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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Nevada Republican Caucuses  CNN  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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poorly educated, he won across the board, people who have degrees and don't have degrees and people who barely have high school edge occasions. so he did run the board on pretty much everybody except maybe the young people. >> he does this whole speech sort of to boast about where he's succeeding, but it is impossible not to be impressed by the breath of the victory. i know he does it to rally the supporters, but anybody looking at presidential politics would look at these results and see he has won every single cat gegorc yes the 18-year-olds, marco rubio won them, but across the board evangelicals, across education and incomes, this is a really impressive win. the key here also and john king mentioned this earlier, that's
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increasing his vote share. that is really, really important. he's not in the 30s anymore. he's now at 44. >> that's another important point he made in this speech talking about the fact that making fun of the pundits who say the -- or even the establishment who says if we add up everybody who is not trump it could be the majority, except as people drop out votes tend go to him. he's not wrong about that. >> no and people do love a winner. that's one of the reason why some of these voters go to him. one of the reasons also david that he think he talks about is because he's very sensitive to what pundits say and a lot of pundits were saying it's just people with a high school education supporting him, he doesn't have wide support, he can't win evangelicals, he can't win latinos and other groups and he is proving them all wrong and he is dominating and he's doing this not just in new hampshire
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and not just in south carolina, but here we go in nevada. and anderson, the win is sizeable and it is across the board. >> no doubt about that. ted cruz has been looking to texas and had been confident about texas. how confident are you about ted cruz in texas and does it matter? >> i would say i'm confident because he's won the state, he's well loved there. i'm really struck thinking about what a donald trump nomination would actually mean. i think it's the end of the republican party and it's a natural affect. we've watched what's happened by a lot of people that have wanted to stay in power so badly, they didn't listen to the grassroots and they didn't listen in 2010 and 2014, nothing changed, nothing changed and the voters still want change. they are desperate for somebody who will go in and shake up washington and it's like they
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didn't listen to the signs. they didn't change their course. and now they're being struck with donald trump, even if you look at what jeb bush was doing to marco rubio we had the scenario where so many times the party elders were trying to eat and defeat the party's young and now we have donald trump. >> it's no tt the end of the republican party, it's the broadening of it. he stands for policies that are not conservative policies saying i don't want to see people dying on the streets because they have health care, americans have paid into social security and ya emnot goie emi'm not going to take that away from them. he's american first and the republican party has needed to bro broaden their base and donald trump is doing that. >> the reason why she should be taken seriously is i hear this from democrats and you have
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democrats trying to decide to vote for sanders or trump. that makes zero sense. the other thing i think liberals need to wake up about with donald trump is this guy can win. he can go to the white house because he's saying i don't want these trade deals. he's saying i'm going to stick up for the people who are on social security. you've got this conservative wing, the establishment wing and this circus wing of trump and palin who will say any mess of things and they're hard to beat. >> you can also say the common alt for sanders and trump is i want somebody to be radically different shake up. >> democrats, republicans, those party structures have not served what the people want. they're not producing the results that people want. they're shifting around the
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boundaries because they don't trust those institutions anymore. >> but the democrats are much less unhappy than the republicans. the republican voters as we've seen in all of our polling so far seem to be angrier and feel more betrayed by their party than the democrats do. >> because obama did challenge those structures and they did adapt in some levels with his election. >> i think democrats as we've seen there's affection for the president, support for the president and there's more of a status quo orientation. where there's a difference is around the economic issues. where donald trump and bernie sanders merge is on anti-trade and merge on wall street. they both have been outspoken about wall street, about big money. those are issues that unify the two of them. i will say i had an interesting experience yesterday, i had john huntsman on my podcast, which is
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the x files, by the way, but he is pro-trade, pro-immigration reform, pro-cap and trade, all of those things said i could see myself if he's the nominee i could support donald trump because he would take on the establishment in washington and take on big money and that would be a healthy thing. so for someone who really is very much part of the sort of moderate republican party establishment to take that on -- >> he founded a group called no labels. they're not interested in the parties' ideas any more. >> you look at the center piece of donald trump's -- to the extent he has policies, you talk about the wall and trade agreements and so on -- >> those are bumper stickers. that's rhetoric.
