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tv   Americas Choice 2016 The New Hampshire Primary  CNN  February 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i wanted to congratulate the other candidates. now that i got that over with. >> not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether he get back up. >> our does appointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> it was a human moment for somebody who has been accused of not being human. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. and you made it happen.
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bernie sanders and both parties coming out of new hampshire tonight with huge wins bafling the republican and democratic establishments. they're trying to figure out what comes next as the candidates set their sets on nevada. john kasich is tonight's break out candidate after coming in second. he proved he has a ground game there. does he have the resources, the organization, the money to go the distance. we're watching the republican battle for third place. ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio, each of this them needs momentum coming out of new hampshire. as you can see, donald trump a huge win over john kasich. 43,720 votes ahead of kasich,
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but you see the fight for third place between cruz, bush and marco rubio, they're all at 11% right now. 84% of the vote is in. plenty of votes remaining. bernie sanders had an impressive win as well as. he's almost 45,000 votes ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. as of right now only 69% for hillary clinton. big, big wins for these two candidates. s that's right. wa an unpredictable night. we have bernie sanders and donald trump in first place in their respective parties. donald trump right now has a 19 point percentage point victory over his next closest competitor. then john kasich second place
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finish and then that tight, tight battle for third place among ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. it has been a very, very eventful night. we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. as a country we don't win on trade, we don't win with the military, we can't beat isis. we don't win with anything. we are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much you are going to be so happy we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you new hampshire. thank you, thank you new hampshire. thank you. we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. thank you. >> that's of course the first place winner donald trump
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declaring victory and giving a lot of his stump speech while he had the attention of the nation. >> no question about it and something we heard -- listen for somebody who has never been a politician he gets the importance of saying the same thing over and over again for it to stick and making it very simple. make america great and we're going to be winning all the time. when people think of donald trump they think of that so why ruin a good thing. >> those are the messages he is conveying and successfully so especially this avenevening. what a strong showing for john kasich. a lot of people thought he wasn't going to finish in the top three and he's in second place. >> he had 106 town halls here. he's the sitting governor of ohio. he virtually moved here for the past many months working very hard and we talked earlier about
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the fact that when his volunteers were making calls to try to convince the undecideds to come his way, but they had a very detailed database of people who were leaning towards jeb bush, leaning towards marco rubio, calling them specifically and trying to pull those voters away from those competitors and it looks like he had some sus with that. >> ground game working. let's go to the headquarters on tonight's big winner on the republican side. jim acosta is there in manchester. has everybody gone? what's going on at trump headquarters? >> reporter: just about, that's right. he says he's on his way to south carolina. you're talking about trump's victory tonight. i think it's interesting when donald trump acknowledged during his victory speech here that he's learned a lot about ground games in the last week and he tipped his hat to the new hampshire native who was the
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campaign manager bakesically saying he got it right in new hampshire and he's becoming a household name across the country. if donald trump had not won tonight or if had been really close it might have been an emporer has no clothes type of mochlt, yes he has big crowds and can he deliver, he answered that tonight. he goes to south carolina, but he's not staying in south carolina for the next nine or ten or 11 days, he's going to florida, he's continuing to go with this leap frog strategy where he does not just focus on the state that's next on the calendar, he's bouncing around to these other states for these other contests that are coming down. it's an approach last week for
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doing this. people said he's not in new hampshire just a few days before the new hampshire primary, he's down in south carolina. you can't really second guess that strategy anymore, this approach of filling these arenas and getting filled up in the states that are on the calendar and hope that that translates into people voting. i think the other thing to look for in the coming days, does he go after john kasich. john kasich is a threat now. he's number two obviously here in new hampshire. either donald trump earlier today was praising john kasich. i can't imagine him turning and going after john kasich. we know donald trump is ready to go after ted cruz in south carolina. he sees cruz as a threat there. he has a negative out there on the air waves attacking cruz and as we know over the last week donald trump has a taste for attacking ted cruz. it's a favorite target of his.
