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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 20, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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all right, you're watching cnn. thanks for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. to politics we go. donald trump and sarah palin. she did not appear at an event this morning in nor walk, iowa, but she's expected 0 to take the stage with him moments from now in oklahoma, oral roberts university, to be precise. she endorsed him of course at a rally in iowa last night. >> he is from the private sector, not a politician. ki g can i get a hallelujah? where in the private sector you actually have to balance budgets in order to prioritize to keep the main thing the main thing.
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and he knows the main thing a president is to keep us save economically and militarily. he knows the main thing, and he knows how to lead the charge. so, troops, hang in there because help's on the way. because he better than anyone, isn't he known for being able to command fire? are you ready for a commander in chi chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? >> cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta is on the road in tulsa. packed house, it looks like. what's the word, any minute they'll be on that stage? >> reporter: brooke, your guess is as good as mine. we were expecting them to be out here about an hour ago. they are running behind schedule, but that's the life here on the campaign trail. these things rarely start on
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time. but you're right, this is sort of a vintage donald trump crowd. we're in a packed auditorium at oral roberts university. this has been a critical week for donald trump. he's been trying to change his christian conservative movement. on monday he was on the campus of a university founded by christian convict soev tifz. today he's at oral roberts another university founded by evangelicals. by the way, he's going to have the former alaska governor sarah palin at his side. as you mention, she was not at the event earlier this morning, but i was told by a senior campaign official she will be here for this event which should be happening any moment now. so donald trump checking some major boxes with just two weeks a little less than two weeks before the iowa caucuses even though palin was not at his side earlier this morning, brooke, it was interesting. palin who was a strong supporter of ted cruz in 2012, she wasn't
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here this morning. but trump went after cruz questioning the texas senator whether he's eligible to be president, accusing him of being sort of a phony robin hood because of these loans he got from goldman sachs. his wife's firm, back in 2012. so donald trump was really tearing into ted cruz. but interestingly sarah palin was not at his side. and we do know that there has been some friction between the cruz camp and the palin camp in the hours leading up to that endorsement for donald trump. so it will be interesting to see what donald trump says when he comes out here. does he go after cruz with sarah palin right by his side? this has the potential to ruffle feathers unside the conservative movement in the republican p party. but in this year of the outsider, is there a better endorsement right now than sarah palin? it seems at this point there really isn't. you know, you saw that monmouth
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university poll that came out earlier today showing trump with a very comfortable lead nationally. i think the question going forward in the next few days what do the state by state polls say? is there a palin effect, palin bump say, for example, in iowa. that will be critical to watch. >> that will be the question. jim acosta, i'm not going too far from you. we'll watch to see donald and sarah. thank you, sir. let's chat about this and keep in mind this number, 34. 34. that is how many votes actually separated first and second place in the iowa republican caucuses in 2012. the question is to jim's point, how much will sarah palin's support move the meter from ted cruz to donald trump? let me bring in bill press, host of "the bill press show" and author of "the obama hate machine" and david frum is with me as well, senior editor at a the atlantic." gentlemen, welcome. let's just be crystal clear. safe to say neither of you are
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endorsing trump. but, david, let's play in. >> what the heck was the establishment know about conservatism? tell me, is this conservative? gop majorities handing obama a blank check to fund obamacare? and planned parenthood? and illegal immigration that competes for your jobs? and turning safety nets into hammocks and all these new democrat voter whoz are going to be coming on over the border as we keep the borders over. and bequeathing our children millions in new debt and refusing to fight back for our solvency and our sovereignty even though that's why we elected him and sent him as a majority to d.c.? no. if they're not willing to do that, then how are they to tell us that we're not conservative enough in order to be able to make these changes in america
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that we know need to be made? now they're concerned about this ideological purity? give me a break. who are they to say that? >> just a little more flavor for everyone from last night. david frum, to you, who do you think this palin endorsement is targeting? >> if she can move 200, 300, 400 iowa republicans from cruz or from uncertainty to trump that's a big event. the total number of folks in iowa are not that large. as you said at the beginning in 2012, it was 34 votes that made the difference. >> bill, what do you think? >> well, first of all, i've just got to say as a talk show host i only have three words for that event last night, brooke, and that is "thank you geez jesus." it doesn't get any better than sarah palin and donald trump. but david's right. this is not a dumb move on
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donald trump's move by far. it's smart on sarah palin because she's back in the game, back in her spotlight. her star was starting to fade. now she hitched her wagon to donald trump's star, and it's smart for donald trump. he's got a double whammy, looks like triple whammy getting into the cruz area with almost an endorsement in jerry falwell jr. and from cruz's best friend sarah palin. now at oral roberts university? that could swing i wouldn't say cruz voters but undecided voters to say, trump's okay, let's go with it. >> he knows how to create moments, doesn't he? bill, let me stay with you. i was reading this quote, conservative radio host in wisconsin compared trump to a crocodile being raised in a bath type. this is charlie sykes saying the analogy i would use is watching somebody who has been raising a crocodile in their bathtub and
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suddenly the crocodile gets big enough to bite them and they're surprised by it. you're a fellow radio show even though you're on the liberal side. what is your reaction to that host kind of dumping on mr. trump? >> i don't think he's necessarily dumping on mr. trump. david frum has written this same point, correct me if i'm wrong, david, that this anti-establishment move is something that has grown up within the republican party and maybe they were not taking it seriously enough until now when -- because the establishment's always been in a position to come back and reclaim the leadership like they did in 2012 with mitt romney. this time it looks like that anti-establishment side of the party or the alligator, if you will, whether it's trump or cruz, is going to prevail. and that -- >> do you really want to be bitten back by the precious crocodile you've been raising? i guess you could see it both ways. it's strong and mighty. david, what do you think? >> i think trump and cruz are very different things. i think one other things that
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host if i understood him correctly was saying -- i wrote this for "the atlantic" the other day -- the word conservative is used in very different senses by cruz and trump supporters. to some, it's an ideology. you have this view on guns and that hooks up to this view on federal spending which holds up to the view on the gold standard, though they might not be in common with each other. but for a lot of rkz, convict turf tich is an identity. it's the way you stand as agates other society. we don't care about those -- that network of issues and policies that have been pulled together in the name of conservati conservatism. so when the ted cruzs of the world say donald trump isn't a consistent conservative, a lot of donald trump voters aren't consistent conservatives but they have an idahoty and he touches them. >> it seems like some of what donald trump has saited.
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one of you cited the new monmouth poll, a piece of that is 36% of republican voters doubt cruz's eligibility to become president. when you talk to constitutional lawyers, some on the show, they seem to think, yes, it's never been tested in the courts but it's not a big deal. it's a stunning number which again tells me that what trump is saying trying to chisel away at cruz is working. >> he's dumb like a fox. peop all of us have looked at trump and received, he's a joke, he's not going to run, he won't get to iowa or new hampshire. he outfoxes us every time. this birther question which he used so just passionately against barack obama, it is hurting ted cruz. ted cruz still has to answer for it. on top of that you have the loans and now he's getting into the evangelical territory for ted cruz. i would say this guy we all thought was a dumb politician has proven to be a pretty savvy politician. >> final question. go ahead, david.
