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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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english class even though he spoke perfect english were a tip-off. >> it was personal, it wasn't the relationship you expect between a teacher and inmate in a custody setting. >> just a short time ago orange county sheriff's department saying they're going to hold a press conference 5:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. local. hopefully learn more details then. so much more straight ahead in the newsroom starting right now. february 1st, we are leading in the iowa polls now. >> want to get as many voters to caucus monday as possible. we will see what that leads to. >> the eyes of the country are on iowa. if we win, it will indicate that this country is ready for real significant change. >> you know why i know this can work? because of the time i spent here in iowa.
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>> wow. god bless the great state of iowa. two days until the first votes are cast in the 2016 presidential election. thanks for joining me, i am fredricka whitfield. this hour, the candidates are fanned out across iowa in a last minute push to get voters to caucuses. many people are rallying, bernie sanders among them. that rally about to get under way in iowa at any moment now. hillary clinton also hosting an event this hour with former congresswoman gabby giffords and mark kelly. clinton got an endorsement from "the new york times" editorial board as did republican john kasich. you saw the podium for one of the live events about to get under way at any moment. we have complete team coverage. cnn john berman is in des moines, senior correspondent for
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self zell i can, and jim acosta covering donald trump. let's begin with john berman. candidates are in the 11th hour. they need to make themselves more appealing than ever. >> that or make the other guy less appealing than ever, which seems to be one of the big stories in the race now. we're going to go to ames, iowa, for dana bash with ted cruz. ted cruz made a strategic shift in the campaign in the past 48 hours, from competing with donald trump for first place to fending off marco rubio with everything he has got. dana? >> reporter: that's right. one of the ads, probably surprising given the fact this is iowa and ted cruz was supposed to basically be going mono oh mono with donald trump to win caucuses here, the ads are a hard hitting one against marco rubio on the issue of immigration, saying effectively that he is for amnesty, no if,
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and or buts about that. why is this happening? best way to say it is an insurance policy. they want to be sure, marco rubio is surging. they want to be sure that surge doesn't take him beyond where if all things go as planned for ted cruz's campaign, would be maybe third place. that's what's going on there. inside cruz campaign, talking to his aides, they feel they have momentum, they insist their ground operation which they talk about, i know you've spoken with some cruz campaign officials on the air about this, they're transparent about it. they say it is robust. they have people busting at the seams in their headquarters, coming to make calls, to canvass, coming to make sure they get their people to the caucuses. they're leading into that, john. you covered this a long time. expectation game is such that
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you don't make a big deal as they are out of how many people they can get to the caucuses. they have to live up to expectations. they're insisting they will caucus night. >> won't be easy. they say they have the team to do it. looking forward to see what cruz talks about and more specifically who he talks about. any sense he will come out swinging on the stump about marco rubio? >> reporter: we will see. what has been interesting when it comes to cruz in the past 12 to 24 hours, for awhile he really turned his attention on the stump to donald trump. he was talking a little about marco rubio, but really in the last few hours, last 12 hours i issues say has been more of a closing argument about who he is. who is ted cruz, what do i have to offer. we will see if he continues to do that here. he is going to have phil robertson of "duck dynasty" who
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endorsed him a couple weeks ago, and glenn beck, talk radio host. the reason why that's interesting is because talking to cruz campaign aides, john, they say one of their big areas of battle is in conservative talk radio, trying to hit back on this idea that ted cruz is not pure when it comes to immigration and they're hoping people like glenn beck who are supportive of cruz's campaign will help them do that. >> ted cruz is right about talk radio, hard on marco rubio about the issue of immigration. dana bash, we will hear from ted shortly. thanks so much. let's turn to the democrats, hillary clinton at a campaign event also in ames. a lot going on in that city today. hillary clinton has two very important surrogates, former member of congress gabby giffords and mark kelly. we have jeff zeleny there. what are we going to see there
