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tv   CNN Americas Choice 2016 The Iowa Caucuses  CNN  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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over donald trump and marco rubio with an impressive 30 and ben carson fourth with 10%. only 7% of the republican caucus sites. 25% of the caucus sites reporting and maintaining her lead. 53% to 47% for bernie sanders. not doing so well. uncommitted the same number. hillary clinton doing well so far. about a quarter of that vote now in on the democratic side. let's go back to jake and dana for more. >> thanks, wolf. >> in our own jeff, he is in des moines at sanders's campaign headquarters. we just spoke with him. what did he have to say? >> we just spoke with senator sanders and his wife surrounded
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by his family. we are here in des moines watching the results come in carefully. >> what do you think you accomplished here? we are only at the beginning of the race. >> what we have shown is that the american people are very dissatisfied with the situation with the middle class continuing to shrink. i think even more, regardless of people's persuasion, people are really angry about a campaign finance system. that's corrupt and allows
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billionaires to buy elections. >> of course senator sanders is upbeat as he watches the results. he raised $20 million in january alone. his aides expect him to raise as much as they possibly does, win or lose. the sanders campaign is encouraged by the lines they see across the state. in college towns as well as rural areas as well. they wanted to get back to watching the results. he won a lot of elections. we will see if he wins this one tonight. jake? >> jeff and dana, that was cool. we don't usually see bernie sanders in a low key setting with his family around in a small room. he was speaking loudly to crowds. it's anybody's race and the large numbers of people who turned out to vote, especially first time caucus goers suggest this could end despite the number at the bottom of the
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screen. 25 or 27% reporting. it could end a good night for bernie sanders. >> absolutely. it is still early. he wanted to talk about what he has been campaigning about. >> no matter what happens this evening, bernie sanders still far in the lead in new hampshire. one week from tomorrow. let's go back to iowa where brian todd is watching the results come in at the republican precinct. marco rubio ahead 35%. brian, fascinating to watch democracy in action. >> it is. i can't tell you how exciting this is. if we are watching them count and pawing to let each other register the count. we believe they are about halfway through the count. more than 230 votes counted at
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our last tally. that put us a little over halfway. >> we did not expect that. this is a business conservative and fiscal conservatives not making evangelicals and donald trump is taking it pretty hard. that is surprising to us halfway through. >> one precinct and one county. and that's a county that siperson won in the iowa caucus.
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he came in third there. it is interesting as to what's going on watching the votes come on. >> as you look at not only the early voting results coming in. >> the evangelical voters seem to be like regular voters. they are not voting their faith one way or another. we are mad. that i think is where trump really makes inroads with evangelical voters. it's so tight. you have to give trump a huge amount of credit on that front.
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the voters who say they want a candidate who share values. they tend to support ted cruz. the voter who is say they are interested in voter who are as hell. the story lines are playing out very much. >> they reflect and these are actual votes right now with 32% of the votes. a lot more of the vote in on the
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democratic side. the south carolina senator will endorse marco rubio. that's a big deal. we saw a similar thing happening with barack obama in 2008 getting more endorsements and brings the total from senators from four on to five. it's a big deal. it underscores the idea that he is the establishment candidate and the face of the new republican party. he got about a 70 or 80% approval rating. this will be a big deal for him. >> the other side of the senator from south carolina. >> i don't know that there is any surprise. frankly he is performing where they said he would perform. to hear the analysis is to say wow, rubio is having a hell of a night. the way it helps them is going
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into new hampshire where tonight he is having an event. john kasich is having an event and they are clustered together. it may give him wind at his back going into new hampshire. >> you want to look when this evening is over, the margin between and rubio. i think that's going to be very important for marco rubio to launch a credible bid. we see he has the endorsement going into south carolina. i think you have to give donald trump a huge amount of credit here. nobody thought months ago as you keep saying he was going to do anything. >> at a caucus site, how come he has so little. almost 20%. >> we are down to a 4% difference. >> to add to what they were
