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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> i don't think anyone else will try to pick him up. coy wire, live from san francisco. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and baldwin" starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. a short time ago, trump tweeted, "based on the fraud committed by ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or the cruz results nullified. >> dropping the "f" bomb, as in the fraud bomb. cruz apologized to ben carson, for the record, after cruz's staff told iowa caucusgoers that carson was planning to quick the race. but that doesn't seem to be the
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end of it and an acceptance of an apology. let's go to chief correspondent dana bash who is following the cruz campaign in new hampshire today. dana, what is the cruz campaign saying now to what donald trump is throwing their way? >> reporter: first of all, we are at a ted cruz event going on right now. it's quite intimate so we decided to step outside so we're not disruptive. he has not personally addressed these tweets or really any of his opponents so far. however, his campaign -- his communications director, rick tyler, did say the following to me earlier today about donald trump's tweets saying, reality hit the reality tv star in iowa. so nobody is talking about him now. so he's trying to regain some attention on twitter. there are twitter addiction support groups so he should seek out his local chapter. you can see there, they are trying to kind of poke fun at the billionaire, trying to sort of have a tongue in cheek
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reaction. but here's the reality. the reality is that this has been an issue and this is all about ben carson. and the fact that cnn reported on caucus night that ben carson was going back to florida and he wasn't going to go from iowa to either here new hampshire or south carolina the next big primary states. so what happened after that was the cruz campaign, they admit, they sent notice of this to their caucus precinct captains and so forth. but the problem goes even further. and i'm going to read you what i'm talking about from a tweet at 8:00 p.m. central time the night of the caucuses. steve king, the national co-chair of the cruz campaign said the following. "carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope." this is something that the carson campaign has said is an example of dirty tricks because
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carson was not going to drop out. cnn never reported he was going to drop out. so that is the heart of what donald trump is saying in his series of tweets today saying that it is fraud. now, i should say emphatically that the cruz campaign didn't mean to imply this. i was told that cruz called carson personally to apologize. but that's kind of the underpinning of what donald trump is trying to say today. >> dana bash in some random hallway and never a random event. doug high is a former communicatio communications director and chief political correspondent for u.s. radio networks and a trump supporter, scottie, right to you on this. donald trump saying that ted cruz stole iowa based on fraud committed by one ted cruz. where is the evidence of fraud?
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what is he getting at? is this just about winning over ben carson supporters? scottie? >> this could have ended yesterday. all ben carson asked ted cruz to do is come out and publicly apologize and admit it and hold your people accountable for those people who spread these rumors. we heard ben carson say that his wife was standing at the polling place and ted cruz spokesperson got up in front of her and said that ben carson was going to be stepping out of the race and welcomed his support. she said, no, he isn't. my husband is still in. it all happened 30 minutes before the iowa caucus began and you cannot sit there and say that there wasn't some sort of collaboration between the different groups. and yet, all we hear is this private phone call happen from ted cruz to dr. carson. there's been no accountability and it's not just about this issue. this is exactly what is wrong with politics today.
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this is a reflection of a bigger issue. the president does not say the buck stops with me, i'm going to hold people accountable and that's the reason this is continuing into the next day. >> doug, i'm told there's a saying which no one like as sore loser. does donald trump risk looking like a whiner? >> there's another saying, to beat the man, you have to be the man. donald trump lost fair and square in iowa. if there's anyplace that there needs to be a revote, it's the democratic race. ted cruz had a fantastic turnout operation. he organized in every precinct and county, massive organization with pastors and that's why ted cruz ultimately won. >> should one donald trump be focusing on the past, scottie,
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when he might want to be looking towards the future in one week? >> i agree completely. let's get this right. one delegate. that's all that separates him right now. 8-7. it's just one delegate. >> and he's also tied with delegates with marco rubio. >> three candidates out of a field now that rand paul showed up. guess what, there were a lot more losers that didn't appear in iowa. to sit there and say that he lost, there was one man that i agree, ted cruz had a phenomenal ground game who outspent donald trump probably 3-1 per voters. so, you know, in the end, nobody expected donald trump to even be able to be on the top three candidates in iowa. he still did very well. now he's always been polling very well in. remember, two weeks ago he was not number one. >> let me jump in. i want to ask you about some other big news today if you're a rand paul supporters, rand paul is dropping out of the race. so let me ask you, doug, what do
