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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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. hello, everyone. it is 11:00 on the east coast, 10:00 a.m. in iowa. i'm fredricka whitfield. it's crunch time in iowa, two days until the very first caucuses the election, and the very first time actual ballots will be cast in this truly unprecedented presidential ways. the candidates are crisscross g i the state today.
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front-runner donald trump has three events today while hess closest rival ted cruz continues his bus tour. you see them dotting the map there. hillary clinton is holding three events ending the day at a rally with her husband and daughter, and bernie sanders has five appearances, including a concert with some well-san antonio rock bands there in iowa. we will bring you many of these events as it happens live this afternoon. my colleague john berman is already there in des moines. he is getting ready just two days away. everyone is kind of -- you know, they have their hands together, because it's cold and they can't wait for this day to happen. >> reporter: i have to say fredricka, you can feel the energy and the urgency here. these candidates, they have almost no time left to make their case, using every second they can to make that case. we have correspondents covering all the campaigns today.
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sunlen ser fathi, manu raji covering marco rubio and jeff zell anyone chasing the clinton campaign. i want to start with sunlen in ames, iowa. things are different now for ted trust after -- now ted cruz is dealing with marco rubio. in third place, but nipping at his heels. the cruz campaign just released a new spot, a very tough television ad about marco rubio. here's a sample. >> caucus for cruz. >> marco rubio is different. >> the republican obama, championed obama's -- and letted gang of eight. >> the republican obama. in a republican primary or caucus, i do not think he means that to be nice. it is not meant as a compliment. what is the cruz campaign doing here, sunlen? >> reporter: that's right,ist
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not meant as a compliment. this is the regular attack line, the whole duration of the campaign, but the news here is the shift in focus and shift in attention back onto marco rubio, to paint him as, you know, the rep obama, painting him as more in line with democratic values on immigration, highlighting his work with the gang of eight, that effort that ultimately failed in 2013, we know now the cruz campaign in the final days senses a bit of concern coming from rubio's threat. it's not about any threat as far as the immediate concern here. it's more about the eventual threat that he poses, so what the cruz campaign is trying to do right now is to stop any momentum that rule i don't could get coming out of iowa, moving into new hampshire, moves into south carolina, so we have redirected campaign funds, the super pac and the campaign both this week, moving funds they were using to attack
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donald trump, now moving those to attack rubio, a plethora of new campaign ads spreading up, and ted cruz really sharpening these attacks in the last 24 hours, unprompted going after marco rubio, trying to paint his record on immigration reform in the eyes of republicans as one that is tarnished. john? >> here's the thing for cruz, though, sunlen, just because further cruz has stopped talking about donald trump, donald trump hasn't stopped talking about ted cruz. he called him an anchor baby in canada. are people talking about the canada things? are cruz voters an issue of concern for them? >> reporter: i wouldn't say it's a big sure, john, but it has come up before. just this week, ted cruz was asked during a town hall about
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this issue. the cruz campaign wanting to put this issue to bed. they feel like they have, but clearly it's resonating in some sense, the poll shows some movement. people are a bit concerned about it. it shows these lines of attack that donald trump keeps bringing to the campaign trail are working in some sense. the cruz campaign responding to the attack by donald trump, laying into donald trump, calling him the s.s. new york values. this is the key part of that closing message in iowa when talking about standing up to donald trump, trying to paint him as someone that's not in line with iowa values, john. >> very hard to be the man in the middle. sunlen surfer fatty. he's talking about donald trump, saying that anger is not enough,
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but marco rubio as he likes to do is talking a lot about hillary clinton. >> there's a reason why hillary clinton and her super pacs pend more time attacking me than any republican -- because they don't run against me, but i can't wait to run against her. the next president will appoint two to three supreme court justices. the future of the constitution is in the balance. you know what kind of person hillary clinton wants to put on the supreme court? barack obama. they asked her, and she said, what a great idea? , no, no, it's not a good idea. you're goods to appoint to the high court someone who has absentually violated the constitution? this person is going to interpret it and apply it? there's no way. >> joining mess manu raju. you know from covering campaigns, every day is sort of different. today the buzz around iowa is
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ooh, marco rubio may be closer to ted cruz than ted cruz is to donald trump. we don't know if this is true or buzz in the echo chamber, but what is rubio trying to do? what is the campaign trying to do. i hearty alex conant say, no, we assume he's going to win -- i don't think he means that. >> one, they're trying to beat ted cruz. they do not want him to come out with a good story to tell heading into new hampshire. they think if he loses in iowa after the amount of money, effort and resources he spent here, he's not going to win another state maybe until march. at that point we know this is a game of momentum, and essentially he may fall off the map. the other thing is they do want on solid third-place finish, because their lane right now in the party in this race is to be
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the anti-trump, anti-cruz candidate. if they have enough separation between them and the governors in the race, the story out of iowa will be we are the alternative, we can unite the party, we can take out donald trump as long as these other governors drop out of the race. i'm not sure if they will, but we'll see what happens there and we'll see what happens in new hampshire. right now it's a four, five-car pileup for second place in new hampshire. >> it's interesting. they don't want to look like they're trying to 45rd, right? we're doing really well in third place, nevertheless they are spented a forting, including this in 30-seconds -- >> 30 minute. >> sorry, this 30-minute town hall meetings they're going to put on stations all over the 125i9 this weekend. >> tomorrow they'll be in the central part of the state.