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saying about the evangelical, the numbers are fascinating and they are early. first the sheer volume. 63% say they are evangelicals. to give you a sense nationally, 26% of evangelicals. if anywhere is ted cruz country, it's iowa. he is splitting the vote not just with trump, but marco rubio who a lot of analysts wrote off or were suggesting had come to evangelical platforms. ted cruz is having to share. it is fascinating. >> i think what's happening, they will vote for the guy who
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shares my religious beliefs. 81% and this is a fox news poll. 81% of white christian evangelicals who believe they are under assault. 67% think they are losing. these are folks who feel like they are not stupid. they don't think trump will be a pastor or a preacher. i give them a lot of power for maneuvering that. >> thanks very much. let's look at the republicans. 16% of the republican caucus sites have reported ted cruz maintaining. 27% for donald trump. 19% for marco rubio. >> we are only at 16%. higher in some and lower in some. it's filling in in a counter intuitive way. in the largest urban area where
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mainstream republicans are going to win, ted cruz is ahead. 12% of the vote. if this stays orange, it will be shocked. that will be ted cruz in what if you go back was mid-romney country. that's interesting. it's only 12%. you can't say it's definitive yet. another interesting thing, the dark red is donald trump. look at this part of the state. this is all rick santorum country. this is evangelical voters. donald trump is taking away votes here. depending on ted cruz, when mitt romney got 25% of the vote, he
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won them both. at the moment, this was a surprise. ted cruz winning iowa city. very close at 22. this shows you the tightness. not just younger voters here. that's an interesting number to watch and suburban voters there. he needs to run up in the small town to be more competitive. they expect to to change in time. look how fast the democrats are coming in. let's focus on the percentages. they seem to be having trouble getting up to the viability numbers. if you are hillary clinton, 40%, you are thrilled with how the
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map looks. most important to secretary clinton, she is loving this and loving up here. in 2008 she ran well in the rural areas. obama beat her badly in polk county. secretary clinton winning where the votes are in the central part of the state. let's go back in time. she is winning and splitting with bernie sanders at the moment. i want to show you and take this yellow out. this part is critical if you go back in time. this is where senator obama ran it off with senator clinton. up in debuke, you go back in time she had 31% eight years ago. she is happy with the turn out here. let's check real quickly. this is lynn county, 7% of the state population, senator sanders by ten points.
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just like in 2008. secretary clinton winning in the central part of the state where people are holding their. sanders doing okay at the rural areas. >> only 3%. that's 41% of the caucus sites. >> it could tighten more. remember no matter who is on top, they will come out of there roughly not that big of an advantage. this is the first state about momentum. they want this win very much because of sanders's lead. senator sanders ahead by a healthy margin. >> if you are bernie sanders, what are you looking for? just shy of that in the biggest
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basket votes in the state. you have more votes and more delegates here. she gets the big lead and helps her offset other places. that's how they stayed so close. they got a lead over as we go back to that. just looking at president obama and hillary clinton was third. the 10-point lead over john edwards. if you can get more eggs in the bigger baskets, that helps you. bernie sanders needs to close the gap here and would like to change this. if everyone focuses on this, the university is here. down here a lot as well. you are fighting for suburban voters. you have to watch as they come in. it's a very, very close race. sanders needs to run up numbers and he needs to maintain that lead and stretch it out a little bit. he needs to do a stronger job.
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>> almost half of the vote is counted. this is a democratic talk us. >> this was the final count that came out to be 55% with a realtime voting. 45% for bernie sanders over here. >> the fact that she beat him by this margin they are showing makes no difference in the delegates. he walks away with four and she walks away with four delegates. there was another democratic caucus meeting downstairs where bernie sanders edged her out and that split evenly. for all the people that showed
6:17 pm
up with all of the passion and the struggle to get everyone on their side, both candidates here, martin o'malley and they are walking away with the exact same number of delegates. >> thanks very much. show us where coralville is. if you go county by county, he should be happy in this county. the question for sanders at the moment was mainly here at the center part of the state and to
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the north in story county where if you go back in time. >> we are getting results from republican caucus sites. let's take a quick break and share the results with you after this. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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almost half of the votes counted on the democratic side, 48% reporting. only a three-point difference. hillary clinton with 51% and bernie sanders 48% and martin ork mally with 1%. maintaining the lead with 38%. 19% for marco rubio. ted cruz ahead by 1,100 votes.