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then one more for you, bill. >> i hope nobody thought he was. what is going to be your top story? the financial markets and crisis in china. who is the one candidate who has been talking about what's been happening with the chinese currency on the republican side? donald trump. the other side talking about making the dollar even more expensive than it otherwise has been. trump is in tune with a lot of issues -- he's in tune with a lot of crazy things. he's also in tune with a lot of issues that republicans care about at a time when supposedly irresponsible people are paying no attention at all. >> we will be talking about the dow, as you can see down almost 400 points, which is a huge story. but beyond that, on e-mails, bill, on hillary clinton, the new report from the inspector general saying that there were e-mails on her private server that were, quote unquote, beyond top secret. this is going to keep popping up over next couple months on the trail, you know, when you look
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at the unfavorable numbers in our new cnn poll it backs it up. this has hit her in the past. people don't trust her. regardless of what the investigation finds, how does she overcome hits that her campaign will undoubtedly take the next couple of months? >> well, let me just say this. i don't think there's a lot of fire there. i did think there's smoke. meaning i don't think this is fatal for hillary clinton. but i've got to say it was a dumb move for her to have that private server in the first place, and the campaign and hillary clinton have not handled it well from the beginning. i think the only way out of it is she has to have a news conference and say, look, here's the exact truth. here's what i did. and lay it out there and then take as many questions as she can from the media and put it behind her. but continuing to dance around her, this thing you're right will not go away. it will plague her if she's the nominee all the way to november. >> but bill, she already has -- >> she has.
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i was just thinking, of course, camp clinton would say she testified for hours and hours and hours. we'll see. let's pull away. i need to go, david and bill, thank you so much for now. not a graceful pivot for me, but i have to go now to pull tulsa, oklahoma. uf know her. sarah palin speaking at this trump rally. >> is a fund. al restoration of america all that is good and free and exceptional about america! so we need to be in it to win it. and we're in it because we believe in america, and we can believe that our best days are ahead of us. but we're going to have to start doing things completely different. thing that's over the last seven, eight years have gotten us into the mess that we're in. we need to elect a commander in chief who will respect our
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troops, a commander in chief who understands that we, as americans, you here in oklahoma especially, you love your freedom. and when you love your freedom, you thank a vet. you thank a vet and then you realize that our vets deserve a commander in chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis' ass.
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>> our vets and you deserve a commander in chief who will respect what it is that our forces go through and would never leave them behind! >> couple of lines we heard them last night from the big endorsement event for donald trump. here she is, former alaska governor sarah palin there on the stump in tulsa, oklahoma, oral roberts university. want to let you know about a big event that is coming next monday night in the state of iowa. it will be seen only on cnn. exactly one week before iowa chooses. bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face to face with the voters in iowa in a cnn democratic presidential town hall live from des moines. that cnn's chris cuomo will moderate. this is a unique opportunity for iowans to ask question of these three democrats. next monday night 9:00 eastern only on cnn.
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coming up next, one of the americans freed by iran appearing in public for the very first time. what jason rezaian says he now wants to do with his freedom. plus, even though the coalition is hitting isis mostly in iraq and syria, american troops have just been given legal authority to strike the terrorists elsewhere. and, as president barack obama gets ready to appear in michigan where families still do not have clean water, we'll talk live with one columnist who says he failed flint. hear why. you both have a
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president obama in detroit, michigan, touting how his administration salvaged the auto industry. he's making his first visit to the north american auto show, but local issue are flouting his visit. number one, more detroit public schools closed today as teachers conducted another sick-out over poor, unsafe working conditions
11:21 am
and education underfunding. 83 schools, roughly 80% of the school system, shut down today. issue number two, meanwhile, michigan's governor rick snyder is apologizing to folks in flint for failing to better handle the city's toxic water crisis. revelations of massive lead contamination have led to accusations of government negligence and political cover-ups. governor snyder concedes to the assertion that flint is his katrina, which he said to my next guest, but today flint's mayor said an apology is not enough. >> we just need people to step up, speak up and speak out about what's going on in flint, but i'm really glad to be here because i know we're going to get more resources. i'm going to get to talk with the people that i need to talk with, and we're going to do everything possible to continue to move flint forward and get us clean, quality water. >> as we mentioned, the president is in detroit today.
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not expected to travel to flint, but he did meet with the mayor of flint, michigan, just yesterday in washington. joining me now, ron foreigniurn he's written extensively whether state government and the flint water crisis. ron, nice to have you back. let me begin, you know, you say not only has the governor failed the people of flint, you say you have failed the people of flint. why? >> well, you know, i'm from michigan, born and raised in detroit, still have property north of flint. i'm probably in flint every six weeks or so. and yet this crisis was not top of mind. to the point where i sat down with the governor in november actually and then wreet a column in early december about his management style of pragmatic data driven management style that's seen success. i didn't ask him about flint. i didn't include flint in the column. it wasn't something that was foremost enough in my mind, and
11:23 am
it needed to be. so i went back up this week to cover his state of the state address and spent a couple days in flint just digging in on the issue and just realizing how horrific it really is. >> horrific on so many levels. you know, we've talked to folks -- i'm sure you have, too -- children are affected by all of this. it's been going on for about two years. reading from that initial article to where you are now, even though it sounds like you have faith in the governor, he's pulled a 180, how do you make of how he's doing, the state of state and the fact that you're calling out a head of the epa, an obama appointee. >> i have a faith he's a dees sent man that wants to get it right like i have faith that barack obama, george bush, bill clinton are decent people that want to get it right. but they fail. when they fail, what we've got to do, as a leader, you step forward, take accountability, be transparent about your mistakes, and then you take action. you could argue that he has
11:24 am
finally shown some contrition and shown some empathy. he's now talking about some transparency releasing his e-mails. now, i would like to see him actually waive the exemption that the governor has in michigan because otherwise there's no penalty for withholding e-mails. he's got to do that. then the proof is in the pudding. does flint really get the resources it needs from the state to replace the infrastructure and reparations for the decades of damage that's going to be imposed on especially these young people in flint who have been poisoned by every level of our government. >> do you think based on what you know the governor was complicit in the cover-up? >> i don't know. there's no doubt that his appointees, people who he put in the department of environmental quality, certainly were. they covered it up. they were arrogant about it. they were dismissive with about the public's concerns and they covered up their lack of putting in the anticorrosion material that had to be in the pipes.
11:25 am
we also know that the epa knew for months, maybe even before the michigan state department of environmental quality, that there was an excessive amount of lead in the water. and they sat on it as well. so there's no doubt there was complicity below level. what i don't know is if it rolls all the way up to the governor, or whether it rolls all the way to the president, though i doubt it would have gotten to the president's office. >> ron fournier, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, one of the freed american prisoners, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian, speaking out for the very first time. what he says is the first thing he wants to do with his new found freedom. plus, american troops getting legal authority to attack isis in a location that is not syria nor iraq. details and why this is a bad sign against the war against the terrorists.
