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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan and we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. >> i'm john berman and we are live, yes live, and this is cnn's special live coverage of the big, big night in the presidential race, a race that is changing a lot over the last few hours on the republican side, donald trump with a huge win in south carolina, and now cle clearly the frontrunner, and seemingly by a lot. the democrats, hillary clinton really reasserted herself into the race, and she won the kaus kuss in nevada, and decisive win there. >> and looking at the republican field, it is leaner tonight, and does that mean it will get meaner? we will see. jeb bush was once considered the man to beat on the republican side with the multi million war chest, but he is now out. he announced tonight that he is going to be suspending his campaign and in a word that is couldn't be classier, and that is a bush family representative
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saying so. and marco rubio and ted cruz battling for the second place, but the night belongs to billionaire from new york donald trump. that is where we are going to begin and so let's begin with the politics reporter jeremy diamond outside of the trump head kwa headquarters. big night for them, and where are they heading next? >> absolutely, kate. donald trump tonight clinching a major victory here in south carolina. this is going to help to give him some momentum going forward. i talked tonight with his south carolina chairman ed mcmullen who said this dispels the myths. his ground game has been scrutinized and donald trump offering some fighting words as well. this is what he had to say tonight about the pundits. >> and some of the pundits, and, you know, of all fair, but not too much, but a number of the pan dits said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped off, and if you add their scores together, it is going to be
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equal to trump. these geniuses. they are geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of the votes also, and you don't just add them together. >> and there you have it. donald trump talking about how going forward he thinks that he is going to be able to get some of the votes as more candidates drop out of the race tonight, and jeb bush dropping out, and donald trump on the stump time and again attacking him and not making any mention of him tonight. >> and jeremy diamond tonight for us in south carolina as the race has move d d on from south carolina already. and talk about where it goes next and what it means. joining us is krshgts nx n political analyst, and kevin madden and amanda car pep ter, and used to work for the romney campaign, kevin madden, and amanda carpenter for the rubio campaig
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campaign, and so, kevin, you would think that coming out of south carolina and new hampshire, that he would be have momentum, and impervious to anybody else. >> well, this is going back to the discussion earlier on the panel of whether or not this scrutiny coming from the media is going to have an impact or slow down donald trump. what has been fascinating about donald trump sup potters is their ability or their tendency to rationalize or compartmentalize what they don't like about donald trump in order to convince themselves why they continue to support donald trump. you know, you will hear people down in south carolina saying, you know, i don't like what he said about george w. bush and 9/11, but i like him on imgrags and the economy. i don't like the fact that he got into a skirmish with the pope, but he is strong, and he s is somebody who tells it like it is, and so i respect that. and so it is hard for me to see that a lot of the ideas that there is going to be a new stream of information this is radically going to change their
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opinions in the upcoming contest s. >> and what about the other supporters that could go to any candidate if they drop out like jeb bush supporters, and what do you make, am man da there, where he laughed off anybody else as they drop out, his supporters are going to go to anybody but trump, and i will pick them up, too. >> and yes, the ones he would send to the pundit gulag for believing, and there are a lot of points on the field that could go on another candidate that could take on donald trump. listen, there is time left on the clock. we, i do believe marco rubio is framek and we are moving into the three-person race. a lot can happen. donald trump has been covered relentlessly on the media, but it is largely about what he says, and he is not probed on what he believes and what he will do as the president, and how he will do that. and in the last week, he said bush lied on a national debate
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stage and then walked it back, and said, well, i don't know. he said that he was for the obama care mandate and i don't know. but these things have to be fleshed out with the attention that a frontrunner deserves, and maybe a long time to get there, and maybe it is going to be happening in houston at thecnn debate, but there is going to be more moments where people can see what donald trump is really going to stand by and what he thinks, but at the same time there is at lot opressure on ted cruz and marco rubio right now, because the gop is panicking. by all measures donald trump is the frontrunner, by these guys are both going to have to step it up, and take it to trump, and quit fighting each other, and prove why they should be president and quit fighting among themselves. >> and guys, standby, and i want to bring in lou garnlg you low who is the campaign manager of tr trump in new hampshire, and donald trump obviously won in new hampshire, and lou, the question being asked tonight,
