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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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music fans mourning a rock icon. legendary motorhead front man lemmy died following a very short battle with cancer. he was told of an extreme form of cancer saturday. he just passed away. they said, we will say more in the coming days but please play motorhead loud, play lemmy's music loud. he was 70 years old. thank you for joining me today. i'm poppy harleoharlow. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we begin with breaking news. at any moment, texas officials will speak of a capture of a texas affluenza teen and his mom, arrested in mexico. they were caught near the resort
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town of vort vart at that afr several weeks on the run. couch is wanted for violating his ten-year probation sentence for killing four in a drunk driving crash in 2013. cnn's justice correspondent evan perez joining me with the latest on this. evan, what are you hearing about these arrests? >> randi, we're told that the u.s. marshal service was tracking a cell phone. that's how they were able to pinpoint the location of ethan couch. in recent days they told the authorities in mexico where to find him and that's when the police yesterday moved in to make this arrest. now, when they made this arrest they found couch was with his mother tanya. the two of them were believed to have been in mexico for at least part of the time they've been on the run for a couple of weeks now. you might remember that the texas sheriff there in tarrant county had said that they had put -- the mother tanya on a missing persons list but they
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firmly believe that she was helping her son in this escape. so now we're expecting to hear whether or not at this press conference they're going to bring charges against his mother. >> evan perez, thank you. we'll wait to hear on that press conference as well. here's the newser right here. >> northern district and criminal district attorney sharon wilson. let me just tell you the format of what we have planned so we can hopefully get through this as orderly as possible. i know there's a lot of people with a lot of questions. we're going to try to get everything talked about that we can talk about and everything done that needs to be done. i'm going to speak first and just kind of go through hopefully tell the story and then marshal taylor will get up and talk and then the d.a. wilson will get up and talk. at that point we're just -- then we'll just rotate back through
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to answer questions. i won't answer kwez until they've spoken. hopefully some of the questions will be answered during what is continually said. with that, we're going to get started. i'm just going to try to make some remarks and talk a little bit to answer some of the issues that have come up over the past 24 hours. the first thing that i need to do is express our appreciation here at the sheriff's office. as you know, we were the agency that had to work the initial accident scene, had a tremendously vested interest in making sure that ethan couch was brought to justice, felt like at the time that the court system did not adequately assess any punishment or adequate punishment at least. so when he then disappeared obviously people in this agency who had to work that crime scene and deal with the victims' families and do everything they
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did took it very personally. it was a high priority for us to make sure we found him and got him back. and we're very hopeful that very soon that will happen, he'll be back here. but the first thing i need to do is express the great amount of appreciation i have not only for the marshal's office, rick's people have just gone above and beyond in this case for us to help locate ethan and his mom. the d.a.'s office has played as always a pivotal role in that. the marshal's fugitive task force that works out of this area, both the district attorney and our agency all have people assigned to that task force. they have worked tirelessly almost around the clock on this since the disappearance of ethan and his mom. all of those people not to mention police agencies across the state and across the country, every lead we had that we needed followed up somewhere
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else we contacted a police agency and they took care of it. everyone has been tremendously cooperative. understand that there's a lot of things you'll want to know and ask about that we won't be able to talk about because of the ongoing investigation part of this and the fact that we still are trying to get ethan and tanya back on u.s. soil. that is very important that we don't say anything or do anything that will prohibit that from happening or derail that. we're on schedule to do that. we hope so. as i said early on, there was a strong feeling on many people's part, mine particularly, that they had fled the country once that we found out they were missing. obviously it was proven correct. we worked a tremendous amount of leads as i said. we followed leads both locally, statewide in the country but then kept getting information
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that they were probably out of the country. and eventually got some intelligence information that was very valuable that they had probably driven the pickup truck that we put out at the last news conference the information for people to look for, got some intelligence they probably drove that to the border and crossed over the border and perhaps still in that truck. continued to gather information both locally and away and learned through some interviews that what we suspected all along had happened, that they had planned to disappear, that they even had something almost akin to a going away party before they left town. our suspicion that his mother was assisting and helping him was proven true we believe. we followed those leads and eventually led to puerto vallarta, mexico, where they
