipeline. that's a major thing, but it all adds up and it's still a difficulty for the turks. >> do you think the turks will back down and give russia what they want? >> well, what they want is really an apology. >> that is, you know, politically, then when you get into domestic politics and whether president erdowan can do that. that's one of the issues right now. but the russians, i would say the primary thing. they want an apology. so far they're not getting it.
4:18 am
>> all right. jill dougherty, thank you for breaking ut do it down for us. we appreciate it. >> all right. i see we are having a problem with the mic. we are wondering, leiutenant general, could it work between turkey and russia and the crisis in syria and u.s.-led coalition as well? >> i got to tell you, just listening to jill dougherty a minute ago, kristi, this is bizarre, if we thought russia's actions in the past have been strange. this really takes it to a new level. because what we have to remember is, turkey is one of the only european countries that has not put sanctions on russia because of their incursion into ukraine. you add to that the fact that
4:19 am
russia's economy is just really, reeling right now from all of the problems they're having and the excessive amount of money they're spending on defense and jill mentioned of the pipeline project, that actually, while it's being built in turkey, is a pipeline project to flow russian oil into turkey. so all of these things are very strange parts of this equation. both turkey and russia has significant economic problems right now. so this is going to hurt both side of the equation as russia has allegedly put these sanctions on turkey because of the shooting. >> what does it do to the u.s.-led coalition and the fight in syria? >> well, this is just another factor that contributes to the complexities of all this. the u.s. has been attempting to force turkey to close the remaining 60 miles of border that is allowing fighters to go
4:20 am
into syria. they have not done that yet. even though turkey hasn't supported border patrol. there is a gap allowing fighttories flow in and out of syria. secondly, each country has different enemies in this part of the world. turkey has the kurds. russia has anyone countering. >> that includes isis but all the freedom fight in syria. this gets even more complexity to an already complex situation. >> leiutenant general, your expertise is always appreciated. thank you. >> thank you, kristi. >> all right. we fixed the microphone problem. let's get back to the big stories we are following this morning, including more protests expected today in chicago. this is some of the protests we saw yesterday. thousands of people angry about the killing of a white officer and as they say the cover-up of the video, to shut down black
4:21 am
friday shopping yesterday. we'll look ahead to see what's going to happen this morning throughout the day. plus icy roads, flash flooding and parts of the southern plains really could make for a rough drive home after the thanksgiving break. .
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
the assassination of a 9-year-old child as a gang retaliation to get back at his father. we're going to go and destroy that game now and, by the way, the rival gang, too. >> police say this gang member lured him into an alley and
4:25 am
executed him. morgan has been charged with first degree murder. investigators say he did not act alone. there is a second man in custody. police are now looking for a third man, this man. >> also in chicago, police have arrested four people during a protest over a police video showing an officer shooting 16 times at 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the protesters demanded the resignation of city top officials alleging a year long coverup. demonstrators marched along the city's magnificent mile, blocking access to major stores on plaque friday. north texas drenched now with heavy rain. you see here the flooding. at least three people have died. another person presumed dead due to widespread flooding. there is a flash flood watch in
4:26 am
that area until 16:00 a.m. sunday. security concerns and prayers as world leaders gather for a huge climate summit. this comes just as you know two weeks after the terrorist attacks there in paris. >> we go live to jordan, where gop presidential candidate ben carson is visiting a refugee camp. this sends a surprise to an awful lot of people. is this a strategic campaign move? >>
4:27 am
4:28 am
. >> 28 minutes after the hour, we are following new developments out of colorado starting with that veteran police officer killed. according to a witness, this is a quote, cold stone face back on the planned parenthood attack in
4:29 am
colorado springs. >> the 24-year-old officer, his colleagues salute as he went by. >> we got the name of the alleged shooter here. robert louis dear. right now, investigators trying to figure out why he went on this shooting spree. >> officer swayze and two other people were killed. nine were wounded and the injured included five police officers and four civilians. we're obviously going to have so much more throughout the morning, though. now to the latest on the paris terrorist attacks. this morning, we're getting a few new details about the ongoing international manhunt for salah abdeslam. he's the man suspected of dropping off one of the suicide bombers on the night of the attacks. still out there somewhere, cnn's martin savage is joining us live. any indication from authorities they're any closer to locating salah abdeslam? >> reporter: no, none
4:30 am
whatsoever, which is surprising given the fact that he is at the top of the most wanted list in europe. apparently, there is no sight by any official of salah abdeslam. so that has authorities believing he is getting some kind of support as he continues to avoid law enforcement. you can point out he is believed to be a driver dropped off at the stadium and one of the cars used in the terrorist attack. french authorities know he survived. he was actually seen saturday morning. detained by french authorities briefly at a road block set up close to the belgium border. but he wasn't wanted at the time. as a result of that, he was allowed to travel on. he was apparently seen again by a friend in brussels, where there was a conversation in a cafe. but after that, he has not been seen since. and clearly french authorities want to find him. they want to make sure that he is, in fact, the sole survivor of this isis cell and they also