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today? >> reporter: hey, john, you may be wondering why republicans and democrats are both in ames. story county, just about 30 miles north of des moines where you are is one of the key counties in the state. that's why the republicans are campaigning there. that's where hillary clinton here is today, she's making a final push here trying to urge some women voters to come to her side through the issue of gun control. her aides believe there are still some holdouts, undecided voters, people that like what senator sanders has been saying. they have been using gabby giffords, endorsement from her, first campaign appearance to remind everyone, voters of iowa, that secretary clinton has a stronger support of gun control. it is one of the things senator sanders worries about in the final days, he believes his gun record is distorted. no question hillary clinton is stronger on gun control. senator sanders reversed some
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positions on liability for gun manufacturers, the brady bill and other things. this is one of the issues. but the persuasion time of the campaign is about over. what they're really focusing on here is mobilization, trying to get out all their supporters. clinton campaign doing it the old fashioned way, knocking on doors, making phone calls. sanders campaign is doing it electronically. fascinating to see which works more effectively as they try to get out the vote for the monday night caucus where there are town meetings across the state, important to remember. it is not a primary election, a series of caucuses, 1600 locations across the state gather at the same time. that's why organization is so, so important here, john. >> also interesting to see how hillary clinton deals with the new e-mail cloud hanging over her. state department withholding e-mails, it says it believes they're classified.
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we will pay attention to what they say about that as well. jeff zeleny in ames, thanks so much. one other candidate on the trail today, donald trump. by all accounts, the leader right now, certainly nationally, maybe in iowa today as well. and jim acosta is with him. jim, first event for donald trump in dubuque. today is like a marathon. three events for him which may as well be 100. >> reporter: that's right. we will see a side of donald trump we don't see every day on the campaign trail. he has three events in dubuque, clinton, and end in davenport. he talks about high energy and low energy candidates. he has to be a high energy candidate to get through three events. haven't seen this side of him before. my sense is he will be just fine. but with the trump campaign working on today is two things, two things needed to win the iowa caucus, christian conservatives and organization. earlier this morning donald trump put out a facebook video
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showing the bible that his mother gave him when he was a young man talking about his christian faith, talking about how grateful he is to having the support of evangelical voters and evangelical leaders for that matter, jerry falwell junior, as you know, is supporting donald trump in this campaign. look at this video. it is interesting. shows a side of donald trump we don't see much, talking about his christian faith. here it is. guys, do you have that video? apparently we don't have the video. there's a facebook video that donald trump put out today talking about his christian faith, thanking evangelical voters. the other video the trump campaign put out today shows his daughter ivanka talking to iowa
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caucus goers, explaining showing up caucus night, explaining they have to make sure they register as republicans. john, that's an indication that there are some concerns inside the trump campaign, this has been talked about a great deal during the course of this campaign, that many of the trump supporters out there are sort of nontraditional voters, people who have not voted before in the past, maybe conservative democrats out there, and that they need to make sure they go ahead and register as a republican before showing up on caucus night. so very interesting indication as to where the campaign is now. two things you need to win the iowa caucus, support of evangelical voters and the fact that the campaigns have to be organized, ground forces, ground campaigns are instrumental and crucial when it comes to showing up caucus night. should point out at the end of today around 6:00 p.m. the des moines register will release its final poll numbers, precaucus poll numbers. that will give us a really good, clear indication where the race
