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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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as you saw in the last report, some voters are still getting to know candidates. thursday they'll get another chance in the republican debate in houston. wolf blitzer is the moderator. that does it for us tonight. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 p.m. tonight for another edition of 360. don lemon starts now. donald trump expected to speak at any moment now in las vegas on the eve of the nevada caucuses. ted cruz due to speak in reno. we'll bring you both events as they happen. this is cnn tonight. i'm don elemelemon. cruz fires a staffer for questioning marco rubio's faith. that's after trump and rubio both blast the cruz campaign for dirty tricks. meanwhile, rubio picks up a slew of endorsements today. the race is really heating up as we count down to super tuesday. donald trump leads with 68
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delgs. far ahead of the rest but 1237 delegates are needed to win. so he has a ways to go. meanwhile on the democratic side, hillary clinton leads with 497 delegates. bernie sanders has 69. 2383 delegates needed to clinch the democratic nomination. and here's where it gets really interesting. a lot of delegates are up for grabs on super tuesday when 12 states vote. so there's a lot to get to. let's get straight to jim acosta with the trump campaign. the latest poll taken even before trump's big win in south carolina shows him with a commanding lead in nevada. people are asking if he is unstoppable. what is it like there tonight? >> reporter: it's a good question. it another big crowd for donald trump in las vegas. i can tell you that sheriff joe arpaio is here. you can bet that immigration will come up in a few moments. the math tells us that trump can still be stopped.
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he is way ahead in delegates. that's true. each time he wins big like did he in new hampshire and south carolina, it gets that much harder for the other candidates to catch up. the polls show he should cruise to another victory in nevada. keep in mind while the trump campaign is confident about its chances here, his advisers are well aware of what happened in iowa. trump was leading in the polls but he ended up taking second place. >> trump has been really ruthless taking on cruz. >> clearly donald trump views marco rubio as a threat. he has spent most of the day going after ted cruz because of the firing of his communications director rick tyler. keep in mind over the weekend, donald trump retweeted that tweet. over the weekend, questioning whether rubio was eligible to be president, even though rubio was clearly born in the united states. the trump campaign is saying, what you see on twitter, that
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caveat, retweets do not equal endorsements. but after what happened with ted cruz today, you can see this donald trump event is just getting started today, you have both donald trump and marco rubio basically tag teaming the texas senator, slamming him as i dishonest. that will be very difficult for ted cruz to deal with. >> all right. jim acosta. donald trump is about to speak. we'll get you some of that when it happens. let's bring in, a bombshell on the cruz campaign. ted cruz firing his communications director rick tyler. you heard jim mention that. what is the latest and how is the mood in the campaign? >> reporter: the mood is not great at all. this is not what the cruz campaign wants to be focused on 24 hours before caucus night in nevada. this all started on sunday when rick tyler then communications director tweeted an article linked to an article which talks
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about how marco rubio was disparaging and trashing the bible. that article misquoted marco rubio. actually he was praising the bible instead. rick tyler took down that tweet overnight sunday into today. he apologized. and then thought it was done but not so much. rick tyler was fired very quickly today by senator cruz. here he is today, explaining why he called directly for rick tyler's resignation. >> yesterday a staffer from our campaign sent out a tweet that tweeted a news story that purported to indicate marco saying something negative about the bible. the news story was false. that staffer deleted the tweet, apologized and pulled it down. although i spent this morning investigating what happened. and this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct
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this campaign with the i very highest standards of integrity. >> i thought that was so notable right there, what you just heard from senator cruz. injecting himself personally into there story. you heard him say i called for his resignation after i did this investigation. very clearly the candidate himself here, really trying to regain control of his campaign. >> absolutely. so donald trump called cruz a world class liar. that's a quote. and rubio's campaign issued this statement. he said rick is a really good spokesman who had the unenviable task of working for a candidate willing to do or say anything to get elected. there's a culture in the cruz campaign from top to bottom that no lie is too big and no trick too dirty. it is high time for ted cruz to do the right thing and stop the lies. the question is how worried is the cruz campaign that these charges are sticking? that he is being branded a liar? >> reporter: i think they're increasingly aware and sensitive to this fact and i think we saw
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that reflected in how swiftly, how quickly they moved today to try to button up this controversy. this sort of narrative has been increasingly surrounding their campaign. at least for the last week. both for marco rubio. both from donald trump. really claiming that the campaign is one that is really founded on lies and missteps and fraud. so rick tyler's tweet played into that narrative perfectly. i think they are very aware that they had to squash this story. >> thank you very much. i appreciate. that i want to bring in hugh hewitt. today is hugh's birthday. he is 25 years old. so naturally you close to spend it here with our viewers, right? >> yeah. i woke up this morning and mike allen's play book sang happy 60th birthday. so i've gotten more birthday wishes than i have in the previous 59 years so thank you. >> i always say i'm celebrating the anniversary.
