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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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political theater, you are going to get a lot of it. speak live this hour, marco rubio and hillary clinton, we have some live pictures and event with hillary clinton and just about to speak to voters in council bluffs iowa. chelsea clinton is up there talking a short time ago. hillary clinton and the latest poll, tiny little lead. bill clinton out stumping for his wife as well. marco rubio, he is set to start the stage in cedar rapids. this is his second event of the day. his team thinks he has momentum, the polls all show him persistently in third place. he does hope to change that over the next 24 hours. there is a brand new poll which has a lot of people talking here this afternoon. well, the cnn orc poll of polls, average of the five most recent iowa polls shows hillary clinton is three points up of bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump is six points up over ted
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cruz. we have team coverage across the entire state today. cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keeler is in council bluffs. jim acosta with the trump campaign. senior political reporter covering marco rubio and ted cruz and also with us executive editor for cnn politics, mark preston. we will start with mark preston, with breaking news, not about iowa, mark, but about new hampshire. explain. >> all. attention is on iowa and what will happen 24 hours from now. who will come out victorious. but it moves quickly to new hampshire and who is leading at that point. what we will be doing on wednesday evening, cnn is hosting a town hall, closing arguments for the democratic candidates. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, all on stage in dairy new hampshire np is very important for many reasons as we all know in new hampshire known for its town hall style meetings. very tough questions from very informed voters.
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that will take place wednesday evening, 8:00, epic. and again, timing here is fascinating. two days, and tomorrow night, iowa caucuses, someone will win, someone will lose. and then they get on the plane and go to new hampshire and wednesday night they are on stage with anderson cooper and both having a lot of work to do. >> and with martin o'malley, and we go back to last monday, cnn held a similar event here in iowa and very interesting. very pointed questions. chris cuomo, moving the ball around and if you answer a question poorly, that could be a major stumble. and if you add good night and hillary clinton add good night this past monday, as did bernie sanders. >> a cnn town hall, anderson cooper moderates, and back here to iowa.
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republican race, making a case that no one is making it harder than right now than team marco rubio. woke up yesterday. and there is this whisper campaign and something called marco mentum. he is surging in the polls. and there are live pictures and senator rubio on stage in cedar rapids. he is due for an event coming up in a little bit. polls have marco rubio in third place behind donald trump and ted cruz. senator rubio spoke to jake tapper this morning on state of the union. >> so his whole campaign is built on that he is the only conservative and everyone else is a rhino, that's absurd. he talked openly in an interview, national interview, about needing to reach a compromise on people that are here illegally. there's a tweet going around yesterday that he put out during the immigration debate talking about legalization. he said he wanted to bring people out of the shadows. he said he wanted to obviously
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pass immigration reform. so i think that it is just not an accurate statement. i've tried to fix a problem that's a very serious issue in texas and florida. it's hard issue. clearly we can't do it comprehensively and we're not going to be able to do it until we first enforce our immigration laws. i don't support amnesty. we're not going to have amnesty when i'm president. >> and his response is false. the amendment i offered was 38 words. one sentence. and it said nobody here illegally will ever be eligible for citizenship, period. didn't say a word about legalization. differences are clear now. marco supports amnesty, legalization and citizenship, today as a presidential candidate i oppose amnesty, oppose citizenship, oppose legalization. >> joining me now, cnn's amman u wratho. who is the goal and how do they pull it off over the next couple of hours. >> one issue is to make sure ted
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cruz does not win iowa. they say look, it was -- he was the front-runner, he should have run. why didn't he win? they want the narrative to be that ted cruz is stumbling. the hope is that if ted cruz isn't getting first place and ends up in second place then he will fall off the map and his momentum will start it sap and he won't win any more states in february. you have to worry about the super tuesday. say that is goal number one. goal two is to come in a strong third place finish. well ahead of those other establishment favorites like jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich in order to take the case to new hampshire voters that they are the alternative to donald trump. we'll see if they are able to do just that. >> manu, stand by for just moment. i want to go to where hillary is taking the stage right now. that is chelsea clinton right now, introducing her mother to this crowd, let's listen in.
