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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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just past 9:00 p.m. eastern time. crunch time in iowa. breaking news for the democratic front-runner. it involves a candidate once considered the far and away favorite to win it all. now hillary clinton finds herself battling bernie sanders on the ground and in the polls. the longrunning controversy over
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her e-mails erupted late today when the state department refused to release nearly two dozen e-mails from her private server but did release about 1,000 others. dana bash joins us from a clinton event in davenport with all the details. >> we know at least from dianne feinstein who has endorsed hillary clinton. you can see she's speaking behind me. her understanding is that these were seven separate back and forth e-mail chains and none of the e-mail chains originated with secretary clinton. so that is kind of a key piece of information that she wanted to get out there and the clinton campaign wanted to get out because as you know, they have been arguing up and down, sideways, backwards and forwards that nothing that she sent from her private server had any classified information, and the whole concept and question has been whether or not it was
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classified afterwards, and they want this to be made public because the whole concept of them not being made public flies in the face with the argument that there was no sensitive information in there. >> the rally you're at, i understand former president bill clinton just spoke. has she addressed the e-mails or staying away from that during a stump speech? >> he did not address it. i don't expect that she will. she's doing a very standard stump speech talking about -- not sure if you heard -- women should have the right to make their own decisions on their bodies about drug affordability and so forth. she did speak with nbc news generally earlier tonight. >> why shouldn't people as they weigh the electability worry about this hanging over your head as you march forward? >> because the facts have remained the same. there was never any information
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sent or received that was marked classified to me. >> for people who are watching this play out and know the republicans will come at you on this with an open investigation, shouldn't people have some concern? >> no, they shouldn't, lester. i just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind -- to have any concerns. >> anderson, just a few minutes before this rally started, bernie sanders was literally down the street just a few blocks from here where i am in davenport, iowa. he didn't say anything about it. as we were speaking, his campaign released a statement. in it he referred back to what he said effectively to you in the cnn debate that the american people don't care about hirer e-mails. it's not an issue that voters in iowa or anywhere else need to worry about and should not base
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their vote on that answer. >> what's the mood like there overall? >> there's a lot of excitement. there's no question. she's kind of engaging the crowd. she's doing -- maybe you can hear them responding. kind of doing a back and forth q&a, if you will, just trying to rally them. but it is not the same as bernie sanders. it's really stark to hear. the crowd there is much younger. they are much more enthusiastic, especially about the issues he hit hard about college affordability, about the fact that washington is in the pocket of wall street and so forth. back to you. >> dana bash, thanks. speaking of sanders, jeff zeleny is in iowa. the news of the day concerns clinton and her e-mails. the sanders team has been downplaying this, and they continue to. is that correct? >> it is. not even downplaying.
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just not even talking about it. that's a directive from the very top. they are following the orders from senator sanders himself who famously said enough of these damn e-mails. the statement that dana referenced is a touch more nuanced than that. as i said at the first democratic debate, there's a legal process in place which should not be politicized. the voters of iowa and this nation deserve a serious discussion of the issues facing them. so in this statement they said there's a legal process in place. suggesting there is an investigation under way, which there is here. i do not expect senator sanders to talk about this because democratic voters aren't that concerned about it. this will be an issue with independent voters in a general election. that does not mean this is going to be solved. i think it will not be an issue in the iowa caucus campaign which is just three days away. that does not mean that this is over for hillary clinton. >> and how is the race shaping up in the home stretch?