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and going forward and you worked on the campaign in new hampshire that donald trump is winning in new hampshire and south carolina and in spite of the things that he says, and you know, george w. bush is responsible for september 11th, and take on the pope, and winning in spite of these things or winning because of these things? >> i think it is a come binatio of both. i think that he is probably most likely winning because of the vacuum in leadership that has existed for past seven years and not having a firm decisive president who is inspirational, and mr. trump inspires people by taking a hard-line on a lot of the topical issues that people are concerned about, and thing likes the immigration issue and the wall. even though people would like to ridicule the question of the wall, we have in new hampshire especially huge heroin issues with the drugs coming across the border, and killing our youth, and i think that those are the kinds of things that people are
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focusing on when they support mr. trump, and he is going to do something that is important to a vast number of people. >> with all of that in mind, john avalon, is donald trump, is donald trump unstoppable going forward? as you look at the map, it gets easier, you know, kind of the conventional wisdom is that it looks good for donald trump going forward? >> unstoppable, no, but it is naive if you look at the polls in the upcoming states, and s p super tuesday and beyond nevada. ted cruz is leading in texas, but that is it. donald trump has strong leads in all of the polling in the upcoming states, and that is a reality that you to confront, and it is not enough for marco rubio saying that he is the establishment around him, and what is the first state that he gets in, and donald trump got in a fight with the pope this week, and a couple of days from the county, and he won in buford county where catholics are the largest denomination, and that is the only county where that
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is, and that is the speaking to the quality of the supporters lining him because of the fights and making the deep discounts because he wears the black hat and being the thenarrative of t negative guy, and that is trump telling it like it is. >> and one of the things that happened an hour ago is rick tyler, a national spokesperson for ted cruz said that texas is a must-win state for ted cruz. >> well, it play be the case, but he has a lead. yeah, if he can't win texas, he is toast >> i was down in houston the other day, and down there again, and i must tell you it felt competitive there, and from ted cruz's point of view, he has to win texas partly for the reputation. he has to spend time and money there and there is a whole bloc of the states from alabama to arkansas to tennessee to virginia and you have a lot of states there in play, and the polling is not good in those states that are coming out, but
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it appears that trump has been there and going to have momentum coming out, and kevin madden is absolutely right about that. >> and carl bernstein, you come in, and you talk about donald trump going forward and you are talking about two and three, and marco rubio saying that it is a three-person race, and obviously other kacandidates are going toe disputing that, but is that just the facts at this point this is. >> no, i don't believe it is just the facts. there is a dynamic of stop trump that you are going to be seeing some candidates coalescing on, and that is the message. carson is going to be out at some point, and he is still in there because he likes the publicity among other things, but i don't believe it is because he wants to be a politician, and thinks that he can win anything. but we have to look at the dynamic of trump's people pushing him forward with great momentum. he is maintaining his 30, 35%, but we still always come back to
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the numbers of he ha hasn't yet won a majority in the state. and it is at some point, he has to, and at some point, he is going to have to get a majority of the delegates and get into the convention with enough to win. that is still by no means a sure thing. i keep coming back to this, and the possibility that we are going to see a, you know, the republican party, you are tal g talking about somebody who is here eight weeks ago said that he was not sure that he would support the nominee at a republican party. the republican party are or good parts of it are tying themselves in knots over what is happening here and the future of the republican party. we are about to see something that the likes of which we have never seen whether donald trump wins or loses, and this is going to be as bloody a fight that we have ever seen in our modern politics. >> errol, carl said that the other candidates will coalesce
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against donald trump. do you see marco rubio and ted cruz coalescing. >> you only mean if coalescing means to fight it out. >> well, if they have a chat in the closet, and it won't be nearly as pleasant as with dr. carson. >> and what we will will see in some of the states, looking at it state by state, and rule set by rule set, and like in texas, if you don't have 20%, you get no delegates, so it is a three-person race, because anybody who doesn't make 20% gets nothing, and that logic as it plays out, and it is deliberate, you will start to see that there are candidates whether they believe nthey are are competitive or not, and skwon kasich or anybody else, you can think that you are competitive and say i am doing better and i got 15%, well, you got zero delegates, and as it starts to play out, who is going to the cop vengs winvention wits
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and a voice is going to start to matter, and that as in so much of the race, donald trump is very much in the lead. >> and all right, guys, standby with so much more to come. big night for hillary clinton in nevada and big night for jeb bush for a very different reason. we have much more of the special coverage coming up. th my back pn i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark]