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were taken into custody. the information really kind of turned on christmas eve, about the time that i think the really kind of concrete information came in and they were able to really concentrate on the area down there where they were eventually located. the problem with it was, as you can imagine, puerto vallarta at christmastime, tremendous amount of tourists down there. american people were prevalent everywhere and it wouldn't be somewhere they would stick out. they were wise to go to that area. but what i think we can all classify as really good police work, found out where they were located and were able to take them into custody. the mexican authorities have them in custody as we speak. we are working -- the marshals are working to get them back here to the states at which
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point ethan will be taken into custody and put in our juvenile facility here in tarrant county for a hearing there and we have now had an arrest warrant issued for tanya couch for hindering and apprehension. she will be arrested and brought to our veil upon arrival back in the states. again, they are still officially in the custody of the mexican government right now. some of these things that are questions you're going to have we'll just have to wait and not answer. and some of the things i've been asked over the last 24 hours is stuff we're just not going to be able to talk about. please understand that. we're not trying to withhold information but a lot of people assisted in finding these people. and those people deserve to be protected, what they told us and they will be protected as far as we're concerned. a lot of the information that
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came to us we're not going to be able to talk about how we got the information, or how we learned what we learned and certainly not going to talk about the investigative technique that they used to get them into custody. as i said, i think it was really good police work more than anything else. we're excited that we have them back in custody, to be honest wu. we're going to breathe a lot easier when they're here and locked up in tarrant county. that's the ultimate goal. that's where we're headed, where we are. with that, i'll turn it over to mr. taylor. then we'll be back to answer questions. >> thank you, sheriff. good morning, everyone. well, after 11 days of the u.s. marshal service tracking down ethan couch, we can finally say he's in custody. he was arrested last night by mexican authorities down in puerto vallarta, mexico.
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i want to echo what the sheriff said, the working relationship we have in the dallas ft. area and the north district of texas. we enjoy that relationship. it's really the collaboration of the federal law enforcement nks state and locals that really brings fugitives to justice. really this was nothing more than a textbook case of that. the collaboration among all the officers, the tirelessness, the dedication, perseverance, passion that these officers have in tracking down fugitives, that's why we're successful, because of that. it's because of the people. it also spans internationally, too, as we pursue fur fugitives foorn foreign countries. our mexican counterparts help us and we help them as well. we still don't have a lot of
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details yet about his return as well as the mother. we're still working through that with the mexican government. but rest assured we are very happy and pleased that they are in the custody of the mexican authorities and they'll be returned to the ute henited sta here shortly. >> i also want to express my grat tutd to especially the u.s. marshal service for their assistance in the return of ethan couch and his mother. clearly without their assistance we would not have him at this time. we're very grateful to the marshal service as well as the sheriff's department for their work on this case. bh he is returned along with his mother we expect the mother to be charged and then we expect to begin proceedings with ethan couch. as you know, there's already hearings set on january the 19th to transfer his juvenile probation to the adult system. we are bound by the sentence
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that he received from the juvenile court, which was a ten-year probated sentence. that sentence kcan be revoked. it is an anomaly of texas law if we revoke his juvenile sentence he would stay in a juvenile sta silt until his 19th birthday which is april 11, 2016. if we proceed in the juvenile sentence, his maximum sentence he will receive is four months of confinement. that in my opinion is not a sufficient punishment for the taking of four lives. our request of the court is going to be to transfer his are probation to the adult court and deal with him in the adult system where we no longer have to be concerned about the best interest of the child, the child defendant in this case. so that's our plan going forward. let me again thank the public for their assistance in
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capturing ethan couch because we got -- our officers, the sheriff's office, the marshal's service received information from throughout the united states and foreign countries about the location of the vehicle and trying to find him, we're very fwragrateful for everyone's cooperation in that. >> again, before i answer questions let me say that probably the one group i didn't thank is the media as well. all the coverage on this certainly generated a tremendous amount of leads. y'all have been very good and helpful in that. with that, if you'll raise your hand, deent yell at me. i'll try to get to everybody. understand they'll be up here after me. >> sheriff, now he's in custody, what do you want to happen to ethan couch this time around? >> well, i'd like for him to be
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held accountable as i've said all along. i don't think ten years probation was appropriate for killing four innocent people and driving at three times the limit of alcohol in his blood. i along with the d.a. going to be hopeful that the case is transferred into an adult court. he is now an adult in the eyes of the state and i would like to see him put in an adult prison and serve out the remainder of his ten-year sentence and hopefully will continue to investigate this, perhaps be able to file an additional case for fleeing initially from probation. >> are you saying ethan and his mother drove the truck all the way to puerto vallarta? or was it left at the border? also, is his father involved in any way? >> our understanding is they did drive the truck down there. that's the information that we were total on different occasions. the investigations is ongoing. we're not at all through yet.