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>> the point is they're against everything that john huntsman believes in, yet he finding something in donald trump that he can grab on to. >> to try and cheer amanda up a little bit, let's make the other case on a big night where a candidate wins big like this it always seems like they are inevitable and i don't think any candidate has one three of the four states and lost, in other words you've never had a candidate like donald trump who has taken on the establishment and they are against him so there is an incentive for that class to fight him to the end. we talked about the last shot someone would have is to get into a one-on-one race with him and try to catch up. >> mitt romney exceeded donald trump margin in nevada where he
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let's look at the vote total here with 14% of the vote in. donald trump with 45% of the vote, marco rubio more than 20 points behind him, 24.3%, senator ted cruz 20.5%, ben carson and john kasich in single digits. we are still waiting to hear from senator ted cruz who is the only other person in this race having won a contest. what do you expect to hear from ted cruz when he comes out and what's his plans? where is he heading next? >> reporter: jake, tonight ted cruz just arrived here at his election headquarters. he hear glenn beck behind me warming up the crowd. a cruz campaign adviser will be what we've heard from him before he will argue tonight on this
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stage that he is the only candidate that has and can beat donald trump. we have much of that this week. that was a key argument. regardless of how this shakes out tonight where marco rubio or ted cruz land in the end, the cruz campaign believes this is a win for them because it has left that argument intact. they're able to argue that marco rubio has not scored a win yet. in fact, cruz advisers sending out e-mails saying despite all the hype rubio failed to beat donald trump. this was marco rubio's adopted hometown so they were eager to paint this as a fail for marco rubio even though we don't know where this dramatic race for second stands. >> what are ted cruz's plans for the week? is he headed to texas, to super
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tuesday states? where is he going? >> reporter: it is all about super tuesday for the cruz campaign. tonight he will fly home to houstto houston and then campaign there tomorrow, but then it really is full force ahead to the southern states, the ones that the cruz campaign has isolated so far. a campaign adviser tells me they will hit tennessee, georgia, arkansas, oklahoma over the course of this week. this is a precious time for the cruz campaign. they have staked so much on this next week, on super tuesday, they have set their expectations so high, they have predicted an incredible win on super tuesday looking to bank a lot of delegates. the proof is in the pudding for the cruz campaign pushing forward this week hope together g get a big win there. >> anderson everyone is talking about if the other guy dropped out then a one on one race, but
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if you add it up right now, add up rubio and cruz donald trump still beats them. >> that's one thing that donald trump was mocking during his victory speech tonight. john king joins the table here of our analyst table. john, as you look forward to this next week, we have the cnn debate in houston, that's obviously now important for rubio and cruz, but a lot could be decided -- is it possible -- donald trump hinted maybe this thing isn't going to last all that much longer. >> well, it will last a while longer, but the debate becomes huge. the question is how do the people calculate their chess game. you would think they would want to take out mr. trump because they have such a short time to do it, if you look at them now the only one you would say donald trump won't win is maybe texas, although we'll see if the momentum out of this gives trump an edge in texas as well. even there if he comes in second
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he still gets delegates because we're in the early stage, so you would think they would go after tru trump, but you have cruz and rubio fighting to take on trump, but at some point you have kasich, rubio and cruz pointing fingers and donald trump gave the victory speech. that will continue if everybody else is in a firing squad and they leave trump alone. >> is there any stage where marco rubio has an advantage? >> no. >> he was in tennessee and he had a big crowd there. his base such as it is, it's 24 percentage points tonight is those higher educated folks, but again in moderates and people who think we're voting on electability, but donald trump is eating into those points is this you have to win a state. >> nevada was supposed to be
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his. >> super tuesday was built more for a candidate like trump. >> in theory rubio does well on electability, except he hasn't won anything. >> we're going to take a another quick break. ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪
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. i want to thank our incredible leadership team that is here, our men and women across this state that worked so incredibly hard forging a grassroots coalition. [ applause ] they're still counting the ballots so we don't know the exact results, but i want to congratulate donald trump on a strong evening tonight. and i want to congratulate the grassroots, the conservatives across this country who have come together behind this campaign. when we started this campaign nearly a year ago, there were 17 candidates in the race. the roll of the first four prime areas historically have been to