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the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and so i respect the decision and so tonight, i am suspending the campaign. >> emotional jeb bush when he announces to the room full of suppo supporters and the family around him that he is dropping out and suspending the campaign, and so let's bring in the discussion with matt lewis with more on this, and matt, what is the real impact of jeb bush dropping out? >> well, look, funny that clearly donald trump is the frontrunner here, and everyone would concede that, but trump said, well, if these other candidates get out some of the support is going to go to me. really? he believes that jeb bush's support is going to go to him, and some of jeb bush's support is going to go to donald trump, i don't think so. what we have here is a case where donald trump has ale
10:18 pm
ceiling, and i don't believe he can get more than 40 or a couple more of the percent of the vote. if you can get him one on one, and candidates like jeb bush drop out, and if you can get donald trump one-on-one, and somebody can beat him, that is a huge if, because it does not seem likely, but the last point i would make that i think that i would make about this is that, you know, donald trump basically, you know, he keeps basically saying that, again, just to go back, that if jeb bush gets out the support is going to go to him, and if you look look at the list who is likely to get out. john kasich is likely to get out, and that goes to rubio, and ben carson, and his supporters go the cruz. so i believe that trump has a ceiling. >> and i want you to take a moment on jeb bush to eulogize the campaign that was, and let me pose this question. was jeb bush's biggest problem donald trump, marco rubio or jeb
10:19 pm
bush? ma margaret? >> i think c, jeb bush. frankly, it was the last part of the moniker, bush. part of it is that he was the third bush, and the republicans, frankly, americans are not so into the dynasties and by the time you fwoet third time around, the name bush was a drag on hill, and the other part is that he is the policy wonk that doesn't have the charisma that his brother had, and he is much more like his dad as a candidate who is frankly won it as reagan's third term rather than in his own right in the beginning, and so my view of it, jeb bush was asked a few days ago, what did you learn from jon meachum in the book that he wrote about your dad, and a wonderful biography, and he said, i learned how hard it hurt to lose in 1992. >> and being a bush was not an asset, but he was trying to run a campaign at ideals and ideas at a time when the fact is that
10:20 pm
it is much more about populism and financial. and so this is also about the last republican family, and the yankee loan stars, and the lee atwater time, and still preaching politics and civility and service, and that is passing them by, because they have killed the center right. >> and jeb bush is admirable figure, but he is the embodiment of the establishment in an anti-establishment year. and he ran a conventional campaign at the time when the unique and the unusual campaign was far more interesting. i don't think that it is the last that we have heard of the bushes. the dynasty has not come to the end, and there is george prescott bush in texas. and he is up and coming player, so i don't think that we have
10:21 pm
seen the last of the pushes, but i do think that as the family, it served the country with enormous decency, and george bush senior looked better and better. >> and to david's point, if you go to that ap tie establishment, and people angry at the government went for trump, and outsider, going for trump, and top equality and the voter that someone who could bring about change, and you look at that, and that is the one singular theme throughout this republican primary, and is there real willy a chance for the ted cruz or the marco rubio who are both members of the federal government? >> well, in part, because they are gifted politicians, and they can start to feel their way towards, and even in the marco rubio's rhetoric has shifted, and this whole people about him being scripted and that, but she is good on the stump, and he listens in the debates and adjusts where he is coming from,
10:22 pm
and that is going to be seeing him through, but one thing points through if you pick through the wreckage of the jeb bush campaign, one thing that you will give people pro reform people a little bit to smile about is that he raised over $100 million for the super pacs, and it did him no good so the notion that the super pacs would buy all of the elections and candidates and even somebody like him way ahead, and you can't sell people what they don't want to buy, and all of the money in the world or most of the money in the race can't buy that. >> how about this, donald trump is going to be missing jeb bush, because he is a good foil, and to put him up against the things that donald trump is fighting against in the campaign and with him not there, it mayt not be as easy for him? >> well, he is going to be trying to draw the same frame around the rest of the opponents that the folks like marco rubio are getting the money from the establishment, and the same
10:23 pm
people backing jeb bush are now going to be backing the same candidates and he will continue to draw that frame, and post-up, but early on in that campaign for him to draw contrast with low energy jeb bush and high energy donald trump and self-funded donald trump versus the heavily funded by business interests jeb bush, that is something that really did work to his advantage, and that he exploited every chance that he got. >> and guys, stick around, and we have much more to come. hillary clinton with a big night in nevada. what is the path forward now on the democratic side as it continues. hillary clinton holding a campaign event in houston, texas, this evening. she is moving onward. we will be right back. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid.