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so the 30th anniversary of your 30th birthday. >> what donald trump has proven, we get on work as long as we want. they're bunls of energy. if they can keep running for president, we can keep commenting. >> what a birthday present. your radio show, you spoke to them. did they give you any headlines? >> i think the headline for ted cruz is that he grew up speaking spanish and that he fired rick tyler. he thought it was unfortunate. he needed to. he is not worried about the narrative. he is leaning into the narrative, liar, liar, liar, and taking it on. there is an old proverb, hang a lantern on your problem. lee atwater. when your possibly is on the ground with a broken arm, step on it. so they stepped on it. also had ben carson on today. he has forgiven ted cruz for the
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iowa brouhaha. he brought up the ben carson thing and he went after ted cruz really hard. even though it is kind of counter intuitive to me. he wants to keep cruz alive and dividing the ant-trump vote. >> let's listen to trump from your interview. >> we've had a lot of problems with him. he is a person who doesn't like telling the truth. and i just find it hard to believe that some of the things he said. so he plays hard ball. and i like hard ball. and i've met a lot tougher people than him, many, many many times tougher. >> he's worried as i said, that this may be sticking. >> very. you've got to, a narrative like this takes hold. and it got ahold of nixon in his career and he had to fight at this time rest of his career. it doesn't mean you can't beat
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it but you would rather be talking about the constitutional issues by the scalia opening. donald trump said he wants a scalia reincarnation. so ted cruz would rather talk about that than talking about his spokesperson and giving marco rubio an opportunity. rubio had this day where he collected more endorsements, all the jeb people seem to have gone to marco rubio. a lot of people will not get out until ohio. i've known kasich a long time. i think the big story of the day is that donald trump will win tomorrow in nevada. he'll win big. your poll confirms that. then can ted cruz keep his fire wall in texas? and our debate thursday will have a lot to do with that. it will be sparky. oh, will it be sparky. >> you mentioned john kasich. he spoke to wolf blitzer. >> are they urging you to drop out?