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is now. donald trump, if he is indeed that far out in front of the other candidates, that's sort of the big mystery that we are all going to see solved monday night, whether or not he is going to deliver what the poll numbers say and i remember four years ago, john, when rick santorum showed up in that final des moines register poll as having a major surge going into caucus night, that ended up being a very big story four years ago, john. >> five hours away or so to get those polls. we're all waiting. jim acosta, thank you so much, dana bash, jeff zeleny, thanks to you as well. a lot to talk about, talking 48 hours until caucus night in iowa. joining me, cnn political analyst, editor of the daily beast and commentator margaret hoover. a lot going on here today. margaret, i want to start on the republican side. talked about it with dana, ted cruz on the stump. he is fighting a two front war,
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trying to win, still beat donald trump. his big concern seems to be marco rubio. >> every republican has their ear to the ground that i talked to and beyond seems to feel there's an anecdotal surge for marco rubio. clearly cruz senses that, why would he point that at marco rubio. what's interesting here is trump has incredible ground organization. the guy running trump's ground organization ran rick santorum's four years ago. they're far more organized than anybody thinks. with regard to marco rubio, the story is if he can close the gap, instead of being 15 points behind cruz by end of the day, even if he gets third place if he lost by two or three points, that's the narrative going into new hampshire that he needs to maybe finish second in new hampshire behind donald trump. the bottom line is everybody seems to think trump voters are real. we will know from the poll at 5:00 build it is. >> and john, marco rubio is going big the last few days. he tried to make it seem as if i
9:13 am
am running in iowa but not that hard, now he is spending big, he is going big. he has a 30 minute infomercial spot running today and tomorrow, all weekend in the state. he wants it. >> he wants it. look, politics is perception. this is reminder of the perception of whether he is rising creates a narrative push going into new hampshire. if he takes out of ted cruz support, that's powerful. and the idea he was going to have a calendar where he would win one of the fourth or fifth states was a loser, he has to get in to win. he positioned himself as the guy to unite the divergent wings of the republican party. nobody is playing that game now. >> i have to say. he has so many people in the establishment and in the republican establishment media who desperately want him to be the story coming out of iowa. >> desperately want him to be seen as emerging and getting momentum. he is getting a lot of help from a lot of sources. shift to the democratic side. hillary clinton had the campaign gods give and take away in the last 24 hours, the e-mails, the
9:14 am
scandal that will not go away. the idea that the state department now says there are e-mails right now, they're withholding because they're classified. this is not something she wants to talk about heading into monday night. on the other hand, she got endorsement from "the new york times." new york is far from des moines, but i imagine the times has influence. >> that endorsement ripples through liberal circles. more importantly, if you appreciate inside baseball how tough "the new york times" has been on hillary clinton in particular, which i know will explode minds among the conservatives, but they have. to give full throttle endorsement for hillary clinton in this moment is a big deal, can only help in a tight, tight race. >> these e-mails for the democratic primary, bernie sanders in the first debate said e-mails don't bother me. for a democratic caucus, the e-mails aren't a story, don't hurt her at all. they help republicans build a narrative about whether she's a trustworthy general election
9:15 am
candidate. in this moment, at this time, i don't think it matters. >> every one of the republican candidates is talking about it today. >> they are right now. >> and keep in mind, there are about 125,000 that turn out on average for caucus. this year may be higher. considering the impact and momentum, what might be a swing of 1,000 or 2,000 votes, rick santorum won by 34 last time, this is such a huge impact on a small number of iowa voters. that's why the responsibility is to turn out and vote, use the opportunity. >> they take that seriously. great to have you with us. thanks so much. next for us, donald trump breaks out his bible to try to send a message to iowa evangelicals. there's a lot of new information on the battle for evangelical votes. ben carson making news, mike huckabee making news. we are joined by david brody from christian broadcast network for what matters in this voting block. a man that really knows. and live this hour, gabby