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i will say that, to this point, we haven't uncovered any information that the father is involved. that's all i can say about that. we certainly haven't rule td out. but at the same time all the work that we've done we've not seen any indication that he was involved in this to this point. >> sheriff, you said before they left there was a sort of going away party. you can talk more about that? >> i don't know a lot to answer that question to be honest wu. as we were trying to determine if this was premedicated as we believed it was, a statement was made that they basically had a gathering before they left and kind of characterized it as more or less a going away party, which to us meant that what we suspected had happened, that it was carefully planned and timed to get out of the country. so that was the important part of that. who was there, how it happened or where it was i'm not familiar with. >> sheriff, just to be clear,
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you do characterize this as a potential going away party involving family members? and you also mentioned the brother may have been involved in some way in assisting them. is that correct? >> no, don't have any information about anybody assisting. >> sorry. i must have misheard you. did the going away party involve family members? >> i don't know who was there. >> sheriff, this going away party, did this happen after the discovery of this video purportedly showing ethan where the beer pong was being played? >> i think the time line would show that. obviously it happened right before they left. they left after the video had surfaced. >> what kind of details can you share about the arrest itself? >> not really anything. none of us were there, tand was carried out by the mexican authorities. i really don't know other than they supposedly stopped them in a roadway. i don't know any more about
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that. >> they were driving? >> as we understand. again, we're just getting really thirdhand information from mexico about how it all -- they put out a statement this morning that you've probably seen that gave an intersection of where they supposedly arrested them so i'm assuming they were mobile at that point. >> sheriff, where are they in mexico right now, in another city, in a special holding facility? and are you talking week orz days before they'll be back here to texas? >> that's rick's world about coming back. i don't know honestly where they're being held nor would we probably answer that. >> in the mug shot released this morning, ethan couch's hair appears to be dyed black. do you think he was actively trying to alter his appearance evade capture? >> i think that's the national assumption you have to make if you look at that photograph. we certainly talked numerous times during the investigation that we believed that they would do everything they could to change their appearance. when you see the photo, he
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certainly tried. he was easily recognizable. didn't seem to work too well. i don't think anybody would have not recognized him. his hair was markedly darker. i think that was obviously probably an attempt to change his appearance. >> do we know anything about their movements in mexico, where they stayed, how they got te resources? >> there's a lot of work still going on on that. during the investigation there was obviously references made and things like that. nothing that we can talk about at this point. we're going to keep working on a lot of that. >> sheriff, now that he has been captured, what do you want to tell the victims' families? >> i just want to tell them that we have done everything humanly possible to bring justice to them and their loved ones. as i said many times, i don't think initially justice was served. we hope now justice will be served. as i had no control over what
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happened the first time, now we have really no control over what happens now. it's in the hands of the judicial system, which in our opinion didn't work well the first time but we certainly think this time hopefully that justice will be served and i will tell the families that for the sheriff's office and all of us here today we did everything humanly possible and you're looking at three sleep deprived people who have been working on this round-the-clock pretty much trying to make this happen. so they're fwraetful i'm sure. i haven't talked to any of them. i foe with what was said earlier they're going to be rerelieved he'll be back. >> i know you said there's not much you can say in terms of the tips that came in. generally can you give us a sense of were these just tip that's people saw them on the street or was this tips generated from people close to them within their circle of friends or family? >> i would say both of those are generally correct. there are people who knew them that we talked to that gave
