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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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all right, it is 6:00 here on the east coast. i'm poppy harlow. thanks for being with us. i want to take to you two live political events. bernie sanders stumping in greeneville, south carolina. trying to get votes ahead of the democratic primary next weekend. marco rubio off his second place
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finnish south carolina. let's listen in first to bernie sanders. >> that's right. what happens if she is forced to be separated from that beautiful baby and go back to work to earn enough income to take care of her family? that's right. that is not a family value. that is the opposite of a family value. now, it turns out that all over the world, not only in every industrialized nation and in many poor countries, when women have a baby, they are guaranteed paid family and medical leave.
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if virtually every other country on earth can do it, so can we. we will pass legislation -- we're going to pass legislation regarding three months paid family and medical leave. when we talk about the economy, and when we talk about high unemployment, it is clear to me that we -- >> we will keep monitoring bernie sanders there speaking in greeneville, south carolina. now to marco rubio who is speaking about veterans in little rock. >> i have a 15-year record of tushing conservative ideas into conservative policy. i didn't become a conservative two years ago. or a year ago. i'm proud of my record. i was in the state legislature in florida. that's a part-time job but we did a lot of good things. for example, in florida, i'm not saying this would ever happen,
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but theoretically, if a private developer would try to come and take your property to build a hotel, theoretically, i'm not saying that would ever happen, but if theoretically a developer tried to use eminent domain from the government to take your property and build a hotel, you can't do that in florida because i passed a law that made that impossible to do in the state of florida. in florida we reformed our cr k curriculum. we did it at the state left where k-12 education matters. we expand the vocational training. you know why? because we need to be a country that teaches people to work with their hands. we need more welders, pipe fitters, plumbers, electricians, airplane mechanics. at the -- then i was out of politics. then i ran for the u.s. senate. and today you can fire someone
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at the v.a. who is a senior executive that is not going a good job because of a law i passed. today a terrorist group named hezbollah, evil anti-israeli group has sanctioned imposed against them because after law we passed. today the obama care bail-out where they were going to use your taxpayer money to bailout private insurance companies, that bail-out is gone because of a law i led the effort to pass. when i'm president, we're getting rid of the rest of it. >> that's marco rubio speaking live in little rock, arkansas. we will continue to monitor that as well. donald trump meantime front-runner meantime celebrating quite a victory, towering victory in the south carolina gop primary. sweeping all of the states 50 delegates. trump just wrapped up his first rally after that decisive win speaking this afternoon to supporters in atlanta. things got intense and then suddenly the lights went out. look.
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>> they were probably sent here so we put them in our jails. because to put them in our jails, they didn't pay the electric bill. oh i like that much better. oh, that's so much better. those lights were brutal. they come from the dishonest press? oh, don't turn them on. forget it. better, right? don't turn them on. don't turn the lights on. plus we save on electricity, right? and because the lights didn't work, i won't pay the rent, so we get better lighting and we don't pay the rent, right? right? no, get those lights off. off. turn them off. they are too bright. turn them off. turn them off. let's go. ready? turn off the lights! turn off the lights! turn off the lights!