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>> it feels very tight. i talk to people in both campaigns, visit the headquarters, and they know this race feels incredibly close. she might be slightly ahead. both sides agree. but they're going back over all their supporters. both headquarters, all their offices across the state have volunteers making phone calls, going back to call supporters, text supporters one by one to make sure they are still with them. this is something that howard dean did not do famously in 2004. he forgot to, or didn't check with all his supporters. i was checking to tom harkin who supported howard dean, endorsed howard dean back then and he told me that was the biggest mistake. they forgot to call people. the clinton campaign is going back, checking with everyone. the sanders campaign is doing the same and trying to drive young people to vote. that's the dynamic shaping up. are these young voters going to
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support senator sanders. will it be enough on caucus night to put him over the top? >> jeff, thanks. on the republican side, what could be significant fallout from last night's debate which the "des moines register" called a rough night for ted cruz. he's campaigning in wapalo on the iowa river, his fifth stop of a very busy day. sunlen serfaty is joining us from des moines. the cruz event about to start any minute. do we know what he's expected to talk about? >> the cruz campaign at this point says for right now it's all about projecting confidence for ted cruz. and getting his stump speech in front of as many voters as possible. he's been barnstorming throughout northwest area of iowa. very conservative, very rural part of the state, doing an abbreviated version of the stump speech. i couldn't expect him to deviate from that as he makes his closing argument. but it was interesting on the campaign trail for much of the
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day. it did turn into a little damage control from his debate performance last night as you said, that rough headline in this morning's" des moines register" calling it a rough night for the candidate. widely received that way. how we saw ted cruz try to recover is go on offense against marco rubio. we saw him sharpen his attack against rubio, specifically on immigration. this is a specific part of the debate the cruz campaign feels played well for cruz last night. interesting he laid into rubio on this today on the trail. also the campaign is redirecting negative tv ad funds from hitting trump now to hitting marco rubio. so interesting movement, strategy shift within the cruz campaign in these final days. really speaks to some growing anxiety within the campaign about a potential late last-minute marco rubio surge. >> and trump is ratcheting up the rhetoric calling him an
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anchor baby in canada. has the campaign responded to that? >> this was right out of the gate, laying to the birth right citizenship situation. escalating it calling him an aichkor baby. the cruz campaign hiting on the new york values. kathryn frazier saying the only anchor is the one being dragged by the "ss new york values." it's interesting on the campaign trail there are signs this is resonating. some voters bringing up directly to ted cruz. he got a question about it in a town hall just last week and polls reflect that as well. this is a question going into the iowa caucus the candidate himself is facing directly. >> sunlen, thanks. joining susthe communications director for the cruz campaign, rick tyler. i want to play an interview that donald trump did with paul steinhaaser. >> with you not there at the fox
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debate,ior main rival, ted cruz, listen, he was get toing pummelled from left to right. was this by design? >> a lot of things have happened since then. you saw the result. he got very badly hurt. and he's going down. ted cruz is going down. plus he has the canada problem. a huge problem. that problem with canada as to whether he can run. i think he cannot run. so we'll see what happens. >> the des moines register also said it was a rough night for your candidate. is that how you see it? >> no, not at all. the "des moines register" is a left wing paper here in iowa. by the way, they did endorse marco rubio. they were providing him some cover because they like amnesty position that rubio has. cruz did not have a bad night. he was put to the test because a
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lot of barbs came his way. that's something donned trump -- they could have pickeding his support for t.a.r.p. or stimulus. or partial birth abortion. donald trump skedadles from the debate and also from iowa. what's interest, that debate in iowa was not really about iowa but about new hampshire. so the only person on that's stage who has a chance to win iowa is senator ted cruz. everybody else was trying to vie for a position in new hampshire and certainly marco rubio. marco rubio knows he places second to any other establishment candidates or even to ted cruz because we're doing well in new hampshire. and that he won't have a path forward. that was a lot of that debate last night was about. >> your campaign released an ad that we're showing right now this week call new york values
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featuring trump saying he was pro choice. how much do you or are you hoping that's his past stances on abortion hurt him there come monday? and are you hearing that resonating on the campaign trail? >> definitely are. because this is the real donald trump. this is not the donald trump presented himself to iowa. this is the donald trump in his own words, he says my values are new york values. they're not values perhaps in iowa. and he mentioned in that tim russert interview that he was pro-partial birth abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro amnesty. he's been pro almost everything. it's really remarkable. everything that donald trump seems to utter in this campaign, he has a contradictory statement and people in iowa are starting to learn that. i don't think they'll trust donald trump with the white house. >> rick tyler, always good to talk to you. appreciate it. a lot to talk about as the candidates take their final shots at each other.