10:20 pm
narrow the field and we have seen the first four states do exactly that, narrow the field. now, at this point we've had four primarprimaries. history teaches us that nobody has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries and there are only two people have won one of the most three primaries. donald trump and us. [ applause ] >> and the undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. [ applause ]
10:21 pm
>> if you are won of the 65% of republicans across this country who doesn't think donald is the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary, who believes we do better in elections when we actually nominate a conservative, then the first four states have performed a vital function of narrowing this race and presenting a clear choice. you can choose between two wa washington deal makers or one proven consistent conservative [ applause ] >> one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. one week from today is super
10:22 pm
tuesday. [ applause [ applause ] 11 states, alabama, alaska, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, virginia and the great state of texas. [ applause ] >> one week from today the most delegates that are awarded on a single day will be awarded next tuesday. [ applause ] >> the role of the first four states is to narrow the field and give super tuesday a clear choice and now the voters can decide if you want a president who will stop amnesty, ask yourself who has led the fight against amnesty. [ applause ] >> if you want a president who will repeal obamacare --
10:23 pm
[ applause ] >> -- ask yourself who has led the fight against obamacare. [ applause ] >> if you want a president who will stand for life and marriage and religious liberty, ask yourself who's led the fight defending life and marriage and religious liberty. [ applause ] >> if you want a president who will defend the second amendment right to keep and bare arms -- [ applause ] >> i've been told folks in nevada kind of like their guns. as a texan, i understand. and let me tell you something, you look at those super tuesday states, they like their guns too. and if you want to protect that second amendment to stop a liberal justice from reading the
10:24 pm
second amendment out of the bill of rights, ask yourself who has led the fight to defend the second amendment right to keep and bare arms. [ applause ] >> if you want to see america standing unapologyicly alongside the nation of israel, ask yourself who has led the fight to stand unshakenly with israel. if you want a president who on day one will rip to shreds this iranian nuclear deal, if you want a president who will utterly and completely destroy isis, ask yourself who has led the fight against this iranian
10:25 pm
nuclear deal, against radical islamic terrorism and who is best prepared to keep america safe. [ applause ] >> elections are about choices and there are clear choices in this race. if you want more washington deals, if you want more corporate welfare, if you want more debt, if you want fewer jobs, if you want lower wages, you got two candidates to choose from in this field. on the other hand, if you want a president that says no to the bipartisan corruption in washington that stands to up the lobbyists and says no to debt that will bankrupt our kids and grandkids, we will bring back high paying jobs we will make
10:26 pm
young people coming out of school have three, four, five job offers and we will ensure that our kids and grandkids have a brighter tomorrow, a greater grump, a more bountful america, that's what this choice is about. i want to thank the great people of nevada and i want to say i cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas. [ applause ] >> tonight i'll sleep in my bed for the first time in a month. and then it will be back to the campaign trail in texas and all across super tuesday energyizing and building that's reagan coalition, levangelicals and
10:27 pm
young reagans all coming together. tonight we are one step closer to morning in america, we are one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama/clinton disaster and getting back to the constitution, getting back to the free market principals, getting back to the unbelievable opportunity that is the american dream. thank you and god bless you. [ applause ] ♪ senator ted cruz finishing up his speech after what looks to be a third place finish in nevada with 17% of the vote in. he has 20.3%. marco rubio has 23.5% and donald
10:28 pm
trump 46.5%. you add up rubio and cruz and trump still beats them. let's talk about what we heard from ted cruz a moment of honesty from a politician when he said he can't wait to leave and get home to texas. >> that is a moment of honesty from a politician. you noted he was in third place tonight, but he was noting the he's the only one not named trump that has been in first place on one of these nights and i think that's going to be something we're going to hear quite often. he is trying to make the point that he has proven he can beat trump and he's the guy conservatives should look to if they want to beat donald trump. it doesn't look like conservatives are looking to beat donald trump. >> that's a great point, not to mention the fact -- he seems to be suggesting that marco rubio should leave and he's the only one that can defeat donald trump, but as you noted -- >> he's got one delegate more