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eventually the lights came back on. didn't they? and i know that you just spoke with trump's campaign manager about what's ahead, the upcoming schedule. what did you learn? >> reporter: yes. spoke with corey lieuiand ski earlier. he talked about how they have an aggressive schedule coming up. trump will criss-cross the country. later in the week in texas. right now in georgia. a busy schedule coming up. as for as any changes you wouldn't say if there is anything they feel they need to fix or improve on, but he did say they are always looking to improve their ground game or operation. and he took a big at ted cruz's campaign, which touted the fact they had the strongest ground game in south carolina and corey telling me it doesn't turn out that way with trump coming out with a win and ted cruz in third
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place. >> jeremy diamond, live for us there in atlanta where that rally just wrapped up. thank you so much. let's continue to talk about this, strong showing in iowa. big win in new hampshire. big win in south carolina. causing everyone to look at history and to say, that never before has someone in a gop primary won new hampshire in south carolina and not gone on to take the nomination. let's talk about this. a lot more. with me now is former republican senator from new hampshire and national campaign trail for john kasich. john easton. and not to be confused with his father. thank you so much for being with me. >> great to be here. hard it make that mistake. hard to confuse the two of us. we're a little different. >> good to see you. thanks for joining us. governor kasich did well, and is hoping to get the same momentum in south carolina. he didn't. he came in behind bush. bush at 7.8% and bush suspended
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his campaign. let's step back and forget about how do you beat donald trump, so part front-runner. how do you beat the perception that low numbers like that equal, should you pull out of the race? >> look, it's actually about growing the vote. john kasich did better than anyone expected in south carolina. we stun people. we upset the pundits in new hampshire and had a great second place finish. he has grown his vote, improved poll standings in north carolina, michigan, in state after state. and so the key is really to hit each one of these primaries and win delegates. ted cruz didn't win any delegates yesterday. marco rubio didn't win any delegates yesterday. also neither did john kasich. we are moving on to a list of march 1st primaries, where kasich has the opportunity to not just win delegates but win the state. massachusetts, vermont, virginia, minnesota, then illinois, michigan and ohio. i don't think you can name a state other than florida that
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marco rubio has a chance of winning. and was mentioned earlier in your break, one other point, ted cruz is going to have a real tough time breaking out of that evangelical voter base where he hasn't done that well. so this is wide open. it is a jump ball. and john kasich is still the candidate that does best against hillary clinton. in overhead to head poll. >> let's listen to you, you brought up marco rubio, let's listen to this part of his speech last night really calling this is a three-man race. >> after tonight this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. >> he says this is a three-person race. and it sounds like to me it is very clear that you and the kasich camp really say forget history here. forget history here and forget the fact that never before has someone won new hampshire and south carolina and not gone on to get the nomination. what is so different this time? >> well, as you point out, this is not a normal election.
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there is not following history in any way, shape or form. so throw that out the window. of course marco rubio would like to make it a race between him and donald trump. ted cruz was just on here saying it should be a race between him and donald trump. john kasich would say it should be a race between me and donald trump and the fact of matter is, a race between john kasich and donald trump wouldn't be a contest. john kasich would win going way. we've got a ways to go -- >> what tells you -- >> wait, wait -- we have a ways to go. >> don't we have to listen to the voters? >> if you look at the polls, a majority of republican voters say they will never vote for donald trump. he hasn't shown an ability to grow his vote above that 30%. so we've got to go from a four-person race to maybe a three or two-person race. how does that happen? we've got these march 1st primary states. super tuesday. where john kasich will win
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delegates in massachusetts and vermont and virginia and minnesota and tennessee and all of these states. because that's the way they are set up. . they're primaries that are war delegates proportionately and we know john kasich has been growing his vote in every one of these states. then we go to the midwest. you think john kasich will do well in illinois, ohio? you bet. let's see where we are on march 15th. let the voters have their say and john kasich, he's the one person in this race what has balanced budgets and cut taxes. created 400,000 jobs in ohio. who does ted cruz have? nobody. roll back for small businesses. whose regulations did marco rubio cut? knobs. >> let's look at this map. i have super tuesday states up there. you talk about minnesota. you talk about others that aren't on super tuesday. you talk about michigan. his home state ohio. you talk about doing well.
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that's what he said this morning when he was on face the nation. define doing well for us. what does that look like to your camp? >> oh, within 20, 25, 30% of delegates. super tuesday ones on your map, i don't see it but i know it. massachusetts, vermont, virginia, minnesota, tennessee, georgia, alabama. those are all states where we will do well and win delegates. then the ones that -- the other ones you mentioned, michigan, illinois, those come a week later. then ohio on march 15th. winner take all. and kasich will win all of the delegates in ohio. that's a path to take the delegate lead if not narrowing this town it a two-person race that john kasich will win. look, it is about someone who can get the stuff done. doesn't just talk about it. he has cut taxes. he doesn't just talk about it. he balanced budget. privatized services.
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>> i want to jump in here. i want to get your take on something that just crossed the news just into us. that today governor signed this bill, contracting for health services as a state with any organization that performs or promotes abortions. that blocks government funding to planned parenthood. planned parenthood just came out, their president, and said john kasich is proudly eliminating care for expected mothers and new borns, leave is thousands without hiv and std testing. slashing program to help domestic violence. what does governor kasich hope to accomplish here with signing this. >> look, it is the right thing given the mistakes that clearly have been made within the planned parenthood organization. that's john kasich doing the right thing. other conservatives, ted cruz, talks about doing this. john kasich did it because it is the right thing to do.