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information. there were people -- dozens and dozens of calls of sightings, many of which were erroneous, but they were people that thought they saw them somewhere. we certainly had our share of those. but also people that had valuable information that were able to share it wuss. >> sheriff, you said they had this planned out, well intended. sounds like think were planning to run forever because none of these offices were going to let this drop. >> no. i think that was a message we sent out strongly. when i was asked during the investigation what would happen if we couldn't find them, i said then he's going to have a long life unable to return to his home. i mean, he would have not literally been able to come back to america because i don't care how long he was gone the woornt have stayed out for him. when he tried to cross back in he would have been arrested. he was at best looking at a life of exile. there was no way he could come
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back to texas or the states for that matter. at some point we felt like if he stayed gone long enough knowing the way they are they try to get back here. >> hopefully that would be an opportunity to take him into custody. it didn't last that long, nor did we think it would with the amount of tips and publicity we had generated. i felt like they'd find him and they did. >> do you think he crossed before the warrant was issued, crossed the border? how do you think he was able to cross there easily? >> i don't know. typically crossing over from here to mexico is not a difficult thing to do. the united states doesn't check people going out they check people coming in. i don't think there would have been an issue or problem with them getting out at that point, particularly since it was before any pickup order or detention order was issued.
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>> sheriff, you've been very vocal on this situation. what would you say about tanya couch as a mother helping her son evade capture? what do you think about her in all of this? >> i'm not the least bit surprised to be honest wu. we saw the actions of how she acted when the initial offense occurred. we saw how she acted throughout the trial. her entire focus has been on protecting ethan. her entire focus has been on making sure he didn't see any justice. making sure he was not accountable. for her to assist him i felt like was just a natural next occurrence. when he was gone and they said she was gone, i was absolutely not the least bit surprised. i wasn't surprised that they were found together. i'm not surprised that she helped him. i just think if you've seen the depositions of that civil suit when she's asked question bz the last time she disciplined or the last time -- there's just no
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chance that she will ever think he needs to be punished or held accountable. [ indiscernable question ] i don't know anything about that. i really don't. >> you said at this point you don't have any evidence that the father knew about this. if there was some sort of going away party kind of indicates others were aware they were going to flee. are you looking at other people who may have had knowledge to face charges as well? >> we're looking at everything right now. that's about all i can say about that. i don't know that anybody there was slult awaabsolutely aware os going to take place. with discussion of the gathering it was more or less that. we're going to continue looking at everything i. don't know if there will be any further dhargs filed. if we come across something, we'll definitely pursue it. >> what was the father's reaction kwlur office told him about the arrest?
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>> i haven't -- he wasn't on my list. i didn't call him. >> was he helpful at all? >> he was cooperative, as i've said. when we interviewed him he was cooperative, didn't really give any information, claimed he didn't really know anything. to say that he was helpful or led us in any direction i don't think so, but he was certainly cooperative and answers our questions. just said he hadn't heard from them, didn't have any idea where they were. >> what's the process of getting the couches back to the states? >> i'll let rick talk about that in just a minute. >> does this look lake the kind of thing where they would have had to stash a lot of cash ahead of time to pull off something like this? >> you've been listening to a press conference in tarrant county talking about the so-called affluenza teen picked up with his mother in puerto vallarta, mexico, overnight.