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you think the impact of his absence is and who do you think is most likely to pick up his support? >> i would say two people, probably. tell cruz and marco rubio. because they both have the real conservative lanes that are going. donald trump gets more and more supporters from moderates, from what we see. one thing we need to remember with rand paul is this also has a big impact on the senate. a lot of people like myself believe if donald trump became our nominee, he would be a disaster for our senate candidates. rand paul would focus on the presidential race taking more of a small-handed approach on his senate campaign. this is good news for senate republicans and also good news for ted cruz and marco rubio. coming out of the iowa caucus is such good news for rubio, you look at the political -- obviously we've seen polling all over the place. when you look at the predicting model and things i've predicted, marco rubio is more likely to be the nominee than ted cruz. who does that leave behind and out of the conversation? donald trump. it's why he's tweeting up all of these outrageous things as he's done for months and months and
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this is where scottie and i will disagree. i think there's a lot of things that barack obama has done wrong for america. i'm not going to blame barack obama for ted cruz's victory or donald trump's defeat. >> and scottie, on this point, if marco rubio has become the favorite target of a lot of other candidates in new hampshire especially. the bush campaign, they put out a big ad in new hampshire, a print ad saying that those who know jeb bush, those who know marco rubio, they choose jeb over marco rubio. i haven't seen -- we haven't really seen donald trump take on marco rubio, attack marco rubio yet. is he going to jump on that? is he missing a moment? >> he's not missing a moment. he's going to continue what he's always done. he's not going to go and attack marco rubio until marco rubio attacks first. that is how this whole game plan has been from day one. the reason why he's going after
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senator cruz, it all started with him bashing donald trump in a private fund-raiser in new york. up until then, they were very good friends working together. as long as marco rubio keeps his campaign talking about policies and not how he can be a better president, not necessarily because he's not donald trump, i think it will be a very, very ault-type conversations that go forward. >> interesting to see if it lasts a week without any confrontation. i'm betting no. but we'll check back in with you if that happens. scottie hughes, doug high, thank you. all right. let's take a turn now to the democrats. hillary clinton about to address a crowd in derry, new hampshire. you can see that gabrielle giffords, the former congresswoman from arizona and her husband, they are joining her there on the stump introducing her. this is all fresh off of her razor thin lead in iowa.
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it's a big day in new hampshire with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they will be facing the voters and no doubt taking the questions during tonight's big cnn town hall. >> clinton is making three campaign stops today. you know what, is gabrielle giffords speaking? when she spoke over the weekend, it's very interesting to see. if she's speaking, i think we should go back. let's listen to this. [ applause ] >> new hampshire! new hampshire, i'm great to be here today and i'm here to talk about hillary clinton. hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby, why
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i'm voting for hillary. [ applause ] speaking is difficult for me. but january, i want to say these two words, madam president. [ applause ] let's work together to make hillary our president. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> gabrielle giffords right there saying the two words she wants to hear next january is "madam president." she was shot five years ago. we've heard in on the stump the last few days. it's wonderful to see her out there speaking as well. >> we say it every time and i think it's okay to say it, her remarkable recovery from near
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death. i want to go to senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny following the hillary campaign. what is in store for today? >> reporter: there's no question that the democratic rivals are looking towards the town hall in derry. hillary is trying to come back a little bit in new hampshire, trying to persuade these voters to look at her record and that moment with gabby giffords is just like it was in iowa. i'm talking soft here because you can see that on stage behind me she's on stage behind me. as we go forward, there's a back and forth going on between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she's trying to say that she has a progressive record for years. bernie sanders questioned that last night. he said some days she's a progressive. so right now this exchange is going on back and forth on twitter and that will definitely be a central part of their conversation tonight at the town
