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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we're continuing to follow the massive storms. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> thank you very much, anderson cooper. you're very lucky if you're not on the east coast. more than 85 million people in the path of this storm.
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i'm don lemon and this is what the east coast is dealing with tonight. take a look at this. this is a view from space. of a storm that's so enormous that it could shut down much of the east including baltimore, washington, philadelphia, and new york. if you look at those four boxes there, you see all of those cities, thousands of flights cancelled. i'm told up to 7500 now. residents are warned to stay off the roads and shelter in place in the face of this record-breaking storm, what could be a record-breaking storm. look at this earlier today. our reporters are all in the midst of the region. let's show you some of the things happening around the country. show me the washington live shot. this is the picture of washington. of course, that's the white house and if you look at washington d.c. it's unbelievable. the snow is coming down near the capital. let's see, do we have a shot in philadelphia we can show people? they are expected to get walloped by the storm. there is philadelphia. the storm is coming down unbelievable amounts of
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snowstorm expected up to 40 inches in some places. let's see what is happening in new jersey. do we have a new jersey shot? ryan young is in new jersey. there is ryan. we'll get to ryan in a moment and also baltimore, maryland. let's show the shot there in baltimore, maryland, we've had miguel marquez out there in his goggles. he's going to need them. also jennifer gray is live at the national mall. why don't we check in with jennifer gray in washington first to see what is going on there. jennifer, tell us what is up. what are you seeing? >> reporter: don, it is continuing to get worse and worse and it's really the wind that's making it so bad because the snow is just blowing all around and even the snow already on the ground, the wind is causing it to blow around so it's making visibility pretty poor here in d.c., and look behind me, you can see the blanket of snow, the first snow flake fell this afternoon around 1:00 on the dot. we do see a couple of cars out here but really all and all, people are staying home. we haven't seen too many folks out and about.
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we do know that there are about 60 national guard folks, troops that will come out here around 11:00 p.m. with 30 vehicles and patrol the streets overnight. of course, the metro shutting down around 11:00 p.m. people have no choice but to stay indoors. we've seen quite a few plows trying to take care of the streets staying ahead of this. as the night wares on, we're going to be seeing the snowfall so hard, so fast, two to three inches per hour it's going to be really hard for plows to keep up the streets in d.c. that's why people are urged to stay home. it's coming down heavily now. we're expected to see blizzard conditions into the early morning so that's when we'll see very, very high winds. 30 to 40 mile per hour sustained winds with gusts higher and now winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. still a ways to go. we're in this for the long haul. we're going to see conditions continue to deteriorate and stay
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extremely awful over the next 12 to 36 hours, don. >> two and a half feet of snow in some places. jennifer gray in the national mall. thank you very much. look at the size of this. it's all the way up the east coast. you can see it from atlanta to new york city and boston and beyond. you're looking at a live shot from washington d.c. virginia is bad, as well. that's where we find brian todd out driving and checking out the road conditions. what is going on, brian? brian todd? >> reporter: a little bit north close to springfield, virginia, don. check out our dash camera here. this is near whiteout conditions as you can see. the wind has picked up. the volume of snow has picked up. this vehicle in front of us fish tailed just a short time ago. this is also what snowplow trucks and salt spreaders are up against. they are deploying 24/7.
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they are out constantly and yet, look at the roads. they still can't get ahead of this just because of the sheer volume, don. virginia state police told me just a short time ago between midnight and about 7:30 p.m. eastern time they responded to more than 840 car crashes throughout the state. that's more than four times the normal volume. the good news is a lot of crashes, don, are slow speed crashes, most of them involve people spinning out, hitting something at slow speed, not many serious injuries. there has been one fatality in the chesapeake, virginia area as we head north toward washington, though, it's just getting much worse along the roads. the roads will start to freeze pretty soon and the snow will not let up, don. so again, i'll switch it back out to the dashcam. you can see the visibiity is really a problem now. we were told earlier by the national weather service that visibility at it's best could be a quarter mile.