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free for the very first time in more than 500 days, veteran "washington post" reporter jason rezaian walked out of a hospital in germany, giving the world its first glimpse of his freedom after languishing in an iranian prison on vague charges of espionage. here he is with his family. there he is waving to some of the cameras saying a few words. here you go. >> how are you feeling, jason? good to be out? [ indiscernable ] glad to have you. >> welcome back! [ indiscernable ] >> can't wait to be home, he says. in a statement, he revealed a little bit bhor about what he has been missing while he was cut off behind prison walls. one of his must-dos, watch the
11:31 am
latest "star wars" movie. could the u.s.-led war on isis be expanding beyond the borders of iraq and syria? u.s. troops have just been granted legal authority to go on the offensive against isis in afghanistan. for the very first time. until now, the military's only way of going after the terrorists there was in the case of a direct threat. but a new classification has freed up the rules of engagement for u.s. forces. that classification giving the terror group a name. that name isis-k or isis corresponcore azahn. essentially a new wave of cells and the existing core azahn group. we go to our expert here. good to see you. first explain this to me. we've been talking so much about isis in syria and iraq. but how strong is the presence
11:32 am
over there, the concern over the presence in afghanistan? >> well, they're growing. there's a lot of reporting coming out of afghanistan right now that they're really trying to establish a presence there. there are members of the taliban and other group that's don't like that, but they are getting a following. they have a very strong global narrative, brooke, and it resonates. there are groups in afghanistan right now that are switching allegiances to isis. i think we'll see their presence grow in afghanistan in 2016. >> president obama has called the korazan group quote seasoned al qaeda operatives. for so long we've been talking about the almost this one-upmanship rival groups between isis and al qaeda. now it appears as a merge? >> yeah. but i think the thing your viewers want to consider is one of the major differences between al qaeda and ice ice is isis really do believe they'll achieve this apocalyptic end of day scenario on their watch. they're very, very committed to strikes and drawing us into this end of days battle.
11:33 am
so when you think about what isis is capable of from a level of local violence, these guys are i think even more serious than al qaeda in terms of what they're doing. so when i see them setting up safe haven in afghanistan, it concerns me. >> isis-k formed january 15. does the fact that the u.s. now pushes for a rule change being to actively go on the offensive against them in afghanistan, does that suggest to you as you point out that you are concerned, is there truly this growing threat there? >> oh, sure, yeah. the threat is there. and i'm glad to see that some authorities are expanded to finally let our guys and girls get after them the way they need to. we're going to have to do some of that. but here's the thing. even in the surge in afghanistan when we were actively walking down taliban and al qaeda, it didn't work as a singular strategy. we're going to have to work out in the rural areas with the tribes and clans from the bottom up. just walking isis down in these places and taking them out is not going to win the war against them. it never has. how long have you been reporting on different strikes? >> a long time.
11:34 am
>> it's going to have to be a focused bottomup strategy. that's what my book is about. until we do that in these rural areas, they're going to have safe haven. >> colonel mann, thank you. >> thanks. our own dana bash sits down with republican contender john case innikasich and his family. how he says he plans to turn the campaign on his head. mrs., he was one of nfl's most prized wide receivers. have you heard about this now? he won a super bowl ring with the pittsburgh steeler. now at just 36 years of age, he has trouble with his memory, tough time walking downstairs and candidly questions whether he would have played if he could do it all again. that story straight ahead.
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sure donald trump is leading in the polls in new hampshire, but iowa governor john kasich is hitting that state hard, heading
11:39 am
from one town hall to another with his wife and two daughters in tow. and here's the thing, he is gaining ground. in a brand-new american research group poll governor kasich is in a strong second place behind only trump and in a cnn exclusive, our chief political correspondent dana bash kasich concord, new hampshirew hampshi. >> you do admit this is a critical state. you said on monday, quote, if i become the story here, i will win the presidency. >> i said i would win the nomination and i think the presidency. i'm really positive. up to now, the celebrity candidates have been the story. i'm not eye celebrity candidate. i also said, if i get smoked here, i'm not carry ong a fairy tail. >> reporter: what does smoked mean? >> i get beaten badly. >> reporter: like third, fourth? >> we'll know on the 10th of february. that's not going to happen. if everything i know about politics, which is the most
11:40 am
important thing, the ground game, unless everything is repealed we're going to do extremely well here and i am going to come out of here and contrary to what some people think, we've got activity in a lot of states here. i'm very optimistic about the future. >> reporter: mrs. kasich, the last time i was here with your husband in new hampshire, he kept saying, i wish my wife and daughters were here to see this. what's it like to be here? >> it's fun for us. we enjoy, a, seeing what john does and seeing h inin ining th when they see him and we enjoy meeting people in the community. >> reporter: this is the first time you're sitting down with your parents to interview. what is it like to be the daughter of a presidential candidate? because you really have a unique experience here. >> it's a good experience going on the road, but it's pretty much normal at home. >> it's all the same kind of. >> reporter: most 15-year-olds don't hang out on presidential
11:41 am
campaign buses. >> yeah. but we've kind of grown up with him doing something like campaigning. when we were like 10 we had a bus for his governor election so -- >> reporter: that's true. this is kind of normal for you. uh-huh. >> reporter: while we were on the subject, i couldn't help but notice your dad tried to get you to speak at this event. i was 16 once. i remember if my dad breathed wrong i was morality i ptified. and i love him. so i can't imagine what it would be like with cameras on you and you're in the public eye. >> i think it's a fun experience. >> we spoke at the last town hall meeting. >> reporter: did you like it? >> only for like ten seconds. >> yeah, it was fine. >> this is not like one of these adoring wives, you know, where, like, oh, my husband. i mean, are you kidding me? it just doesn't work that way. >> reporter: how does it work?
