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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> that's a great hat. >> i think it's smoking. >> to even donald trump's hair. >> the treatment donald trump is getting is beyond catty. it's called trump your cat, giving your feline the donald hair line. >> jeanne, we want more and happy 35th anniversary. ♪ happy birthday silly putty ♪ happy birthday to you >> and jeanne's latest piece will debut here tomorrow. we love her and are so grateful she's with us. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. take a deep breath. if you are following the presidential campaign there is so much happening. after a major shake-up in one campaign and a tough new attack from another, we'll try. it's no longer one state at a time for the candidates. about two dozen primaries and caucuses. just this week alone the nevada republican caucus, the south
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carolina democratic primary, cnn democratic town hall wednesday, cnn gop debate on thursday. we'll look at all of it over the next two hours. we begin with a shake-up. ted cruz firing his communications director rick tyler for spreading the false impression that marco rubio had in some way disparaged the bible. he erroneously claimed him as saying there are not many answers in the bible. what he really says is that it has, quote, all the answers. he deleted the tweet but it wasn't enough. this afternoon the senator fired him. >> yesterday a staffer sent out a tweets that tweeted a news story that purported to indicate marco saying something negative about the bible. the news story was false. that staffer deleted the tweet, apologized and pulled it down, although i spent this morning investigating what happened.
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and this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> it was not enough for his opponents to accuse the iowa caucus winner of playing dirty tricks. the false rumor ben carson was dropping out of the race on caucus night and more. we have all the reaction from the fallout including sunlen serfaty who was there. >> i think the cruz campaign is very aware and very sensitive to this narrative that's slowly building around their campaign that they engage in dirty tricks and spreading of rumors. rick tyler's tweet fell into that. that's why we saw senator cruz personally come out and announce that he had called for his resignation. senator cruz personally inserted himself into this controversy today saying he himself went through and did his own
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investigation into what went wrong this morning. i do think that speaks volumes to where they feel, how they are being hit by these allegations they are spreading rumors and really trying to regain control, take back the narrative so they don't get branded as the campaign that engages in dirty tricks. >> cruz described him as a staffer. he's a top staffer, a guy put forward by the cruz campaign. we've had him on this program many times. >> rick tyler is a close aide of senator cruz, or was a close aide. he was really in his inner circle. let in on strategy meetings. he is all over tv all day speaking with authority for senator cruz. he certainly was more than just a staffer. of course that's a very intentional point to try to downplay his importance in the campaign and try to move on. senator cruz wasted no time with a rally this afternoon. two more tomorrow night.
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saying we've done it, we've fired him. we've moved on. all this happening 24 hours before the nevada caucuses. not the news day the cruz campaign wants. >> and this rally in elko, nevada right now. what is his message in these hours before tomorrow. >> we haven't seen him start that specific rally. one of two late-night rallies he'll have here in nevada. the message is really about not dwelling on this. he did not mention it at any of his rallies. didn't want to bring that in front of voters before they head to the caucuses tomorrow night. his message is simple about his rivals as he's making this closing message here to voters. rubio cannot beat trump and he's the only one that can beat trump. this is a message he's been hammering at voters. >> is that glenn beck on the campaign trail for rubio? >> that's right. he has glenn beck hit the campaign trail for him. he usually warms up the crowd.
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>> reaction from the rubio forces who got a boost from a string of endorsements. bob dole, tim pawlenty, orrin hatch. jason carroll is covering the campaign and joins us from reno. how did the rubio campaign react to cruz firing his spokesman. >> marco rubio spoke to reporters this morning calling this a pattern of deceit. his communications director also weighing in on this. releasing a statement. let me read part of it. it pretty much says everything he says. there's a culture in the cruz campaign from top to bottom that no lie is too big, no trick too dirty. rick did the right thing by apologizing. it's high time that ted cruz did the right thing and stop the lies. that coming from marco rubio's communication director. rubio basically saying this is just another reason to prove that i am the most trustworthy candidate. i'm the right man for the nomination. >> after south carolina, for
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rubio, what's the strategy in nevada? >> in speaking to some of those on the cam feipaigncampaign, th canvassing all the population centers. up north we saw them at a rally. in reno. he's going to be holding the rally down here tomorrow in las vegas. another one tomorrow morning. and basically it's pushing that same message. i'm the one that's can unify this party. i'm the true conservative. i'm the anti-trump man. they'll keep pushing the message. will it work? that still seems to be somewhat of a question. tomorrow the focus is going to be in looking ahead beyond nevada. after they hold that rally here tomorrow morning in las vegas, they're moving on to minnesota, michigan, texas. once again, it's going to be a message of get out that i'm the right man who can unify the party and in terms of strategy it's moving beyond nevada. >> jason carroll, thanks. more on tomorrow, the campaign ahead and the rick tyler firing.