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they are going everywhere, spending more money on tv than any other candidate and more money is coming at them. you're seeing marco rubio's face everywhere. one, they know how important it is to do well here. in the long game they seal it as a gel dat, and after march 14th, the states become winner take all states, and if they win a big state after march 14th, maybe they could run away and people see them as a huge threat, which is why people like ted cruz -- >> in that ad, the republican obama ad, that's a tough spot. >> that is a very tough is it spot. that's the question that marco rubio will continue to face. is he another obama, can run this government. it's something he's tried to push back on. trust me because of my ideas, mott because of my lack of experience. >> and manni, we do have a poll
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coming owl, much later today. people are looking at that. one of the things they'll be looking for, how close is marco rubio to ted cruz? >> it's probably daunting for the rude i don't campaign, because if he's very close, that means expectations are enormously high. >> manu raji, great to have you here with us. >> thanks. >> thanks so much. donald trump is here, too, and he's thanking evangelicals this morning. he put out a video on facebook, promising he will never let them down. jim acosta is in dubuque, iowa, where donald trump will hold his first rally in just a few hours. jim, set the scene. >> oh, that's right, john. you know, you need two things to win the iowa caucuses, evangelicals and you need organization. the donald trump campaign, he's not out here just yet, but he's been campaigning on twitter, this morning. one of the videos is his
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daughter showing caucus-goers what they need to do to show up on caucus night and show their support, even going as far as explaining, you know, you need to register as an are republican. that's an xags of all the of those nontraditional voters that donald trump has attracted to the campaign, even some conservative democrats. they want to make sure those folks can properp properly show their support. the other side is the christian conservative vote. it's interesting to see this video that donald trump put out this morning, put it out a twitter and facebook, talking about his christian faith and a bible that his mother gave to him when he was young. here's a bit of that video. >> i really appreciate the support given to me by the evangelicals. they've been incredible. every poll says how well i'm doing with them. >> my mother gave me this very
8:12 am
bible many years ago. in fact it's her writing right here. she wrote the name and my address, and it's just very special to me. again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. >> now, the other thing we should point out today, john, is we're going to see a different side of donald trump that we don't normally seen. he's? holding three events. this may be the first day he has done that, as donald trump lights to talk about, high energy and low energy candidates, we'll have to check donald trump's energy by the end of this day. he does not usually keep up this short of pace out out campaign trail. you mentioned the demine register poll, that's critically important, that will show us exactly where donald trump's momentum is right now, and i remember four years ago, and so do you, john, a guy named rick santorum came out of nowhere and was showing a major surge in the
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final hours of these iowa caucuses, and it made for an interesting and amazing story line. he ended up coming out and winning thinks caucuses, so there could be some prices in store at the end of the day, john. >> there absolutely could. donald trump was actually trailing in the last "des moines register" poll. if he's ahead, you will feel the tremors. jim acosta with the trump campaign, as you correctly note, three events for donald trump, we'll check in at the end of the day to see how he's doing. thanks, jim. cnn will be in place for complete coverage. live coverage all day on monday, the very first votes of the 2016 presidential race, so important. we'll be right back with more of our live coverage. stay with us. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
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john berman in des moines, iowa. we're ahead of the iowa caucuses, just two days article are away. monday night, president democratic candidates are making their final push, all over this state. where all signs are this race is close. secretary of state hillary clinton is thanking voters in her final tv spot. >> i really wanted to start with a thank-you. i want you to know how much it has meant to me as i've travel across the state to hear about people's hopes and struggles, and i know that because of that, i will be a better president if i'm elected. if you go to the caucus on
8:18 am
monday night and stand up for me there, i will work meyer heart out to give you and our country the future we deserve tole. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. all right. hillary clinton her last campaign spot. jeff zeleny is with us. hillary clinton thanking iowa voters, she could say thank you to new yorkers right now "new york times" just moments ago endorsed hillary clinton in her race for president. so that happens, you can see it right there, a picture, hillary clinton for gnome days. in conveys you're wondering, the times endorsed john kasich for the republican nomination. gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly will be joining hillary clinton today. they are very big on the issue of gun control. what can we expect today?