4:31 am
in belgium are arresting anybody who may have assisted him along the way. >> we know in monday, paris will hold world leaders, this meeting over climate change. president obama, 40,000 delegates there, for this summit. when you have world leaders in town, security is tight. but how is this changing? what will be new based of course on what will happen two weeks ago? >> well, a number of things have changed. security clearly is going to be changed. there was a huge public participation that is a part of this climate change conference. all of that has been greatly scaled back. the authorities now have to use all of law enforcement to protect the world leaders and the venues. so result they cannot be distracted with large demonstrations. so that's been dialled back. the other thing that may change is the concern by environmentalists the mindset of the participants, especially the world leaders. once they get here, they will be talking more about terror than they will the
4:32 am
climate and it's also appears they may take the financial resources that they have planned to try to reduce carbon emissions and beef up their security mesh mas. so in a lot of ways this conference will be impacted. whether it be with the security or the subject matter. victor. >> all right. got you there. martin savage for us in paris. thank you so much. it does speak a lot to the support of france, however, that this was not cancelled in the wake of these attack, all of these world leaders are willing to say we support you. we are coming to your country. we will go on as the french have said we are not going to allow them to stop us. it's almost as if they have an international report. >> we saw the statements and some of the dedicated support as hollande went around the world speaking with world leaders in the fight against isis after
4:33 am
those 130 killed several weeks ago. as martin said, there will no doubt be major changes as these world leaders and 40,000 delegates there are in paris for this summit. >> around we have information we are learning now, a short time, the defense interior minister said nearly 1,000 people have been denied entry into france. they were quote a security risk to the public order and the country. officials also say nearly 15,000 officers have been stationed along france's borders for added security. so let's bring in jean charles bouchard, thank you for being with us. we learned about another arrest if belgium. six people there charged in connection, going back years to the bombings in london the attacks in spain. all of the heightened aware inside or with all of it, how could one neighborhood near brussels nurture and support the
4:34 am
suspects? >> the real qui i think relies on the ability of the european union, since then, since the bombings you just mentioned since, for example, the 2004 bombings, european leaders have called repeatedly to set up controls at the external borders . they have called for an exchange of information between european countries and europe pol. europe pol has set up a database. it contains 1,500 names, compared to more than 6,500 potential jihadists we accounted for in europe. so there is much more to be
4:35 am
done, plus france is called to put in place not only controls at the border, but also be able to conduct controls inside our country. again we have a view of who is going where. you have to take an exchange of information to know these individuals. this is not done. basically until now, we were blind inside europe. we have borders, only for external press. we could for example answer the zone, not our own citizens. it now comes from our citizens from syria and iraq and so the old priorities exchange during activity and the european union must follow that pattern.
4:36 am
>> when we look at this threat, yesterday, isis claimed an attack at a mosque in bangladesh. you add that to the attack that they've claimed just in the past two weeks. egypt's hotel yesterday, en route to egypt, to paris, do you think, see that perhaps there is a part of urgency on the part of isis? >> no, i don't see that like that. since the beginning, since june, 2004, you have some experts saying that isis did not pose the global threats. they are there to caliphate and will remain original threat but not a global threat. and some others among them were saying a regional threat. because of the international coalition against it. because of the attractiveness of the isis towered thousands of jihadists from around the world,
4:37 am
there will be sometime very soon a global threat coming from isis and coming from the jihadists joining isis. this is what we see at work, a place not only recently, since last year in australia, in many plots in canada, in the u.k., all over the world, this is logic. i think the threat that poses isis internationally is quite substantial to life itself. >> we appreciate your insight. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> well, shrouded in secrecy, cnn is there, gop presidential candidate ben carson visits with refugees in jordan. >> could this trip calm
4:38 am
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4:43 am
>> 42 minutes past the hour. republican presidential candidates zrchlt ben carson is in jordan this morning where he has just visited a refugee camp. he is located in northern jordan. we want to share this video with you just into cnn showing the convoy leading that camp t. goal of the visit is to better understand the civil crisis. it comes of course as a race towards the white house turns towards a renewed policy. we are joined live with the latest. orin, this is said to have been a highly secret visit. have you learned anything about conversations that he had with any of these refugees?