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earlier tonight on "the situation room" james ritch said it's not a tyler problem, it's a campaign problem. the author of the last season, a father, son and lifetime of college football. also with us ana navarro and the trump national campaign co-chair. the cruz campaign was telling iowa caucusgoers that ben carson was suspending his campaign and then the photoshopped picture of marco rubio. the optics of this are not good for cruz's campaign. >> they're not good. that's why you saw him take dramatic action by firing rick tyler today. the problem is, it's not one isolated event. it's a pattern of behavior. he's dealing on the other side with a marco rubio communications staff that is very, very able. they are able to turn things like a sloppily photo shopped
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picture on the internet to a media narrative. today feeds more into that media narrative. here's the problem ted cruz has. he can't be the evangelical bible thumper who is quoting the bible and social values and at the same time be a liar. it's very contradictory with the persona he's trying to project. now i think he's got to move on. he's got to move quick. he did what he had to do today. he should put alice stewart in his staff in charge. she's very capable and try to pass the page and go on a positive streak instead of this continuous infighting with marco rubio. >> sam it is interesting that cruz in announcing this just called rick tyler a staffer. he was his spokesman. the one put out always on camera. so it is really even in saying that this guy is being fired it really downplays tyler's importance to cruz. your candidate trump tweeted cruz was the biggest liar in
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politics and said he was playing dirty tricks. clearly trump is hoping to continue the focus on this dust-up in the cruz campaign and this message of liar. >> i think ana hit the nail on the head. this is a pattern of behavior that's come forward here. i think really what's it comes down to, it's pretty hard to undo this. i really think, you know, alice is a great friend of ours and a friend of ana's. i know that she's very capable, but i think she's going to be given a herculean task to try to get this one covered up because it's not going to happen. i think what's happened is you're starting to see ted cruz being branded in a particular way and i think with all the campaigns focussing on that's message, it's going to be difficult for senator cruz to come out from under this. >> stew, you say the campaigns just don't do this stuff when they are winning. how much does this stick to cruz? and might hurt him tomorrow in
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nevada? >> i -- i don't think this is a big deal, frankly. if you look back at other campaigns, michael dukakis fired his campaign manager and went on to win. don't think voters particularly care about this. i think it's going to be about who can engage other candidates on big issues that are going to win. the one thing that ted cruz has going for him in this race is he's the only -- well, more than marco rubio, he has engaged the guy who is winning the race, donald trump. and to win this race, you are going to have to have someone who can engage and prosecute a case why donald trump shouldn't be and that candidate should be. i thought last week when cruz went out with his bill of particulars against the donations trump had, that's indicated a path he could do. i think that that's going to be decisive in who wins this race,
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not the narrative about campaign because, frankly, people expect dirty tricks in campaigns. >> everyone stay with us. we have to take a quick break. more on trump's reaction to all of this. whether he can turn a polling lead into a win in nevada. also the uber driver charged with carrying out a killing rampage in between rise. you'll hear the chilling account of one of his last passengers before the shooting began.
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donald trump holds a campaign event later tonight in las vegas. it will remain to be seen whether he mentioned something about the ted cruz controversy. he said online, saw the phony ad by cruz. totally false. more dirty tricks. caught in so many lies. we're joined from las vegas. tell us more about trump's reaction to this firing by ted cruz. >> reporter: yeah, this is a first today. for once the story is not all about donald trump today. and that seems to suit him just fine one day before the nevada caucuses. trump is milking this feud. maybe we'll hear about it later.