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in addition to declaring he made the right move boycotting last night's debate, donald trump took the opportunity to give ted cruz poor marks on
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citizenship. make of it what you will. legal questions remain about his eligibility to be president. jeff toobin joins us shortly to talk about that. first, the facts on the canadian ground. drew griffin tonight has that. >> reporter: here's the birth certificate. that's the hospital where he was born. and there's no doubt where ted cruz first lived. >> so it's not actually your log cabin, but historic, yes. because if ted cruz gets the votes he needs, this would be the birthplace home of a u.s. president. the first time ever outside the united states. >> a canadian in the white house. >> reporter: well, not actually, but shocking to canadian shawn miller who understood the implications of all of this immediately. >> doesn't the american president have to be born in the united states? oh, my goodness. >> reporter: the answer to that question, according to most scholars is no. but what exactly is cruz's canada story? it begins in calgary in the late
6:19 pm
1960s when his american mom of wilmington, delaware, and his father of cuba moved to canada to start their business in the oil industry. easton rand knew them both and was impressed with rafael, the geophysicist turning his expertise into a very successful business. >> his software,as algorithms seems to have an edge to them that many people liked. he was a very clever man and lots of charisma. so the combination of technical capability with charismatic personalities served him well in the business. >> reporter: the cruz family moved from the rental home across from the hospital to this wealthier neighborhood on the elbow river where raphael and elnor bought this home. they were moving up and raphael cruz was becoming established in canada's scientific community.
6:20 pm
>> he had his trademark mustache. very charismatic. the center of the group. >> reporter: wren volunteered with cruz for a technical journal for two years. then suddenly in 1974, the cruz family just disappeared. >> he sold his company and had gone ban to the united states. >> were you surprised? >> y because i thought that his business was growing, and i felt that he was becoming more established, and there's no reason to give it up. >> did he talk about, i'm going to go back to america? >> never. >> i'm going to give up on canada? >> never to me. never to me. he was establishing his business here, and it was successful. >> indeed. and there was never any sense that he was about to leave for any reason. >> reporter: the story, according to ted cruz it was alcohol that changed everything. cruz says his mother and father drank too much. >> when i was 3 years old, my
6:21 pm
father decided, he didn't want to be married anymore. and he didn't want a 3-year-old son. so he got on a plane and left calgary and flew back to texas, to houston. and he left us. >> reporter: the story goes raphael cruz went to tex afound religion, stopped drinking, brauts his family to the u.s. and for the past 40 years has been a preacher. the political problem for ted cruz during all those 40 years, while he was a u.s. citizen by birth from his mother, he was still also a canadian. a dual citizen. >> what makes you a canadian citizen? >> being born in canada. >> ian hol kloway says cruz's birth certificate leaves no doubt he was canadian until may of 2014, when senator ted cruz said he wasn't even aware of his dual citizenship and officially renounced his canadian citizenship. canada granted his request with
6:22 pm
this document. >> so is it fair to say that between this document and this document, he has been a canadian citizen? >> he's been a canadian citizen. >> all along. >> cruz is not canadian anymore. that is official. but that still doesn't resolve the other lingering question. can he become the first former canadian citizen to become president of the united states? drew griffin, cnn, calgary. >> having laid out the facts of the case, that leaves the law. we turn to cnn's senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. just be clear. is ted cruz eligible to be president given that he was born in canada, given your opinion? >> probably, but there has never been a supreme court decision. there has been and never any federal court decision defining that term in the constitution, natural-born citizen. the leading analysis, as far as i can tell, is by two former solicitor generals of the united states who have said what
6:23 pm
natural-born citizen means is someone who is an american citizen without having to go through a naturalization ceremony. and because ted cruz's mother was from delaware, he got an american passport without having to go through naturalization. that seems to me right. and i would think most people who have looked at this issue agree that he is a natural born citizen. but it is hanging out there without a definitive answer. >> and the latest charge that cruz is an anchor baby in canada, what do you make of that? >> it doesn't even make any sense to me. the whole idea of anchor babies, it's this epithet, it's an insulting term for a woman who comes to the united states illegally, has a child for the sole purpose of making the baby an american citizen. the whole point of this controversy is that ted cruz was born in canada. so the anchor was in canada.