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>> i am just so grateful to have the opportunity to be here with my mom. and i'm so proud to be my mother's daughter. and i am even more grateful to have this opportunity to support my mom because i'm now a mom. this is the first presidential election that i will vote in as a mom. i have a 16-month-old daughter, charlotte. and i have her little brother, or little sister on the way, and i am just overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility that the next person who will be our president will now lead the country that -- >> we are watching chelsea clinton on stage with hillary clinton in council bluff. when hillary clinton starts speaking, we will go back to that event. first i want to bring in bre anna keeler, at the site of the next hillary clinton event here in des moines. brianna, you have been keeping
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an eye on hillary clinton in council bluffs. the poll has her up three points. they are pushing this organization thing, aren't they? >> they are pushing the organization thing. they think that they have the advantage when it comes to the ground game over bernie sanders. and they are also pushing this message. we're hearing this from hillary clinton. it is sort after pragmatic message saying, i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. so she is trying to say that she is someone who is going to be more effective, that she is more capable than bernie sanders. and you can see she is also relying a little bit on the full family affair. her husband is going to be with her tonight. her daughter as well, who you just saw there under council bluffs. her son-in-law we know is in town and we're wondering if perhaps this could also be the debut of someone who has factored so large honestly in her campaign and that is her granddaughter, charlotte. she uses charlotte as a way to say, this is the world i want to leave for my granddaughter. we are waiting to see if we may be introduced to her for the first time.
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but bernie sanders is trying to really rally young voters. we saw him last night. he add huge concert and rally and he is really trying to rely on young people who maybe aren't used to caucusing. we see in the des moines register poll that one this three of the likely caucusgoers are new caucusgoers. that is something that works po hillary clinton's advantage. that is also something she is relying on, john. >> brianna, stand by. let's listen in to hillary clinton for just a minute. >> she brought my granddaughter with her to des moines. i get to have a little time with charlotte. i also am thrilled to be here with your senator, someone who's meant so much. not only to its county and constituents but to the state of iowa and i'm honored to have been endorsed by senator. thank you so much, mike. and i'm thrilled to have connie
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and kate here with us as well. i really want to say something serious about iowa politics. i'm runninging to be president, but it matters what happens to the people of iowa to me. it matters to what happens to americans. and i can't tell you how much this senator does to make sure that people in this state get the help they need, get the education they need, get the health care they need. and that's particularly important right now because for reasons, honestly, i cannot understand, your governor, terry, is trying to change dramatically, and in my view, damage the health care system that provides care for so many people who need it. under this state. by privatizing medicaid and by making it very difficult for children and adults with disabilities to get the care they need.
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to make it more time consuming, burdensome and maybe not even available. i, personally, since i've been listening to iowans for the last months and i've heard many of the concerns that people have, this one constantly is raised with me and i wanted to thank the senator for all he's doing to protect the services and health and dignity of so many. so my friends, i also want to thank linda dellson. i know she is here somewhere. the county chair, there she is. i walked right by her. how are you, my dear? so happy to see you. and to all of you who have come out, i also want all my precinct captains, leaders and volunteers, please, raise your hands so i can see you. and thank you so much! well, we are getting down to the last hours. those of you who have already decided to support me, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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i will do everything i can to make sure that your faith in me and the campaign we run will reflect the values and the vision that we share for our country. for those of you still thinking about this, weighing options, i hope i will be able to persuade you. because the stakes in this election could not be higher. and if you hear what the republicans who are chris crossing iowa as well are saying -- >> hillary clinton in council bluffs iowa saying she hopes to change whatever mind she needs to over the course of this event. it'll be interesting to see. as brianna keeler noted, chelsea on stage with her, baby charlotte, bringing hillary clinton's granddaughter to iowa. will charlotte make her campaign sometime over the next 24 hours. it'll be interesting to see. cnn is the place to be for complete coverage of the iowa caucus. we will be live all day today. all day tomorrow. all tomorrow night.