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he's been tweeting about it all afternoon saying at one point, wow, ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio, that he mocked the bible and was forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks. that's just one of the tweets from donald trump. the flap over the former cruz communications director tyler. he's been slamming cruz as dishonest for weeks, ever since iowa. now trump can say tonight, i told you so. >> obviously he's rolling in to nevada on a hot streak. how confident does his campaign seem about another win? >> given the spat between marco rubio and ted cruz today, donald trump is holding the best cards right now. trump is leading in the delegate estimate by about 6-1. he's riding high in the latest polls in nevada. we have to be careful, though. as we saw in iowa, those polls were predicting donald trump was going to cruise comfortably to a victory there.
5:17 pm
turns out that was not the case. while donald trump is conducting a bit of an abbreviated campaign here, only holding two rallies, including one tonight and one tomorrow in sparks, nevada, before these results are released, the campaign is sounding confident about their chances but they also recognize this is a caucus. they are well aware that donald trump did not perform as well as polls were indicating in iowa. they have to be careful they aren't being overconfidence. and they said this. donald trump said this on the night of the new hampshire primary. he learned his lesson from iowa not to take things too lightly when it comes to turn out. my guess is that lesson will be applied here. >> thanks, jim acosta. as you look at nevada, how does it look for your campaign? >> i'm cautiously optimistic. we're going to be in good shape. you never know about caucuses. the run-up to this is any
5:18 pm
indication where we have record turnout in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, we could end up with a record republican turnout in this caucus as well. i think that that bodes well for us. we've done a lot of work out there. we've been there a long time. we've been doing all the things that are necessary in a caucus state to do this. and i think a lot of it is going to come down to the organization of the caucus and what the republican party does because sometimes that has as much effect on it as anything else. >> ana, what about the attacks on rubio by trump questioning his citizenship. you are a friend of rubio's. do you think any of it hurts him in nevada tomorrow? >> i don't. i really don't. i think it's sheer stupidity. it's one thing to question the citizenship of a guy born in canada. it's another thing to question the citizenship of a guy born in miami. yes, albeit, i admit, i know that there's a lot of people in
5:19 pm
the united states who think miami is the closest latin american country to the united states but we are part of the mainland u.s. and i think that nobody speaks as articulately as marco rubio about being american. american exceptionalism. the american dream. why immigrants from all over the world risk life and limb to come to america. so if donald trump attacks him on that, marco is going to come back, and he's going to come back strong with his own personal story talking about what being american is to him. anderson, i want to go back to the point stewart made before break. it's very important, and i hope he's listening, that's marco rubio take on donald trump. for many of us, that's a litmus test. we want to be with a person who is not only capable but also willing to take on donald trump and who can be the last man standing who can beat donald trump. it's an important thing for marco to start doing.
5:20 pm
sucking up to trump didn't work for cruz. it's not going to work for rubio. >> stew, you worked on romney's 2012 campaign and george bush in 2000. you were saying they should be much more focused on trump, going after trump. >> yeah, no question. you should be waking up every day thinking about how you're going to beat the front-runner. like any other campaign. somehow or another this campaign has ended up in some battle for who is going to have the best losing position instead of who is going to win. you aren't going to get the glory unless you beat the guy in first place. they should be waking up every day thinking about how to get inside donald trump's head. that's a very messy head. i think that would be a very easy thing to do. i think donald trump is a very vulnerable candidate, but every day he gets stronger. and i think the idea of waiting
5:21 pm