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as you heard the sheriff say earlier in the press conference, they had taken their pickup truck, crossed the border. there was some type of going away party. now ethan couch and his mother will be brought back at some point, he didn't say when, to the united states. ethan couch will head to a juvenile facility and his mother will also be brought to jail. there you see their pictures. let's talk about over a bit with judge glenda hatchet, the host of the court tv show "june hatchet" and founded her own law firm, todd clemens who represented one of ethan couch's victims. we'll get to the legal mess they're in in a moment. todd first, how are the families of the victims reacting to the fact that now they have been caught? >> you know, i spoke with them literally seconds after the news broke on cnn. first one i called was eric boyles who lost his wife and daughter in this terrible crash. he expressed three emotions. the first was relief. the second emotion was
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gratefulness because indeed not only law enforcement but the entire country had mobilize to try to find ethan and tanya i think the third emotion was satisfaction that even deed finally 2 1/2 years after this initial tragedy it appears justice may very well be done. >> what do you think at this point? certainly there's a lot of talk that they may move ethan couch's case to an adult court. i'm going to ask the judge about that in a moment. what do you think the victims' families would like to see happen to ethan couch and his mom now? >> i think they're ready for the sentence given in the juvenile trial which was ten years probation but i think awful them felt that ten years in jail would have been much more appropriate. they're ready to see that sentence carried out. i i think they're ready to see ethan as the sheriff so colorfully said a few weeks ago do some time in big boy jail. >> and judge it sounds like the
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d.a. and the sheriff and just about all of law enforcement is ready for that. that's why they're talking about wanting to move his case. there was some talk about that even before he disappeared, moving his case to adult court. he turns 19 in april. what would that mean, that he could serve out the rest of i guess the eight years now left on his probation in an adult facility? >> absolutely, randi. and the d.a. was very clear at this press conference, as was the sheriff. i expect that to happen. i expect them to go in and basically say that this should be transferred to adult court and that his probation should be revoked. but there is also a caveat to this because under texas law you can be sentenced up to 20 years for dui manslaughter. so the question really becomes whether the prosecutor will actually ask for a sentence longer than the balance of the
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probation. that's going to be very interesting to see. but i would be very surprised if this probation, sfs of supervision and revocation is not moved to an adult court. >> the sheriff is talking about an additional case for fleeing. it's not like they'll retry him for the death of those four people when he was drunk driving. this is another case they'll be looking at. >> right. they are barred because of double jeopardy, because he basically has been sentenced for the death of the four people. my heart goes out to all those families, as all of ours do. but this is another chance in a way to correct what i think was a despicable sentence of aflunz s affluenza. this is ridiculous. his mother will face charges. he will face charges on fleeing. i don't know if that will be concurrent or whether that will be added on. we'll have to see on that. >> interesting conversation for
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sure. todd, thank you very much. todd clement, appreciate your time and of course give our best to the families. judge stand by if you will. much more breaking news ahead. the police officer accused of murdering a teenager in chicago firing 16 shots all caught on video just appeared in court and entered his plea. protesters also confronting him. we'll show you what happened inside and outside the court, next.
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. moments ago the chicago police officer charged in the death of 17-year-old lequan mcdonald pleaded not guilty to murder and misconduct. officer jason van dyke's arra n arraignment was done without
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cameras. this case got a tremendous amount of publicity after dash cam of shooting was released last month. listen how some reacted as van dyke walked into that courtroom. >> come on, people, milwaukee m. >> who care bz him? what are you talking about? like the 16 holes he put in that boy? >> van dyke's attorney wants the trial to take place outside chicago because of reaction exact lie like that. he doesn't think his trial will get a fair trial there. rosa flores is in chicago with much more on this. >> reporter: hi, randi. the arraignment process was very, very brief. it was only delayed a bit because there was a chambers meeting with attorneys. but after that, it was actually very brief with jason van dyke pleading not guilty. now, here is the back ground. of course, we know that jason
8:34 am
van dyke faces six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct. this all dates back to october of last year when he shot and killed teenager lequan mcdonald. and we have video of jason van dyke entering court today. you can see there are a lot of people around him, a lot of the time what we've seen is small groups of people greet him coming into the courthouse. then as he leaves the courthouse they also scream things at him, pound his vehicle as he drives off. but again he has pleaded not guilty to all six counts and to the count of official misconduct and the pretrial motions are expected a month from today, january 29th. >> rosa flores, live in chicago, thank you. back with me, judge glend at that hatchet. you heard the reaction that van dyke got there as he walked to
8:35 am
the court. what do you think? can he get a fair trial in chicago? >> i think that the attorney has a very strong argument to change venue, given all that's happened and all the pretrial publicity. but we saw the same motions in baltimore, and it wasn't changed. so it may well stay in chicago. you know, i would argue that he should be tried in chicago and he should be tried by a jury there. >> why is that? >> because i think that this community has a vested interest and we -- our justice system says that you should be tried by the community of your peers. i think that should happen here. although i will admit and concede that there is a stroj argument that his attorney could make for a change of venue, fifen that there has been so much publicity in this case. >> judge glenda hatchet, nice to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we'll see you a lot more in january when the pretrial
8:36 am
motions are filed, randi. it will be telling. >> agreed. meanwhile, a terror plot targeting new year's eve thwarted and the plan involved isis and military style outfits. we now know the specific target. plus, the battle between the clintons and donald trump is getting personal and nastier. race, sex and even monica lewinsky now involved in a back-and-forth. will bill clinton go unscripted on the campaign trail?