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hall meeting in derry. >> all right. jeff zeleny, we appreciate that. thanks. >> thanks, jeff. coming up for us, the polls in new hampshire show that bernie sanders right now has a pretty big lead over hillary clinton in that state. but what is the reality on the ground this morning? we're going to go back there. we'll take you there and disc s discuss. plus, chris christie knows political fighting and he's taking big swings right now at marco rubio. plus, christie's got a big news conference coming up in a couple of minutes. he's going to reveal an endorsement. curious if he goes on the attack against the person he calls the bubble boy. ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪
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all right. take a look at that clock in the bottom corner of your screen. 9:42:26 until the cnn town hall in new hampshire. this is the first big event since the iowa caucuses. >> it truly shows you that the
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stakes could not be higher for both candidates. sanders needs a win after his loss in iowa, especially in the state right next door to his home state of vermont. clinton is also facing a brutal 23-point deficit in polls in new hampshire and an uphill climb that she and her husband have faced before. they get to make their closing arguments, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton tonight. senior correspondent brianna keilar is live at the site of the town hall event tonight. what are you hearing on the ground today? >> reporter: i'm here at the derry opera house where we are holding the town hall tonight. our crews are still working on the stage making sure that everything is in shape as it needs to be but this is the first time that we will have these two candidates in the same place together since iowans made their voices heard. and this is going to be -- for
8:19 am
me, this is really probably the best forum that i've seen because i love how you have the voters asking questions of the candidates. we saw from our town hall that we did in iowa with these candidates that it's really unpredictable. you never know really where the voters are going to go. and they have some very tough questions for these candidates. we'll be seeing bernie sanders first and then we'll be seeing hillary clinton take the stage and there's so much at stake here. you talked about that deficit in the polls that hillary clinton is facing but she remembers back to 2008 when she had a moment right before new hampshire residents went to the polls and she was able to pull out a win here in new hampshire. no doubt she's hoping that is something that she can do tonight as she goes to -- she and bernie sanders are making their closing arguments going into the primary early next week. so this is really a key moment for new hampshirites to air
8:20 am
their concerns. i think they will be playing to their local interests. this is taking place at the historic derry opera house built originally back in 1904 with money that was willed by a distant cousin of john quincy adams. a lot of history here in this place that has survived two fires. perhaps, guys, a metaphor for his crucible democratic primary crisis has become. >> thank you for the information on the operahou house. >> thanks so much, brianna. let's talk more about what is happening in new hampshire and everything at stuck with raymond buckley, the chairman of the democratic party. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> of course. you heard brianna keilar talking about this deficit that hillary
8:21 am
is facing in the most recent polls in new hampshire. i'm not asking you to weigh in necessarily on the candidates themselves but do you think the reality on the ground is that far apart? >> i think that anything can happen. one has to remember that 43% of the electorate are unenrolled voters or independents. they can choose to pick a democratic or republican ballot tuesday morning. we have same day registration. tens and thousands of individuals here in new hampshire can wake up that morning and decide to register to vote. if you look at 2008, more than 20% of the electorate decided in the next 24 hours who they are going to support. exciting time and we're very - proud to host this town hall tonight on cnn. >> you are in new hampshire. hillary clinton yesterday said we are in bernie sanders' backyard. do you believe in the next-door
8:22 am
effect in new hampshire voting? >> well, absolutely. if you look over the last couple decades, only senator kennedy lost to president carter in 1980. but every other time there's been a border state politician over the last 50 years, they have been successful here in new hampshire. so certainly gave him a leg up. we're very familiar with bernie sanders. >> mitt romney. didn't he lose to john mccain? >> on the other side. >> okay. mitt romney lost to john mccain. >> on the democratic side. i could never explain the voting patterns of republicans in new hampshire. >> when you say it gives them a leg up, how much of a leg up? how much of an effect do you think it has? >> well, i think it's certainly worth a couple of percentage points. you saw that as soon as they got into the race. bernie sanders was campaigning for senator shaheen in 2014 and has come up years before that.