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>> no. i haven't heard from any of the special interests to get no drop out. we're signing people up. we're signing up some significant republican fund-raisers. and our political organization is and panelling as well. we're going to keep going. when i travel places, people beg me. they say you stay in. you represent hope for me and my family. this is all political mumbo jumbo from people who, you know, i don't even know who they are. the fact is, we're just going to keep going. and at some point when we get the consolidation, i'm very hopeful it will be toward me. >> so you said you think he is stay on to ohio at least. you think there's pressure. you don't think it is time for him to make room for someone else? >> there are people in the party who want behind out. did he pick up a couple of hedge fund guys and made some money. here's what john kasich is. he got there through hard work
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and beating odds. he won in congress. i think he was the only republican to win the year that he won. it might have been 1982. john kasich is tough as nails and he's happy. he's a happy warrior. he is not going anywhere. an open convention is a real possibility, unless donald trump takes out ted cruz in texas and marco rubio in florida. if he does that, i think he's pretty much unstoppable. but i don't see that happening. i'm a fairly traditional guy. i think home state favorite sons win their state an sent extraordinary circumstances. so this debate could be very, very big and there are some issues that are troubling for donald trump. i asked about his tax returns and they still haven't been produced. he said they'll get there eventually. >> so at this point no clear runaway. trump is stoppable to you at this point and you still believe -- >> oh, yeah. i don't think there's any -- no
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way in heck to predict what's going to happen. but the odds makers and the bet takers show donald trump with a 50% probability and marco rubio with a 40% probability. they have kasich in low, high single digits and ted cruz a little higher than that. that reflects a divided field in which the possibilities are enless. only ben carson doesn't have a path. he said his path is to hope they all break to him. that's a long ball. four people could be the nominee. we'll find out more thursday night. >> do you want to predict nevada? you know i have to ask. >> you got me to predict south carolina. i got it right but i put the crystal ball away. i got it exactly right. on your show. >> did you. you know why we're similar? a week from tomorrow, i'll be celebrating with you. i'll be 27. that's a joke. a lot older than 27. >> thank you, hugh.
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happy birthday. stay with cnn for all of this week's big political events. hillary clinton and bernie sanders take questions from voters. it starts at 8:00 eastern on. thursday night it is the last debate before super tuesday. the cnn presidential debate in houston moderated by wolf blitzer beginning at 8:30 eastern. when we come back, the big shake-up at the cruz campaign. will it change voters' minds about the candidates? plus, hillary clinton's message for black americans. are black votes the key for the campaign? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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ted cruz fires a top aide for posting a video that falsely showed marco rubio disparaging the bible. is the cruz campaign in trouble? let's discuss it with matt lewis, author of too young to fail. a former political director for president george w. bush. i want to show everyone what we're talking about. this is the wrong video. it has the wrong captions that rick tyler tweeted out. and of course, marco rubio, of course, ted cruz has. this is awful and he's fired him.
7:18 pm
>> this is a lot. >> okay. so first to you, matt. you say the cruz campaign may need a reboot. this being one of the reasons. was cruz asking for his spokesman's resignation? was that enough to change the narrative here? >> i think he is trying to make the point that these charges with maybe they've been having some kind of rogue campaign tactics won't be second by the candidate. he has to do something to set the stage and kind of reboot, as i said. i think that's what ted is trying to do and i think this is the right step to try to get that done. >> let's show how marco rubio reacted to the campaign's initial apology. here it is. >> for them to take a video and to transcribe words on it that are the complete opposite of what i said. it is incredibly disturbing. you have to be seeing this,
7:19 pm
every single day something come out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> so matt lewis, you defended ted cruz after the campaign and implied that dr. carson was dropping out after iowa. is this time different for you? >> it is. it is a pattern now, right? you had the thing with ben carson. and i said, look, campaigns, you err on the side of being aggressive. i give the benefit of the doubt to the political staffer who is trying to be aggressive. who maybe crosses the line. now we've had so many other examples. we had, for example, the cruz campaign did a, i guess it was a mail piece where there was a picture of marco rubio shaking hands with president obama which didn't happen. it was photo shopped. now you have this latest example. this is a pattern and it is really bad for ted cruz. he had a rough day in south carolina on saturday. losing evangelicals to donald trump. now going into nevada tomorrow.