11:42 am
>> well, she's just -- she treats me like a husband. she doesn't, you know -- she's not like, oh, he's so great. would you pick up your socks? that's the thing that drives me crazy. i mean, i wear a pair of socks, it's like she thinks it's nuclear waste or something. it's ridiculous. i will tell you a sort of funny. when i was out of politics i had a speaking career and i needed somebody to help book my speeches. so she started on a monday morning at 9:00, and by 11:00 i fired her. >> i quit. >> she says she quit. >> i quit. >> reporter: why? >> she i couldn't work for him. he would tell me what to do. i didn't really like that. >> it was two hours, sweetie. come on. >> reporter: two hours was enough. >> enough. i didn't need the money that bad. >> dana bash joins us now. it's fun to lift the curtain behind the politicians and see what the family is like and interactions between everyone. i understand you asked mrs. kasich about how she handles her husband's -- how did
11:43 am
she put it, prickly personality? how did that go? >> reporter: right. i sort of had a little preamble say, i'm going to try to ask this delicately because john kasich admits se known has a reputation of being impatient and at times prickly. her answer was that she, you know, just tries to remindgrown. he jumped in and said, i'm going to say it and she won't. she tells me, remember, you're the leader of a state. act like it. but then he went on to say, you know what? look, i am who i am and i like me. it was kind of a classic john kasich moment. >> why do you think the two daughters said yes to talking? >> reporter: well, it's the parents that said yes. and we were a bit surprised. we knew that the whole family was out on the campaign trial, his twin daughters that just turned 16 this past saturday had not been out with him like this before. so we asked for the whole family and were told, ha they're not s sure because like many political
11:44 am
parents have shielded their daughters because as they said, they have grown up in the spotlight. but they decided at the last minute, you know, let's let them do it. the governor told me why. he said it's because he wants them to have this moment for their kids, for their grandkids, to show, look, this is what it was like to be with my dad when he ran for president. perhaps that was an indication that he thinks maybe this isn't going to last too long? maybe i'm reading too much into it. >> who knows? i did appreciate one of the gai girls' candor, we had a bus when we were 10, no big deal. >> exactly. >> dana bash, great interview. thank you for sharing that. coming up next, a reese enesly retired nfl star says he regrets playing football and says the sport may not actually exist in the coming decades. hear why and what's happening to him, just to his body, to his mind. plus, jamie foxx saves a man from a burning car. you will hear from that man's father and from the actor together ahead.
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gimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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in 2006 he was one of the nfl's most prized wide receivers. he was an all-star the year before that, brought home a super bowl win for the pittsburgh steelers. now at just 36 years of age, 36, he has a tough time remembering things and difficulty walking down the stairs. and talking about now retired antoine harandle l. he has revealed the trauma he's suffered as a professional football player. quoting here, i ask my wife things over and over again. i'll ask her three times the night before and get up in the morning and forget. then this shocking prediction, quote, i wouldn't be surprised if football isn't around in 20, 25 years. let me bring in the pittsburgh "post-gazette" reporter who broke the story.
11:50 am
brady, incredible piece. welcome. >> thanks, brooke. good to be here. >> so you interviewed randle el, part of a much bigger interactive at the post gazelle on how these different players are doing in their later years. but he's so freshly retired it's so foascinating to hear from hi, the details in your piece, how he's the man who threw the beautiful spiral in the super bowl and he talks about how he felt like his mind is slipping. tell me what he shared with you. >> yeah. you know, it was a shocking thing because, you know, as we've heard and we see in the movie "concussion" we know about the guys from the 1970s, the era that the steelers won four super bowls we know a lot of those players are struggling with their bodies, with cte, with the aft aftereffects of their careers. what was shocking in talking to antoine, here's a guy who is 36 years oelz who we just saw ten years ago an electric athlete,
11:51 am
one play playing wide receiver in the super bowl, the next play taking a handoff and throwing a perfect touchdown. hearing him talk about how he sometimes has to take both feet on a step to go down the steps at his home. it's easier to go up the stairs for him. you know, he's very forgetful. i think at home with his wife, what are we doing tomorrow? oh, i told you that. what am i doing today? i told you that three times last night. he and his wife are noticing there's slippage there. antoine played with concussions. it was part of the culture. you didn't want to come off the field. you didn't want to let down your teammates. and he dbt want to -- he wanted to have a chance to win a super bowl. so you see now that he's going through these things and thinking about -- >> he's just 36. >> -- was it all worth it?
11:52 am
>> we're the same age. to think of what that would feel like -- i don't mind saying it. and also what he was saying how he was drafted for the cubs, he wishes he would have played baseball. he regrets it. >> he regrets it. i think it's important to point out the context of that. it's not him saying he didn't want to play football. if he went back he wouldn't play football. it's in the context this is a guy who was drafted out of high school to play baseball. he looks at the fact that if he played baseball, he could still be playing. he wouldn't be going through these physical ailments before he's even 40 years old. so i think it was really interesting that he was willing to share those things in an interview that was kind of off the cuff and i think very honest and surprising. >> he said to you, which i mentioned before, that he doesn't actually think maybe football would be around in the next 20, 25, 30 years. you're in a huge football city being in pittsburgh. i mean, you know how many people tune in each and every weekend. would you believe him?
11:53 am
>> you know, i actually challenged antwaan when he said that. i said, 20, 25 years? i said, this whole country, certainly this city, but this whole country is obsessed with this game. the numbers show that no matter how much we talk about concussions and cte, people are still watching this game more and more every year. the nfl makes more and more money every year. my challenge to him was, hey, there's -- think of the thousands of full scholarships given out to play college football. as long as that's out there, there will always be be a workforce that will want to play football and want to go after the glory. i'm not convinced 20, 25 years. i challenged him on that. but i think that his point is, hey, he's a high school administrator now. he sees at his own high school they dropped foot balm. it's too expensive. the liability is only going to increase. he think that's the fact that more and more kids are going to be turning to other sport over time it will affect people's interest in the nfl. maybe there's something to that.
11:54 am
>> i know it wasn't just about him. other players spoken to as well. urge folks to read it. brady, thank you so much. great interview. pittsburgh "post-gazette." coming up next here, talking politics, sarah palin stumping with donald trump, not at all holdi ining become, by the way. hear what she just said about the state of the republican race. also, movie star jamie foxx being hailed as a real-life hero after he pulled someone out of a burning car when the crash happened just outside of his house. you will hear from both the man's naar afather and the acto. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill.