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very close on both sides. let's go back to jake and dana. on the republican side as well. >> absolutely. we went into this thinking it will be a fighter. we are not entirely sure from early on. >> let's go to two reporters and two caucuses where events are coming to a head. i believe we will go to brian todd what's going on where you are? >> this is an extraordinary scene. making sure they matched. what they had earlier, the journalists were around the table. crowds of people.
6:23 pm
they are intent and focused on concentrating and look at the people here hanging around. they have long since voted. a lot of people are hanging around and they want to see this and this looks like a very close vote. marco rubio with a slight lead over ted cruz. donald trump in third at the moment. but it's extraordinary. donald trump in a distant third in the precinct. he was expected to do business because it was fiscal conservatives and not too many evangelicals. ted cruz and marco rubio. rubio with a slight lead. what we are told is to them, not all that surprising. marco rubio spent a lot of time in this district and joked he was running for mayor. that looks like it might pay
6:24 pm
off. these are unofficial and not indicative of how it will go. very tight between marco rubio. jake. >> we have about half the vote in where marco rubio was taking a lead in that precinct. it looks as though he will come in third this evening. marco rubio having a strong showing. he just edged ahead of ben carson in the polls at the end of does. he is going to have a good night there. he has a 19% with about 28% of the vote in. let's go to greenfield, iowa. jim is at another republican caucus. this is one where i believe donald trump has taken the lead. what's going on in greenfield? >> as we are standing here, they
6:25 pm
are announcing the final results of this precinct. there five precincts in this high school here. we are giving a snapshot. 28% to donald trump. 26% to rubio and him coming in second and ted cruz at 21%. we just learned from another precinct that donald trump won that one as well. we will get you the numbers and you can hear them reading out the final figures here. the man who handed out she'ds of karens. this is a high school band room during the week. ballots were handed out by a grade schooler and we are getting the results in. two oust four here. both going donald trump's way.
6:26 pm
jake? >> tim in greenfield, iowa. let's go to sunland who is at cruz headquarters. only about a quarter of the vote in. senator ted cruz in the lead as of now. how are they feeling? are the numbers coming in from the precincts that are coming in? >> the cruz campaign said they feel like they are in good shape. it is still early. things could change. when asked about the specific numbers of evangelicals, the split that is happening based on the early numbers, the voters that seem to be going to trump and huckabee, rather than consolidating as the cruz campaign wanted around him. trying to downplay. their numbers are showing they are posting strong numbers.
6:27 pm
so much of the strategy has been on evangelicals. this has been a big blow around him. jake? >> your thoughts on the scene right now? >> it is so incredible to watch. i was texting with a cruz source saying they are feeling a little bit better with their modelling. they are watching the numbers in these campaigns, but they have all of their own data. their own an lytics on both sides. they are saying that they are feeling a little bit better. ted cruz at 30%. ted cruz at 30% and donald trump at 27%. 57% voting and for people to be established with the republican party in washington, d.c.
6:28 pm
the voters so far saying the republican party in washington, we don't care what you think. >> the numbers come in. you have 25% on the republican side. you have 54% of the vote here. 51%. >> it's extraordinary to see. bernie sanders, 48%. bill bradley 35%. that was considered a receiveful showing. he may not win tonight, but the idea that you have gotten the people powered model, remember. no big donor and no super pac. the model going all the way to the finish line.
6:29 pm
with no big thing. this is of the model. the bill bradley model lost every single thing. that's not what they did. god bless martin o'malley. he gets close to that. this will go on and it will be for new hampshire. if hillary can't survive, there is no rebel yon. >> 56% of democrats in the entrance polls say they want to continue the policies.