7:20 pm
he has this happen. a really bad couple of days for ted cruz. >> okay. let's talk more about cruz and donald trump. he shot off a few tweets and he is still a bit miffed. he felt he was burned. he tweeted, ted cruz should be disqualified in iowa. rnc and republican leadership probably won't let this happen. sad. >> he was holding the threat of a third party run over their heads. does he not 92 he had any more as they do this or hold that over their heads? >> i think it is important for him to press ted cruz on these issues. as matt just pointed out, this is something we've seen happen repeatedly. from the push-pulls to the voter violation form to the odd reporting of ben carson dropping out. it is lying and distortion. and i think donald trump hammering this message home
7:21 pm
along with marco rubio about these shady tactics help them. look, ted cruz underperformed in south carolina. you have to ask yourself why? his policies didn't change, his message didn't change. what changed was the narrative of his campaign, lying and doing these dirty tricks. i think he has to keep driving this point home until ted cruz changes what he's doing. >> i guess he ran the most unfair campaign. there it is on the screen. 39% believe that. >> yeah. it was very unfair. ted cruz, he put out push-pulls. >> no. they believe that donald trump ran the most unfair campaign. ted cruz was second. >> yeah, no, obviously donald trump was not running an unfair campaign. name for me one tactic that was in the media being reported on the part of donald trump running an unfair campaign. i don't think any of cuss name one thing donald trump did that was unfair. we might not like what he said
7:22 pm
about george w. bush with you nothing did he was unfair. i think it is this narrative of ted cruz holding up the bible. but then lying about policies, lying about rubio and the picture. i think that really struck evangelicals the wrong way. which is why you saw evangelicals break for trump. >> matt, nothing unfair for trump? >> i think we're getting a little carried away. i think we have some tactics from a campaign that were over the line. we'll see this from all the campaigns. i think ted cruz tried to make changes. i think everyone of them will try to push their competitors. they all want to win. there will be some dirty tactics. let's not get over the top about this. the reason why donald trump won evangelicals in south carolina, is not because they think ted cruz is a bad guy. donald trump's message is connecting with evangelicals. that's the part that is more important. >> so listen. donald trump is piling. on he is accusing ted cruz of dirty tricks.
7:23 pm
but you also have cruz signaling that rubio might not be eligible to run for president. that seemed to work at least somewhat, don't you think? >> i think it worked against ted cruz. for a variety of reasons. trump likes to dominate the news cycle and it worked. there i think he was trying on otherize ted cruz. remind people he is cuban and not a lot of evangelicals come from cuba, apparently. i think it worked in iowa. i don't think that it will work in nevada. and i don't know that it will work again marco rubio. we know he was born in america. and donald trump said the same thing. or tweeted something very similar to that. not that long ago. so i don't know if it is going to resonate as much as did it against cruz. the second time he is trying this as well. >> quickly. >> it is important to point out that it is something he retweeted.
7:24 pm
the supreme court has never defined natural born citizen. until they do, no case is settled. >> explain this to me. if you retweet something, you still didn't send it out? >> no. he did not question rubio. he retweeted something and his explanation was, i sent things out to my 14 million folks within my social media networks. and it is up to them to vet it. he retweet it. he put the thought out there and people can respond as they please. it is not necessarily an affirmation or saying it is verifiable. the question is why. there was questioning on the sunday shows about why he would retweet white supremacists as well. saying that i didn't send it out. he still had to hit the send but the only. >> he didn't know anyone he tweeted out was white supremacist. no candidate would ever knowingly retweet a white supremacist. when you retweet anyone who is a fan -- >> to be honest, donald trump is running for leader of the free world. are not the standards for him a
7:25 pm
lot higher? >> no. what people love about him is that he does engage with every day people. he can't vet every person he retweets. >> if you can and you're running for president, should you not retweet if you can't vet the person? >> i don't think it is important to vet the people he retweets. i think he is putting their thoughts out there. that's why people love him. he is putting what the american people the want to hear. >> donald trump has a giant lead in the race for delegates. but is he unstoppable? you totalled your brand new car.
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tomorrow the gop spotlight turns to nevada where donald trump is hoping to extend his winning streak. donald trump has a big lead when it comes to delegates. here he is taking a victory lap. look at this. >> we won with everything. we won with women. i love the women. we love with women. we won with men.