to get donald trump one on one when he is stronger to attack him and contrast with him makes absolutely no sense. go now. >> sam, i mean, why is trump going after senator rubio now? is it because he sees him as a bigger threat going into nevada and super tuesday? >> i don't know about that so much as i think it is just the idea that we have three people effectively in this race. i think on super tuesday that's the way it's going to break. i think if the numbers stay the same, i think marco rubio and senator cruz are still going to have to figure out how to get the other one out of the race because i think it's going to come doywn to the last two standing and one is going to be donald trump. i don't think it's going to be marco and ted at the end. i think mr. trump and one of the senators is going to be there. and i think they really have to focus on each other. this idea of attacking the leader, stewart, i agree with you on a lot of these things but
5:22 pm
i don't agree with you on this because i don't think it's going to work. they don't have enough room, and the math is not in their favor until one or the other of these two is gone. >> and the clock is ticking. stew stevens, ana navarro and sam clovis. a very big week on cnn. thursday night, the cnn republican debate from houston, texas. just ahead tonight, super tuesday a week from tomorrow with hundreds of dell gategates stake. john king will take us through the number s next. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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obviously a busy week in the presidential race with super tuesday a week from tomorrow. 12 states, one territory, american samoa having primaries and caucuses march 1st. nearly 600 delegates at stake. john king joins us with how the delegate count looks right now. where do the democrats stand? >> almost a tie. hillary clinton 52. bernie sanders at 51 in pledged delegates. they decided in the contest so far. hillary clinton has 445 super delegates. i'm going to go ahead and say she wins south carolina by
5:27 pm
60/40. that's on saturday. that would put her ahead at 84. now we map out super tuesday. let's bring up the super tuesday states. this gives them all to clinton. bernie sanders, we assume he'll win his home state of vermont he also thinks he can compete in minnesota. for the sake of argument let's give him minnesota. he thinks he's competitive in colorado. let's give him colorado. and he thinks he can win oklahoma. let's also flip that. if we give sanders those states and clinton the rest, the winner 60% and challenger 40%. you see her start to pull ahead and 445 more super delegates pledged to her. if you map this out through the end of march, this is where the clinton campaign thinks unless they can start getting african-american votes, that she starts to pull away. she starts to pull away. this is what the clinton campaign is hoping for by the
5:28 pm
end of march. at that point they think sanders will get it tone down his rhetoric and stay in as a protest candidate. at the moment the clinton campaign thinks it's swinging their way. >> how big of a lead does trump have on the republican side? >> donald trump, three contests, new hampshire, south carolina and iowa for the republicans. he has 68. you need 1237 to win. everybody assumes trump will win nevada. that'sy in next republican contest. let's say it's trump, rubio, cruz and kasich. then trump has three wins and we're heading into super tuesday. remember the conversation you were just having. how do you stop trump? here's super tuesday. for the sake of argument say ted cruz wins his home state. not guaranteed. let's say ted cruz wins texas. again, a hypothetical. kasich says he can win in the
5:29 pm
northeast, win massachusetts. but trump is ahead there. let's for fun give kasich to massachusetts. so then you have something like this after super tuesday. donald trump is starting to pull away because the republican rules are more generous to the winner. another jump in march. look at this. remember, he jumps ahead. let's stop a couple. florida votes then. marco rubio wins his home state. trump second, cruz fourth athir and kasich fourth. we'll see that goes kasich, trump, rubio, cruz. even then, even then if they start picking up a couple of states, trump has this huge lead. i'm going to play it out with trump in first, rubio and cruz fighting for second and third. play it out through may, trump is almost, even if you take a state or two away, look where trump is. then into june to the convention. if marco rubio and ted cruz keep fighting for second and third and don't start beating trump,
5:30 pm
they'll also be fighting seats at donald trump's convention. >> i want to bring in cnn political analyst maggie. also cnn political commentator and washington correspondent for the new yorker, ryan lizza. this idea trump could be unstoppable based on not only momentum but math. how much stock do you put in there? >> a lot. we've been grading marco rubio on a curve since iowa, right? he has to consolidate the anti-trump vote and he has to consolidate the republican establishment around him and the donor class and do it basically yesterday. time is running out. in between now and super tuesday is likely to be another trump victory in nevada. bottom line as john pointed out. if you aren't winning, you aren't winning. the most important thing is if cruz can pick up florida and ohio, then he has a shot.