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i can tell you if it's that much, i'll be very surprised. visibility here is bad. it's getting worse. this is a whiteout situation that we're facing on 95 north toward washington d.c. >> absolutely. all right. brian, looks like people are at least heeding the warning. brian todd on the roads in lo lorton, virginia. let's get to baltimore, maryland now. my colleague miguel marquez is there. you came prepared. the mayor was on with anderson saying hunker down, stay in your homes and do not go out in there unless you absolutely have to. >> reporter: yeah, there are a lot of stuck people -- we are the only game in baltimore. we have a real floridaen here. is it cold enough for you?
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>> yes. >> look at the roads. they packed up with ice and snow, almost immediately within minutes because it was so cold during the day. look at the flags up here, how stiffly they are flying. the wind is really starting to pick up now. it looked like things were starting to mellow out a short time ago. the snow, though, has really started to come down harder and the wind at times, this snow is almost going horizontal. baltimore itself, this is the harbor. this is typically a very busy walk area. baltimore getting about 24 inches of snow. the areas around it 30 inches of snow, all out emergency for the entire state. biggest concern here right now is that people are off the roads so that if there are fires or emergencies, emergency vehicles can get there, they are actually sending out the snowplows with fire engines to get to those emergency situations. don? >> all right. thank you very much. miguel. stay safe. you'll need the goggles i'm told
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by chad myers. chad has been crunching numbers and looking at the an llatest. what is happening now? when is the worst expected to come? >> i don't think the storm becomes a nor'easter coastal low for another six to eight hours. right now the low is over south carolina. i'm going to draw -- this is what the wind is doing in each location just like a big ho ho. the deal is the wind is coming from the south here in d.c. in baltimore, in richmond. all those stream lines are important because when this low right there is no longer there and it becomes here, i'm going to redraw this. this is what is going to happen when we put the low here. that same ho ho is going to do this. all of a sudden the winds will be coming in from the ocean dragging in the ocean water. this is the gulf stream, 44, 45
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degrees out here. that's the moisture that's going to almost like we talk about when a hurricane explodes when it gets into 83 degree water, well, a coastal low in the winter time will explod when it gets into the gulf stream. that doesn't even happen. what our reporters is saying now is just the pregame show. we have but even flipped the coin yet and all of a sudden later on tonight, this storm will hit the gulf stream, it will explode and by morning, those pictures you're seeing now will be dramatically different where snow will be coming down two to three inches per hour and i honestly i know this will have thundersnow and thunder sleet, which just means there is so much upward motion with this storm that we're going to see that 20 to 30 even 40-inch snow total a reality for places around philadelphia, baltimore, d.c. right on that bw parkway, right on that i-95 corridor.
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there will be snow and we're talking a light half inch. that's just as dangerous for atlanta as 15 inches in minnesota. but this storm, this storm does get the bull's eye still in the mid atlantic but i'm now beginning believe some of the new model runs just coming in that maybe new york city isn't eight to 12 anymore. it could be -- >> you're speaking my language now. i know we'll be out tomorrow morning, we'll be out tomorrow afternoon. this storm just starting. we're in the pregame show. wait until the real stuff starts. >> look at the size. look at the size of that stretching from atlanta and you're right about atlanta, last year or the year before people got stranded and some people spent 24 hours in their cars but who is getting hit the worst right now? i know it hasn't started. >> d.c. will still probably be the worst and on up into west virginia picked up 12 to 14
6:11 pm
inches but the precursor snow. this is probably coming to d.c. 31 inches of snow and that's plus or minus five or six. if you go plus six, all of a sudden you're at 37 inches of snow. minus six, okay. less than that but that's still a big number and philadelphia 20 inches and more into land caster and the amish country, very, very heavy snow and water gap things are still going to be going on and the winds will be blowing. you may never see 20 inches of snow on the ground because it's going to be in an eight-foot drift in your backyard and hopefully your driveway is clear. if you shovel your driveway, i'm telling you in 30 minutes it's going to be covered up again because winds are tremendous. ocean city maryland tomorrow afternoon will be gusting to 70 miles per hour and that means coastal erosion and that also means some coastal flooding. >> spoken like a true pennsylvania. lancaster and not lancaster. >> not lancaster. >> this is a view from space. i've been saying this is a
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welcome back to breaking news. live pictures from washington d.c. as this snowstorm barrels up the east coast plumbing the east coast. washington could get up to 2.5 feet of snow. i want you to take a look at this behind me. this is a time lapse that started at 1:45 today of washington d.c. and goes until a little later on. look at this. the snow blanketing washington and the white house as you can see, you can barely see the white house at some point as the snow starts coming down. as chad myers told you, we'll check back in. this is just the beginning, this is not even the worst. why don't we head to washington d.c., chris is the director of washington's homeland security and emergency management agency and he joins us by phone. i know it's a very busy time.