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don't think for a minute that people who need services in ohio aren't going to get back says. >> where are they going to get -- where are they going to get that access? >> health service providers all over the state that will step up to do the right thing. john kasich tut taxes, balanced budgets in ohio but made a commitment not to leave anyone behind. you have seen him on the stump. you've seen the passion with which he delivers the message and he will continue to do it. that znd mean you provide funding to organizations that have done the wrong thing, and until those issues are resolved this is what the people of ohio want to be done. they made this decision through their representatives and john case sick standing up for them. >> senator john sununu, i appreciate you coming on. >> my pleasure. >> coming up next, new and disturbing layer of a story we have been following.
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six people killed in a shooting rampage in michigan. and now what we found out, is that the suspect in uber driver was actually picking up passengers between gunning down victims. we will tell you the latest on that. also, the fbi wants apple to help crack down and crack into, hack into, the iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. apple says no. are they standing in the way of learning key fact about the attacks? how high will this fight go? next.
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the michigan man in jail tonight accused of the unthinkable and seemingly random killing spree. the 45-year-old is accused of fatally shooting six people in kalamazoo, michigan. to add to that horror a source tells cnn that this man was picking up uber passengers during his seven-hour killing rampage overnight. nick la vensa is live in kalamazoo, michigan for us
3:19 pm
tonight. what did we know about the suspect? what do we know about the victims? >> it is sickening when you think about the details, poppy. this suspect was an uber driver. casually carrying out the shooting spree and in between the shooting spree, picking up passengers. he was actively picking up passengers when he was picked. he was inter ginterrogated by officials. there is still no motive. what leaves them scratching their heads is now normal he is. average joe, no record, not on the radar. no indication he would have carried out something like this. six people left dead as a result of this shooting rampage. senseless violence here in a community that is relatively safe. poppy? >> also, the reports about this 14-year-old girl, nick, who was
3:20 pm
originally reported dead. do we have an update on her condition? >> yes. 6 people dead, 8 people shot. 2 in the hospital. one a mother with three children. first to be shot in the apartment complex as suspect was driving by. she is in critical condition but expected to survive. police are worried about there 14-year-old, described to be in grave condition. very, very critical. she was in surgery earlier this morning but investigators still very concerned about the prognosis of that little girl. as for as suspect is concerned, he we understand they did search his residence. they were able to seize a semiautomatic handgun from him when they arrested him. after a search of residents they found more weapons to figure out if any of the weapons were tied to the spree that happened on saturday. of course this suspect is expected to face murder charges and make his first court eye pearance sometime monday afternoon in kalamazoo. poppy? >> all right. nick valencia live in kalamazoo.
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i appreciate it. up next, switching gears to this story. you've heard a lot about it. 94 million of you in this country use iphones. apple ceo tim cook is arguing he is helping protect your privacy by taking on the fbi. we will tell you all about it straight ahead. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too.
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the fbi is demanding apple
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help them hack into the san bernardino shooter's iphone. apple has refused that request. congress called tim cook and fbi director to testify there are at least 95 million iphone users just here in the united states and according to consumer intelligence research, that's the number. that's about a third of the u.s. population. those people's privacy that cook says he is trying to protect. our lori seagull has more. >> hey, poppy, we've heard the debate before and now we are hearing it again. privacy versus security but this particular case has the ability to set major precedent. it's a move apple ceo tim cook is calling unprecedented. the threat security customers. apple helping the fbi break into a cell phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. fbi is asking to remove an iphone security features that
3:26 pm
locks out and erases the data after the pass word is put in wrong ten times. that means that would unlock potential for any iphone. he has spoken openly about this in the past. >> there have been people that suggest we should have a back door. but the reality is, if you put a back door in, that back door is for everybody. good guys and bad guys. >> how do you get to the government's dilemma? >> i don't believe that the trade-off here is privacy versus national security. >> the white house spokesman disputed it would open the door to all phones. >> they are not asking app tole redesign a product or put a back door in their products. they are asking for something to have an impact on this one device. >> cell phone tower data, the fbi has been able to extract location dater from the shooter's hope.