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all right, welcome back, john berman in des moines, two days from the iowa caucuses. on the republican side of the aisle, evangelicals can make or break a campaign. in 2012, 57% of republican caucus goers identified as evangelicals or born again christians were identified as evangelicals or born again christians. that's not lost on any candidate, not even donald trump who sent out this facebook message this morning. >> my mother gave me this bible, this very bible many years ago. in fact, it is her writing right here. she wrote the name and my address, and it is just very special to me. again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. >> donald trump literally
9:20 am
standing behind the bible there, sitting behind the bible as the case may be. strong imagery there. my next guest david brody, correspondent for christian broadcasting network. david, you have been following this race for some time talking to all of the candidates, cruz, talking to marco rubio. and today talking to ben carson. we haven't spoken about ben carson much, but you had an interview with him where he said something fascinating this morning. let's listen to that. >> he says he is not a politician, but he is. he does whatever is politically expedient in order to elevate himself. and you know, i don't blame him, i don't blame any of the politicians. that's what they do. i'm just not that kind of person. >> that is a tougher punch thrown by ben carson than we have seen in some time. ben carson is not anywhere near the top now, first, second or
9:21 am
third, but stubbornly 8 or 9% in the polls. what kind of impact and statement like that from carson have? >> i have to tell you, it may be a little too little too late here, john. that train and what i moon by that train, not the trump train but narrative of donald trump has left the station. he is anti-establishment, he is an outsider, it is pretty well known at this point. so a remark like that in a debate a few months ago definitely a few months ago in an interview if he had said that, possibly a different story. now a couple days before the iowa caucus, people have a sense that donald trump is not a politician, i don't know, because he skips a debate in iowa. definitely not a politician. >> so david, we have talked a lot about the battle between ted cruz and marco rubio now. ted cruz publicly on the stump is hitting marco rubio hard. that's what's happening on the outside. in the inside of the campaign,
9:22 am
there are a lot of phone calls furiously trying to rally the evangelical bases, get out the effort vote. you have been covering that. what are you seeing? >> right. as a matter of fact i was on a private phone call last night where 10,000, literally, 10,000 conservative christians on a teleconference call, town hall if you will, done by the cruz campaign, trying to rally these folks. likely caucus goers, many conservative christians, and basically the pitch was by dr. james dobson, bob vander plats, the pitch was look, you might like ben carson, might like mike huckabee, a lot of these folks, but folks, if we're going to stop donald trump, you have to get on the cruz train. that was basically the pitch. it is going to have to be their opportunity here. that's the only way the cruz campaign is going to be able to pull this off. if that vote splin ters, donald
9:23 am
trump is poised for victory in iowa. donald trump support is wide and deep. when you start to suction and pull evangelicals with all of that, it can be tough to beat, john. >> david, you mentioned mike huckabee, and there's a new conspiracy theory about the former arkansas governor. people may have noticed yesterday donald trump added an event next week, wednesday, in little rock, arkansas, in the middle of a week that's supposed to be about new hampshire, at a minimum about new hampshire and south carolina, going to little rock, arkansas. this after mike huckabee appeared at the donald trump rally for veterans thursday night. are people beginning to think there might be endorsement from huckabee to trump? huckabee's campaign says no on the outside. what are you hearing? >> well, the huckabee campaign being very tight lipped about it obviously. they're competing for president of the united states in iowa. having said that, i did put up something on a blog called is
9:24 am
the trump, huckabee potential ticket here a match made in heaven. little pun on words there. here's the thing with huckabee. if trump, and we're getting way ahead of ourselves, but if donald trump becomes the nominee, think about huckabee, he is a former governor, executive experience. brings in evangelicals as well, he is from arkansas, he has taken on the clinton machine before, and the veep role, vice president role is the attack dog. mike huckabee is a great attack dog, does it with a smile on his face, has a way of saying shucks, bless your heart, and softens up donald trump a bit. plus, maybe most importantly of all donald trump and mike huckabee have a great relationship. add it all together, makes you scratch your head and wonder, might just happen. >> they say no. listen to what they say. watch what they do, watch that calendar, watch that travel schedule wednesday in little rock. david brody, always great to speak with you. thanks so much.