6:24 pm
it just doesn't make any sense. i think it's simply an attempt to throw a nasty immigration based epithet at ted cruz and to sort of muddy the waters further. as a logical matter, the insult just doesn't make any sense. >> and also the idea that by donald trump that he's put forward that ted cruz should go and get a declaratory statement before a judge to settle this once and for all, that's not how this works. >> and it's quite clear under article three of the constitution that's you need a case or controversy. you need a plaintiff and a defendant both of whom have standing to resolve the case in federal court. you can't simply go to the judge and say answer this question for me. the person who would have standing, clearly, is ted cruz. if some board of elections somewhere said we're not going to put your name on the presidential ballot because you're not a natural born
6:25 pm
citizen, he'd have standing to go to court. beyond that, it's somewhat unclear if anyone else would have standing. certainly a voter wouldn't have standing. the courts have been very clear that voters don't have standing on these issues. would one of his opponents have standing? that's quite possible. but there's no indication that any opponent is going to court on this issue. so it's likely to just sort of hang out there. cruz is probably right. i'm not going out on a limb. i think most people agree that he's a natural born citizen. but the issue is not definitively resofld. and donald trump has had a good month in the polls bringing cruz down, at least clearly in part because of this whole controversy. >> no doubt about that. thanks, jeff. just ahead, we'll look closer at a significant sore point. see what subject made the candidate want to change the subject, even if it meant talking about property law.
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closer look at donald trump and a subject he doesn't like dwelling on. just the opposite. he's been taking heat from social conservatives. his presidential rivals and fact
6:30 pm
checkers over his changing views on abortion from being very pro-choice to pro-life. some are hitting him because he changed positions. others because he doesn't seem to acknowledge having changed at all. you can see in this moment from his conversation with brianna keilar last night. when asked, he changed the subject. >> ted cruz, not just ted cruz but those who support him have been hammering you when it comes to your previous views on late-term abortion. >> i'm hammering him on his views where he was born. he's very week -- >> you said to my colleague just recently, dana bash. you said i don't want to talk about that when asked about your previous support for late-term abortion. >> everybody knows -- i am pro-life. everybody knows i'm pro-life. he knows i'm pro-life. ted cruz also took a commercial -- wait a minute. ted cruz took a commercial that i ripped down an old lady's house. they have the bulldozers.