4:44 am
>> well, not yet. we know what carson was supposed to do when he was inside the refugee camp behind you. we have very little of an idea of who he met or what he did. we know how long he was here. how he spent that time. he was here for just under three hours earlier this morning. he was supposed to visit a hospital, a woman's clinic and meet some soft syrian refugees here, according to "new york times," to have a better suns understanding of the syrian refugee crisis. this is one of two main syrian refugee camps in jordan. the other is a stop in northern jordan he is reportedly on his way to right now. we don't notice when he will be here. this camp has been very quiet. it seems to have come together the last second. we only got that shot of him on his way out with that convoy. we have very little of what he did. we know he is flagging in the polls right now. he was first only a month ago. now his third.
4:45 am
we know his weakest issues are foreign policy and those are the big issues now. he is a highly controlled visit at that time refugee camp behind me, may be an attempt to boost the credentials on those. if so, we know very little about i. >> orin lieberman, we appreciate it, thank you. let's talk to senior correspondent chris moody. this quinnipiac poll shows a double digit dropoff for carson among evangelical supporters. people that boosted his campaign. common wisdom is it hopes to build his foreign tremendous dentials. people who have done foreign ministry themselves or who had mire soccer balls an beanie babys to refugees in jordan? >> the hope for the trip for dr.
4:46 am
carson in the after math of those attack, foreign policy has been thrust to the forefront of this campaign. when you are a candidate like dr. carson or donald trump that doesn't have that in-office experience, they tend to struggle. they'll do trips like this in order to learn. even dr. carson foreign policy advisors said they struggled over the campaign. he was riding high in iowa early in the last few months. however, ted cruz has really shot up increasingly in the past few weeks. i was traveling with ted cruz in iowa as early as 2013 when he was meeting with pastors. so he has been working at this a long time playing the slow tortoise game and the tortoise and the heare. he sees this as an opportunity
4:47 am
to learn something and come back at least with the appearance knowing what he is talking about. >> let's listen to what carson said about his policy credentials. >> first thing, i said for multiple months is that if we take the fight to them over there, we're much less likely to have to fight them over here. and i find it a little frustrating. i say things like that. nobody ever pays attention, carson doesn't know anything about foreign affairs bs. yet, everybody picks up on everything i say, including president obama and start using it, themselves. i think it's very, very australian him. >> so his suggestion is he initially introduced the idea of taking the fight over there, instead of bringing it here. is that sticking with the gop primary electorate? >> i think because there is such a wide group, a lot of them are saying that, even on both sides,
4:48 am
certain risk facts. so he doesn't necessarily stand out as the lone voice in that position. there are other candidates that not only have been saying that, when you talk to someone like lindsey graham or marco rubio crafting policy in the united states senate and taking many trips and focusing many years prior. a lot of people see dr. carson on a job he doesn't have, of course learning the campaign trail and the national review magazine said for the united states presidency, that's not something that is acceptable. you have to come to the table knowing these issues. >> hopefully we learn more about it. >> miss world canada says she cannot compete in the miss world pageant. find out why she says china blocked her from entering the country. pope francis is meeting with
4:49 am
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4:53 am
well, pope francis is in kumpali, uganda. >> now, he's meeting with uganda's youth. some of the young people getting together with the pope. celia gallagher is there. what's this expected to be about? what's the conversation going to be? >> reporter: well, he just arrived about 15 minutes ago. they've never seen anything like it. ugandas have been here, folk dancing and music. and the sound from the bleachers, the enthusiasm of the
4:54 am
pope. now, he's speaking to youth because one of the things that the pope does when he comes to many countries is talk to the political leaders and religious leader be about corruption, radicalization, about making education and health care available to complete the job. but at the same time, he recognizes that the generations need to change as well. the young people need to take part in what they call a change of heart. that's what he's expected to talk to them about today. >> we see all the excitement in the video. everyone running to get close to the pope. delia gallagher traveling with the pope on this tour to africa. thank you so much. coming up at the top. hour, we're going to colorado springs for the latest on that deadly shooting as you know at the planned parenthood clinic. we're learning more about the police officer killed in the
4:55 am
attack. after the break, a beauty queen find out why china is barring her to compete in the miss world pageant. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots,
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breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at well, big protests are expected around the world this weekend ahead. your honor's climate summit some paris. in fact, are already on the way. here's video from brisbane, australia, where demonstrators are calling for clean energy. and then in manila, in the philippines. ♪
4:59 am
>> you see it there, saying the philippines has been hit hard, obviously, by change in weather. change in weather patterns, as we know, and the devastating tropic typhoons. and this world china said china has denied her visa to compete in the world pageant. anastas anastasia lin believes the reason is because he's been an outspoken about chinese rights. and in friday, in the west bank of beth la them. the biblical town of jesus christ. it's as the holy man arrives at the birth place of jesus. there's a lot more to talk
5:00 am
to you about this morning. >> let's get to it, next hour of "new day" starts right now. ♪ a six-hour standoff. a police officer, two others, killed in. now, the big question is why? why did a man with that long gun open fire at a colorado planned parenthood clinic gentleman? and new arrests in chicago as protesters, you see there, angry over the shooting death of a teenager stopped holiday shopping. and donald trump with a controversy. nothing new there. but now it's involving religious leaders who are against one another. republican front-runner expects to get a big endorsement. but could trump's past behavior put that on hold? >> always a good day when it's saturday. hope you're having a good one where you are. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you.