8:19 am
>> no question, john. hillary clinton in her final push her will be joined on the campus of iowa state university by gabby giffords. she has already splo received the endorsement, but this is the first time gabby giffords that is campaigned with hillary clinton, the campaign trying to draw that distinction here on guns. they've been doing it with increasing intensity and urgency. they are pointing out that senator sanders has not been as strong on gun control as the clinton campaign has been, so what's really going on here, they're going for that slice of voters, i'm told. it may be 10%, 20% of voters undecided. they're hoping this message in the final push here this weekend will brings those over the top. the more important thing across the state is mobilization. they are people on the phones, recalling and refirming every
8:20 am
single clinton supporter to make sure they will be there on month night at 7:00. this is what it's all about. and the sanders campaign, he's across the state as well. they have an ethos inside their campaign called prove them wrong. it's sort of a rallying cry for young supporters to prove the skeptics wrong they won't come out and caucus. so it is a social media-driven campaign, the first time any of this has happened. they're trying to draw young people out to support him on monday night. the clinton campaign is going for a -- hiding the older voters to the poll it is. >> jeff, you know the clinton campaign wants to be pushing for turnout, wants to concentrate on the ground game. while that's going on. the store comes out about the state department now holding back e-mails say there is top
8:21 am
secret, so hillary clinton has to deal with that. what is the campaign saying? >> the campaign is calling on the state department to release all the e-mails. the sanders campaign is probably wisely not weighing in on this. that comes from the very stop. senator sanders very famously at our debate said enough of the damn e-mails, so he's ordering none of hess supporters or staff to talk about this, but it is definitely a worry, it's a distraction, it's something that, you know, they certainly don't want to be talking about in the hours before the vote. this is more of a general election challenge and problem for her. moth democratic voters and supporters believe her on this issue, john. >> of course, you have to get to the general election, which is what the next two days are about. jeff zell anyone, thank you so much. good to see you. joining jake tapper on
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hello, everyone. we'll get back to the live coverage of iowa. in a moment. but the zika virus has now spread to peru. the world health organization held an emergency meeting, and the disease is linked to cases of severe birth defects. here in the u.s., the cdc says there are at least 32 cases across 11 states and d.c. the virus is not spreading locally in the u.s., but it is coming into the country through travelers arriving here. cnn's shasta darlington joins me from brazil. you're in one of the hardest-hit countries. what are they doing to battle this outbreak. >> we're at the epicenter here, fredricka. the president of brazil, she was on the phone yesterday with president obama talking about
8:27 am
how they could work together to fight the mosquito that's spreading disease. they talked about research and speeding up the vaccine needed to protect people against the disease. right now there's no vaccine, there's no cure, and so far brazil is pretty much failing in its fight. take a listen to what the president of brazil said. >> translator: we are losing the battle against the mosquito, as long as the mosquito keeps rebrowing, each and every one of us are losing, so we have to mobilize. >> the real risk here is to pregnant women. since the virus was detected last year, there have been more than 4,000 cases microcephaly, it causes small leads and brain -- and it's heartbreaking.