10:29 pm
before nevada donald trump had 67 and rubio -- cruz had 11 and rubio had 10, but the most important thing he said in this speech was what happens one week from today, which is super tuesday, which is important for everybody, but he has so much at stake. he spent so much time in august when everybody else was in iowa and new hampshire and in south carolina he was going through the southern states because he knew that that was his only chance at a firewall. if he doesn't do well there -- >> we've talked about the much vaulted cruz ground game, but the last two contests have not been too impressive. let's take a quick break. we'll be back with more. and this... is a thlive photo of a cat. live photos are more than just photos. they come alive when you touch them. and then they go back to still when you let go. so every time you take a picture,
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we're bringing you a key race alert. more vote is coming in. donald trump is ahead with 46.5% of the vote. that is more than marco rubio with 23.4% and ted cruz with
10:34 pm
20.4% and then there's ben carson and john kasich in single digits. we just heard ted cruz talk about how he is the only one who has beaten donald trump, but since then ted cruz has come in third three times in a row. republican voters are not flocking to him. they seem less interested in him than they were in iowa. >> without a doubt. i want to talk about the delegate count moving forward. you've been looking at the numbers, in terms of the path forward, is there one for cruz, is there one for rubio that actually makes sense? >> not if they keep coming in second and third. when you keep coming in second and third, it's called losing. even if cruz gets texas, the onlyay beat donald trump -- only this sounds sillily is to beat donald trump and you have to beat him in a lot of states. if donald trump wins eight
10:35 pm
states on super tuesday, that means he's going to start building a delegate lead. if you start beating him consistently you can catch up. let's assume cruz wins texas. you look at the map and say where does rubio win, if he can prove that and do that it gets him a win and it allows him to keep raising money, but that's the problem. there are 12 states this week and then a bunch the week after that and the week after that, none of these people, except for donald trump who can spend his own money -- do you know how much it cost to see run a presidential campaign if you're doing 12 states at a time and if your losing do you think people are going to keep sending you checks? they have to start winning. you cannot keep coming out and saying, yes, third place, thank you everybody. you lose, you go home. you can't raise the money to stay in. >> the victory speeches are the new concession speeches. this should have been a state
10:36 pm
was built for cruz. nevada has a high leb teran population. ron paul has won in this state. so getting 20% in third place is incredibly disappointing. >> it wasn't that long ago, february 1, that cruz was complaining about rubio bragging about his bronze edal in iowa hang come in third tonight and tonight we heard ted cruz try and turn a third place showing into sort of a victory because he's the only one who can challenge donald trump. >> i thought he just sounds stale. he sounds like a stale politician who thinks that voters who looking for the candidate who can check off the list of things that you want in a conservative candidate. >> but for months we've been hearing there's a level that donald trump can't go beyond, that he's not growing --
10:37 pm
>> a ceiling. >> there's no ceiling tonight. >> all this convention wisdom and that has proven to wrong, there and with latino voters. this is a huge fact tonight that latino voters, 44% broke for donald trump, more than the two latino candidates underneath him. >> i would want to see it repeated. >> it's something donald trump can use moving forward as he did tonight. >> it's a sample size, but he did it and this myth that he can't win minority voters recollection not the case. this is someone that could win minority voters like reagan did. conventional wisdom is wrong. >> to her point i think it was wrong for folks to assess because donald trump was getting 30%, therefore 70% of the electorate was anti-donald trump and transferrable to another candidate, that is a problem. the other thing is the rest of
10:38 pm
these states are not sealed off from the momentum and all of the dynamics that are now shaping the view of this contest. it's not like we're going to have two candidates and all of a sudden we're going to scramble this thing and start from zero. donald trump's momentum is going to feed -- i will tell you voters who don't like donald trump many of them are going to become resigned to the fact that he may be the nomination. that is a big dynamic and challenge that so many other campaigns are going to have to fight against. >> in terms of entuchl, there's a lot of enthusiasm for donald trump and if it's about getting new voters in, is there more enthusiasm on the republican side than the democratic side right now. >> there may be, but he's talking about how he's broken through, he hasn't broken through, he's broken through
10:39 pm
psyche lolgicily. you have a front-runner who was threatening to punch in the face at his own rally. why should we talk about it, he's done so many other crazy things. he gains momentum by lowering the resistance to outrageous stuff. >> punching is a softer verb. >> we have to take a quick break. more ahead. all her aches and pains.