6:17 pm
thank you for joining us. how are you folks managing now. >> don, we're managing. we're keeping track of things going on right now. our plows are out there. we had pretreated roads up until we started getting covered up by snow and that's going to happen when we get the heavy snows come pushing snow.we're out, plows - we're keeping track of our folks and our power outages and things like that and making sure our residents are safe and that's number one right now. >> chris, you had a little test when you had the storm the other day, very small storm and you asked people, you know, brought really traffic to a halt there and you asked people to stay at home for this one. is it working? are they heeding the warning? >> don, between the two storms, you really can't compare. the one we got was one of the most vulnerable times where, you know, we got snow that came in right at rush hour. we got a little more than was predicted. our pretreating plans didn't
6:18 pm
really pan out in that totally didn't circumstance here this is a big storm, not 1 .8 inches during a rush hour but i will tell you this, we asked folks to be home at 3:00. we knew that's when the snow was going to start to get bad and unfortunately not all residents listened, although from riding around the city is bare. not many folks out at all. if we can do anything to encourage to stay home, that's what we want them to do. >> music to your eyes when you didn't see people out, i would imagine. >> yes, sir. >> whoots the priority now? >> right now making for emergency services, so we can get fire police and emergency medical services to those in need. taking our call volume and we have a high call volume all the time. that's our many you shall and from what i've seen on the road,
6:19 pm
they are keeping the snow pack down on the roads and emergency services able to get where they need to be. >> what about power outages, did you have any? >> we have a few but no more than we would have on a normal daily basis. but, you know, we haven't seen the heavy winds start yet and the snow is really just starting to pile up. our time frame 10:00 to midnight tonight going through noon tomorrow. that's going to be the true test. that's when the real heavy rain bands or snow bands will be coming through and high winds, getting 40 and 50 mile an hour guests, that's when we think we'll see some of that. >> chris, keep that phone on and charged because we'll be checking with you. chris geldart emergency management. the director there. thank you, sir, good luck to you. i'm told nick is in fairfax, virginia. let's get a look at you. nick, standing in front of a
6:20 pm
snowplow. nick, the teletubby in his hat and jacket. what does it look like? >> reporter: colder here than there i guarantee that. here we stumbled upon this seen. these are some contractors that work with the department of transportation. this is their staging area. they just came out from treating some of the roads on the interstate. we want to talk to some folks here to see what kind of element. trish, hey, you're on. what are you guys dealing with? >> it's horrible out there. if you are out there go home and stay there. don't go out there. >> you were telling us you just came from the interstate and saw a couple major accidents. what are you seeing? >> there is crashes on the parkway. people getting stuck. just don't go. don't go out there. >> reporter: how do you prepare your drivers to go through? you're telling everyone to stay home and stay inside and you guys are out here, the courageous few, how do you prepare? >> it's a lot of patience and
6:21 pm
you got to let people go, you know what i mean? you have people that want to go and got to let them go. you make way and do the best you can. >> reporter: we were talking earlier to steve shannon. he says he has over 4,000 pieces of equipment, heavy equipment, snowplows, what are you guys working with? >> 60 trucks, i think. >> reporter: salt and brine? the worst of it yet to come, don, that's what they are saying. we heard estimates up to 40 inches of snow between now and sunday. that's an average of 36 inches of snow per hour. the wind, i got to tell you, man, it's pretty brutal. >> have you noticed a difference, nick, since you've been there with the wind and snow and temperature? >> reporter: absolutely. between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. the heavy snow started coming down and around 6:00 we saw the wind picking up. we were told the wind would get
6:22 pm