6:30 pm
>> two different parties. >> they have gotten in at this point. you were talking about that. that being clear, there is a huge discontent within the party and the establishment doesn't want to deal with it. if bernie sanders can get this close, they are saying there is pain in this party. >> that gets tricky for bernie after this. they are going to be great for him, but to paul's point, he really needed a decisive win to make the case he is not just regional. he is not just a vermont candidate. can will get tricky after that.
6:31 pm
bernie shows he can make inroads with minority voters. i like elizabeth and i think you are being unfair to bernie. he has run a strong campaign and paul is right. when you look at the numbers, democrats, barack obama has a 91% approval rating with these iowa democrats. they are not looking to storm the best deal here. they are looking to protect the progressive names that were made and build on them. at least many of them are looking for that. that's a more advantageous environment. >> if it ends up being a two or three point race, should he have said something more strenuous about the e-mails? he could have said something when the news broke that he is troubled by this predicament. democratic voters, is bernie
6:32 pm
sanders really wants to win, that's e-mails. that could be a million things. >> that was 80%. >> right. >> 37% of the vote with ted cruz, 29%. donald trump 26%. marco rubio. >> what i was going to say is i want a different theory. in a way hillary clinton is the victim of her own presumption. this is a no cost vote. they can vote for bernie sanders. i have a friend who sent me an e-mail saying i will be for hillary in the end, but i will vote for bernie just to annoy her. i don't think these voters assume bernie sanders will be the nominee. but they want to send a message about it.
6:33 pm
what do you think of marco rubio? >> i think this could be a big night for marco rubio. they would save them enough time in iowa and ted cruz was off doing the tour in august. they had an opportunity to spend a lot of time in iowa. he didn't. voters i ran into were at rubio rallies were saying where has this guy been? we don't know him yet. and he seems to be making it. he is not popular. he's not a natural leader. but, this again is the establishment versus the outsider.
6:34 pm
like i said, there is going to be a land somewhere for an establishment candidate. if marco rubio is playing in iowa, it has been a cruz-trump story for the past months and when it wasn't, it was a ben carson story. marco rubio and a so-called mainstream electable candidate for the general election is out there. trump has a lot of staying power. now you have rubio. how does that sort out to a two-person race. >> it will though. when it winnows down. >> as we look now with 41% of
6:35 pm
the vote in ted cruz. 29. trump 26 and marco rubio 20 and carson at 10. where the votes have come in and where we are waiting to hear from him. >> plenty of votes outstanding. on the republican side, 41% of the caucus sites reporting. that means a lot of votes. where does donald trump need to do better? it's 15%. at the moment, this is your urban areas. ted cruz is running ahead in polk county. he is running ahead next door in dallas county. ted cruz running ahead. only 26% in dallas. 34% in polk county. as we pop back up, i will tell you this. if these stay on, i would guess they get the victory. that's where the people are. the reason i'm surprised by this
6:36 pm
to see ted cruz doing so well, this is where you find mitt romney republicans. this is the establishment mainstream republicans. at the moment he is doing well with a place you may not expect the downside. all this donald trump out here. let's circle some of it. there is a little orange. look at all the red. go back in time and almost all of that was rick santorum. this is the small town iowa. pretty small. this county here is 46%. about 41% and going back in time, this is the look where santorum and paul ran up in a social conservative libertarian
6:37 pm
voters. key for ted cruz. what are we waiting for? they are starting to come in. 6% of the vote. mitt romney, suburbs. established republicans and rubio running ahead. we need to watch that. this is still out. if you come down to where cedar rapids is, only 15%. ted cruz can hold this county and they can go back in time. this is the big fight here. trump is in here. rubio is in here. you have a suburb and the shock to me at the moment, trump is doing well and polling the counties that should be for ted cruz. at the moment, cruz doing well. this is where the people are.