5:01 am
let's go to colorado now, where police are mourning a fellow officer. you see it here, inside and outside of their vehicles, gathering for officer garrett swasey one last time. of a snowy morning there. >> the officer was gunned down at a mrplanned parenthood. he was one of six shot. >> he grew up in massachusetts and he competed with the skating club of boston innocent eastern sectional championships. he and fellow baltimore native living in the springs in the early '90s, won the junior dance get position by winning the originals. he and lori tompkins finished 13th in 1995 u.s. figure skating championships. and later performed in maine. he was a man of faith. he was a pastor at hope chapel, a colorado springs chapel,
5:02 am
playing guitar as part of his worship. as you both were saying a few moments ago, he's survived by his wife rachel and a young son elijah and a young daughter faith. >> we now know more about the man who killed that officer and two others. his name is robert luie lewis d. 59 years old. witnesses described him as having a cold stone face. what is the motive? >> stephanie elam is live in colorado springs. stephanie, what are you learning about the investigation and where it stands right now? >> reporter: good morning, christi and victor. what i can show you, we've gotten closer ton when we first showed you. that would be the planned parenthood building back there. they're preparing to open up roads and make it look accessible again. when you think about yesterday
5:03 am
afternoon, it was sheer terror. >> we just took fire through the window. one of the s.o. guys got hit in the leg. >> reporter: tense moments t aplanned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. it ended when the gunman finally gave up. >> we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood. and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him. and at that point, they were able to get him to surrender. and he was taken into custody. >> reporter: one of the dead, 44-year-old garrett swasey, worked with the university of colorado. he apparently rushed to the scene from the campus, ten miles away. two more victims have not been identified. five police officers and four other civilians were injured in the attack. including one man who was waiting in a parked car.
5:04 am
>> he was aiming at me. and i just hit the gas. and he started shooting. and i was looking at his face. and then the shots came through the glass. then i started bleeding. >> reporter: a law enforcement official confirms to cnn that the suspected gunman is 59-year-old robert lewis dear. bomb experts are making sure he didn't leave behind any explosive devices inside or outside of the clinic. >> once the suspect was taken out of the building. our process is to go through and clear the building room by room. and then we turn it into a crime scene. >> reporter: and as the investigation into his motive goes on, police are being credited for saving lives by using security cameras to keep track of the gunman and those inside. >> officers were monitoring the movement within the building on security cameras. and communicate to get officers in the building.
5:05 am
and it was the most incredible work on behalf of officers trying to minimize the number of fatalities. >> reporter: and minimizing the number of fatalities really key here. the loss of three lives, but we know that those nine people, five officers and four civilians that were also injured, we understand that they're in good condition and they are expected to recover. . victor and christi. >> stephanie elam, appreciate it. we also heard from some of the victims in yesterday's shooting, including this man, ozy lucano who said the killer looked right at him before firing. >> i saw a man crawling to the front door. i saw the glass shatter. and he crawled into the entry away. then i saw this other fellow shoot down and up and walk into the entryway. and i just kind of lost it there. i tried to get out of my car, run. i thought about that i said, no.
5:06 am
i got back in the car, started it, put it in reverse. started backing out. and then he's in front of me. and he was aiming at me. and i just hit the gas and he started shooting. and i was looking at his face. i think i had five to ten seconds to look at him. to try to remember who he was, and why he was doing that or whatever. then the shots came through the glass. then i started bleeding because i was looking at him. i saw blood. i didn't know if it was coming from my neck or my lip or what. i thought about it, and it's like, one, two -- like five seconds we stared at each other. in that five second period, those bullet holes came right through my windshield. and the blood. four seconds later, i'm turning i think i saw his vehicle, a dark looking suv with the door open. driver's side. then i just started getting away. and i heard him shooting some
5:07 am
more to me. then i may it to kay super's. i never experienced that before. at the time, i wasn't scared. i was more angry. and i don't know why. that's what's bothering me the most, what the other people went through. it's just -- i can't imagine. there were a lot of women in there, very innocent people. i just felt helpless, that's all. i don't like feeling helpless. that's why i was angry, i guess. it's not right.