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an important win for hillary clinton today in the nevada democratic caucuses. and now, the race moves to south carolina for her. and what is the future though of the demt kratic race, the so-called path forward. john king has a fascinating look. listen. >> she just won nevada. this is going to assign herself at south carolina 55-45, and
10:28 pm
this is a hypothetical, and assume she wins everything else, and super tuesday, and 55-45 and pulls away with the delegates, and assume throughout the month of march, hillary clinton won everything, and sanders believe they will win something, and win vermont and this is hypothetical, and wins 55 through 45 and then through may, continuing to win 55-45 and finish out the final primaries and if she won 55-45 all of the way out, she would still be short of what she needs to clinch, because of the democratic party rules burk she has over 400 super delegates now and she has more, people who have pledged to support her, and keep it private in case they want to roll out the den dors -- roll out the endorsements, and so again, hillary clinton may win some of the states by 65%, but if you hypothetically play it out in a long contest, it is conceive eable able to get to t
10:29 pm
convention, and short of the pledge delegates are from the primaries and the caucuses, and is she needs the souper delegates. the way to get to the super delegates is to get to the party supports by winning contests. this is not beautiful and some people say it is ugly, but it is winning, and this is how you keep the party establishment on your side. >> the shorthand of that is that it is going to be interesting for a while. so stick around because if delegate math does not keep you a waik, nothing will. and now, let's discuss this now, and in the path forward, and mayor nutter, first to you, and changes and adjustments do you want to see from hillary clinton going forward so that math does not turn out that way. >> and we have been seeing toef course of the past few weeks, iowa to new hampshire to now tonight in nevada. some of the language has changed and the issues have not. hillary clinton still detailing a variety of plans about supporting children, public safety, immigration, and how we
10:30 pm
support people moving into the middle-class. but we have heard a much more inclusive message, and certainly even tonight, and so that is a part of a, i would say a shift in language but not so much message. the message that is consistently been the same about her record supporting people, and she has a demonstrated record over a long period of time, but tried to give people something that they can feel much more a part of. >> and she made a point of saying much more about the "we" and we, we, we, and not just me, me, me. >> right. helpful. >> and now, john king was talking about super delegates, and we are joined by a super delegate mayor michael nutter, who is a super delegate for hillary clinton, and that is an issue that the sanders' campaign will have to deal with. >> yes, some of the organization supporting the senator are dealing with it right now, and can i say one quick point. i think that -- don't take me
10:31 pm
wrong here -- but the best thing that has happened to hillary clinton is bernie sanders, because he has made her a better candidate. she is focusing more ton the issues that are really the issues of the moment. the little clip like five hours ago when we started here when she was in houston -- >> that much fun. >> and i wrote down the notes, because she said we have to break up the banks and the middle-class to raise and talk about criminal justice and those are all elements that bernie sanders talks about, the single issue candidate by the way in every one of the hour and a half speeches. >> three issue candidate. >> and if i could finish, i am a former souper delegate, and i believe they are an outrage. i don't know how they came about, but they have honorary titles -- you can thank george mcgovern. >> and 700 of them, and a move
10:32 pm
to say to some of them like christine pelosi who says that she vows as a super delegate, she is going to be voting for the candidate who gets the most delegates through primary system rather than trying to annoy somebody in the states don't want. >> but did you think it was an appointed super dell gat? >> yes. >> and you served anyway? >> yes. admirable. >> and i would say that the super delegates are good for that there has to be a peer review in any organization about deciding who ought to lead that organization. and when you take, and have only primaries, and only have the voice of the voters, and the people who don't know ted cruz or nomar coe rubio or know donald trump, and having a voice in this, you wind up, and i think that sometimes the smoke-filled rooms will produce
10:33 pm
better candidates than we do through the primary system, and the democratic party is going to get a blend. >> and you are going to be getting a lot of people who disagree. >> well, it is interesting to say -- >> well, it is not created just now, and going on for some time, and not try to act like it is something new. and the issues that senator sanders has been excellent in putting out, but don't think that hillary clinton has not been talking about the same thing things. >> and it is interesting to hear you say that we can't depend on the people voting, but we have to have the pubahs come in. >> and on the brokerage side. >> and we will get back to the smoked-filled room or the vapor-filled room. >> and those convention scenter