6:38 pm
this is just surprising. we will wait to have more of the votes coming in. these numbers can't change. strong at the moment. >> let's look at the democratic side. closer with 63% of the sites reporting. it's only a two-point race between clinton and sanders. >> the reason she is ahead is back to polk county. the biggest county in the state. she is winning with 54% of the vote. i want to tell our viewers, pay no attention to the numbers. the democrats are state delegate equivalents. >> the democrats do not release the actual numbers. to bernie sanders to overtake
6:39 pm
the advantage that hillary is currently at. >> one thing he doesn't is to close the gap. now the rest of them, let's go to the eastern part of the state. about half of the vote in and hillary clinton running ahead. if you go back in time, that was barack obama. he is in the eastern part of the state and if you drop down to davenport, 41% of the vote and you see sanders has a good lead. he needs to keep that lead, this is 5% in the population. more eggs in the basket and we are seeing how we are doing. >> doable for bernie sanders to tie it up. >> almost 40% of the vote left. more than doable. if you look at the college towns, he is running it up big. too big in some precincts. that's a good number. i want to show you one thing. one of the things that is
6:40 pm
interesting is we forget in a two-person race, john edwards is a strong candidate eight years ago. i want to show you something quickly. circle the john edwards part of the map. take a peek at this when we come up here. that's john edwards almost exclusively. she is winning the counties that didn't go for either obama eight years ago which is helping her in a two-person race tonight. >> 65% of the caucus sites reporting. plenty of time for bernie sanders to catch up to hillary clinton. >> this part of the state needs to change. the margins need to get better. there still votes out there. >> we have breaking news. i want to go back to jake and dana. you are learning something very
6:41 pm
important. >> that's right. we have been seeing big crowds and a heard from a republican source familiar with turn out. saying they are on pace for a record breaking night. the last time around, four years ago was about 121,000 republican who is went to the caucuses. they are on pace to go to at least 150,000. that's a pretty high number. we were talking about this. that coming into the night that would potentially be good news for donald trump. >> the theory is that he is bringing in so many new voters and we will see, we are still waiting to see the final results, but we will see if he converts the rally attendees to caucus attendees and one of the other things is that a lot of the voter who is made up their mind in the last month went for marco rubio. that that we have seen in the polls appears to be real.
6:42 pm
a lot of these people turning up for marco rubio. >> to your point, i got a text and we were looking at it from a voter who met at a trump rally in davenport earlier this week who just texted mooy and said you know what, i ended up caucuses february marco rubio. there lots of reasons, but the notion of wanting somebody who can win in november. a lot of those people were teetering between donald trump and marco rubio. this particular voter went for rubio. >> interesting. let's look at the republicans right now. we have 29% going for ted cruz. 25% for donald trump. 21% for marco rubio and ben carson at 10%. that's with about half of the vote in. half of the hard numbers. it's still anybody's race. that is a strong showing for marco rubio.
6:43 pm
ted cruz. right now looking as though he is exactly where he wants to be for this night to turn out the way he wants it to. let's go back to wolf in washington. >> our political directors, you are looking at all the numbers. who showed up and what they won. >> he asked the voters as they showed up, what are you looking for in a candidate quality. this will help explain to everyone watching why ted cruz is where he is. take a look at this. among the voters that said i am looking for a candidate who shares my values, ted cruz is demolishing the field. 37% for cruz and 21% for rubio and 16% for carson and 7% for paul. that is 41% of the republican electorate. that was an important quality. when we asked about the quality of someone who can win, the
6:44 pm
electability question. rubio and 25% for trump and 22% for cruz and 2% for carly fiorina. not as many caucus goers looking for electability as for someone who shares their values. this quality, telling it like it is, that is the donald trump thing. that is what he is campaigning on. 67% of voters looking for a candidate who said i want someone who tells it like it is. only 15% of the republican caucus going electorate is looking for that quality. with four oust ten republican caucus goers looks for someone who shares my values, i think that helps explain why he is where he is. >> a tight race on the democratic and republican sides. let me update you on the latest numbers. on the democratic side, 51% for
6:45 pm
hillary clinton. 67% of the caucus showing look how close it is on the republican side. top three. 29%. 25% for donald trump. only half of the votes have been counted. we don't know who is going to win on the republican side or the democratic side. let's take a quick break and we'll be right back. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! . we have a key alert. almost 70% of the caucus sites reporting. only two points separate hillary clinton. this is still very close. could go either way. on the republican side, numbers building up. 29% for ted cruz. 25% for donald trump. marco rubio doing very well at
6:49 pm
21%. cruz ahead by 3550 votes. this is very, very close on the republican side. plenty of votes outstanding and very close on the democratic side as well. shaping up to be what we anticipated. let's go back to jake. . >> thanks. with all these numbers coming in, we are interested in hearing what the campaigns and the candidates are saying. let's go to jeff at sanders headquarters. a nail biter. 51% to 49%. what is the campaign saying? are. >> it is a nail biter. they are looking at the same neighborhoods and precincts. the one top adviser to hillary clinton in iowa said it is uncomfortably close. she is slightly up 59-49 with 61% in. it is very close.