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>> they are competing for some of the same voters, especially in south carolina. most of the republican candidates are already heading to south carolina. they'll be campaigning again just hours from now. cnn political correspondent joins us by phone. she's on board the plane of the second place gop finisher, governor john kasich. sara, i imagine that it is a fairly festive environment on that plane. >> reporter: it is pretty festive, but you would expect someone like john kasich he's not exactly bouncing off the walls. he told us in the airport as we were boarding the campaign that he almost can't describe the feeling right now. he can't quite believe it. he knew they had a strong ground game and they had been working hard and it felt solid. but he also told us that he's been listening to this 21 pilot
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song lightly. it's called stress out and he says that song has been resonating with him and i think it's a sense of relief that he feels that he is boarding this plane and it's full of his campaign staff and they're heading on to south carolina. he and the staffers told me it's just not just south carolina, they're employing volunteers in eight or nine states that are furtd down the calendar. they want to stay in this for a long time and they feel like over the next couple of months that by the time they get to april 15th they'll be in a good position in places like ohio which is of course governor john kasich's home state or michigan the neighboring state. so i think what this does is it sets up a long slog and muddies the establishment. >> thank you so much.
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jake, one of our embeds sent a video from the plane to show what sara was describing and kasich did look pretty elated in that. the only thing i was just thinking about is the strategy that the kasich campaign employed was what you've been mentioning, which is the mccain 2000 strategy which is hunker down live in new hampshire for a long time and rise in the polls. he didn't win like john mccain did, but he did much better than others did because of that and the person who he has on board, john weaver is a political strategist who helped john mccain do that. the question is whether or not they can continue. >> let's bring in the editor and the challenge for john mccain 16 years ago was you've won
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moderates in new hampshire. >> what's interesting the john kasich narrative as he does well here in new hampshire, but what's next. sara's absolutely right, the whole play for kasich is let's go to the midwest, let's go on my home turf, let me talk the talk that those folks understand and i'll be okay. the problem is that's far away for him to do so, although i did get a note from a top kasich adviser that said listen, you say we don't have a game in place. we've won states. we have a good team in place, don't count us out, but to the point of what happens between ted cruz now and donald trump and john kasich and here comes jeb bush, we now what was going to be three people coming out of new hampshire and now we have a free for all and i think what we're going to see a replay of what we saw in iowa play out in south carolina. we're hearing from the cruz folks that are saying we're going to talk about the second
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amendment, gay marriage, pro-life and talk conservative values. >> but south carolina is different from iowa in a lot of ways. historically they tend on the republican side to vote for the more establishment figure, despite the fact that are a lot of evangelicals, a lot of people who would like that kind of appeal. >> true, but in the way that that state is broken up is that if you're going to go along the coast, that's mccain land. that is more establishment type. what makes this more interesting going into south carolina is the governor who is about as establishment as old school establishment is and he's a trump supporter. >> the gofrp has been tough on trump and has been very critical of him and as we were talking about earlier this is a state that has a long, rich history of very, very tough politics. >> very clean politics. >> so it's going -- we'll see
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how it goes. people have raised their eyebrows at some of the attacks made last night. donald trump quoted one of his members in the audience for something that's not suitable for family television. that's going to be nothing in a week and a half. let's go to anderson cooper. >> let's go to our political analyst, reporters, can john kasich repeat what he did in new hampshire? he doesn't have the time to do that in south carolina. >> i was just thinking about this listening to dana and jake and mark, which is kasich prided himself on running a positive campaign, which worked for him in new hampshire. given what's going to go on in south carolina, i'm not so sure you can do that or maybe it's a way to distinguish yourself. i just don't know. we just saw two ads a few minutes ago that cruz and trump