8:28 am
they are looking at a lifetime of emotional and financial problems because of this. so what brazil is doing, they're sending soldiers and health workers out, 200,000 of them going door to door to try to eliminate the pools of standing water under plants, the tanking of water somewhere these quotes breed. they're really trying to protect people and at least shrink the population. the olympics are just six months ago, rio de janeiro is expecting half a million visitors. so there's concern people may not come, so they're also trying to get the world on you there this is a risk. in. the venues will be inspected on a daily basis. they're also letting people no this would be in the wind in brazil. naturally there's fewer mosquitos. so is the medical community
8:29 am
convincing brazil onauthorities that it's the fetuses the only ones at greatest risk? >> that's what they have discovered here in brazil so far. doctors admit this is evolving, there could be new discoveries, but what they have seen so far is the huge surge in what we call microcephaly, and they have tested enough babies rms they have discovered the virus in these fetuses. that's where the link came from. the problem is, in so many cases, it doesn't have any symptoms. people who have zika don't even no who have it. all these expectant mothers, maybe i had it, maybe i didn't. there's panic here really fredricka. >> understandably. shasta darlington, thank you so much. nearly two dozens of hillary clinton's e-mails will not be released to the public. we'll tell you why the u.s. state department will not
8:30 am
release hem and how the issue is cupping up on the campaign trail. that's next.
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the u.s. estate department sits it's not releasing e-mails, saying they're too sensitive. chris frates has more on this controversy. >> just yesterday the state department announced it will know release 22 e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton because they contain top skret information. >> the documents are being upgraded.ecret information. >> the documents are being upgraded. they were nod marked classified at the time they were sent. >> is the clinton campaign has long argued the same point. the e-mails were not marked classified at the time they were sent, arguing that bureaucrats are not over-clavelling the e-mails.
8:34 am
there could serve as a reminder of what voters see as one of her weaknesses, that she can't be trusted. republicans naturally pounced on the news that she kept top secret information on a private e-mail server. >> listen, you can't come to any other conclusion than she just lied to us. she lied to us she lied, and the worst part is you found out in iowa just last week why she lied. they asked her, an iowan asked her why, she said it was for her convenience. >> the clinton campaign sis it opposes the state department's decision. here's what hillary clinton had to say about it. >> the facts are that i never e-mailed anything that was considered classified, it wasn't marked classified.
8:35 am
i think at the end of the day everybody is going to know i asked to have all these made public, i would love for them to be public, and i hope that will happen. >> on a separate note, fred, the state department also announced idea it would know release 18 e-mails between then secretary clinton and president obama in order to protect the president's ability to receive what they said was blunt advice. >> chris frates, keep us posted from washington. >> will do. continuing on the campaign trail, ted cruz shifting his sights to marco rubio. next we're bulk out to des moines to talk to ted cruz' foreign policy divorce. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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we are here ahead of the monday caucuses. getting oh so close. on the republican side, it does seem that donald trump is in the lead here, at least that's what the polls are saying. ted cruz has been working ar crisscrossing the state, making several stops today. the rally begins in ames in about 20 minutes. it will be interesting what he has to say, because it does seem that ted cruz is focused not on donald trump, but on marco rubio. the candidate until now who has been in third place in the polls, but is he gaining
8:40 am
momentum? at the debate thursday night, he was hitting away at ted cruz. >> in the committee, you said i want to bring people out of the shadows, now you want to trump trump on immigration. >> ted cruz has a new ad out about marco rubio, calling him about the worst thing you can in a republican primary. watch. >> they call ted cruz obama's nemesis, because cruz fought obamacare, said no to big spending, stopped amnesty in its cracks. marco rubio's different. the republican obama, the championed amnesty and led the gang of eight. on taxes -- >> i'm in favor of a mandate they go and design a cap and trade orb carbon tax program. >> that's marco rubio. we want to talk more about this with victoria sfm cose.