5:31 pm
then the momentum can change. it's going to be hard for him to pick up ohio if kasich is in the race. frankly, rubio's path is through john kasich. with kasich in the race, it's very, very hard to see how he catches trump. >> maggie, as long as -- to ryan's point, as long as kasich is in the race but also cruz is in the race. the vote is divided. >> the vote is divided although i've been skeptical if ted cruz drops out that all of that goes to marco rubio. some will go to donald trump. you look at the numbers john is showing us. march 15s, the rules were changed to make florida a winner take all state. that was done ironically for jeb bush to help him as a front-runner. this process was designed to benefit what was a 2012-type race that didn't exist this cycle. what could happen now is donald
5:32 pm
trump is an honorary resident of florida. if he moves into florida at that point i don't know why ted cruz, other than assuming he wins texas next week, i don't know why ted cruz would be likelier to win florida. cruz should still be the favorite until trump is ahead. let's say trump wins texas. trump then wins florida. kasich, we don't know what's happening at that point. what is the argument for people losing their home states to stay in the race? it's very problem attic. >> you are saying it's over if that's the case? >> obviously if rubio loses florida he has no case for going on. if kasich loses ohio, he has no case and cruz, if he loses texas. you have to win your home state. >> does the firing of rick tyler, cruz's now former communications director, put that issue to rest or, i guess does it just sort of validate it
5:33 pm
and make it go on longer? >> it doesn't put it to rest. campaign shake-ups, whether the staffer did something wrong, they become part of the conversation. donald trump is trying to keep it alive. marco rubio trying is keep it alive saying this is the ted cruz campaign culture. that conversation will continue. and it doesn't affect the general dynamic of the race. donald trump is winning more states at the moment and leading in most of the states looking ahead. if he keeps winning, it's called the winner. we are in the middle of this remarkable campaign where people keep coming in second or third and saying i made history. my patriots went home. my red sox went home. rick santorum went home four years ago. when you lose, you lose. the only way to beat donald trump is to beat him. they haven't done it yet. >> to the point stewart stevens was on earlier, he keeps talking about how it's wonderful that everybody keeps saying you can't stop trump or how do you stop trump. you try. you run a campaign against him
5:34 pm
which really nobody has done. and what we've seen has been sort of fits and starts at best. >> ryan, it's interesting. people are calling each other liars. it's really trump -- both trump and rubio using that word which is so rarely used in presidential politics in a race like this. both against cruz. that word isn't being thrown by rubio to trump for instance. >> that's word used to be a redline. people used to not call each other liars so frequently. i wonder if cruz has made a bigger deal by firing his staffer and turning this into a much bigger -- much longer story. if they had just dismissed this and if tyler had apologized, i think it would have gone away. he's turning this into a two-day story by giving the death penalty for this. similar to what he did with that actress. the soft core porn actress who was in a cruz ad and they pulled down the ad and turned it into a
5:35 pm
bigger story than it had to be. i think it was a mistake. i think tyler could have survived this. >> on the democratic side, how big a win is south carolina? if bernie sanders can narrow the margin, can he claim some sort of a moral victory or -- >> he can claim a case to keep going. there's expectations for south carolina. john is right. it is not at all the same sort on the republican side where you have one person way ahead and several people way far back. but i do think the clinton campaign makes a compelling argument. we have to see what the voters say. a compelling argument that now that the pledged delegate lead has flipped and she is one ahead, it's unlikely that's going to start going backwards any time soon. >> it's remarkable. just a couple of weeks ago, sanders has a virtual tie in
5:36 pm
iowa. now everybody is talking about how inevitable she is. they were saying she gets a couple of wins under her belt and the whole narrative is going to change. >> it could change again. we are living in a wacky cycle. we should acknowledge that. bernie sanders has to crack her demographic lock. her history with african-americans and latinos. he may have had some success with latinos in nevada but not enough to get the win. a caucus state is easier for a liberal than the other states coming ahead. that doesn't mean it won't happen. if you look at the demographic advantage in the south, it's hard to see it happening in the short term. bernie sanders has to do something surprising. something big. win michigan, win ohio. maybe that would stop the conversation for a bit. even by then, it looks like she'll have not only the big pledge delegate lead but 445 -- that's a bigger number. those super delegates, she will not lose them. they can change their mind.