5:08 am
>> wow. well, listen, that shooting and the standoff went on for hours. a police radio captured their chaotic scene outside. listen to a bit of that. >> we're getting active gunfire. >> planned parenthood. the shooter is constantly shooting right now. >> now, once inside, officers found -- what could only be described, as a dire situation. the gunman shooting at officers through walls. and we know, of course, he finally turned himself in. >> just fired through the window one the s.o. guys got shot in the leg. he's code 4. we're going to extract him. once they extract this guy, you
5:09 am
might be able to get a shot at this guy. he's just shooting through the wall. he's going to come out with his hands up. we got to take him out if it he has ieds. are we in the way of a snappers? >> we have one suspect detained right now. >> at the end of this, he surrenders, typically what we see in hostage situation, a mass shooting, that that killer kills himself at the end of this. what do you make of this? >> we may see suicide in some sin they' scenarios. this is not the case. when we learn more about what may have drove him to this, his ideological beliefs. we'll be able to judge more. it's hard to judge, victor, what the outcome would be.
5:10 am
if i would have been asked last night i would have said that he would end up being killed by the police. at some point, we're going to learn that he was going to surrender and what went through his mind. >> eight hours after the sund surrender, and we're getting his name and all the information -- more than eight hours. the question is why? why did he do this? if this is politically driven, if this is ideologically driven, does that take a lot of time to pry out of the suspect, or do they offer that briefly? >> a lot of times it depends on what the personality of the shooter. he may have done this to create attention to himself. he may have been an individual who just has an evil spirit. you have five police officers shot. one killed. civilians who were severely injured. he was a very dangerous
5:11 am
individual. we don't know what drove him to this. i believe over the next few days, we will learn more about him, his background, his personality, what other prior histories he may have had as well. >> what's the work that's being done outside of that interrogation room with this suspect? >> a lot has been done, particularly around the forensic side. there are going to be search vehicles around his residence that he lived in or may have lived in. what he owned or operated. we're going to get a lot more assessment from his family and friends. this is going to be a longstanding investigation. for a number of reasons, one for prosecutorial residence. one, we need to know from a psychological perspective. how did he get to this, if opportunities present themselves, oftentimes, they do
5:12 am
not. but many times, we learn a lot from individuals that act like this. >> we know from stephanie elam and there had been threats made against that facility. they had a security room complete with bulletproof vests. so, of course, security will be a concern that the clinic and others across the state and maybe throughout the country. cedric alexander. always good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> christi. yeah, outrage in chicago is what we're talking about. protesters swarm michigan avenue, grinding holiday shopping to a halt. they want the city's top cop to step aside after the shooting death of a black teen. also, millions of you, i know, might be facing a rough trip home. we'll give you a heads-up. and pope francis making history in camp. in uganda today. he's about to go, though, to one of the most dangerous places ever visited by a pope.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
not what you typically see the day after thanksgiving, is it? peaceful and powerful chant, though, by demonstrators who packed the streets. they're not just demanding the resignation of top city officials but they're alleging there was a cover-up of police cam video showing the killing of the teenager. joey jackson joining us now. so, joey, they're not just demanding resignations. they want a federal investigation into the case. what is the likelihood they that they will get one? >> good morning, christi. i think the likelihood is very good. we're talking about certainly
5:17 am
community trust. this is an ongoing conversation not just limited to chicago but extended throughout the whole country. so, certainly, there's the interest in the federal government making sure they get it right. to make it clear, the officer is charged. there's a process in that. certainly, the process will move forward, have a day in court. have an opportunity to defend himself. i think that's significant. certainly, we also know on the civil side, the family has been compensated to the tune of $5 million. but there are real questions as to why it took so long to come to this point. the prosecutor having an investigation ongoing and having to view that videotape before any of us did, why now? so there are real issues of trust. and the federal government certainly secures more of that trust, because they're independent, they're outside, and can do a job that can make the community feel that every avenue has been exhausted. >> speaking of that video, we're
5:18 am
looking at it now on the screen. can we put that back up? because i wanted to ask you about that video. they assert, protesters, it took 400-plus days for this to go public. there's a question about that. but when you look at that, too, they say he was defending himself. the police department asserts that the police officer was defending himself. you have seen this video. we're looking at it now. do you see anything that would substantiate that claim? >> well, you know what happens, christi, the defense attorney has a job to do here. certainly in light of that, they'll be doing that. what will the defense be talking jab they'll be talking about the officer's state of mind. they'll be talking about video that we're looking at now, thalt lead into that he was chasing laquan mcdonald. apparently, he used a screwdriver and the adrenaline was flowing. he got out of the car, he had a knife in had his hand and he was