3:27 pm
they are hoping to gather more valuable information. but this particular move could have implications for regular civilians. >> this reduces security over all iphone devices and wouldn't be this the most secure today. >> putting the fight against terrorism and fight against hackers. given apple's close it is facing not just a legal fight but a reputation battle that is even hit the campaign trail. >> but to think that apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone, who do they think they are. we have to open it up. this is one case and this is a case that certainly we should be able to get into the phone. >> if you pass the law in the u.s. that says we don't allow encryption or there are back doors, there is already software that will remain in place and we can't control what is designed in other countries. >> center stage on an election year a debate on privacy versus protection. more vel havenrelevant than eve
3:28 pm
the digital age. >> apple has until next friday to issue a response. but the government filed a motion to compel app toll comply to help access that iphone used by the san bernardino shooter. in that motion the government accused apple of resisting a judge's order out of concern for its business model and public brand marketing strategies. i can guarantee you one thing, poppy, this will be a fight to watch out for. >> a huge fight that some say could go all the way up to the supreme court. laurie segall. thank you. >> the white house says apple should not comply. what does he say to his fellow conservatives, especially those running for president who did do not agree with him? next. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk".
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donald trump is weighing in on the fight with the government and apple. i use both iphone and samsung. if apple doesn't give info to authorities on the terrorists i'll only be using samsung until they give info. let's talk about this big picture through the conservative lens. join meg is michael barnes, conservative commentator and political appointee in the george w. bush white house and corporate law attorney who you advise, sir, clients on this exact issue of privacy. we heard from trump. we heard from rubio in laurie's piece just ahead of you. here's what some of the other republican presidential candidates have said about this fight. >> we should have done more to prevent that attack, but after the fact we ought to use every tool we can. >> right now we're faced with tremendous threats and individuals, radical, jihadists, who want to destroy us. >> all right. in addition, john kasich told
3:33 pm
the press quote i don't think it's an example of government overreach to say we had terrorists here on our soil and we've got to understand more detail about who they may have been communicating with. you do not think apple should comply. you think that government will abuse this information if they get too much? walk me through that. >> okay. certainly we hear that the government should use every tool. but there are two issues with that. first we have that concern that there is no tool because apple hasn't created a tool for government to get into the back door to get the smart phone data. then additionally there's not the legal tool that a judge can use to require app toll do this. if we're going to move in this direction, which might be ultimately what the american public decides to do, there needs to be at least be a publish discussion and there hasn't been yet. that needs to go through the political discourse. not just a federal magistrate in a california court. >> when you look at this also,
3:34 pm
it is interesting because you are in opposition to frankly a lot of the conservatives, especially those that are running for president right now. what do you think they are missing here? >> i think they are missing that conservatives favor the rights of individuals over big business. we have the rights of individuals at stake here and the expectations this he have. not just with smart phone data. things like deleted photos on their iphone. as we heard this affectes a third of americans and also what happenes with data and the smart home devices. like the baby monitor or nanny cam or smart refrigerator. we don't know what is happening but americans need the debate, set the rules and adjust behavior according to what the rules are. i don't know how this political process will play out but at least determine way to proceed.
3:35 pm
>> when you think of those murdered in the san bernardino attack, it is very personal. you have eileen decker, u.s. attorney, her district includes san bernardino. here is how she framed the debate. we have made a solemn commitment to victims and families that we will leave no stone unturned as we gather as much information and evidence as possible. these victims and their families deserve nothing less. what do you say to those victims, to their families? >> i say of course i'm sorry and we want to do everything we can within the current laws to be able to help you. but part of what these terrorists intend to do is to change us all. they don't want to just change women. they don't want to just change the rights of gay people or rights of people who are not following the adherence to their religion. they want it change the entire west enculture and freedom associated with american life. the way they can do that is to get us not to adhere to the existing rule of law. current law is limited only to companies like at&t or verizon. where we know that they have the
3:36 pm
capabilities to issue wiretap authorities and that their systems of these particular companies must be built in a way that allows the government in. that's not now to the manufacturers of smart phone devices. cannot expect to extend the through this particular type of device without having updated the law. so it applies to them. >> do you think that -- you were an appointee in the bush white house. former president george w. bush. do you think that your argument here, that you're making, would have won out during your time with the bush white house? >> no, i don't. i actually think we are a little bit oriented too far on the side of security over privacy. we need to strike a better balance. what is great about the leadership of apple, tim cook, ceo of apple. as well as google, facebook and twitter, which so many of us use on a daily basis is that they recognize that consumers demanded that we have security and privacy pro techs both.