5:37 pm
as long as she's winning, she won't lose them. she essentially has two aces in her back pocket. >> john king, ryan lizza and maggie haber. be sure to tune in tomorrow night when hillary clinton and bernie sanders take questions from voters in south carolina at the south carolina democratic town hall. chris cuomo is the moderator at 9: 8:00 eastern on cnn. cruz, trump and rubio accusing each other of lying n dirty tricks. how do voters feel about the level of rhetoric floating around? gary tuchman went to find out next. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale. right now find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. from photo shopped pictures to fake videos to calling each other screaming liars, the republican side of this presidential campaign has no shortage of claims of dirty politics, negative campaigning. stew stevens touched on it earlier. to find out how voters are responding to it, gary tuchman spoke to voters. here's what he found. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: since his south carolina primary victory, donald trump hasn't let up on his gop
5:42 pm
competitors. >> you want to know something? i'm a better person than the people i'm running against. >> reporter: but he isn't the only one making digs. ted cruz manage tot hit trump when speaking about jeb bush withdrawing from the race. >> a man who didn't go to the gutter and engage in insults and attacks. >> reporter: and then there's marco rubio. >> i didn't become a conservative two years ago. or a year ago. >> reporter: among the litany of insults during the heat of the campaigning we've heard trump call cruz unstable and a liar. trump called rubio a light weight and a clown. cruz called trump a liar and rubio a liar. rubio call cruz a liar and rubio call cruz crude. a cnn exit poll in south carolina believe trump is the main instigator. when asked who ran the most unfair campaign in the state, trump topped cruz. not surprisingly almost all the
5:43 pm
trump supporters we talked to after the south carolina win want trump to be trump. >> i don't have a problem with somebody saying somebody is stupid. >> does it bother you when he says ted cruz is the biggest liar or negative things about the pope. >> i was there. i witnessed it. he absolutely was lying. >> reporter: what about the pope? >> the pope swung first and everybody knows that donald is going to deliver the knockout punch. >> ted cruz! >> reporter: meanwhile many of ted cruz's supporters at this las vegas rally complain about donald trump's behavior. >> trump is a schoolyard bully who is spoiled. >> reporter: they say cruz is just defending himself when he delivers his own attacks. >> i believe it's important he defends himself. i don't know how much energy he has to put in it. true ted cruz supporters are going to support him no matter what was because we know the truth. >> reporter: at this rubio event
5:44 pm
they told us their candidate has no choice. >> if he doesn't respond, trump will keep doing what he's doing. if rubio responds and shuts him down like jeb bush did, i think it will be fine. >> i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> ted cruz has just been telling lies. >> whenever anyone points out their record they simply start screaming liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: there was already a lot of bad blood and the political season is still young. >> gary, were any of the people concerned that this kind of rhetoric could hurt republicans in a general election? >> there certainly is some concern among supporters about that. these supporters are very loyal and very concerned their candidate, whether it's trump, rubio or cruz can be portrayed as weak or be disrespected or not considered a fighter. there are nasty confrontations, that's the race of doing business right now. >> gary, thanks. new details about the ubeer driver charged with gunning down
5:45 pm
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tonight a kalamazoo victims
5:49 pm
of a deadly rampage were remembered at a vigil. they are calling it a cold-blooded massacre. over the span of seven hours a gunman shot eight people at three different locations. six victims died. a 14-year-old girl is still clinging to life. the man charged is a 45-year-old uber driver who carried out the killings between picking up fares. nick valencia joins us with the latest. what did we learn, nick? >> reporter: this is the first time we've seen the shooting suspect since he was charged with six counts of first-degree murder. he's been charged with 16 counts in all. the only emotion was when the judge read the attempted murder charge of a minor. he's a father of two young children, also married. he appeared by video conference. his hands resting in his lap. he said very few words. the judge asked him if he wanted to make a statement to which he said i'd rather prefer to remain
5:50 pm
silent. i was at that and detectives laid out their case. even after this suspect was read his miranda rights that he admitted to, quote, taking people's lives. a much different tone at the arraignment. >> do authorities have any idea what motivated this? not that anything really motivates something like this but any idea about a motive? >> it is sickening when you think about the details, the senseless nature, how cold-blooded he was. he was taking uber fares in between these shooting scenes. investigators seized 11 rifles from his home. we were at his home earlier today and spoke with some neighbors. he mostly kept to himself. he loved guns and loud cars but the troubling thing in this all is the motive. right now no clear motive, but this suspect has his next court appearance scheduled for march 3rd. >> nick, appreciate the update. matthew melon was one of the suspect's fares on saturday. he rode in the suspect's car
5:51 pm
just before the rampage started and during the ride he feared for his life. i spoke to him earlier. matthew, thank you so much for joining us. this has to be such a scary ordeal for you. how are you feeling today and holding up? >> i'm feeling better today. it's been a long couple of days, definitely. just ready to get back into my normal life. >> yeah. >> so to speak. >> i can imagine. take me back saturday afternoon you called uber to get a ride to your friend's house. you get in the car. when did you realize something wasn't right? >> we got about a mile from my house and he received a telephone call. it was over the bluetooth inside the car so i could kind of hear the conversation. he stated that he had a rider in the car and he'd call them back immediately after he had dropped me off. once he hung up with that phone call is when he started driving really erratically.