6:50 pm
sanders is preparing his speech. win or lose, he is going to declare victory and move forward with his call for a revolution. the same call he has been giving out on the campaign trail. he has to see this as a huge achievement here. they're planning a big fund-raising that will propel his campaign. they're looking at these precincts and neighborhoods in des moines. the o'malley factor which we talked about so much, is also coming into play in several of these precincts. we're keeping a close eye on thisp. >> 51% to 49%, with 31% of the votes still due in. hearts are pumping and palpitating all over iowa. dana, you just heard jeff report that sanders, no matter what, is going to declare victory.
6:51 pm
that's one of the things we see in these contests, there are the numbers and then there is the spin. >> if you were running sanders campaign, if i were or anybody, republican or democrat, just on the 350ur operations side of this, you would do the same thing, of course, he came from nowhere. this would be a pretty remarkable gain, even if he doesn't come in first, however, if hillary clinton wins there, is no other way to put it. hillary clinton wins this. especially given all of the pressure, all of the history, all of the baggage that she has. as much as bernie sanders, if he doesn't win, says it's a different kind of victory, it's hard to take that away from hillary clinton. >> another tight race on the republican side, ted cruz right now in the lead. let's go too sunland, ted cruz known for having a ground game out there like no other operation. he probably has an idea of what's going on in each precinct better than most people in iowa about what is he telling you?
6:52 pm
what is the campaign saying about where they are right now, and where they kpekt to end tonight? >> jake, the cruz campaign is feeling good where they are right now, they have, of course, invested a lot in their ground game here in iowa, i'm here with ted cruz's communications director, rick tyler. tell me how you are feeling right now? >> a little nervous, but cautiously optimistic, it looks like more than half the vote is in. right now, it feels optimistic, enthusiastic and grateful. >> tell me about turnout. what are your internals showing? >> it looks like there will be a record turnout. all the reports i'm getting is record turnouts, big large turnouts, we're a little surprised we would be leading as much as we are, but we are. so we're grateful. >> in that record turnout does that benefit ted cruz? >> i didn't think it would, often when you have someone with
6:53 pm
celebrity name, that's well known, and large turnouts with people that have never voted before, you would worry about that. but right now it looks like record turnouts are coming out and supporting ted cruz. we're not declaring victory yet, but hopefully we can do so soon? >> jake, back to you. >> dana, with 60% of the vote in, you see ted cruz ahead, 28%, donald trump with 25%. marco rubio, dr. ben carson holding solid. very, very strong showing for ted cruz as of now. >> you heard rick say if they thought the numbers were overall turnout, it would be better for donald trump. that's what all of us thought. it looks like right now, it's not going that way. one of the things he was pointing out earlier in the entrance polls, i think could help explain why, because on the
6:54 pm
question of what is the number one quality you're looking for in a candidatcandidate, it's who think of in iowa, not what you think of for people who go for donald trump. it was shares my values. ted cruz crushed everybody else on that. he was up at 36%, and donald trump was way down at 5%. the other thing i think we should say right now, if ted cruz wins these caucuses, he should send a giant bouquet of flowers to marco rubio. it looks as though he's taking some of the votes donald trump has. we were talking about this earlier, did you expect marco rubio to be at 22% of the polling at this hour? >> no, although in the last few weeks he has been surging to a degree. he took third place a few weeks ago, when ben carson started sinking in the polls. for that, rubio can send a valentine to trump.