3:37 pm
but they are trying to rebalance in favor of privacy. so regardless of what ultimately happens at least we will be able to comply and had a debate thanks to this particular type of leadership. but remember these companies are more responsive to u.s. consumers than the federal government. the federal government can get their money their taxes. >> interesting point. >> they have to earn their money. they have to sell products and the company can tax. they are more responsive to the consumers than the government. >> fair point. michael barnes, thank you so much. coming up next, she is the former nba star out to prove that the the possibilities of endless. >> for me to be the one breaking this glass ceiling, i think i was prepared well for it. >> my one on one sit-down with that rock star, becky, in her history making role in the nba right now.
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in this week's american opportunity, i sat down with nba coach becky hammon at nba all-star weekend in toronto where she helped lead the west into victory. she is the first full-time assistant coach with a female in the nba. that is after a storied career on the court herself where she played for 16 seasons. scoring over 5800 points. so we sat down to talk about the impact women in leadership positions have and also about whether she will be the first female nba head coach. >> the first woman to ever coach in the nba all-star game this sunday night, assistant coach, for the u.s. team, becky hammon. >> you have clearly made history as first female assistant coach in the nba and you're making hstry here at all-star game coaching one of the all-star teams. did you think you would be the one pounding on this glass ceiling? that it would be you? >> no. no, i didn't. i was living my dream as an wnba
3:43 pm
player. i asked my dad when i was younger if i would ever be in the nba and he politely told me no. i think for me breaking the glass ceiling, i was well prepared for it. >> you work with gregg popovich. here is how we put it. our guys respect the heck out of her. he said you have solid notions about basketball and he went on to say, i don't even look at it as if she is the first female. that made me think, becky, do you wish more people looked at it wait he does? just it's skill? >> i wouldn't be the first one if more people looked at it the way he did. if more people had a think out of the box, don't think traditionally. because traditionally women have not had a fair shake. minorities have not had a fair shake. for a guy to come along and say, i don't really care, she's good at her job. she's got a great basketball mind. to me, this is not even about me. gregg popovich made this decision. >> it's about him. >> yes.
3:44 pm
here's a guy, respected guy in his field, arguably the best coach in history of basketball, and he says, this person, he didn't say she, he said this person knows her stuff and i want to bring her on board. none of us are having this conversation if he doesn't not care that i was a female. >> do you want to be the first female head coach in the nba? >> right now it's funny. everybody asks me what is my end game. what do you want to do? i'm telling everybody, right now, like, i'm in a great learning space. what i want to do right now is try and train to become the best coach possible. i can't open doors that aren't open. but if a door opens, i would be happy to walk through it. but again -- >> that's a yes? >> yeah. >> nba commissioner said he couldn't ask for a more complete package as far as former player, student of the game. i couldn't be prouder of becky. does that make you want to achieve even more when you've got the commissioner saying
3:45 pm
that? >> those are pretty high praises. and it is very humbling to say, i'm a girl from south dakota. simple kid. i dreamed of the nba. i had posters of michael jordan. if you're a woman or man and have you character, it isn't oh, she's a woman. no, that person has character. i think that's the bigger picture is the character, the heart. >> the word you use said ridiculous. it is ridiculous that it is 2016 and you are a first. >> yes. i stand by that statement. >> how do we make it better by 2026? 10 years from now? >> well i think it is important that people are hired on they're merits. i don't believe i should be hired because i was female. i would like to think, and i know, because of the organization i know the person that gregg popovich is, i was hired on my merits. i think as long as people are opened minded -- because at the end of the day i still have to
3:46 pm
do a good job. i want to be the best coach i could be, throw everything else out the window, i want to be a good coach. >> you say at 5'6" i was smaller and slower than everybody else and i had to survive on my brain. so i'm interested with that grit, scrappy nature, helped you get where you sit today. >> i think it is the biggest reason why i sit here today. i came out of the womb 5 feet. i came out a competitor. i let my successors who told me i was too small, too slow. told me i wasn't this -- i add thousand reasons lined up of why i shouldn't be successful. >> that could work to your advantage of people underestimating me. >> that's the story of my life, people underestimating me. i'm okay with that role. >> president obama said a few weeks ago and proposed a rule change that would make big
3:47 pm
companies though their equal pay for men and women. >> showing by ethnicity, rain, gender, with businesses of 100 employees or more. >> do we need the government or companies to mandate something to make this happen? >> i hope the government doesn't have to intervene. i think the less the government intervenes the better. that being said, people know their jobs. people know what their companies need. and i think it becomes a very slippery slope that now i get hired because i'm a woman when maybe somebody is more qualified. now my business production goes down. as it would be, it is a proven statistical fact that with more women in the board room companies tend to do better. >> they do. financial results are better. >> that is a fact. across the board. let's not sit there and let's say oh, i'm a woman so you have to hire me. let's produce, let the money and
3:48 pm
numbers dot talking for themselves. >> i'm wondering if you would ever consider leaving the spurs for a head coaching job in a wnba. >> i can tell you right now it is about learning. it is about being a sponge and soaking everything up. i think that door will open. i don't know that i will walk through that door. i like the path here in the nba. the nba taught me a lot and i'm looking forward to continuing down the road. >> what has gregg popovich done to influence you the most in can you take me to a conversation, one line he said to you, one opportunity he gave you that impacted you so much. >> well obviously the opportunity of hiring me. but the second really big opportunity that he gave me was to coach our summer league team. >> you won? >> yeah. those are our young guys. the future. the one thing he said going into vegas was, you be yourself. yourself is good enough. just be who you are.