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as the first votes are cast of the 2016 presidential race. and big news just in at cnn. we just announced we're holding a town hall in new hampshire on wednesday. so just two days after the voting here on wednesday, democratic candidates will be on stage with anderson cooper at a town hall in the town of derry. crucial moment. the timing could not be more interesting. we'll be right back. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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wednesday. her body was found yesterday, nearly 100 miles away in north carolina. nick valencia is working on details for us. nick, what's the connection to this 13-year-old girl with the virginia tech students? >> good question. police saying there is a question between the student and 13-year-old girl whose remains were found saturday afternoon. the nature of that relationship between the 18-year-old and 13-year-old, that's really unclear. but police had already established him as a suspect. in custody at the time the remains were found on saturday afternoon. last night, a vigil held by family and friends for 13-year-old nicole lovell. they reacted to her disappearance and news of her untimely death. >> good to be a mother myself. and to know that this could have very easily been one of my children. it really -- it really hits home. >> her body found 100 miles away from her home and 19-year-old
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nicole leaper that helped the 18-year-old david eisenhower dispose of the 13-year-old's body. police want tips or any information. and the college student that you're looking at there and interestingly enough, and our producer looked into this. they look into southern virginia with young women and this is the sixth case of a young girl in virginia disappearing. 13-year-old nicole lovell the latest. >> thank you very much, nick valencia. we're back in iowa with special coverage of the caucuses right after this. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks,
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one that connects your businesses, devices, cars, mobile entertainment, family and homes. we grow as you grow. always evolving. to work for you how and where you need it. this is your network. the network of at&t. we are just about 24 hours away from first votes being cast in the 2016 presidential race here in iowa. the iowa caucuses. want to go to sioux city, iowa. jim acosta is there. donald trump's second event of the day will be there. earlier, jim, you held an event with jerry falwell jr. the president of liberty university. donald trump making a big push with evangelicals. >> absolutely, john. i think the final 24 hours before the iowa caucuses is
1:22 pm
basically boiled down to a battle for christian conservatives. between trump and cruz. that's why trump is bringing the son of the famous televangelist to just about every stop he is making in the final push before the caucuses. also why you are hearing trump go once again back to lines of attack which have been fairly vicious. aimed at ted cruz. he went after ted cruz once again in council bluffs iowa earlier today. going after ted cruz's loans, campaign loans with his wife through goldman sachs. this is what he had to say. >> so dishonest. then took an ad out about me. and said i'm in favor of obama care. i've always been against obama
1:23 pm
care. the only way can i fight it is because i have a bigger platform than anyone else. he filled out a personal financial disclosure form and on the form he wants to pretend he is robin hood. he will protect everybody from big bad wall street, right? he forgot to mention he borrowed a lot of money at almost no interest. anybody in this room would take the interest rate because he pays almost nothing, from goldman sachs, and from citibank. forgot to put the two banks on there. forgot to mention it. and his bigger problem is canada. he was born in canada and a lot of people say he can't even run for the election and so we will find out about that. >> now, as for getting away from the zingers, i guess you might say, coming from trump, there is something interesting that you can sort of pick up, sort of an undercurrent of uncertainty that you don't here often from donald trump. very brash. very confident on the campaign trail. but yesterday in dubuque and earlier today, almost needling
1:24 pm
iowans saying you haven't picked a winner in 16 years. someone else has gone on to win the presidency. saying to iowans, here's your chance. and it was interesting to hear trump say, if it doesn't work out, there could be a cascading problem for him in the upcoming contest. and i think there is some truth for that. because of the polls right now, seem to show trump with such a comfortable lead right now, five points ahead of ted cruz, could be closer in the end, but if he doesn't win here in iowa, then the questions will be raised, do the supporters that come out to donald trump's rallies and pack the auditoriums and stadiums, do they turn out and vote and turn out on caucus nights and so forth that has to be causing some uncertainty and angest i would say inside the trump campaign right now, john. >> yeah, jim acosta for us pch donald trump does not play the expectations game. he flat out says he wants to win iowa. plans to win iowa. doesn't play some of the political games we are used to.