upwards of 50 miles per hour around 9:00. so we're waiting for the strong gusts to come in but right now a steady snowfall, light snow, but it is pretty difficult to deal with. you heard trish talking about accidents in the interstate so for those still on the roads, better be safe out there. >> looks like they are ready, got a couple trucks around you, plow and salting. we'll check back with you. stay safe and keep warm. you can see. that's why i called you tellatubby. i want to bring in a reporter from spring field, virginia and looks like it's coming down where you are, what are you seeing there, sir? >> reporter: it's rough, don. hearing from nick in fairfax not too far from springfield. seems like by the minute, the wind gusts are getting stronger and just about everywhere you go at the moment looking at a little break but i mean, looks like plows are just everywhere. that is a plow truck from the
6:23 pm
virginia department of transportation, one of the 4,000 pieces of equipment nick was talking about in northern virginia that vdot deployed to deal with the massive storm. we see these piles just coming up, and you know, this is definitely going to be a storm measured in feet, not in inches. when it's all said and done tomorrow night and we can imagine these piles of snow will be coming up across the d.c. region probably eight, nine feet high. so when the snow actually ends, there is going to be another separate deal with this as the cleanup and will go into tuesday, possibly even wednesday because this region does not get hit with these huge snowstorms, certainly been a long time since you talk about the two-feet range. not only is the snow difficult now, don, but you're looking at the cleanup and to touch on the safety issue nick was talking about before. the only elected officials in virginia in d.c. and maryland stressed so strongly to people stay off the roads. >> yeah. >> we were talking with the --
6:24 pm
excuse me, the individual at the department of transportation -- >> manage management, yeah. >> reporter: it does seem like people really heeded those calls. we had the storm on wednesday night. it was a complete mess in the d.c. region. everyone knew this one was coming. it was predicted all week. we can tell you by about 3:00, 4:00 we did not see a lot of cars on the roads. you always have exceptions and emergency officials say get off the roads as quickly as you can. seems like people really did heed the call to stay off the road. >> hey, jeff, as you continue -- has i continue to talk to you, if you're not teethered, can you walk back there and show me how deep that pile is? >> reporter: this is not that long. four or five hours, which certainly is a descent amount of time but for this amount of snow, i'm not the tallest guy in the world, about 5'8", we're looking at a pile that will be six-feet not too long from now. as these piles continue to grow,
6:25 pm
they will get in the eight, nine-feet range. if you multiply in one parking lot in virginia and take these piles happening all around the d.c. region in more laaryland a virginia, they will get into the eight, nine, ten feet range. fun to look at but that will create serious problems when you talk about the big cleanup coming up next week. it's going to create issues in terms of potentially some flooding, again, don't want to stress anything out of the ordinary but potentially problems in that regard. you might have freezing that comes up. that's going to create messes on the roads for drivers. this storm again is going to be tapering off as they are saying at some point tomorrow night but the aftermath we'll have to deal with in the days to come is certainly going to be a difficult situation. >> jeff, you're a trooper for doing that because i didn't know if you were tethered. you could fall down on national television. stick with us, we'll get back to you and jeff goldberg was
6:26 pm
speaking on the left of your screen was not live shot from wjla, there they are driving in virginia. that's fairfax, virginia. 841 accidents we're told. i'm just getting that from my producer by virginia state police. if you don't have to be on the road, make sure you stay off the road. thanks to jeff and nick. our reporters are out and about all over the storm zone. more from them when we come back. big-name conservatives launch a movement. this is a storm of another type. why are they doing it? up next i'll talk to one of them. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business.