8:41 am
you put it out because you are concerned about somebody. is that object in the mirror marco rubio? >> i think the point of the ad is to simply set the report straight. senator rubio was a member of the gang of eight, senator cruz was not and fought against the gang of eight. that's -- i think it's important for the voters to know that. >> but just to be clear, i don't think we're it shall it did seem that ted cruz was talking a lot about donald trump. now that's changed. as i said, i think this is a critical piece of the record. from my portfolio, senior foreign policy adviser, border security is national security. this is an extremely important
8:42 am
issue for the election. >> next 48 hourses what's the road map to victory? >> he needs to keep doing what he's doing. he's committed to the people of iowa. the full gracely all 99 cowards. it's amazing, just finishes strong, as he'sing going on. >> evangelical vote in way is so key particularly for ted cruz. what does he intend to do with these voters? >> absolutely. >> for senator cruz, this isn't a hard sell. he's a member of this community, his father is a pastor with a very powerful voice, so for senator cruz, it's just being who he is. he doesn't have to play a game or take on a role there. >> for foreign policy, marco rubio running more as a national security candidate perhaps than ted cruz, ted cruz under some criticism for carpet bombing in
8:43 am
isis. you know that carpet bombing isn't exactly what ted cruz has been saying what it is. >> i'm not going to apologize for how vigorously he would prosecute the war against isis. i think the fact that people are complaining he will be too mean for the terrorists is maybe not the worst thing that anybody ever said about him, but senator cruz is on the armed services committee, judiciary, all of these activities have an international aspect, so he very much been running as a national security candidate. i think he's absolutely the candidate who would keep the country the safest, and that's been key to his message. >> we have an event, ted cruz speaking in about to minutes in ames. what do you think he'll say? i i expect he'll just keep right on his message, he's the candidate ready on day one to do what the voters want him to do, which is to repeat obama care, kill the terrorists and defend the constitution. >> donald trump said he got
8:44 am
pummelled in the debate on thursday night. "the des moines record". >> which who has endorsed marco rubio. >> the headline, though, was a rough night for ted cruz. >> inside the cruz campaign, was there a sense this maybe wasn't the strongest debate had el had? >> i thought his opening was fantastic, and i thought his close was the strongest. he had a great answer on obamacare, a good answer on the isis and terrorist threat. i thought he handled the immigration issue much more strongly, and i agreed not to bring of a competitor, who said afterwards d. and i think we'll see that borne out on monday. the poll comes out in a few hours. everyone i mention smiles as if they look at their watch. >> it's happening, it's happening. >> what do you expect to see? >> i'm not a pollster, i'm a policy adviser, so i can tell you what we're seeing on the
8:45 am
ground, which is absolutely fantastic. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you, johns. >> victoria coates. hillary clinton, they are fighting for the nomination, fighting for a big win here. all signs are it is very, very close. we'll have the latest, next. welcome to opportunity's knocking, where self-proclaimed financial superstars pitch you investment opportunities. i've got a fantastic deal for you- gold! with the right pool of investors, there's a lot of money to be made. but first, investors must ask the right questions and use the smartcheck challenge to make the right decisions. you're not even registered; i'm done with you! i can...i can... savvy investors check their financial pro's background by visiting
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all right. john berman here in iowa. just two days to go under the iowa caucuses monday night. here to discuss the latest news, and there is some news, cnn commentator and former, into khari sellers, a clinton supporter, also joining us republican strategist kailee mci anyoni. we just learned "new york times" issued some endorsements. hillary clinton on the democratic side, john kasich on the republican side. john kasich of ohio, though a distinct underdog is the on plausible choice for republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this case. i guess let's start with republicans and go to democrats. i think the endorsements do completely different things. what does "the new york times" endorsement do for john kasich.
8:50 am
>> destroys him. utterly destroys him. here's the thing, john kasich made his name on attacking donald trump, on attacking ted cruz, on attacking conservative principles and values. that's the name of the game. evangelicals, tea party. it is like ted cruz new york value theme plastered across john kasich. >> he isn't even here. kasich is not even competing in the state, he is in new hampshire. new hampshire may be a different story. "the new york times" endorsement of republican caucus in iowa, but on the democratic side for hillary clinton might be a little different story. >> the race is turning out to be about momentum and what we don't want to happen, what hillary clinton supporters don't want to happen is for bernie sanders to keep chewing away, gaining, gaining, gaining, gaining. if he would have gotten "the new york times" endorsement would have solidified that momentum. come monday, it will be a big race in iowa.