6:31 pm
they say he destroyed it because of eminent domain, which is very important because you wouldn't have roads or schools. >> can you explain -- >> wait a minute. the house was never ripped down. she didn't want to do it. ultimately, i said let's -- >> i'm asking you this -- >> this is my question. >> briann await. he did a big commercial and said -- >> what does it have to do with wanting to talk about this issue of late-term abortion. >> it has a lot to do with it because he's very dishonest in what he's doing. he says i ripped down a house of an elderly lady. i didn't rip it down. >> and you've said that. >> but he never apologized. >> in a moment i'll talk to trump's campaign co-chairman about the change of position and change of background. first some background from dana bash. >> i'm pro life. >> yet donald trump wasn't always against abortion rights and his oppon ients are workingo
6:32 pm
make sure iowa voters know it like in this tv ad by ted cruz's campaign. >> i am pro life. pro choice. >> that was from an interview with tim russert. >> i hate the concept of abortion. i cringe when i listen to people debating the subject. but you still, i just believe in choice. and again, it may be a little bit of a new york background because there is some different attitude, in different parts of the country. >> here's what trump said last week about his opponents using those comments against them. >> they have their choice. i'm pro-life. they can do what they have to do. there will be many people that will be voting for me. >> but trump didn't just advocate for abortion rights in one tv interview. he took time to lay them out in his 2000 book, "the america we deserve." at the time you said you were
6:33 pm
pro choice. >> not strongly, but i am pro life. i had an experience with a friend of mine who was, frankly, they were going to abort their child, which they ended up having and their child is like this magnificent person, and it had an impact. i've seen that a couple of times. but i'm pro-life. >> reporter: in the past, conservative voters, especially in evangelical rich iowa, were skeptical of candidates who were ever anything but anti-abortion. mitt romney went being from abortion rights as massachusetts governor to being against abortion rights as he considered his first presidential run saying i am no longer content with the description of my position. i want to call myself pro-life. romney could never quite convince many socially conservative voters he meant that. trump is occasionally asked about his position by voters. >> me, pro-life. >> reporter: but his big rallies don't allow for extended q&a that candidates for president,
6:34 pm
especially in iowa, are historically subjected to. still, it's unclear if ads like this from jeb bush's superpac will stick. >> i am pro-choice. >> i'm very pro-choice. >> it may, for a normal position, but if donald trump has proven anything, it's that he's not susceptible to typical laws of political gravity. at least not yet. dana bash, cnn, davenport, iowa. >> we've seen that time and time again. >> joining us, co-chairman and policy adviser for the donald trump campaign. do you think this attack on trump that he has switched his position, which, he clearly did at one point. is it resonating at all? are you hearing it or seeing it in polls? we just talked to ted cruz's person. they're running ads about this. >> well, i don't think it's had any impact. i think a lot of people look at mr. trump in a way that a lot of, you know, with the great
6:35 pm
scrutiny he's had all of his life. he's been a celebrity all of his life. this is a person who has grown. he has broadened his view of the world, and i really think that as his family matured and his children grew up and took over the business, and he had grandchildren come into his life, i really think that his perspective on a lot of issues changes. i'll tell you from personal experience, the same thing has happened to me and has happened to a lot of other people that reach this particular age. and we start to see things in a lot different way. what you look at is, what's best for the world? if you have the wherewithal, mr. trump does, to go out and make a difference, and he can, i think this is a remarkable human being and a remarkable admission on his part. and i think that he has evolved in that way. and like a lot of other men have in this particular area and this particular time. >> i've talked about this a lot. i read this article in "the wall street journal" which is really interesting on how donald trump
6:36 pm
makes decisions. the reporter spent a couple of days with him on his plane. he was looking at polls, tv coverage and said, i don't know if he said it out loud but cruz has been flying high too long in iowa. we're going to take him down and came up with the whole birth issue. i'm curious. you work with a lot of candidates, a lot of politicians. does he make -- are his instincts more finely tuned than most you've worked with? it seems he makes decisions pretty much through his own counsel. is that your experience? >> i'm not sure that's an accurate characterization. i think you have a lot of it right. i don't think it's entirely right. and that's not disparaging at all. if you aren't part of it, you don't realize what goes on. there's a lot of discussion. he has tremendous instincts. tremendous intellect. one thing that struck me when i first started working for him
6:37 pm
was how intuitive he is. he has an incredible ability to connect dots when you sit down and lay out complex issues. and trade deals or foreign policy issues and you start to lay those out. he picks up on it really quickly and is able to help you and you help him move along in those areas. he doesn't make any decision rationally. he knows exactly what it is he needs to do and wants to do. he consults people. his family is very important to him. close advisers. for a lot of us, we're very comfortable with the way this process works. you have to admit. take a look at the decisions he's made so far. we haven't -- we haven't seen any jostling of the ball going out of bounds so far. >> i'm not bringing this up in any way as a criticism. i think it's a fascinating skill that i thought was the first time i'd heard it written about, and i thought it was really interesting. even tonight talking to paul steinhaaser in new hampshire, a
6:38 pm
local reporter, trump was saying about not participating in the debate that whether, he didn't know it was necessarily by design that he did it so that everyone would gang up on ted cruz without trump being there, but maybe it was instinct. it seems he's a guy who has a very finely tuned instinct for, you know, whatever his beliefs are or just the mood or -- i mean, i'm not sure what the instinct is for. it seems more finely tuned than i've seen in a political sphere in a long time. >> i think it's absolutely right. a lot of it comes from his 40 years in business. i am a businessman myself. and i know exactly when you get in there, you have to have some sense of what's going on. and situational awareness or what the circumstances are. you have to see things develop. you have to see how things evolve. he has that ability to see around corners. that's an important position for a lot of people. and it's a very rare skill.