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this is as close to outside as you should get. look at the white house. it's getting bad out there and as chad myers said, it's just starting this is just the beginning. it's going to get worse and another live shot of washington d.c. and if you were with us before, you could tell that it was clear. now not so clear. so we're -- washington, the whole east coast is gearing up and cnn is covering it for you, every angle from the top of the northeast to the bottom, i think atlanta up to the boston area up
6:31 pm
to new england we've got it covered for you. this is a storm of a different kind raging on the campaign trail where top consecond tirva are banning together. a former attorney general under george w. bush and one of them and he joins me now. thank you, sir. >> great to be here, don. >> a pleasure to have you here. he's -- trump is at the top of the polls for months. why now? >> well, i think this actually started a while ago and the national review, somebody at the national review got the idea some folks ought to be heard on the subject. people who don't necessarily agree with one another on everything but agree that he shouldn't -- that donald trump would be a disastrous president. >> you said disastrous, why? >> look at his propels. >> let me tell you what you wrote. respect that creates fear and trust when and where each is necessary. we need a president that summons strength with reality based
6:32 pm
vision, not one that summons applause. >> he was going to target the families of terrorists which is a violation of laws of war and could subject anybody to a charge of war crimes and anybody that obeyed. if he ever gave that order, nobody in the military would obey it. >> that's one reason -- >> that's one of his propels. he had that to postal, rounding up 11 million people and deporting them. every law enforcement agency in the united states, state, federal and local combined arrests between 25 and 30,000 people a day. at that rate, it would take close to two years to round up 11 million people. with those law enforcement people doing nothing to round up murderers or drug dealers or rapists or drink drivers or anybody. it's crazy. >> what is your biggest fear if he becomes president?
6:33 pm
because he actually could. he's leading in the polls and most likely will be the nominee if things keep going in the direction they are going. >> my biggest fear is that we will not be safe or secure or co-h cohaerent as a country. >> some are say who are you to say someone can't be president. >> nobody there pretends to be anything other than who they are. i was an attorney general. andy mccarthy is a writer. there is a variety of people. bill crystal is a publisher of a rival magazine. >> do you worry, though, that this will actually help donald trump because you don't want him to become the nominee? that it will help him because it secures him as an outsider. >> i don't think he needs people writing these kinds of articles to secure him as an outsider. he's an outsider by vir view of the crazy proposals.
6:34 pm
>> he's an insider and will do what democrats want -- >> ted cruz has his own motives. i don't know what they are but he wants to get elected obviously. he'll say whatever he thinks he needs to say to get elected. as far as his ideas, they are way outside the main stream and way outside of cohaerent. >> you're endorsing jeb bush -- >> i have. >> the latest poll shows him in fifth place. are you helping for a hail mary for a bush nomination? >> i didn't get involved in this because of my involvement with jeb bush. those are separate. it's not me sitting down doing a calculations. this will help us get somebody fit to be president. >> thank you mr. mccasey. stay safe. >> you, too. >> i'll be in here for a little bit but i'll get out there, as well. when we come back, much, much more on the conservative
6:35 pm
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welcome back to our breaking news coverage. here is this is from our affiliate kyw in philadelphia. that's what philadelphia looks like right now. that is that monster storm from atlanta into new england as chad myers said, huge storm. interrupting the presidential race. governor chris christie left the campaign trail and returned to new jersey. more on the storm coverage but first, i want to talk about the conservative movement against
6:40 pm
donald trump, hugh hewitt is here. this is becoming a regular date on friday night, hugh. let's talk, shall we? >> i was watching your storm coverage right now. i think i saw a white walker from "games of throne". >> we call this storm spring. >> that's easy for you to say in a studio with temperatures in the 70s or 80s. >> all four of my grandparents could scoff at this. good to be here, don. >> good to have you. >> i know you like to say you're in switzerland and all this but what's your reaction to conservati conservative, did you hear -- he said donald trump would be a disastrous president and that's why he signed on to do this. >> well, general mckay see had a
6:41 pm
great op ed today. i was glad to see him on your show tonight. there are lots of people in the national review issue. i'm not one -- i am the switzerland of radio shows. all gop candidates are invited on but there are very unusual pairings in there, a lot of people endorsed a lot of different people. they all came together with a -- i think a first ever magazine issue devoted against a man as opposed to against an idea or for an idea. endorsements are common at national review. they endorse marco rubio for example for senate six years ago. i was very surprised but every one of them is an individual of integrity and standing. i think donald trump has to go through each argument and respond and i expect he will. he is on twitter tonight, by the way, as we are sitting here. donald j. trump is on sn snowmageddon land. >> he's always on twitter. so he's always the counter puncher. i want you to listen who he is
6:42 pm
saying off of twitter. listen to this. >> the national review is a dying paper. it's got -- circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. i mean, people don't even think about the national review. so i guess they want to get a little publicity. >> there is irony in this because he is knocking the magazine but used, remember, william f. buckley, the founder as an example to counter cruz' new york values attack. inconsistent because you can be for buckley and against the successor but i would disagree with mr. trump. jim garrity, rich lowry, kathleen jean lopez and johnson. that having been said, i don't think it's dee sicisivedecisive. i think what is decisive are individual voters and whether they turn out.