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11:58 am
. actor jamie foxx being hailed a hero today, a real life hero after pulling a trapped driver out of a fiery crash. it happened monday just outside foxx's home in ventura county, california. the actor said he heard the
11:59 am
crash and rushed to this truck that was fully engulfed in flames to help out. >> as i'm getting him out, i said, you got to help me get you out. i don't want to have to leave you. i said, you got angel around you. >> police say 32-year-old brett kyle was the one behind the wheel. he was under the influence when he sped off the road, flipped over multiple times. kyle's father was there. he was overcome with emotion after meeting foxx. >> i think we all hope that we could do something when the time is there. but the question is, do we? do we act? or do we fear our own lives? and denot. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like, you know, i just had to do something, you know. and it all just worked out. >> surveillance cameras on foxx's property show several cars driving past the accident, not stopping. the driver we mentioned earlier brett kyle has head, chest, and neck injuries. he was arrested for driving
12:00 pm
under the influence of alcohol. top of the hour, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we do have breaking news on wall street right now. the dow taking another stomach-churning tumble today. in the red down 349 points here. an hour to go before the closing bell. the seen a dip as deep as 500 points. this the worst start to a new year ever for the stock market. just in our, again, as i mentioned before, the closing bell. trading today did not make it any better. i have paul monica here a correspondent for krn money. we were chatting before and we say all year. we are 20 days in. it's all been oil. >> it has all been oil, brooke. every day it seems that oil prices continue to plunge. you've got concerns over demand. supply well. opec isn't blinking. they're producing a lot of oil. iran will have oil coming onto the market with the sanctions lifting. investors are very nervous if there's a supply glut at the
12:01 pm
same time demand is falling. economics 101, that's bad news for the price of oil. >> how do you stop that? >> i'm not sure there's anything in sight yet. there are hopes maybe that at some point opec will blink, american oil companies will blink. we probably have to produce less oil to get oil prices to stabilize. but also china's economy may not be as bad as people fear. they're transitioning to a consumer led economy. this may just be a painful step towards that as opposed to a hard landing or global recession or worse. >> paul lamman k monica, thank very much. >> thank you. now this. to politics. he's optimistic, a leader building big things that touch the sky. that those are just a couple of the words sarah palin used in the last hour to describe donald trump. after endorsing him last night, they were on the trail together in oklahoma where she not only hailed the republican front-runner but slammed so-called establishment
12:02 pm
republicans. >> is it conservative to hand barack obama a blank check every year to fund obamacare and plan the parenthood and to keep those borders open so that illegal immigrants can take our jobs? is it conservative to watch these safety nets turn into hammocks for people, many who just choose not to work? is it conservative to allow again illegal immigration to produce millions of new future democrat voters? that's not conservative. and is it conservative to bequeath our children trillions of new debt, trillions, that they'll never be able to pay off? and is it conservative to not fight back for our solvency and our sovereignty? they now are concerned about
12:03 pm
ideological purity? since when? >> cnn chief political analyst gloria borger is here with me in new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i have more sound for you so stand by. let me throw this at afternoon. wolf blitzer just talked to the ohio governor and man who would like to be president, john kasich. he talked sarah palin. roll it. >> what's your reaction to sarah palin's endorsement of domd trump? >> good for sarah. she's back in the news again. god bless her. >> we laugh. >> yeah. well, this is good for her. you know, one celebrity endorses another celebrity. clearly she likes and admires donald trump. she's made no secret of that. but her other choice was probably ted cruz, and i think she took a bet with donald trump. and he took a bet with her. >> in taking this bet, who is team trump hoping to sort of
12:04 pm
bring their way? >> i think they're trying to get evangelicals in iowa in particular as you've seen donald trump at liberty university trying to say, i am an evangelical. >> oral roberts. >> exactly. and convict tuservatives becaus cruz has attacked him for not being too conservative. i might say jeb bush started that line of attack months ago. it didn't get any traction. now cruz is trying it again because his conservative buona feed days are very strong. very strong. >> when you think of this moment, and that last night with sarah palin in her sequins, it was a tv moment. >> it was. >> love them, hate them, that was a tv moment. people are talking about it. we're loving it. >> i loved trump standing there. >> their faces. he has really succeeded in making these moments. when you think about iowa and the ground game there and he's done that and you think about cruz and the fact he was there for a stretch of six, seven days
12:05 pm
and what were we talking about all that while, trump's attacks on the birther issue. >> right. so trump takes all the oxygen out of the room. and with sarah palin of course he's done it again. because what are we talking about today? we're talking about sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump. >> yes. >> he knows how to play this game, even though he says i'm not a politician. he's pretty good at it. >> he is. >> and he understands how to get the momentum cooking right now. and he saw that they're neck and neck in iowa and he had to do something. >> how does cruz yank it back? >> well, it's tough. i mean, i think it's tough. i think he does it with paid ads. i think he continues to attack trump for not being conservative enough. and let me tell you something else about the cruz campaign. >> okay. >> the cruz kpainl in iowa is very data driven. ed it's not reliable on the passion which trump is relying on to a great degree, although trump does have a ground game. but cruz has spent millions of dollars on trying to find these
12:06 pm
voters and get them out to the caucuses. it's like obama 4.0. remember obama did that and surprised hillary clinton? well, this is what ted cruz is trying to do. and what his campaign is trying to do. and it's not door knocking, it's -- >> it's about the voters. the question is, does passion translate to people? >> well, that's the big question about donald trump. he keeps talking about it himself, all of you in the media you think my people are not going to show up at caucuses. the truth of the matter, brooke, we just don't know whether he's going to bring new voters out there in the caulk uses or not. i mean, we just don't know at this point. >> it's so fascinating. >> cruz is depending on his data say, i know who you are, i know you're going to be with me. i'm going to get you out there. >> let me share you this quote. new york magazine, cruz would not be the establishment's first or second choice to run atop its ticker but he is far from the disaster trump would pose. he substantively a guardnd variety right winger.
12:07 pm
if republicans despise cruz so much that they allow trump to prevail they are making a historic mistake in choosing the devil they don't know over the one they do. >> well, this is the conversation now that's going on among republicans. i was just talking to an establishment republican today and yesterday after this occurred. and i said, well, okay, who is better for you, who is worse for you at the top of the ticket? and his answer to me was that cruz would be worse for republicans than donald trump. a, they don't like him. but b, b, they think they would be more likely to lose control of the senate with cruz than trump. now, they may be rationalizing things because they don't see any choices they love. although he also did saw to me, if rubio got the nomination he'd be the best for republicans in keeping control of the senate. but they have some difficult decisions they've got to make right now, and this is the place honestly. he said to me, i never thought
12:08 pm
we were going to be here. two months ago he said to me, oh, don't worry, donald trump, i'm not worried about donald trump. and now? they're trying to figure out who they can live with. >> what a moment. >> yep. >> tina fey, are you dusting off your character? that's what i want to know. gloria borger, thank you very much. we also want to let you know about a really exciting event that will be seen only on cnn next monday night. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, martin o'malley face to face with the voters in iowa. chris cuomo will moderate a town hall live from des moines exactly one week before iowa chooses. next monday night, 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. coming up next, a terror attack on a college campus. gunmen storming the walls of this university, killing students and a professor. we have new details coming in on just this horrendous attack. also, even though the coalition is hitting isis mostly in iraq and syria, american troops have just been given legal authority
12:09 pm
to strike the terrorists elsewhere. and president barack obama in michigan today. he is about to speak live where two major crises have been unfolding, one, teachers in detroit walking out of these rotting, awful schools and, two, families in flint still without clean water. we will take you to michigan live. you're watching cnn. e me see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms...