7:30 pm
i would rather win with women to be honest. we won with evangelicals. you can believable. we won with the military. we won with highly educated, pretty well educated and poorly educated. but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won. >> so he won with everybody. trump has 68. cruz is 11, rubio has 9. 30 delegates are at stake in nevada. >> i think he will win nevada but he still, you have to get 1237 delegates. he is still only a fraction of the way there. he is looking good but he has a long way to go. i've been an advocate of trying to get trump one-on-one. he has a ceiling that he can't get to 50%. that looks like it won't happen. i have a new strategy that is
7:31 pm
somewhat under seamly but maybe this is now to the point of desperation. >> politics and unseamly? what is that? >> this is a theory born out of desperation. it is based on the premise that you cannot get the republican keep them from getting what they need. this would force what he has been talking about for months now. >> so listen. who is the master planner here. what happens and how do you get
7:32 pm
them all together? >> i think this has to be the campaigns. there are no broker. that's why i don't say a brokered convention. there are no party bosses and smoke-filled back rooms. >> this is why you're a journalist. they're all self-interested. they're raising tons of money and they won't get out. if somebody wants to deprive donald trump of the nomination, they have to start beating donald trump. what we saw in south carolina, donald trump has his usual flair in atlanta. but the fact is he won almost area, every area of the state. and what you have to do, if you want to challenge the front-runner, you have to win in these counties, win congressional districts and win some states. it is pretty basic. >> how do you do that? the only one who had been really taking on donald trump directly. he was not doing it as best he could, that was jeb bush. now jeb bush is out.
7:33 pm
do you think others need to take him on and stop running for second and third place and declaring victory when they actually lost? >> yeah. i think the big mistake jeb bush made. i'm an admirer of jeb bush. the big mistake was to somehow scold voters that they were doing something wrong by supporting donald trump. he should have listened to what donald trump was saying needs to be done to fix our politics. and listen to the message and try to steal those supporters. that's the strange thing that is happening. donald trump isn't getting all the support because it is his personality. he is getting the support because something he is doing and saying is resonating. smart candidates should copy that. >> but he is winning. but he is winning with you know, 30% of the vote or something. two-thirds of the republican -- here's my point. >> matt -- >> the strategy, this sort of crazy -- >> your strategy will never work. your strategy will never work
7:34 pm
but you know, matt lewis, do you know why it will never work? there's a guy named donald trump who by the way in florida, marco rubio and jeb bush's state in the last poll waurg polling at 40%. jeb was at 4. >> that's my point. he is polling at 40%. >> in a field of six people. he is winning in all of these states. >> i appreciate you making my points for me. >> when you look -- you add tim total votes for marco rubio, jeb bush and kasich kanks it is greater than trump's 33%. do you think he will be able to maintain this lead? >> for sure. you look at when these candidates drop out. there is a flawed conventional wisdom that their voting bloc will be a monolithic voting bloc. people are saying jeb is out. that's going to rubio. cruz is out. that's going to trump. it's not bearing out. the second choices are split between donald trump and marco
7:35 pm
rubio and ted cruz. they're going to spread out the wealth. and it is only going to start to bowlster donald trump. >> that's going to have to be the last word. thank you. i'll see you soon. when we come back, the hollywood super star speaking out for hillary clinton. y protein. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life.
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hillary clinton is coming off a big over over bernie sanders. clinton is hoping african-american voters can deliver her an even bigger win. let's discuss now. marlon marshall, director of states and political engagement with the hillary clinton campaign. so good to have you. thank you for coming on. >> good to be here. i'm in south carolina. awesome to be with you. >> the clinton campaign release ad new ad targeting black voters and beyond in south carolina. >> she says their names. trayvon martin. shot to death. dante hamilton. unarmed. >> and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own.
7:40 pm
>> we need action now. >> and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she is still with us. hillary clinton. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> so that's morgan freeman's voice. it is the second time he's endorsed an ad. that's like being endorsed by god. >> we're honored to have the support of morgan freeman, a very recognizable voice. the thing about the ad is that it raises up issues that are affecting communities of color. and you've heard us talk about breaking down barriers. to have his voice lent to that is very important and hopefully will continue to resonate across the country. >> i spoke to morgan freeman last week when his first clinton ad came out. listen to what towed say then.