6:43 pm
if that have this snowstorm in iowa in ten days, don, ted cruz is going to win because of his turnout machine. he's going to win anyway but if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, that's one big freight train that all the magazines on the right won't be able to stop. >> i was wondering if this will help or hurt him because the latest fox news national poll out tonight, hugh has trump with a 14-point lead over cruz. you spoke with marco rubio, didn't you? is he saying about the state of the race? >> i had a full hour today and kasich and carly earlier. donald trump -- >> are you just bragging? >> i will say this -- i am bragging. i have done 150 interviews. there are two divisions, a national league and in that cruz and trump are playing each other. there is the american league with rubio, christie, jeb bush, carly fiorina and john kasich. they are hitting with bats. there will be a winner out of
6:44 pm
the cruz and trump contest and there will be a winner out of the other division and whether or not we get down to four or five by march 15th, i can't say but i do think an establishment candidate or a neo establishment candidate or someone not named trump or cruz, that's the easiest way to put i because i don't know what it means, there will be someone to challenge them on march 15th. i don't have a clue. marco rubio said jeb bush's attacks on him speak of d desperation, by the way, yesterday, former secretary of defense robert gates said he was very high degree of probability the russians hacked the former secretary of states' server. i brought along your shirt, don. >> i know. >> i've got your shirt here. >> because you managed to get the hillary for your first answer and ending with it. and you brought the shirt. nice job, you're on your game tonight. >> the aero is pointing towards indictment. that's what that is pointing
6:45 pm
towards. it's your shirt. you should have taken it in las vegas. >> you have lost your mind. stay warm there in california. >> i will. >> i want to bring in the editor and chief of the hill. bob, your reaction to attempting to put the brakes on the trump nomination and his interview i just did with him? >> don, i mean, the establishment does not want donald trump. i think there have been more people in the establishment who are starting to warm to donald trump including donors but overall, there are some people who are never going to be convinced in the republican party trump should get the nomination. i think you'll see more of this and see donald trump firing back. >> do you think that this has any teeth at all or just another example of the establishment who is out of touch because if you listen to the trump surrogates, they say these insiders or party establishment need to go out and listen to the people. they are, you know, they don't know what they are talking about. they are out of touch.
6:46 pm
>> i don't think it's going to hurt trump that much because any establishment attack on trump really has not connected. these were big punches they were throwing in those pieces and editorial, no doubt about it. so they did get a lot of attention but trump is very good, as he says, as the counter punch and right now, the electret is upset. that's what he wants. he's been on top and wants to stay on top. >> bob, what does it do to the party long term? >> if they lose it will have a bigfect, no doubt about it. republicans are so hungry, as you know, don, to win back the white house and washington republicans never saw that donald trump and ted cruz were going to be on top. they don't like either one of them. so i think maybe after new hampshire they were behind
6:47 pm
someone like marco rubio. marco rubio is well positioned as far as the establishment lane but not winning any states including as donald trump says points out he's not winning his own state of florida. so i think it could do a lot of harm because the party that's divided usually loses. now trump says he can win regan democrats and so does cruz and that remains to be seen. >> i got to go, bob. things are looking good outside your door there? are you okay? >> i'm going to go shovel after this. >> all right. good luck, be safe. editor and chief of the coming up, more on our breaking news, a crippling storm pounding the east coast. we're live tonight for you. le. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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break news tonight we are on blizzard watch. live pictures now of the white house. you can see the conditions are getting worse as this monster storm barrels up the east coast. i want to go to miguel marquez who is out in the middle of it not far down the road or up the road in baltimore, maryland. how are conditions where you are? >> it was freezing.