3:49 pm
and you know, don't try to be me. be you. i those are simple but profound words. >> pretty sweet words. phenomenal to meet her. becky hammon, thank you so much for the time. also, this summer, if you missed it, hammon led spurs to victory for the 2015 las vegas summer league. earning praise from president obama, he tweeted when women succeed, america succeeds as well. can you see much of more of our american opportunity series. coming up, american tourism inspired by donald trump. look at that place. i would want to live there. it looks great. a canadian island and they are getting flooded from calls from americans who say they might want to move there too if trump is the next president. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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a canadian deejay is reaching out to americans pitching the good life. on an island off of nova scotia. so what does this all have to do with gop front-runner donald trump? our jeannie moos has the story. >> when donald trump deals with protesters -- >> get them out. >> he doesn't mean out of the country. for those who want to voluntarily leave -- >> hi, americans, donald trump may become the president of your country. if that happens and you decide to get the hell out of there, might i suggest moving to cape
3:54 pm
bretton island. >> first of all, where is cape breton? it's in nova scotia, along canada's eastern coast. boy, is it beautiful. >> and nobody has a handgun. >> cape breton radio deejay rob calabrese is no donald trump fan. his if trump wins website started as a joke. come on up to cape breton. >> where women can get abortions, muslim people can roam freely and the only walls are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses. >> there are answers to questions like how do i emigrate to canada. so often -- >> they want to know if they can bring their cats to canada. >> the website has been flooded with hundreds and hundreds of inquiries. would you consider moving to canada if donald trump were elected president? >> i'm thinking berlin. >> i would do it in a heartbeat. i would. >> no, i'm an american. >> i'm going to stay here no matter who's president. >> i'm moving to europe if he's
3:55 pm
elected president. >> but in cape breton, they need people. >> absolutely. we have an unsustainable population decline. >> housing is a bargain. we saw three-bedroom waterside houses selling for $200,000, even $25,000. sure. rob has gotten some angry emails from trump supporters. >> why would anyone want to move to canada? especially some isolated, known for nothing place like cape breton? >> well it's known for something now. cape breton's motto? your heart will never leave. >> get them the hell out of here, will you, please? >> jeannie moos, cnn, new york. >> bye-bye. thank you so much for that. i appreciate it and a programming note for everyone. all of the presidential candidates will be on cnn this week. first up, see bernie sanders and hillary clinton in the south carolina democratic presidential town hall moderated by chris cuomo. that's tuesday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn.
3:56 pm
then on thursday, it is the last republican presidential debate before super tuesday. wolf blitzer plod rates, live from texas. february the 25th, 8:30 p.m. only here. much, much more election coverage straight ahead, including donald trump celebrating what he calls a beautiful win in south carolina. while hillary clinton gets a jolt of momentum from nevada. next.
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all right. 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. out west this is cnn, i'm poppy harlow. thank you so much for joining us. five men, five men now elbowing for the republican presidential nomination. jeb bush suspending his campaign last night. and today, receipt maining gop candidates are looking towards their next contest. tuesday's caucuses in nevada. earlier today, new hampshire primary winner south carolina primary winner donald trump speaking at a rally in atlanta. saying to them, you're going to get so tired of winning. big cheers for that our political reporter jeremy diamond was at the trump event. and in nevada we have our sunlen serfaty with the cruz campaign. jeremy, let me start with you. we heard donald trump say you're going to get so tired of winning,ou


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