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are running and kasich ran above it in new hampshire, but it's going to be such a fight, a cage match. >> if you were donald trump do you keep going after cruz? is that your target number one? >> i think for trump cruz is more of a threat, but i think a problem with kasich is jeb bush has all this money and he's using it to nuk marco rub row in new hampshire and i know i think he's going to try to do it to john kasich. no one has done that to him yet and that i think is the danger. >> i was reminded watching john kasich this morning on television talking about how he was ready to go down to south carolina, that he has spent a lot of time in south carolina. he's got a lot of catching up to do and his position -- it isn't clear that his positioning works down there. if there are establishment republicans down there who have followings lindsey graham is
9:15 pm
with jeb bush. the other senator was with rubio. i assume he'll stay with rubio. and but it's not clear at all where the kasich play is in south carolina. >> you can burn a message into south carolina pretty quickly. the problem is that people have been down there burning messages in long before kasich. jeb bush on the air talking about his strength in the military, cruz obviously on the air and having the real inroads with evangelicals and even mark row rubio has laid ground work there. i think kasich will do better than we think he would because i think he has a good personality that will appeal to some south carolinans. i think at this point it's about time. >> he'll do well there. let's turn to our political contributors. if you are marco rubio, he has
9:16 pm
said tonight this loss was on me, what happened at the debate is never going to happen again, but the thing that was so powerful about that debate is it did confirm a previous narrative that already existed fairly or not about marco rubio as a candidate that he was repeating well rehere'sed lines. is that something he can abandon. >> i worried when he said that because he's raising expectations so high in that debate. he could have -- we'll see if it making it to that debate, but all the other candidates may want to finish him off. so he made the target on his back even bigger. i don't know a campaign that prieds itself on managing expectations. i think they put them sky high. >> he has to really change the narrative from that last debate and really have a good one here. i've spent some time with marco rubio on the campaign trail. he was out for governor romney
9:17 pm
in 2012. i've never seen anybody with an ability to work a small room and big room like marco rubio. he needs to get back to where he's working off script. he's making this about contest for the grump and start to draw that contrast with jeb bush. >> how is working a big room -- what is the difference. >> in a big room he has the ability for everybody in that room to feel as if he's talking directly to them. he does that very well when you hear him talk about -- tell the story about his father and a middle class economic messages that republicans haven't been as good at. then in the small room, people come away recognizing that he has an incredible personality. he needs to get back and find platforms where he can exploit
9:18 pm
those strengths. this debate, you're right managing expectations in politics is so important but embracing is important. >> i skip south carolina and go to nevada. he lived there for awhile. he speaks part of the language. i would go and put all of my eggs in that basket rather than try to -- >> that runs counter to his argument that he's made up to this point which is he's the candidate that can play not just in one state and doesn't have to skip any states, but can compe. >> right now it's about getting momentum for super tuesday. >> i was going to say as a democrat i always thought of ma marco rubio is the one candidate i would not want to run against. last saturday night he lost it for me and i don't think he can recover. >> we're going to talk to donald
9:19 pm
trump coming up, plus the runners up, including jeb bush, does his finish in new hampshire give him a much needed boost. >> the they had it figured out when they said the race is now between senators and the reality tv star. while the reality tv star is doing well, it looks like you have reset the race and for that i'm really grateful.