6:52 pm
it is snowing, the wind is blowing and it is miserable. i thought the snow was letting up but now it is coming down harder and the wind is blowing harder. after midnight here in baltimore is supposed to be the worst. these are the streets and the sidewalks. they have been shoveling. they are losing the war against the snow right now and they will probably lose the war for the rest of the night to come. after 1:00 a.m. they are expecting the wind to pick up to between 25 and 35 miles an hour. gusts as high as 65 miles an hour in parts of maryland. baltimore could see two feet of know. other parts of maryland could see more. people were laughing at the goggles here. now the wind is just whipping through here. it's really, really getting bad. this storm is clearly paying off
6:53 pm
and everything they were talking about. the authorities here in baltimore are talking about the concerns they have for the city, keeping the cars off the street mainly because if there are fires and emergencies in other parts of the city it's extraordinarily difficult for them to get to those parts of the city if there are cars left abandon or parked on streets if they need cleared. they have a number of roadways throughout the city of baltimore that are emergency-only, no parking. there are no cars on the street other than those with chains. and in the hours ahead they may make the decision to ban all cars from the streets of baltimore. public transportation as of midnight will be completely cancelled for the next 48 hours. all flights out of here. we were talking to a group of people from all over the country who are bogged down until this thing passes. the next 24 to 48 hours and overnight tonight is going to be the worst of it and this city is
6:54 pm
just bracing. >> miguel is going to be marketing the cnn turner goggles at the cnn store in atlanta. he looks like the cnn weather ken doll. >> you are going to need a warmer jacket in a little bit. states of emergency up and down the east coast tonight including maryland and virginia. joining me is britney fowler, a regional communications officer of the greater chesapeake region of the red cross. as we look at the pictures of the white house, what's going on where you are? what are the conditions and what are you working with there? >> thank you for having me on tonight. i'm in baltimore and our territory covers the state of maryland, delaware and two counties in virginia. what we're seeing is a lot of preparation in terms of filtering and making sure we
6:55 pm
have volunteers on stand by to assist with the shelters that may open but also to assist with the ongoing day-to-day operations, predominantly making sure if anything should happen at this time the families are taken care of. we are also working closely with our partners at the state and local level making sure that any emergency operation centers that are open are staffed either in person or virtually. >> tell us about the state of emergency, brittany. what does that entail? >> we are supporting state and local governments with shelters that are open and we have supplies available in terms of blankets and meals needed. we have volunteers ready to staff the shelters and the residents are taken care of or any other needs that may arise
6:56 pm
in terms that may be assisting the national guard in some way or any other requirements or requests that come in from the government. >> there are two state shelters that are open right now, i think you talked about it a little bit but are people using them? >> i don't have a shelte count right now. but we do want to get the word out there are two state shelters are open one at umbc and one at -- if anyone needs them they can access them overnight. they are open and ready to go. if people need additional information about where the shelters are located you can download the red cross emergency app on iphone and android. in baltimore city they can call 311 or 211 in other parts of maryland for updated lists. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it.
6:57 pm
looking at live pictures from washington, d.c. and baltimore. the conditions are pretty bad out there. everyone has been saying, all the emergency officials, city, state, government officials, if you don't have to be outside. washington, d.c. could get at least two and a half feet of snow and up and down the east coast a lot of snow as well. 85 million people in the path of this monster storm. when we come right back we're live all across the snow zone. look at that thing. huge! ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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