9:25 am
>> thanks, john. >> all right. all of the candidates are out on the stump today. going to manchester iowa. bernie sanders locked in a tight race with hillary clinton. let's listen in. >> family and medical leave to all our people. [ applause ] >> and yes, we are going to join the rest of the industrialized world and understand that health care is a right of all people, not just a privilege. [ applause ] >> and yes, we are going to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. and yes, every man in this room will stand with the women to end the absurdity of women making 79
9:26 am
cents on the dollar compared to men. and yes, we are going to have trade policies that work for working people, not just the ceos of large multinational corporations. some people say well, this is an ambitious agenda, can't happen. really? really? why not? why can't it happen? we don't have the courage to stand up to insurance companies and drug companies and wall street and corporate america and corporate media, is that why it can't happen? i think we can do that. and i think when you think about courage, i want you to, you know, we were in birmingham, alabama a couple weeks ago, we
9:27 am
went to that church where four children were killed. you remember that terrible bombing. what i did not know and what the pastor there explained to me, i didn't know this. i thought obviously this was a terrible, terrible incident, church was bombed, four children were putting on their clothing were killed, how terrible is that. i didn't know something. dr. west knew it, i didn't know it. during that month, correct me if i'm wrong, there were 14 bombings in that city during that month. all right? this wasn't the only bombing. what that was about was terrorizing the african-american community in birmingham, trying to say this is what happens if you're going to stand up for your rights. people in birmingham, people in alabama stood up for their rights. that was courage. courage is well over 100 years ago women who were treated in
9:28 am
this country as second or third class people, women who were divorced couldn't get property rights. women didn't have the right to vote. women couldn't do the jobs they wanted to do. that's a man's job, you're not going to be a lawyer, a doctor, not going to be a carpenter, serve in the military, not going to be a police officer. that's not your work, that's men's work. women said sorry. >> senator bernie sanders speaking in manchester, iowa, saying there are those people that say his goals are unrealistic. why he says, why should they be. you need to be willing to stand up for them, he says. who was suggesting some of his goals are not realistic? that would be hillary clinton and people associated with the clinton campaign. we will see her coming up in a little bit also. next for us, a brand new interview on the republican side, chris christie held a heck of an event on the campaign trail. we're going to tell you what he said about marco rubio. and let me tell you something, wasn't particularly friendly. that's next.
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welcome back, john berman in iowa. it is campaign chaos in this state and i mean it in a good way. all of the candidates on the stump talking so many events. all of the candidates out there swinging, particularly against their rivals. chris christie with some tough, tough punches thrown against marco rubio. he has just spoken to our very own phil mattingly, he spoke to governor chris christie. what did he have to say? >> reporter: that's right, john. he started his second town hall of the day, the one behind me clearing out as we speak. i sat down with the governor in an exclusive interview and asked him about marco rubio. they have been trading barbs, primarily because of frustration on rubio's side.
9:34 am
some frustration coming out in the interview. take a listen. >> it is a differential, differentiation point. my experience is significantly different than senator rubio. he has no experience making decisions and running anything. all he has been is a legislator his whole life. i have seen that fail in the white house right now. >> also comparing him to a republican pedigree barack obama. john, not holding back a single bit when it comes to attacking marco rubio. part of a wide ranging interview i had with the governor a few minutes ago, john. >> very, very interesting, calling him a republican obama. that's what ted cruz said about marco rubio in a campaign ad across the state now. phil, a lot of people might be looking at you with chris christie on the stump in iowa. the first question comes to mind, what is chris christie
9:35 am
doing in iowa now, not seen as having a real shot to make any ground here. >> reporter: sitting at 2% in the polls in iowa. the idea from christie's campaign is not that he will win iowa, not even that he will win new hampshire. they have another metric. take a listen. >> we have to find success. if i am first among governors in iowa or new hampshire, that's been successful, first two contests for me, then move on to south carolina. >> john, john kasich, jeb bush, those are two people chris christie and his team think they need to beat to move forward in iowa. they don't have to compete with ted cruz, marco rubio and donald trump. that means looking only at those two people. john kasich is already back in new hampshire. they're zeroing in on jeb bush here, then quickly off before the voters reach caucuses monday night, back to new hampshire to
9:36 am
pound the pavement on the town halls in the next five, six days. john, new hampshire is key. if he comes in first, his campaign moves forward. anything below that, they'll have a lot of questions to answer about the future of his campaign. >> he has a big ten days ahead. see if it is more than ten days. phil mattingly with governor christie. next up, ted cruz unleashes this attack ad, calling marco rubio as we just said the republican obama. we're going to take you live to his campaign stop today to breakdown the last minute strategy of the republican candidates. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, i am fredricka whitfield. this breaking news. this just into cnn. the defense department will take no further action against general david petraeus. he will now be able to retire with full benefits and no