6:55 pm
because he helped bring down carson's numbers. it turned out that shares my values was the most quality for iowa voters and ted cruz won that going away, and donald trump wasn't even in the top four of the candidates when it coxs to shared my values. rand paul did better than he did. that says a lot about why donald trump at least right now, is in second place. and not doing better. because the voters of iowa don't think he shares their values. as we were just talking about, marco rubio, the other big story going on, the surge to third place, a strong third place showing. let's go to manu raju. they were predetecting a third place finish, they got one, and it looks like it's going to be strong. >> it looks like it's going to be better than what public polls
6:56 pm
showed. >> the des moines register had marco rubio at 15%. if they could get in the high teens or low 20s, that would be a big night. as dana was saying earlier, the trump supporters have been going toward marco rubio in the closing days. i heard from campaign officials who told me that anecdotally, when volunteers have been reaching out to voters. trump supporters are coming toward them. what does a marco rubio campaign want to argue going-forward? they're telling me they're going to make the case that this is a two or three man race going-forward. this is either between him or donald trump if ted cruz does not win this race. it's an implicit message to the governors, they're going to try to make the case, the governors in this race, jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie, they cannot win this race. they're going to make that more aggressively coming out of iowa.
6:57 pm
they hope to take this momentum into new hampshire going-forward into south carolina. jake? >> all right. with news from the rubio campaign, the rubio supporters are going to want the other establishment candidates, governor kasich and jeb bush, chris christie to drop out of the race, those three have put a lot into new hampshire. and they're going to wait to see what the results are in new hampshire. but we have some breaking news right now. mark preston has -- what's going on? >> i just heard from a source close to martin o'malley, who tells me he will suspend his campaign probably within the next 40 minutes. 9:30 central time, we expect governor o'malley to come out, thank his supporters, he will suspend his campaign. he's had a disappointing showing tonight. he's spend a lot of time here in iowa, a lot of time in new hampshire. ran a pretty hard campaign. he was unable to breakthrough.
6:58 pm
>> we look at the numbers right now. about 2/3 in. hillary clinton at 51%. it has to do with the caucus procedure, the delegates, martin o'malley had no predifferents where he was able to get 15% of the vote. he was not viable. 8 months ago i spent three or four days with martin o'malley here in iowa, he was an amazing campaigner. seemed to generate a lot of enthusiasm. on came bernie sanders and seemed to suck that liberal enthusiasm toward himself, martin o'malley was supposed to be the credible alternative to hillary clinton, that space was filled by bernie sanders. he was the governor of maryland, he's been the mayor of baltimore, he has a strong future ahead of him. >> we're all now so used to bernie sanders being the biggest
6:59 pm
challenge to hillary clinton, it really wasn't that long ago that martin o'malley was supposed to be the one that could give her a little bit of a run for her money. and bernie sanders was not thought of as someone who could be that credible. it never happened. >> are you going to see clinton and sanders who are locked in this tight race, make a pitch directly to them? >> no question. i think we probably saw that tonight at some of these caucus precincts. we were told the hillary clinton campaign was going out to would some of these supporters. o'malley had built up a fair amount of support for himself down there. no doubt that we will see a split here. there are a lot of o'malley folks that are not clinton folks and they will not go with her. >> it's a tough game. let's go back to wolf blitzer in washington, d.c., who has a key race alert.
7:00 pm
63% of the sites now reporting, still a tight race. 51% for clinton, 49% for bernie sanders. still could go either way. on the republican side. more of the caucus sites have reported 75. ted cruz maintaining his lead, 28% to 25% for donald trump. 22% strong third for marco rub joe so far. a quarter of the votes outstanding. ted cruz is winning by 3,602 votes. 25% of the votes still outstanding. it still could go either way fp he's building a nice little lead. >> the cnn poll of polls coming into this. averaging out most of the credible polls in the last week or so before the iowa caucuses, had donald trump at 31%. marco rubio was at 16%. insurgent


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