1:25 pm
senator marco rubio, his team is playing the expectations game. they made the case, they are perfectly happy to finish in third place. they think that's strong enough to buy them the ticket out of iowa. senator rubio speaking in cedar rapids, let's listen. >> we will finish the 700 miles of fences and walls we know we need on the southern border. we will have a mandatory verified system that will make it virtually impossible to get hired in this country if you're not legal. we will have a tracking system to prevent people from overstaying visas. 40% of immigrants are people that entered illegally and overstayed visas. we only log people when they come in, not when they leave. we have no idea who has overstayed. until all of that is working nothing else will happen. we will deal with the rest of it. not with amnesty. if you're a criminal alien you will be is deported. if you are a sanctuary city when i'm president you will lose all of your federal funding.
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[ applause ] the most important job of a president, is the commander-in-chief. the most important job of a president. our current president is a terrible commander-in-chief. the world has grown more dangerous in the last seven years. there is now a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. there is in china a government that steals our secrets, hacks our computers, steals the inventions of americans. massively building up their military and taking over the south china sea. the most important shipping lane in the world. vladimir putin is showing instability in the middle east and europe. iran is about to acquire $100 million of sanctions relief which they use to build up their military and to sponsor terrorism and one day it either buy or build their own nuclear weapon. and isis is the most significant
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terror threat in the history of mankind mankind. they are an apocalyptic group. it is frightening and it is what motivates them. isis believes in the city of dubuque, not dubuque, i said that wrong once. >> senator marco rubio in iowa. we'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids.
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these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor. all right. marco rubio's campaign says it is $225,000 short of fund raising goals. second out an e-mail to pitch in before midnight. they aren't really suffering in financially. just a way to bring in more money right before the iowa caucuses. polls have marco rubio running in third place here. but his campaign spinning hard work in the rest telling us they have momentum heading into
1:31 pm
caucus night. tim hutchinson, from the state of arkansas, marco rubio supporters. team rubio want us to believe that a third place finish is satisfactory. make the case. >> well, there is no candidate that has taken more incoming, more negative ads run against him than mark why rubio ads. and inspite of that, he continues to rise in the polls. i think that pretty remarkable and third place finish would be very remarkable given the attacks both from candidates below him and candidates above him. >> i was reading in "politico," there is no candidate spending more days in iowa than marco rubio. no candidate spending more money right now in iowa than rubio. but still, third place place is okay? >> again, i talk to the number of attack ads. cruz, starting this most recent i think very disingenuous attack ad saying that rubio is the republican obama which, you
1:32 pm
know, he's had far more governing and elected office experience than ted cruz. could be said of ted cruz that he is the republican obama. he is being attacked from candidates all over the place. yet i think the commitment he made in iowa, time he spent in iowa paid dividends. we see him rising in the polls. very solid third place finish. i think that gives him great momentum as we moves on to new hampshire. >> you look at the calendar, what's the first state marco rubio's going to win? >> well, not that i'm a prognosticator, but i think he will win arkansas come march 8th -- come march 1st, and southeast primary, i think he will have a number of wins by then. >> but not new hampshire? not south carolina? >> well, could be. we will see how much momentum comes out of iowa. >> because ieks asking because the question with marco rubio is what's his path -- >> this is a long slog.