8:23 am
he's very familiar, a large portion of new hampshire receives vermont television. so we have certainly known bernie. he's part of the new england family. it's certainly very helpful to him. >> one of the things that has come up in this campaign repeatedly is who is the establishment and who is fighting the establishment and one thing that bernie sanders has said on the campaign trail, he called planned parenthood the human rights campaign and said they are part of the establishment. you've been close to the human rights campaign. you received an award from them. do you consider the human rights campaign, which fights for gays around the country, do you feel that's part of the establishment? >> well, i think that's part of what happens in campaigns, where people say such things. but, you know, i think that people that are out there on the ground and that are in the communities like the human rights campaign, planned parenthooded and the like, are really making a difference in communities across the country. so maybe he has a different definition of the establishment than i have but i think certainly the hoc and the other
8:24 am
groups like that that are invested in winning elections and winning issues right on the ground in all 50 states, i think that's an important role that they play in moving the progressive agenda forward. >> and by saying that they are an establishment, it's a way that in this election you're seeing it on both sides of dismissing or downplaying their role or how important an endorsement should be from them. do you think bernie sanders should be dismissing or downplaying the role of the human rights campaign? >> well, you know, i've always believed that the candidates should run their own campaigns and certainly respect his decision, his choice. i think of all of the issues that the people of new hampshire are concerned about, i don't think it's the endorsement of hrc or any organization. people really care about the future of new hampshire and the future of the country. the positive message that both senator sanders and secretary
8:25 am
clinton are saying is vastly different from what they are hearing from the republicans. not only are they attacking each other in vicious attack ads, but there's whole message is a doom and bloom message for the people of new hampshire. we're going to break records. we had a record 280,000 democrats voting in 2008 in the democratic primary. i think we're going to match that or break it. >> raymond buckley, thank you for letting us do this town hall in your great state tonight. >> thank you. on that programming night, tonight is the night that hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be on stage at the derry opera house. a cnn town hall event moderated by anderson cooper beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, only on cnn. ahead for us still, donald trump now calling for a recount and a do-over in iowa after he accuses ted cruz of election
8:26 am
fraud. the former senator from south carolina, jim demint, will be joining us. plus, chris christie, he better do something in new hampshire if he's going to stay in this race. you're looking at live pictures right now. governor christie holding a live event in the state of new hampshire. he's got a news conference in a bit. he's got a big endorsement. how much of a difference will it make? stay with us. performance... ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented.
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i think it's safe to say donald trump is not happy with his second-place finish in iowa. so much so he's now accusing ted cruz of election fraud. >> officially accusing him on twitter. he claims that ted cruz stole iowa based on the fraud committed by ted cruz during the iowa caucus. he says either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. i want to bring in jim demint. senator, thank you for being with us. you've been around elections for a long time. how do you think voters normally respond to this post-facto complaint? >> everyone is tired of the political games. i think the good news in iowa is that so many people came out and voted. people are frustrated. they believe government is broken and i think they are going to do something to change
8:32 am
it this year. >> so when donald trump says it's fraud, he stole the election and it should be nullified, you say that voters are tired of the political games but what do you think voters should say? >> voters won't change in washington. they know this is the election between those power brokers in washington who want to maintain the status quo and all of those americans who believe the government should work for the people rather than the other way around. that's the competition you're seeing. people are tired of political correctness and those really focused on favoritism for a few here in washington rather than opportunity for all. >> well, you want change in washington to be clear, to be sure, and the question is, who is most likely to get that change? it's the issue of, you know, electability versus purity, really. when voters in iowa were asked about who the most electable
8:33 am
was, it was marco rubio at 43%, donald trump at 25%, cruz 22. you have a record and heritage has a record of being on the side of purity sometimes instead of electability. what do you think in this case? >> well, there's really no purity in politics. what we want to do is move things in a positive direction. americans know we haven't been doing that. our debt just reached $19 trillion. people know that washington is not working for the good of the people. they know there's a lot of crohn kneeism here. i think you're going to see it in the democratic and republican primary, those who are going against the status quo, talking about a different way of doing things, those getting the most traction. >> one of the folks who was getting a lot of traction right now is the man who won the iowa caucuses, ted cruz. and ted cruz, he has a 100%
8:34 am
rating with heritage action, separate from heritage foundation but part of heritage. no other candidate has that good of a rating. marco rubio may be the closest. does that make ted cruz the favorite of heritage? >> we've got a lot of favorites in this race and we don't endorse candidates. we endorse the ideas and that's why we're so excited about how this primary has been going. the candidates that are at the top are running on those values and principles that make this country so exceptional. and americans are drawn to that. the idea of constitutional government in the balance of the three branches of government, that's coming up. dealing with our debt, being more secured, really getting more serious about terrorism, the people who are talking about the issues that the american people care about are moving to the top. those that are talking about, let's get along, let's have some bipartisanship and work together, that's the old language that people are tired of. they don't believe it anymore
8:35 am
and they know that you don't get $19 trillion in debt unless there's been a lot of bipartisan cronism. >> there's been a lot of endorsements coming from south carolina politicians over the last few days. jeb bush was endorsed by senator lindsey graham. ted cruz endorsed by representative jeff duncan and donald trump endorsed by mcmaster. which one of these do you think has the most pull? >> well, they are all great folks but i've been in a lot of elections myself and found that endorsements are not nearly as important as the ideas that you run on. and if people can determine that you're genuine, that you really believe what you're talking about and you're going to fight for those things, that's what people care about. i think that's how folks are looking at candidates this year.