5:19 am
in imminent danger. so you'll hear all of that. i think the prosecution will remind the injure about imminent. what does an imminent threat mean? was he coming towards mcdonald? was he coming towards the officer? did he represent any harm to him, his brother officers or anybody else? did the amount of shots fired, was that reasonable? or did that exceed any measure of reasonableness. that's what the prosecutor will be depending on the jury to say, you know what, you may have been chasing him and your mind might have been such that you knew you were in a heightened state of alertness, but did you really need to do all of that? that's what it's going to boil down to at the end of the day. >> joey, he's facing first degree murder what do they need to prove that? >> christi, sure, first degree murder is the intentional murder without justification. so what the prosecutor is going to be doing is, even if you can establish from a defense perspective, that the initial shots may have been justified. which, certainly, you can make
5:20 am
the argument he was fearful he got out of the car, he approached him. but now, you have to justify, if you're the defense, why to continue shooting when he was on the ground representing no danger at all. didn't you intend to hill him at that point? and what was your justification in doing so? and so that's going to be what the prosecutor is going to present to the jury. and the defense is going to say, squared, imminent danger. at the end of the day, ultimately, the jury has that decision to make. >> joey jackson, appreciate it so far. thank you, sir. >> thank you, christi. this morning, the man accused of jumping over the white house fence is sitting in a hospital in washington. and we're learning surprise details of a plan, what was happening here at the white house. also why he told his mother he might never see her again, we've got those new details. plus, new information about the most wanted man in europe. who did salah abdeslam speak
5:21 am
about after the attacks, one day after he were carried out. thioh my god. friday. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to 20% cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome. it's black friday. find your tag and get cash back for 20% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on 2015 silverado light duty models. hurry ends monday!
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
5:23 am
5:24 am
well, the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving day is now charged with illegal entry of restricted grounds. he appeared in court yesterday and has another hearing monday. if convicted he faces up to a year in prison. he was caught by the secret service after he made it over that fence. and he's wearing an american flag as a cape. and he did leave, we've learned, a suicide note with friends. he's been ordered to undergo a psychiatric investigation. look at this mess in north texas. they're getting drenched. heavy rain right now.
5:25 am
you see here, an suv submerged and one of their roads washed out. at least three people have died. another is presumed dead because of the widespread flooding. oh, my goodness, awful wirntsd weather is making one of the busiest travel weekends. >> yes. of course it is. >> that's a nice way of saying it. >> the timing is unfortunate. meteorologist allison chinchar tracking it. >> if it were just one more weekend it woo solve a lot of problems, but it does. take a look, texas, oklahoma, impressionive amounts, almost 7 inches of rain in dallas for the storm total. they should be sat 33.36 inches. there's almost 60 inches so far to date. that's impressive. as we take a look at where all of the rain is right now. you see there's a lot of it, stretching from dallas, all the way up towards maine.
5:26 am
it's the stuff behind it causing problems. we have preefreezing rain, ice snow stretching all the way to kansas city. if you're planning on traveling to oklahoma city, wichita and passing through, you want to give yourself extra time for possible delays. or maybe you're driving an interstate 40 that runs through here. we have impressive amounts. winter storm watches, winter weather advisories as well as the ice storm warnings. on the eastern side of the front, we've got the flash flood warnings. we expect an additional 2 to 4 inches of rain. and up to half an inch, some spots, three quarters of an inch of ice coming down. that's not good for travel, whether it's by car or by plane. >> allison chinchar, thank you so much. let's go now to europe's most wanted terrorist, salah abdeslam. two weeks after the paris
5:27 am
attack, no one really knows where he is, at least authorities don't. but there are details of a meeting with abdeslam one day after the attack. and the fight to stop isis. russia says it's willing to partner with the west. the question is the west wanting that partnership? you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at 30 minutes past the hour right now. new this morning, france said it stopped nearly 1,000 people from entering the country since the paris terrorist attacks. today, the french interior minister said the people who were turned away were, quote, security risks to our bub order. he also said there are 15,000
5:31 am
officers currently stationed along france's borders. cnn's martin savidge is joining us live. we're also learning, martin, about a new arrest in connection with the attacks. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: christi, most of these arrested taking place in belgium, are people that have somehow been associated with salah abdeslam, and thought to be the sole survivsurvivor. several hours after the slaughter that took place in paris, he apparently called up friends in belgium and said, look, my scar broken down. i need a ride back. they said they knew nothing about the terror operation. they began going back towards belgium. they got stopped by french authorities saturday morning. at that time, the french authorities didn't have a name
5:32 am