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with sleep number. many people disappointed. i'm disappointed with tonight. i want you to understand something, our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night so listen so this, that will never happen again. that will never happen again. >> senator marco rubio acknowledging that he did not do well at that presidential debate last saturday night acknowledging he had a major
9:24 pm
blunder. let's look at the results right now with almost 90% of the vote in. donald trump a huge winner in new hampshire. john kasich comes in second. look at this battle for third place. they're all at 11%. bush ahead of marco rubio. chris christie very disappointed coming in at sixth place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders with a very impressive win over hillary clinton in new hampshire on the democratic primary, 60% of the vote. 45,000 votes ahead of hillary clinton. she gets only 39% of the vote. i want to go to cnn political reporter at rub i don't he headquarters. it's unusual for rubio to acknowledge that mistake he made at the debate may have cost him
9:25 pm
a much better position in new hampshire. >> reporter: absolutely. particularly after that performance they have been saying they were okay, they felt pretty good about the performance, they blamed the media for making a big deal out of it, but it's been a week for him. and now he makes that admission he's disappointed at what happened here and there was not much energy in the room and folks high tailed it out of here. now we'll have to look to see what changes if any marco rubio makes. we'll have a chance to talk to him tomorrow as he goes to south carolina and continues his campaign there, but one thing is we're anticipating an intense fight between jeb bush and marco rubio going forward. jeb bush circulating talking points to his supporters earlier
9:26 pm
saying that tonight's results shows that marco rubio is unprepared to be the republican nominee. the longer that jeb bush stays in this race, the more likely it is that donald trump will become the republican nominee. so you can see this fight building and growing between rubio and bush to claim that establishment alternative assuming that john kasich does not do well in south carolina. this race is muddled. >> you can see how important those presidential debates are as a result of what happened to marco rubio in that last presidential debate. let's go to the cruz headquarters in new hampshire. cruz as of right now with 89% of the vote. he's at 12% slightly ahead of jeb bush. >> reporter: that's right. i can tell you it's a much different tone here within the cruz campaign world than it is
9:27 pm
at marco rubio's tonight. the cruz campaign is thrilled with this battle for third that's going on for a few reason. they feel they beat expectations here in new hampshire. they feel they come out of new hampshire unskathed, but equally important is they feel that marco rubio is coming out of this state damaged and this will be a key part of their message going forward because they think it cuts into the very core of his message that he is the candidate that can be the alternative to donald trump, that he is the candidate that can bring the establishment within the party to form against donald trump. if he doesn't and they feel that tonight's win hit at that message and really took the air out of the tires of that message that can benefit ted cruz in the end. ted cruz did give donald trump a call tonight conceding the race. he has called donald trump's win here impressive, but i have to tell you when ted cruz took the
9:28 pm
stage shortly after it was much more a victory speech than it was a concession speech. cruz saying that they defied expectations and the proved the anyway sayers wrong and he made clear tonight he intends to bring the heat against donald trump and marco rubio strongly made jabs at both of them here tonight. >> all right. thanks very much. i want to go to jeb bush's headquarters. he's slightly behind ted cruz, 11% of the vote outstanding. what's been the reaction over there? >> hi. you heard say that the cruz campaign is happy with his third place, possibly fourth place finish in this race. the bush camp sees this as a win. they're in a fight right now for third place, they're painting this as a win given how far bush has come. he was written off and now he's
9:29 pm
back in the conversation and they believe he's in the best position to head into south carolina. they say they're well organized in that state. he should compete better with evangelicals than he did in new hampshire. he told me that the military population of voters in south carolina will be beneficial to bush who has laid out a plan for instance to defeat isis. they're excited about tonight. bush is on the plane to south carolina where he'll hold his first event tomorrow. they say that they're very well organized there. they've had a 20 plus staffers in the state and that they've made hundreds of thousands of phone calls between staffers and volunteers and door knocking. so they say they're ready to compete in south carolina. that's where we expect to see jeb get some help from his brother. >> thanks very much. no doubt there's a fight going
9:30 pm
on for third place, but there's no doubt about who crushed everyone else and is in first place. >> donald trump doing extremely well. who would have thought it six months ago, bernie sanders and donald trump winning the new hampshire primary. this battle for third place, how much advantage does jeb bush have given the amount of money they have spent, given the organization they have on the ground there compared to cruz and rubio and kasich who zdoesnt seem to have much. >> i think cruz has organization in the south. he spent a lot of his august on a bus tour throughout the south. he was planning to run in the south clearly looking at these exit polls tonight as the candidate who shares my values cruz and kasich tied tonight in new hampshire, but cruz is becoming the values candidate to a great degree in the republican party so i think it's a very
9:31 pm
hospitable terrain for him and i think jeb is declaring himself the come back kid tonight. he has a lot of organization. he has his brother who is very popular in the republican party right now. and this fight between jeb and rubio is kind of he was rubio's mentor and now they're out to destroy each other literally and in bush's talking points tonight he said that rubio has been exposed as completely unprepared to be president. >> i was going to say, talking to some establishment republicans down there, they very much want their reputation back for south carolina. south carolina has picked the winner every time on the gop side except for last time going with newt gingrich. i do think there's going to be trying to figure out who is the best establishment candidate
9:32 pm
down there to go up against donald trump unless as you said donald trump is that establishment. >> i think you're looking at establishment smack down two. this is another episode of what we saw here in new hampshire and i think you're going to see bush -- he still has that super pac and that super pac is well armed and i expect that rubio and kasich will be the recipi t recipients. >> you pointed out that marco rubio had gone after chris christie. >> there's a theme here as well which is rubio went after chris christie and really took him down with negative media at the front -- at the the beginning of this year. you take one of mine, i take one of yours sort of thing. >> we're all under the assumption that someone will emerge from this establishment lane. a problem is going to be money. cruz has a lot of money.