1:33 pm
i think that's clear and i think he will run very strong in southern states. pick up a lot of delegates there. he will run very strong in the western states and we will get to the winner take all. so i think there's a very clear and good path as we see the field as some of the so-called establishment candidates fade away. marco rubio looks better and better as the responsible credible sane alternative and i think that he's going to be our nominee. >> you were in the senate, you know what it is like to have a senate. marco rubio's senate record, part of the gang of eight, did push for the immigration bill. how do you think he's handling his explanation and questions raised by other candidates on the stump? >> i think he handled it brilliantly. first of all, let me say, having served in the senate and national journal rating me as most conservative u.s. senator, i think i know something about conservatism, and you can't
1:34 pm
question the real conservatism of marco rubio with any kind of credibility. you can take any vote, with the process you have in the u.s. senate, and you can run a 30-second ad to distort someone's record. marco has said, until we deal with illegal immigration, until we secure borders, until we deal with employment verification, and until we deal with sanctuary cities, until people are satisfied those issues are addressed be we won't have comprehensive immigration reform. i think he laid it out clearly, he is not for amnesty. i think he handled it very well. >> eight years ago you were here supporting mike huckabee, governor of arkansas. this time around things aren't going as well for him. what do you think the next week holds for the governor? >> first of all, my support of rubio is nothing against mike huckabee. it is eight years later. issues have changed. challenges of our nation, stakes are high, and i look at the
1:35 pm
field and i'm an enthusiastic supporter of mark why rubio. i wish governor huckabee the best. i don't want to say what will happen heretofore, but i regard him as a friend. >> marco rubio supported huckabee eight years ago as well. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we are live today and we will be live tomorrow. we'll be live tomorrow night as first votes are cast in the 2016 presidential race. we'll be right back. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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all right, john berman here in iowa. just one day to go until the actual voting. here the iowa caucuses, 7:00 p.m., monday night, cnn covering every last minute of it. we have been looking at the polls. showing a very tight race on both sides. want to talk more about this, specifically the republican side. i'm joined by a jeb bush supporters, ana navarro. senior political journalist, ron brown. ana, i want to start with you wbt republican side. everyone talking about the des moines register, bloomberg poll,
1:40 pm
with donald trump out in front. if i had said to you back when jeb bush announced, back when there was shock and awe, raising tens of millions for the super pac, that we would be sitting here at the iowa caucuses and trump, pro choice and obama supporters in past, leading going into caucus night, what would you have told me? >> to seek medical attention. to go see a therapist. i would have been very concerned about your sanity. listen, there is no doubt that donald trump has surpassed all expectations. has brought nothing but one surprise after another. i think most of us have been wrong about everything involving donald trump. i didn't think he was going to run. i certainly didn't think he would lead. i thought when he started insulting everybody and their brother, pows, people of iowa, in their face, saying that he didn't ask god for forgiveness and so on, and megyn kelly, when it comes to conservative media, i thought that would be the end
1:41 pm
of him. but it hasn't been. his members have gone up. continue going up. i think he has been unpredictable, nothing but surprises. and i expect nothing but surprised to continue. >> ron, you've written a great article that answered the question, sort of, why. >> look, in the past, regardless of who wins, whether cruz or trump, one thung we will see tomorrow night in iowa is that republican party is fracturing along a different fault line than we have seen in the last few races. in the last several races, key divides have been evangelicals, nonevangelicals. romney and mccain each won with half voters not evan gel kals and one-third who were. trump is cutting the republican party across a different fault line. his vote doesn't differ between evangelic evangelicals. it doesn't differ between college and noncollege. blue dollar, working class republicans, powering his support. that gives him the ability to compete in a broad range of
1:42 pm
states and put him into the range we talked about today, possibly winning iowa, new hampshire and south carolina which no one has done in a contested -- >> ron gets getty when he starts talking. so i have a question for you. i've seen time and time again -- >> sorry -- >> no, go ahead. >> who is in charge? >> go ahead. >> i have asked time and time again, people who might be at donald trump, and saying, bernie sanders is second choice or people at bernie sanders rally saying donald trump is my second choice. what the hell is going on? >> i think that's what you are primarily seeing. without a doubt, if you look at the most diseffected element of american societies are white working class voters who feel both economically and culturally eclipsed in many ways. i think both sanders and trump are speaking to their sense of the political system has not worked for them. >> and it's okay. >> yes. >> since you are trying, i will have you try at the democratic
1:43 pm
analyst. we talked to joel and kate bolduan on friday and heard that bernie sanders is running one of the most negative campaigns he has ever seen in a primary. i don't think i agree with that but i want it make sure i have an an outside voice. when you look at the democratic race and campaigns, are either one of them particularly negative? >> i don't think so. particularly when you see what is going on on our side. there is a circular firing side going on on the republican fire side. it has gotten very nasty, very personal, very intense. i turn owned tv in iowa today, watched for 30 minutes and i was scared after 30 minutes. i thought the world was coming to an end because of the political ads i saw. there is no comparison between what is going on between sanders and clinton and what is going on in the republican side. that is patty cake. and they better get used to it. it is only going to get tougher in the general. >> the clinton campaign says two things. number one, bernie sanders, they said the take when he said planned parenthood and human rights campaign were establishment. >> that's malarkey.