of anybody they were looking for. they were just stopping all vehicles heading back towards belgium. so they had detained him for a short while and let salah abdeslam on had his way. later in brussels, he had another meeting with a friend and talked about the attacks in paris. authorities are quite convinced that salah abdeslam survived the attacks but managed to escape police because he's getting help along the way, christi. >> as we look forward to a monday, paris is hosting major world leaders including president obama and some 40,000 in the climate change summit. i have to believe, martin, what they have planned for security for this event is going to look much different now, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. the french really look forward to playing host to his very
5:33 am
important environmental event. this is something that was planned long before the terror attacks. the much of is this hammered out on not only environmental legislation, but the public. tens of thousands were expected to attend, on the side, including massive protests or demonstrations. none of those are going to take place, according to authorities because of the security concerns. one, they're afraid that they could possibly be a huge target. but most important, all the security forces now need to focus on protecting heads of state, more than 150 of them, including president obama. it has been a shift. >> martin savidge, thank you, sir. we've got new numbers in the fight against isis this morning. u.s. and coalition forces say they've launched 22 air strikes against iraq and syria. take a look at the other countries involved in the campaign, include australia belgium, denmark, france,
5:34 am
netherlands and the uk. after the paris attacks, french president hollande is hoping to bring russia closer to the nations dedicated to taking out isis. joining me now is former policy advice. i want to talk about the coalition that exists. that went around the world, meeting with leaders of germany, uk, and russia, to try to build this coalition. what did he get? >> well, he got a lot of nice commitments and verbally. it's not clear he's actually changed anything. the discussion with russia is particularly interesting. it sounds like france really wants russia to cooperate with the coalition. the problem is there's a significant difference between the coalition and russia on their in addition syria. which is russia wants assad to stay.
5:35 am
russia is mainly there to prop up assad. the u.s. sand president obama have articulated very well the position that assad must go. that's really the right position. assad is responsible for the formation of isis. he's created so many radical groups within syria. if assad stays that fuels the fire for isis and supporters to continue to be joining isis. that's part of the problem. the coalition is right on this point. and the coalition led by the u.s., with france now playing an important part, have to reach an agreement with russia's putin on this tick in particular. >> let's listen to something that russian president vladimir putin said thursday about cooperating now with this coalition. >> translator: that was the reason for our associations with france. we've agreed to how we're going to work together in the future,
5:36 am
including with the coalition overall. including united states. and where we can strike, where we must need to restrain ourselves from strikes. exchanging of information and other questions, and coordination of actions on the battlefields. >> okay. coordinating on where they should strike and where they should avoid strikes. what's the likelihood that russia will indeed avoid areas that the coalition determines that are areas that should be avoided? maybe those areas held by the free syrian army. >> well, i mean, that's also a crucial issue, and remember, when russia first went to syria and did air strikes. they said they were going to fight isis but they did air strikes against the u.s.-back rebels in syria. those air strikes, as i understand it, have continued. can they work out an adisagreement? let's hope so. that's super important for ma
5:37 am
the united states and the coalition is trying to accomplish. as we saw with turkey shooting down a russian jet that cropped into turkish airspace. yes it would be good in russia coordinated with the coalition. and getting assad to accept down. david tafuri, always good to have you as part of the conversation. pope francis is holding mass for thousands in uganda. and he's getting ready for what can be a dangerous part of his trip. a place no modern pope has visited, in fact. plus, religious leaders squaring off in the name of donald trump. some say over 100 are getting ready to endorse him for president but other religiouses leaders say, not so fast.
5:38 am
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5:42 am
this is a poor part of the country here. and the meeting with the young people goes hand in hand with his message of helping and uplifts the people of poor and people with need. joining us now is cnn analysis john allen. john not only is he talking about lifting people up, it's not only a religious message, but there's a political message as well, is that right? he spoke about corruption? >> yeah, that's right, christi. the pope is also a pastor, but he is a change angel of globaaf. he gave a speech at the climate summit. we heard him challenge african leaders to resist the scourge of corruption. and he's frankly acknowledged that corruption is everywhere, including the vatican. of course, one thing he's trying
5:43 am
to do with his reform program. beginning tomorrow, the focus will be in peace. when he arrived tomorrow, the first time a pope has set foot in an active war zone. at one level, a moral and spiritual press amessage, but o another level a political subtext. >> do you have any concerns for his safety? >> christi, i think everybody on the planet has concerns for the pope's safety, except for francis himself. on the ill italia flight, he went up to talk to the pilots. he told them if you don't think it's safe to land in the central african republic, just give me a parachute, because that's how determined i am to land there.