8:36 am
do they really believe what they are saying and do they have the courage to go fight this system in washington to change things. and it will be a big fight. but, again, the encouraging thing is that we can have any political battle if the american people are behind us and that's what i see happening around the country. so i'm really encouraged about those who gravitated to the top because of the ideas that they are talking about. >> does that include donald trump, by the way, who ran second in iowa and encouraged by donald trump? >> well, he's certainly running against the establishment and folks here in washington, similar to what cruz, carson, others have talked about. so i think certainly all of those at the top reflect in some way the idea that americans have now that washington's broken, it's corrupt, and we need someone who is strong enough to fix it and has the values that the american people themselves share. things are moving in the right
8:37 am
direction. >> sorry. we're dealing with a little bit of a delay, senator. when you say conviction and values, there's one thing that has come up. you said donald trump is speaking against the establishment. donald trump himself has said that in some of his appearances, you need to be a little bit establishment because you need to get things done because that's why he's criticizing ted cruz for always being against everything, not for anything, can't get along with everybody and everybody hates him in the senate. do you think donald trump is consistent enough for the like egg of the heritage foundation and voters? >> i won't make that judgment about any candidate. but i do believe that the more this primary goes on on the republican side and probably the democrat side, the ideas and policies themselves will become more and more important. so to this point, it's been a lot about personalities and rhetoric and talking points but people are going to look under the hood as these primaries
8:38 am
start and they are going to want to know what solutions that you have that are really going to turn the country around and so i think we're going to see a different kind of race as we move forward and into south carolina. >> jim demint, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it, senator. >> thank you both. >> thanks, senator. any moment now, governor chris christie is going to be live in new hampshire. he's been talking about the fact that he's getting a big endorsement and also going hard at marco rubio calling him the boy in the bubble. are we about to hear more from chris christie? plus, we are just hours away from the democratic town hall. hillary clinton facing off with bernie sanders and facing tough questions from the voters. bernie sanders is leading right now in the new hampshire polls by a whole lot. so can bernie sanders lock in the win tonight? could it help him break through hillary clinton's so-called
8:39 am
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. all eyes on new hampshire right now you're taking a live look inside the opera house in derry, new hampshire, just hours from now, 9:16 and i'm not going to count the seconds away before hillary clinton and bernie sanders goes face-to-face with voters in a big town hall hosted by cnn. bernie sanders has a 23-point lead, according to the most recent cnn poll. >> joining us to discuss, donna brazile and now the executive
8:44 am
director of the georgetown institute of politics and public service. donna, we just showed that recent poll. we showed a 23-point spread. i want you to give us a number. we saw marco rubio turn a bronze medal into the biggest win of all time. so tell me what the gap means for hillary clinton to say i'm the comeback kid? >> i don't know. i don't want to set expectations for her campaign but she understands -- >> do it. >> i know you're trying to push all of my buttons. let me just say, there are more than one on me. there's no question that she has to close the gap. if she's going to not just secure the nomination but also be competitive in the fall, she has to close that gap. she also, like she did back in 2008, really needs to close the gap with first-time primary voters. this is a race, just like in iowa, when voters can go up and
8:45 am
show up that evening and all throughout the day, sorry, it's a primary, and vote. she has to close that gap. and thirdly -- and i think this is very important -- in 2008, she came in a close third in iowa but went to new hampshire and campaigned very hard and se was able to secure the women's vote. that's a very crucial vote as well. if she can close the youth gap, first-time voter gap and get women behind her, she will be able to close the gap with bernie sanders who, by the way, he's running a very energetic idea, you know, very passionate campaign. of course, he's from vermont. but more than just his location, this is a candidate that is inspiring young people, first-time voters to get involved in the process. so i think if hillary run as very energetic and passionate campaign, similar to what bernie is doing across the country, she'll come in whatever place the voters give her.