8:51 am
one thing hillary clinton camp does not want is bernie sanders to get the momentum, to propel him down south. >> and timing of this for hillary clinton, people have been talking about the last 20 hours about hillary clinton is e-mails. >> e-mails. this endorsement reassures supporters, helps coalesce the base, helps build excitement. something else to talk about on the campaign trail. i think the e-mail does vast, here i am saying e-mail, the endorsement does vastly different things. for hillary clinton it is a plus. >> voters don't trust hillary clinton in iowa. a lot of voters don't, 67% don't trust her. is a "the new york times" endorsement enough to override distrust? >> i think first and foremost, i think hillary clinton will have a good night monday. a lot rides on what happens monday night there. if iowa voters reaffirm what many think, that hillary clinton is the best choice for president, i think you'll see momentum pick up not just in new hampshire but throughout.
8:52 am
>> talk about the republican race, something interesting going on, had been a race between donald trump and ted cruz for first place. we wake up and there's a pitch battle between ted cruz and marco rubio, maybe for second place. ted cruz unleashing ferocious ads on marco rubio calling him the republican obama. >> ted cruz's nightmare scenario is not to come in first and not to come in second. if marco rubio takes second place, he is all of a sudden a viable contender to overcome kasich in new hampshire and ted cruz is out of it. ted cruz has to have a strong showing to go forward and compete in south carolina. if he is not in second, he is in trouble. >> you've run for office, know how hard it can be to be jan brady is not easy. being in the middle. >> it is not easy. >> this slks is not a binary thing. >> ted cruz is stumbling when he gets attacks. ted cruz is having trouble navigating the lane he is trying to fill, the anti-trump lane.
8:53 am
he want to be the person they fall back on instead of trump. he is having trouble navigating that. i also think that ben carson in iowa has flat lined, but he stayed there at 8, 9%. i think ben carson can play a role as well. >> we will show you this in a few minutes. there's new video of ben carson. this morning in an interview said not nice things about donald trump. basically went after donald trump saying he is a politician, he will say anything to get elected. that's fairly interesting because carson has some loyal voters here. >> he does. evangelical folks don't think donald trump is an evangelical candidate, but numbers don't bear up. they like trump and cruz. ben carson, that's a threat. if he can peel some evangelical support, he can be a player. three days before caucuses, santorum was in third place and won. >> i don't think ben carson will win, but i think he blunts what ted cruz is trying to do.
8:54 am
ben carson will play a role monday night. he might even come up in third place. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. still to come for us, republicans fighting it out for the critical evangelical vote. we have news about ben carson. there's news about mike huckabee. conspiracy theories going on around that. it is a crucial voting block. we're going to speak to a man that knows this voting group better than anybody. stay with us. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership
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i think fredricka whitfield. police need help finding two inmates that escaped jail last week. a third fugitive that gave himself up is cooperating. the 43-year-old was arrested in santa ana. he will have more charges added to attempted murder charge he faced when he escaped. nick valencia joining me now. do we think that they may be lenient on charges as a fugitive since he essentially gave himself up? >> he turned himself in. he was with the other two as early as thursday, turned back around going from northern to southern california. he is cooperating with police, see how that plays into everything. specifically he is talking to them about the get away car the trio used late last week. hopefully details investigators say will lead them to the two
8:59 am
remaining fugitives. >> they should be considered armed and dangerous. the longer they're out of custody, the more desperate they become. >> reporter: two fugitives are still on the run. one is back in jail. bac duong showed up at an auto shop friday and said he wanted to surrender. he will face extra charges in addition to attempted murder charge he faced when he escaped. the focus of the search is centered on fresno and san jose and the white van they still may be using. authorities say the captured man is helping out. >> he is cooperating, he is providing information that we're able to distribute and react on. i don't want to get into specifics of the interview, i can tell yyou he is being cooperative. >> the english teacher may have helped them escape by giving them a google map. letters between her and one of the fugitives that took her
9:00 am
english class even though he spoke perfect english were a tip-off. >> it was personal, it wasn't the relationship you expect between a teacher and inmate in a custody setting. >> just a short time ago orange county sheriff's department saying they're going to hold a press conference 5:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. local. hopefully learn more details then. so much more straight ahead in the newsroom starting right now. february 1st, we are leading in the iowa polls now. >> want to get as many voters to caucus monday as possible. we will see what that leads to. >> the eyes of the country are on iowa. if we win, it will indicate that this country is ready for real significant change. >> you know why i know this can work? because of the time i spent here


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