5:44 am
but pope francis believes given the opportunity he has there to make a difference, in the conflict where the country makes muslim tradition and 80% krirgs i think he has a real chance to move the ball in the direction of peace. he is determined not to allow safety considerations to get in his way. >> john allen, always love getting your insight. thank you so much. >> sure thing. and supporting donald trump, a large group of church leaders gets ready to back the gop front-runner, but that has another group apparently thinking about that. also, at the top. hour -- the search for a motive in colorado. this is the first look we're getting at the suspect, the man allegedly who started shooting at a planned planned parenthood clinic. we just got it. here it is. we have live developments at the top of the show.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
some african-american religious leader, making a special plea to 100 black
5:49 am
pastors and reveneadvantage ell. many are asking to consider trump's past behavior and rhetor rhetoric. this comes days after a black lives matter protesters was repeatedly kicked at a trump rally. it's so good to have you this morning. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> let me start first with how this is being billed by the trump campaign. they're saying is this is an endorsement of this coalition of 100 black pastors? is that what you it will be? are you planning to endorse donald trump? >> i'm planning to endorse. i'm going to hear his strategy for the way forward. there are ohm americans right
5:50 am
now who are looking for a leader who they can respect and admire because of an all-encompassing feel for diversity. irrespective of a person's race, color or creed. so, i'm there to hear his strategy for how we're going to bring sides together and move forward. zblr so theso, there is thi the bonnie magazine. trump's racially aine krk insensitive and rhetoric give that with. and trump insinuating that black people are more violent than other groups. trump's racially inaccurate incendiary rhetoric who give
5:51 am
those charged with the care of spirits and souls of black peel great pause." to that, you say what? >> to that, i say, we're at an incredible part of america, in the history of the world, that i believe if there's ever a time to bring sides together, we should. i belie i believe mr. trump, his belief is new in presidency. he's new in politics. and i came out of the politics, and i think we make a lot of mistakes. and what i would like to hear from him is his motive and his intentions behind what he's doing at this particular time. and you can't take back a word. you can not take back something that you've said. but i think that we can put enough pressure upon anyone who leads a group of people who has put their head into the game to be able to say, i'm willing to
5:52 am
help you change the trajectory of a group of people corporately. i think there has to be a group of individuals that hold him them accountable for what they say and what they do. and i will be amongst those who that do. >> let me read something, and then i want you to hear from mr. trump and kind of ask you if those two correspond. this is something from your facebook page in which you write about prayer. you write this, prayer is not separated from what we do in this world, rather, it should be at the center of our lives whether we make a salary or pay salaries. if you are called to work in a secular job or run your own business, then you should be relying on god, through prayer and faith, to infuse you with his wissam. i want you to listen to what donald trump if he's ever asked god for forgiveness. >> i'm not sure i have.
5:53 am
i try to make it right. if i do something wrong, i just try to make it right. i don't bring god into that picture, you know when we go in church and i drink my only wine, which is about the only wine i drink and have my little cracker, i guess that's a form of asking for forgiveness. and i do that as often as possible because i feel cleansed. >> your views what you expressed on your facebook page, what we hear from donald trump, do those two things correspond and what had this view of religion and asking for forgiveness? >> i think we're all trying to find a strategy. i believe it's very difficult and very hard for anyone in leadership to find something that centers them. for me, it's prayer, united states of america was founded on the hope for religious freedom. not only that, but our very anthem is one of a prayer.
5:54 am
god bless america. and, so, if were sing the anthem, we're actually praying. >> so, just to be clear, as i started i want to finish here, although the touch campairump c building that as an endorsement of 100 black evangelicals, that's not your intention to endorse donald trump? >> that's not my intention. >> thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. we continue to monitor the latest developments at a deadly shoot at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the police have just released the first mug shot. here he is. a live report from colorado springs straight ahead four at the top of the hour. first, this week's start small, think big, raising money for a lost different causes. take a look.
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well, this morning, we've got new audio from the scene of yesterday's mass shooting at planned parenthood clinic in colorado. of course, investigators want to know why, they're searching for the motive here. also, we're learning more about the officer who was killed this hour. also in a trip, covered in secrecy this morning. presidential candidate ben carson surprised an awful lot of people. he's visiting a refugee champ in amman, jordan. and the protests continue to chicago. more planned for today. some arrests overnight. angry now over the shooting death of a teenager. they stopped holiday shopping. they're calling for the oust offer several city officials. you're in the "cnn saturday." we want to wish you good


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