7:41 pm
>> i don't think there's such a thing as a black vote. a political monolith. that's not going to be the way it works this time. >> so he was saying that the issues are bigger than race or gender. it is about who you can trust. who can do a better job. it sure looks like the campaign is going after the black vote. how is it going to work this time? >> well, speaking to communities of color, african-americans is something she's been doing over 25 years. going out of law school and working for the children's defense fund. actually right here in south carolina and then alabama, to first lady in arkansas, to first lady in the united states of america, and bringing the children's health insurance program which insured a lot of african-american children. these are issues she's fought for her entire life. since day one on the campaign we've talked about economic
7:42 pm
opportunities. her first policy speech was on ending the era of mass incarcerati incarceration. since day one. so that's something the african-american community knows. it is something we have to keep telling. we want to win everyone's support. you saw in nevada when we had the support of the african-american community. >> today in boston bernie sanders talked about the black vote. listen. >> are we behind today in the african merge vote? the answer is yes, we are. i would tell you that we are making progress and i believe we will continue to make progress. >> so you can't deny that the sanders campaign has made up a lot of ground. when it comes to different types of voters. do you think that he can change that, turn the tide or close that gap in south carolina? black voters in south carolina? >> i know he has invested a lot of resources in south carolina. i think he is coming back to
7:43 pm
south carolina until the end of the week. we'll be here every day this week starting tomorrow. so again from our standpoint, our job is to earn the support of the african-american community. that's why we'll be here every day this week. that's why you'll see us on super tuesday states. we've been talking about these issues cynic day one. i think when we do that, you will see us be successful. >> what about the success he's had with young people? can your campaign stop younger black voters from moving the bernie sanders? >> well, we want to reach out to all voters. particularly young voters. you've seen hillary travel to six black colleges on the campaign. she's going to south carolina state this weekend too. from our standpoint, we keep talking about the issues, we keep talking about economic opportunity. we keep talking about guns. that's one of the things the mothers are in town today. five mothers who lost their children to gun violence and police brutality. they've traveled across the state and their voices are extremely powerful. if we keep talking about those
7:44 pm
things and reaching out to folks. i think we'll end up being successful as people here and trust the secretary and what she'll bring as president. >> marlon marshall. appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having me. coming up, black lives matter. black votes matter as well. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter. that is what i do this for.
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i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson.
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south carolina voters voting this single and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are competing for votes. the author of i should be dead, my life surviving politics. and van jones, cnn contributor. thanks for coming on. you first. let's talk about that hillary clinton campaign ad that we saw in the previous statement. in the ad, she ties herself to black victim and their mothers. trayvon martin, sandra bland. how will voters react to these women. does it make an effective case for candidacy? >> listen. that's a brilliant, brilliant ad. if there is a center of the bull's-eye. if there is an atom at the central, if there is an electron
7:49 pm
on the atom, she hit it. that's going to be a textbook -- >> why do you say that? >> because it hits all of the buttons in terms of the pain people are feeling. people don't understand. say her name is a hash tag that has come out of the black lives movement. they were concerned that people were not talking about the black women. it was a brilliant ad myself frustration with the sanders campaign, she's using morgan freeman's voice. you can take that to the bank. bernie sanders has harry be belafon belafonte. where is his voice? you're almost in a situation where bernie sanders, almost being outclassed, outmaneuvered. he has to do something. >> do you guys agree? do you agree that this hits on all cylinders? >> it is a very good ad and the right thing to say at the right
7:50 pm
time. >> i've always said african-american women will be the driving forceful especially in south carolina and beyond. especially south carolina super tuesday. she hit that note hard. >> but hillary clinton pulled out a win in las vegas. does she have her groove back? she has momentum. and is it moving in her favor, to her campaign? >> definitely. i think she has her swagger back for sure. we've seen the candidate get that much better. she did yeoman's work in casinos, meeting with culinary workers in nevada. she is in south carolina beginning tomorrow when bernie sanders isn't coming back until friday. i believe marlon marshall just described that. she is not taking anything for granted which kind of warms my spirit. there was a thought that maybe hillary clinton would rest on her laurels based on her relationship with the african-american community. i think the defeat, the large defeat she had in 2008 taught lot of lessons and it is nothing