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people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. ♪ go paperless ♪ don't stress, girl ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] you're looking at live pictures from the vegas strip at the trump hotel. that name has loomed large. donald trump ahead with 46.6% of
10:44 pm
the vote. that ceiling that a lot of republican insiders have referred to with 35%, that ceiling seems to have gotten higher this evening. marco rubio in second place with 23.8%, ted cruz slipping down to 19.9%. if you add rubio and cruz you don't get trump. ben carson and kasich in single digits. one of the things that we saw in previous races in south carolina, but not tonight, was a large number of late deciders, but late deciders are significant because they're paying attention to the race and they've gone to marco rubio in south carolina a lot of them. >> that's right. it looks like it's kind of similar here which tells us a lot more than maybe the ted cruz campaign wants to admit about where the electorate is going in the future. >> right. no doubt about that. also key is they're not going to trump. among those voters who told us they decided in the last week,
10:45 pm
rubio wins them 41% to trump's 26% to cruz's 23% toss kasich's 5%. that's a smaller slice of the electorate, only 30% were late deciders this time, but compare that to 70% who decided earlier. 55% to cruz's 20% to marco rubio's 18%. yes, obviously ted cruz is trying to make the case that he's the last man standing there, but what we're seeing here is that donald trump doesn't necessarily wear well all the way through to election day. we saw in south carolina the voters breaking against him also. if you're marco rubio and you're winning late deciders i wonder if you're thinking why don't i wait around for the real late deciders come the late march and april if donald trump way not wear well in the long run. i don't want to take anything
10:46 pm
away from his victory tonight. it was huge. this is one thing if i was in the trump campaign i would say how do we fix this going forward to make sure i keep my support. >> that's true, but the flip side is that he does as you said dominate and his support is rock solid. earlier before the last couple of days before the caucuses, they don't go anywhere. >> they are the most loyal supporters. he credits them with that when he gives the big speeches, but again, if you are making your decision at the end, if you were no the a rock solid donald trump supporter and that loyal person, but you're a late decider that you're persuadable, in the last two contests we see you breaking away from trump. i think that is an area that marco rubio is going to want to exploit more. >> it's an argument not necessarily for rubio against trump, but an argument for rubio against cruz. >> no question. >> because he is according to
10:47 pm
late deciders wearing better than ted cruz is. anderson, some fodder for you. >> yeah, does that give much comfort to marco rubio that later deciders are going for him, that maybe trump isn't wearing so well, but in the polls tonight we saw so many the made up their minds a long time ago. >> if you're marco rubio right now you're searching everywhere. there is a path. it is a narrow path and every day that path gets narrower. so for marco rubio to win he would have to pick up some of these states like georgia that have heavy suburban districts, virginia, maybe organize all the other campaigns in the caucuses in california and wyoming and then take that momentum hoping that maybe cruz wins in texas, that there's a stumble somewhere with trump and that you can go into those march 15th states
10:48 pm
which are bigger delegate hauls and favorable to marco rubio and maybe win in ohio, but that is a dream scenario right now if you're looking to -- >> something in this dynamic -- something has to change to stop donald trump. i work for ted cruz. i've heard that speech from ted cruz probably a million times. one of the problems people have had in trying to beat trump is they haven't changed their language and tactics. i'm not saying adopt to his tone and don't act kind, what i'm saying is stop using labels that people don't care about anymore, stop saying evangelical and i'm the most conservative guy. go straight to the issues. >> so many candidates -- >> let's play some of trump's victory speech tonight where some of the things he said about maybe not going on much longer. listen to this. >> we're going to do very well in ohio. we're beating the governor.
10:49 pm
that's good. that's always nice to be beating the governor. and michigan, the whole thing. it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, right. >> do you think he's right about that. >> he makes a viable point. you are know you are winning when the other candidates are losing in their home states. when you are beating john kasich in ohio by five points and beating marco rubio in florida by 20 points when you are only losing to ted cruz by five points and eight points in another in texas, when people can't win their home states not only are you winning the super tuesday states you're winning people's home states. >> to your point about not changing, you have this situation where he is considered a strong winner on my side, those would be the three big
10:50 pm
attribut attributes, you have to go after those attributes where is he a looser, where can you prove he's not on the side have ordinary people, find the employees who say this guy is not on your side. >> they tried to do that. they tried to say he wasn't conservative. >> you have a space of 20 days. >> they didn't start early enough, but there are the bodies of all those candidates who tried do it whether or not are no longer in the race starting with rick perry. rick perry did. >> if you want to see what trying's like, wait until donald trump is the nominee if that happens and see how the democrats -- >> and they may do a much better job. >> we did not give him enough at a politician, whether you agree or disagree with him, we did not give him enough credit early on. he's anti-obama. republicans want to kick him out of the white house and trump is clarity, everything is black and white. you had the terror threat come
10:51 pm
up and he's going to kick the you know what out of isis and he's strong and he's a leader and don't discount the trade stuff, that's the third piece of this where people are anxious about the economy, i'm going to stand up to china and mexico and we're going to win again. those three pieces have him at 45% in nevada. >> we're going to take a short break. we are still live on the air. a lot more ahead. its sleek design... is mold-breaking. its intelligent drive systems... paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950. 53 state wins, and t-mobile... whoa, whoa, whoa. listen, folks. i have to apologize, again.