9:40 am
demotions. in 2012, he resigned from his position as director of the cia, after it was revealed he was having an extramarital affair with his biographer. the fbi investigated him for providing classified information to the woman, and petraeus pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge. and now two days before the iowa caucuses, some of the republican candidates are making the most of it today. frontrunner donald trump has three events, while his closest rival, ted cruz, is making five stops at least, including one in ames iowa now. jeffrey lord and bucks sexton joining me. jeffrey, you wrote the book "what america needs, the case for trump." why do you believe trump is the candidate america needs? >> i think first of all well aside from issues of the economy and foreign policy and national security, i think the american people have had it with
9:41 am
political correctness and i think what they've learned from donald trump is he has had it, too. he is the ultimate in political incorrectness. this has gone from being a minor annoyance in american life to being lethal. this was what's responsible for the shooting at fort hood, in san bernardino, the neighbors knew there was something going on, didn't want to report it because it would be politically incorrect, and the president of the united states unfortunately won't even address the fact of islamic radicalism, won't even use the words. so i think at this point americans realize this is a very, very serious problem here, and they want somebody of action, somebody that will do something, somebody who has demonstrated with his own life that he is a person of action and gets things done. >> buck, is it as simple as that, blunt talk, not being politically correct that makes you more prepared to be a president over the next person? >> well, if the question is about why trump has the appeal that he does and why he continues to defy political
9:42 am
expectations, no one wants to make any prognostications any more about trump. so many of the political class have been proven wrong time and time again. there's a part of it that is the rejection of our politically correct culture, but there's also a sense of betrayal of the base by the gop elite, by the establishment. we have seen it with the budget that's been passed, as soon as mid term election was over, on immigration time and time again. people are willing to quite honestly make a lot of excuses for things they say or things they believe donald trump says that are perhaps not how they would phrase it or beyond the pale, maybe hurtful to the broader gop cause, because they believe they need to shake up and turn the system upside down. that's not my position but that's where that comes from and i understand the frustration that so many on the conservative side of the political aisle feel, and that's what trump is, he is essentially a vessel for those frustrations as well as people out there think because he has so much executive experience, has been a successful business man that he
9:43 am
is not some career politician that can't get it done. whether that's the case or not, we will see in a couple days. he is going to surprise people in iowa already, people are getting ready for it. >> rhetoric is heating up, so are the ad wars. that's heating up. this is ted cruz, his ad referring to marco rubio as the republican obama. listen. >> they call ted cruz obama's nemesis, cruz fought obamacare, stopped amnesty in its track marco rubio is different. the republican obama and led the gang of eight. on taxes? >> i am in favor of a mandate, then go out and design a cap and trade or carbon tax program. >> the republican obama, that's marco rubio. >> buck, is ted cruz as concerned as it appears marco rubio is the easier target? >> no, i think what you're
9:44 am
seeing is a recognition that now is the time for both trump and cruz to push marco rubio out of the race, out of the running. if rubio doesn't get traction soon, they won't think he can be the nominee. he's got chris christie, he has kasich, he has a number of candidates that are vying for what we would broadly term the establishment track. there are three roads to the nomination as most see it. you have the trump road, something he created, his own coalition. ted cruz set up as the candidate of conservatives, conservative base. then the establishment gop, perhaps centrist side of things. that's a crowded field now. rubio will not win iowa, needs a %-py may say maybe it is not him, it is chris christie. i think trump and cruz would rather face off against christie
9:45 am
and not rubio. >> good to see you. appreciate it. and then at any moment, begun control takes center stage in the democratic race as former congresswoman gabby giffords takes the stage with democratic leader hillary clinton. we will take you there live. performance... ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want
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9:51 am
from leadership. and yet i am here today with a word of hope and encouragement. all across this country, all across iowa and across this nation people are waking up. there is an awakening sweeping this land. and so i want everyone to look forward to january, 2017. if i am elected president, let me tell you what i intend on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. >> all right, ted cruz in iowa, he has an ee on the stump, he
9:52 am
has talked about in ads and campaign staff, hitting at marco rubio. so far today haven't seen it on the stump. we will keep our eyes on that event, bring it back if we see fireworks. all of the candidates are out today. we will take you live on the stump, hillary clinton with gabby giffords and mark kelly in a little bit. be back. help sense danger before7 was engiyou do. . because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived.