1:44 pm
>> and it did seem like a change of tone. he did say the e-mails, hillary clinton's e-mails are a serious ush u in the campaign. the clinton campaign says that that was personal. somehow. >> i don't know. look. i agree with ana. no comparison between the two sides. but as sanders becomes a more competitive command candidate, he will likely have more sharper distinctions with the front-runner. a race that didn't seem possible two months ago, i think you are going to see it get tougher on the democratic side. but what you are seeing on the republican side above all as we talked about before is you have candidates focussing more or trying to damage each other and emerge as principle alternative to trump rather than focus fire on trump himself and that is a risky strategy. if he does win iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, the alternative to that may not be worth it. >> the truth is the hillary clinton campaign took sanders for granted for months months.
1:45 pm
they are probably trying to now play the victimization tactic. >> thanks, guys. we'll be right back. mber. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ ♪ ♪
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1:48 pm
john berman in des moines. this is our special live coverage of iowa caucuses now. we are one day away in the
1:49 pm
polls. man, they are close. just a three-point difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that is well within the margin of error. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both out on the stump today. that of course hillary clinton and council bluffs, these are live pictures. you saw bernie sanders in waterloo a short time ago. they just announced they raised $20 million in the month of january alone. that's a lot of money. we are joined here in des moines by the campaign manager for bernie sanders. jeff, thanks so much. p. >> hey, happy to be here. >> we spoke to karen finney, spokesperson for the clinton campaign. i was asking her about comments that senator sanders made. he was asked about the clinton e-mail controversy. and the answer to me sounded different than answers in the past. he did not say as he said in the debate, america is sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. what he said this morning is the e-mails are a serious issue. >> right. if you listen to chris cuomo after the first debate, he says it is a serious issue and there
1:50 pm
is a process to deal with the issue. it doesn't need to dominate the news day in and day out when there are so many other big problems facing the american people. >> does it raise questions went it sound like what senator sanders was saying raises questions about hillary clinton. >> i think what he said is entirely consistent with what he said before on this particular show. >> so do not think it was in any way him questioning hillary clinton, him changing the tone about e-mails? >> absolutely not. a hundred percent not. >> all right. so when karen finney said she felt it was a personal attack, you think that's unfair? >> absolutely. 100% unfair. look, they are trying to make hay out of something that's not hay. that's politics. but the truth of the matter is, he's been consistent since the get-go. there is one issue i want it raise with you and that's theish you've debates. there's been a lot of back and forth on the issue of debates. >> yes. >> they wanted to have a debate in february. we said we want to have three more debates. one in march in michigan.
1:51 pm
clinton said good, flint, michigan. we said, good. that's great too. now they want to do it after the michigan primary is over. we want to do is before, like the 6th sunday night, great night, so people in michigan can her what campaigns have to say before they vote. i think cnn ought to come out and say, we're going to do it. just like msnbc said in new hampshire. >> i do not speak on behalf of cnn, i'm sure we would like to host as many debates as we can. we did announce a town meeting in new hampshire wednesday meeting. anderson cooper will host a town meeting where we will hear from each candidate. good solid discussion. regardless of where each debate is, there does seem to be agreement between campaigns there will be more debates. several more. >> there is agreement in principle to have one in new hampshire. in week. but only if the three after that are locked down in terms of day that they will occur and locations they will occur.