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belgian authorities believe they may have prevented a terror attack in brussels. two people under arrest investigators say they found
8:40 am
isis propaganda and military style outfits they believe the terror group inspired the plot but didn't direct it. authorities do not believe they're related to the attacks in paris. but a short time ago we learned an air strike killed an isis leader linked to the massacre in paris. coalition leaders say he was active lly planning more attack. the iraq government claims it's retaken ramadi from the terror group isis. tribal leaders say isis still controls a quarter of the city. the prime minister is making a bold prediction that isis will be pushed out of iraq entirly in 2016. let's talk more about this with mark kimmette. good to see you. how significant would you say the retaking of ramadi is and
8:41 am
can iraq really drive out isis within a year would you say? >> first, it's a significant military victory for the iraqi security forces who this time last year were in pretty bad shape. second, it demonstrates that in many ways isis has lost its momentum in its ground operations. and as for mosul, that's going to be a much better, tougher fight for the iraqi army. it's about five times the size of ramadi and about three times the distance from the support bases needed to take that town. let's hope the iraqis can take mosul in 2016, but it will take a tough fight and a lot of organizational capacity to do that. >> and sticking with ra maudety, the viable leaders say isis controls 25% of ramadi. that sounds like a lot more than just a few pockets of fighters. how do you keep control of that city, prevent those pockets from
8:42 am
growing? >> first you've got to reduce the pockets of resistance. i think that's what the tribal fighters, the sunni tribal fighters, will do. but in fact it is the case that the iraqi security forces now control the main parts of ramadi but it's not surprising that there's still these remaining 25% pockets of resistance. that will take a little bit longer to reduce. but ramadi is back in the hands of the iraqi government. >> we've certainly seen other cities where isis has fallen in iraq and syria. is it the same protocol there? what does iraq need to do to vanquish them for good and what does the u.s. role possibly look like there? >> well, now they have pretty  euphrates river valley, the other main access for advance for isis was along the tigris river valley. yes, they have taken back the iraqi security forces have taken
8:43 am
back tikrit, but the second largest city of iraq mosul now needs to be taken and that's what they're going to try to do in 2016. there's a very good chance that isis will be punish pushed out over the next year. >> mosul is key in all of this, isn't it? >> yes. sure is. >> general, thank you. >> sure. and now to the race for the white house. republican front-runner donald trump continuing his onslaught against bill and hilary clinton. he had this to say this morning. >> that's what they said. they called him a racist. i don't believe he is a racist if you want to know the truth. they called him a race i. it was a miserable campaign. he did very poorly. they're bringing him out again. he's being wheeled out. we'll see what ps.