10:34 pm
used to be smoke-filled. >> and now, the democrats on used to say houf tense it is getting, it is nothing like the republicans, and the republicans are mean and nasty and look at how we are having the responsible discussions, but how long is it going to be staying that way as long as this battle goes on and stays close. >> and yes, it is going to be ferocious, and you have noticed on the social media and other places that the bernie sanders' supporters have a little edge to them, and they are more upset than you think, and not the difference of we want $15 a hour minimum wage and hillary only wants $12, but when the young people want to throw her overboard wholesale because she has dealings with the the wall street banks, they don't want to know the details or what other ka candidates have done, they don't like it. it is pointing to something fundamental and a number of movements out there, and the black lives movement, and the climate change movement, and the $15 an hour movement, and they are marching and doing it long before this campaign season
10:35 pm
started up, but the real question is not so much if the candidates like it, but will the party accommodate these movements and find something for them, and or beat them down in sort of a series of races that leaves a lot of people dissatisfied and heading for philadelphia in july. >> here tonight, everyone would do well to listen to various voices out here. a, they are americans, and b, people are trying to figure out how how to get engaged and involved, and certainly, i would encourage secretary clinton to not only listen, but address them in concrete substantive ways in with which many of the groups are raising. >> and i want to also get in more voice, and scottie nell hughes is joining us, and also, let's look at the front rrunner donald trump on the republican side, and hillary clinton having
10:36 pm
won two of the contests and not only the frontrunner, but carl bernstein, what is a trump-clinton matchup look like? >> i don't think that we know. the demographics favor the democrats, but look, all bets are off in this election, and we are missing one important fact, and that is that most of the time, hillary has run a bad campaign this season. shoes have been dropping left and right, and then she manages to pick herself up. she is a hugely polarizing figure in this country, and now has been in her party. i don't think that dynamic is going to be disappearing. we have an fbi investigation that is ongoing, we have republicans going after her, and making some of bernie sanders' case for him. and so we have to look at all of the factors. i spent seven years writing a biography about hillary clinton, "a woman in charge" and anything
10:37 pm
about that process, she is a complicated woman who's done wonderful thing, and also has the ability to turn people on and off in a minute. i think that, you know, she has got about six intense weeks here, and we don't have a clue what is coming up, and in terms of trump, look, he has defied all the laws of political gravity. there is no reason to think that he can't continue. he has made monkeys out of the press and his fellow republicans or republicans who thought that he was an impossible figure, and yet there, too, and we have had nothing but surprises. so, let's just operate in real time and see what is coming here. >> and it is kind of -- we can never operate in the realtime and we have to go fost forward into the theoretical and the
10:38 pm
hypothetical. carl, come on. >> and looking at the records, and that is what we will see is some serious delving into the record of the candidates, and it might have some effect on the race. >> and scottie, weigh in on this, and as carl was describing his description of hillary clinton, complicated and can turn people off/on in a minute. sounds like very similar way that a lot of people would describe donald trump. >> it does. >> go ahead. >> and i does, and it is funny that he brings up looking at the record. for both parties, this is coming down to the economy and jobs, and we are having manufacturing crushed and both parties, you want to know where the power is coming from, it is people still hurting out there on main street. tonight, hillary clinton missed a great opportunity, and she praised the people votes, but she did not thank the union vote
10:39 pm
s, and the culinary union endorsed her in nevada, but she could have encouraged other unions to get involved. >> but she did it earlier in the day. >> and she did really in the earlier of the day. >> and she could have praised them more and that could have gotten the unions back to her side and endorse. on the republican side, it is hard to deal with jobs and economy being the number one issued a dressed in the gop with po politicians who have been in office and done nothing. we are still seeing the manufacturing running outside of the united states, and when you have mr. trump who has created thousands upon thousands of jobs right now, and when you talk about records, that record right there means more than any legislation than any type of person up in washington, d.c. or the beltway has tried to pass. >> scottie, you bring up endorsements and how much does it matter? >> it always matters. >> well, in south carolina, look at rubio, he has the best list of endorsements you could get.