6:39 pm
and he probably has it in -- honed to a level most people will never know. >> fascinating. sam clovis, thank you. >> always, anderson. great to see you. >> a long weekend ahead for sam and all the other candidates and their campaigns. just ahead, part two of my interview with glenn beck. why he's endorsing ted cruz. first time he's ever endorsed a candidate publicly. and what he thinks about donald trump. these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns, and uncover risk. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. as we said, conservative talk show radio host glenn beck has been speaking out against donald trump. he's slammed him in an essay on facebook and on his radio show. this week he endorsed ted cruz. the first time he's endorsed a presidential candidate. here's part two of my interview with glenn beck. a lot of the people who were in the tea party, who were tea party supporters -- i talked to a lot of people who were tea party organizers who are against trump, but a lot of people are tea party supporters are supporting donald trump. a lot of evangelicals who i remember erick erickson early on
6:44 pm
after trump made the statement about drinking the little wine and cracker and not talking about forgiveness essentially said he's written off the evangelical vote. and there's a lot of big name evangelicals and a lot of evangelical voters, he's leading the polls among evangelicals. >> because, i think, people are tired and they are frustrated and they're angry. and i can understand that. and, anderson, you can understand that. a lot of people are out of work and they've lost hope. we never make a good decision when we're angry. there is, if i may make a -- something that everybody will mock me for and make fun of luke the caliphate. we're headed for an economic collapse. i don't know when, but we're headed for an economic collapse. another great depression. when that happens, you better have somebody who is rooted in the constitution and rooted in you being a good person, not rooted in, i'm going to fix
6:45 pm
this. i'm going to get him. i'm going to be -- have revenge. >> it's interesting. i read your endorsement. i watched it on tv, also, but read the transcript of it. you had never endorsed a candidate in your 40, i think it was, years of broadcasting. i don't want to get the years wrong because you're incredibly youthful. >> it's been 40. >> okay. i have to ask you for your secrets because i'm about 22 and about ready to take a long nap. >> i know. >> i thought it was interesting -- >> it gets worse. >> a lot of people in the media say he's endorsed candidates before and you have not. you did one jokingly. oh, i'd vote for this guy or these people but you haven't actually endorsed somebody. why make this step at this juncture with this candidate, with ted cruz, a guy who, obviously, there's a lot of folks in washington in the establishment who do not like ted cruz and who say, he's
6:46 pm
anti-establishment. but he went to princeton. he's had a lot of high-profile jobs. he's in the u.s. senate. >> yeah, there's a difference between being, you know, working in washington or going to princeton. i don't have a problem. smart people go to princeton and harvard. there's a difference between going and working places and then losing your soul. what i'm -- what i am sick and tired of is the people who go and then they just do the same thing that everybody -- that they promised they wouldn't do. go in there and be your own man and stand against the storm. i'm looking for somebody who will be a david with goliath. the corruption, anderson, in washington is unbelievable. i want somebody that isn't really liked by all the people in washington, especially the gop. because i -- you know, the democrats have to clean out their own house. i have access to people in
6:47 pm
the -- that vote republican generally. let's clean out our own house. forget about what the other guys are doing. let's try to do ours right. >> glenn beck, it's always -- it's really good to talk to you. where do you get a camouflage scarf? i kind of like it? >> i don't know. i was trying to make my double chin disappear. >> believe me. somebody obsessed with my own, i'm looking for a scarf. i like it. always a pleasure. thank you so much. just ahead, a woman who taught english as a second language at a jail is arrested in connection with the escape of three inmates. what we know about the relationship between her and the alleged ringleader of the jail break, next. then you might be gearcentric. right now, get this hp printer for 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. ♪
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don't buy makeup that settles into lines, it ages you. me advice from the future get simply ageless makeup it floats over lines and you look beautiful! simply ageless from olay... and easy, breezy... ...beautiful covergirl the search is still on for the two other escapees. now a woman who taught english as a second language has been arrested. authorities think she may have helped them escape. paul vercammen tonight has the latest. >> she's 44. he's 37. both of iranian descent and involved in a relationship that may have started inside the orange county jail. she taught english as a second language and the jailbreak ringleader was her student. after his escape, detectives found correspondence between the two but were these love letters?