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sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in pakistan, gunmen burst into a university campus and opened fire. this is northern pakistan. this is near the border of afghanistan. and as of right now, we know
12:14 pm
that 19 people at this college are dead. the death toll is expected to rise. also dead, the four attackers, shot by pakistan security forces after they surrounded the school property. and it appears some thought went into the timing of this massacre happening during a campus ceremony with massive crowds. let's go to our senior cnn national correspondent nick paton walsh live in beirut. what do you know more about who's behind the attack? we're getting some mixed messaging i understand from two different taliban spokespeople. >> reporter: well, the official taliban spokesperson is saying, we didn't do it. but another man was behind the attack in 2014 in a school in pa shaw wa that left 130 often very long students there dead. he said he's behind today's attack, too. now, an army investigators are
12:15 pm
saying they found afghan sim cards on the four attackers who chose a time when there was a high level of attendance at the university. many people were still in bed when they hit early in the morning because there was a ceremony. the university had been tipped off it seems for the potential for an attack so there was more security there. that does appear to have meant the attackers were pushed into one corner of the university lessening the death toll. remember, there could be -- there's 3,000 students there at any one time. 19 dead, while ghastly, could have been an awful lot worse at this stage. the second taliban spokesperson said he's behind it, and he's saying it's a response to pakistani military operations in those tribal areas in the northwest which were intensified after pa shar wa attack. have a lot of pakistani public support and frankly are being very effective because they're pushing a lot of taliban across the border into afghanistan where they're giving the afghan
12:16 pm
government and will arm wri a very hard time at the moment. intense bloodshed today certainly but actions by security forces do seem to have made that figure of 19 as comparatively low as it is, brooke. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. coming up next, parents and teachers are lallying in detroit about a crisis in school. nearly every classroom empty after teachers are absolutely fed up over the miserable conditions. i can tell you now that minutes from now president obama may weigh in on the issue as he visits detroit. we'll take that for you. also, out rage over the lack of diversity in oscar nominations this year again. spike lee is now calling for a quota system in hollywood. we'll talk again about that controversy next.
12:17 pm
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. debate tibs continues in
12:21 pm
hollywood about the academy. some say boycotting the oscars is not the answer. spike lee went on to clarify his remarks about skipping this year's ceremony. he told abc's "good morning america" he never actually said the word "boycott." he just said, my wife and i are not going to go. he instead talked about diversifying inside the studios. >> it goes further. it goes back to the gate keepers. >> the studios. >> yes. the people that have the green light vote. have you seen "hamilton" yet? >> i have. unbelievable. >> we're not in the room. we are not in the room. the executives, when they have these green light meetings quarterly where they look at the scripts, look who's in it, and this what we're making, what we're not making. we need a rooney rule. >> okay. >> nfl. we need a rooney rule. some type of rule -- >> it's a quota.
12:22 pm
>> yes. the nfl, if a head coach or executive, you cannot hire anyone to interview minority candidates. and that has increased the number of minority coaches and executives in the nfl. and that should be -- >> you have to widen the pool out. >> have to. >> let's talk about this. filmmaker kalina bowler host of the real snobs podcast, filmmaker and makaela brand director for b.e.t. networks. ladies, let's get to it. makae makaela, let's turned to you. this is not the first year this happened. i'm about to go back to a'88 an eddie murphy. >> right. >> is the issue that just nothing is changing or is it just becoming a bigger problem? >> i just think people are more aware and more ready to challenge. >> more vocal. >> more vocal. and there's so much more talent. last year, again, when we look at best director and you had ava
12:23 pm
duf anay not a contender, how does that look at the whole industry, right? what happens to the community when they don't even have a playing field? so i think we're looking at it and attacking it from different directions because this problem didn't happen in one oscar. and the solution is not going to happen. if you have 97% i think of white voters -- >> 93. >> a majority, right? when four-fifths of the world isn't white, we're going to have to continue the pressure. everyone needs to respond in the way that feels right. spike has a response. 1y5id da has a response. george clooney has a response. the viewers can vote with their remote. we just have to keep the pressure on. >> you mentioned the voters. kalina, let me bring this to you. whoopi goldberg was saying it's not the white people -- waipt to get this precise -- who are nominating. the problem is that studio heads
12:24 pm
and execs writing the checks aren't greenlighting black movies. what do you think? >> oh, yeah, i absolutely agree with that. i also think that the voting body of the academy awards is not diverse. >> that's what we were saying. >> right. so i believe that in order for us to even begin to have a seat at the table, we need to start considering what we should do -- and i'm not just talking about black people. i'm talking about all people of color. what we should do to get ourselves into the rinks at the academy awards, to be able to vote, to be able to consider all kinds of films. and, yeah, we need seats at the table, i agree with spike and what he said on the earlier clip. yeah, if we're not there, our voices can't be heard. >> you know what's frustrating? >> what? >> when you have films like "straight outta compton" that did so well, performers like idris alba when you know they belong, there night not be a lot of films but there is great work
12:25 pm
out there, you have ryan kugler doing amazing things. so when they're not included, i think that's where the rub really happens. >> spike lee -- spike lee said this morning, listen, it's a statuet statuette. what about really bigger picture being a gate keeper. this is another clip from him this morning. >> right. >> what won best film 1989? >> i don't know actually. >> "driving miss f'ing daisy". >> and what show did you have in 1989? >> "do the right thing." that is being taught in colleges, schools. no one is watching "driving miss daisy" now. so it also shows you that the work is what's important. because that the stuff that's going to stand for years. >> good story staies stand, rig? on twitter was alive with stacy
12:26 pm
dash today because she on fox news said that there shouldn't be b.e.t. networks. there shouldn't be the b.e.t. awards. there shouldn't be black history month. we're all americans. that's so problematic because part of what is needed is not just to celebrate each other but to also expand the industry and become a pipeline. b.e.t. networks has the most directors and the most minority -- and women and minority directors in 2014. so those people get to be part of the community so it's not just -- this is not just for black folks. this is for white folks. we have to lift each other up and expand each other's humanity. >> if we're not talking, kalina, this goes back to eddie murphy. i think it's important to talk about what he said on the stage in 1988. he said this, quote, i just want you to know i'm going to give this award but black people will not ride the caboose of society and we will not bring up the rear anymore. i want you to recognize us. i'm wondering if instead of not going to the ceremony, would it
12:27 pm
not be more powerful to go and to speak out on the red carpet and on the stage? >> we need all fronts considered. >> exactly. >> we need to have some people boycotting. we have to have some people there who are going to be recognized who are going to stand on the stage and actually have the opportunity to speak out. and we're going to need people -- and i'm hearkening to what jada pinkett smith said in her video that went viral -- who will say, you know, i was never invited in the first place, but i know that the films and the projects that i make are works of art and they are definitely needing to be considered. i'm going to create something that recognizes the greatness in what we achieve regardless of what the academy decides to do. there needs to be a united front on all facets of it. >> and watch the b.e.t. honors. >> yes. >> b.e.t. honors black. >> there we go. >> we got the plug in. ladies, thank you so much.
12:28 pm
such an important conversation. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, a state in shambles. michigan's governor now, he has been in big big trouble for now apologizing for the toxic water crisis in the city of flint. my next guest says the $28 million the governor wants to fix the problem is just the beginning. meanwhile, nearly every classroom in detroit forced closed today as teachers schedule another sick-out protesting deplorable learning conditions. with president obama about to speak, he is in detroit. live pictures. parents are now rallying for a solution. we'll take you there live next here on cnn.