8:46 am
>> and one of the things that donna is pointing out is closing the youth gap. that might be a huge task to do if you look at some of the entrance polls coming out of iowa. the youth numbers are really astounding. sanders at 84%, clinton at 14%. support there in iowa. when it comes to the youth number, which is key in every state. but here in new hampshire, is the goal for hillary clinton -- does it need to be winning them over or just not pushing them away further? >> well, look, i think both sides actually have something -- a couple of red flags when it comes to the youth vote. yes, bernie sanders crushed hillary clinton with young voters and bernie sanders' problem is he's not turning them out. if you look at the difference between this primary and the last democratic primary in 2008, based on what i saw, the young voters were the smallest part of
8:47 am
the electorate and dropped by four or five points in terms of their percentage of the electorate. he's not energizing. young people are not being energized to turn out. both sides have work to do. i will say this, new hampshire like anywhere else, it's complicated and unpredictable. i'm not going to come on tv and predict the most unpredictable electorate in the country. bernie sanders' strengths in a lot of these polls is based on independent voters. remember this, independent voters can go in and pull either parties' ballot. if they think the republican side is more interesting to them on that day, and they pull the republican ballot, that's a vote bernie sanders was hoping to get. so this is a big jigsaw puzzle they are both trying to figure out. >> mo, quickly, what are the risks for bernie sanders tonight? how careful does he need to be?
8:48 am
yesterday he said hillary clinton has been a progressive only sometimes. >> some days. >> some days. just moments ago, hillary clinton called that a low blow. >> yeah, he's got to be a little careful about that. he's got to worry about that. i would be a little careful. >> i agree. >> look, in the polls in iowa, democrats like both of them and the progressive vote was -- the self-identified progressive vote was split between the two candidates. democrats are not looking for a nasty fight here. they don't want to see them going after one another. that's a risk for both of them. >> is that really nasty, donna? we've seen a lot more nasty on the republican side. >> look, there's some policy differences between hillary clinton and bernie sanders but, you know, these policy differences i think as democrats, as progressives, as americans, we can argue about it. whether we should raise the minimum wage to $12 or $15,
8:49 am
universal health care versus single payer. if we want to talk about war and peace and justice issues. i met hillary clinton when i was a young lady working as an intern and i can tell you she's been a progressive fighter all her life. and bernie sanders, i got to know him during campaigns on capitol hill, campaigns across this country. these are two wonderful, fighting souls and i would take hillary clinton and bernie sanders over any of the republicans. and when i say any, i mean all of those who are still running. >> donna brazile, mo, thank you so much. interesting, donna said that she thought sanders saying only some days being a progressive is a low blow. bernie sanders will be joining wolf blitzer at 1:00 eastern. what is his game plan tonight and what does he say about this progressive some days. i'm sure he'll be asked. bernie sanders will be live with
8:50 am
wolf this afternoon. at any moment, chris christie is live from new hampshire. he needs to finish strong here. he says he's getting a big endorsement today. we'll bring it to you live. the f the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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so i was a little disappointed to be honest yesterday. it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some dates. >> that is exactly what bernie sanders said just last night. kind of questioning hillary clinton's progressive credentials. this all ahead of tonight's big town hall. you can see there, starting to get a little dirty in new hampshire. >> hillary clinton is taking questions from voters right now. her town hall before the town hall. let's listen in for a moment. >> many, many, many attacks that had to be fended off all the time. and we have to do a better job internally. i mean, we lost an enormous amount of very important information under something
8:55 am
called wikileaks and what edward snowden did and the like. so this is going to be -- we have got to be doing a better job of getting our government working with the private sector and able to protect what we need to protect without going overboard and that's always the hard line to walk. but it's a very important question. yes, right there. yes, sir? here comes a microphone slowly. >> hello. hello. my name is ben. you didn't mention on your list of rights that americans have voting rights. now, do you believe that the federal government has any business -- anything they can do to help states who, of course, set up their own elections be more open to -- >> to cut this man off, we did hear hillary clinton talk a little bit there. many, many questions for voters at the town hall and even more
8:56 am
tonight at the cnn town hall. >> very good tease. thank you all for joining us at this hour. >> next donald trump calling for a new iowa election after he says ted cruz committed fraud. that's right. he wants iowa all over again. ted cruz responding just moments ago. stay with us. t if i told you tht peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared?
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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh bamfield. donald trump is tweeting up a storm. and he's laying in to the rival texas senator ted cruz by starting bright and early this morning with this claim. i'll quote the donald. ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. wow. that's why all t


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