7:51 pm
but hard work and dedication. as van said so he wieloquently cradling the black vote. fwaug issues that truly matter and hitting those things that really matter. >> even as you say she hit on all cylinders. supporters have. that she is pandering. this is nothing but pandering to the black community and no one is better at it than hillary clinton. >> not to say that bernie doesn't pander himself. the fact that it is clear, he has not handled the black vote at all. the majority of the turnout in south carolina will be african-american and she will win it. here's the real problem for sanders. he has to go into super tuesday in states that he doesn't have any national constituency. then he is waiting to go back to the industrial northeast. what you find there, his major
7:52 pm
supporters among young people, they're all on spring break. they are. michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. >> they might vote early. >> yeah. i doubt that. >> let me show you, three thing that sanders has got to improve on. he has to get rid of that canned speech. >> amen. >> shut up. he has a great story to tell. he should be telling those civil rights stories. and letting people see deep entire his heart. every black voter has heard that speech 15 times. he can't to go a black church and tell that speech. tell some stories. number work the he keeps letting hillary get away with hugging the president. hillary clinton is against the president on foreign policy. she is against the president when it comes the trade, against the tpp, she is again the president on health care when it comes to the cadillac tax. he never raises those issues.
7:53 pm
she loves rahm emanuel. >> on the republican side, we keep saying that donald trump is able to define his opponents. >> that's exactly, hillary clinton is defining him as a one issue candidate. >> that's my point. >> i'm sorry. i stole your thunder. i was saying what you were saying. shut up, van. >> listen to me now. that's where i was trying to do. the last thing he's doing, he has never defined his relationship with the president. >> she is defining it. >> he she is trying on defend her gains. i love the president. i'm trying on step his gains and define himself. instead he lets her define him. >> i'm raising my hand over here. to go to this idea about paneledering is just nonsense. to say that she's pandering.
7:54 pm
>> did you say that? pandering. >> what i was saying is that the black lives matter movement, whether or not you lying it or not, has brought many issues to the forefront. flint michigan and all those kids dying. understanding that it is not just flint, michigan but you have flints throughout the country. finally talking to issues that affect african-americans, not just in south carolina but throughout the country. that ain't pandering. >> i want bob to get in here. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, the idea of hugging barack obama close. where better to do it than south carolina and super tuesday? he has unbelievable favorable rating. and she should get as close as she can get. the problem is, he can't say she did this against obama and i was with him. i don't think he has that.
7:55 pm
i think she should hug him. i've never bought this motion that barack obama would be an albatross around her neck in the primaries or the general election. i would hug him close too. why bernie isn't, i don't know. >> i have to go. thank you. stay with cnn for all the political issues. cnn's democratic town hall moderated by chris cuomo. then on thursday night, the last debate before super tuesday. the gop presidential debate moderated by wolf blitzer beginning at 8:30 eastern. when we come back, what happens if hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head? plus growing calls for police to boycott beyonce's tour. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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so a lot of thing have happened since june 16 when i announced i was running. who knew this would happen? i thought maybe we would be in the middle of the pack at this time. we would edge it out at the end like a race horse.
8:00 pm
but we have a big lead and we don't want to blow it. and frankly, we've got to go all the way. we're going to make america great again, folks. >> that's donald trump speaking live at a rally in las vegas. let's listen in a little more. >> we're going to make it better than ever before. >> the last six months, seven months, i've been going around. the people are amazing. the people are amazing and i've been saying that. make america great again. it will be better than ever before. because our people are people in this country are incredible. now, it started on june 16th. and i came down. i talked about illegal immigration. in fact we have sheriff joe. where is sheriff joe? i love sheriff joe. there


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