10:40 pm
>> and sarah palin did not bring iowa to donald trump as you know as well. >> mayor nutter. >> as someone who has run for office, you would like to have the endorsement but it is not true that the culinary workers endorsed secretary clinton. >> they did. >> and she addressed them and they were helpful, but by the way of the endorsement, and if you can get it, you would. >> and it stings more when it doesn't go your way. >> and in this day and age with the instant communication, endor endorsements are less important than they used to be, and it is the politics tof past. and we are have seen it frankly on both sides. >> in many instances the rank and file is making the decisions based on the information they are gettingt at wref, and at the risk of ever disagreeing with somebody that i have admired for a long, long period of time. >> talking about you, kate.
10:41 pm
>> well, no, mr. bernstein, i have a slightly different view. hillary clinton has been one of the most scrutinize and media-a media-abued of minipublic media, and instances of gender that the male candidates don't have to deal with at all, and everyone is going to be getting a extra level of scrutiny and records do matter and details do matter, and going forward we want to know about the facts sglchl and we want to go forward looking at the nevada caucuses. >> and in overdrive at this point. >> and john king has a quick look at the map, and then we will come back to look at it. >> on we go into nevada next and hear from the stake of the hypothetical, assigning this to donald trump saying that he is going to be winning with the margins tonight, 35%, and the other candidates getting 20, 20, 20, and splitting up the delegates that is after nevada, four states in. and then you come to ahead to super tuesday.
10:42 pm
>> a week from tuesday. >> a dozen states voting and under this scenario, trump wins them all, and essentially, 35, 20, 20, 20, and some of you at home are saying no way, but if he won them all relatively close to the split, he would pull away in the delegate chase. so if you were ted cruz, no way he is going to be winning in texas, and give him first in texas, and sorry, keep him at 11 -- 1-3-4, and then, dana down there in massachusetts says that say, give it to trump, and so even if you do that, and trump wins most, he is going to be pulling away in the delegate chas chase, and that is interesting doing forward, because the map, so many states voting at once, donald trump with a advantage. and so now, cruz says he has money, and rubio has some, and
10:43 pm
k kasich does not. and trump has no knee and i.d. and he can spend it, but you assume that trump is in the lead everywhere and the question is the other candidates have to pick and choose, and if you are ted cruz, you have to worry about home. >> and they call it super tuesday 11 or 12 contests and a kwaquart er of the delegates one republican side are awarded march 11 1 -- march 1st, and th is a huge, huge prize. >> and yes, and assigning it to trump at 30, 20, 20, 20. and so if yous a sip them all out to trump this way, he could pull out a stritch. if you take away a few states, it does not mean that he is is the delegate, but the calendar is crowded and busy, and pick your targets and for several of the candidates they need to raise some money, and fast, because you need some resources to win when the map expands so quickly.
10:44 pm
>> our john king, and thank you for that. and now, they vote tuesday in the nevada caucuses, and march 1st is the s.e.c. primaries, and you can see southern states, texas, arkansas, virginia, oklahoma and alabama and -- what are you seeing there doug hye? >> well, we have something coming up and it is and a deb e debate. each debate is described as the most important. >> well, they are game-changers and ask marco rubio. >> and we have had candidates saying good things and dumb thing, and with the less candidates more time for them to say good things and dumb things. >> and since you brought it up, thursday night on c nshgs nshnn by wolf. >> what does super tuesday look like this time on the republican
10:45 pm
side? >> well, new hampshire, and south carolina have set the table for souper tuesday? >> we have candidate coming out of that with a lot of momentum going into the states where he should do well anyway, but a whole bloc of seven southern states. >> any surprises coming? >> almost always with 15 states at risk. the question is can rubio win any of the states other than texas? i am not sure i can see a state to where he says, yeah. >> and amanda carpenter spent a lot of time for ted cruz, and where where is he? they didn't win south carolina, and why win georgia or tennessee or arkansas? >> well, there is probably a hope that now trump has won, you know, both new hampshire and south carolina that this is perhaps a clarifying moment for the entire republican party that if they don't unite behind the strong candidate as alternative to trump, they will surrender to
10:46 pm
trump. cruz has the strong argument that he has the resources to compete today on a march 1st, and marco rubio has to get some of it together. there is a big test. i can't overstate the importance of the upcoming cnn debate thursday, because you will be able to see trump, rubio, and cruz squaring off with all of the pressure on them, and they have to perform. this is the make or the break moment for the republican party, because, i mean, we have to spend some time talking about what the suspension of jeb bush's campaign means for the republican party. he the emblem of the republican establishment, and the outsiders have won. rubio is outsider in a lot of respect, and campaigned against the establishment candidate to win in florida, and so you have three outsiders now at the top of the ticket, where does the republican party go from here? do they get behind a candidate or do they surrender a lot of