5:52 pm
he was running red lights at that point, squealing the tires. we ran a stop sign and side swiped another vehicle. and that's when i, obviously, was panicking. >> did you say anything to him? >> yeah, i was pleading for him to stop the vehicle so he could let me out. he was surprisingly calm the whole time. he was just stating -- don't you want to get a ride to your friend's house? don't you need a ride? and i was like, yeah, yeah, please just pull over and let me out. that's when he refused to stop. >> so he was calm -- he didn't seem agitated or anything like that's. he was calm even though driving very fast and erratically? >> yeah. we were swerving into oncoming traffic. once we got closer to my destination, i was yelling at him like please stop, please stop. that's when he started to get more agitated with me and he was stating that -- he said where is
5:53 pm
your friend's house. i was pointing out random houses just so he'd stop the vehicle and i jumped out and ran away. that's when i called 911. >> what did 911 say? had they gotten any reports about him? >> i think this was the first report. they just stated -- i told them it was an uber driver. gave a description of the vehicle and license plate number. one thing that a lot of people haven't realized is that i was actually picked up in a different vehicle than the vehicle he was apprehended in, so it was a -- i was picked up in a chevy equinox and he was apprehended in a darker colored hhr. >> did you see a weapon at any point? >> i did not see any weapons. he never physically threatened me in the car. obviously just besides the way he was driving. i felt threatened because he was driving so eratsically but i was
5:54 pm
never threatened personally with a weapon or anything like that. >> it's so scary. mat matthew, i appreciate you taking the time to talk about it and wish you the best. >> thank you. i just wanted to say that the community has really come together and rallied together. kalamazoo is a great place to live and that our thoughts and condolences are with the families of the victims. >> matthew, thank you again. there's a lot more happening tonight. amara walker joins us with the 360 bulletin. >> senator claire mccaskill will be undergoing treatment for breast cancer over the next three weeks. the missouri democrat shared the news in a post writing my prognose sis good and i expect a full recovery. a truce between some of the groups fighting inside syria could go into effect this week. that's according to a western diplomat with knowledge of the talks. the pending truce was brokered by the united states and russia. lumber liquidateors stock
5:55 pm
price stumbled following the health risks of certain laminate flooring. the centers for disease control raised its earlier estimate of the cancer risk from formaldehyde in some laminate flooring. and you'll love this one. virginia mclaurin finally fulfilled a life-long dream to meet president obama and a dance. and the video has gone viral. >> dancing. come on. >> what's the secret to dancing at 106? >> she is just so excited. she is 106 years old. she began her campaign to come to the white house two years ago. just adorable. >> amazing. amara, thank you. much more ahead including the latest in the democratic
5:56 pm
race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders preparing to do battle in south carolina. plus more on the shake-up in the cruz campaign and more on the brawling between the top three candidates. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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6:00 pm
campaigning in both parties with dozens of primaries fast approaching. about two dozen. just this week alone in addition to nevada is the south carolina democratic primary, the cnn democratic town hall tomorrow, cnn gop debate on thursday. all on that and more over the next hour starting with the republicans and our jim acosta. >> reporter: riding high into nevada, donald trump is holding the best hand in the battle for the gop nomination. his two main rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz are busy attacking each other. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> reporter: rubio began the day demanding cruz fire someone over the video that accused the republican of dismissing the bible. actually rubio says all of the answers in it. a blatant