9:33 pm
rubio is fundraising maybe stalls now a little bit. i don't know there are a lot of new people giving money to jeb bush. the amazing thing about the new hampshire results is he tied for first among voters who support amnesty for illegal immigrants. he won new hampshire. >> on both sides of that issue. >> new hampshire is a highly educated state. what we knew about donald trump we thought was that he only does well amongst non-college educated voters. he may not be as confined to one lane as people want to thing. >> first we have to take a break. still ahead what does donald trump think is the secret to his success next. >> we're going to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. i love you all. thank you very much. thank you.
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donald trump and bernie sanders win the new hampshire giving them new momentum as the candidates set their sites on south carolina, nevada and beyond.
9:38 pm
the ohio governor came in second thanks to a strong new hampshire campaign. ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio they're battling it out for third. with 90% of the vote now counted, donald trump very impressive, almost 90,000 votes. john kasich in second place with about 40,000 votes. take a look at this fight for third place right now. still 10% of the vote out there. 12% for ted cruz, 10% for jeb bush, 10% for marco rubio. if you look at donald trump almost 50,000 votes ahead of john kasich. 60,000 votes ahead of ted cruz and jeb bush. very impressive for donald trump in new hampshire. let's look at the democratic side. bernie sanders, 60% of the vote, almost 50,000 votes ahead of hillary clinton. 89% of the vote counted in new
9:39 pm
hampshire. very impressive on both sides. let's go back to jake and dana in manchester for us right now. guys, what can you say? you've been pointing out who would have thought only a few months ago donald trump, bernie sanders would not only win, but would crush the rivals in new hampshire? >> quite a momentumus evening. shortly after donald trumps win i spoke with him and i began by asking him if he ever thought this win was really ever going to happen. >> well, it's been a really wonderful evening, jake, and i thought it might, but i didn't know about these numbers and i was so happy. i just looked at your reporterer and it was right across the board with men, with women, with young, with old and to win every single category was perhaps the greatest honor of all. >> it looks like obviously the voting results are still coming in, but it looks like this is
9:40 pm
the biggest victory in a republican primary since george bush lost to john mccain in new hampshire 16 years ago. how does it feel? >> i didn't know that number. that's a great feeling to know that it's been that big of a victory, but it's a lot of years, but it's just an honor to have won. as i told you if i win by one vote i'll be happy, but this makes me even happier, i will say that. >> it's by a bit more than one vote. if you look at the exit polls you'll see that voters were looking for an outsider they're mad at the republican establishment what do you think in particular about your message resonated with the voters of new hampshire? >> i think it started with the fact that we're being ripped off by everybody, whether it's china, japan, mexico and i think it ended up being boarders and security and other things having to do with security. and then you have the migration
9:41 pm
and you have isis and all of a sudden it's bloomed into that and i think because of the fact that i had done so well with the boarder and done so well with the wall, which will be built, i think what happened is people started saying that i would also be the best with respect to isis and some of the outer problems that we have. so it seems that the whole security thing, the military thing, the fact that i'm going to take care of the vets far better than anybody else will be able to, it all sort of came down to that, but it seems like pretty much of a victory in every category and of course the easiest thing is going to be trade and jobs because that's really what i do. >> in terms of how you won in new hampshire did you pay more attention to the ground game to getting your voters to the polls, to making sure that they were motivated as opposed to the approach of big rallies? >> i think the ground game was
9:42 pm
very strong and i tell you we really focussed on after iowa. the ground game was not something i was extremely familiar with, but i learned quickly otherwise the voters wouldn't like me too much and i learned very well and we have a very good ground game and the people of new hampshire are amazing people and now i'm going to south carolina and i think we're going to have tremendous success there. we were just there and i had 12,000 people in a wonderful arena and to be honest with you the ground game was very important to me and i think we really learned about ground games very quickly. >> as you may know, south carolina they like their politics a little bit more rough and tumble. are you ready for what may come your way, the negative attacks and perhaps even dirty tricks that might happen in the state? >> we've already had dirty tricks in that campaign so i'm ready for whatever they want to throw at me. that's fine. we've had a lot of dirty tricks in this campaign, but i want to