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for me... it's aleve. john berman in des moines. want to show you pictures in ames. we are waiting for gabrielle giffords to come on stage. they're with hillary clinton. a big event for hillary clinton. she's with giffords and kelly. she will no doubt talk about the issue of gun control as she
9:55 am
tries to draw a distinction between herself, her positions, and that of senator bernie sanders. want to talk about this more. joining me now, cnn political commentator for hillary clinton, patty sell east doyle and editor from daily beast, john avalon. patty, start with you with a general question. you were here eight years ago, the iowa caucuses. the results weren't what they hoped for now. >> no, they weren't. >> what do you see different this time around? >> look, as a political strategist, i think you learn more from a race you lose instead of from a race you win. and clearly last time around in '08 we got beat and pretty bad by barack obama. what i think hillary will learn from this race or from that race is the ground operation. a lot of knocks have been taken on the 2008 ground operation for hillary. i have to tell you, we had a pretty solid ground operation. we had 70,000 caucus goers for
9:56 am
hillary clinton. in a traditional normal caucus here, that's pretty good. but what barack obama did is expand the feel. he knew he couldn't win with a traditional, normal caucus. he brought all these first time caucus goers, didn't just bring them in huge volume, brought them broadly through the state. that's what hillary will learn big time this time around. she has support broadly across the state. >> john, you look at the campaign event about to start with hillary clinton and gabrielle giffords and mark kelly. gun control, why is this the issue? >> she can get left of sanders. politicians have a close relationship with the nra because of how we deal with guns. it is different than democrat and republican, it is rural versus urban. bernie sanders doesn't have a great record on gun control, at a time it was a uniunifying issr democrats. and no better messenger than the former congressman on this
9:57 am
issue. to patty's point, the fact that hillary clinton is trying to in the last several days, not going to iowa city, she's going to places that are not democratic strongholds, speaking to the fact she's trying to build a stronger base than before. >> great to have you with us. much more ahead on newsroom, including a new interview with hillary clinton from the campaign trail. speaking to cnn. some really interesting comments about the latest developments in the controversy over her e-mails, that's right after this. zuccolis. through ancestry, od through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story.
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hello, everyone. thanks for joining me, i am fredricka whitfield. two days now until the first votes are cast in the 2016 presidential election. thanks for being with us. complete coverage from iowa this hour. the candidates are fanned out across the state in a last minute push to get voters on their side before caucuses. live pictures now of rallies for hillary clinton and marco rubio, which are about to get under way there. clinton just picked up an endorsement from "the new york times" editorial board, as did republican john kasich for the gop nominee. jeb bush is also already on the way to a second event of the day in clear lake, iowa. in fact, let's go out to des moines, iowa now and find john berman. it is a busy day on the trail for all of the candidates who are trying to if they haven't turned heads already, trying to make it happen at least t


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