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we heard a little bit from donald trump from his victory speech. i want to play another excerpt there is where he did so we'll in nevada across the board tonight. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated -- i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people, we're the most loyal people and you know what i really am happy about because i've been saying it for a long time, 46% with the hispanics, 46%, number one with hispani hispanics. i'm really happy about that. >> by any metric, the win
10:56 pm
tonight is incredibly impressive across the board. i think among young people he's not correct, but anybody else is he. >> he speaks the truth. the tiny sample of the latino voters coming in, so that's debatable, but there's no question he has the broadest coalition of the republican candidates. he takes some of ted cruz's tea party vote. if you look at south carolina he won where the military basis are and the resort communities are, country club, golf course republicans. rubio gets votes in the same places, but not as deep. cruz cannot grow outside of his coalition and the other guys are taking some of it. so cruz can't grow and trump is spread across the party and four candidates are not going to beat him. >> who is going to get out? i think that's the question and kasich put out -- john kasich, remember him, he put out a memo
10:57 pm
this evening saying that rubio's showing was dismal and kasich wants to compete and will compete. he believes he can compete in states like tennessee, virginia, he believes he can win ohio eventually and michigan is another state he's looking at and he takes away from rubio. >> does he have the money to continue in any serious way? >> he's going to have to lay back. a guy like kasich, ohio is 16 days away, so you're going to have march 1st and then march 8th and then march 5th and then ohio. so john kasich is going to go 0 for 18 states. >> it's delusional. >> but he will -- they're telling him tonight, get out. what's left of the republican establishment, the ones that aren't in therapy, are saying john kasich should get out of the race.
10:58 pm
his response is when marco rubio starts winning have that conversation with me, but if marco rubio can't win why should i get out. i'm going on it hang around and i'll be the guy who stops trump by winning ohio. is that a logical argument, no, but do you have a better win. >> ohio is take all. florida, ohio, you rack up the delegates. >> he's losing to ben carson right now in nevada. there's a long history of candidates who stuck around, tried to go after the front-runner when the race was basically over, won their home state and it didn't mean anything. >> why is ben carson staying in the race at this point? >> let me give you insight to these campaigns, there is a tactical part of that and that's the clinical, but there is the emotional and psychological, these candidates put so much time and they're surrounded by close advisers who put so much
10:59 pm
time and effort and when you go out to these events and you spent the last six months talking to people in new hampshire, people are coming up to you and hugging you and telling you how they're effected by this campaign, it is hard -- >> the minute you quit, you are lindsey graham. you might get a chance to be on a sunday show. so quitting might be rational from a mathematical point of view, but it's very hard. >> in this race it works against them because they're seen as stopping trump. i think in a normal environment that would be the case, but i think the tide is going to turn hard against carson and kasich. >> i talked to carson's folks. he wants to be on the debate stage on thursday. everyone around him is sending signals that march 1st is the day of reckoning. he has to show or go home on march 1st. >> let's play a little more from
11:00 pm
donald trump tonight from his victory speech talking about when others drop out, he benefits. let's play that. >> tonight we had 45%, 46% and tomorrow you'll be hearing if they could just take the other candidates and add them up and if you could add them up because you know the other candidates amount to 55%, so if they could just -- they keep forgetting when people drop out we're going to get a lot of votes. they keep forgetting. they don't say it. >> it is just 2:00 a.m. here on the east coast. we're still watching the votes being coming in from the state of nevada. let's put the latest here on the board for you to look at here at the top of the hour. there you see it, donald trump a decisive lead, 45%, 19% of the vote in. marco rubio with 24.7% and


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