12:29 pm
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. mildew that covers ceilings and coats walls, dead rats inside hallways and under lockers, bathroom stalls without doors. these are just some of the working conditions that are sparking widespread teacher sick-outs and protests in
12:33 pm
detroit, michigan, because today 88 schools, 90% of the detroit public school system, is closed because of the protests. that is the most to close thus far. likely not a coincidence that this happens the very same day that president obama is in town. live pictures there of where he's about to speak in detroit. he's speaking at a car show to praise detroit's auto industry's resurgence. left's go live to jean casarez. she's walked some of the hallways of these schools. she's seen this with her very own eyes. you know about the teachers. how are parents handling the sick-out? >> reporter: well, you know, there are differences of opinion here. i want to tell everybody we're downtown detroit right now. we're awaiting an outdoor rally from some of the teachers that are involved in this sick-out. supposed to happen in about an hour, but some of the teachers have already arrived and they've told me that, we care about the students, we care about the conditions in the school, or we wouldn't stand out here.
12:34 pm
it is 19 degrees right now. and, as you say, it's no coincidence because right to my left is the convention center here in detroit. we are awaiting president obama to speak very close to this rally. and they say the conditions of the schools, which i did see -- and it's not all the schools, but it's floor that's are buckled, gymnasiums that students can't exercise in, pools that don't have water, boiler that's don't heat. one teacher told me she has to keep her coat on all day and so do her students and you can't learn in an environment like that. but not everybody believes the sick-out is the way to go. the detroit parents network spoke to me, the ceo, several minutes ago. here's what they believe goabou the situation. >> that it should not take a sick-out for children in this community to get the things that they need. all of us as adults are responsible to make sure that they are prioritized and that's not what we see happening that the moment.
12:35 pm
so i feel like as parents one of the things we do as a parent organization is make sure that parents' voices are lifted up on behalf of their children, they are champions for their children, and they have some opinions in this matter as well, some very strong ideas and opinions about what should be happening. >> reporter: and here's what they received. they said that they believe in the teachers. they want the teachers to have all the resources they should have. but they don't agree with the sick-out because you are putting parents in a situation where they have to go to their jobs. this morning they were scrambling to try to find help, someone to stay with their children, and they're also concerned about the safety of the students because on a day they're not at school, they can be out and about. that means there could be issues with their safe safety, brooke. but the real question is how to pay off the debt. $515 million is what the school district owes. the legislation that is now in place has to be voted on, but it would be for the state to assume the debt. so while they have the water crisis in flint and now the debt
12:36 pm
hanging over their heads here in detroit, it's a lot to handle for one state. >> it is a lot. we'll be listening for the president to see if he addresses the school issue, the debt, and of course what's happening in flint, michigan. jean casarez in a very cold detroit, thank you so much, jean. speaking of this water issue here, you know, the governor apologized for the flint water crisis in his state of the state address. but the calls are mounting for michigan governor rick snyder to quit. the city continues to be overwhelmed by its lead-contaminated water system. president obama met with flint's mayor. she called the crisis a travesty and gave the president a first-hand account of all the health problems people have been suffering me. joining me is an attorney and public policy lecturer at the university of michigan and former leader. gretchen, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get to your live tweeting from last night during the governor's state of the state. you tweeted about your disappointment with the amount of time he spent talking about
12:37 pm
flint and detroit. you thought it wasn't enough. you noted how much time he spent explaining what's wrong with his cabinet. dow think he was deflecting? >> well, here's what i think. as a parent, every time i turn on the faucet i think about the families in flint. i think about the parents, the kids. you know, last night was a real opportunity for this governor to tell the people of flint, i've got this under control. i'm going to find out what went wrong, and i'm going to fix it so you never have to worry about this again. instead, unfortunately, i think we heard blame and meanwhile the water still is poisoned in flint. we need action. we need vision. and we need accountability. >> tell me about your time with him in the statehouse days because you aren't of that calling for his resignation. tell me why. >> well, i think resignation just means his lieutenant governor becomes governor and i don't think that's a real fundamental change. i'll tell you that i've said that ever since he took office
12:38 pm
that budgets are not merely balance sheets. they're a statement of your values. and the bottom line is that this is a governor that took over a city and had his people make decisions to save money. and that's what exposed these people to lead poisoning. and it's not just flint. it's everyone in michigan who should be worried. this water goes into the aquifers and this is the same group of people we think are protecting all of us let the people of flint down. we all have a vested interest in fixing this problem. >> you know, part of that is figuring out who knew when, how things were covered up, all the different levels all the way from the top top, federal down to local. folks have called for governor snyder's head. let me bring this up, though. he doesn't actually have to release e-mails. he's exempt from that sort of request. but he says he absolutely would. the fact that he's willing to do that, gretchen, what does that tell you? >> well, let me tell you, when
12:39 pm
you look at the national rankings, michigan is dead last when it comes to transparency, when it comes to accountability. so the governor offering to release some e-mails, this is a step in the right direction, but we should require that all of these communications be open to the public, to scrutiny. not just e-mails from two years but when the decisions go under emergency management back from 2011, every year he's been in office. and in fact everyone in his cabinet should not just subject their e-mails but their phone logs, their calendars, their meeting notes, that should all be for us to examine, to ensure that we know what happened, where the decisions were made, so we can fix it and make sure this doesn't happen. this issed michigan brand. we've got to communicate to the world we can do better and we're going to. that's what it's going to take. >> gretchen whitmer, thank you. >> thank you. millions of people are in the path of the first monster
12:40 pm
snowstorm of this season. airlines already offering to allow customers to reschedule their flights. a look at who will get hit hardest, next.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
look outside your window for me. if it's clear and sunny, it may be about to change. some nasty winter weather threatening people from eastern tennessee toward boston. experts say it could bring historic amounts of snow to some places. let's go to meteorologist tom sat sater. tom, hit me. >> this one will. we spent time in washington, d.c., and you know, brooke, just bringing the word "snow," chaos ensues. i can already hear snowmageddon ii. this could be historic. it's possible by the end of the
12:45 pm
weekend we could see over a million people without power. i'm not kidding here. all of these are winter storm watches in blue and blizzard watches, changing to warnings later today because the storm is approaching. now, a little bit of snow may leave a dusting to an inch. that's a preview of things to come. most of the moisture made its way into the western u.s., a storm center now leaving colorado is going to dive down the south. it begins tomorrow with the set up of icing into parts of arkansas into northern mississippi and areas of western tennessee. severe weather south of that in areas of alabama and mississippi, maybe tornadoes. then it kicks in, significant icing in parts of tennessee across the commonwealth of kentucky. icing will start to take the form of maybe a third inch to a half inch in parts of south and north carolina. that will down trees. then it's the snowfall. back in all of the areas to the south across the tennessee and ohio valleys, but then really picking up as the storm center will change and transfer its energy to an area of low pressure off the coast.