9:43 pm
congratulate everybody's that's run. it's an honor to run against them and now i'll see them in a little while. 12:00 tomorrow i'll be in south carolina gengt ready. i love south carolina. the people are -- i've been there many, many times and the people are tremendous people and i think i can do very well there. >> there's a big competition obviously for second place and third place in new hampshire right now. who do you think is your competition going forward? is it ted cruz? do you see some rejoouf nation for jeb bush and john kasich? >> i see them all. i think they're all good competitors and talented people and right now it looks like kasich has a little bit of a leads, but i'm just looking at your chart. yeah, it's getting a little bit closer. it's going to be a close race and you sort of predicted that and so did cnn and the whole
9:44 pm
group. it looks like it's going to be a pretty close race for second. >> lastly you've been campaigning more with your family, your wife, your boys. how are they taking the news? this is a big, big night in trump family history. >> they're very proud. my wife is standing with me right now and my children an corey is right outside who has done a terrific job and i was -- in fact he just walked in now so i will comment on his ground game which was excellent, but it's been an amazing period of time and we're all thrilled and we want to make america great again. it's simple. we're going to make america great again. >> congratulations on a very strong win in new hampshire. best of luck to you. we'll see you out there on the campaign trail. >> thank you very much, jake. you take care of yourself. thank you. >> it's still sinking in for
9:45 pm
everybody that this man who has never run a campaign before, never been a politician, never been a candidate, just won as you said so handily in the new hampshire primary. i loved how he was talking to you about the ground game, how he was just kind of getting his political sea legs. >> learning it, yeah. >> and it was clear and he admitted that they didn't do the greatest job of that in iowa, but it was quite different here. >> for months the republican establishment in washington and elsewhere was convinced that donald trump was going to implode, there was no way his popularity could last, he was saying outrageous things, surely this was going to end and for months you and i have been speaking about this and i have seen no evidence that he can be stopped, that he won't get the nomination. i hope that the republican establishment is realizing that this man is here to stay and
9:46 pm
they need to rekon with him. >> they probably are. they're trying to at least and i think part of the reason why they're quite concerned tonight is because all of their potential candidates who are if had that cluster for second and third place, it was sort of a circular firing squad. >> john kasich was twice -- donald trump beat him, 16% to 35%. >> voters wanted somebody from outside the establishment, outside politics and that's what they chose. >> wolf, back to you. >> thanks very much. it wasn't close. 50,000 votes he beat kasich in new hampshire. donald trump by 50,000 votes and they're still counting the votes. 91% of the vote is now in, but it's not even close in new hampshire. donald trump really did something amizing. >> let's remind people one, two -- we have 48 more to go and it looks like it's going to go
9:47 pm
on for a while. ted cruz won iowa. now donald trump, the biggest disruptive force in american politics anti-republican establishment even though he's picking up a lot of establishment votes this is more than two to one. sometimes it's hard to explain. this is not hard to explain. the dark red is donald trump. he won from the north to the south. he won on the sea coast. you see a little more than a half dozen towns going to john kasich. one town goes to jeb bush. one town to ted cruz. we're up at 91% of the vote. we know trump is going to win big. we know kasich has a second place that he calls solid. here's the interesting battle, looks pretty good that ted cruz is going to hold on here. still possible for bush to get here. marco rubio has done something significant, a disappointing night for rubio, but he has gone
9:48 pm
from 10% to 11%. he's moved up a little bit there. again, cruz looks like he's going to hold on to third place, but we have more math to do. >> donald trump won the urban areas all over the state. the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders what to expect as they head to south carolina. >> it is a huge voter turn out and i say huge. we won because we harness the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. ♪ this is the night... ♪ the night for love.