6:52 pm
>> obviously, it's not out of the question, but we don't have any information to determine it was romantic. >> the rap sheet hardly screams romantic. he grew up in the fresno area and was charged in 2005 for killing a friend. the website proclaims she has a masters in french literature. she's been editing books and teaching english, farsi and french to children and adults. how did he wind up in her english as a second language course? >> the connection whether it's from iran, we're not sure. that's very much of a concern of us which leads us to believe that she played a significant role in the planning.
6:53 pm
>> the sheriff's department says the instructor may have provided him with a printed google map. a roof the fugitives rappelled off four stories to freedom. authorities say all three fugitives were facing long sentences or life in prison if convicted so they were motivated to try to break out. but co-horts needed help. authorities believe they turned to the woman who was a teacher and perhaps more to nairi. >> someone facing significant time are going to use whatever they can in manipulations, a tactic they'll use to get something they want. >> now this sounds just like that upstate new york escape last inside help. >> what do we know about the inmate now in custody? >> well, anderson, they believe
6:54 pm
he's talking. they say he's cooperating and following up from that, they say the two fugitives that are still out there are somewhere in the fresno or in the san jose area. >> appreciate the details. thanks. the fbi says negotiators working around the clock to resolve the nearly month-long standoff in oregon. the four people thought to still be inside say they're ready to leave peacefully. a protester was killed in a shoot-out earlier this week. the fbi has released video showing thshow ing that confrontation. >> the man gunned down is lavoy finicum, one of the leaders of the month-long wildlife refuge siege. >> please don't point guns at me and i shall not point guns at
6:55 pm
you. how about we leave it at a this. >> on thursday, the black jeep pulls over. a ammon bundy surrenders. one passenger gets out. finicum waving to o authorities but not exiting. for nearly four minutes the truck sits on the road and then suddenly takes off. >> the white truck leaves the scene at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: the truck approaches' roadblock, veer, nearly hitting an officer and drives into a snow bank. his hands are up but he reaches to his left pocket here and then here and officers fire. >> he did have a loaded 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun in that pocket. at that time, the troopers shot finicum. >> three people are still inside the truck. officers use pepper spray to get
6:56 pm
the two women add one man to surrender. >> reporter: the agents did find three other loaded weapons inside the truck, two loaded 223 semiautomatic rifles and one loaded .38 special revolver. >> a small handful of people remain on the refuge just down the street. negotiations with them continuing. harney county, oregon. >> more news ahead. we'll be right back. amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara
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thanks very much for watching. we'll be back on sunday night for a special report on the iowa caucuses. a special report "the secret life of g.i. joe" starts now. the following is a "cnn special report." we all lost somebody yesterday. a mentor, a leader, and a brother in blue. >> a fallen hero. >> g.i. joe was a decorated police officer and an asset to our community. >> a great mentor, great person, great father figure. >> a massive manhunt. >> we had over 400 law enforcement officers actively searching. s.w.a.t. teams actively searching. we had over 45 k-9 units in the area. >> a troubling past. >> there w


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