12:46 pm
look at the wind gusts. this becomes a nor'easter. classic nor'easter. 45, 50-mile-per-hour winds in washington, d.c. you only need 35 for blizzard conditions. it continues. 60-mile-per-hour gusts new york city, 35 to 40. we're looking at high tide with a full moon saturday, significant coastal erosion and coastal flooding. with the icing, heavy amounts of snow and wind, power outages. new york city we're not sure because the computer models which have been in agreement for several days could still vary. there will be a significant drop 1y06 in new york city. but when it comes to washington, d.c., records go back to 1884. no those 132 years there's only been three snow events at 18 inches or higher. we're looking at the next one. computer models vary. some give us 28 to 30 inches of snow. another model kicks it up to 20. this is going to be significant. again, it will unfold, but each model run will help us get closer to that forecast. >> walked into my office the
12:47 pm
other day and somebody hung my storm of the century jacket in the middle of t. i'm like, guys, are you telling me something? this is my future covering all of sater, thank you very much. sarah palin joining donald trump on the campaign trail moments ago after her big endorsement of the republican front-runner. but can she help deliver a win for him in iowa? that's the question. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in to the body through the kidneys
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all week long here on cnn we've been sharing stories about different people who have changed our lives. we, anchors here at cnn, this is part of a special airing this sunday called the person who
12:52 pm
changed my life. right now i would like to share the story of my colleague alisyn camerota. >> my wedding, a day for many years i thought would never happen. my story begins on the crime show "america's most wanted" when i was 26 years old. >> what did you think when you started reading in the paper that he was a serial killer? >> reporter: no, i didn't fall in love with a serial killer. and, no, the person who changed my life was not a fugitive. she was fellow crime reporter maria villalobos. maria was this 32-year-old married woman. and i was in my 20s. and the idea that i would become great friends with some what i consider to be an old married lady at the time seemed impossible. >> i met her when she was 26,
12:53 pm
very cool. life progressing fast for her. dating lots of guys. >> reporter: though we were in different life stages, maria and i did become fast friends and started spending almost all of our free time together. >> come on, time to go. >> reporter: i soon started vacationing with maria and her husband. >> alisyn and matt looking at the map. >> reporter: even following them on one trip all the way to london. it was during that time with madame maria that i started feeling something was missing in my own life. i had relationships, but i did not have what they had, my own family and commitment. and i had no idea how to get it. my parents got divorced when i was 8, so i wasn't around a lot of happily married people. and to have matt and maria who were, you know, were six years older man me i saw how they worked together and i'd never seen anything like that.
12:54 pm
maria and i reunited recently in boston at the aptly named mama maria, one of the many places i'd crashed their dinner date almost 20 years ago. >> oh, i remember. you had just gotten a cell phone. >> i had? >> and you were always on it, checking boyfriends calling you. how was your new year last night? >> fine. >> she would bring over every boyfriend to meet us. she really wanted the seal of approval from us. and we would always sometimes tease them and say to the boyfriends like we better not get too close because someone else is going to be coming. we'd all laugh. >> she typically had about three or four guys she was spinning around at any given time. but i think i've come to learn with the wisdom of some years that actually for women that's not the ideal situation. >> everything throughout my 20s felt like i'd been sort of repeating possibly not productive patterns in my love life. i had just turned 30 years old.
12:55 pm
and i felt like i don't know what i'm doing with my life. it felt very empty. >> that's when my mama maria's advice came in and i had to start cutting you off at the knees. >> i remember that. you would be like you need to straighten your room. and i was like, why, and you're like pick up your clothes off the floor. >> right. >> and when i would tell you, you need to cook for your boyfriends. you need to make them dinner. you need to make them cookies, you probably thought, you know, you're being so sexist. >> i wasn't thinking sexist, i thought old fashioned. >> what i was trying to say is take your mind off yourself and put it to someone else. let them know that you care about them. give them of your time. and i always thought that you pretended that you didn't like them. like you didn't need them. and i was like that's not working for you. >> like a football coach, maria began videotaping my bad plays,
12:56 pm
documenting my selfish behavior and playing it back for me. like this time when i was complaining about my life right in front of my boyfriend. >> and you walk in the door, it's new year's day, and here's what you do. >> a horrible year. so embarrassing. >> she wasn't as giving. the concept of giving of your time to go buy someone a present or bake them cookies or make them dinner was very foreign to her. >> i started to follow maria's advice. i never baked any cookies, but i did start thinking about other people's feelings and letting them know i cared. after about, i don't know, three or four years in boston, matt got a job far away, in madison, wisconsin. and i was really, you know,
12:57 pm
bereft. i thought i'm going to leave, you're going to fill that hole, the hole i left with other people, with new people. and you're going to get married. when she met tim, things became quiet. there was no drama. it was easy. ♪ the wedding makes me very emotional because her mother came up to me when i least expected it and said like the most beautiful thing to me. and she said, maria, you changed my daughter. and it was one of the nicest things that anybody has ever said to me. >> when i thought about what really changed my life the most, it was getting married and having kids. and then i had to think, who helped facilitate that, and the
12:58 pm
answer was maria. >> husband and wife. [ applause ] >> i think that you had it in you all the time. you just needed like a little tweaking at the beginning, but it's like such an honor to see you so happy. >> sometimes you just need a little tweaking. and of course a dear friend to tell you that. i credit maria with helping me find my way to a happy marriage and three children who allow me to love unconditionally every single day. >> she was just so loving and supportive. i really don't know what i would have done without her in my life. >> finally i get to meet her. we've talked about her so much. alisyn camerota, you're like my cnn big sister, can that a fair aassessment? >> i appreciate that. >> obviously she knew how much you were touched by her and all
12:59 pm
of her -- all of your man eating ways. [ laughter ] >> well, she has been very honored to be named as the person who changed my life. she's been very gracious about it. >> is there a lot of people in our lives to choose. >> of course. and many people have had an impact. but she's the person who really took time. you know how annoying it is when you have a friend that can't get it right and a friend who keeps saying i don't know what i did wrong. i don't know. what do you think i should do with this guy? that's annoying. and she endured it and she gave me thoughtful advice the whole time. >> your husband is such a hunk and such a lovely human being. i've met him, but what does he think of your relationship with maria? do you still talk about her like -- >> well, i did just get some phone calls from tim this morning sfwl did you? >> who said why am i getting e-mails and calls from my friends and co-workers who said you had some piece on cnn today about our life? i said i did tell you about this. >> surprise, honey. >> he said, you did vaguely
1:00 pm
mention it. he loves maria, matt, her husband. he's also a great guy. so we're all still good friends. >> we all need those people in our lives. >> we do. >> we're better people for it. alisyn camerota, thank you so much for sharing. >> pleasure. >> don't miss a special sunday night 8:00 eastern here on cnn. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. you know, the dow had such a wild day, we've rewritten this headline five times. "the lead" starts right now. a brand new poll showing donald trump still has a bear hug on the republican race as momma grizzly herself hits the trail with him today. but is sarah palin going to be enough to deliver iowa? michigan's governor now admitting the government failed the city of flint and apologizing for a water crisis that may leave a generation of children in that city with health problems. who exactly failed the children of flint? the mayor will be here to talk about the crisis. >