8:44 am
there was certainly a lot of abuse of women. you look at whether it's monica lewinsky or paula jones or many of them, and that certainly will be fair game. certainly if they play the woman card with respect to me that will be fair game. >> donald trump aloft buzz words there. the clinton campaign calling trump's words demeaning saying hillary won't be bullied by attacks he throws. but when his insults are directed at women, immigrants, asian-americans, muslims, et cetera, hillary clinton will stand up to him joining me is democratic strategist and hill clinton supporter and fund-raiser robert zimmerman and former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell, josh holmes. robert, let me start with you. will bill clinton be an asset do you think to his wife hillary clinton this time around, or could his presence on the campaign trail possibly
8:45 am
backfire? >> let's be clear. bill clinton is one of the most respected public figures in the world, had one of the most successful presidencies in modern times. and is certainly one of the most politically astute figures out there. of course he'll be a great asset. let's understand donald trump's trant ick city lounge act for the right wing has a certain resonance mongsz his supporters. 44% of republicans believe president obama is a secret muslim. 54% of trump supporters feel that way. in fact, that crowd thinks duck dynasty is a think tank. so clearly in the trump world that kind of hatemongering and language has a resonance. then you get to people with real lives and the electorate at large. and that clearly demonstrates why donald trump is politically irrelevant in the bigger picture. >> met he ask josh about this. he called bill clinton's impeachment nonsense. listen to this and then i'll ask you about it.
8:46 am
>> look at the trouble bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant. they tried time peach him, which was nonsense. yet bush got us into this horrible war by lying, saying they had weapons of mass destruction, saying all sorts of things that turned out not to be true. >> so josh, you saw trump's flip there. could that flip-flopping when it comes to his support of the clintons hurt him? >> oh, sure. it's the convenient evolution of donald trump based pob where the politics of the day are. don't think anybody's argued i's been a consistent republican or conservative. he's been nothing short of a liberal democrat to a conservative republican in the course of ten years. he does have one point, though. the one point is that every time the democrats bring out bill clinton they hope there's going to be this miraculous sort of conversion from the democratic party of the 1990s, the democratic party of 2015. i ran a race in kentucky last year for the senate majority
8:47 am
leader. bill clinton was there enough times to pick up his mail. and every time he showed up the poll numbers got worse for the person he was campaigning for. i don't think this is exactly what the clinton campaign thinks is going to be the panacea to support her candidacy. >> bill clinton will be on the campaign trail starting in a few days, january 4th in new hampshire is his first big outing, robert. how do you think he should or how do you think he even will respond fe does to trump's tacks? clinton's attacks on president obama in 2008 as you know really backfired. >> really i think he was a great asset in 2008 despite when the punditry world feels it's not my place to give bill clinton advice, but i think democrats always do better when we show we represent the difference from the republicans. i think that's our most important issue here. this is not a conservative versus liberal election. if you look at what donald trump and ted cruz and ben carson stand for and they have support
8:48 am
from 67% of the republican electorate, it's really about their demagoguery that's really at issue here not about conservatism and it's about demagoguery versus decency. whenever we can stand up and be a party that supports planned parenthood, pay equity for women and building the economy, we clearly demonstrate why we're better equipped to lead. i think the american people respond to that. after all, in the last six presidential elections, democrat vz won the five in the last six republicans seem to get narrower attempt. >> let me ask you about this as well. donald trump making an announcement on twitter this morning regarding his finances. he said, my campaign for president is $35 million under underbudget. i have spent very little, and i am in first place. now i will spend big in iowa new hampshire south carolina. so, josh, will this extra money solidify his place at the top? will it make a difference? i'm curious why he's even doing it p. >> it's funny.