10:47 pm
the core values to donald trump going forward? it is the stakes that are incredibly high. >> and kevin madden, are will you weigh in as someone who worked with with a candidate and survived souper tuesday, and wht does it look like when you take into account what amanda just said. >> well, i again go back to the idea of momentum, because it is a valuable commodity for campaign, and particularly when we are no longer going state by state where on march 1. you will be seeing the campaigns competing across many states, and that is where donald trump has the advantage and the momentum and the ability to command so much media attention and block out the sup from some of the other campaigns. and now, ted cruz and marco rubio, they have the resources to compete. but i think that the big challenge for them, and this is something that amanda has pointed out time and time again, and it is absolutely correct, the time is over for managing expectations. the time is for meeting or exceeding expectations. so ted cruz and marco rubio have
10:48 pm
to start getting wins. no more silver medals anymore, and it is important for them to get the momentum, and for them to start sending the message to the donors and the volunteers and all of the supporters that they can now seized the momentum, and they are the campaign to e beat. that is where they want to get. so that is something that we h are going to be seeing breaking out in the next three weeks. >> david? >> kevin, where? what states should be watched? >> well, georgia. georgia is a state where if you look at the suburban areas around atlanta, there are some opportunities to pick up some congressional delegates, there and the same for texas. not all of the texas districts are the same. some of them are more hospitable to possibly marco rubio and possibly donald trump, and those are the states where we have to watch, but i think that you are right, david, the overall
10:49 pm
question is nobody has the definitive answer on the wear. and increasingly since we are running out of time, that is the challenge. >> and coming up, bernie sanders on super tuesday? >> i think it is competitive, because some of the states like minnesota, massachusetts, colorado, bernie's economic populism does ring through, and plus, there is this dissatisfaction with the political establishment, and with politics as usual that works in his favor and works against hillary no matter how good of a candidate she is. >> mayor? >> hillary will take six to eight states that day, and the run through the south, and the momentum of of tonight or today into south carolina and then really into primarily the sou southern states of the united states of america, she will come out well both delegate count and popular vote are. >> errol?
10:50 pm
>> the star far flung states where we don't know if there is any campaign iing at all, and y have some sew mow wans on the map, and americans abroad -- samoans, and americans abroad, and so that is what it means at this point, nationalizing the campaign campaigns. >> and we have breaking news in kalamazoo and a series of shootings there, and we are getting in new information. we will get right to it after the break.
10:51 pm
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all right. john berman here with kate bolduan and we want to pause from the political coverage to talk about other breaking news here. a strong suspect is in custody in the serial shootings in michigan that killed six people. according to the authorities the gunman opened up fire in multiple locations in kalamazoo, michigan, and police say that four people were killed at local cracker barrel restaurant and one of them sadly, an 8-year-old child and two others at a car dealership. >> and there are others in serious or critical condition.
10:55 pm
so we will bring in former analyst, and assistant fbi have been watching this with us as the breaking news has developed, and six people killed and others in critical condition, and they are using the term "strong suspect" so what does that mean to you? >> well, kate, it means they have a strong suspect, but they are not going to say they absolutely have him. they should figure it out quickly, but at this point, we don't know what the basis of the arrest was, and did they get a license plate description or the traffic stop at which case they should be able to search the vehicle to see if there are weapons or ammunition, and suspect in custody, and they should do the forensic examinations on him to see if he has gun powder residue on the hands or the clothing. if they have had a description of the u subject and a license plate, but went to the residence and took him out of the residence, then they want to get a search warrant, and exam the
10:56 pm
rez deps for andicatiand other items that could be associated with this incident. >> thank you, tom. a few minutes left until big hour. again, the big political news, donald trump wins big in south carolina and hillary clinton with a decisive win in nevada. john berman here with kate bolduan, and our special coverage of this big election night continues right after this. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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11:00 pm
>> anthony: the south is not a kran predicts hillary clinton is the winner of the nevada caucuses. >> some people may have doubted us, but we never doubted us. >> the fight goes on, the future that we want is within our grasp. >> the donald trump will win the south carolina republican primary. >> does this represent the defeat of skepticism? >> the people of iowa and south carolina have spoken so, tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> this has been the wng


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