1:52 pm
one in michigan prior to the michigan primary. one in new york prior to new york in brooklyn prior to new york. and one in california. seems like the california one is not controversial. but other two seem to have difficulty being locked down. when there was disconnect about the one in new hampshire, msnbc went forward. i think cnn should do the same thing. just announce they will do it. we'll go. >> just an employee, man. >> well, i think you guys should do it. >> we are thrilled you're coming to our town hall. >> oh, we love the town halls. >> let me ask you about theish you've clumping. in iowa caucuses. >> sure, sure, sure. >> have you an issue of a lot of support in university towns. >> true, yes. >> but you need these voters to get perhaps these kids to get back to their homes to caucus else their votes may not count for as much. delegates will be a portion in a way you won't get the best bang for your buck. >> look, that's an issue about
1:53 pm
you a very minor issue. the truth is senator sanders has support all across the state. does he have support in college towns? absolutely. he is wildly popular with young people? absolutely. but working class people, people of all ages, he has broad-based support in iowa. he will do very well tomorrow. >> just to be clear tomorrow, you say you will debate in flint, michigan? >> on march 6, sunday night, let's did it. >> but it has to be before the -- >> well, it's ludacris to have a debate in michigan after they've voted. why deprive them to see the candidates before the primary? >> just to be clear -- >> oh, we've already said yes to flint. march 6, see you there. >> jeff weaver, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> don't forget, as we said, democratic town hall wednesday night. they have agreed to that. that much they agree to. anderson cooper will be moderating. they agreed to that, too. martin o'malley is coming.
1:54 pm
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as people in iowa get rid of the caucus tomorrow, they could run into a wild card candidate, something called weather. the weather is heading that way. tom sadder is live to give us more details and what could be
1:58 pm
expected. tom, what's in the forecast? >> oh, this is an interesting one to watch, martin, no doubt. we have a storm coming out it is coming out of the inner mountain west. will track will take it right up to the great lakes. the conditions for the state of iowa, winter storm warnings, in red already blizzard warnings for kansas, nebraska. but in yellow a blizzard watch for over half the state and winter storm watch including des moines. what he believe and will timing is till off, couple different models want to slow it down or kick it up quicker. this puts a good swath across the central and western counties at 11:00 p.m. this means it could start, we believe, anywhere between maybe 6:00 and 10:00 and conditions really go down hill with zero visibility and we know the iowa roads. we are talking about whiteout conditions and heavy amounts of snow fall. 8 to 12 inches. now there will be more in areas of pink. maybe 14, 15. we think the bulk of weather conditions, going down hill will start after the midnight hour.
1:59 pm
but a couple of things to look at. between 6 and 10 in western precincts, western counties, if we see conditions fall, with winds picking up, it could be enough for some of the older caucus or elderly caucusgoers to say, hey, we could have a couple of inches by midnight. if you look at the rest of the state and on the flip side of this martin, for young voters, most of the state, i think schools will be closed tuesday. university students may want this to be one crazy party because they know they may not have classes tuesday. one exception is the southeast part of the state. mainly rain from davenport south ward so again that may be the only airport open. for the thousands of journalists from around the u.s. and world and of course the campaign management teams getting out of here, they may have to go to the cities. des moines we're expecting about nine inches, martin. again we think timing will hold off but we are watching counties
2:00 pm
closely for 6:00 to 10:00 snow fall no begin. >> as if we need another thing to make for a nail-biter. thanks very much. that's it for cnn, thanks for watching. poppy harlow has much more of our special coverage of the iowa caucuses starting right now. >> hi, everyone, top of the hour, 5:00 p.m. in new york. it is 4:00 in iowa where all eyes are on the race for the white house sunday. i'm poppy harlow. so good to have you with me. you're panning down to the first votes in what has been needless to say a roller coaster race. iowa voters head to the polls and today candidate are hitting every last stop they can trying to drum up support and get the votes. as the old saying goes, there are three tickets out of iowa and with so many candidates running on the republican side, what happens tomorrow night will go a long way to shrinking the fi


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