8:49 am
a lot of us on this side of things want to se before we believe it. there's been a lot of talk about what trump is doing on the ground in terms of field staff, whae's doing. none of it has come to fruition yet. the real question is whether he's actually willing to open up his wallet. he may believe all the earned media will carry him to wins to iowa and new hampshire. i've got to believe there's professionals in the operation taking a look and saying, no, now is the time you have to spend. i'll believe that when it hits the tv screens in iowa and new hampshire. >> josh is totally correct. those of us who know donald trump's reputation in new york we know very well he never spends his own money and never pays up front. very hard to run a presidential campaign that way and especially with news reports that the money he has raised he's used to pay himself back for the use of his plane. i don't think -- wait until the check clears the bank before we
8:50 am
believe it. >> we will see if the check is in the mail on that one. robert zimmerman, josh holmes, thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, more on our breaking news, the arrest of ethan couch, the affluenza teen. hear about the going away party he had and why couch could now he had and why couch could now face a new sentence. to take care of my heart.s that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. and let's get back to breaking news the capture of the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch and his mother. a few moments ago we heard from the sheriff of tarrant kocounty
8:54 am
texas, and he says that couch will be put back into the juvenile system and his mother will be facing new charges. and now we will talk to paul butler and cnn legal analyst paul callan. and what can you expect when the two of them are returned, the two of them some >> well, they will be arraigned, and the teenager will be charge ed with probation violation, and you you know, so many people go to prison for probation violation, and as many people in prison for that as the substantive offense. i keep thinking of the stark contrast this is from the tamir rice kis case where we have a rich white teenager who kills four people, and he gets probashgs and tamir rice who is a teenager who is playing with a bb gun, and he is shot and killed by a police officer, and no prosecution. and you know, african-american teenagers deserve this same
8:55 am
break as this kid, and they don't, they get uneven expose sure. so it is a one case of justice for each. >> and so, there was a psychologist who said that he should go to prison, and he was the victim of being brought up in the wealthy family and not knowing the difference of right and wrong, and paul callan, respond ta? >> well, i wrote a column for this when it broke is that the cure for affluenza is prison. and i happy to agree with mr. butler. the sentence here is an outrage. the defense is that he was so wealthy and privileged that he had not been given, and he thought that wealth could buy its way out of criminal charges and apparently it did here. you will see a new judge coming
8:56 am
down very, very harshly, and at least a ten-year sentence on this, and ultimately justice will be done in this case. >> yes, he is going back to court, and maybe his case is o going to the be moved to adult court, and he may be be serving another eight years or more in prison if found guilty. and what about the mother's role in this case, paul butler. what charges could she chase, and the sheriff said it that he was not at all surprise ed thd she helped her son go on the run. >> yes. so, she is looking at harboring a fugitive, obstruction of j justice, texas state charge, because we have international borders crossed, possibly some federal charges as well. but again, she kind of aided and abetted his affluenza defense, and the idea was that she and her husband had coddled this kid so much that he didn't know right from wrong, and he had unrealistic expectations and so is she culpablculpable?
8:57 am
and sometimes the the prosecutors will go after the crimes, and think of them going after hoffa for tax evasion and so it would not surprise me if they have an attitude against this lady, and her husband and looking to bring charges against her. >> and let me ask you, paul callan, about this beer pong video, and how much it may take a role, because we don't see ethan couch drinking, but part of the probation was that he was not supposed to be around alcohol, and how much will this play a role in what happens? >> oh, it will be playing a role, but even though they don't have him drinking, and they can call some of the witnesses there at the party and prove undoubtedly he was drinking. but it is fleeing the jurisdiction, and all of the evidence proves that it is a permanent move plan and that is going to be a harsh retribution by the court to send a message that you can't flee the jurisdiction especially when
8:58 am
they cut this kid such a break. four people dead, and one brain damaged, and three times the legal limit, and valium in his bloodstream as he rode down that road at 70 miles per hour. i mean, come on. >> and somehow he ended up in the lovely resort town of puerto vallarta, right? >> when he becomes a fugitive, he picks a luxury resort, and he remains in character, doesn't he, randi? >> yes, we will leave it there. paul callan and paul butler, thank you very much. >> just ahead, it was a duck hunt in rough weather and now within man is dead, and a country singer missing after send sending the year ri tweet right before they set out.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm randi kay in for ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." we start in chicago at the start of the deadly shootings at the hands of chicago police. >> 16 holes he put in that boy -- >> that is officer jason van dyke making his way past protesters for an arraignment. the officer says that laquan mcdonald posed a deadly threat, but he was in fact walking away from polic


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