9:49 pm
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...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. we also have to break through the barriers of bigot tri. african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, huh mill atd or shot because of the color of their skin. >> hillary clinton talking tonight at her speech and we also obviously heard in senator sanders. she's clearly telegraphing to south carolina where the electorate is more diverse and where she believes that's a great strength for her.
9:53 pm
>> i believe she's telegraphing to alabama, georgia, texas and other places where she can accumulate delegates. there's no question that african-american are very pro-democratic in democratic prime areas especially one like this. african-american delegates can help to shape the race in the month of march. >> how significant -- dr. west, jeff weaver sites some other prominent african-american leade leaders. do you believe that sanders can make inroads against hillary clinton. >> he doesn't have to win south carolina. hillary was adjusting her message tonight and addressing the african-american community. i think what we've seen with bernie is that bernie has a message that he doesn't have to change this message. he's not going to change his
9:54 pm
message. he's been preaching this economic message, it includes criminal justice reform, it includes police department reform. he talks about those things and i think he can take that message nationwide. >> economics and equality. >> yes, that resonates across the field. he think we see tonight again two strong candidates going forward both well funded. there are some reports tonight that the sanders' campaign may actually have more money -- end up with more money than hillary does because she's been hemorrhaging money in new hampshire. >> hillary's campaign -- i have to state for the record that i'm neutral, not as neutral as my brother over there, but i'm neutral so i don't want you -- just because i'm sitting next to this man, i have one hour so i got to start picking on somebody here. i'm just sorry somebody -- you
9:55 pm
might give me some more energy, but i think i know a little bit about black voters, i think i know about all voters, but black voters want to be courted, they want the candidates to address all issues, but they want to talk about economic justice issues and environmental justice issues, that's what flint is about, they want to talk about health care and war and peace issues. i think it's important that these candidates going to these up coming states and engage these voters because if you don't engage them they won't turn out and if they don't turn out what's the point. hillary clinton has been spending the time and lately i was in south carolina recently bernie sanders has an operation in south carolina. he's spending money not just to try to get them out, but to bring them on board his campaign. >> i think we're both -- >> nevada is actually an
9:56 pm
intervening event and that is a caucus and that is a place where the sanders campaign thinks they can win. >> yeah. >> and they've increased their buy there. they've sent a bunch of people there. if i were the clinton campaign the first thing i would do is button down nevada. >> nevada is first of the democrats. >> right. >> still ahead, it was a night for the outsiders, but can they hold the momentum into the next big contest, details ahead. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. ♪ go paperless ♪ don't stress, girl ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg.
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[ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ]
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the people want real change. >> who would have thought six months ago donald trump and senator sanders both winning the new hampshire primary. >> we learned a lot about ground games in one week, i have to tell you that. >> your victory tonight has left the washington car tell utterly terrified. >> what an unpredictable night in an already exciting political career. >> you are the reason we are here and you are the reason we are going to win the nomination and then win this election together. thank you


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